Christmas Decorating Ideas »5 interesting window decoration ideas for Christmas

Fensterdeko Christmas garlands

Sweet and magical, with lots of light and colors – that’s what a great Christmas decoration looks like. We present you 5 Window decoration ideas for Christmas, which you can easily make and hang on the window.

Window decoration ideas for Christmas – white paper stars

Window Deco Christmas paper star tinker

If you have already thought about Christmas tree, Advent wreath or candles, you have laid the foundations of winter decoration. But have you thought about how you do that Decorate window become? Our Window decoration ideas On the one hand, they will last a long time, on the other hand they will be funny and interesting, on the other hand they will be well lit and will leave an impression on your guests. The first idea is actually very simple – cut little white snowflakes out of paper and tie them with a gap to a ribbon. Alternatively, you can combine snowflakes with bright pink colored LED lights – so that they are well lit even in the evening / inform yourself at the store in advance if there is a risk of fire.

Window decoration ideas for christmas – red christmas tree tinker

Window Deco Christmas Christmas tree paper craft

You need – a red tape, red and white hearts, stars and paper birds to cut out. Stick the tape to the window so that a Christmas tree is formed and hang the hearts, stars and birds inside of the tree / as shown on photo /. It is one of the simplest but most impressive Window decoration ideas ,

Window decoration ideas for christmas with candles and christmas lights

Lights Candle Fensterdeko

There are many Window decoration ideas for Christmas with candles and Christmas fairy lights, one of the most interesting is to place candles of different heights on the windowsill. Decorate the upper part of the window with hanging fairy lights. On the windowsill, you can still lay simple and elegant Christmas statues – porcelain deer or min-Christmas trees. Another great idea is to buy LED lights like candles and then put them on the windowsill.

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Window decoration ideas for Christmas – stars

interesting window Deco Christmas Ideas

Cut red and white stars out of adhesive foil. Prepare the main structure of the Christmas tree from red adhesive foil and stick the stars on it, so that they serve as decoration. Buy only adhesive films that are suitable for glass, and leave no marks!

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Architecture »Modern house in the forest with interesting construction

minimalist architecture Japan

On modern house in the forest impresses with elegant appearance. The owner of this outstanding house searched for the perfect terrain for several years. The result is an exciting mix of modern construction and natural materials, and a beautiful façade that enhances the beautiful surroundings.

Modern house in Japan

Glass doors Living Room Terrace

If you want that modern house comes closer, the facade is behind big trees. A large door leads to the living room, where the dark wooden floor and the generously glazed facade create a visual link to the surroundings. The breathtaking view that reveals itself before the eyes is the only decoration that needs the interior. The decor is typically minimalist – gray upholstered sofa and wooden dining table are the only furniture, living room and dining room are combined in a spacious living area. The outdoor patio is furnished with comfortable patio furniture. Colored LED lighting has been installed, creating a cozy ambience in the evening.

Modern house on beams

House forest Terrace

On modern house on beams was specifically designed so that the beautiful area can be better brought to bear. For example, the bathroom was only equipped with a bathtub. Marble bath tiles in gray color again emphasize the connection to nature. The house has an interesting construction – it was built on a hill, and concrete beams carry the whole structure. The fireplace is modern and provides warmth in winter. There is a peace that can only be achieved in a house in the forest. The architects of Kidosaki Architects Studio have tried to tell a story through their architecture – and this house is an excellent example of how architecture and nature can be skilfully combined in a design.

Modern holiday home with beam construction

modern cottage-beam construction

Modern wooden facade

Modern-wooden exterior home design

House in Japan with wooden paneling

modern house facade wooden wall

Modern gray fitted kitchen

Modern-gray-kitchen-ceiling lighting

House in the woods

House forest-great view

House on the hillside

House Hang-beam construction

minimalist bathroom

minimalist-bathroom detached-Bauwanne

House facade with modern lighting

Building facade Modern lighting

Blue LED lighting

Blue LED lighting living room

Luxurious small kitchen with interesting wall design

elegant wall decoration wood panels

Who said that one small kitchen Can not be luxurious or elegant? An interesting idea has attracted everyone’s attention. Not only luxurious, but also super elegant and cozy – a real kitchen for a big family!

Small kitchen with great effect

cozy window sill Pillow modern kitchen

The project can be divided into two – on the one hand was a simple minimalist small kitchen with elegant kitchen island On the other hand, a cozy sitting area for the family was furnished. This exciting project comes from Moscow, Russia. The architects of Geometrix Design were charged with the task of setting up the kitchen for a modern apartment – the home of a family.

Small kitchen with creative wall design

purple LED lighting kitchen

The small kitchen is glossy white, with black marble counter. Two black barstools are the connecting element between the kitchen and the dining area. Creative wall design and woodworking make the room look bigger and create the illusion of movement. On an improvised shelf on the wall are vases of fresh flowers and family photos. Elegant light wood in the same color as the wood panel on the wall makes the room look more spacious. A cozy sitting area with a cushioned bench, decorated with many pillows, creates a homely atmosphere. In contrast, the black glass table shines as an accent in the center.

Small kitchen – modern and practical

minimalist white kitchen

The small kitchen from Geometrix design has a glass shelf above the dining table – this is the design that looks similar to a bar. On the other side, the wall opposite the wood panel, a mirror was hung as a decoration. The design looks eclectic, but thoughtfully designed – the mirror makes the room look brighter. The natural stone wall is a nice addition that compliments the entire interior. Innovative and interesting – so you can get this outstanding small kitchen best describe. Colored LED lighting was installed above the table, so that the glasses are colored in different colors by the light. Who would believe that one small kitchen can look so great?

Modern small kitchen

Modern-small-kitchen-wall design

Interesting wall decoration – apartment in Moscow

modern kitchen apartment Moscow

Interesting wall design in the kitchen

modern apartment Mirror Kitchen

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Planting the flower baskets in the garden – interesting tips and ideas

interesting ideas for hanging basket garden metal basket

The classic model for Hanging basket in the garden is made of wire filled with bleaching moss and cascading flowers , Take a look at these interesting ideas for hanging baskets and find out how to plant the traffic lights.

Select the right plants for the hanging basket in the garden

interesting ideas for hummingbirds in the garden pink flowers

To get the right plants for the Hanging basket in the garden First, look at the annual plants. Take the best compact and bushy plant species , If you mix different types of flowers, you will notice exactly how far the plants spread. The higher flowers can be planted in the middle and the rest at the edge.

Regular care for the flower basket in the garden afford

interesting ideas for hummingbird in the garden moss

So that your planted Hanging basket in the garden always look beautiful, you should also take care of it regularly. When the plants reach a certain size, you can cut off the tips a bit to make a nice round shape. Do not forget to turn the traffic light regularly so that all the flowers can get the same amount of light. In addition to sunlight, the flowers also need water. Check regularly if the soil in the hanging basket is damp. If the day is particularly hot, it is best to water the flowers twice.

Planting the hanging baskets – tips and tricks

Interesting ideas for flower shop garden classic

If you are the Hanging basket in the garden If you want to plant, take the classic model of wire, about 30cm round and 20 cm deep. Of course, if you want to mix several types of flowers in one place, it is best to use larger flower baskets as well. Then take wet bleaching moss and arrange it inside the flower basket. Make small holes in the moss where you then plug in the plants and then fill the remaining space with soil. Then pour the flowers abundantly with water. Make sure the soil is stably held by the moss. You can also add fertilizer as you wish.

Colorful flower mix as a decoration

interesting ideas for flowerpot garden colors

Interesting flower basket made of rattan

interesting ideas for hummingbirds in the garden pasture

Original hampers models in stained glass

interesting ideas for flowerpot garden

Hanging flower with ivy and other interesting plants

interesting ideas for hummingbirds in the garden rattan

Colorful combination of different plant species

interesting ideas for horticulture garden mix

Hanging basket of rope

interesting ideas for hummingbird in the garden rope

Pooldesign »15 interesting ideas on how to shape the pool in the garden

pool-garden-bushes-water-lights-boulders spots

Who does not dream of having their own pool in the garden? However, size, design and shape depend on various factors in your garden. It’s a good thing that today there are a variety of models that you can consider to fulfill your big dream. If your garden is not suitable for a large rectangular pool, you can make a small one water basin build with a round shape. So you will be your personal spa area and small Pool in the garden to have. If the bricks are already present in your patio design, you can also use them for the edge of the pool. Set up a BBQ and seating area nearby so you have the perfect backyard for the summer.

We have put together some modern and attractive examples of pool design that will give you a little idea of ​​the possibilities and inspirations. Take a look at the ideas and start planning your own design right now. After all, there is not much time left. Summer is approaching!

Use the pool in the garden as a retreat

pool-garden-rectangular-natural stone cladding-lie-privacy-waterfall-pool

If you do not have much space for a real one Pool in the garden You can design a spa area on the wooden terrace. The deck or porch are perfect for this purpose. Build a whirlpool on the top level of the patio and make sure you have a nice space for yourself Relaxation , The verandas of the porch can provide you with a private space and protection from your curious neighbors. Place a couch or chairs next to the table to create the perfect summer getaway.

The pool in the garden completely private and intimate

pool-landscaping-ideas-in-addition-to-backyard-pool-ideas-completed-with-another-furniture-for-your-swimming pool beautification-14

A thin wall can cover the area around the Pool in the garden turn into a privacy zone. You can not just hide the pool area from the neighbors. Place the wall so that the space around the pool is not visible from the house. The wide deck at the edge of the pool can serve as a bench. Match the pool materials with the rest of the house for an eye-catching look. You may also like to add some more water elements. A well is, for example, very well suited.

The high-contrast elements are also very popular fire and water combined together. If the seating area is adjacent to the pool, equip it with a fire pit or build decorative fire elements along the pool

Make a refuge in the forest next to the pool


Build swimming pond – benefits from the natural pool in the garden

If you have the opportunity to enjoy a pristine natural landscape in your area, you can quietly build the garden pool almost in the middle of the forest. The colors are also particularly important for the pool design. Opt for neutral brown when it comes to the path beside the pool. You can also design the swimming pool as an infinity pool facing the forest. Set up a few tall plant planters next to the sun loungers to complement the forest for more style and naturalness. Waterfalls are a suitable element to continue the natural environment even into the pool.

Enjoy breathtaking surroundings

pool-garden-wood-Wasserfal-roof terrace-lookout-schoesettr-glasgelaender

Pool in the garden or building in the house – 105 pictures of swimming pools

If you want the dream pool, build it in a place with breathtaking scenery. If you have enough space, build a small barracks next door to store tools and cleaners for the pool. Escape the conventional forms and make your pool not necessarily square, but completely according to your ideas. Tune the pool design with other elements of the environment. Take advantage of the benefits that your property has to offer. If it’s high up with breathtaking views, make the pool in the garden so you can enjoy it from there.

Garden pool with modern design

10 ideas for garden pool modern design

If your home is modern and minimalist, you can do the same Pool in the garden to shape it. Choose clean lines and less details. You can set up a mini garden with grass and stones in the space between the house and the pool. The wide deck at the pool edge can replace you with a larger patio area around the pool. Choose geometric shapes and classic colors and you will design your modern pool in line with home design.

Combination of pool and spa in the garden

10 ideas for pool in garden waterfalls

Of the Pool in the garden can also be combined in a practical way with a spa area. A high wall of natural stone next to the swimming area can secure private space. For more dynamic you can integrate two small waterfalls in the wall – one is to flow into the pool and the other in the whirlpool. To make the garden look complete, place some plants in the small nooks and crannies in the yard.

Swim and enjoy the panoramic views

10 ideas for garden pool panoramic view

Relax in the pool while enjoying a breathtaking view. Build the pool with infinity edge to emphasize the effect on the view. Plant grass around the edge of the pool for more naturalness and private space. Set up the loungers and the remaining furniture for the view.

Time to swim

10 ideas for pool in the garden sunscreen

The Pool in the garden You can make it so that you are protected from the sun rays during your swimming activities. Separate spa and pool area with low stone wall indoors in the pool. The parasols in the yard will provide you with shade in the hot summer days. Put comfortable benches and sun loungers around the pool so you can enjoy complete relaxation. For more exotic, you can install a stone fountain in the corner of the garden.

Relax next to the garden pool

10 ideas for garden pool luxury backyard

Bring a bit of luxury into your garden area. Combine that Pool in the garden with a hot tub and create a piece of paradise in your backyard. Choose upholstery in neutral and cream nuances. Build a stone underwater barrier between pool and whirlpool. Build lights around the pool. They will not only create a fairytale ambience in the evening, but will also provide more security.

10 ideas for pool in the garden. Round shape

Sometimes there is simply no room for a swimming pool. In this case, a hot tub can be considered, which you can enjoy not only in summer, but also in the cold winter with its heated water. The bubbling water has a relaxing effect and turns your garden into a place to feel good. The whirlpool can be set free, let into the ground, form an extra area or integrated into a seating area with a fire pit.

10 ideas for pool in the garden hot tub

Even in high terraces and larger balconies whirlpools can be admitted. So if you have only one floor of a house and no garden, you do not have to do without refreshing water. It is only important that the terrace or balcony can hold the weight. You should therefore be advised in advance by an architect. Otherwise dangerous accidents could happen.

10 ideas for garden pool gypsum wall

If your pool is in the garden on a wall or house wall, you can turn the edge into a comfortable bench. Then you can lie down directly in the sun after a bath or, while talking to friends, let your legs dangle in the water, giving you a backrest that can be made more comfortable with a few pillows.

10 ideas for pool in the garden forest environment

If you have enough space in your outdoor area, you will naturally be most happy about a larger swimming pool. Whether this classic or designed as an infinity pool, of course, depends on the location. Infinity designs are chosen primarily for hillside land. Otherwise, the acquisition costs will rise. Also think of the area surrounding the pool in the garden. Should it just be framed by a lawn, or do you value a kind of terrace with sun loungers and other furniture, where you can relax after a refreshing bath? When planning, think about the best size for your needs.

10 ideas for garden pool nature landscape

Also in terms of form you have free choice. Often this is simply adapted to the plot shape. And if the swimming pool is to be retrofitted, the shape also depends on other garden elements such as existing beds and terraces. If you find the classic round or rectangular models too boring, simply choose an individual design. Very attractive in this example is also the planting around the pool in the garden. Colorful meadow flowers and grasses make the environment seem natural, while evergreen and climbing plants serve as a supplement. To the pool leads a gravel path, which is equipped with stepping stones and at the same time looks modern and natural.

Children’s birthday decoration for boys – 20 interesting ideas

Kids birthday decoration for guys ideas magic tricks

The Children’s birthday decoration for boys should be amusing and entertaining for both your child and for his special guests and friends from the nursery school. So, like a miracle mother, you should be ready for the last tendencies among the little ones and their wishes, when it comes to something tasty, Party activities or games goes.

funny childrens birthday decoration for boys

Kids birthday decoration boys ideas pirate party

If you have a son at home, you have the hard task of having the perfect birthday party or j Every other party in the name of his joy and happiness. Depending on its adorable character this can be a real challenge for you. We have 20 interesting ideas for you Children’s birthday decoration for boys put together – from the menu to special decorations. Take a look at these ideas and be inspired.

The best 20 ideas for children’s birthday decoration for boys

Kids birthday decoration boys ideas outdoor decoration cowboy theme

The Bowling Party is a concept by Amanda that was inspired by the idea of ​​promoting sports activities among young children, especially the boys. The motto “Strike”, made of paper, awakens the competing spirit, which means that you should create an interesting game plan. The great prize that every child would get is a festive table full of delicious sweets and appetizers. The subject of bowling in the decorations can also be seen in the birthday cake, which was baked in the form of a podium.

Bowling party

Kids birthday decoration boys bowling theme cupcakes

Dinosaurs Party of Kara’s ideas is our next suggestion for the Children’s birthday decoration for boys , Delicious deserts, cookies, muffins, pies and fruit juice fill the table. The dinosaurs as the main theme are inserted in the decorations on the curtains and the tablecloth. Even the birthday cake is so baked that they have a fight between two sugar dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs party

Kids birthday decoration guys ideas cake dinosaurs

The cowboy party is a classic idea for the Children’s birthday decoration for boys when it comes to a fast-growing boy who develops faster compared to his contemporaries in the playground. Any naughty boy would like this party, especially if you tell him it comes as a gift because he was good the previous weeks. Do not forget to buy cowboy party accessories for every child.

Cowboy party

Kids birthday decoration boys ideas theme cowboys red rustic

Monster Party by And Everything Sweet presents an original idea for the Children’s birthday decoration for boys , With funny posters of popular cartoon characters and monster create an exclusive party backdrop. In addition to the funny photos, which are displayed in sweet wooden frames, also colored lollipops are used as a thematic decoration.

Colorful monsters

Kids birthday decoration boys ideas monsters colorful poster

Knight Party is a super cool idea that you can realize for your son’s birthday party, who ever wishes the best party ever. The only thing you have to do is to get attractive costumes and accessories for the kids so they can slip into a knightly story. Make sure that the plastic shields and artificial sword are made of harmless materials. To save money, you can Knight Make costumes yourself if you would sacrifice some old clothes. Everyone has hidden clothes from the sun, spoiled with dirt and hidden somewhere in the closet. For a special festive menu, you can make sandwiches, chips and appetizers with meat, which is the right food for real men and real knights.

Knight party

Kids birthday decoration ideas knight party siblings

Party appetizers

Kids birthday decoration for boys rustic cowboy hats snacks

Cowboy Party Accessories

Kids birthday decoration boys cowboy theme stars stars

Race cars theme

Kids birthday decoration boys ideas race cars theme party

Football blue and red

Kids birthday decoration boys ideas soccer ballons blue red

Dinosaur theme

Kids birthday decoration boys ideas dinosaurs party green orange

Pie with dinosaurs

Kids birthday decoration boys ideas dinosaurs

Cookie Monster

Kids birthday decoration boys ideas cookie monster cupcakes

Universe theme

Children's birthday decoration boys ideas rockets universe


Pergola & Gazebo »Wooden pergola for the garden -25 interesting design ideas

Wood Pergola Plant Ideas Modern Seating Area Garden

A Wooden pergola is a traditional addition to the garden or patio. It offers sun protection, where you want to calm down and relax. There is a wide variety of charming designs that would appeal to even the most demanding of people. Height, color and board spacing are freely selectable for the different models. Make your own pergola design according to your wishes and give the house individuality and character.

Wooden pergola with unique design and character

Wood pergola paving stones concrete piles house

The garden can be varied. The pergolas are ideal for beautiful winter-proof, evergreen or climbing plants as a climbing aid. Together with the robust wooden construction, the plants provide the necessary shade. Under the cozy canopy you can spend pleasant sociable hours with your loved ones.

Wooden pergola as a sunscreen

Wood Pergola Paving Stone Garden Cottage Forest

The pergola design is often used for the layout of the terrace. It also meets other needs. They offer independence, wind and sun protection. Overheating is hardly possible because of the open wooden post of the pergola -Gestells the gentle breeze can flow freely.

A lush plantation for a natural ambience

Wood Pergola Garden Plant Choosing Ideas Terrace Paving Stones

Do you want to feel the nature right outside the door? Beautiful vines or climbing flowers are well suited. They grow fast and require regular but not complicated drip irrigation. You have to pay attention, if the wooden posts are painted. The space under the vine canopy is the perfect shady retreat. Enjoy the natural atmosphere and favorite plants in this cozy private zone.

Lush plants or unusual decorations

Wooden pergola-terrace-Pflanzkuebel Flower Ideas

The pergola frame is distinguished by robustness, simple lines and is often decorated with a variety of accessories. In combination with curtains, it enhances the feeling of coziness and comfort. The black-and-white color scheme contrasts with the green planting, has a graphic and stylish effect.

Ideas for application of traditional wooden arbor

Wooden pergola garden dining room chandelier garden table

Traditionally, the wooden scaffolding is placed in the middle of the garden. It is just as suitable for any area of ​​your yard – as sunshine in the patio or outdoor dining room. Consider, for example, the entrance of your house with the help of a bow pergola. You have the opportunity to choose between several unusual designs select.

Trendy pergola design

Pergola shading Summer garden shapes

The Wooden pergola represents an extension of the inner living areas and a natural transition between inside and outside. It does not necessarily have to be big to make an impression. Modern are the bamboo and L-shaped modular pergolas.

Create a rustic atmosphere in the garden

Rustic wooden pergola middle in the garden build

Add architectural details to the garden design by using pergolas as an idea. They give your garden a touch of elegance and refinement. Slightly curved roof, screen on the front and capitals on top of the pillars to make the structure a focal point in the yard instead of just an accent.

Architectural accents in garden design

Shade sitting area in the green garden chairs

A rocking bed for the terraces would definitely be your children’s favorite playground! Make sure that the girders are stable and stable.

Original pieces of furniture for modern terrace design

Swing couch screen protection to build pergolas

Be sure your roof is the weight of the Wooden pergola can hold itself and it is robust enough to withstand wind and weather.

Wooden pergola as a focal point of a roof terrace

Rooftop wooden post sun lounger

Wooden arbor with patio furniture – cozy retreat

Patio corner furnishing gazebo running water

Black and white color scheme for the patio

Patio curtains-wood furniture garden-flowers plant bed

Long wooden pergola

long wood pergola lush garden ideas

Green arcade

Climbers Green wall Awning Timber structure Laubengang

Classic white pergola

Patio patio rattan furniture white arbor wood pergolas

Attractive garden design arch pergola

Bow pergola ideas garden design idea

Wooden pergola and garden chairs made of steel

Garden pergola build ideas

View to the wooden deck

Garden output wood arbor plant garden design

Build a small pergola on the side of the house

Building yard garden-wood pergola

Screening wood pergola-Green planting idea

Awning pergolas build garden outdoor furniture

Screen Protector garden pergola build design wood

Vines Wooden Post Garden

Pergolas wood design sunscreen windbreak

An interesting and delicious coffee cup made of biscuits from Lavazza

Biscuit coffee cup from Lavazza pastry sugar

Of the coffee In the morning, for many, an irreplaceable pleasure that simply goes with the wake-up program will affect many people’s moods for the rest of the day. The Coffee cup made of biscuit from the Italian manufacturer Lavazza makes this enjoyment even better. Because thanks to their edible property, the annoying washing away is simply gone. The edible coffee cup consists of a relatively thin but firm pastry and is coated on the inside with sugar. This layer of sugar ensures that the cup stays waterproof for a long time and does not soften so quickly. The sugar itself melts only gradually and sweetens your coffee at the same time as you drink it. Thus, you need to prepare the coffee no additional sugar. This task is now over your coffee cup.

Biscuit coffee cup from Lavazza

Coffee cup biscuit lavazza eating sugar

By the time you finish the coffee, the biscuit softens and almost melts in your mouth when you consume it. Anyone who has ever dipped a biscuit in coffee knows how delicious and irresistible this combination is. So, if there is something even better than the fact that the cup does not have to be washed off in the end, then this is the delicious snack for the popular coffee that you get thanks to this original idea of ​​the coffee maker.

Edible coffee cup made of biscuit with sugar layer

Coffee cup biscuit lavazza edible melt in the mouth

Of course, the biscuit can also be combined with other drinks. If you prefer coffee or cocoa in the morning or afternoon, nothing prevents you from enjoying the biscuit with your favorite drink. We are sure that your mouth is watering. Treat yourself to something good or surprise your guests by serving them the hot beverage in an edible coffee cup. That will make an impression and guaranteed to provide Gespärchsstoff.

Black espresso in a delicious biscuit cup

Edible coffee cup from-Lavazza biscuit design

Practical and delicious at the same time – coffee in a sugar cookie

coffee cup biscuit lavazza coffee sugar

Halloween »Interesting Halloween pumpkin designs as a decoration idea

Halloween Pumpkin designs-small-decorative-white-black-glitter

Halloween is short of the ‘All Hallows Evening’, also known as ‘All Hallows Eve’. This fascinating festival is celebrated around the world every year on the 31st of October. The exciting Halloween story begins with the Celtic Rituals for Fertile Harvest, and is associated with Pagan and Christian festivals. According to the legend, the dead will wander the world that night before leaving Earth the next day. typical Halloween Symbols are the carved pumpkins. In this article, we will show you some interesting Halloween pumpkin designs created by a group of innovative people. A detailed instruction will help you to copy them.

Halloween pumpkin designs as a fun decoration for the feast

Halloween Pumpkin designs-carving Candles lantern-lit traditional

This selection of Halloween pumpkin designs will certainly be fantastic for you Decoration ideas give, so that your house will turn into a real atmospheric property.

Halloween pumpkin designs – carved pumpkins with Chinese motifs

Halloween Pumpkin designs-dragon-Sino-carving-karzenlaterne-eroded

This elegant design was inspired by the decoration of antique Chinese crockery. The motif is delicate and elegant, but evokes associations with Halloween. The Halloween pumpkin designs Look even more attractive when the pumpkin is white.

Spooky Skeleton Pumpkins – Halloween Pumpkin Designs

Halloween Pumpkin designs-thorax-carving-struck out-motive

Both adults and children will love this design. The Halloween pumpkin designs are arranged in pairs, and it looks as if the ghost’s hand reaches from the ditch. The more of these weird couples in the garden, the better effect you will achieve.

Painted black and white halloween pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkin designs-spider-black-pins-score Rice purposes

This exciting Halloween pumpkin designs can serve as an innovative decoration element for the whole season. Designed by Liz Demos of Savannah, they all attract attention and scare everyone away. The elegant color scheme will match any modern interior. So enjoy the ‘Op Art’ of this exciting idea.

Halloween pumpkin city

Halloween Pumpkin City

An entire village was painted on this group of pumpkins – a super chic alternative to the traditional decoration that will delight any modern-style fan.

Terrifying decoration for the fireplace

gespenstliche Decoration Halloween

This decoration in the fireplace will scare anyone. Each of these pumpkins is illuminated, and together they are an unforgettable picture. Use electric candles, otherwise the risk of fire is too great. The Halloween pumpkin designs are an excellent option for any house with a fireplace.


angst-making Halloween Pumpkin

This simple yet very beautiful Halloween pumpkin design by Paul Lowe from New York will draw everyone’s attention. He used awl to drill small holes in the pumpkin. Small bulbs create a spooky atmosphere.

Pumpkin tree on the bookshelves

Halloween Pumpkin painting

This extraordinary arrangement for Halloween pumpkin designs has a magical effect. The pumpkins are painted with appropriate motifs and placed on the bookshelf in a specific order. The best part of this idea – very creative and easy to copy.

Smart idea – Halloween pumpkins instead of lantern

Halloween porch decoration

A really funny idea, these Halloween pumpkin designs are decorated as old lamps. The designer Marissa Corwin from New York was inspired by the old street lamps. As Marissa herself explains – they are more elegant than the usual pumpkin decoration and especially appreciated by grown-ups. First you have to cut out the hole and then draw it around the appropriate shape.

Carved pumpkins in shapes that you already know from your interior

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

You can easily achieve an aesthetic effect by simply carving the pumpkins into shapes that you have taken from fabric designs in-house. Prepare a carving template for the subject in advance.

How to Develop Your Own Halloween Pumpkin Designs

black and white Halloween pumpkins

You will need a tablespoon, sharp kitchen knife, paper, LED lighting and paint.

STEP 1 – Cut off the lids, keeping the knife slightly angled. Smart option is to cut the pumpkin from the bottom and emptied the fruit meat.

STEP 2 – When you get rid of the pulp, be careful not to pierce the pumpkin surface.

STEP 3 – Use a pen to draw the contours of the design you have selected. Most designs here are very simple and you do not need a template, but if you feel insecure, you can find one on the internet.

STEP 4 – Begin to cut out the shape.

STEP 5 – For safety, use fairy lights to light the pumpkin.


Halloween Pumpkin Shape

The crescent design can be illuminated by LED lights. The carved pumpkin with thorn motifs should only be cut to the inner layer, so that the pulp is in contrast to the pumpkin surface.

Arrange Halloween pumpkin designs tastefully

Only if you have found the right place for this exciting decoration can the Halloween pumpkin designs to be fully appreciated. For example, if preparation of the bookshelf is necessary, do it in advance.

Painted black and white pumpkins

White Pumpkin Table Decoration Halloween

Some designs do not require carving, just painting – draw the contours first and let your kids do the rest – Halloween is ultimately a family celebration and the preparation can be as enjoyable as the feast itself!

from Jaz

Black and white pumpkins with a cracked effect

black-white-bemahlte pumpkins

Spooky decoration for Halloween

gespenstliche Night Halloween

Traditional pumpkin carvings

Halloween Pumpkin Dekoratinsideen

Cutting out imaginative motifs in a pumpkin

Halloween interior decoration

Elegant motives for pumpkin carvings

Carved pumpkins Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin Designs with Skeleton Motifs

Skeletton Pumpkin Hallowen

Paint bright pumpkin with black motifs

black and white pumpkin Halloween decoration

Architecture »House facade made of wood and concrete creates interesting contrasts

modern house facade-of-wood-and-concrete

We present you an excellent example of Hausfassade made of wood and concrete – the Madalena house in Portugal. The house is located in a rural area and it was based on the choice of materials – Concrete, wood and glass are combined in a unique way, creating this interesting construction.

House facade made of wood and concrete gives an interesting look

Concrete House-wood element Portugal

The house has been designed in a modern and minimalist style so that the materials used in the construction are no coincidence. House facade made of wood and concrete is characteristic of modern minimalist architecture. Irregular and rustic-looking beams create an interesting play of light and shadow and contrast with the surroundings. The large windows let light into the house, making the interior more comfortable.

Interesting house facade made of wood and concrete – modern architecture in Portugal

modern-rustic-white living room

The rectangular volumes are another hallmark of minimalism. The strong contrast in the House facade made of wood and concrete of the Castanheira and Bastai On the one hand, architects offer security through the stable concrete, and on the other, the light oak gives a feeling of warmth and hospitality. The interior of the house is decided in the same shades as the exterior. Decoration has been omitted, the decor is simple but elegant. The structural elements look sculptural. The house looks out onto a beautiful meadow, which has a calming effect. In fact, you do not need much more in the country than a beautiful environment, a fireplace in the living room and beautiful company.

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Minimalism Villa Portugal

Modern bathroom with free-standing bathtub

modern-bathroom freestanding bath

Rustic sofa in the living room in the villa

rustic sofa country house living room

Interesting wooden staircase

interesting wooden staircase, rustic

Concrete house with wooden ceiling

Concrete House wooden ceiling Interior Design

minimalist architecture from Portugal

interesting architecture Minimalism