Tiles in wood look – high quality Italian design

tile wood sand optic interior modern warm shades design

The Tiles in wood look enjoy greater popularity. You can refresh any modern decor with their warm colors. They also have a number of advantages: easy care, hygienic surfaces in the rooms and are not damaged by the burden of heavy furniture. The Italian manufacturer Emil Ceramica has produced new ceramic tiles in wood look. We present you his latest collection – Millelegni.

Tiles in wood look – modern solution for the floor covering

tile wood sand optic modern interior design natural look interior

The latest collection of ceramic tiles from Emil Ceramica includes four species of wood from different regions of the world: Italy, Canada, Scotland and Japan and delights with simple look and neutral colors. It combines the natural look of wood with the texture of ripples. The Tiles in wood look fit every interior. You can with different decorating styles be combined. The company offers its customers a rich selection of colors and color combinations. The creativity is staged by a tasteful execution.

Tiles in wood look – great idea for the modern interior design

trendy furnishing tiles sand optics chic interior design

The Tiles in wood look can bring a natural touch to the living room, the hall, the dining room, etc. The tiles in sand look look perfect as part of an exotic interiors out. The Italian collection Millelegni is characterized by interesting models. The high-quality tiles in Holzopzik are increasingly used as a substitute for parquet and laminate. Her fine design fascinates with elegance and natural look.

Tiles in wood look imitate parquet floor

tile wood look interior design trendy natural look interior

Tiles in sand look – natural look with ripples in the bedroom

tile wood optic design interior trendy natural look chic

Lay light wooden floors in the living room

emil ceramica ceramic tiles wood look trendy design interior

Italian armchair design inspired by urban sophistication

Armchair Italian adjustable headrest

We present you Armchair design , that exudes a touch of urban sophistication in the room. The noble Nobel piece combines Italian style and minimalist elegance.

Armchair design combines style and comfort

Design steel construction modern design

The Armchair design “Amy” of the Italian furniture company Alpa Salotti offers a comfortable addition to the living room interior. The expressive piece of furniture gives the interior a stylish and modern look. The chromed steel construction ensures the seat stability. The ergonomic construction and the adjustable headrest increase the feel-good factor. The armchair is characterized by clear geometric shapes. A chic mix of materials adds to the overall concept – the high-gloss steel frame contrasts with the white leather cover. The tufted backrest by Amy creates a visual link to the classic Italian furniture.

Armchair design – timeless elegance for the interior

ergonomic construction black carpet floor lamp

The Armchair design will compliment any living room decor. Whether as part of a seating group or as an accent in the interior – it offers numerous application possibilities. Modern furniture in the neutral color palette will benefit especially. The simple form can be refreshed with original decorative cushions or blankets. The furniture is part of Salotti’s latest collection and perfectly combines with the sofas.

Alpa Salotti specializes in the production of comfortable and stylish sofas and armchairs. Precision manufacturing and attention to details have long been the hallmark of the Italian manufacturer.

The other pieces of furniture from the collection

Living room white color leather cover Italian furniture

Armchair with ergonomic construction

Leather armchair silver coating bookshelves

The collection is available in white and silver

Wall shelf beautiful deco living room

Italian leather furniture for the living room

set up armchair sofa design ideas

Comfortable and proud designer armchair

Color beautiful seating modern design

Italian kitchen systems from Valcucine combine style and ergonomics

Ergonomic Cuisine Valcucine-Italian New-Logica System white

Italian kitchens Valcucine is considered worldwide synonym for quality, ergonomics and style. The kitchen systems are a result of detailed planning and a good sense for design. After Valcucine introduced its revolutionary Logica system with the accessory channel in 1996, the tendency today is to integrate complementary kitchen design technologies and features into one product.

Italian cuisine of the highest quality

Ergonomic kitchen design Modern lighting pendant lights glue green wall

Italian kitchens Systems of Valcucine develop the interaction between Human and technology , Improvements are being introduced incessantly. The New Logica system with a depth of 80 cm in the base units and the accessory channel conveys a feeling of coziness and livability. With the help of the outfitted rear wall, the room can be planned and organized in such a way that you can optimally enjoy the preparation of the food.

New Logica – Italian kitchen system by Valcucine

Designer Kitchen Italian Kitchen Island-Modern Equipment Design

The modern accessory channel allows for more clarity. It can be used along the back wall or at the cooking island. In this area can be stowed various useful kitchen accessories. Inside there is enough space for gas and water connections. The sink and hob can thus be positioned flexibly and independently of the connections and adapted to constructional changes.

Modern kitchen with unmistakable style elements

Modern kitchen systems-italian designer kitchen furniture ideas

The accessory channel is made of aluminum or stainless steel. The new equipment element of the New Logica system is also available as island version. It creates a spatial separation of kitchen, dining and living area ,

Ergonomic Italian kitchens allow more order and clarity

Kitchen cooking island accessories channel modern equipment

Ergonomically designed kitchen furniture – e.g. generous removable drawers with quiet and light running – make cooking fun. Kitchen fronts are made of thin laminate panels and are moisture and heat resistant. At its high-quality production aspires Valcucine on functionality, sustainability and durability. The aesthetic appearance is not overlooked.

Cooking island with accessory channel

Kitchen ergonomic-accessory channel-modern design Innovative

Italian kitchens of the new generation

Kitchen cooking island accessory channel New Logica system green

Combine craftsmanship and innovation together to make them shine

KITCHEN FITTING FITTINGS open shelves modern

Future-oriented kitchen systems New Logica

Designer kitchen Modern Italian black kitchen plate Valcucine

New Logica System accessory channel is also available as island version

Valcucine system kitchen interior ideas ideas channel

Besana Italian furniture – wardrobes and wall units

Italian furniture Besana-residential wall-in closets

The market is changing every day. As one of the largest Italian furniture manufacturers, Besana is always at the forefront of new trends, but it keeps traditions alive and maintains a good sense of style that has developed over the centuries. The company approaches the new possibilities thoughtfully and artistically, without leaving the past behind. Besana’s Italian furniture has not received its reputation overnight. This company has a very rich history and therefore knows how important it is to develop to meet the ever changing needs of the market.

Italian furniture by Besana – Bookcase “Time”

time-bookshelf-Italian furniture Besana

Besana was founded in 1903 by Mariano Comense. Immediately after its foundation, the company began to grow rapidly, due to its absolute professionalism and innovative strength. Despite following the new trends, Besana knows how to bring Italian furniture into the future without letting go of the past. Thanks to its tradition and decades of experience, Besana is one of the most prestigious companies not only in Italy but also throughout the world. One of the unique features of the company is the very careful selection of materials and above all its strong position to ecology. Regardless of the technical development, the company has repeatedly implemented new technologies and surprised the experts with various unusual pieces of furniture such as beds, chairs, tables, accessories, wardrobes and bookshelves. The company produces Italian furniture and works of art. Today some of their most beautiful and modern pieces of furniture are the wardrobes and wall units.

Besana Italian furniture – modern wardrobe mirror

loto-modern-wardrobe-Italian furniture Besana

Besana have conquered markets in different countries and received nothing but admiration and astonishment. Unlike many other companies, this amazing Italian furniture manufacturer is improving its Italian furniture with time. It is very rare for a company to change its products to suit its current clientele. This only shows how creative and open-minded Besana is.

modern living wall of Besana

Italian furniture Besana-residential wall-living room

Italian furniture Besana-residential wall-with-orange-accents

Bookshelf as a room divider


Melica – wardrobe with wardrobe mirror

melica-cabinet mirror-Italian furniture Besana

High gloss wardrobe with lights

Italian furniture Besana-wardrobe-with-lighting



ego-black-wardrobe-cabinet mirror-besana

geode-wardrobe-Italian furniture Besana

online-mirror-wardrobe-Italian furniture Besana

street-wardrobe-Italian furniture Besana Italian furniture Besana-wardrobe-white-velvet

Italian furniture Besana-eckgarderobe

Ombre Furniture Collection – Italian design by Marchetti Maison

ombre furniture collection doors design floral motifs brown sideboard

Marchatti Maison has a new one collection released. It is the breathtaking Ombre furniture collection , which consists of romantic motifs, effective wood patterns and impressive colors. Attention is paid to the design of the cabinet doors and give each piece of furniture a unique look. Different designs are available for the doors: Cespitosa, Marmette, Strati, Testi and Trama. Who does not want motives, can also the simpler variant from the Ombre furniture collection Select “Neutral”.

Ombre furniture collection “Cespitosa”

sideboard white gray marchatti maison flowers hallway

This beautiful commode comes from the category “Cespitosa” of the Ombre furniture collection. These are the variants that consist of floral motifs. This variant of the designs for the cabinet doors is also available in other colors. Here you can see an elegant and romantic combination of white and beige.

Ombre furniture collection Cespitosa in effective red

ombre furniture collection cabinet dresser red effective floral flowers

The dreamlike design “Cespitosa” in a vibrant red. This variant is a real eye-catcher and quickly becomes the focal point in your interior, no matter in which room you place the cupboard. The cupboard doors and designs can be combined in different ways. If you like setting accents with furniture, the variants from the Ombre furniture collection in red are exactly the right choice.

Marmette version of the Ombre furniture collection

dresser bedroom ombre collection marmette italian design

Here is an example from the design variant “Marmette” of the Ombre furniture collection. The cupboard doors have an interesting, hexagonal pattern that gives the furniture a modern and interesting look. Create a sophisticated atmosphere with a light chest of drawers like this one or decorate the room in a rustic style by choosing a dark wood model.

Furniture design Ombre with lettering

furniture living room hall ombre sideboard dresser font

Equally modern is this example from the Ombre furniture collection. It has effective lettering on the cabinet doors, giving the piece of furniture an interesting look. The cabinet doors designed in this way are emphasized and displayed by the combination with neutral doors, which at the same time transfers to the entire chest of drawers.

Ombre furniture in neutral style and dark wood

sideboard modern brown cupboard doors ombre collection

Here you can see a model for a sideboard from the Ombre furniture collection in a neutral design. However, as you can see, this does not mean that the sideboard looks boring. Due to the partially protruding cabinet doors with rectangular shapes, the sideboard receives an interesting checkerboard pattern. In addition, the individual elements are visually separated by the different orientation of the wood pattern, which is horizontally and vertically alternating.

Ombre furniture in Italian design – Elegant coffee table

coffee table cespitosa colletion flowers pattern white beige

In the Ombre furniture collection, there is also an effective coffee table, which impresses not only by pretty patterns and colors. Also, the design in terms of shapes is extremely appealing and is perfect for a modern home decor. Another advantage compared to most other sofas is the practical storage space provided by the two drawers. It is available in two designs.

Living room furniture “Ombre” with Cespitosa design

ombre coffee table white peel flowers italian

Ombre coffee table with interesting design and Cespitosa motifs

table couch ombre collection white floral motifs design

Furniture Collection “Ombre” – The coffee table with drawers

side table ombre collection cespitosa floral drawers

Living room furniture from the collection Ombre – Dark sideboard “Neutral”

Italian furniture collection sideboard dark brown wood living room

Chest of the Ombre Collection by Marchatti Maison

ombre cabinet dresser dark brown italian maison

ombre furniture collection white gray beige cabinet strip

sideboard ombre white hanging cabinet flowers pattern living room

ombre cespitosa design furniture floral motifs wood

wardrobe door marmette hexagon motif beige wood ombre maison

ombre furniture collection cabinet door floral flowers brown

ombre furniture collection italian motif floral black white

A collection by Marchetti Maison.

Handmade Italian furniture with a shiny design

Dining Room Furniture Smania chandelier

We present you handmade Italian furniture, their design and exquisite quality will really inspire you. Smania has been producing fine handmade art for over thirty years, and has since established itself as a high-professional company using traditional production techniques in the international market. Their secret lies in the special techniques used during the production process, as well as the great attention to detail.

Handmade Italian furniture for a noble ambience

luxury bedroom wooden bed

Smania employees must successfully complete a year-long training so that they can produce the high-quality pieces of furniture. Handmade Italian furniture require skill, energy and a lot of love. So they learn how to work and cut wood, as they follow the designer’s instructions, and with great patience create the ornaments for these real works of art step by step. Thanks to her precise work, the company has become famous worldwide with its unique pieces. They are not only beautiful, but also extremely durable – every detail is made with great attention, so that the overall concept is refined and noble. This furniture can accompany you for life and always surprise you. They will never go out of fashion thanks to their timeless elegance.

Handmade Italian furniture – noble color schemes

luxurious handmade furniture Smania

The style of Smania can be described as a modern interpretation of classic furniture, where designers strive for perfection and create a luxurious ambience. High quality materials such as native tree species, exotic upholstery and fine textures are carefully selected for production, so that the massive handmade furniture by rich ornaments reminiscent of a bygone era. The color schemes are simple – black-white and beige-brown define the collection. They are particularly well combined with subtle lighting. Italian furniture They are known for creating an authentic atmosphere and combining tradition with modernity. So unique and fine projects deserve our applause with their tasteful, stylish and original design ideas.

By K.H.Hristova

Black wall unit with TV cabinet

Black-room wall tv cabinet

Modern interior in the office

modern office facility wooden shelves

Luxurious classic wall unit

luxury-classic-shiny-room wall

Dark-brown Cabinet Furniture Smania

dark-brown cabinet furniture Smania

Elegant Italian patio furniture

elegant-Italian Patio Furniture

Designer furniture by Mascheroni brings the Italian style home

orange-colored leather chairs living room

The Designer furniture by Mascheroni Bring retro chic and elegance into the modern apartment. Luxurious, valuable and simply beautiful designs. When it comes to such fine pieces of furniture, durability and timeless elegance play an important role in the selection. The entire collection offers wonderful interior design ideas.

Designer furniture by Mascheroni – Italian elegance


Mascheroni is an Italian studio that has collected talents in the field of furniture design and interiors. All employees, designers and customer consultants work mainly to satisfy the customer’s wishes in the purchase and try to offer individual design solutions for the modern man. Their main goal is to create a comfortable environment where you feel comfortable. The Designer furniture by Mascheroni are characterized by creative yet classic models.

Designer furniture by Mascheroni models and colors

modern office furniture Crocodile Leather

The Designer furniture by Mascheroni will give every room a luxurious look. Especially suitable for large residences, where they create a unique atmosphere with their elegant lines and fine fabrics. The furniture company specializes in luxury designs and offers a wide range of furniture. Whether sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds, office furniture, desks or small dining tables, coffee tables and decorative elements – they have everything.

Chairs – Modern designer furniture by Mascheroni

green-chair Italian design

We start with the comfortable chairs by Mascheroni – a large collection of designs awaits all fans of Italian designer furniture. They are refined and tasteful, with a simple design and designed in fabulous colors. Some models are similar to classic and traditional styles such as Victorian and Colonial, while others introduce the new minimalist designs to the interior. The chairs are designed according to the motto ‘My chair in the office is my throne’. The Designer furniture by Mascheroni are created for those who know what they want and how they achieve it.

Desks and tables with Italian style

futuristic-practical office table

Mascheroni presents authentic furniture with classic and high-tech additional features for the modern office. Today, the office interior is at least as important as the interior design and creates a cozy atmosphere where both the staff and the customers feel comfortable.

Beds by Mascheroni – authentic designer furniture in the bedroom

Luxury-Italian-white bedroom

The Designer furniture by Mascheroni offer exclusive beds for the classic bedroom. Her suggestions for the modern bedroom include crystal chandeliers, mirrors as decoration and bedspreads made of rich fabrics. Interesting ornaments on the walls serve as decoration. You feel like king in a bedroom by Mascheroni.

Most designer furniture by Mascheroni are supplied with additional decoration, as a thanksgiving from the Italian company. Interesting vases and eclectic chandeliers will surely fascinate the customers.


Red leather furniture in the cabinet

Red Cabinet furniture

Modern cabinet from Mascheroni

modern cabinet-Mascheroni

Classic conference room wood furniture

classic conference room wood furniture

Timeless elegance-Mascheroni bed

Timeless Elegance Mascheroni Bed

Italian bathroom tiles by FAP Ceramiche – 25 superb designs

bathroom tile idea glamor gold color gloss pattern

The Italian company FAP ceramics brings a little luxury in our everyday life. As a recognized tile manufacturer, the company has over 30 exceptional collections of modern wall tiles for the kitchen and bathroom , We have 25 stunning bathroom tile collections that would delight you. Give your bathroom a certain style and playfulness. Your bathroom is a great place where you can express your personality. Try a romantic and funny look.

Bath tiles in cream for a relaxed ambience

bathroom tile delicate rose color salmon wall decoration

These bathroom tiles are great for creating a bathroom with a romantic look. The delicate pink is suitable for both vintage style and beach style bathroom design. Let your imagination run wild and create a stylish, intimate atmosphere or a fascinating design in soft colors. Combine them with white furniture or choose wood as a material and you get a unique atmosphere in which everyone would feel comfortable.

High gloss bathroom tiles in natural tones

bad-tiles and rustic-pattern-naturtoene-wood-moebel

Fap Ceramiche presents a blend of tradition and innovation to deliver the latest looks to its customers. These modern wall tiles allow you to accent the best features of the bathroom. Draw attention to a fancy tiled mirror or decorate the showers area with shiny mosaic tiles. There is a pattern and a color for every taste. Find your favorite design!

Monochrome and color accent


The advantage of a monochrome bath facility is that you can set such great color accents. In this example, you’ll see gray bathroom tiles that make the green accents look their best.

Red and white


Elegant bath design in white and dark gray

Voyage black white bathroom design modern glass shower cabin

beige wall tiles with decorations

Voyage design collection bathroom tile cream decorations

Hamam atmosphere

supernatural bathroom tiles texture hamam similar

Puristically with marble

Supernatural bathroom tile marble bordür cream

pink vintage bathroom with skylight

pink bathroom design floral motifs pitched skylight

purple feminine bath design

purple bathroom feminine bathtub chandelier fap ceramiche

purple and white mosaic

purple bathroom design mosaic polished glass shower stall tap ceramiche

environmentally friendly bathroom in white and blue

futura bathroom design ideas blue gray wood vanity

Renaissance motifs

Cielo Italian wall tiles decorative pattern renaissance

bright tiles in wood look with decorations

bathroom tile wood decor floral motifs tree stump

geometric pattern

bathroom tiles large format wall tiles ecru geometric pattern

bathroom tile fap blue brown floating cabinet

bathroom tiles italian wood texture white roses texture

Sole collection fap ceramiche purple floral bathroom tiles

bathroom tile ideas beige brown mosaic polished fap ceramiche

bathroom tiles fap ceramiche matt cream decorative shelves under vanity

bathroom design luxury white mother of pearl supernatural

bathroom design ideas glass shower cabin light blue white glossy

bathroom design ideas red white accent wall tiles round mirror

bathroom tile fap ceramiche olive green polished flower pattern

Italian sofa with a modern look from Flexform


It is known worldwide that Italian designers and architects are some of the best in the world and Italian sofa an experience of comfort and convenience. With the dawn of a new era of new and extraordinary new designs, Flexform has entered the exciting world of interior design and launched a collection in 1970. The pieces of furniture from the collection were created by some of the best top designers such as Rodolfo Bonetto, Joe Colombo, Sergio Asti and Cini Boeri.

Italian sofa – modern concept

elegant leather corner rustic appearance

Since then, the large Flexform family has never stopped growing – more and more designers from around the world have come to the company Italian sofa newly conceived and led numerous projects. With their undisputed talent and innovative ideas, they have created a unique Flexform style that is more than just a corporate brand today – it’s definitely a clear vision for the future. The style of Flexform is called Hallmark. And indeed, all pieces of furniture look high quality – from armchairs, to large sofas – everything is made from unique fabrics and materials, so that it is not only comfortable, but also brings a certain sheen to the interior.

Italian sofa and chairs by Flexform – Designer

unusual animal motives Low-chairs living room

Antonio Citterio is one of the talented designers whose collections have brought the company to the front. He creates a warm, comfortable island of tranquility, which develops a flexible, new concept for the modern interior through different modular elements. Italian sofa is large, spacious and should be able to collect the whole family.

Italian sofa and other pieces of furniture from the collection

Living room bookshelf leather chair reading corner

Today has Flexform Many well known collections wue Groundpiece, Resort, Status and many others presented. Many of them attract attention in large showrooms around the world. Some collections represent Italian elegance and rationalism. Much like our clothes reflect our personality, the furniture reflects our taste and character. That’s why Flexform has developed different designs for different customers.

Low wooden table with storage space

low wood table black

Elegant sofa bed with side table

elegant sofa bed Italian design

Brown daybed with leather upholstery

elegant-Daybett-brown-leather upholstery

Leather chair in the living room – Italian production

Leather Chair Living Room elegant design

Italian interior design ideas – royal dining and bedroom furniture

Elegant Photo Wall Bedroom

GIMO is a world renowned Italian furniture producer, with its handmade dining room and Bedroom furniture has earned worldwide recognition. Their designs are very popular not only in Italy, but also in Western Europe, North America and many other parts of the world. The company represents both the unique Italian style and creativity, as well as first-class quality.

Italian dining room and bedroom furniture in the royal style

koniglicher-style dining room

GIMO is undoubtedly one of the best examples of a mix between tradition and modernity. His rich, royal dining room and Bedroom furniture Many young designers in the world fascinate and inspire. But why is it that GIMO is so special? The answer to this question starts with another question – what is GIMO? It is not a company, distributor or seller – it is indeed a consortium made up of many different independent furniture companies. Every furniture producer has his own unique style and has brought excellent collections to the market.

Qualitative bedroom furniture by GIMO

classic bedroom design chandelier

The group of 16 companies contributes to the rich design palette of dining and dining rooms Bedroom furniture at, by GIMO is offered. They are located mostly in the area near Florence and Pisa, and have composed for innovative ideas and creative solutions. As a result, something truly unique has been created – really high quality Italian noble furniture. Thanks to GIMO, all 16 Italian companies have managed to conquer the international market and to further popularize Italian furniture and decoration with their beautiful creations.

Elegant classic designs

classic setup Idea koniglicher style

The strength of the consortium lies in the talent of the designers, who are always looking for new ideas and inspirations. GIMO has become a symbol of the best Italian furniture. Behind the name hides long-standing tradition and furniture. Let these fabulous designs inspire you and also combine classic furniture with a modern twist in your interior.

White dressing table bedroom

white-bedroom dressing table

Modern walk-in closet bedroom

modern-walk-in closet bedroom glass door

Big white bookshelf

great-white-bookcase-living room

White bedroom with elegant bedside table

Modern-white bedroom nightstand

Yellow accents in the living room

yellow accents Parlor reading corner

Modern office furniture leather chair

Modern-office-Einrchtung leather chair

Modern living area with blue wall

Blue Wall Living Room

100 ideas for bedroom designs in various furnishing styles