Halloween »Crafts with Pumpkins – Great ideas for autumn and Halloween decorations

Make-up with pumpkins -yellow-painted-smileys-different-emotions

Carved or decorated pumpkins provide the ideal autumn and Halloween mood on the coffee table or as a charming room decoration. Tinker with pumpkins always provides a lot of fun for young and old. Here you will find great ideas on how to create the perfect decoration for inside and outside.

Decorate table decorations with pumpkins

Crafts with pumpkins candlesticks vampire-teeth

When crafting with pumpkins you have to let your imagination run wild to achieve a worth seeing result. A hollowed out pumpkin serves as a tealight on the garden table. With filigree carvings can decorate a pumpkin bowl effectively.

Luminous lanterns with unusual carving patterns

Crafts with pumpkins - carvings-different-patterns

With a little imagination and skill manages to create an extraordinary fall and Halloween decoration. In addition to spooky Halloween grimaces, geometric carving patterns are particularly topical.

artificial vampire teeth

Crafting with pumpkins carving vampire teeth pin eyes

Creepy grimaces are supposed to be on Halloween ghosts and deter evil spirits. The perfect pumpkin for a lantern must be ripe and big. You must wash it well in advance, then record the grotesque or matching patterns with a felt-tip pen, remove a lid with a knife and hollow out the pumpkin with a spoon. But if you want a bigger effect with less carving, then artificial vampire teeth and paper eyes will help you to stick it on!

Create different patterns with stencils and color

Tinker-with-pumpkins color-zigzag-pattern-points

perfect for succulent arrangement

Tinker-with-pumpkins pflanzgefaess-succulent

Spooky face with artificial teeth

Pumpkin Grief Creepy-Craft Teeth-Vampire Halloween Ideas Table Decoration

To make a ghastly pumpkin lantern

Pumpkin Decoration Deco Craft-Spooky Halloween Party

Sexy decorations for the fall

Loving halloween decoration with pumpkins self-tinkering tricks and tips

Pumpkins are artful autumn decorations. Polka dots, stripes or a spiraling spiral over the pumpkin make it a great eye-catcher. In addition, they are made very quickly.

Decorate pumpkins with felt polka dots

Pumpkins white dyed spotted-with felt-decorate deco ideas

Decoration with lace gives a rural flair

Deco rustic autumn halloween pumpkin with lace decorate

When crafting with pumpkins, metal wire is good

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas with Wire Spiral Garden Halloween

Pumpkin decoration for a scary celebration

Pumpkin Decoration Craft Bats Paper Black Halloween Ideas

Autumn decoration ideas with pumpkins for the table

Chalkboard decoration in the fall-self-make-up pumpkin-with-brocade stripes

Mysterious glittering lanterns

Decoration For Pumpkins Ideas Wind Lanterns Craft Brocade Gold Effect

Decorating pumpkin with colorful brocade

Gitzer Brocade Colorful Gourds Sparkly Decorate Fall Decorations

Decorative pumpkins made from paper

Paper pumpkins make autumn decorate atmosphere for little money

Colorful painted pumpkins for a lively atmosphere

Craft Ideas Halloween Autumn pumpkins colorful paint-table decoration ideas to make yourself

Achieve autumn mood through a gold effect

Decorate Spray Color Gold Effect Black Mini Pumpkins Fall

Vintage decoration with pumpkins

Vintage decor Living room-Fall jewelry with pumpkin-silver-colored flower vases

Effective decoration in black and white

Stylish black white decoration with pumpkins-to-make-yourself candlestick decorate

Decorate white colored pumpkins with floral patterns

Mini pumpkins grace with floral pattern deco ideas Fall Halloween

To achieve a romantic effect with mini pumpkins

Mini pumpkins with paint decorating name tags

Beautiful paintings with natural motifs

Pumpkin peel as a canvas Decorative ideas for painting floral motifs

Tinker with black yarn

Halloween pumpkins decoration with yarn thread Black and white letter making

The creepy decoration belongs to Halloween – sticking pumpkins with photos

Pumpkin with photos-sticking decorate in autumn-ideas crafts

Autumn mood spread in the living room

Autumn decoration ideas halloween do it yourself pumpkin bowl

Fallparty Dekoideen – Tinker table name tags

Pumpkin Signs Table Decoration Party Decorations - Halloween Party

Festive table decoration with pumpkins

Autumn Festival Party Garden Table Decoration pumpkins painting

Mini pumpkin with sequins

Autumn jewelry made with pumpkin ideas with sequins

Filigree decoration with lace

Halloween crafts mini pumpkins lace filigree white-black

Pumpkins with yarn

Autumn craft ideas with pumpkins and yarn colorful halloween

Pretty garden decoration for hanging

Garden decoration for hanging-tinkering with pumpkins ideas

Autumn decoration with pumpkins painting flower vase pattern

Squirting Pumpkin Fall Decorating Garden Table Porch Ideas Halloween-2013

Pumpkin carving tips ideas untraditional-fall decoration jewelry making

Halloween »Halloween pumpkins inspired by traditional folk art

Halloween pumpkins-carving-leuuchten-aushohlen-mask

Pumpkins provide a beautiful Halloween atmosphere and must not be missing in the shop window on this day. Whether as a decoration on the windowsill, on the stairs or as a table set, with the cozy-orange autumn fruits you are always pretty accents. The Halloween pumpkins, The ones we are showing here are projects by Matthew Mead, inspired by traditional folk art, and perfect for a vintage interior.

Decorate Halloween pumpkins with self-adhesive tattoos

Halloween pumpkins-decorate-ornaments-tatoo-beautiful-artificially

With different decorative elements can be pretty in a jiffy faces make -z.B with crochet lace. Irish textile art is well known. Cut out eyes, nose and mouth from cup pads and attach with pins. Only with pins you can create effective wavy patterns. Quickly create a retro atmosphere with simple, colonial-themed paintings. These can be painted with acrylic paint, or use a sponge or dab technique and stencil set.

Decoration with mini pumpkins in silver and gold

Halloween pumpkins-decorate-silver-gold-color

An absolute must for the Halloween decoration are the pumpkin lanterns – a real eye-catcher in the shop window. For example, if you are carving a pumpkin for the first time, you could choose simple geometric motifs, as straight cuts must be made. For floral motifs as in the picture, use a template. You can find them on the internet, print out a few of them, strip them and place them on the pumpkin with tape. After the mold is carved, you can fill it with a waterproof pen.

Decorate and make pumpkins for Halloween

Halloween pumpkins-glittering-grind-gold-black decoration

Be inspired by old Halloween illustrations. Cut out floral retro patterns from black cardboard and place them in pumpkin holes. Now all you have to do is put a candle in the middle. But if you have used flammable materials, choose an electronic candle.

Paint Halloween pumpkins with scenes from the folk tales

Halloween pumpkins-decorate-paint-desh Cities News arbe

Make a hat for pumpkins – make a hole for the style and decorate it with loops or pom-poms.

Paint witches silhouettes with black acrylic paint
Witch Silhouette Paint Showcase Decorating Carving Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins with lace adorn

Decorative halloween pumpkins needle lace traditional folk art

Carvings of every kind are possible in the design of Halloween pumpkins

Pumpkin lantern floral motifs-carve topper make yourself

Use paper stencil for precise results

Craft Ideas Pumpkins Halloween felt pen Decorations to tinker

Beautiful wall decoration with small decorative pumpkins

Mini Pumpkins Geometric Motifs Wall Decorations Ideas Pinpoint Felt Paintings

Use different materials from the household for decorating

Decoration in colonial Halloween pumpkins painting wavy motifs pins

Halloween »Ideas for colored contact lenses for Halloween with horror looks

contact lenses-halloween-black-different-eye-make-make-up

After the success of the vampire and werewolf films such as “Twilight”, “The Vampire Diaries” and all the horror series, colored contact lenses enjoy a steadily increasing popularity and demand for Halloween. In the costume classics zombie and vampire even the colorful Kontaklinsen become a must. Motivational lenses with horror effect are the simplest way to attract attention at the Halloween party and provide wonderful enough conversation.

Colored contact lenses for Halloween – looks to be amazed

contact lenses-halloween-white-skin-witch-black-eye-Lipen-red

Colored contact lenses for Halloween are available in a variety of designs and in extravagant colors that add the finishing touch to your horror Costume concept confer and contribute to the persuasiveness of the chosen disguise. But quite simply, colored contact lenses can also be combined with a normal costume and turn it into a horror adventure.

Ideas for the next Halloween party

contact lenses-halloween-mask-and-white makeup rose-make-up

With colored Halloween contact lenses you can Halloween outfit very special effects are achieved. Eyes colored by fun fun lenses can be very eerie and creepy or mysterious and funny. Contact lenses with an intense design are suitable for both light and dark eyes.

Colored contact lenses for Halloween with scary effect

contact lenses-halloween-black-eye-piercing woman

So far, eyewear and Kontaklinsenträger unfortunately had to do without such outfits, but now they can also experience the maximum scary fun on Halloween – Motif contact lenses are also available with strength that replace medical contact lenses. As far as the health of your eyes regarding colored contact lenses is concerned, please ask your ophthalmologist about possible risks and side effects, as well as handling, care and tolerability.

Several motif lenses for Halloween can be found on Trend Iceland; Horror shop

Halloween contact lenses – scary idea for women

Contact lenses Halloween Clown different eyes

Cat make-up and green contact lenses

Contact lenses Halloween green-ideas-make-up cat

Match contact lenses to hair color

Contact lenses Halloween Cat creepy-blue color

Match contact lenses and costume thematically

Contact lenses Halloween Snake Eye Makeup Ideas

Contact lenses Halloween Snake green-eyes

Look like a dead doll with glittering eyes

contact lenses-halloween-doll-dead-white-glittering make-up

Creepy look with contact lenses for Halloween

Ghost-demon-eye effect Halloween contact lenses, scary-scary

Masterful make-up and two different contact lenses for each half of the face

colored contact lenses-party lens-horror-costume-halloween-make-up

Creepy Chinese witch with the right make-up and contact lenses for Halloween

Black Monochrome contact lenses Halloween mask-Asian horror look

Death is a popular motif for Halloween parties

Ghosts Halloween outfit scary-scary-fun lenses and white

Hair color and contact lenses for Halloween in turquoise

Horror-look cat-Halloween contact lenses-makeup-contact lenses horror motifs

Color lenses for blue cat eyes

Makeup Ideas Girl color lens dark brown Halloween party look

Fun lenses for your Halloween or carnival outfit

crazy motif contact lenses horror motifs-for-men-yellow-eyes-of-hatter

Yellow contact lenses for the hatter

pink motif contact lenses Purple Kitty Halloween outfit ideas creepy

Manga & Anime Eyes

Yellow Contact Lens monochrome Halloween outfit ideas-scary-scary

Monochrome contact lenses for cat eyes

Fun contact lenses Halloween red-demon-eye lenses Fun

Red eyes with demon shine

Yellow contact lenses Fun lenses Cat Eye Ideas Halloween Styling

Motiv contact lenses for scary fun on Halloween

Colored lenses horror costume concept Zombie Eye Cruella Deville Hair Styling

Motif lenses in the style of Hollywood

Vampire Eye contact lens with daemons shine intensely red-halloween-online

vampire eyes

Spiral-eye color fun lens mesmerizing view-halloween-low

Hypnotic spiral eyes

White contact lens spider web halloween-colored-contact lenses online

Cobweb eyes

Yellow Contact Lens carnival-halloween-colored motif-lens-batman

Fun contact lenses with Batman motif

Red contact lenses-bloody-eye-color-fun lenses Woman Halloween

Motif lenses for zombie, demon and werewolf costumes

Motive lens with horror effect Halloween contact lenses-colorful-strength with-

Colored contact lenses for Halloween with horror motifs

Halloween color lens ghosts look ideas online Crazy costume

White contact lenses for a blank look

cobweb-motif lenses-for-men-green halloween accessories Ideas

party lens-halloween-demons-gloss red-ideas-men-women-accessory

Witches Eye werewolf Eye carnival-halloween-colored-contact lenses

checkered motif-contact lenses-black-white-colored-contact lenses online

creepy look-halloween-colored-contact lenses online-buy-crazy

Halloween Party Recipes – Simple Ideas for Cooking and Garnishing

halloween-party-recipes-garnish-kuerbis-guacamole-corn chips-decorate

Similarly for party food in general should also Halloween party recipes easy to prepare and garnish impressively. Simple and light dishes, appetizers and desserts, but atmospherically arranged and decorated spread the good mood. Especially in thematic events and events, the visual appeal is in the foreground. We have put together a menu for you and offer you four simple recipes that are certainly for the general fun of the Eve would teach.

Halloween Party Recipes – start the party with a bloody cocktail


Vampire cocktail :

  • 500 milliliters of vodka with vanilla or cherry flavor
  • 236 milliliters of lime juice
  • 180 milliliters Preiselberrsaft
  • 75 milliliters pomegranate liqueur
  • 7up, sprite or carbonated mineral water
  • fresh cherries, without stones or cocktail cherries

Halloween Party Recipes – Vampire punch


To garnish, take martini or wine glasses and drip strawberry or raspberry syrup, mainly the syrup is red, on the edge of the glass and leave it in the fridge. Get vampire teeth for decoration and remove the glasses just before serving.

Halloween party Recipes – serve vampire punch and garnish nicely

halloween-party-recipes-vampire-punch-blood-red and prepare

For still spooky effect get dry ice and leave which pieces drink into it. It will effectively fog.

Halloween party recipes – spooky punch with blood traces


Another creative idea on how to decorate your Halloween recipes for cocktails would be to get some gumdrops like eyes, vampire teeth, frogs, spiders and other insects. Do not allow them to soak in the liquid for too long, as they will dissolve faster due to the alcohol in the drink.

Serve and garnish bloody cocktails in a visually appealing way

halloween-party-recipe-cocktail-blood-vampire-glass ice cubes

Interesting and creative recipe for Halloween cocktail

halloween-party-recipe-cocktail-glass-blood ice cube vampire

Halloween party recipes for Giacamole

halloween-party-recipes-guacamole-kuerbis-garnish-funny-corn chips

Recipe for guacamole:

  • 2 ripe avocados, peeled and gutted
  • 6 cherry tomatoes or smaller tomatoes cut into cubes
  • Juice of 1/4 lemon
  • ¼ cup chopped cilantro
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • 1 garlic clove, peeled and finely chopped
  • ¼ cup diced shallot
  • pinch of cumin
  • ¼ cup diced jalapeno – if you like it sharper

Guacamole recipe – ingredients and tripps

halloween-party-recipe-Guacamole avokado-lime-prepare-manual

Prepare the guacamole in a bowl. The avocados work as shown on the picture – it always works smoothly.

Halloween edible decoration for the dishes


When the time comes to arrange and decorate the festive table, let your imagination free. Look for a variation on how you would prefer to present the homemade guacamole – as a graveyard, spider web or as a pumpkin that vomits. Be creative.

Halloween party recipes – cemetery of guacamole

halloween-party-recipes-guacamole-garnish-cemetery-spider-grave stones-garnish

Halloween Party Recipes – garnish guacamole with pumpkin and corn chips

halloween-party-recipes-guacamole-kuerbis-garnish-corn chips Idea

Garnish guacamole as spider web with spider

halloween-party-recipes-guacamole-spider-olive-cobweb-corn chips

Halloween Party Recipes – Serve guacamole in real pumpkin

halloween-party-recipes-gucamole-kuerbis-serve-garnish-corn chips-creative

Garnish Halloween guacamole – with zombie fingers

Halloween party recipes – scary black spaghetti

halloween-party-recipes-spagetti-black bolognese sauce-olives

Black spaghetti can also be bought ready dyed. in this case they may have an extra flavor – make octopus. Optionally, dye normal spaghetti in black using edible color for pastries. Cook the noodles as directed by the pack and make sure they stay Al Dente. As a sauce, prepare your favorite Bolognese sauce and decorate with black olives, such as spiders or simply with some greens. Let it taste you!

Black spaghetti are ready to buy


You can also dye normal spaghetti in black


Halloween Spaghetti – in black, all noodles look scary

halloween-party-recipes-spagetti-black creepy-skull-garnish-teller

Halloween party recipes – black spaghetti with bolognese sauce

halloween-party-recipes-spagetti sauce-bolognese-prepare-cook

* you can find the whole recipe and some tips for the preparation here

Halloween party recipes for simple bedside table

halloween-party-recipes-dessert-dessert-sweet-pear-spirited sauce

Finally, the dessert comes and it should be easy to digest. A simple dessert is aromatic cooked pears.

Prepare a simple dessert from pears yourself – ghosts



  • 4 pears (ripe but not overly ripe)
  • Apple juice
  • Red grape juice
  • Sultanas, or raisins
  • Almonds (splintered)
  • cinnamon
  • cloves
  • vanilla extract

Halloween Party Recipes – Useful Ingredients and Preparation

halloween-party-recipes-dessert-pear-ingredients juice nuts

Peel the pears and put in a saucepan. Shake enough pure apple juice to cover the fruits and add the spices. Boil the liquid and simmer the pears for 15-20 minutes. Take the pears out and let the syrup back on the stove to make it thicker. They also boil the red juice until its consistency becomes similar to blood. Shatter the almonds, raisins, and cloves to create the ghostly faces of Ghost Pears.

Aromatic spices for dessert – cinnamon powder, vanilla extract, cloves


Mix the juices, spices and boil

Halloween party recipes dessert dessert sauce cooking

Peel pear and cook in boiling water

Halloween Party Recipes-dessert-dessert-cooking-pear-preparing

Decorate the cooked pears with cloves and pieces of nuts

halloween party cake-recipes-dessert-easy-pear-ghost-teller-

Aromatically cooked pears creepy garnished as ghosts

Halloween party recipes-dessert-dessert-pear-baked-creepy

* you can find the whole recipe and some tips for the preparation here

Simple Halloween Party Recipes – hot dogs with sliced ​​fingers made from sausages

Halloween Party Recipes -hotdog-broutchen-wuerstchen-sauce-red

Halloween »Last Minute Halloween and Carnival Ideas for Current Brand Fashion

last-minute Halloween Carnival-brand fashion outfits-trends-tips-ideas

Halloween knocks on the door and you have no idea how to dress up? Do not worry, last-minute ideas are sometimes the most creative! If you are a follower of the current brand clothing and designer accessories, then just browse our Ideas Gallery! Here you find 27 Last minute Halloween and Carnival ideas for stylish garments and fashion accessories from premium brands.

Last minute Halloween pants with rose motifs

last-minute halloween hudson jeans black gray roses motifs

Pants by Hudson Jeans

Of course, these high quality designer creations are not designed specifically for a scary feast or a street carnival, yet they look extremely attractive on a Halloween or carnival sparty. And in contrast to all kinds of disposable DIY clothes, the designer pieces – whether elegant dresses, shoes or fancy handbags, wear comfortably for a long time.

Last Minute Halloween – Handbag in Black

last-minute halloween handbag michael kors leather black gold

Black ladies watch as an accessory to Halloween

last-minute halloween ladies watch michael kors black stones chain

Black coat for the Halloween garden party

last-minute halloween coat autumn michael kors black

Accessories and coat by Michael Kors

The high-quality brand clothing from the last designer collections is produced in limited edition for women with individuality and style.

Halloween accessories

Last Minute Halloween and carnival-ideas-for-brand fashion accessories

The perfect last minute Halloween and carnival outfit – Ankle boots by DSQUARED2

stiefeletten-plateau-grip-brand fashion-halloween-clothing-ideas DSQUARED2

Stimulating Styling Ideas Black tunic by EMILIO PUCCI

Tunic-black-quality brand clothing Premium Brands-EMILIO PUCCI-

Last-minute Halloween branded clothing for a glamorous appearance

Halloween Carnival outfit ideas Designer Blouse Long-sleeve black-GIVENCHY

Knee-length blouse dress from GIVENCHY

Designer creation Halloween knee-length dresses Lace Ladies Fashion Valentino

Knee-length dress, VALENTINO

Halloween Shoes High Heel high-peep-toe open heel-fray-GIAMBATTISTA-VALLI

Last Minute Halloween and Carnival Shoes by GIAMBATTISTA VALLI

Bracelet gold-gems-ideas Halloween jewelry-luxurious-Marmen

Spider Bracelet, Marmen

Halloween Corset sweetheart neckline black-lace DSQUARED2-tube-top

Tube top from DSQUARED2

ideas Ladies wear-carnival-rock-straight-cut tip-black Michael Kors

Knee length skirt by MICHAEL KORS

halloween-design-elegant-evening-dress-floor-length-with-straps-ROBERTO CAVALLI

Evening dress, ROBERTO CAVALLI


Trendsandalen with paragraph of KENZO

halloween-last-minute-designer-clothing-narrow-rock-frills-CHRISTOPHER KANE

Skinny skirt by CHRISTOPHER KANE

Tulle blouse Long-sleeve design Halloween fashion brand exclusively-ROBERTO CAVALLI-


white-shirt-black-tie-oversized-loop-ideas-halloween-JOHN RICHMOND


halloween-shoes-leather boots-oversized-high plateau cords-CASADEI

Fancy booties from CASADEI

Knee-Length Dress-transparent shell-square-neck-EMILIO PUCCI-


Sandal high-rivet faux fur Halloween fashion brand GIUSEPPE-ZANOTTI DESIGN


coat Halloween clothing-last-minute-idea-ladies-outfit-ROCHAS

Coat by ROCHAS

Halloween brand clothing brand accessories-black-clutch-EMILIO PUCCI-


Halloween ideas-knee-length gown chic-farbenduo-black-silver-shiny-VERSACE

Dress by VERSACE

figure-hugging evening dress-black-decorative-sleeveless-pointed-on-back-EMILIO PUCCI-


transparent blouse-black-tulle-halloween-Carnival-damenmode-JEAN-PAUL GAULTIER-FEMME


Peep-toe black shoes and gold-details-Carnival-halloween-designer tees-PIERRE-BALMAIN

Women’s shoes by PIERRE BALMAIN

Boots-open-front decorative-cuttings-women-clothing-carnival-ALAÏA

Ankle boots by ALAÏA

headphones in-ear headset Halloween Accessories-failed-skull-2ME STYLE

In-ear headphones from 2ME STYLE

Skull Halloween Ideas Last Minute silver jewelry earrings-MANUEL-BOZZI

Earrings by MANUEL BOZZI

Necklace-halloween decorations Creepy Trailer-design-MANUEL-BOZZI


shiny-skull-chain pendant-halloween-EMANUELE-BICOCCHI


last-minute halloween dresses ideas gothik style ladies outfit

Halloween »Halloween Party Decoration Ideas in Black & White & Crafting Tips

halloween party decoration ideas dessert table trees buffets cupcakes

For contemporary homeowners who want their decorations to be as stylish as their entire interior, this feature could be the answer. traditional Halloween decorations and colors are not for everyone. If you like something more chicer, then opt for eye-catching black and white halloween party decoration ideas ! They will create a surprisingly bleak effect.

Halloween Party Deco Ideas – black and white pumpkins with original patterns

halloween party decoration ideas kuerbis painted black white pattern

At a Halloween party allowed pumpkins Of course not missing. And since there are also snow-white pumpkins, nothing stands in the way, if you attach importance to the party decoration in black and white is designed. Above you can see some great inspirations and Halloween party decoration ideas that you can use to paint the pumpkin to create a unique party decoration.

Halloween party decoration ideas – decorate pumpkins with ribbons

halloween party decoration ideas artificial bite ribbons grind

You can decorate both artificial and real pumpkins in this way. This is a great option if you are looking for more elegant Halloween party decoration ideas. You just need some nice ribbons and bows in black, as well as white pumpkins. The tapes are best glued to prevent them from slipping.

Decoration for the Halloween party with skulls

halloween party decoration ideas skulls outdoor porch pendulum

Search for skulls, attach string to them and then design such a pendulum decoration. It is suitable for indoor as well as for the garden party. As you can see, all you need is a little imagination to get great Halloween party decoration ideas.

Make simple door wreath for Halloween

halloween party decoration ideas door wreath white fabric spiders black

Maybe you already know how to make this wreath. You need many white strips of fabric, a ring of any material and a spider for decoration. The pieces of fabric bind one after the other around the ring. A simple knot is enough. Keep going until you get back to the beginning. Decorate with a few spiders or other decorations.

Decoration idea from a wreath of black feathers

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas-feather wreath

Black and White Halloween Party Decoration Ideas – Tasty candle holders for an elegant Halloween party

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas-glass candlestick

Candlelight is an absolute must on the “evening before All Saints’ Day”. Electric light simply does not have the same mysterious effect. These wonderful glass candle holders are with tasteful black and white Halloween party decoration ideas been decorated to create a dark but elegant focal point.

You need: Some glass candlesticks, cups or even jam jars, internet access and a printer, white parchment paper, scissors and double-sided tape.

STEP 1: Carefully remove the height and circumference of each glass candlestick you decorate.
STEP 2: Scan or download a free black and white illustration to your PC. Use an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop to adjust the size and orientation of your candle holders.
STEP 3: Once the image sizes are set, print them on the white parchment paper. And let the ink dry completely before using the patterns.
STEP 4: Cut the parchment paper to the exact height of each candle holder, but leave an overlap of 2 or 3 inches on the circumference.
STEP 5: Wrap the parchment paper tightly around each candle holder and secure the overlaps with double-sided tape.
Finally, add candles or scented candles in your spooky Halloween lanterns

Black and White Halloween Party Deco Ideas – “Trick or Treat” Bags

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas-bags-craft instructions

Here is an idea that you would also wear after Halloween. These stylish black and white tote bags are perfect for “trick or treaters” and are very easy to design and do.

For this project you need: white linen bag, internet and a printer, iron-on ironing board, scissors and an iron.

STEP 1: Scan or download a copyright-free image of your choice (pdclipart.org is a good web page for illustrations)

STEP 2: Adjust the size and orientation of the image on your bag. If your design includes words, you’ll need to flip them over using an image editor like Photoshop.)

STEP 3: Print selected image on iron-on transfer paper (this can be ordered from Amazon or available at craft stores).

STEP 4: Following the manufacturer’s instructions, iron the pattern on your Halloween canvas bag.

This is such a simple idea, but very effective and professional looking. The tote bags will also look good hung in the room as part of the black and white Halloween party decoration ideas.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas – Gloomy Halloween Garlands

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas-feather garland

For an unusual and stylish decorative trick, these are just perfect for Halloween. Try to spray a fake foliage garland with black paint. Then put this as part of an eerie focal point in your black and white Halloween decoration scheme. The picture shown here has thin delicate leaves that look like raven feathers. Great for this dark season!

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas – Horrible Chandelier

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas Pendant-skull

You will need to find some gaudy paper mache or plastic models from your local shop, flea market or craft store. The choice is yours. Skulls are shown here, but all other weird objects would work just as well. Then cover them completely in spray glue and smother with black or white glitter. Once these have dried, your sinister artwork may be exposed to the band, chord, or even chains of a lamp. A super scary chandelier effect.

Strange terrariums for fascinating black and white Halloween party decoration ideas

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas-terrarium-selbermachen

For something a little different, and certainly an interesting topic of conversation at the party. Here are some crafting tips on how to create a display of unusual and strange terrariums. Exhibited in a niche, a windowsill or on a side table to fascinate your guests.

You need: Clean jars with lids, sturdy sprigs, white and black spray paint and a hot glue gun.
STEP 1: Make sure each jar and lid is clean and dry before use.
STEP 2: Spray some sturdy branches with white and when completely dry, glue them on the inside of each glass lid so they stand upright. The branches should be shorter than the glasses.

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas-terrariums
STEP 3: Spray all the gruesome elements you’ll use in your ad in black or white.
STEP 4: Use the hot glue gun to attach artificial insects and ‘specimens’ to the branches. Make sure the decorations stay small enough to fit in the glasses when sealing the terrariums.
STEP 5: Once all the decorative composition has dried, carefully place each jar over the eyelids and screw tightly.

For a truly stunning display, you can add a fake bird, as the crow shown here. Obviously this does not need spray paint !!

Sensational black and white halloween pumpkins

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas and white pumpkins

As a sensational final touch, instead of painting the traditional pumpkins or Jack O, orange lanterns, try these stark black and white designs. These will be really funky under your own Halloween party decoration ideas appearance.

Black and white Halloween decorating ideas and white pumpkins

In combination with a scary lighting, these become black and white Halloween party decoration ideas create a correspondingly uncanny and very stylish effect at home on the “evening before All Saints Day”.

from Jaz


Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas Candies

Decorated glasses

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas Decorated Glasses

Decoration on the mantelpiece

Black and white Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Black and white pumpkins

Black and white pumpkins Halloween party decoration ideas

Black wreath of bows

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas-it-yourself tips

Bright pumpkins

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas pumpkins


Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas-lampshade

Black roses

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas-black-roses-tükranz

Candy bowl

Black and white Halloween party decoration ideas Candies-cup

Halloween »Scary and Affordable Halloween Decorations – Part 2

creepy Halloween decorations-bats-doorstep

As a continuation of our last article, there are even more great ideas to inspire you. As before, all these are scary and cheap Halloween decorations easy to tinker and cost nothing or only a little. The added benefit is that many of these ideas are long lasting and you can save them for years to come. That’s why they are doubly economical. For those of you who are environmentally conscious, recycled materials play a role in this article. Bats, ghosts and severed hands are all here to create the atmosphere for your memorable Halloween party. So, if you prefer, yours Halloween decorations to tinker yourself, read on and enjoy the creativity.

Scary Halloween Decorations – Create a spooky lanterns

Creepy Halloween decorations DIY Spooky Lanterns

Do not throw away your milk plastic bottles, at this time of the year you can recycle them for yourself. These plastic bottles are super agile and perfect for turning into spooky lanterns and other spooky Halloween decorations. A whole series of these create an eerie path that would inspire the visitors. You can get inspiration from all sorts of sources for face designs, as well as express your own ideas. Skeletons, aliens, vampires – every image with powerful facial features works well.


• You need a set of large plastic milk bottles, black kraft paper, and small lights to match any ghostly lantern. LED lights are ideal.
• First, rinse and dry each milk bottle.
• Then use a paper knife to cut a small hole in the bottom of each milk bottle.
• To make the scary features for any Halloween lantern, you’ll need to cut out your eyes, nose, and mouth from the black paper. Simple shapes are the most expressive. For younger kids, you make them more cunning, at adult parties you can make the faces really daunting.
• Turn the milk bottles so that the handle is directed backwards. Stick the strange facial features on the flat side and place your little light or artificial candle inside.
• Lay as many lanterns as possible along the edge of a path or along a wall for a fabulous effect.

TOP TIP: For a colorful and festive effect, you could use Christmas tree lights to illuminate the ghostly trails.

Scary Halloween Decorations – Fill your house with flying bats

Halloween decorations bat mask paper-cut

The image of the bat, always associated with Halloween and scary activities, could be especially frightening to the senses. With a few pieces of black felt and tape, you can make a fluttering colony of bats that would fly as fast in your living room as a vampire wink! These traditional scary ones Halloween decorations are very fast and easy to do.


• Collect or buy pieces of black felt or black kraft paper. The more you have, the better the effect.
• Using white chalk or similar, draw the outline of a bat on each piece of black felt or paper. Carefully cut these out. You can get good templates for the bat forms from the internet.
• Apply double-sided tape on one side of each bat silhouette. Lay the bats on your walls, ceilings or kitchen cabinets.

TOP TIP: To create a super scary chandelier with the bats, try this idea. Instead of using tape, punch the tips of the bat forms. Then thread different lengths of invisible fishing line or string through each bat and expose them from the ceiling. This spooky Halloween decoration looks awesome and casts eerie shadows in the room.

Craft Idea for Halloween – decorate bottles with paper

Halloween decorations bottles Paper

Spooky Halloween decoration idea with pumpkins

Halloween decorations Pumpkins Cat ghost

Creepy Halloween decorations Candles

Creepy Halloween decorations-spooky-shining-milk-plastic bottles

Creepy Halloween decorations-veranda-flying-bats

Creepy Halloween decorations-flying-bats

Creepy Halloween decorations-flying-bats Lights

Creepy Halloween Decorations – Skeleton hands for Halloween fun

Creepy Halloween decorations-gespensctische-candy-bags

You can be this scary Halloween decorations Use as candy bags or play pranks on your kids. The materials needed are a pack of transparent plastic gloves, such as these, which are thrown away after use. Place the fake hands in unexpected locations around the house to surprise and scare your family and guests.

Creepy Halloween decorations-skeleton-hands-bags

For best effect, draw with a white permanent marker skeleton hands on the outside of the transparent gloves. This is not too difficult, you will find many templates on the internet.

• Fill the individual transparent glove with small sweets, popcorn, or colorful shredded paper. For even more gruesome fun, you could fill each hand with jelly for a cold shaky effect. To create a bloody severed hand, fill the transparent glove with shredded red paper for a terrible bloody effect.
• Tightly secure the open end of the glove with a rubber band to hold the contents in place.
To suspend your decorative severed hands, make hooks out of paper clips and slip them through the elastic bands. Hang them around the house with transparent fishing line to create the illusion of ghostly floating hands.

TOP TIP: To make the children happy, you can also use the skeletal hands as Halloween candy bags.

Scary and inexpensive Halloween decorations – banners and garlands

Creepy Halloween decorations-garlands

And now for something less cruel. Why not have a festive Halloween banner or garland to yours Halloween decorations , This is a great way for you to prepare the house for the ghostly events.

Described here is an easy way to make a simple festive garland with a corresponding saying. Of course you can just use this idea for advice and personalize your garland with any materials and accessories. For elaborate and spooky Halloween decorations.

Creepy Halloween decorations-Happy halloween banners


• Choose a suitable Halloween saying or greeting for your decorative garland. Simple messages like “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or Treat” are fine.
• Choose craft paper or cardboard in a color combination that fits with your other decorations. For a spooky garland, black, red and green are good. If you want a festive autumnal impact, use brown, orange, red and purple, which are the colors of the season.
Cut the colored paper / cardboard into squares or other shapes of your choice. Of course you will need one for each letter of the message.
• Use colored markers carefully and draw in each of the letters. For a professional look, download stencils from the internet.
• Make a small hole in the top of each letter, then slip a paper clip as a hook through each one of them.
• Hang the decorative letters on a long piece of string or ribbon.
• Your Halloween garland or banner is now ready to hang.

Creepy Cheap Halloween decorations banner

TOP TIP: For a much more exciting effect and to personalize your garland, insert decorations or decorative cut shapes between each letter. Spraying with fake cobwebs for a really strange appearance.

So the preparation of cheap Halloween decorations can be really fun and these festive ideas will definitely invite you and your family with party spirit. Combine these simple ideas for decoration with those described in the first article. Your house would be guaranteed a real house of horror on the “evening before All Saints”. It’s a lot of original homemade ornaments to exhibit and your family and guests would be amazed by your efforts.

from Jaz

Creepy Halloween decorations-skeleton-hand-candlestick

15 Halloween make-up tips for the whole family

Creepy Halloween decorations-garden-lanterns

Creepy Halloween decorations-DYI-lanterns

Creepy Halloween decorations-bags Candies

Creepy Halloween decorations pumpkins-bats

Creepy and inexpensive Halloween decorations

Halloween »Make spooky Halloween decorations cheaply yourself

halloween decorations chewing bites carving faces candles

Everyone of us, old or small, likes Halloween. When the cold wind begins to blow, and orange pumpkins are found in the market, the time comes Halloween decorations , If you are looking for fresh ideas but at the same time are cheap, then you will surely be fascinated by the following designs. It’s much more fun to prepare your own decoration, which is ultimately part of the celebration. If you use recycled and inexpensive materials and are a little bit creative, you will certainly be unique house decoration to have.

Halloween Decorations – How to do it yourself

halloween decorations ghosts tinker cloth white face garden

No matter how you want to celebrate Halloween – party or spend the evening with the kids, this will be Halloween decorations Ideas completely transform your garden and porch.

Halloween decorations – wooden box instead of pumpkin

halloween decorations kuerbis imitation wood crate carve orange

Instead of carving one or more pumpkins, you can use old wooden boxes for the Halloween decorations and simply slit or cut a face into them. Then add a matching orange color and you have an original decoration for each area.

Halloween decorations – faces for trees

halloween decorations tree face creepy idea mask

Such faces for trees you can tinker or buy yourself. Either way, it’s a great idea to add to the other Halloween decorations. Find out more below.

Graveyard in the backyard

halloween decorations gravestone diy idea lantern rip

As we mentioned in the previous article, here is an interesting option for making scary gravestones and turning your backyard into a spooky graveyard. Among other things, these decorations can show the way to the party and are very easy to do.

DIY graveyard for Halloween

wrong-grave stones Halloween


– You need several boxes that you need to smooth.
– Draw the shape of the gravestone with a pencil on the cardboard.
– Carefully cut off the pattern. NB: If you make the decoration together with your children, do not let them play with the scissors.
– Paint the template in gray color and wait until it is dry.
– Write ‘R.I.P.’ on it. Stick a piece of wood to the template and insert the piece of wood into the floor.

Halloween decoration Cemetery

Top Tip – Waterproof the decoration by painting the stencil. In this meadow, you will be able to use the Halloween decoration in the next few years. To make it look real, you can paint the stencil ends with white.

decorative-grave stones Halloween

Creepy Trees – Ideas for Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations Tree face

If you have trees in your garden, you and your guests will have them Halloween decorations certainly liked. You only need sound to create this design. Make eyes, nose and mouth for each tree and fix them on the trees. Make every detail big enough for you to be seen from afar. For an even cruel atmosphere you can play frightening sounds.

Cruel Trees Faces Halloween


  • Buy cheap tone – choose colors like green, black, brown and gray, so that the details look more real.
  • Create cruel but simple shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. To do this, you’ll need a kitchen knife to cut out eyelids, teeth and nostrils. When finished, you can burn the details in the oven.
  • Use two-sided tape to attach the details to the trees.

Top Tip – Use ceramic glaze to keep your Halloween decorations last longer.

Pumpkins and Jack O’Lantern that will last for years

Halloween pumpkins Decoration

Traditionally, no Halloween can take place without the carved pumpkins. If your scary Halloween decorations If you want to do it yourself and keep it for years to come then you can buy artificial pumpkins. Larger stores and shopping malls will certainly offer these – some models can even be carved and illuminated.

Halloween pumpkins cruel


– Buy the necessary number of artificial deco pumpkins – choose the right shape and size.
– Draw your design on the pumpkin – try different designs! We give you just a few examples, the possibilities are virtually endless.
– Cut the preferred design with a sharp knife and cut a hole where the lighting will have to fit later.
– Sand the ends with sandpaper.
– For the lighting you can buy LED light in the appropriate size.

interesting-carved pumpkins

These typical Halloween decorations look great in front of the house as well as in the living room. For those who are looking for design ideas, these pages can help:

Pumpkin carved-eye

Celebrating Halloween – many designs that you can press

Stoney Kins offers a wide selection of designs that are unusual

Pumpkin Glow is the best source for fancy pumpkin designs

Better Homes and Gardens – for traditional and modern designs

Glass jars with body parts

Glassware body parts Halloween decorating ideas

If you are fans of Halloween decorations in the style of ‘the crazy scientist’, then you can put a table or a shelf in the lab of Dr. Ing. Transform Frankenstein. This variant is super effective and saves a lot of money.

Halloween scary decoration


– Collect several glass jars of different shape and size.
– Find creepy things for every glass jar – plastic insects, fake fingers and eyes, body parts or even doll parts. Everything is possible – spaghetti can look like intestines.
– Wash each glass jar arrange them at the table.
– Fill each glass jar with water and add two-three drops of egg colors.
– For the best effect, illuminate the glass vessels with LED lights.

Great spiders

Halloween Decoration Big Spider Garden

Of course, big spiders are an absolute must when we talk about Halloween decorations speak. You can easily make a big spider out of several black plastic bags and fasten them in front of the house entrance or hang them up on a tree and scare your guests. Or you can even make several spiders that ‘climb’ on your house.

Instructions for each spider

great Spider Halloween Deco Garden

You need – 9 large black plastic bags, matching materials for the filling – old newspapers or even tree leaves, tape, string, and sticky gun to make the spider, and materials for the eyes and teeth.

15 Halloween make-up tips for the whole family

Halloween House Decoration large spiders

– First fill a plastic bag with the newspapers and close them – this is the head and the body of the spider.
– Fill the second plastic bag with fewer papers and glue them through the middle so that it creates one leg of the spider. Make another seven legs and attach them to the body with glue.

Top Tip – You can make the eyes of the spider from almost any material – for example, plastic cups are suitable. The teeth can be cut out of cardboard. The big spiders – WatsCraft

And so we are at the end of the first article for Halloween decorations – the next one follows in a short time with many more ideas for this interesting celebration!

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terrifying Halloween decorations

Scary and Affordable Halloween Decorations – Part 2

Halloween »DIY Halloween Garden Decor – Simple Ideas

halloween gartendeko to make yourself glitter decoration kuerbis spider cobweb

To Halloween You should think not only of your home decoration, but also of your outdoor celebration. What can you do to transform your yard or garden for this cruel and amusing festival? Here are ideas for Halloween garden decoration to make yourself, the goose bumps of your family and party guests would cause. For Halloween or the “Evening before All Saints Day”, it’s all about the dead, who come to life in the dark night. Wrapped in darkness, the outdoor areas are mysterious terrain full of surprises. What lurks in the shade in your garden or yard? Adding extra excitement to the natural drama of the night is not hard. They just needed a little imagination and a few basic materials.

Halloween garden decoration to make yourself – A pumpkin owl

halloween gartendeko to make yourself kuerbis owl idea funny

A pumpkin for Halloween does not necessarily have to be carved to be original. And not necessarily a scary look is a must for the decoration. How about if you have this owl as a Halloween garden decoration to try it yourself? It’s not that hard to do, as it might seem at first glance. You need a large, orange pumpkin, and two ornamental pumpkins is white or another contrasting color. These cut you, as seen in the photo, to eyes, feet and head feathers. You can fix the pieces with wooden skewers.

Halloween garden decoration to make yourself – corn wreath

halloween gartendeko to make yourself wreath corn colorful colors

Instead of flowers, use corn to create a turquoise. These Halloween garden decoration to make your own is as easy to do as the top one. You need a frame made of wood. This should be a little wider. Then grab some small and best colored corn on the cob. Arrange them as above on the picture frame and then glue them together.

Make cat figure yourself

halloween garden decoration to make yourself cat black idea lawn

For this Halloween garden decoration to make your own It is best to ask your husband for help if you have no experience with saws. Draw a cat on a wooden board and then let it saw out. Then paint them, matching Halloween, in a black color. Of course you can also use cardboard box. Then you should not let the cat out in the rain!

Make bats yourself

halloween garden decoration for making bats black paper

These bats are made of craft paper. But again, you can use wood, as in the cat, to ensure a longer shelf life. Hang the bats, as is typical for them, upside down to a tree.

Original Halloween designs by Marian Parsons and Layla Palmer

Halloween family-grave stones

Halloween Do It Yourself DIY – Creepy Tombstones for Graveyard Atmosphere

tinker-to-yourself-polystyrene-grave stones Halloween Gartendeko-

Halloween garden decoration to make your own

These scary ones Halloween garden decoration to make your own look like real, gray and somber. Set as a backdrop for your party festivities, these tombstones will create an amazingly scary atmosphere. To make the gravestones, you need:

• Styrofoam plates approx. 5cm x 30cm x 91cm – one plate will make 2 tombstones
• a serrated bread knife
• a trimming knife
• a permanent marker
• black spray paint
• dark gray and white acrylic paint
• a 6 or 7 cm brush

Step 1: To get the outline of the tombstones, download some pictures of simple gravestone shapes from the internet. Draw these on your polystyrene board. Choose simple shapes that you can easily reproduce. For the curves, use a large round pot lid or similar.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-polystyrene-grave stones-contour

Step 2: Cut the gravestone shapes out of the polystyrene board according to the contour you have drawn. Use the serrated bread knife. The knife cuts easily, but quite a hodge-podge, so this is better to do outside. Cut at an angle to the foam. This activity should not be done by children except when supervised by adults.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-polystyrene-grabsteine-

Step 3: Draw your scary design on your empty tombstone. Again, let yourself be inspired by the images of the real gravestones, but do not forget simple pictures like: crosses, skulls or RIP are recognized immediately. Do not worry if you make corrections. It is not a problem before you paint the gravestones.

draw for-it-yourself-polystyrene-grave stones Halloween Gartendeko-

Halloween garden decoration to make your own

Step 4: If you’re happy with your sketch, then it’s time to make your Halloween tombstones more realistic by carving the design into the surface. This is easy with a jagged circumcision knife. Just scratch the surface according to their sketched lines with the tip of the knife and to a depth of 2-3 cm. For best results, keep your knives at an angle.

carve-it-yourself-grave stones Halloween Gartendeko-

Step 5: The last steps are to paint your gravestones. First, use the black spray paint to cover the entire surface. This must be done in a well-ventilated room or outdoors. Use long strokes from different directions to ensure even coverage. Again, this should not be done by unattended children. Allow the paint to dry well before proceeding to the next step.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-polystyrene-grave stones-spray-paint

Step 6: To create a strange authentic stone effect, dry the black surface with acrylic paint in this step. Start by applying a thin layer of gray paint with the 6cm brush. Pull the brush lightly over the surface so that the paint does not come in the carved design. Let this layer dry.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-grave stones-Acrylicfarbe-apply

Step 7: To add more depth to the color effect, put a second layer in the same way, but this time a mix of dark gray and white acrylic paint. Allow this layer to dry completely.

Halloween garden decoration to make your own

Step 8: Apply a third and final coat of white acrylic paint using the same technique as before. Adding these several layers of paint becomes a very realistic granite. Allow this last layer to dry and your tombstone is ready to display.

Helpful hint: To position your Halloween grave stones outside, place bamboo or metal skewers in the grave stone and stick them firmly in the ground. For authenticity, place your tombstones close together and repeat on uneven angles an old graveyard effect.

Treat your guests with gruesome Halloween garden decoration to make yourself

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-creepy-ghost

Halloween garden decoration to make your own

For a super scary effect that’s sure to be loved by kids, how about some scary ghosts floating through your yard. It’s easy to make this spooky Halloween garden decoration to yourself with inexpensive craft items. For the best effect, these great ghosts will look fantastic hanging from trees. Or alternatively on the porch, to ‘Trick or Treaters’ a real scare! to give.
For every ghost you need:

• 6-8 packets of muslin or cheesecloth
• 1 big styrofoam ball
• 2 small styrofoam balls
• A paint roller extension rod or similar stick
• 2 m rulers
• A hammer
• 2 short, big-headed nails
• A jug of liquid substance
• an empty spay bottle
• a sheet of black felt
• Scissors
• textile glue
• big sewing needle
• Fishing line

Step 1: To create frames for each ghost, build a skeleton by crossing the paint roller extension bar and two meter rulers as shown. Use a large-headed nail to attach them together, one over the other.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-frame-ghost

Step 2: Attach the extension bar in a non-windy place for easy coverage of the ghostly fabric.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-ghost-extension rod

Step 3: Attach the mind’s head by placing a large Styrofoam ball on top of the extension bar.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-ghost-head

Step 4: Bring the hands of the mind by fixing a smaller styrofoam ball to each of the outstretched sticks.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-ghost-styrofoam ball

Halloween garden decoration to make your own

Step 5: Draping from the cheesecloth is the point where your ghostly figure starts to come to life, so to speak! Start by draping the muslin over the frame as shown. Next, add fabric and fold until you are satisfied with the result.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-ghost-frame

Step 6: Fix your ghostly shape in place with spray strength: dilute the tissue strength and pour it into the spray bottle. Saturate the head arms and upper structures with the starch solution. Let the body free of strength, so that your ghostly figure will swing in the wind.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-ghost-spray-strength

Step 7: Once the starch has fully cured, it’s time to create the ghost’s scary facial features. The shapes are up to you. For an adult party, the facial features of the phantom can be made especially cruel, but for a kids party maybe you could look for kinder or comic effects. To create the eyes and mouth, cut these simple shapes out of black felt and use a textile glue to stick them on your head.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-ghost-eyes-mouth

Halloween garden decoration to make your own

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-ghost-facial features

Step 8: Now it’s time to remove the little styrofoam balls that formed your hands. Do this with care so as not to damage the delicate shapes in the stiffened tissue.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-ghost-small styrofoam balls

Step 9: To expose your mind, you need to attach fishing line to your arms. Use a large sewing needle to sew a long length of fishing line through the fabric of both hands. Knot this tightly so that your appearance does not disappear in a gust of wind.

Halloween Gartendeko-to-it-yourself-ghost-angel purr-sew

Step 10: Finally, attach the fishing line to the head, again with the big sewing needle, bring a long length of fishing line to the top of the mind on the head. If possible, guide the needle straight through the styrofoam ball for additional strength. Knot this length of fishing line very safe.

fasten-it-yourself-ghost-head Halloween Gartendeko-

The most exciting part of the whole process is to display your fabulous floating phantoms on trees or hooks in the yard or at your doorstep to ‘greet’ guests. Of course, these spooky ghosts would look super dramatic when placed near your terrifying tombstones. Combine this dramatic Halloween garden decoration to make your own with some of the weird lanterns and carved pumpkins, described in our other Halloween articles, for a perfect, scary outdoor party.

From Jaz

Halloween garden decoration to make your own

original-halloween grave stone-decoration

Autumn »Halloween garden decor ideas with skeletons, skulls and bones

halloween garden decoration ideas zombie tomb gravestone creepy

We are already excited to give you this creepy Halloween garden decoration ideas with skeletons imagine. They look amusing on the day but can scare any guest or neighbor at night.

Halloween garden decoration ideas – skeleton in a rusty bed

halloween gardendeko ideas skeleton bed rost desk kuerbis

The Halloween garden decoration ideas can also be funny. This is also the case in this example of a skeleton having breakfast in a bed.

Halloween Garden Decor Ideas – Bones come out of a grave

halloween garden decoration ideas bones grave flowers earth

Simple Halloween garden decor ideas are those. All you have to do is sprinkle some dirt on your lawn, imitating a grave. Then distribute some bones and the decoration is ready.

Original candlesticks from skulls as garden decoration

halloween gartendeko ideas skull candlesticks bites chair gruen

With skulls you can design such original candle holders as Halloween garden decoration ideas. So you also get some romance in the evening time. Although … maybe it will be even scarier!

Funny Halloween garden decor ideas – skeleton bathes in the fountain

halloween garden decoration ideas skeleton fountain original water

A funny garden decoration is also this idea. Place a skeleton in a well and it seems like it is bathing or getting some refreshment on a warm fall day. Really original, right?

Halloween door decoration from skulls

door wreath halloween black bow skull skeleton parts

Halloween Garden Decor Ideas – Skeletons on the Porch

halloween, outdoors, ideas, skeletons, climbing, veranda

These brave boys are not worried about broken bones if they fall off the roof. They are easy to attach with an almost invisible fishing line. The plastic skeletons can withstand without any problems the autumn weather.

Halloween Garden Decoration Ideas – Funny Picknik with Skeletons

halloween decoration ideas exterior skeletons dress picnic
Everyone loves the picnics in the fall. Dressed in caps, scarves and ties, these perennial picnickers are attached to the floor with metal bars. Basket, fruit and a thermos complete the scene.

Halloween skeletons are waiting for the guests

halloween garden decorating skeletons welcome guests

The poor fellows – it looks like their dates have never arrived! Dressed in silky flies and red carnations, these Halloween skeletons are ready to greet punctual guests.

Hiding Halloween skeletons in the treetop

halloween deco ideas skeletons hanging on trees

Skeletons play Croquet

halloween garden decoration ideas skeletons playing croquet
Build the fossilized poses for a croquet game by tying the skeletons with fishing line and long piles into the ground.

Halloween hostess

halloween ideas party skeleton housewife candy kids
The lovely hosts like to distribute candy to the kids on Halloween. This skeleton on a tripod makes a frightening first impression on the front door. Her arms offer a tray full of sweets.

Creepy graveyard in the garden

halloween garden decoration ideas skeleton gravestones windlights trees
Create a scary realistic scene sure for the guests and passersby. Use Halloween props to decorate the garden.

Skeleton and black cats

halloween house decoration ideas skeleton black cat scary

Paint flamingos black Halloween gartendeko flamingos skeletons painting

Halloween decoration on the doorstep

halloween decor outside skeleton front door crowing witches cauldron paper lanterns

Skeleton attack

halloween, outdoors, ideas, skeletons, climbing, house

black feather boa and skull

halloween front door decor ideas skull feather boa black wreath

Bones in the wheelbarrow

Halloween Gartendeko-skeletal parts-bone-wheelbarrow-ground

Halloween skeleton skull plastic snakes türkranz

Turkey wreath straw skeleton crowing grind halloween decor outside

halloween garden deco ideas sheriff skeleton prisoner