Modern design kitchens by Scavolini for small and large spaces

small kitchen modern scavolini open living room gray wood

The Italian kitchen manufacturer Scavolini creates modern design kitchens for large and small spaces that are both visually appealing and functional. It does not matter if you are a huge one open kitchen with all the necessary appliances and accessories, or would like to have a small kitchen with breakfast bar and two bar stools, you would find a matching design in the Scavolini catalog.

Modern design kitchens and open space concepts

open kitchen modern wood fronts dining table integrated living room

A trend in the interior is the combination of the living and kitchen area in a room of the apartment. In this way, the chef can chat with his guests while he prepares the food. Another option is a cooking island, which is extended as a counter. That’s a compact one Solution for small rooms where there is no room for a large dining table.

Modern design kitchens for small spaces

Modern small kitchen Scavolini dining area counter khaki

This company has modern design kitchens that can be easily adapted to your needs and preferences. The designs have clean lines and are often equipped with a series of cabinets and open shelves on a wall. The geometric shapes and the combination of only two colors is the secret of modern kitchen furniture.

enough space for cooking and eating

modern open modern design kitchens white light wood kitchen island

High gloss kitchens are becoming increasingly popular

Modern kitchen small spaces beige glossy U-shape dining area

elegant combination of turquoise and black

Design kitchens Scavolini turquoise blue black dining area pendant lights

Living room and kitchen in one

Modern design kitchens Scavolini open living room beige bar counter

Wood cabinet fronts and open shelves

Modern kitchens Scavolini wood fronts drawers shelves dining area

light wood and cream glossy fronts

Modern Design Kitchens Scavolini bright wood high gloss glass top

clear lines and enough storage space

Modern design kitchen Scavolini large spaces white dining area functional

kitchenette units small cooking area dining area scavolini

kitchen modern white beige combination scavolini clear lines

bright kitchen design dining area cream white scavolini

large open kitchen white wood Modern Designs Scavolini

large kitchen dining area three colors wood white blue surfaces

Modern design kitchens scavolini large room wood black island

wood black kitchen industrieler style plants

Modern design kitchen Scavolini large room cooking island

large kitchen scavolini white gray wooden counter open shelves

large kitchen scavolini cooking island wood extractor fan

elegant modern kitchen black high gloss scavolini

Modern kitchen Scavolini white kitchen line black accent bar counter

Modern design kitchens scavolini white grass green accent theke

purple white kitchen small large scavolini rooms

The super cool kitchens by Mobalpa

green-orange-super-cool kitchens

Nowadays, the modern homes are practical, inviting and elegantly furnished, so that the interior exudes a real zest for life and creates a cozy atmosphere. The super cool kitchens by Mobalpa have an advantageous design – are you ready for new inspirations?

Mobalpa – the masters of super cool kitchen interior design ideas

Australia Kitchen Design

If you still have not heard of the French furniture company Mobalpa, you can now take a look at your catalogs and products. The talented designer team behind the brand has done an excellent job of completely transforming the ordinary, even boring kitchen. These super cool kitchens Provide an ambience where the whole family can cook, eat and have fun together. Mobalpa specializes in creating a space of positive emotions without leaving the style in the background.

The super cool kitchen ideas for the whole family

rustic-corner kitchen-classical style

When browsing through a Mobalpa catalog, you will surely be impressed by the glossy surfaces and perfect designs of the modular kitchens. The combination of comfort and cosiness, the luxury elements and the versatile use of kitchen cabinets make life much easier.

Kitchen designs combine comfort and comfort

lighter pink Kitchen Design

And not only that – the cool Mobalpa kitchens are spacious and comfortable. Good organization of the available space and the many possibilities to redesign the individual panels according to the room decorate the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa. Even the corner kitchen is newly designed.

Color schemes and material selection

Modern Kitchen Designs Mobalpa

The super cool kitchens Mobalpa offers many color options that customers can choose from. Gentle nuances are definitely preferred by the designers. The materials used are also different depending on the style – you can opt for a completely white shiny minimalist kitchen, as well as for a rustic wood kitchen. Eclectic decoration, innovative chandeliers and stainless steel furniture compliment the kitchens.

Extraordinary, daring and interesting – the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa

Cozy-Perinne Kitchen blue tablecloth

Mobalpa are a French furniture company that has redesigned the kitchen. It offers a large number of exclusive kitchen interior ideas from high quality materials such as plastic, oak, stainless steel and with a beautiful finish.

From Abigail

White-green Niobe kitchen

white-green-Niobe kitchen

Super cool kitchen-white

super-cool Kitchen white

Practical wooden kitchen interior

practical wood kitchen interiors

Shiny gray kitchen cabinets

shiny-gray kitchen cabinets

minimalist panel kitchen with black bar stools


Interesting pendant light over the kitchen counter

interesting pendant lamp Kitchen Bar

Dark contrasts in the kitchen

Wood kitchen Oak dark contrasts

Elios-modern kitchen

Elios Modern Kitchen dark kitchen counters

High gloss lacquered kitchens by A-Cero – Exciting futuristic design

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero mobalco metrica deisgn

A-Cero is a famous architecture firm from Spain designing amazing houses. The team amazes us every time with designs that stand out through modern lines, colors, shapes and a minimalist, even futurist Mark style. Present now A-Cero High gloss lacquered kitchens that really expresses her traditional minimalism in black and white.

High gloss lacquered kitchens from A-cero

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero metrica mobalco black-white

Metrica is a modern combination of neutral colors and clean shapes, giving the whole an elegant and timeless look. Metrica is sober but with character. The high-quality materials and the interesting lighting effects are fascinating. Metrica is also available in a wide range of oak and cherry wood.

High gloss lacquered kitchens in black and white

metrica kitchen a-cero design mobalco manufacturer

Mobalco began its story as a small carpentry workshop in 1959. Today, Mobalco specializes in the production of modern kitchens. Their philosophy comprises seven principles: careful selection of materials, interesting finishes, passion for design, excellent manufacturing handling, care for transport and packaging, energy efficiency and attention to customers.

LED recessed lights

High gloss kitchen black white underfitted a-cero

Corian® worktop

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero mobalpa black white

elegant lines

High gloss lacquered kitchens a-cero recessed corian countertop

Wave kitchen design by A-Cero

a-cero kitchens design white futuristic modern

Wave kitchen is something that can take your breath away. The modern design and the high quality materials used make it an amazing kitchen that would fit in the interior of a spaceship.

pure white and futuristic

High gloss lacquered kitchen white black tiled mirror

built-in appliances

white futuristic kitchen a-cero built-in appliances

black tile mirror

Wave kitchen pure white matt cabinets a-cero design

recessed lighting

Kitchen design a-cero architects spain pure white recessed lighting

The kitchens in some houses of A-Cero

modern house Somosaguas a-cero kitchen dining area

Apartment in Galicia

Glossy kitchens futuristic design a-cero architects

Concrete House II in Pozuelo de Alorcón

Kitchen a-cero glossy cabinet fronts gray white

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero black futuristic lines

High gloss lacquered kitchens a-cero architecture black white

interesting black lines as decoration

designer kitchen black white a-cero style futuristic

Bulthaup kitchens with designer accentuation

Habitat kitchen-wood look tiles

Through function and ergonomics, the design of the Bulhaup kitchens certainly. There are kitchens of the upper price category with an emphasis on design. In 2014, the company, based in Aich, a district of Bodenkirchen near Landshut, will offer three product lines – b1, b2 and b3. All three have special features about which you will now be brief.

Bulthaup kitchens of the product line b1

Wooden floor brick wall Bulthaup kitchen-white-optic stainless steel surface

The Bulthaup kitchens b1 have been designed puristically. Doors and drawers are handleless and this kitchen is intended to appeal to the younger target group with a low starting price. The choice of surfaces, cabinets and worktops are made of either wood, stainless steel or white optics and their selection is less abundant than the b2 and b3 product lines, but is still successfully manufactured and sold.

Bulthaup kitchens b2

Kitchen Bulthaup B2 stainless steel finish

The Bulthaup kitchens The product line b2 consists of two cabinets for the dishes and for the built-in appliances such as refrigerator, dishwasher and oven. typical kitchen island include hob and water hole. When opening cabinet doors, all content is immediately accessible. Their interior and that of the kitchen island have been modularly designed.

new push-and-Auszugsssystem-of-Bulthaup

Bulthaup kitchens b3

The Bulthaup kitchens b3 are characterized by functionality. An additional wall, in front of the actual wall, called functional wall is used as a supporting base for the appliances and kitchen furniture. Depending on space and space, these appliances and kitchen furniture can be freely adapted and attached to this wall. On the running joints you can hang knife blocks, paper roll holder and shelves. Hinged function boxes provide plenty of storage space and the floating kitchen can be used as a universal furniture system throughout the house.

Solid wood table kitchen window bright surfaces

Bulthaup faucet control of temperature, water quantity and position with one hand


Benches, home accessories, lighting, tables determine the ergonomics of the Bulthaup brand

Fitted kitchen B3 Bulthaup kitchen with island

Modern kitchen design of the upscale sector.

white-kitchen-island Bulthaup

The brand stands for practical and functional hours in the kitchen area

Wall decor drawer dish tableware

Everything is in perfect order with the new push-pull system

Kitchen and dining area-Bulthaup herbal wooden floor room ceiling lining

Kitchen island with wood-look Bulthaup

Kitchen idea-of-Bulthaup bar stools leather seats

Kitchen made of wood veneer Bulthaup

small-kitchen-of-Bulthaup B3

Wood solid wood floor stool kitchen island


Gas Ring stainless steel look Kitchen by Bulthaup-bookshelves


dark-kitchen-of-Bulthaup tile flooring

Bulthaup design kitchen wood matt surface

Bulthaup B3 kitchen matt surface

Bulthaup B3-white-kitchen

Bulthaup-B2 kitchen Design gray wooden floor surfaces

Bulthaup B2 Kitchen stainless steel surface

Bulthaup B1 walnut kitchen-pine kitchen

BulthaupB1 walnut kitchen

Aluminum bronze Bulthaup B3

Soil from wood chair-white-frame window

Furnishing tips – make cheap kitchens look more luxurious!

Cheap Kitchen remodel Decorate

Cheap kitchens can also look classy and luxurious – here we tell you how you can make your kitchen more luxurious and without much effort and expense! The renovation can be too expensive, time and nerves, which can save you in the end. We have collected and summarized some setup tips for you.

Cheap kitchens – save at the kitchen counter

White Flooring open-Küchensregale-storage space

Usually the kitchen counter is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the room. Granite, marble or quartz counters cost thousands of euros, and the installation is extra. Nevertheless, this counter is very popular and popular for its durability and beautiful appearance. Cheap kitchens have a great advantage – they usually come in simple colors and models, and you can then change and decorate them in different ways. But you can achieve the same effect with much less money – buy a decorative foil – granite and marble – and stick it on the kitchen counter. Or you can buy granite tiles that cost less than entire granite counter.

Cheap kitchens – save on flooring

modern-kitchen-dark laminate white furniture

Cheap kitchens have a simple design and can be combined with different floor coverings. Instead of using natural stone or wood flooring, you can opt for laminates. It is important to select the right color. Combination of white kitchen cabinets and dark flooring always looks classically elegant. If you’re not sure about colors, you can not go wrong with the absolute classic – black and white color scheme. Choose laminates that are dark and whose individual parts are bigger and longer. The same applies to floor tiles – monochrome, large and in a neutral color scheme.

Cheap kitchens – kitchen accessories

elegant white-kitchen-island cheap kitchen

Cheap kitchens can look luxurious and classy, ​​and to compliment the overall look, you can combine them with expensive crockery. If you want to save money on accessories, you can buy display units at a lower price. Organize the kitchen cabinets so that all accessories are hidden. Puristic shapes are totally in vogue. So keep the design as simple as possible, let the room look neat, for the first time skip decoration and choose a two-tone color scheme.

Cheap kitchens with pure luxury appearance

Modern-affordable-kitchen-blind design idea

We’ve come up with some great ideas for you, such as cheap kitchens Pure luxury can radiate – and that’s because of the lighting. The designers set accents by choosing a colored or elegant lighting. If you have large windows, you can decorate them with a Venetian blind – in this case, opt for a monochrome variant with a large figure in the middle instead of smaller flower patterns, for example. Save money on designers by remodeling your own kitchen – not just an inexpensive alternative, but a way to design your dream kitchen!

Simple kitchen with red chandelier

simple-kitchen-red chandelier accent

Gray color scheme for elegant kitchen

gray color scheme and elegant-budget Kitchen set

Elegant color scheme-brown-white color

elegant color scheme-brown and white color

Open kitchen shelf-great storage ideas

open-kitchen shelf-great-storage ideas

Decorative foil granite kitchen counter

Decorative film Granite kitchen counter

Marble decoration foil

Marble decorative foil kitchen table

Cupboard with a lot of storage space

black-white-storage ideas kitchen

Three great renovation ideas for French country kitchens

Wooden flooring laminate country house style kitchen

French country kitchens are some of the most interesting ideas for renovation. The decoration, the colors and the style creates a warm, cozy atmosphere. You can start renovating your kitchen and choosing the French country look. Here are just a few ideas that you can realize.

French country kitchens – dark wood for the kitchen cabinets

warm-dark-wood color-country kitchen

Dark wood for the table and kitchen cabinets is a must in the French country kitchens – You can find matching cabinets in a secondhand bookshop or small furniture shops that renovate old furniture / Optionally there are interesting items certainly also found at the flea market /. Even if the kitchen cabinets and furniture look old, do not repaint them – this is exactly the effect we strive for. Old furniture creates a strange ambience, and you feel like in the grandma’s house.

French country kitchens – red accents

interesting blinds Dark-Holzitsch-country style kitchen

Lots French Cottage Kitchen A brighter or even white kitchen cabinets will face a red natural stone wall or brick wall. The result is a contrast that makes the interior more interesting and at the same time makes it look comfortable. In the country kitchen you can either laminate or tile alternatively prove. No matter which flooring you choose, it should be selected in a neutral color. Further interesting accents are created by the dark cabinets in combination with stainless steel kitchen accessories. Elegant iron accents like chandeliers will all draw attention. The table in the country kitchen is large, is usually in the middle of the room. Optionally, this can be replaced with kitchen island and chairs.

French country kitchen – choose the right curtains

dark-kitchen-island-great country kitchen idea

If you have large windows, you do not need blinds. Opt for translucent curtains in bright colors with floral patterns – making your new / old French country kitchen can benefit as much as possible from sunlight. Decorate the kitchen with flowers and decorate your porcelain dishes so that they become part of the decoration as well. She can choose a chandelier with candles – it gives the room an authentic look.

White french country kitchen

White-French-country style kitchen

Marble counter and white floor tiles

Marble counter and white floor tiles Villa Still kitchen

Classic country kitchen contrast colors

classic-country-kitchen-contrast colors

Traditional white kitchen-orange blinds

traditional-white-kitchen-orange blinds

Red kitchen counter-French style kitchen

red-kitchen counters-French-style cuisine

Retro aftertaste country kitchen

retro-taste-country kitchen

Country style kitchen renovation

Country-style kitchen renovation

Green curtain country style kitchen

green-curtain country-style kitchen

The kitchens by Mortini Mobili – classic, luxurious and modern

Classic Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-light-wood

Interesting kitchen ideas are no longer hard to create or find. A large number of new and innovative design studios along with the other furniture manufacturers, the customer can easily achieve the result of domestic perfection and warm atmosphere at home. The only thing the customer has to do is like the pros Kitchens by Mortini Mobili to trust.

The catalog and the kitchens by Mortini Mobili

Classic Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-open-kitchen

Look inside the world behind the Mortini Mobili company , we can not just miss the features of the catalog and the products. They characterize the Italian team as one of the most remarkable and talented in the country. The company’s catalog includes brilliant deals on super cool kitchen ideas, where the balance between quality materials, sumptuous colors, original concepts and visionary appearances is just impressive. While the catalog is diverse, furniture manufacturing is constant with incorporation of new patented techniques, innovations and trends from the leaders in the industry.

Classic and modern kitchens by Mortini Mobili

Classic Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili

As usual, Mortini Mobili kitchens are divided into two sections – a section for classic kitchens and a section for modern kitchens. They can be distinguished by their styles, decorations and methods of arrangement. But they are equally based on their unique properties that make up their overall appearance – the ergonomics, the eco-friendship, and the real beauty.

modern-kitchen-of-Mortini Mobili-open-living room

The modern kitchens by Mortini Mobili are typical representatives of high-tech, cooking technology premises where everything is at hand. Everything is beautiful even for the sharpest eye. Gloss and sheer elegance are just some of the labels that we can add to the most important reviews of contemporary kitchens by Mortini Mobili. Looking to the future, these kitchen designs should be the examples of our futuristic home spaces.

Classic Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-black-wood

The classic kitchen ideas draw with the harmonious shapes, the perfect combination of colors and materials, and of course with the unmistakable accents on the traditional decors such as the vases, plates and glasses, and the lighting. Due to the tradition, the company relies only on the new furniture with the well-known label “Made in Italy”. Some of the ideas behind the classic portfolio of kitchens of the Italian group are dedicated to the Vintage Flow.

Special super coolе kitchen ideas with luxury look

Luxury Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili

There is a special Limited Edition collection by Mortini Morbili created to satisfy the rich people and their preference for fine and sumptuous products. The kitchens by Mortini Mobili with a luxury look are the company’s latest approach to originality and uniqueness. Carefully and accurately made for the high class, these ideas make an unforgettable impression and create a sense of security and trustworthiness.

Luxury kitchen-of-Mortini-Mobili

The Tosca interior design concept for a great luxury kitchen can be the most attractive and distinct concept among all the cuisines of Mortini Mobili. The Italian designers have outdone themselves – the beautiful kitchen is only a few steps away from the door to the sky. For this reason, the team still follows the idea of ​​beauty in the kitchen more and put the functionality in second place.


Luxury Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-dark-wood

Luxury Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-vanilla

Luxury Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-burgundy-shelf modern-kitchen-of-Mortini Mobili-beige-wood

modern kitchen cabinets-of-Mortini-Mobili

modern-kitchen-of-Mortini Mobili Classic Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-white-wooden floor

Classic Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-color contrasts

Classic Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-red wood

Classic Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-black-contrasts classic-open-kitchen-of-Mortini Mobili

Classic Kitchen marble floor of-Mortini-Mobili-

Classic Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili-spacious classic-collection Kitchen of-Mortini-Mobili

The exclusive kitchens from Brummel with WOW effect

Diamond-The-exclusive Kitchen of-Brummel

To have a practical, beautiful kitchen is not only necessary, but vital. Especially if we really want to feel good when we cook or just hang out in our kitchen. A bad design would drive you instinctively to leave the room immediately after you’ve finished cooking or washing …

The exclusive kitchens from Brummel – white luxury

marmola-luxury kitchen-Brummel

That’s why the exclusive kitchens of Brummel so extraordinary and incredible. You have a very unique wow effect that literally blows you away as you enter the room. They look absolutely amazing. Brummel offers real luxurious, modern kitchen designs that would never go out of style. They are noble and beautiful, they are everything a cooking enthusiast or professional could need. Technological and practical – the exclusive kitchens from Brummel are fully equipped in every way.

The exclusive kitchens by Brummel – Brilliant collection

contemporanea exclusive luxury-kitchen-of-Brummel

The main jewel in the kitchen is the kitchen island, which is simply gorgeous and complements the entire kitchen interior. Functionality does not come only with utility. It also contains a perfect balance in terms of individual room measurement. The kitchen should satisfy the individual needs of the customer, that is why the exclusive kitchens from Brummel adjustable to fit every home and every need.

Grand Gourmet R – black high gloss kitchen

Grand Gourmet-R-black high gloss kitchen

When we talk about the future of the kitchen and its style, we talk about it the exclusive kitchens from Brummel , Each piece is brought into perfect balance, so that the interior looks very light, yet very cozy and stylish. Brummel designs are dedicated to perfectionism, natural balance and impeccable, unique perception in combination with modern solutions and creative ideas. The kitchens are a blend of classic and contemporary design with luxurious aesthetics that add a finishing touch to the interior design. Every Brummel kitchen is actually a work of art, a design, an alternate reality where you feel free and motivated. It’s not just a decor or a setting. It introduces a dream world, a story that came to life.

magnetic purple kitchen


Wood paneling and shiny surfaces

contemporanea-wood cladding-glamorous-surfaces

white marble and crystal

papillon-white luxury brummel

papillon-The-exclusive Kitchen of-Brummel

papillon-countertop-The-exclusive Kitchen of-Brummel

papillon-kitchen utensils-The-exclusive Kitchen of-Brummel

marmola-ventilation-hooded-crystal cladding

Bamboo kitchen

BAMBOO-two kitchen island-bright-wood

BAMBOO-The-exclusive Kitchen of-Brummel

Country-style kitchen

MaisonClassique-exclusive Kitchen country style

Grand Gourmet The exclusive-Kitchen of-Brummel

jaipur-luxury kitchen-color cream


Set up small kitchens – tips and ideas for the floor plan

small kitchens set narrow-two-lines-white-tiles-sand-color-light-green-accents

Having a small kitchen is not a bad thing. You just have to choose the available one Use space optimally to save everything you need to save space. For this purpose, one first needs to determine the purpose of the kitchen, plan the perfect kitchen layout, then choose suitable colors and finishes. How can you set up small kitchens , without sacrificing modern design and functionality, read the following article.

Set up small kitchens – Which plan should it be?

Small kitchens furnish l-shape-white-fronts-light-wood-optics-wall-design-diamond pattern

What must your small kitchen can? Do you only want to cook there, or eat and sit there? Depending on the space must be used differently. The kitchen floor plan usually depends on the section of the room and the “working triangle”. It is determined by three points: stove, sink and refrigerator. When planning your kitchen, you must always make sure that the paths between these three are not obstructed and are not too close or far.

The typical kitchen layouts are single-line, two-line, L-shaped and U-shaped. The kitchenette is ideal for small kitchen with a long wall without windows and doors and limited width. The L shape is perfect if you want to make a small dining area in the small kitchen. Choose the U-shape if you need maximum storage space and work space in the smallest of spaces. You can plan the kitchen on three walls or on two adjacent walls and a peninsula that extends into the room.

Set up small kitchens – bright colors

Set up small kitchens -l-form-matt-white-wood-fronts-spritzschutz-fotomotiv-yellow-orange

Important for small kitchens is the color selection. Cabinet fronts in white and light wood tone are particularly popular nowadays and can be beautifully combined with a colorful glass splash guard or tile mirror. Such an elaborate wall design is perfectly brought to the fore in this way. You should also pay much attention to the worktop. Not only does it have to fit visually into the overall picture, it also has to be made of a scratch-resistant and heat-resistant material.

Take a look at our excellent examples and get inspiration for your own project.

Sky blue wall as an accent in this small kitchen

small-cake-set-l-form-matte-white-light-wood-sky blue-spritzschutz

interesting patterned tiles

small-cake-set-modern-dining area-wall design triangle-tiles-vertical-garden

small kitchenette in the living room

Wohnkueche-u-form-white-cabinet fronts-yellow-red-spritzschutz-dining chairs

Led underfloor lights accentuate the green splash guard

eat-in kitchen and white-cabinet fronts-green-glass-spritzschutz-countertop-wood Optic-tresen

black kitchen back wall in brick look

small-cake-set-black-white-modern-dining-wanddeko world map

sky blue wall cupboard fronts

small-cake-set-one-line-white-blue-fronts-spritzschutz-countertop-wood-Optic-dining area

small kitchen in white, black and gray


small-kitchen-wall design-pattern-tile-hexagonal shape and white high-gloss-cabinet fronts

small-cake-set-l-form modern-white-dark-wood-dining area

small-cake-set-l-form modern-tile mirror-cube-pattern-yellow-white

small-cake-set-l-form-white-tile mirror-bright gray-floor-black-white

Wohnkueche-pur-white-and-form glass-spritzschutz-modern-Hood Inserts

living kitchen-modern-wood Optic-white-countertop-dining table-room dividers

Wohnkueche-one-line-high-gloss white-gray-working plate-wooden dining table Blue-sofa

small-cake-set-two-lines-taupe-purple plum-dining area

small-cake-set-u-form kuechentresen-glass-tile mirror-green-white-matte schranfronten

small-cake-set-white-light-wood-green-spritzschutz-cell pattern

small-cake-set-one-line-white-light-wood-wall color and gray-tile mirror-triangle-gray-blue

small-cake-set-pur-white-one line-Scandinavian

small-cake-set-pur-white-one line-kuechentheke

Small kitchens furnish l-shape-cabinet-high-gloss-gray-tiled-mirror-dining-place

Set up small kitchens -l-shape-high-gloss-white-wood-optics-led-strip-dining area

small-cake-set-l-form high-gloss silver-gray back wall-dark-wood-optics

Small kitchens furnish brown-wall-paint-cream-cabinet-countertop-wood-look

Modern modular kitchens offer flexibility in design

modular kitchen planing black white marble counter

Modern modular kitchens are a space-saving and flexible variant – they offer numerous design options according to the room conditions. We take a close look at the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen modules.

Modern modular kitchens – advantages at a glance

Perform stylish details wall shelf systems

Flexibility – Most manufacturers offer a wide range of basic modules. So anyone from 20 to 30 individual designs can choose the appropriate 5-6 for their own kitchen. Customized planning according to the room conditions is therefore quite possible. Modern modular kitchens can also be easily redesigned – and may therefore be preferred for rental housing.

Individual design of the individual modules – similar to a special production, the customer can also select the color and the material of the fronts and the body.

Cost-effective alternative – many manufacturers supply their modular K panels in boxes – and the buyer is responsible for the on-site assembly. Often, assembling the kitchen cabinets is easy and can be done even by beginners. This saves costs. In the end you get almost a custom-made kitchen for the price of mass production.

Future-oriented planning – the freestanding kitchen modules offer flexibility in the future as well. So you can first buy only a kitchenette for the single apartment, and then possibly later order additional modules.

Modern modular kitchens – disadvantages at a glance

Stainless steel plan modern small apartment ground floor

Time consuming – if you want a modern modular kitchen, you should invest a lot of time and patience in it. The room has to be measured, then the individual modules have to be put together and at the end there is the assembly.

Certain experience in the field kitchen planning should be present – A beginner in the kitchen planning can feel overwhelmed with the many tasks. That’s why you should not just order a large modular kitchen, but rather start small – with a new kitchen cabinet or cabinet for the kitchen sink. The experts therefore advise to always test first, and then order great.

Modular kitchen made of stainless steel – robust and durable

freestanding modular kitchens small modern eclectic furnishing ideas

Modular kitchen in the small apartment

plan small flat design ideas

Modular cooking island in classic style

freestanding cooking island vanity top chopping board design ideas

Practical and stylish – modular kitchen in black and white

Design ideas contrasting colors black white

Modular kitchen in country style with two kitchen islands

freestanding combine modern country style kitchen fronts oak blue painted

combine blue cooking island built-in appliances vanity cooktop

blue color base cabinet system classic style

luxurious design base cabinets kitchen island

Real wood fronts black cooking island wall shelf system wine racks

dark wood furniture storage space freestanding kitchenette

Country style kitchens design ideas kitchenettes

Ideas design silver accents wall shelf system

design ideas Base cabinets black white

plan to build cabinets combining fronts

Wood countertop brick wall white color

Fitted kitchen white sub-cabinets wood wall units

Walnut made attractive grain modern design ideas

Ideas purple color wood classic beautiful cooking island

burgundy kitchen back wall classic style living area dining area

modern cooking island minimalist white kitchen plan

Color handleless cabinet doors wood worktop

Space-saving design wall cabinets wood hob

handleless cupboard doors white fronts cooking island

Kitchen counter minimalist stylish black worktop

Built-in appliances minimalist handleless design modern

Metal wood kitchen island dining space shape rustic wood ceiling

Color modern base cabinets mirror tiles kitchen design

Worktop wood look brick wall untreated

gray green color cooking island dining barstools

black color wood details stainless steel fume hood

free-standing variant wooden cabinets exposed concrete modern stylish

modern white built-in furniture minimalist elegant

plan your own Cabinets Free-standing

modular systems kitchen design wood countertop brick wall white color

Modular kitchen design ideas modern design Tile mirror gray

outside granite countertop wood bar

Kitchen island stainless steel counter wall shelf system

white kitchen modules freestanding design ideas

black white kitchen marble cooking island wood fronts

Color brown-red glass kitchen mirror modern space-saving

Modular kitchen plan white handleless cabinet doors shelves

Kitchen lighting planning design ideas

Kitchen modules island bamboo country style sand color

Wooden cabinets Kitchen modules combine freestanding

Fitted kitchen freestanding kitchen island white design ideas

modern modular kitchen real wood white worktop pendant lamp

white color handleless cabinet doors wood worktop

dimensional planning gray kitchen cabinets designer furniture

outside kitchen country style summer terrace cottage

Kitchen small flat blue LED light granite slabs

Modules white color cooking island marble countertop dining area

Facility concrete floor pink freestanding modular kitchen plan

Yellow color cooking island Detached house set up

Kitchen modules brick wall design Scandinavian style

Kitchen modules black color dining table