What men are particularly happy about – 4 gift ideas at a glance

Men Gift Ideas Gift Boxes

On May 25th was Father’s Day. The moment to think about a suitable gift for men. However, even after this significant day, there are always opportunities to gift the men in our lives – be it for a birthday, an anniversary, or just that. But what is appropriate here? Just as there are now a lot different give aways for women Some clever minds have come up with gift ideas for men as well. And here are often outdoor and adventure in the foreground. Example: With a quad it goes on guided tours sometimes in the area. And those who have always wanted to feel several hundred horsepower under the hood, is not necessarily on the road with a super sports car. Sometimes tank driving is just more fun.

Quad tours: adventure on four wheels

Men's Gift Quad Tour Adventure ATVs

Off Road on four wheels – who does not dream of it as a man. Quads are a leisure trend that started a few years ago. At first glance, the quads are reminiscent of a combination of motorcycle and car. Due to the special design and the tires, these are ideal all-terrain vehicles.

From the work tool, the quad has become a pleasure in the meantime. Professionally organized tours are now available almost everywhere – and are an ideal gift for men who always want to be away from the road. Depending on the price, the driving time varies. Tip: A highlight are real tours, which lead not only on a suitably prepared course, but in the closer environment.

Tank Driver: Tank drive without Kasernenhofton


In Germany, military service was suspended in 2011. Since 2011, young adults have de facto no longer been required to complete the Bundeswehr and basic military training. Understood by some as a reaction to the zeitgeist and the changing threat situation, men have one thing that lasts for years – the fascination with the heavy equipment. Protective and battle tanks or the anti-aircraft artillery vehicles still cause amazement.

Excavator driving in the leisure time is no longer a problem today. But climb into a tank and drive the monster through the terrain? What was a real niche a few years ago and was often ridiculed has become more and more of a trend. Even if nobody really wants to experience tanks in action: anyone who has been allowed to drive the monsters with several tons of weight and a few hundred horsepower “under the hood” once through the terrain is impressed.

Meanwhile, tank rides are not only offered on vehicles of the former Eastern Bloc. Even military vehicles of the Bundeswehr or the Wehrmacht have found their way into the arsenal of providers. Among them are:

– the armored personnel Marder
– the anti-aircraft Cheetah
– the main battle tank M48
– the Jagdpanzer StuG III.

This very special gift costs between 150 euros to 400 euros. The motto is: The more expensive the pleasure, the more unusual the whole thing. Instead of 60 minutes, the trips go here quickly 3 hours to 4 hours – and there are different vehicles driven.

Whiskey tasting – discovering a passion


Water of Life – gourmets will know by now what it’s all about. We are talking about whiskey (whiskey, depending on spelling). Although whiskey is mentioned only in the 15th century. Whiskey is likely to have been much earlier. Today he will be in:

– Scotland
– Ireland / Northern Ireland

manufactured. However, these traditional whiskey producers have been competing in recent years. Even in Germany, some distilleries specialize in spirits. How does a high-quality whiskey taste? Anyone who has ever dealt with this question will have stumbled across whiskey tasting. The latter are not only a perfect way to delve into the world of whiskey – with the help of experts. The tastings also offer the chance to learn one or the other trick. Beispielswiese still believes that whiskey is always drunk from a tumbler (glass with a thick bottom) and on ice. Real connoisseurs are sure that more than a cold shiver runs down the back in this type of whiskey drinking.

Oldies & Goldies: Traveling with classic cars

men-a present-erlebnisse-oldtimer-drive

The car is the man’s dearest child – this credo is no coincidence. And that’s why cars are often taken care of. The love of some car fans goes so far that the cars of the child and youth time are particularly well received. Of course we are talking about classic cars – cars that are at least 30 years old.
Some classics are particularly popular among car fans – like one
– Ford Mustang (built in 1964 to 1973)
– Alfa Romeo Spider
– Corvette Stingray etc.

The problem: The value of a classic car can (compared to the introductory price) may rise by a few hundred percent. The most expensive classic cars cost – as the media reports say about the newspaper ” world “Read – quickly ten million euros and more.

For men, the “extension” with vintage cars is so fast expensive. The alternative are trips with the oldies – such as a Ford Mustang – which are also offered today as a gift certificate.

Conclusion: With these gifts, men have fun

birthday-joy-ready men-fathers day gift ideas--

Often it remains with gifts for the friend, husband, father, grandfather, uncle or brother with trifles. Why not just think something bigger – and merge, for example, birthday and Christmas – to make the partner a really special gift. Who can claim to have been on the road with a classic like the Ford Mustang or a classic car among the main battle tanks – an M48? Experience gifts are often worth more than other gifts, which then disappear in the closet or be sorted out again after a short time. There are certainly enough ideas. The challenge is to choose the right give away. After all, every person is different and has corresponding preferences and wishes. Anyone who knows his partner well enough, however, will hardly have any major problems.

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Easter & Spring »Happy spring and Easter decoration – crafting ideas for Easter baskets

Easter decoration Easter basket moss Easter eggs daffodils

Are you already preparing for Easter and spring? Easter is the most convivial Spring Festival, when the whole family gathers together. Easter, however, gives the little ones great pleasure. Easter decoration make handicrafts, paint Easter eggs and bake Easter lambs one enjoys particularly.

Easter decoration design ideas

Easter deco-cup-paper-stick-girl-lilac-pink

Whether for the family celebration or not, with a few creative ones Easter decoration en perfect the mood. A good Easter decoration should be inviting and enchanting. The Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, nests and cups are always included.

Easter decoration ideas for DIY

Oster Deko osterkorbchen-scraps-pappmache-technique-balloon

Decorations can easily be found in the shops. Easter bastelling is also a very pleasant pastime for children and parents, which is fun. Do you fancy handicraft ideas? If you have a little time, you should go straight with the Easter basket and Osternesterb start to start. Use colored ribbons or fabric for this.

Spring flowers and Easter baskets

easter-deco-osterkorbchen-manual-plastic bucket-pink crepe paper

Practically you have at the Easter decoration and design free hand. In the beautiful home-made Easter baskets or nests, you could either arrange painted eggs or spring flowers. If you keep what decorations from last year in the basement, it is high time to pick them up.

Big bouquet in the easter basket

easter-deco-osterkorbchen-silk rose paste

With a little imagination you create beautiful Easter and spring decoration in an old basket, bucket or pot. Refresh it with colored ribbon, patterned paper and stickers. Add small butterflies and bees or foam flowers or whatever comes to your mind as jewelry. Turn an old bag or a backpack into your current Easter basket.

Easter jewelry – craft ideas

Easter basket cookies decoration ideas

It does not work without extravagant accents. Tin cans are trendy and very cheap and can be used for crafting for Easter. Fill the paper baskets or nests with sweets or cookies.

Pink cups – easy to tinker

Easter basket pink for crafting Easter eggs decorate

Ideas for Easter eggs – decorate and design

Easter crafts Eggs painting Decorating garden

Making colorful and imaginative Easter cards – 18 ideas to imitate

Easter presents in tin cans

Easter baskets Gifts for crafting tin can

Craft Ideas for Easter Easter baskets and bags

Colorful arrangement Spring decoration Easter eggs painted

Funny decoration for Easter – toys

Easter basket toys decoration idea

Beautiful Easter baskets and Easter eggs

Easter basket crafts Decoration ideas Arrange

Crafting ideas Osterkorb Plastic eggs Kinder Surprise

Easter & Spring »Frühlingsdeko Ideen 2016 – Happy atmosphere in the house

Spring decoration ideas 2015-voegel-figures-candlestick-bluetans

Nature is waiting impatiently for warm weather. Unfortunately we can not influence the climate or the calendar, but we can do a real one spring mood create in your own four walls. Bring a nice happy mood to the house with the help of these great ones Spring decoration ideas , Here are some inspiring and simple tricks to help you customize your decor to the season.

Spring Decorations Ideas – Intense Colors

Spring Decoration Ideas 2015-bedroom-intensive-color-wall-decor-bluetan

In winter, calm, silence and shades of gray prevail. Spring awakens intense colors, warmth and light. After the first warm sun rays you will find everywhere fresh green shoots or blooming purple crocuses. If you have an idea for Your spring decoration need to work wonders quickly, just bring a few splashes of color into the room. How can you do that?

– In the living room – a few new pillows with bright colors and interesting patterns on the sofa
– In the kitchen – a colorful tableware set and tablecloth with spring motifs
– new curtains in pastel colors
– a spring wreath hanging on the door
– Spring decoration in the bedroom – bed linen with beautiful vernal patterns

Spring decoration ideas – Let nature into the room

Spring Decorations Ideas 2015-dining room-hyacinth-tulips-pastel-colors

Spring flowers bring joyful mood! Buy a few bulbous plants (such as hyacinths) and make a simple composition in a glass vase. You can also arrange them in a row. Bottom vases with fresh flowering branches would completely change any dark corner. Take a look at the fresh spring decoration ideas below and see for yourself.

Orchid branches in a glass vase

Spring decoration ideas -2015-living-room-side-table-bluetan-branches

Orchids can bloom to everyone. Use this feature also in the spring time and decorate the living room or any other room with them. Choose bold or subtle colors, depending on the mood you want to achieve. With a pretty vase you put all the spring decoration ideas with flowers the finishing touches.

purple colored cushions and table runners

fruhlingsdeko-ideas-2015-dining-violet-beige color combination

Sheer curtains in pink and green

spring-living room-intense-color-curtains-pillows

fresh bouquets on the windowsill

Spring decoration ideas 2015 fresh flowers windowsill

White and green tones

Spring decoration ideas 2015 kitchen-gruene-glas-fresh-flowers-glass-vase

green and white tablecloth with leaves motif

Spring decoration ideas -2015-dining-room-country-house-wallpaper-olive-motif

Bring freshness to a modern room


Spring decoration Ideas -2015-violet-bake-blossoms

fruhlingsdeko-ideas-2015-fresh-blueten ovoid-shells

fruhlingsdeko-ideas-2015-muffin-shaped green-chrysanthemums-apple-plugged

Spring decoration Ideas -2015-fresh-flowers-glass-vase-pastel-soups




fruhlingsdeko-ideas-2015-minimalist blue-glass vases-stalk-flower

fruhlingsdeko-ideas-2015-lavender wreath-door

fruhlingsdeko-ideas-2015-hyacinth-tulip pots intensive-colored






spring decoration idea tablecloth-pink-tulip-strauss-table decoration

spring decoration ideas floral lilac vase glass

spring decoration ideas mantel-design-gruen-strauss-blackboard

spring decoration ideas vase-tinker-leather-green-blue-tulip-white

spring decoration ideas vase-mantel-dish-ornaments-wall-decoration

Easter & Spring »Make a table decoration for Easter – 30 happy ideas for the festival

Tinker table decoration for easter - eggshell-white-eggcup-ceramic-flowers

Easter is one of the most popular festivals and not just for the kids. The spring associated with it creates a good mood, due to the typical flowers and the colorful colors. It is tradition that the house is suitable for Easter Festival is decorated and there are countless possibilities available. In this article we would like to show you some ideas on how to do it yourself without losing a lot of time Tinker table decoration for Easter can.

Tinker table decoration for Easter – ideas for arrangements with flowers

Table decoration for Easter tinker white-tulip-eggs-basket-simple

Best suited for this beautiful spring flowers. These may also be artificial. You can put them in beautiful vases or decorate cute baskets with them. Such baskets you can for the Tinker table decoration for Easter decorate them with artificial grass or moss and store colorful Easter eggs or Easter biscuits. In this way, you get a practical Table decoration at Easter, where the delicacies are at hand.

Tinker table decoration for Easter: delicious Easter biscuits

tischdeko-easter-tinker-nest-egg-white-feather-natural materials

A typical motif for Easter is also the Easter Bunny. You can have one with him Tinker table decoration for Easter by using different figures. These are available today in various variants in stores. You just have to find the right one. An important part of the table decoration are also the napkins , These can be folded into an Easter bunny to match Easter. And that’s not as difficult as it looks. The dishes also play an important role. It should be chosen to match Easter in bright colors or pretty patterns. In addition, distribute small nests with eggs in advance for the Tinker table decoration for Easter ,

Easter decoration with bunny figures


The ostrich must not miss either. You can do this make yourself by putting pretty branches or forsythia in a vase. These then decorate them with colorful Easter eggs, whether genuine, expelled or plastic. There are also suitable figures for hanging. Suitable are chicks, Easter bunnies, butterflies and everything else that is associated with Easter and spring. Let yourself be inspired by the following gallery, so that you too can have a great time Tinker table decoration for Easter can.

Color eggs and eggshells and use as decoration

tischdeko-easter-tinker-basket-nest-egg-blue-quail eggs dyeing

Easter bouquet of forsythia branches

ideas-fosythien-easter ostrich-yellow-eggs-vase-table-decorating

DIY Easter tree with blown easter eggs

ideas-easter ostrich-egg-two-and-white decoration easter-panel

Naturinspirierte Easter table decoration


beautiful flower vases


Easter bucket with bunny jewelry

herzstück-tischdeko-easter-bucket gras eggs Candles

Tulip bouquet and spring nest


easter-teller-heart shape Cookies-napkin-egg-green

table-decoration-harness-napkin-green hare Bouquet

table-centerpiece-eggs-moss-shell white


tischdeko-to-easter-tinker-colorful-eggs-shell white


tischdeko-to-easter-craft Easter Bunny Colorful Eggs-moss-shell-white

Easter & Spring »Make Easter bunnies – ideas for a colorful and happy Easter decor

Easter bunnies make glitter paper stencils white-pink

We look forward to the beautiful sunny spring days, which we spend together with our loved ones. After Christmas, Easter is the most popular crafting, the right time to be creative and to surprise our friends and family with small gifts, homemade decoration and many goodies. A classic for Easter are of course the colorful and imaginatively designed Easter bunnies. They now have many faces: smiling on postcards to send, cast from chocolate, porcelain, metal, wood or plastic for decoration. Make Easter bunnies is a lot of fun! Here you will find great inspirations and suggestions. Prepare yourself for a colorful and vernal Feast before!

Make Easter bunnies and decorate

Make Easter bunnies - easter eggs - sticky-wiggle-pompoms

Easter is a feast for the whole family. If you ask your children what can be made for Easter, they will hear many new ideas. The Easter Bunny is the big star these days – as beautiful Decoration for DIY or as a sweet Easter cake easy to make. Children are clear about it: the Easter bunny brings the colorful easter eggs and hide them in the grass. Make Easter bunnies makes the Easter season a special event for her.

Craft hand puppets in bunny shape

bunny-tinker-felt-hand doll-white-pink-ears

While coloring the Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny prepares for its grand entrance in all sorts of variations. On the Easter table and as a decoration in the house, homemade decorations are always attractive eye-catcher. For the Spring Festival the chocolate easter bunny in the Easter basket may not be missing. For toddlers it is the main attraction.

The Easter Bunny embodies fullness of life

Easter bunnies make table runner jute cloth bunny stenciled pompoms

Even simple things can be beautifully beautified Easter. This pretty decoration for the Easter table is made very quickly. For the rabbits you can use a template. The bunnies are glued to the Easter table runner with a small swab of glue.

Make decoration on the Easter days

bunny-craft-paper light-pink-white-nursery

Blossoming Easter bouquets and brightly painted eggs have their grand entrance for Easter. Delicate flowers make for a festive gown. Bunnies cut freehand from white paper. You can also use a template.

Crafting with children and wooden beads: Bookmark Hare:

bunny-tinker-bookmarks-idea-wood ball-kids

In fact, to make these little Easter bunnies you did not break much: a few wooden beads, yarn, big needle and a felt-tip pen or marker. It is important to remember that two larger balls are needed for the body and the head of the rabbit. The small wooden beads are threaded on ears and paws.

Easter bunny rabbit sewing itself

bunny-tinker-colorful-happy-easter decor-bags-sew

At Easter, children are traditionally presented with small gifts. To present the little things that you have prepared attractively, you can make an imaginative Easter bag. This can be creatively designed as an Easter bunny. Use thin felt fabric or other textiles that do not fray.

Hand puppet felt fabric Bunny children's toy Easter crafts
with children tinker Easter hand puppets

Dining table rustic decorating-TIschläufer Easter bunny tail fluffy

table runner linen-Easter table deco-design-tinker bunny-tail

Folded napkins in bunny shape

pleated napkin colorful bows table decor easter

Make napkins for Easter

napkins folding Easter table hare colorful ribbons decorate

Spring-like decorating ideas

easter bunny tinkering with children's ideas-creative materials

A rabbit with long woolen ears knitting

easter bunny knitting pillows decorating ideas gifts

Rabbit ears for children

children easter crafting-easter bunny rabbit ears-head decoration

With the funny rabbit ears, the party mood comes for Easter. These can be cut out of sturdy craft cardboard.

Easter biscuits is a culinary highlight to enjoy

recipes for easter biscuits crispy bake bunny

Biscuits for Easter brunch

Cookies Easter biscuits Bunnies Easter biscuits bake recipes

Easter bunny as a garland

Garland yellow rabbit mantel decorate easter spring

Cut out of harder paper many rabbits, which together make a beautiful garland for hanging.

Tinker fabric egg warmer

felt white-table decoration plush deco-crafting-easter spring

Knitted egg warmer

Egg warmer Wool-knitted Deco craft Easter table

Easter eye-catcher

Make paper Easter decor Egg-shaped crafts with children

Easter Egg Flowerpot Easter Bunny making jewelry wood yourself

Bag felt tinker-easter bunny deco table easter spring ideas

smiling easter bunny painting ideas decoration from color paper

tinker Osterkorb paper Rabbit Ears Paint easter eggs

Triangular easter bunny DIY DIY to easter ideas-easy

making Easter bunnies yourself making Easter bunny-painted Easter eggs

Easter cards are made by yourself, colorful eggs, motive bunnies, applique

Easter bunny crafting ideas easy paper toilet paper rolls

Easter bunny flower pot decoration yourself make rabbit ears children party

Sewing Easter bunny felt KIssen sewing table decorative egg warmer

Easter & Spring »Spring and Easter wreaths make -29 ideas for a happy mood

Easter wreath tinker -weidenranken-green-branches-egg-nests

Expel the winter and the cold out of your house and let the sun and spring move in! Have you already gotten ready for decorating? Bring spring home with our ideas for spring and summer Tinker Easter wreath , conjure up the sunny atmosphere on your doorstep!

Decoration ideas for the entrance area – Easter wreath tinker

Easter wreath-tinker-tendril-brute-tulip-perlhyazinth-weidenkaetzchen-dekofeder

With simple tricks conjure in a flash spring mood in your home. At the Tinker Easter wreath You can arrange the following elements with a lot of imagination – homemade fabric birdhouses, brightly colored blown easter eggs, moss, twigs. Of course, early bloomers are also included. Violet crocuses, daffodils, red and purple tulips and delicate flowers quickly burned joy of life. Do it colorful! Since the door appears much friendlier.

Ideas for the Easter wreath tinker for a colorful spring festival

Easter wreath-tinker-wreath-brute-blue paint Colorful Eggs

Happy colors are announced now. A colorful door wreath can do wonders. The floral patterns also exude a hint of spring and sun. Nature awakens, everywhere it blooms and sprouts. With the first rays of sun, the mood and desire for lightness, color and life increases!

Awaken spring fever

Easter wreath-tinker-white-painted-brute-spaniel half-pasted

Suitable colors for the spring wreath are light yellow, lime green, pastel shades, white, purple, soft pink. Light fabrics, feather and leaves radiate liveliness and make the entrance of the house springlike. airy colorful fabrics make for ease and are a real eye-catcher. Give the house a dreamy spring touch with the appropriate door decoration. So the spring mood can arise.

Door wreath made from coffee filters

Easter wreath-tinker-door wreath and white eggs-colorful-plastic-deco-loop-filter coffee and white satin ribbon-pink

Beautiful spring or Easter decoration can be made from very different materials. Would you have thought that this pretty door wreath in the picture above was made of coffee filters? Cut out the bottom of a paper plate to form a ring. Fold the coffee filters together and glue the complete ring. The flowers must be glued together. It’s best to start from the inside. Decorate the great wreath with colorful ribbons and Easter eggs.

Create a colorful spring wreath of real flowers

Easter wreath-tinker-spring-flowers-flowers-loop-silk-organza-plush bunny-deco-eggs-shell

You can also create a motley and springlike wreath of flowers only from real flowers. Dahlias, gerberas and daffodils are perfect for this. You can decorate the flowery wreath with a cute plush bunny or with Easter eggs and conjure a cute Easter decoration.

easter wreath tinker wire blank remainder strips

Festively decorate the house and garden

wreath tinkering design ideas arranging-colored eggs arrange

Bring spring home

Easter wreath tinker with twigs easter bunny eggs

Make a twigs wreath for Easter

vintage osterkranz self crafting-fabric branches-easter eggs decorate

Easter wreath made of cloth

deco made of white fabric crafting ideas easter wreath easter egg bird eggs

Door decoration with Easter bunnies

easter bunny deco figure-osterkranz pink-ornament ideas original

Tulips as a beautiful wall decoration

tulip wreath bind wall decoration ideas easter spring

Sculpting colorful eggs imaginatively

easter eggs ideas blown picture frame white

Making Easter wreath – ideas for amateur hobbyists

decorate paper easter ideas for tinkering wreath

Happy spring wreath

spring home-bring-tinker-wreath flower-wreath-floral-deco

Green door wreath exudes joie de vivre and liveliness

spring decoration framed wreath-hanging easter tinker

Elegant and beautiful decoration

spring decoration easter wreath-tinker decorate knobs

Door wreath with bows and flowers

self-made wreath interesting idea festive decorating door

Cute ducklings put a smile on their faces

tinker easter-turquoise round design felt-flower-duckling

Tulip bouquet as door decoration

easter decorate-festive tulip-bouquet vase dekoideen

Fold origami birds

origami folding bird wreath tinkering flower wreath ideas

deco crafts for the walls-wreath-motive-flowers wreath

elegant spring wreath flowers white with bow

osterkranz decorating-osterbasteln grinding subtle decoration

roses bind to the wreath-front door decoration-ideas spring

door ideas festive spring wreath floral crafts

spring flower wreath tinkering-blown easter eggs design idea

spring wreath with flower decoration make yourself

easter decoration door wreath tinker with blown eggs

Easter wreath to the nachzubasteln-cuddly animals bunny-arrangement

door decoration wreath design elegant modern flowers arrange ideas

decorate easter wreath tinker-out fabric remnant-bird figurine

spring decoration colored easter eggs wreath-birds colorful homemade

colorful easter decoration plastic flowers turquoise easter eggs ideas

spring wreath tinker-with fabric-bright yellow spring colors modern

Home & Garden »Designing a Terrace and Garden – Nice Ideas for a Happy Atmosphere

terrace and garden design dining table furniture metal romantic stairs mediterranean

Take a look at the following ideas from seven designers, from dining areas to play areas for the kids you love Landscaped terrace and garden can. The key to successful conversation is to be the center of what’s happening in the environment. This is followed by 7 designers who have created a variety of typical outdoor activities near the terrace and garden. These include relaxing, having a nice dinner and playing the children outdoors.

Landscaped terrace and garden – The food

terrace and garden design rattan garden furniture round dining table pool

Most people find the food outside more relaxing and comfortable. The most important thing in planning is to combine the dining area with its surroundings. Outdoor activities call for a degree of flexibility because you do not have power over the sun, the moon, the clouds or the rain. You can, however, depending on the possible weather changes Landscaped terrace and garden ,

Sun protection on the terrace

patio and garden frame parasol basket furniture tile stone
A lunch in the hot sun, for example, will be more enjoyable if you protect yourself from under a screen, a trellis with wine, a bamboo or fabric weave or a mat mattress. For the time after sunset, you may prefer a bare spot, so you can watch the night sky. The furniture should be waterproof, unless you want to change constantly.

Design with awning

terrace and garden shape sunsets idea shadow chaiselonge

Awnings are also a great option for sun protection in the summer. They also look modern and can be attached to any location, either on a wall or on posts. Gladly several awnings can be combined with each other.

Make a porch

terrace and garden design brown couch rattan veranda idea birdcage

If you have a canopy or a porch, then this is of course the best place to design a dining area. So you are always protected from the sun and rain and at the end of the season do not have to think about where you should stow the sunscreen.

Dining table for the teak garden

shape the food in the outdoors happy mood

  • The interior designer Jeff Andrews developed this 3.6-meter-long teak dining table, which also serves as a buffet. The benches avoid a mess in high traffic. The vintage Moroccan-style metal armchairs add a touch of character. patio and garden design vintage furniture deco
  • Vintage furniture goes great outdoors, especially when combined with a modern style. Such a style found the designers Eric Ossart and Arnaud Maurières in the old hotel chairs, which were part of the terrace of the Hotel Dar al Hossoun in Taroudant, Morocco.
    “These are plastic chairs from the 70s, whose original color was a strong blue,” says Maurières. “We paint them with a green-gray hue,” a color that suits the environment of 100 acre olive grove. Guests use the terrace mainly for cocktails at the end of the day. The jasmine that grows through the fence ensures a natural and enchanting scent.

1953 los angeles ideas designer original

  • This 1953 Rodney Walker house is located in Los Angeles. It was renovated by graphic designer George Mimnaugh. Part of it is the travertine table, which is located under the roof beams in a minimalist style. This design is a good example of how one area can be connected to the neighboring architecture.

garden shape calistoga california beautiful family house

  • In Calistoga, California, the owners of this design take the dining area to a new level. The hobby gardeners use recycled redwood as a support for eggplants, pumpkins, tomatoes and spice plants. The customized aluminum table has a compartment for wine bottles in the middle. The trellis of recycled steel tubing makes the area more intimate without disturbing the view.

Terrace and garden landscape – playing

Terrace and garden make room for the whole family

One of the biggest problems someone serious Landscaped terrace and garden would like to make the area both pretty and child-friendly. “The best solution is to use a lot of imagination and to choose suitable accessories,” says the designer Clare Matthews from U.K.

  • The oak of this oversized seating area is smooth enough to walk barefoot on it. The angle of the backrests was chosen so that it relaxes, but not too relaxed. Such a platform can be hidden by different plants. Here the Stipa arundinacea was used.
    The picture shows Matthew and her two daughters. Often they turn the area into a stage to offer an interesting performance to the viewers who find space in the grass.

terrace and garden design play possible nature

  • Landscape architect James Lord designed this mound of earth for a family of five in California, which the family calls Hobbithügel. These also serve as soil stabilization. The hills immediately became the favorite playground of the neighboring children. This is mainly because of the integrated trampoline, which is located on one of the hills and the small shafts of a pipe system, through which you can roll balls or other small objects.

terrace and garden make hobbit house perfect

  • This hobby house was designed by Surfacedesign Inc. designed especially for children. Its exterior design is designed to appeal to adults, too. “Children are given a lot,” says designer James Lord, “but this lets them use their imagination.” This cottage is also designed so that it is not age-related and does not quickly become uninteresting. “My client wanted a garden where children can grow into.”

Terrace and garden shape – the relaxation

terrace and garden relax relaxation lounge furnishing

When it comes to switching outside, there is nothing better than comfortable seating. Weight-oriented surfaces should be covered with soft cushions or pads. Everything that has to do with exercise, such as hammocks or swings will make you forget the stress.

  • Landscaped terrace and garden – The architect Alex Possenbacher has already designed several holiday homes in Mexico and Costa Rica. He designed the arbor for this house in Costa Careyes on the Pacific coast in Mexico. The porch is entered through the bedroom. “The idea was to create a thought-out area that gives a protective feeling and at the same time is one with the outside,” explains Pössenbacher. “The curves of the roof also frame the garden and the view of the sea.”
    The subtle stools and side tables are a great way to set aside drinks, snacks and reading. The same goes for the modern coffee table made of coral and wood. The pleasant splashing of the water in the background provides additional relaxation. A lavadero stone from the 16th century was used for this purpose.
  • The vaulted ceiling brings elegance to this Mexican terrace. It is also the work of the architect for luxury holiday homes Alex Possen Bacher. The ocher nuances give a festive atmosphere in earth tones and rounded seating. They are a design of his brother Mark Pössenbacher.

terrace and garden design ideas furniture lounge

garden comfort relaxation water noise nature stones

Home & Garden »20 modern Christmas decoration ideas for a happy mood

christmas decoration ideas wreath original pipes gold voegel christmas bells

They are looking for Christmas Decorating Ideas, to give a treat to your interior? Let yourself be inspired – and create a modern decoration with homemade ornaments!

Modern Christmas decoration DIY ideas

christmas decoration idea pillow red white heart reindeer horse modern

These modern ones Christmas decoration ideas can be copied easily. Do you have Christmas ball left over from last year? You can make a door wreath out of it. Just hang the ball on a wire. You painted a wall with blackboard paint in the nursery? Paint a Christmas tree on it and stick small paper ornaments on it. The hanging Christmas tree looks very creative with tree balls. In fact, the design is very suitable for DIY. Buy a simple transparent silicone thread. Cut the thread into pieces of different lengths and tie them to the chandelier. Hang the tree ball at the other end – ready! The hanging Christmas tree looks stylish and is very cheap. In addition, you will then save the cleaning after the disposal of the Christmas tree.

Stylish Christmas decoration ideas in bold colors

christmas decoration ideas roses red wreath christmas tree dresser

The modern ones Christmas decoration ideas present different creative color combinations – shades like dark blue, light green , Red and orange are skillfully with White and silver combined , Colorful decoration will certainly refresh the purist décor, while plain, unicoloured ornaments will compliment the eclectic interior. Colorful light bulbs, artificial snow and stylish minimalist Christmas trees made of paper set the tone. To make the decoration look uniform, you can also festively decorate the mantelpiece. Make tree ornaments from paper – for example, fold origami stars and decorate the wall in the living room, the nursery and the dining room.

Wooden wreath idea for Christmas

christmas decoration ideas wood wreath baubles wall decoration

Elegant, white Christmas tree as an idea for the decoration

christmas decoration idea white christmas tree silver jewelry elegant

Christmas decoration in bright colors

Ideas eclectic color mix Bauble colorful

White Christmas tree with original tree decoration

Art tree tree decoration beautiful idea modern

Fold the paper tree decorations – golden ornaments contrast with the blue wall

Paper garland golden paper ornaments wall paint dark blue

Modern Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration golden garland Pom Poms

Tinker Christmas tree from green tree balls

Craft ideas Christmas modern stylish minimalist

Make artificial snow garland yourself and decorate the fireplace

stylish decoration in white fireplace hanging on white christmas tree

Rustic and modern at the same time – simple color scheme and stylish decoration

Christmas decoration pillow motifs Christmas boots Christmas trees

Christmas tree decorated as wallpaper with paper ornaments

Wallpaper festive decorate paper ornaments

Christmas tree made of wire and paper decorates the wall in the living room

Christmas Decorating Wall Christmas Tree Wire Yourself Making White Paper Birds

Golden candles and stars over the fireplace

Christmas decoration Ideas mantelpiece festive decorate

Art tree with pink tree decorations

pink jewelry modern christmas decoration ideas

Christmas decoration minimalist modern stainless steel Christmas trees

homemade cool idea Christmas decoration

white christmas tree branch paper ornaments

Wreath light bulbs colorful metal mantelpiece

Adhesive tape cool idea deco black blackboard color

Nail Design »Nail Design Ideas for Spring 2015 – It may be colorful and happy!


Whenever the gloomy winter days are over and the spring approaching, every woman wants to dress chic and modern and just look stunningly beautiful. Of course, the fingernails also belong to the perfect spring look. Are you also interested in modern spring designs of nails? Then you are exactly right here! A new amount of inspiration and Nail design ideas for spring 2015 we have prepared for you! This season can finally come with this spring nail art! For every occasion in spring you will absolutely shine!

Nail Design Ideas pastel shades are now in fashion

brand-design-ideas-spring-floral-motive-fine small-pastellfarben

In the spring, nature awakens to a new life. This beautiful season brings back the desire for color, which is immediately reflected in the clothing and make-up. The spring mood is particularly well matched by subtle but fresh and bright colors, pastel shades such as apricot, a light yellow, a light blue, pink, green, the classic white in soft, natural variants and in combination with a light mother-of-pearl shimmer. Spring colors can of course be mixed and combined with each other! If you work with two or more colored paints, beautiful color gradients can be created. Combine your nail polish also suitable for eye make-up.

Nail Design Ideas – Delicate Embellishments


There are many ways to represent spring on fingernails. Straight flowers and fine tendrils in any shape are good for most women and are particularly suitable for this season. With fluorescent colors such as neon green or coral, the nail tip can also work in a color-transparent manner.

Nail design ideas with poppies and nude tones


Delicate butterflies, cherry blossom twigs, tulips, daffodils, ornaments, curls, lace, checks, dots and stripes complete the spring look. As a stamping, sticker or even small paintings, a charming Easter design can be created. Watercolors, fine glitter dust, pearls, small rhinestones u.a. additionally upgrade the nail art.

Extravagant and at the same time delicate nail design ideas

brand-design-ideas-spring-floral-motive-triangle-transparent pink-white

French manicure in pink with sloping edges

Brand elegant design-pink French manicure obliquely

Springy nails in pastel green

modern-spring-nails mint green-french lace motive-rhombic

Nail Design Ideas for Special Effects Newsprint Look

Nail Design-modern-pressure paper-bark collage-look

A delicate Easter nail design

pastelliges-French Nail Design carrot motif Ideas Spring Easter 2015

Flowers and squiggles

floral-design-modern-nailart-decoration-spring-art nails

Illuminated nails with fresh colors

Nail design ideas Yellow Spring 2015 geometric pattern modern

Lace look with spring motifs

French Nails Lace Look Nail Design Ideas Spring 2015

Elaborate nail ornament

Honeycomb pattern Nail design ideas-iridescent-spring-2015

Spring nail art – cute and elegant

blue nails design ideas Spring Flower Decoration nailart

A French lace in fluorescent colors

French Nails neon-green-top design ideas spring-2015

Colorful nails matching the spring look

Pink Pattern Stripe Nail design ideas Glitter Paint Spring 2015

Elegant Nail Design Flower jewelry ideas spring-2015


pastel-purple-pink-rose flower Nail Design Ideas Spring 2015

colorful nails design motif Ideas Cherries Watermelon Spring 2015

delicate flowers Nail Design shiny red Ideas Spring 2015

Nail Design Ideas Spring-2015-perlmut elegant flower-motive

Nail Design Ideas Spring 2015 Easter motives Easter grass Chick eggs

art nails-design-flowers-motive-spring-summer-2015

Nail design ideas-pastel-green-pink nail bed Spring Design

Spring Nail Design Orange Blue basecoat floral motifs

DIY Rainbow clouds Colorful Nail Art Ideas Spring 2015

Nailart design »Nail Design in Spring – 26 happy ideas for inspiration

nail design in spring colorful blue gold red

Spring makes everyone happy. It gets warmer, the sun shines more often and many flowers start to bloom and the world looks much friendlier. In addition, the spring feelings give us the opportunity to try new things, whether a new hairstyle or new outfits. Matching with the fingernails should be designed. We have some great ideas for that Nail design in spring under which certainly something suitable for you is there.

Nail Design in Spring – Delicate skin color with colorful accents

spring design fingernails colorful pastel finger ring

For the nail design in the spring, all the designs that fit with the spring can be associated. These include floral and butterfly motifs, but also the theme Easter is very suitable. Finally, Easter is also in spring. The floral motifs are best suited for typical spring flowers. If you are artistically gifted, you can design these yourself or stick them on the nail in the form of stickers. Daffodils, as well as snowdrops or lilies of the valley, are especially pretty. Let your imagination run free in the spring when choosing nail design designs.

Nail Design in Spring – Colorful dots with white base coat

colorful design nails modern spring dots paint

As far as the colors for the nail design in spring are concerned, you also have a lot of room here. Allowed are bright and bright colors, as well as combinations of several such. If you prefer something a little simpler, you can also fall back on pastel shades. Playful variants are also very popular and suitable for the spring theme. This also includes the variant for the nail design in spring with dots. Choose bright colors or pastels or combine. You can add some glamor to the design by working with some glitter or gold accents. You have absolutely no limits, the main thing is that your nails look happy and fresh.

Nail design in spring with a blurred look

nail beauty idea colors combination metallic pastel

Spring motif with cherries for the nail design

pattern ribbon green red white cherries spring idea

Design idea for the nails – cheerful flowers with white base coat

idea nail design flowers colorful nail polish fingers

Simple nail design – White lacquer with light blue glitter

idea fingernails shape plain white glitter light blue

The nail design with dot pattern is in vogue

fingernails paint dots colorful design spring

Nail Design Idea – Delicate stripe pattern with flowers in blue

design spring nail polish flowers motifs idea blue stripes

Fingernails with design of colorful dots and black base coat

ladies beauty dots colorful colors black nail polish matt

flower design nail art light blue yellow beauty tip

beauty idea nails paint pastel colorful design

simple nail design light blue rose pastel tones spring

square design nail chessboard colorful pattern glitter

polka dots purple silver nails paint inspiration

pastel color modern nail design flower blue silver

Easter motive fingernails Easter Bunny blue yellow pink design

nail polish spring idea green blue pattern beauty

nail design white undercoat dots rainbow red yellow green blue

nail design prada elegant modern flowers pastel color

nail design in spring mix colors colorful pattern

nail design in spring green dots flowers butterfly

nail design in spring grass nature motif flowers

nail design in spring glamor bordeaux gold idea

green nail design butterflies motif spring glitterstones

spring motifs nail design green pink white idea