Halloween »Halloween pumpkins inspired by traditional folk art

Halloween pumpkins-carving-leuuchten-aushohlen-mask

Pumpkins provide a beautiful Halloween atmosphere and must not be missing in the shop window on this day. Whether as a decoration on the windowsill, on the stairs or as a table set, with the cozy-orange autumn fruits you are always pretty accents. The Halloween pumpkins, The ones we are showing here are projects by Matthew Mead, inspired by traditional folk art, and perfect for a vintage interior.

Decorate Halloween pumpkins with self-adhesive tattoos

Halloween pumpkins-decorate-ornaments-tatoo-beautiful-artificially

With different decorative elements can be pretty in a jiffy faces make -z.B with crochet lace. Irish textile art is well known. Cut out eyes, nose and mouth from cup pads and attach with pins. Only with pins you can create effective wavy patterns. Quickly create a retro atmosphere with simple, colonial-themed paintings. These can be painted with acrylic paint, or use a sponge or dab technique and stencil set.

Decoration with mini pumpkins in silver and gold

Halloween pumpkins-decorate-silver-gold-color

An absolute must for the Halloween decoration are the pumpkin lanterns – a real eye-catcher in the shop window. For example, if you are carving a pumpkin for the first time, you could choose simple geometric motifs, as straight cuts must be made. For floral motifs as in the picture, use a template. You can find them on the internet, print out a few of them, strip them and place them on the pumpkin with tape. After the mold is carved, you can fill it with a waterproof pen.

Decorate and make pumpkins for Halloween

Halloween pumpkins-glittering-grind-gold-black decoration

Be inspired by old Halloween illustrations. Cut out floral retro patterns from black cardboard and place them in pumpkin holes. Now all you have to do is put a candle in the middle. But if you have used flammable materials, choose an electronic candle.

Paint Halloween pumpkins with scenes from the folk tales

Halloween pumpkins-decorate-paint-desh Cities News arbe

Make a hat for pumpkins – make a hole for the style and decorate it with loops or pom-poms.

Paint witches silhouettes with black acrylic paint
Witch Silhouette Paint Showcase Decorating Carving Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins with lace adorn

Decorative halloween pumpkins needle lace traditional folk art

Carvings of every kind are possible in the design of Halloween pumpkins

Pumpkin lantern floral motifs-carve topper make yourself

Use paper stencil for precise results

Craft Ideas Pumpkins Halloween felt pen Decorations to tinker

Beautiful wall decoration with small decorative pumpkins

Mini Pumpkins Geometric Motifs Wall Decorations Ideas Pinpoint Felt Paintings

Use different materials from the household for decorating

Decoration in colonial Halloween pumpkins painting wavy motifs pins

Italian armchair design inspired by urban sophistication

Armchair Italian adjustable headrest

We present you Armchair design , that exudes a touch of urban sophistication in the room. The noble Nobel piece combines Italian style and minimalist elegance.

Armchair design combines style and comfort

Design steel construction modern design

The Armchair design “Amy” of the Italian furniture company Alpa Salotti offers a comfortable addition to the living room interior. The expressive piece of furniture gives the interior a stylish and modern look. The chromed steel construction ensures the seat stability. The ergonomic construction and the adjustable headrest increase the feel-good factor. The armchair is characterized by clear geometric shapes. A chic mix of materials adds to the overall concept – the high-gloss steel frame contrasts with the white leather cover. The tufted backrest by Amy creates a visual link to the classic Italian furniture.

Armchair design – timeless elegance for the interior

ergonomic construction black carpet floor lamp

The Armchair design will compliment any living room decor. Whether as part of a seating group or as an accent in the interior – it offers numerous application possibilities. Modern furniture in the neutral color palette will benefit especially. The simple form can be refreshed with original decorative cushions or blankets. The furniture is part of Salotti’s latest collection and perfectly combines with the sofas.

Alpa Salotti specializes in the production of comfortable and stylish sofas and armchairs. Precision manufacturing and attention to details have long been the hallmark of the Italian manufacturer.

The other pieces of furniture from the collection

Living room white color leather cover Italian furniture

Armchair with ergonomic construction

Leather armchair silver coating bookshelves

The collection is available in white and silver

Wall shelf beautiful deco living room

Italian leather furniture for the living room

set up armchair sofa design ideas

Comfortable and proud designer armchair

Color beautiful seating modern design

Architecture »Attractive boathouse on the lake inspired by the James Bond films

James Bond inspired House Scotland

Balnearn Boathouse – dramatic, impressive and exciting – as well as a James Bond movie. The Boathouse on the lake in Scotland invites you to wild adventures. In the middle of one beautiful surroundings, where many stone circles are found, and right on the shores of Loch Tay Lake, the architects of McKenzie Strickland Associates have realized a very interesting project.

Balnearn Boathouse by the lake with dramatic look

Boathouse at the Lake in Scotland roof at an angle

The Boathouse on the lake has already been awarded the Architectural RIBA Award for Architectural Excellence in 2010. The design was inspired and designed by the James Bond series. The architects have enough free space under the house – built an artificial cave, where a boat can be retracted and created with an electric winch. The construction was accompanied by several technical challenges. The result is more than successful.

Boathouse on the lake offers relaxation in the midst of nature and a lot of fun on the water

Wooden boathouse porch floor lighting wood paneling

The floating above the water Boathouse on the lake appears like an organic combination of nature and architecture, even as an extension of the lake. The cedar lining ensures a comfortable ambience. The cozy living space was built above the artificial cave. It is spacious and bright and includes a kitchen area, shower cubicle and Murphy bed. The supporting steel pillars that support the roof contribute to a visual “free floating” effect. The roof of the small building has been carefully chosen so that it adapts optically to the owner’s residence.

Build modern house on the lake

Loch Tay Boathouse-build James Bond

The exposed Boathouse on the lake from McKenzie Strickland Associates is perfect for retreating with friends and family. At the same time, you can have fun on the water and experience adventures in the style of Agent 007.

Exposed boat house

Boat house-build Britain Scotland

Boathouse with wooden veranda

James Bond inspired Boathouse Scotland

Glass railings fit perfectly to the wood paneling

Build roof design modern architecture boathouse

House on the lake with attractive roof

Boathouse design built on Loch Tay Lake

Full glazing and wood paneling

Balnearn Boathouse cedar cladding glazing interior design

House with boat landing

Msa Architects build house on the lake-Scotland

Lock Tay, Scotland

Loch Tay Scotland house build

Designer wallpapers with patterns inspired by the textile art Shibori

Shibori wall hangings pattern design traditional Japanese textile art inspired

The Designer wallpapers with patterns by Pepa Martin and Karen Davis interpret the Japanese Textile art Shibori in a modern way and stand for a sustainable living style. The hand-dyed collection impresses with its rural romance and adapts pleasantly to the private or social space.

Designer wallpapers with patterns imitate fabric structures

Wallpaper art wallcovering modern white-blue pattern resembling geometric-structure

The editing process gives the name of the traditional Japanese textile art Shibori. Translated is the Japanese verb “shiboru” – “press, turn”. Traditionally, silk, cotton, linen and wool are processed by hand. Parts of the fabric are precisely colored by keeping the rest white. This always creates a beautiful flowing gradient.

Sustainable designer wallpapers with patterns

Horizontal pattern Shibori wallpaper modern design white blue-shimmering blue shades

Pepa Martin and Karen Davis have a preference for textures and this is reflected in the Designer wallpapers with patterns contrary. The wallpaper has a uniform structure that mimics the appearance of a fabric and looks very soft. The design team works with renowned artists, stylists, designers, architects and designers. Her works have appeared in magazines such as Vogue Living, Home Beautiful, Real Living, Australian Country Style and Better Homes and Gardens. The designer duo developed for the Wallpaper design a dyeing technique and designed backgrounds with textures. Because the environmental impact of dyeing leather is a major concern for both, they are trying to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable product. For the production of wallpaper only colorants with low environmental impact, cellulose fiber and rainwater are used.

Hand-dyed designer wallpapers with patterns

Modern textile art wallcovering ideas shibori wall design wallpapers pattern

The appearance of Lines are complemented by a nuanced color palette. A much used traditional color – Indigo can be found in the design again. The wallpapers are 1.29 m long and at Elizzi Ziz available.

Shibori – the textile design technique reinterpreted

geometric pattern motifs wallpaper design textile art techniques

The mirrored patterns resemble three-dimensional structures

Wallpaper pattern three-dimensional motive color game Shibori art design

Resource-saving wallpaper design

Wooden stool White modern design wallpaper pattern motifs geometric Shibori

Slightly iridescent colors

Pink Pattern Wall Decorations Idea Watercolor Paint-by Shibori-Inspired Wallpaper

Star shaped pattern

Dyeing wallpapers design wallcovering-modern star-shaped pattern gray

Varying shades

Watercolor watercolor imitation sustainable stripes handpainted emerald green

Geometric pattern

Texture design fabric shibori brick wall-look modern gray

Pink for one soothing feeling

Wallpaper pattern horizontal stripes paint wall pink

Shibori art textile wallpaper design trends gray horizontal motifs

Star shaped pattern wallpaper watercolor painting imitation design wallpaper

Pocket knife inspired freestanding kitchen Shaping Silestone

Swiss pocket knife inspired design freestanding kitchen look

We present you an innovative freestanding kitchen , which debuted at the Milan Design Week 2012. The design by the renowned designer duo Fernando and Humberto Campana from Brazil was created in cooperation with Consentino Group. Shaping Silestone offers versatile uses. The unique shape was inspired by a Swiss army knife.

Innovative furniture design freestanding kitchen Shaping Silestone from Campanas

Modular kitchen systems walnut stool fitting

The multifunctional freestanding kitchen It represents a unique combination of sculptural aesthetics, cutting-edge technology and functionality. Although it looks extraordinary and bizarre, it is for everyone’s everyday use kitchen suitable. The Campana brothers’ exclusive modular piece of furniture, consisting of three axes, unites 3 kitchen areas in one concept, but they need the right space.

Multifunctional freestanding kitchen in Swiss Army knife optics

Campanas modular kitchen island design-modern Consentino

The exclusive furniture design transforms the kitchen space into a multifunctional living space. Was equipped the freestanding kitchen with worktop, stove, table and sink. Elements of the installation include Silestone® worktops and integral Integrity by Cosentino® sinks. “Silestone®” is an innovative material that consists of natural quartz and is characterized by special properties – strong stain, impact and scratch resistance, as well as low fluid absorption. The material is particularly suitable for use in kitchens.

Kitchen systems of new generation

Walnut kitchen fronts kitchen counter-modern worktop

The front panels made of high-quality old walnut wood emphasize the exclusivity of the kitchen. The extraordinary aesthetics makes them an eye-catcher in every room and invites you culinary experiments on.

The design piece of Campana brothers

Shaping Silestone Campanas multifunctional furniture kitchen design fronts

Consentino Group – a company specializing in the manufacture of quartz natural stone and recycled surfaces, collaborated with Campana brothers already for the second time. Both designers live and work and São Paulo cooperate with many world-renowned furniture manufacturers. Their design objects are permanent exhibits in museums for modern art and have been awarded many prizes.

Designed in the same style chairs complete the design image

Swiss Army Knife-inspired Kitchen Island Equipment

Modern equipped kitchen with swivel side extension

Modular Kitchen Furniture 3 Axis Modern Design Walnut

Integrity by Cosentino® sink

Multifunctional kitchen Shaping-Silestone Campanas brothers Consentino

Modular system

Designer furniture Walnut wood fronts-Stylish chairs Sink sink

Silestone work surfaces

Kitchen freestanding-modern Systems Shaping Silestone-Campanas brothers

Natural quartz surfaces are characterized by low liquid absorption

Taken in sink stainless steel faucet kitchen systems

Patented Innovative Material Consentino Group Shaping Silestone

Exclusive kitchen design recessed sink oven built-Campana Consentino

Kitchen with table top Shaping Silestone-by Campanas Consentino

Innovative kitchen design Materials Natural Quartz plates

Modern kitchen compact installation device sink freestanding design

Sink patented Shaping-Silestone Campanas brothers designer stainless steel

Pocket Knife Design Kitchen Island Modular System Milan Design Week

The elegance of classically inspired Italian furniture

Première Classe-collection-Stilema-pink-bedroom

, Stilema “Italy produce fine classically inspired Italian furniture for half a century. Their furniture collections are all characterized by an easily identifiable originality of design and the exceptionally high quality of traditional craftsmanship and materials. The rich history and with the wonderful heritage of the Italian Renaissance in its historical descent. The company is proud of maintaining an important local tradition. They are thrilled that they have turned a small workshop into a world-renowned industry.

Classically inspired Italian furniture from Stilema in Urbino, Italy


The Stilema brand can be easily recognized. The originality of his style and source of inspiration lies in the ancient Italian city of Urbino. Along with Florence, Urbino is referred to by many as the “… historic cradle of the Renaissance Arts”. In this dynamic region, the powerful influence of local traditions adds vitality in the updated designs. Stilema is firmly convinced that it

“… produced masterpieces because they inherited the artistic vein of the famous antique craftsmen who made the architecture and interior design noble and prestigious.”

The versatility of classically inspired Italian furniture

La Dolce Vita Collection Stilema-living wall

The mix of historical and modern inspiration is perfectly combined in all Stilema furniture collections. Each of the classically inspired modern furniture sets includes an exciting variety of shapes and forms. This is intended to add interest to any interior design scheme, while maintaining the perfect compatibility of each product. Typically, large pieces like wall shelves and bookcases tend to be straightforward. So these units have the slim effect of built-in furniture. Smaller, more mobile things are often curved and very fluid in design. Each of the collections are available in wood or in plain white lacquered variations. Sometimes these are combined in individual pieces for additional interest. The classic style blends with modern trends in Italian furniture by Stilemma. All these elements are equally well suited to a state-of-the-art interior.

Première Classe-collection-Stilema-dressing table leather chair

The epitome of luxury and good taste, these classically inspired contemporary pieces feature a versatile timeless quality that never goes out of fashion.

Subtle ornamentation enhances the classically inspired collections of Italian furniture

Première Classe-collection-Stilema-pink-dresser

Each of the Stilema furniture collections has its own style and charm. All are luxurious and unique for people with exceptional tastes. These highlighted examples illustrate variations that you expect in different areas of space.

“Four seasons” collection


The style features of this versatile furniture collection will ensure complete compatibility in traditional or modern interiors. As with all Stilema collections, the Four Seasons series includes furniture for living and dining rooms as well as a harmonious bedroom. Named after the famous violin concerto by Vivaldi, the lyrical design of this piece of furniture combines simple framed frameworks with relatively restrained ornamentation. The beauty of fine wood is the focus. While in the white versions, the decorative elements appear more pronounced than attractive focal points.

La Dolce Vita collection

La Dolce Vita Collection Stilema-mirror wardrobe

The simple linear geometry of Dolce Vita collection stands in contrast to the more oriental forms in the composition of these unusual pieces. Built to complement each other, the Dolce Vita collection contains pieces of furniture that present a pleasant and soft contrast. When combined in a complete interior design. The tasteful connective factor is a subtle decorative motif that looks like stylized leaf shapes.

Première Classe collection

Première Classe-collection-Stilema-white-dining-purple-furniture

The subtle yet curved shapes of drawers, chests of drawers and opulent headboards are a peculiarity of the luxurious Italian furniture. The decorative motifs seem to be inspired by musical notation, especially the treble clef symbol.

Première Classe-collection-Stilema-dining room furniture-wood

The other equally desirable collections present natural and geometric elements. The connections are at the time of Art Nouveau, Art Deco movement, Asian art, French decor as well as the obvious Italian connection and of course Modernist trends. Whatever the basic influences might be, one thing is clear. All of these classically inspired collections of Italian furniture blend in with the most refined and sophisticated interior.

from Jaz

elegant Italian-furniture-black-chandelier-bedroom

TV shelf with frame

four-seasons-collection-Stilema-residential wall-tv-shelf

Purple wall unit

four-seasons-collection-Stilema-purple-living wall

Stilomes Italian furniture – dining room


four-seasons-collection-Stilema-wood-living wall

beige wall unit

four-seasons-collection-Stilema-beige-residential wall-ornaments

luxurious Italian furniture by Stilema

La Dolce Vita Collection Stilema-white-living wall

Italian furniture by Stilema

La Dolce Vita Collection Stilema-white-dresser-drawers

Dreamhouses »Modern city villa with facade inspired by aviation

Architecture concrete facade steel glass pool front yard

These modern city villa is the new home of a retired pilot. Inspired by his professional life, the architect’s office Urban Office Architecture decided to design the house as a strange aircraft. This is how the project of this unusual building came about.

Modern city villa with imaginative facade design

Aircraft Maket floor to ceiling high shelving wood furniture

The modern city villa is located on the outskirts. The building was built of concrete and glass and decorated with stainless steel elements. The futuristic facade resembles a grand piano and creates an optical illusion – the house looks like it is floating in the air. A pool in the front yard reflects the contours of the building and contributes to the illusion.

Also in the interior one feels like in a real airplane. Large glass fronts and skylights lend plenty of sunlight to the rooms, highlighting the raw beauty of concrete walls and metal details. In contrast, the wooden furniture – they create a cozy atmosphere and cozy atmosphere.

Futuristic interior design – the living room the city villa

Sofa glass fronts designer furniture stairs wooden floor

Skylights let plenty of sunlight in the room, the shelving system separates the living area in two

in the middle of the big city bookcase room divider skylight

The light flooded bedroom

cool design ideas beautiful furniture dark mahogany wood

Attractive façade design – the city villa is composed of several buildings

Facade concrete steel details original design several structures

The entrance is also original designed

Structure composed of steel stair railing house entrance

Thanks to the glass fronts, the house opens to the landscape

Steel window fronts concrete path garden modern building

Lake near the house

City villa lawn area tall trees lake garden landscape

Side view – narrow Stadtvilla inspired by aviation

minimalist building street side view steel facade

Architecture »A concrete house inspired by the dream ship

Home like dreamboat by Tony Owen

Australian architects Tony Owen Partners designed this Concrete house in Sydney, Australia for a specific customer. He actually planned the house himself. The house forms on the outside a curved shell, the sails of a dream ship reflect. Well, that’s back-to-the-roots design! The client wanted a lot of fun areas with patios and terraces laid out with floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize the connection to the large free space.

like sails of a dream ship

House like dreamboat of Tony Owen-pool

The creation of a unique and iconic house according to the customer order was a challenge for the architects, as the location is also in a fairly homogenous suburb. An interesting fact is that the original idea for the staircase as a sculptural element in dark polished concrete formed from the James Bond movie “Never Say Never Again” came. The concrete house is “L-shaped” to maximize the solar aspect for the living spaces. The light is reflected on the polished stone floors.

Residential house like dream ship

House like dreamboat by Tony Owen-terrace

House like dreamboat of Tony Owen-front

House like dreamboat from Tony Owen-side view

House like dreamboat by Tony Owen-lounger

Residential house like dreamboat of Tony Owen dark concrete

Home like dreamboat by Tony Owen stairs

house like dreamboat by Tony Owen -innendesign

Residential house like dreamboat of Tony Owen living room

house like dreamboat by Tony Owen-kitchen

Carnival »Costume ideas for carnival, which were inspired by films

costume ideas for carnival elsa frozen light blue dress peruecke blond

The carnival is approaching and you are definitely looking for the right costume. A great opportunity among all the other colorful and upbeat costumes to attract attention is to come up with something unique. And since that’s not always that easy, we have some great ones Costume ideas for carnival put together for you who were inspired by movie heroes. Let yourself be surprised!

2. Costume Ideas for Carnival – 101 Dalmatians

Carnival-kosüm-for-women-disney-101-dalmatian-Cruella De Vil-

There was a time when the figure of Cruella was very popular for costumes. After being forgotten for many years, you can use this idea perfectly without seeming banal.

3. Costume Ideas for Carnival – Alice in Wonderland


If you have some sewing skills, you can also make Alice’s dress yourself. Then all you need is a wig, shoes, a ribbon with a bow and white tights.

The hatter

Costume ideas-for-Carnival of Hatter Alice in Wonderland

The Hatter receives a very interesting look through the embodiment of Johny Depp, which only further emphasizes his madness. It’s the perfect idea for one Faschingskostüm ,

The Queen of Hearts make-up

carnival costumes-for-the-family-hearts, queen-alice-in-wonderland

The Queen of Hearts is also a great idea and simply original. This depends mainly on the right make-up. The dress can be chosen arbitrarily.

4. Carnival disguise, inspired by Sleeping Beauty

Ideas-costumes-for-adults-Maleficent-from-Sleeping Beauty

The figure of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty received her own film of the same name last year. The costume is very effective and not difficult to imitate. Just look and listen. Certainly there is a model ready to buy or can be made specifically by a tailor.

5. Costume Ideas for Carnival – Me – Simply incorrigible

Minions Carnival costume and accessories-for-KInder-and-adults

Even if you have not seen this movie, you will have heard of the Minions. These funny figures are perfect as a carnival costume, which can be worn by women, as seen in the photo. And there are many ways to make it yourself.

Gru the villain

Minions movie costume ideas-Gru-mask-Carnival Disguise ideas

And why not choose the villain too. Here you only need a suitable mask. You can find the rest in your wardrobe.

6. Carnival costumes for men – Pirates of the Caribbean

Costume ideas Curse of the Caribbean captain-jack-sparrow pirate costume

Pirates are already very popular as a costume. A real eye-catcher, however, if you choose the crazy and sympathetic Jack Sparrow from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

7. Costume Ideas for Carnival – The Nightmare before Christmas

costume idea-nightmare-before-christmas-Couples Costume Carnival Halloween

This idea works very well if you have one Couples Costume search. The costumes are not just for Carnival, but also for Halloween. Either way, you will be the eye-catcher of the event.

8. Make-up and costumes, inspired by Batman

Joker Batman costume make-up ideas Carnival Halloween

To represent the joker you have two options. Either you get yourself a finished mask or just make-up yourself or ask someone for it. The latter is undoubtedly the more original variant.

9. Creepy costume for Carnival – The birds

Carnival-original idea Costume Accessories-creepy-the-birds

A really original idea is this great costume. Transform yourself into the main role of a classic and amaze everyone present. No one else would have come up with this idea.

10. Funny Costume Ideas for Carnival – Shrek

original-costumes-Shrek Princess Fiona Green Faces

Just as funny as a carnival costume is Shrek. Again, you have the opportunity to make-up yourself or to use a finished mask. Another advantage is that this disguise offers the possibility of a partner costume. Your wife can simply represent Fiona. It would be even funnier if you simply swapped roles and genders.

11. Costume Ideas for the Whole Family – The Simpsons

Homer Marge Maggie Beard The Simpsons DIY costumes

Whether Homer, Marge, Maggie or Bart – the possibilities are numerous. Design Couples Costume or involve the whole family right away. Funny and easy to implement is also Ned Flenders. Surprise all guests of the carnival party with originality.

Homer and Marge Simpson

original costume ideas for Carnival-Mardi Gras The-Simpsons-wigs

For disguise as a member of the Simpsons family, you need a lot of yellow body paint to paint the face and visible parts of the body. Each of the characters in the Simpsons family also has special features to consider when designing the costume.

Ned Flender’s costume and make-up

the costume-Simpsons-ideas-diy-to-Carnival Ned-Flenders

12. Grease as inspiration for carnival

costume ideas for carnival danny sandy grease retro look

13. Costume from Avatar

costume ideas for carnival avatar blue suit red hair

14. Superhero Costumes – The Avengers

costume ideas for carnival comic movie superhero group costumes

15th Snow White idea

Carnival costumes ideas Sleeping Beauty Accessories-the-red-apples

16. Child Costume – Winnie the Pooh

costume ideas for carnival winnie the puh kids gloves

17. Black and white swan

costume-ideas-Carnival-movies-inspiration-couple costume-black-swan

18. Jon Snow and Ygritte of Game of Thrones

costume-ideas-Carnival-tv series-game-of-thrones-Ygritte-jon-snow

19. Costume ideas for carnival for women – Velma

costume-ideas-Carnival-yourself-making velma-scooby-doo

20.Wonder Woman carnival costume

costume-ideas-Carnival-women-wonder-woman-carnival costumes


kostum-carnival movies pulp fiction uma-turman-white-blouse

kostum-carnival movies-Merida-haired Long-dress



Pantone Color of the Year 2017 – Greenery inspired by nature

Pantone color -green-2017-nature-inspired-fresh-meadow

After the soft pastel colors Serenity & Rose Quartz prevailed in 2016, the color researchers have a new one Pantone color of the year 2017 announced. If the trend colors Last year, when we expressed our need for harmony and inner balance, we turn our attention to living nature. The color of the year is called ‘Greenery’ and stands as a symbol for a new beginning.

Pantone color ‘Greenery’ shapes fashion and design in 2017

Pantone color green 2017 color palette science green tone

Commenting on the color of 2017, Leatrice Eisenman, managing director of Pantone Color Institute, says, ‘Greenery’ is a symbol of the burgeoning yearning for new hope in a complex social and political environment. It symbolizes our growing desire for a renewed connection and unity with nature and our fellow human beings. ‘

Pantone color of the year 2017 inspired by nature – harmonious color quenching

pantone color-green-2017-nature-inspired-color palette-color combinations

In addition, one connects that green with nature and harmony, it stands for ‘eco’ and environmentally conscious ‘green lifestyle’. This is the color of the tender, green leaves that announce spring. With fresh green one calls also still the rain forests -, the lung of the earth ‘. It has a calming, harmonizing effect without getting tired. In our digitized and fast-moving world, green provides strength to recharge and inner balance.

Delicate green leaves and the Pantone color ‘Greenery’

pantone color-green-2017-succulent-cloth-print modern

The fresh green nuance ‘greenery’ conveys freshness and vitality, is a fresh, yellow-green tone reminiscent of pistachio green. It harmonizes with all colors that are free to meet in nature. The longing for more nature results in playful designs with botanical patterns and strongly influences the urban lifestyle. He on his side is also reflected in the furnishings and in fashion.

Trends 2017 – Prints with vegetable motifs in Pantone color ‘Greenery’

pantone color-green-2017-nature-inspired-prints-dress

The fresh leaf green is a bold color and as such, it’s not that easy to style. We have selected the best styling tips and inspirations. Prints that accurately reflect natural landscapes and plants are the trend for 2017. Their goal is to create simple silhouettes and classic cuts to a new life. There are no more accessories and jewelry needed to provide eye-catching.

Pantone color ‘Greenery’ stylish implement – Accessories make the look

pantone color-green-2017-fashion-style-Accessories

Contrary to that one can do without bold prints and patterns, and also appear modern. The simple clothes are enhanced by fashionable accessories. A stylish bag, gloves and trendy nails are an eye-catcher without breaking the individual style.

Pantone color ‘Greenery’ appears in prints by Chanel

pantone color-green-2017-fashion-style-stylish-chanel

Big fashion brands, such as Furla, Hermes, Chanel and all the beauty brands have immediately put the trendy color into their latest collections and interpreted it ingeniously. Since Greenery is a naturally bright green shade, it fits wonderfully with others that are also recognizable in nature.

Big brands are not indifferent to the new color trend

pantone color-green-2017-catwalk-fashion-streetstyle

The Pantone Matching System (PMS), which specifies the color of the year, is an international color system used primarily in the graphics and printing industry. It strongly influences all design areas. On the other hand, the designers interpret the green nuance completely differently, but retain their symbolic meaning – refreshment, renewal, revitalization and reconstruction, as the managing director of Pantone has told the public.

Green accents in clothes – green top

pantone color-green-2017-shell-velvet green-stylish-black

On the catwalk, the Pantone color ‘Greenery’ looks a bit more conspicuous and maybe not really suitable for everyday use, especially when combined with other intense color accents. Combined with a simple piece, for example in black, this results in a stylish look. The dark green nuances, like the Pantone color of the year 2013 emerald green, is perfect choice for an evening outfit.

Pantone color, Greenery ‘provides a fresh touch

pantone color-green-2017-fashion-style-natural

Greenery is a fresh, full yellow-green shade that can be thought of as a variation of leafy greens. It looks particularly natural and just as the leaves of the plants harmonize with the flowers in their color variety, Greenery is every hair and eye color, every skin type very well.

Pantone color ‘Greenery’ is available to every type

pantone color-green-2017-natural-natural-makeup

The natural beauty also belongs to the message of the color institute Pantone. This conveys the video to the presentation of the color ‘Greenery’ in front of the public.

Modern make-up in Pantone color ‘Greenery’

pantone color-green-2017-makeup-effective green-eye

Regarding the global beauty care industry has always been for rejuvenation, vitality and natural ingredients. In order to support and revitalize our body from the inside, according to the motto that conveys the Pantone color of the year 2017, green smoothies are created.

Pantone color ‘Greenery’ in the interior – home accessories and upholstery

pantone color-green-2017-design-wohnaccessoires-pad-deco

Botanical patterns, exotic upholstery, green walls and green plants – so nature can be brought to our home. The urban lifestyle is complemented by sustainable design that reinterprets simplicity and the connection with nature in a new way. Here, high-tech is not excluded, but designed environmentally conscious.

Couch upholstered in Pantone color ‘Greenery’

pantone color-green-2017-living room-couch-cushion-fresh

Use of recycled materials and renewable raw materials, recycling of used today are deeply placed in production and design. The conscious eco-lifestyle celebrates a real comeback for several years. One strives for naturalness and gets them into the house.

Pantone color ‘Greenery’ harmonizes with pastel colors

pantone color-green-2017-living room-natural green plant-beige pastel colors

Open space planning draws the eye far beyond the room. Greenhouses, botanical patterns, photo wallpapers and upholstery create the boundaries between inside and outside and bring a piece of nature into the urban lifestyle. Pastel colors harmonize with natural colors, in this number also with Greenery. It serves more or less only as an accent.

Walls in the living room look a bit more conspicuous – In Pantone Color ‘Greenery’

pantone color-green-2017-color wall-wanddeko-murals-pad

Green is the color that balances the rhythm of the heart and kidneys in medical color therapy. Surrounded by green and looking at it works best. Green walls are very positive, they are invigorating and exciting, without getting tired.

Nice furniture with green upholstery

pantone color-green-2017-stylish-chair-cushion

If Greenery seems too extreme as a wall paint, this is very stylish to use as a cushion. Velvet and velor are currently very topical, provide optical depth and a special feel. In combination with noble materials and glossy surfaces, the special green tone is even more effective.

Pantone color ‘Greenery’, emerald green and velvet – Noble color harmony in the interior

pantone color-green-2017-interior-design-wall color-velvet green

If you like it more dramatic and mysterious when it comes to furnishings and interior design, you can reach for the dark shades of green. It is advisable with light nuances, whether greenery, yellow green, pistachio green, mint green or similar, to provide variety in the interior. Indoor plants improve the indoor climate and must not be missed.

Furnishing in noble nuances – petrol, emerald, greenery

pantone color-green-2017-dark interior-refresh-accents

Botanical patterns as prints on wallpaper and fabrics are a contemporary alternative to bringing green into the home. And since the color green in the color theory stands in the middle and is not designated as a warm or cool color, it fits with all others. In fashion and in the interior, an accent in green enhances the overall picture and has an invigorating effect.

Pantone color, greenery and white as a wedding motto

pantone color-green-2017-wedding-deco-idea-white-course

The color combination of white and green, which is often recognizable in nature, is also a good idea as a wedding motto. Leaf green brings the white to shine and emphasizes the natural look, which is increasingly popular in the wedding decoration.

Pantone color ‘Greenery’ for the smallest

pantone color-2017-green-little-girl-advent calendar-cute

Finally, we add a cute picture in the context of the approaching festive days and with something life-affirming that we rejoice and following the guiding idea of ​​the Pantone color of the year ‘Greenery’.

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