The Google headquarters in Ireland – behind the scenes

Architecture design idea Cafe environmentally friendly design

We offer you a look behind the scenes of Google headquarters in Dublin. Four buildings form the campus. On more than 47,000 square meters of office space, all departments are located – marketing, finance and engineers. The employees come from over 65 countries and speak over 45 languages.

Google headquarters in Ireland – modern, innovative and inviting

modern Cafe Design ceiling hanging

The big project – the new one Google headquarters in Ireland was by the architect studio Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with the company Henry Lyons Architects designed and realized. The goal of the project was to create an inspiring and interactive environment for the employees. The architects tried to create a multifunctional space – 5 restaurants, 42 small kitchens, recreation areas, fitness, pool, wellness area, more than 400 formal and informal conference rooms, a research center are just the highlights in the interior. All areas have been designed according to the Google philosophy for interactive and communicative working atmosphere. The buildings are connected by a bridge.

Google Central provides a relaxed atmosphere for employees

Personnel room colored Google interior

The Google headquarters is thematically divided into different areas – each topic is presented on a stick. The search theme focuses on expanding search results, the Google Apps theme is limited to the innovative and popular Google Applications, the “green concepts” protect nature, and “Google Home” aims to provide a familiar environment for users “creativity, organization and innovation” are looking for new challenges and interesting applications. It has been scientifically proven that certain color combinations create the imagination and increase the performance possibilities – so it is no wonder that exactly red-green-yellow-blue were chosen as accents in the interior.

Google Setup – Idea

Establishment idea Google Central Europe

Large letters form the company logo in the foyer

Ireland big letters creative ambience

Colorful travel with billiards

Set up idea billiard computer games

Beanbag instead of chair at work

nice break beanbag green yellow

Cozy sitting area

Decor purple color room red sofa


Office interior idea swing

14 floors

futuristic room glass stair railing

Environmentally friendly design

green environmentally friendly design idea

Colorful interior – cafeteria

Interior Google Central Cafe yellow pink blue

The exchange of ideas between the employees is encouraged

Campus young people europe hippie style

Room Exchange Entertainment Workplace

For relaxation, the staff play mini-golf

Kitchen Travel Mini Golf Play

Staff awaken green blue design relaxation area

Coffee kitchen with beautiful panoramic views

Staffing room red cool office decor

Relaxation in the cafeteria

Atmosphere Google Office Interior Wall Decal Rug

Conference room in industrial chic

Conference room modern decor purple black white

Wallpaper office decor funny colors purple pink red

Google office decor design idea

Cozy sitting area for relaxation

Ireland Cafe decor cool seating wall sticker

Cafeteria Google Campus Ceiling Design

Office Interior Resting Room Music Playing

Purple ground

Headquarters Ireland Europe Africa Institution

Stylish workplace

yellow details office interior idea modern

The Google Building

Europe Ireland sights modern design

Building Ireland office beautiful decor idea

Photos by Peter Wurmli

Architecture »minimalist house in Ireland

Design by ODOS Architects

modern minimalist architecture

This outstanding modern architecture is located in Dublin, Ireland. The ODOS architects have merged two old building houses from the 19th century and as a result is a minimalist House in Ireland emerged. Traditional and modern architecture were skilfully combined. Design is an example of how architecture changes over time, and yet the principles remain the same.

Minimalist house in Ireland combines tradition and modernity

minimalist house design

Most of the plaster, as well as windows and doors, paintings and stairs were kept. Thanks to the creativity of the designers, the project was successfully completed in just three weeks. The customer was enthusiastic about the final result and totally convinced. The House in Ireland fascinates with its elegant design. The façade looks particularly attractive at night – the windows are asymmetrical and contribute to the modern look.

Modern house in Ireland

minimalist house design of Ireland

Light enters the room thanks to the enormous windows with UV-protected glass. Modern floor heating and solar system increase the feel-good factor in winter. An innovative bridge construction ensures that the garden is accessible from the house. The spacious interior leaves plenty of room for imaginative interior design. The color scheme has traditionally been decided on both the outside and the inside in gray. The neutral shades provide the perfect backdrop for colorful decoration – so in the future, the owner only has to decide on the interior, so that the house is comfortably furnished. The House in Ireland connects tradition and modernity under one roof in a creative way.

elegant facade of modern house in Ireland

exciting gray facade

modern house design – gray flooring

modern glass facade - gray flooring

Entrance with modern stairs

modern staircase in front

minimalist house design – gray facade

gray facade

minimalist house in Dublin

minimalist house in Dublin