Natural materials in the interior – furnishing with light wood

Ceiling glass wall upholstered sofa home

Whether flooring, wall or ceiling trim, whether solid furniture or even as a decoration – the wood is an absolute classic among the Natural materials in the interior , Wood can spice up the decor, or bring out interesting details of the interior design better.

Natural materials in the interior – light wood in the trend

small apartment set up white ceiling

If you set up with light wood, is very trendy. The light wood is one of the Natural materials in the interior with versatile application. If you would like to enjoy floorboards in light beige shades, opt for oak or beech. The two types of wood are extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting. Wall or ceiling panels made of pine or cherry give the room a noble look. The larch is a very resistant wood and can almost last as a floor covering for the terrace or window frames. The beech is preferred by many designers for the production of stressed solid furniture.

Natural materials in the interior – light wood creates a cozy atmosphere

Wood counter birch boards modern glass wall

Light woods have one more advantage – their soft beige color makes the rooms spacious and comfortable. Due to their natural charisma even a minimalist decor can be refreshed. But for the wooden floor or the wooden furniture to last 20 years or more, they must be oiled every 4-5 months. Regular airing can extend this time span a bit. The good care for the wooden furniture ensures that they last a long time.

Wood is one of the most popular Natural materials in the interior Not without reason – its numerous uses and warm color create a feel-good ambience in every room. It’s an investment that’s definitely worth it.

Light wood as wall cladding and for the ceiling

Carpet reception room bench modern interior design

Solid wood floorboards in living room

Oak white upholstered furniture living room furnishings

One-room apartment benefits from the wooden floor

Attic leather furniture living area kitchen dining area

Staircase and room divider made of wood

Furnish natural materials wall modern living room corner sofa

The kitchen – with wooden counter

Birch wood kitchen cabinets modern look small apartment

Solid furniture – the coffee table made of oak

Wall Decoration Wooden Floor Sofa Set Two-Seater Coffee Table

Room divider made of wood contrasts with the cold white walls

Paneling living room set up black wall

Modern living area with light wooden floor

Dining area living room white walls

The wall paneling emphasizes important details of the interior design

Cherry red beige block kitchen two floors apartment

The ceiling with wood paneling looks luxurious

Wooden suspended ceiling living room upholstered furniture

pink sofa big window wall stickers

Design ideas furniture Scandinavian style

Furniture seat dining room furniture

Wooden furniture modern idea folding chair beige

Solid wood minimalist furniture cherry upholstery gray

Wall design with dark colors – 15 effective interior design ideas

modern bedroom ash gray orange wall stickers floor coverings contrasts accent chair pictures hanging lamp

Many designers advise against using dark wall paints in the interior, but there are a few simple tricks on how to use them in your interior. We present 15 effective interior design ideas for you Wall design with dark colors which can give you a unique sense of coziness.

The wall design with dark colors – the perfect background for any decoration

Bedroom interior design trendy ash gray shelf integrated wall covering flooring deco monochrome

The dark colors are neutral and can be combined with different accent colors. The dove gray with a slight blue-violet stitch, for example, can be used as a background for a picture gallery. Colors such as orange or green make the gray tones look comfortable. The gray shades are very well suited for each room. The Wall design with dark colors in the living room can harmoniously combine with the color concept in the furniture.

How to use dark wall colors with contrast accents

bedrooms modern interiors; miscellaneous wall paintings rich purple deco-zebra pattern cabinets sconces white

The living colors soften the luminosity of the contrasting tones. A beautiful example of this can be living room be in the exotic style. Contrast color like azure in combination with colorful flowers for decoration fits fantastically to the interior. These concepts can be used in the room with the use of slate and light gray. The Wall design with dark colors can also be made with brown tones. As decoration elements you can use hanging lamps or throw pillows in bright colors. The bright furniture fits perfectly to the whole view.

Colorful interior design ideas and games with the color palette

Dining room multicolored gray dark orange decor natural flowers shelves flooring chairs white image

The wall shines in rich violet, and the eggplant creates a lot of mood in the bedroom. Vibrante colors like the dark purple can be used effectively. The bedroom in this color scheme calms the senses. The Wall design with dark colors proves to be very good in a petrol blue bedroom. The bathroom in turquoise blue is a modern idea for every home. Here you could combine with a rustic chair in light wood. The yellow, orange and green tones are very attractive if you want to refresh the rooms at home. The trendy ideas with the dark colors create a classic and stylish design.

Stylish interior design ideas with rustic elements

living room trendy table wood rustic deco hanging lamp interior wall design dove gray carpet bright

Wall design with dark colors can be used in warmer tones

Living room interior design possibilities wall design dark multicolored sofa cream white furnishing wood

Shades of gray in combination with contrasting accents

Bedroom modern brown wall decor ideas contrast accents color palette decorative carpet design ideas

Petrol blue – perfect solution for wall design in the living room

trendy living room furnishing ideas interior design lighting furnishing wood coffee table light laminate

Dove gray gives the room a metallic look

living room gray modern contrast colors sofas stool green stripes wall stickers home furnishings floor coverings glossy dark

Dreamlike well-being in an exotic living room with blue shades

Interior design living room possibilities trendy azure turquoise wall decoration furnishing sofas curtains lighting exotic

Modern bedroom with interesting decoration and color concept

bedroom modern wall paint purple white contrasting accents carpet white possibilities flooring lighting decoupages

Fresh interior design ideas and sunny mood with the combination of dark walls and bright furniture

trendy living room gray dark lamp upholstered sofa stool white floor covering design color palette laminate

The white color as contrast accent and part of the dark interior

Bedroom modern wall design brown dark gray bright decor interior design ideas pillows contrast accents white

Proper lighting and wall covering in brown – guarantee of comfort and style

bathroom trendy washbasin vanity unit integrated wall lamp wallcovering mirror dark brown ceramic tile

Star Wars as inspiration for modern interior design – apartment in Taiwan

star-wars-modern-interior design-young-family-children

For a successful design of the apartment, interior decorators and interior designers are advised to opt for a style, for two to four shades and a theme that unites everything in one, so that all rooms look uniform and harmonious. In this sense, the architects of White Interior Design conceived the modern flat of young family according to the motto of their favorite film – Starwars.

Star Wars as an inspiration for modern interior design – the home of a young family

Star Wars-modern-room-design-living-room-dining-table-chairs-concrete

Ideal basis for fancy color combinations, accents and designs are indisputably the neutral gray nuances. Variations of it predominate in every room of the modern apartment in order to better accentuate the decorative and really special design elements. Active colors, like red and mustard yellow, provide an individual touch and a cheerful note.

Star Wars decoration and modern interior design

Star Wars-modern-design-living-room-gray-yellow-lightsaber

In each room different statues of the main characters from the movie Star Wars, as well as whole collection of them on a wall shelf beautifully presented. The fancy lights that are actually lightsabers are also impressive. As a pendant lamp over the dining table, floor or wall lamp are replicas of the traditional Star Wars weapon.

Star Wars inspired accents and details in a modern home

Star Wars-modern-design-living-room-lights-lightsaber-figures-movie

Not only playful looks the living room, but there is also wonderful play. The wall behind the sliding door houses all the video game equipment, including a Biemer playing an HD image on the opposite wall.

Gray as background, color and deco accent

star-wars-modern-interior design-living room-couch-yellow-pad

Perhaps inspired by the two little boys, the theme for the attractive, playful interior design is also very well received by the parents. Masks by Darth Vader and stormtroopers are not only to be seen in the nursery, but also in the otherwise romantically decorated bedroom wakes up the figure of a white galactic warrior.

Doors incorporated in the walls

star-wars-modern-interior design-living-gray color-concrete

Star Wars figures as decoration and playful elements of interior design

star-wars-modern-interior design-living-dining-light-deign

Modern living room with large TV wall

star-wars-modern-interior design-living room-dining table-tv-gray

Thematically fitting to the motto of the interior design and dining table in the Star Wars style

star-wars-modern-interior design-dining table-schwraz-steel-light

Important design element – the lightsaber

star-wars-modern-interior design-blue-sliding door lightsaber

Sliding doors save space and look very neutral

star-wars-modern-interior design-floor-sliding-wood-laminatt

Star Wars as a theme for the nursery

star-wars-modern-interior design - nursery-gray-concrete-mirror

Stylish sliding doors decorated like a spaceship

star-wars-modern-interior design-nursery-gray-tueren-design

Playful room design especially for children’s room of boys – theme Star Wars

star-wars-modern-interior design-nursery-young-double

Modern bedroom with a quiet atmosphere – pastel colors and a Sturmtruppler figure

star-wars-modern-interior design-bedroom-white-romantic figure

* a project of White interior design

Solid wood furniture completes the minimalist interior -22 wooden benches

Garden bench suite Solid wood side table Pedra model

A maximum of comfort and security for inside and outside, however, offer Solid wood furniture , Rustic wooden benches are not only up to date. They come into their own on a minimalistic background. Their specific coloring, grain and texture completes the overall picture. Wooden benches made of heavy high quality solid wood from Rotsen Furniture are available in a traditional design as well as in a modern design. With the bench, a coffee table, side table and a few stools you can quickly create a cozy sitting area in the garden, on the terrace or inside.

Solid wood furniture in exclusive look

Luxury Bank Brazilian-Itaúba Wooden Bench-Rotsen Furniture

Made by skilled craftsmen, provided with striking stainless steel inserts, the Rotsen Solid wood furniture are real eye-catchers in every living space. The seating material used is solid and textured old wood, Brazilian peroba, elm, mango, oak, cherry, black walnut and other woods that give a more natural look.

Rustic solid wood furniture for inside and outside

Solid Wood Walnut Bench Acrylic Frame Rotsen Furniture Furniture

After appropriate surface treatment with oil, the Solid wood furniture weather-resistant, easy-care and shiny. They are often combined with aluminum elements, powder-coated steel, glass or Plexiglas contemporary look.

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

Handmade wooden bench designer metal foot L Bench

The exclusive wooden benches blend harmoniously into the living landscape of leather furniture and metal chairs. These match equally well with seating areas in country house style. Rotsen Furniture produces furniture that can be compared to works of art and is distinguished by its specific, clear, modern aesthetics.

Benches made of different types of wood crafted by hand

Garden furniture Benches Tamburil-Mango Oak-Black Walnut steel construction

Multifunctional garden bench solid wood

Bank recycled solid wood multifunctional model modern

Salvaged from hardwood bench

Garden bench solid wood Pinus log model modern Cachepôt Bank with Opening for sexy flowerpots or magazines

Bench wood solid garden furniture Indoor cachepot

Solid wood bench for garden and terrace

Modern Benchdesign Macico-Bench Rotsen-Furniture- oiled surface easy to clean
Onda bench in recycled walnut and tamburil wood

Walnut wood garden furniture bench Onda grain

Onda in dark brown finish

Onda garden bench-modern elm walnut-wood texture

Wooden bench in reddish-brown color warms up the room

Rustic garden bench-Contemporary design-Massive wood oil Solid wood furniture creates modern material and color contrasts

Metal leg design garden bench Constellation solid wood furniture

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

Stainless Steel Metal Solid Wood Bench Garden Design Mango Wood Handmade

Retalho bench made of different types of wood

Rustic garden bench Retalho Rotsen-Furniture Design

Rustic garden bench “Bridge”

Rustic Garden Patio Furniture Bench Dark Solid Wood Bridge Model

“Fazenda” impresses with modern bench design

Rustic garden wooden bench fazenda oil treatment finish

Designer Bank “Pedra”

Designer solid wood seat Pedra seat Outdoor furniture

“Tanumbuca” bench in a rustic look

Bench rectangular Tanumbuca wood massive modern

“Tatajuba” old wood bench

Tatajuba wooden bench oil treatment-rustic design

Handmade rustic bench

Eco-furniture garden bench-Imbúia wood-metal frame

Recycled wood furniture by Rotsen Furniture

Indoor Bench Design Rustic-Durable Solid Wood Furniture

The luxury yacht of Art of Kinetik – wood tones in the interior

luxury motoryacht hedonist art of kinetik wood

Art of kinetics is a recognized manufacturer of individual luxury yachts wooden. The most recent addition to your collection of amazing motor yachts is “Hedonist”. A Luxury yacht, a true work of art and a synonym for comfort and convenience. This 63-foot motor yacht is powered by powerful engines and can reach speeds up to 42 knots.

The luxury yacht “Hedonist”

motoryacht hedonist exterior design wood brown tones

The exterior design is clad in fine mahogany wood, decorated with black glass and metal accents. The design is almost perfect – it is so clean that no screw or piece of plastic is visible to the eye. The interior is as refined and detailed as in a luxury hotel. The interior designer Alv Kintscher has perfectly integrated the warm aesthetics of the wood into the interior design.

The exterior design of the luxury yacht

luxury yacht hedonist walnut wood exterior design

The hedonist luxury yacht embodies the soul of the art of kinetics. We believe hedonist is the purest expression of art and technology imaginable. It seems that Art of Kinetics brought together a good team of designers, marine architects and engineers.

luxury yacht hedonist art of kinetics maximum speed 42

black glass and walnut wood

luxury motoryacht wood deck quality materials

high speed and comfort hedonist yacht art of kinetik exterior design wood

hedonist yacht art of kinetik leather shades of brown

perfect exterior design

hedonist yacht walnut wood art of kinetik manufacturer

High-tech systems

hedonist motoryacht luxury equipment deck


motoryacht hedonist luxury equipment navigation system walnut wood

High-end navigation system

motoryacht hedonist hi-tech navigation system art of kinetics

Luxurious interior

motoyacht interior design gold beige yacht

brown wood tones and golden accents

luxury furnishing motoryacht hedonist lounge wood tones

luxury yacht interior hedonist kitchen wood cabinets

luxury yacht equipment table lamps golden pieces of wood

yacht interior design luxury showers wood tones

Practical multifunctional interior ideas for a small apartment

stool table setting up ideas for small apartment

If you have a limited living space, that puts some creative Interior ideas With dual function ahead. Look at these suggestions on how to use a living space or a piece of furniture in the small apartment multifunctional. The limited living space features some creative ideas and designer solutions. Release your imagination and make the most of your small apartment.

Interior ideas for living room and guestroom combination

Room double function interior ideas for small apartment

The multifunctional Interior ideas can be a good one application If you want to transform the small living room into a guest room. Make a pullout couch. This will save you the need for a bed. A coffee table with metal frame construction looks chic and saves a lot of space. Small stools and throw pillows can replace the chairs successfully. In this way, you will not only save a lot of space, but also decorate the room nicely.

Interior ideas for a well-organized storage room

TV hiding furnishing ideas for small apartment

The Interior ideas for a small room presupposed a well-organized storage room. Buy a practical shelving system with many drawers and cabinets, where you can turn off all the items you want. It would be particularly convenient if the TV fits on the shelf and can hide the screen by means of a sliding door.

Use the jewelry box for TV operation

stock box furnishing ideas for small apartment

CD deposition system installed in the drawer

cd drawer cabinet furnishing ideas for small apartment

Combine living room and dining room

Dining room living room furnishing ideas for small apartment

Multifunctional living room for the small house

Living room coffee table interior ideas for small apartment

Use the upholstered stool as a coffee table

orange nuances furnishing ideas for small apartment

Blue furniture furnishing ideas for small apartment

Room divider shelf interior ideas for small apartment

A practical shelf in the bedroom

shelf bedroom interior ideas for small apartment

Combine bedroom and study

bedroom study interiors ideas for small apartment

Practical and elegant turntable with round shape

Rotary bathroom furnishing ideas for small apartment

Designer wooden furniture by Joyau enhance the interior

designer wooden furniture armchair cocoon raw upholstery white comfort

The Designer furniture made of wood by Andre Joyau are undoubtedly among those pieces of furniture that should not be missing in any institution. Even the first example, the Cocoon armchairs, impress with their design and transform every interior into a unique living area. The wood is unworked both on the outside and on the inside, which makes the armchair get their charm. For seat comfort again guarantee the seat cushions. The other designer wooden furniture is by no means less impressive. Take a closer look at this article!

Designer wooden furniture – Cocoon armchair

designer furniture made of wood andre joyau cocoon chair armrest

Designer wooden furniture – The Bascule chair

designer furniture wooden chair bascule angora fur sheep metal legs black

As impressive as Cocoon is the bascule chair. It is also made of wood while the chair legs are made of metal and represent two rings. The seat seems uncomfortable at first glance, which is not the case at all. Not only the shape of the seat contributes to this, but also the fur of Angora, which gives a feeling of luxury. Bascule is a dreamlike example of designer wooden furniture.

Wooden coffee tables

designer furniture wood lotus leaf imprint white table top

Everyone has their own charm under the coffee tables of designer wooden furniture by Andre Joyau. While the Lotus Leaf Table impresses with its simple, straight shapes and the tabletop with a leaf print, the Double Form Table shows how wonderfully two round wooden panels can be combined. In another coffee table, the cross section of the wood serves as a usable area and consists of several, juxtaposed blocks of wood.

Designer coffee table Double form

designer wooden furniture double shape wooden discs coffee table idea

End grain for furniture

designer furniture wood end grain tabletop sofatisch legs

Designer wooden furniture – benches

designer furniture wood bench kyukei blue color metal legs interior idea

If you like color accents in your interior, the Kyukei bench is the best choice for designer wooden furniture. It has an attractive, blue color and yet exudes naturalness thanks to the untreated wood. Likewise unprocessed is the Futatsu bench, which impresses with its shape, as it is slightly curved.

Designer bench Futatsu

designer furniture wood bench futatsu arch shape painted modern rustic

Design of Andre Joyau ,

Creative interior design ideas for children’s rooms bring fun and mood

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood elegant

Let yourself be inspired by these creative ones Interior design ideas for children’s rooms Inspire and choose the best decoration for your baby. When the baby is born, your whole life changes. This also applies to the interior in your apartment. The nursery is particularly important as the first impressions of the baby’s world are made there and later the child spends a lot of time in the nursery. Every picture on the wall, each one drawing or the curtains patterns can affect the perception of the child. Therefore it is very important to create a positive and atmospheric atmosphere in the nursery.

Interior design ideas for children’s rooms – color combinations for boys

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood patterns

If you have a boy, there are many Interior design ideas for children’s rooms who are particularly interesting and creative. Actually, almost every color is suitable except pink and purple. First decide on the color theme, and then you can choose bed linen and other furniture. Some unusual, but very nice combinations are blue and red, aqua and orange, orange and yellow and the neutral green.

Interior design ideas for children’s rooms – colors for the girls room

interior design ideas for kids room for more mood retro

If you have a girl, you can set your imagination in motion. The Interior design ideas for children’s rooms are really diverse and very creative. In any case, you should not limit your choice to just the classic pink and purple nuances. The possibilities for the color theme are endless. Use calm red in combination with blue. The pink color goes well with chocolate brown together. You can use all shades in pink and purple. A delicate and quite suitable color combination is purple and gray. Even if you have a girl, you can still combine chocolate brown with aqua blue. The neutral palette of beige and pastel colors mixes well with pink. Check out these interesting ideas for nursery decor and choose the best combination for your little child.

Nursery in neutral colors with wall decoration

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood green

Vintage baby room with chic chandelier

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood vintage

Children’s room in green and orange with striped pattern

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood stripes

Elegant baby room in black and white

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood black white

Nursery for girls with red decorations

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood red

Nursery for boy in blue and orange

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood name

Baby room with luxury furnishings

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood luxury

Baby room for twins with wall shelves and wooden beds

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood wood beds

Nursery with paper garlands in red and pink

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood paper decoration

Children’s room for girls with pink motifs

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood

Baby room in blue nuances

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood sky blue

Blue and green for the nursery

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood boy

Nursery with neutral colors and dots pattern

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood yellow

Country-style baby room

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood rural

Chic children’s room for boys

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood blue

Nice combination of aqua blue and yellow lemons

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood aqua lemon

Baby room with animal prints

interior design ideas for children's rooms for more mood animal patterns

Nursery in a rustic style with wooden furniture

furnishing ideas children's room for more mood wood furniture

The modern interior design of a dental practice in Portugal

interior design dentist practice green recycled glass

The modern interior design This dental practice has the architects of MMVARQUITECTO accepted as a challenge. They are looking for one new project made. The Dental practice is located on the first floor of a building in the center of Torres Vedras. The goal was to create a new atmosphere that provoked new sensations and clarity. The modern interior design presents a space that is seemingly empty and yet full of life.

pure white modern interior design

interior design dentist reception light glass green

The choice of materials is of course of the highest quality. The interior designers have experimented with the light installations to totally transform the perception in the design. The whole room is determined by light and reflections. Recycled glass creates a beautiful play of light by constantly changing the spatial perception.

modern interior design with glass doors

interior design dental practice portigal glass doors

The modern interior design of the dental practice presents a wealth of senses where the light is filtered in different ways and thus changes the atmosphere.

beautiful light installations in practice

modern interior design dental practice glass light

Lichspiele in the doctor’s office

interior design dental practice light sun mmvarquitecto

Green glass and Led lighting interior design dental practice sliding glass design

Waiting room interior design dental practice light installations white design

Interior design by Mmvarquitecto interior design dentist gloss white interior design

White modern interior design

dentistry portugal mmvarquitecto

Windows & Doors »Interior doors in comparison – Sliding door made of glass or room door with frame?

Room divider sliding glass designer Casali

The inner doors divide the living space in different areas. But they are much more than practical room dividers – nowadays they have become a peculiar decoration. They compliment the interior and contribute to a feel-good atmosphere. When choosing the right door, several factors play a role – often the function determines the design. We take a closer look at the two most popular variants Sliding glass door and the room door with frame.

Is the sliding glass door an alternative to the room door with frame?

frosted flowers pattern Casali interior doors

The Sliding glass door has been gaining in popularity in recent years. The glass doors are space-saving and very practical. They let the summer light through and so you can enjoy a bright corridor during the day. The purist designs consist of a metal rail, to which a large glass element is attached. Often only small patterns on the glass are matted, creating an interesting play of light and shadow. These doors are certainly not suitable for families with small children or with pets – there is always a risk of injury. The glass doors are mainly used in the living room, dining room and in the kitchen. The bedroom can also be visually separated from the bathroom by a glass wall.

The wooden door with frame compared to the sliding glass door

Execution Bizotto beige color fine manufacturing

The wooden door with frame is one of the classic elements of the interior. Nowadays, many modern finishes with simple puristic forms are offered, but the classic version, decorated with wood carving, remains a popular choice. The wooden door is more stable, at least it takes more space.

In the end, it depends on the room conditions, the style of living and the personal advantages, which door / frame or sliding glass / you decide. Outstanding designs are offered in both variants – let yourself be convinced by these designer doors!

Classically elegant – the door of Bizotto

Door natural wood effect metal frame Bizotto

Classic wooden door from OTC Doors

classic elegant frame gilded frame Luxury

The glass door of Portarredo

Concept room divider Portarredo Italian manufacturer

Door in minimalist design of Ermetika

minimalist doors glass purple color Ermetika designs

The door in a different color – this time red

High gloss optics red color Ermetika design

The collection of Casali – Sliding glass doors

Stainless steel frame original pattern black wall

Geometric pattern and partially frosted glass

Inside stainless steel rail modern design rectangle motifs

Pattern inspired by nature

Door painted Italian manufacturer Casali Italian

The classic collection of glass doors from Cristal

beautiful manufacturing glass dyed design ideas Classic

Modern geometric figures or classic floral patterns?

original pattern wall make stylish interior

The glass door is attached to a stainless steel strip

Sliding doors design stainless steel frame yellow wall

Glass door with goat – classic and modern blend in the design the Italian brand

Decorated floral pattern nature ornaments frosted

For the office – glass door, transparent

modern office interior colored original pattern ideas

Classic elegance – stylish floral figures in purple

Door Satin Glass Ornate Purple Color Classic

The same door in three color variants

Pattern yellow blue color variants available

Flowers and stripes pattern

Door flowers purple yellow stripe pattern

Stylish and space-saving – sliding door

Pattern accent interior deco modern decor

Modern and original – the sliding door made of colored glass

geometric pattern stainless steel slide rail