Modern design kitchens by Scavolini for small and large spaces

small kitchen modern scavolini open living room gray wood

The Italian kitchen manufacturer Scavolini creates modern design kitchens for large and small spaces that are both visually appealing and functional. It does not matter if you are a huge one open kitchen with all the necessary appliances and accessories, or would like to have a small kitchen with breakfast bar and two bar stools, you would find a matching design in the Scavolini catalog.

Modern design kitchens and open space concepts

open kitchen modern wood fronts dining table integrated living room

A trend in the interior is the combination of the living and kitchen area in a room of the apartment. In this way, the chef can chat with his guests while he prepares the food. Another option is a cooking island, which is extended as a counter. That’s a compact one Solution for small rooms where there is no room for a large dining table.

Modern design kitchens for small spaces

Modern small kitchen Scavolini dining area counter khaki

This company has modern design kitchens that can be easily adapted to your needs and preferences. The designs have clean lines and are often equipped with a series of cabinets and open shelves on a wall. The geometric shapes and the combination of only two colors is the secret of modern kitchen furniture.

enough space for cooking and eating

modern open modern design kitchens white light wood kitchen island

High gloss kitchens are becoming increasingly popular

Modern kitchen small spaces beige glossy U-shape dining area

elegant combination of turquoise and black

Design kitchens Scavolini turquoise blue black dining area pendant lights

Living room and kitchen in one

Modern design kitchens Scavolini open living room beige bar counter

Wood cabinet fronts and open shelves

Modern kitchens Scavolini wood fronts drawers shelves dining area

light wood and cream glossy fronts

Modern Design Kitchens Scavolini bright wood high gloss glass top

clear lines and enough storage space

Modern design kitchen Scavolini large spaces white dining area functional

kitchenette units small cooking area dining area scavolini

kitchen modern white beige combination scavolini clear lines

bright kitchen design dining area cream white scavolini

large open kitchen white wood Modern Designs Scavolini

large kitchen dining area three colors wood white blue surfaces

Modern design kitchens scavolini large room wood black island

wood black kitchen industrieler style plants

Modern design kitchen Scavolini large room cooking island

large kitchen scavolini white gray wooden counter open shelves

large kitchen scavolini cooking island wood extractor fan

elegant modern kitchen black high gloss scavolini

Modern kitchen Scavolini white kitchen line black accent bar counter

Modern design kitchens scavolini white grass green accent theke

purple white kitchen small large scavolini rooms

Accessories »Large beach towel with a round shape for optimum comfort

Large beach towel -xxl-large-white-sandal-straw-hat-sunglasses-parasol-sand-pillow

Have you ever had to turn the beach towel several times a day while sunbathing to lie in the sun? Sometimes it can be annoying if you want to use the shade under the parasol. On big beach towel can be really useful in this case. XXL beach towels are not only used in the Beach vacation but also for excursions, picnics or hiking. But what shape should the big blanket ideally have for optimal comfort?

Large beach towel with round shape and hole for parasol

Large beach towel-white-parasol-pillow-straw-hat-sun-vacation-sand

A French designer has dealt extensively with this question. He grew up on the coast and dealt with this problem. The result is a large beach towel with a round shape and a hole in the middle for the parasol. The circular shape provides optimum comfort in the shade, since you do not constantly have to change the lying position with blanket. In addition, the space is enough for at least two people. Designs with a diameter of up to 300 cm provide enough space for the whole family and are just as good for that picnic ,

Large beach towel with round shape ensures optimal comfort summer

Large beach towel -white-round-parasol-pillow-sun-holiday-relax

The fabric used is a soft blend of linen and cotton with a special honeycomb structure that promises decidedly lightness. This beach towel dries quickly, is easy to care for and adds a touch of casual hippie style. It is offered in cream-white color and is available for a price of 122 euros.

Round design for casual summer days on the beach

beach towel-xxl-big-white-parasol-sun-Uralub-sunbathing-cushion-relax-comfort

The white color absorbs no additional heat

beach towel-xxl-big-white-sun-lie-vacation-woman-bikini-parasol

Round shape ensures optimal comfort during the sunny days

beach towel-xxl-big-white-parasol-round-woman-Uraub-sun-beach-relax

Enjoy the sun on the beach with functional accessories

beach towel-xxl-big-white-round-sun-sand-woman-holiday-straw-relax

Blanket for summer vacation for sunbathing comfort

beach towel-xxl-big-white-sand-woman-sunglasses-relax-Uralub-sun

Accessories for the beach in white absorb no additional heat

beach towel-xxl-big-white-round-pillow-woman-sand-comfort-vacation-tusch

Hippie chic on the beach with natural fabric accessories

beach towel-xxl-big-white-straw-Kompfort-round-sand-woman-holiday sandals

Blended fabric with honeycomb structure

beach towel-xxl-big-white-straw-woman-bikini-sunglasses-sand-Uralub

Casual accessories for a relaxed vacation

beach towel-xxl-big-white-woman-bikini-straw-vacation-relax-sand

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Making large wooden planters yourself – 47 DIY ideas

Planter made of wood -large-large-flowers-plants-variant-lawn-outdoor-outdoor

Raised beds or large Planter made of wood You can find it in the garden department for a certain price. With a bit of manual skill, some free time and wood remnants, you can also build something beautiful yourself and design it according to your personal taste. Wooden slats, boards or crates can be transformed into practical planters. An old barrel is also suitable for this purpose. A lot of tools are not needed for this. A hammer, nails, a cordless screwdriver and possibly a hand saw, if the wood is not already cut into matching pieces, is all you need. Everything else is up to you and your imagination. Gather ideas and great examples of large wooden planters in the outdoor area.

Build raised beds or large planters made of wood yourself

Planter made of wood - gravel-lavender-raised bed-garden-outdoor

If you want to grow ornamental plants in your garden or on the balcony, wooden planters could be used effectively for this purpose. Make wood remnants of a medium-sized raised bed, a small vertical garden or a spice garden from a Euro pallet. These and other cool ideas follow in the photo gallery.

Making large wooden planters yourself – Great DIY ideas and tips

Planters made of wood -diy-materials-deco-easy-stick-wood-slats

Building planters made of wood itself does not have to be complicated. In the following we show you how easy a great piece of jewelery for the outdoor area can be. The materials needed for the tubs are found in almost every apartment. This DIY project is most suitable for balconies or terraces that are covered. The bucket should not be exposed to direct moisture.

Necessary materials:

– Moving box – as free as possible of fonts or stamps

– solid copper wire

– Wooden slats or boards – the length should correspond to the side of the box

– solid plastic bag

– Hot glue

Planter made of wood with copper frame for terrace or balcony build yourself

Wooden planter -diy-decorative-wood-lath-flower-copper-feet-frame

Look for a moving box of the desired size so that the finished wooden planter will look good in its later place. Use the plastic bag to carefully cover the inside of the box. This ensures a long-lasting hold. After the inside is done, we continue with the outside. Arrange the wooden slats or boards horizontally and fix them with hot glue. The base made of copper wire form with the help of a pair of pliers and fasten it at the four lower corners. For safety’s sake, you can attach an additional, fifth foot in the middle of the carton bottom. The last step is to pick a suitable plant that fits in the box and is not too heavy for the tinkered construction. Note that this planter made of wood should be used decorative and is not weatherproof.

Craft decorative wooden planters

Wooden planter -diy-decorative-plant-fungus-plant-copper-feet-decoration

* a DIY project of Designer trapped

Build a wooden box yourself with a hammer and nails

Wooden planter -diy-gross-hammer-holzlatten-nail-garden-artisanal

Anyone who has opted for plant pots made of the natural material wood can benefit from several advantages. The material can be colored according to your own taste and can also be edited as often as you like, resulting in ever new designs. If you want to redesign your garden, you can create a whole new atmosphere in the outdoor area with a simple coat of paint. Wooden planters create a unified overall picture on the balcony or in your garden and can set stylish accents depending on the shape and color scheme.

Quite simply you can put together a box of wooden slats

Wooden planter -large wooden box-wooden slats-decorative-easy-yourself-build

If you want to create a true eye-catcher in your garden, you can, for example, make a planter from a wooden box yourself. If you are skilled in craftsmanship, you can build a stable wooden box of wooden boards yourself. For the necessary stability, the boards should be at least two inches thick. You are also welcome to use corner timbers to fix the boards. Leave the corner timbers a bit longer, so that your planter is not standing directly on the ground and receiving feet.

Build a vintage planter made of wood yourself from old wooden boards with exfoliated paint

Make-pflanzkuebel-wood-old-wood slats-exfoliated-color-jute string-outdoor himself

You will also need a base plate for the wooden box, into which you can drill drain holes. A wood sealant will protect the wood from wind and weather. Various oils, as well as biological glazes provide the necessary protection. You can treat the planter with linen oil, for example. Linen oil is also very suitable for regular care. It makes the bucket look like new again. The Pflanzenkübel get after oiling a brown color. So that the wooden box is also protected from the inside by the irrigation water, you can cover the inside with pond foil, whose bottom you provide with drip holes.

Make a rectangular flower pot from different wooden boards

pflanzkuebel-wood-waste wood-boxwood-wood slats-arrangement-different

Of course you can plant any stable box. A drawer from the unusable, old dresser can also be converted into a planter. When you are ready and planting is over, you can choose the plants. In order for them to feel comfortable in the tub, they must have very similar demands on water, light and soil. For example, if you always want fresh herbs on hand, a herbal bed is right for you. There are also many other combinations possible. Whether wildflowers, sunflowers or geraniums – they all look good in the wooden box.

Paint wooden planter white

pflanzkuebel-wood-fern-white-beautiful-paving-brick wall-idea-white

A planter can also be made from europallets. You can hang this flower box outdoors or lean it against the wall and fasten it. First saw off the lower part of the pallet and smooth the edges with coarse sandpaper. If you want to hang the flower box on the balcony, you can drill holes in the above projecting boards and thread a solid rope.

Use a larger barrel as a spice garden on the balcony

pflanzkuebel-wood-barrel spices-balcony-outdoor-garden-terrace-idee

In the next step, you can place the euro pallet vertically and put a garbage bag in the pallet. Fix it with a hand tacker. There you will fill the potting soil later. Now you just have to close the lower part of the planter. Cut some pallet boards for the bottom of the box and nail them down. Now you can become really creative and dedicated to the decoration.

Wooden planter with vintage flair – Flowering wooden barrel


Large planters can be shaped in any shape. Whether round, rectangular or square depends on your personal preferences. Combinations of flower boxes in different shapes also look great. The wooden planters can also be combined with other materials. Wood wooden tubs are particularly effective when combined with others made of concrete or stainless steel. Great effects can be achieved by placing planters of different materials next to each other or creating a mixed design. Wooden tubs with a stainless steel frame look elegant and modern.

Wooden boxes instead of planters made of wood


Planters made of wood can be very durable if you get some care. After several rain showers, dry the tubs so that the home-made flower box can beautify your garden for a longer time. Persistent moisture can damage even the best wood. It is also important that the planter is not in the wet. A bottom ring with plastic feet can keep the moisture away.

Small vegetable garden in the bed of wooden boards

pflanzkuebel-wood-garden-lawn-raised bed-tomato-plant-planting table

pflanzkuebel-wood-garden-face protection-thecke stool-plastic-transparent-garden-holzboden

pflanzkuebel-wood-garden-terrace-geranium-flowers-plant-wood slats-wood floor

pflanzkuebel-wood-pflanzgefaess-raised bed-bench-one construction-outdoor practice

pflanzkuebel-wood-reddish backstenwand-cypress-roof terrace-wood floor

pflanzkuebel-wood-raised bed-table-bench-gravel-outdoor garetn

pflanzkuebel wood raised bed-under window gardening plants Flower arranging

Pflanzkuebel-build-wooden-high beets-floors-with-windows-garden-outdoor himself

pflanzkuebel-wood-gewuerzgarten-raised bed-own-build-idee


pflanzkuebel-wood-gewuerzgarten-thyme-basil-mintze-outdoor garden

pflanzkuebel wood gewuerzgarten-vertical-garden soil-outdoor-euro pallet

pflanzkuebel-wood-vertical-garden-pflanzgefaesse-garden-raised bed-dreetagen


pflanzkuebel-wood-gross-barrel-real wood-rustic country house-outdoor-vintage-paving

pflanzkuebel-wood-gross-raised bed-strawberry flowers-outdoor garden

pflanzkuebel-wood-gross-raised bed-outdoor giesskanne-pflanzengefaesse

pflanzkuebel-wood-gross-gravel-wood slats wood-reste-plant-earth

pflanzkuebel-wood-high beets-arrange-plant-green-outdoor garden

pflanzkuebel wood raised bed-vertical-garden-spices basil mintze

pflanzkuebel-wood-raised bed turf-wall-led-plaster-floor-garden-

pflanzkuebel-wood-wood residues -outdoor- pflanzgefaess-raised bed-industrial-design

pflanzkuebel-wood-wood-easy-wood residues-flowers-daisy-marigold-garden


pflanzkuebel-wood-wooden box-yourself-build-metals-plug-lawn-garden-concrete-idea-construction

Wood-lath-roll-push-garden-otdoor-plant-poured pflanzkuebel-wood

pflanzkuebel-wood-small-garden-salad-breed-stamp-wood laths

pflanzkuebel-wood-pflanzgefaess-outdoor terrace-balcony-stamped Idea

pflanzkuebel-wood-juteseil-high fern-brick wall-doorstep-outdoor

pflanzkuebel-wood-cases-lawn-garden-outdoor iron chair

pflanzkuebel-wood-plaster-holzkiste Flower-garden-pond less than or outdoor

Pflanzkuebel-build-wooden-lawn-garden-plant-flowers-wood slats-yourself

pflanzkuebel-wood-beautiful-diy-wood slats-raised bed-holzkiste-lawn-garden

pflanzkuebel-wood-wall-mounting-outdoor wooden boxes Flowers-white-

pflanzkuebel-wood-bamboo wooden crates-outdoor-garden-earth-path

pflanzkuebel-wood-floral-wood slats-unprocessed-easy-yourself-build


Plant large planters: ideas for plant combination

Large Planter Combinations-Heuchera-Lobelia-Monet-hange-verbena-dwarf-whitethorn

Decorative planters are an asset to any home and balcony. Large planters but are more suitable for large areas such as a terrace in the garden and can beautify bald corners quickly. You can also as privacy serve or hide garbage cans. However, the right planting is particularly important so that the large planters can be functional and fascinating at the same time. Read our tips and tricks for successful plant combinations and look at the beautiful examples!

Plant large planters – The trick

Large Planter Plant Ornamental Grass Carex Ice Dance Heuchera Plum Pudding Lysimachia nummularia Pennywort

For the planting of large planters, the choice of suitable plants is particularly important. Not only do you have to have the same standards of light, air and water, you also have to look good together. Here are several options available:

– Same plant species, different colors
– Same color, different plants
– Variations on a common theme such as Mediterranean etc.

A particularly successful trick when combining the plants in large planters is the concept “Thriller, Filler, Spiller”. This means a plant as a highlight, a gap filler and one that hangs over the edge. For the “thriller” you can use a rather tall plant like Canna Lilies, New Zealands Flax or Lampentregrass or fountain grass choose. Take a look at the examples below and you’ll get a better idea of ​​the concept.

Plant large planters – examples of successful combinations

Large Planter - Plant New Zealand Flax Phormium Pennywort

In the large planter: Phormium, pennywort, Aurea ‘, strawberry plant, white dahlias and begonias, yellow capsule.

In the medium sized planter: light yellow capsule in the middle, a yellow Calibrachoa “Million bells” and a small fat leaf.

beautiful color and optical height

wood trough-garden-plant-Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow chrysanthemums

In the middle – Perl millet (Pennisetum glaucum). The evergreen perennial Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow, Sombrero hat, rust chrysanthemums and licorice straw flowers complete the arrangement.

Contrast between purple and yellow

Acer circinatum-Little-Gem-Heuchera Zwergkonifer-Libertia-ixioides-Vinca maculata

A nice arrangement for large planters is also this. It consists of a dwarf maple, the purple leaves with its purple leaves, a dwarf conifer, Libertia ixioides Goldfinger and the large-leaved evergreen “Maculata”. As you can see, different levels were created in the tub with the plants. The tallest plants are at the very back, while the lower ones are planted before.

Canna lilies and phormium in the center of the planters

pflankuebel-gross-planting-combination-phormium-sweet potato-vine-canna lily-

The Canna is a sun-loving plant that is perfect for locations in the sun. Even with grasses you can create beautiful textures and put combinations together. You can not only plant very tall pots with plants at different heights, as just explained. Use the height of the planters and choose species that fall down to decorate the outside of the tub.

Canna lilies as a highlight

Large Planters - plant-trick-arrangement-high

Here you can see again a beautiful use of the Canna. As it grows very high, it can either form the background of the arrangement or be chosen as the center, planting some lower flowers around it. For the example above, white-flowering specimens were chosen, including petunia, ornamental grasses and hanging plants. The large planter is so completely designed.

Ivy, stinging nettle and ferns

pflanzkuebel-plant-ideas-ivy-colored nettle-ferns

Since ivy grows beautifully lush, you can use it as a ground cover or gap filler in your planter. Ferns in the same color provide texture, while plants with colored leaves can add some accents. Plantain like here or flowering begonias are wonderfully suitable and create a pleasant mood.

beautiful plant combination for every terrace

Summer fountain grass-helichrysum-calibrachoa cross-anda-alternanthera-spargelfarn

In this composition for the summer, the lamprey grass was combined with Helichrysum, Calibrachoa crossanda, Alternanthera and asparagus fern. A rectangular bucket was used in which the plants were alternately planted, with the grass forming the middle and background. Play with the colors as you shape your arrangements.

combine dark and light shades

Large Planters plant-combine-geranium-lamp shed

Light and dark colors have been successfully combined in this plant arrangement. Again, you can find the lamprey grass, which stands out in the middle of the other, densely grown plants. Even geraniums can be found and enjoy not only with colorful leaves, but also with attractive flowers throughout the season.

over the edge of the planter hanging plant varieties


Hanging plants can be wonderfully used on house facades and used as decoration. If you have a planter in front of each window, you can easily consider such plant species. For example, choose two types in different leaf colors and combine with flowering specimens that grow upwards for the background.

Conifer in bucket

Large planter-plant-grasshopper-grass-dwarf pine

Even conifers can be used for large planters. Arrangements do not always necessarily consist of many plant species. Depending on the size of the plant, as here, three may suffice. You can see the dwarf pine in the background and in front Heuchera and ornamental grass. Of course, these species can also be replaced by others.


And if you do not just want to make a decorative benefit out of the bucket arrangements, you can still rely on herb plants. These can be combined with salads or other vegetables and not only give you a pretty eye-catcher, but you can also look forward to the harvest soon and enjoy your products from your own garden. Again, you can deliberately choose plants with colored leaves to make the bucket arrangement even more interesting.

large-pflanzkuebel-plant-colorful nettle-gap filler

Buntnesses are available in a variety of color options. Since it is only natural to combine them with each other. Create a luscious composition or plant only two to three specimens and fill in the gaps with any blooming or green plant species as done in this example. There are also ground cover for this purpose.


In principle, you can use any type of plant that is also suitable for large planters, and also like to come up with something yourself. Our examples are for inspiration only and a brief overview of some of the most popular types you can use.

large-pflanzkubel-plant-shade-loving plant-


large-pflanzkubel-plant-petunias-caladium-loewe maul

large-pflanzkubel-plant-Neuseelennder Flax Phormium-center

large-pflanzkubel-plant-Neuseelennder Flax Phormium-heuchera-varieties-ornamental grass

large-pflanzkubel-plant-caladium-sweet potato-vines


large-pflanzkubel-plant-highlight-gap filler

large-pflanzkubel-plant-colorful nettle-lamp washer grass-sweet potato-vine

Design a garden in a square – structure small and large outdoor areas

garden in the square turf terrace seating area hedge plant

Are you looking for the perfect way to create a structured and neat looking garden? Then the square shape and also its three-dimensional variant, namely the cube, is perfectly suitable as a basis. A garden with geometric shapes designed for beds, terraces and other areas, looks tidier and quieter. This is not only a good idea for larger gardens, but also proves to be very useful for small ones. For a square garden design you have two options to choose from: either you already have a square garden and carry this geometric shape for all the individual elements or your garden has a different shape, but you want to divide into several squares. We have put together a few tips and ideas for both design options to help you shape your garden in a square.

Learn how to use the geometry in your outdoor area and how to best combine the equilateral areas to create an individual and unique garden area that will not only make you proud, but will keep you happy for many years to come. Planning is the alpha and omega! What has to be considered and how quickly can create the perfect classification, we have summarized in our article. Be inspired by the beautiful gardens in our gallery and collect ideas that you can implement yourself!

Garden Square – The classic cottage garden

garden in square gardening-beet-plant-stone-plate-privacy-fence

The so-called farmer garden means nothing more than to divide the property with a cross, whereby the cross is formed by garden paths and four or even more squares for beds, lawns and other garden elements arise. One of these elements can also be the terrace, as well as a pool. The beds can then be framed with different bed borders. Especially hedge plants that keep you low beautify your outdoor area and make it look more natural. With the cottage garden you can also wonderfully transform an irregular shaped plot into a wonder of geometry.

garden-square-hang long-beetgestaltung-ideas-pergola-decorative gravel

If you play with the size of the various square elements, the shape of the garden will be particularly interesting. They do not necessarily have to be the same size. Combine, for example, a smaller vegetable patch with a large flowerbed or a large pool. Above all, the terrace with seating and dining area often requires more space, while some other areas are not desired too large. The interplay of small and large squares creates a greater tension in your outdoor area.

garden in square center garden landscaping hedge plant flowerbed boxwood

It is also recommended to highlight the center of the garden. This accent can consist of a fountain in square shape or a square, half-height column on which you place a planter. But you might also want a seat in the middle of the garden? Then the center is perfect for it. A nice variation for the garden in the square is also a separate flowerbed, which you can decorate with groundcover and tall plants, evergreen specimens or colorful flowers and also with a tree for the middle.


You can also opt for a pond. This does not necessarily have to have a natural, irregular shape to represent a beautiful decorative element. Even geometric shapes, in our case the square, are wonderfully suitable. If you have no room for a square pond in the middle of the garden, you are welcome to decorate the edge of the property with it. Gladly such water elements are also built directly to the terrace. All this can be considered in the planning.

garden in square raised-gravel-tree-minimalist-wood-floor-patio-lawn

Even with the heights you can play. This is especially useful if you have a hillside plot. But even a flat garden surface can be divided into different heights. And again, you make your garden square. The slope is best used for raised beds. It does not matter whether you wall the retaining walls or choose the modern variant with gabions.

garden-square-stone-design-terrace-ornamental grasses-whirlpool

Build a raised terrace for the garden in the square, which is reached by means of steps in the same form. Especially for pool areas or relaxation oases with whirlpool, such design options are very popular. If both steps and patio are square shaped, you can either use square tiles of any material or make a break in the structure as a floor covering and, for example, use rectangular panels or wooden boards.


And finally, you should also keep this form in the furniture and decorations. This refers to things like flower pots or planters, which are usually round. Instead, choose square shapes to complement your angular garden design. The same applies to elements such as stools in the seating areas, for landscaping the garden paths (use square stones, tiles or slabs). And also some of the plants can be cut like cubes and so the garden design can be adjusted. Choose appropriate Plants for the shape cut and set accents here and there in the flower beds.

garden-square-garden-square-inspirations-tips-hedges-grasses-modern-simple, geometric

You will receive a particularly easy-care garden in this way. Instead of lawns in which you integrate beds, use ornamental gravel. To keep the beds free of pebbles, you can use bedding to separate them. But the square beds are especially good if they are designed slightly higher than the ground. Create an interesting structure by using the principle of the farmer garden and separating the small plant beds by paths.

Garden with intersecting squares


Do you find the sequence of squares typical of the classic cottage garden too boring? Then choose a different pattern! Design beds, water features, and the terrace so that they overlap. This relaxes the look and is perfect for creating a modern garden. Very interesting looks a terrace whose corner protrudes into a pool of water. So use also diagonal lines for the division of the individual garden areas.

Diagonals are not only interesting, but also make each plot visually wider and wider. The individual areas are separated visually from each other by choosing different floor coverings. The result is, for example, a paved terrace and a lawn, a pool area and the beds with earth, mulch or gravel. But the garden paths, tree and shrub rows or the bedding borders can also be made diagonal to cut them off.

Make sure that you do not create too narrow points in this garden design. These are especially fast if you have an irregular garden shape. If these are unavoidable, hide them with decorative elements such as tubs or cover them by planting larger plants and hiding the tips in this way.

Combine squares and other geometric shapes

garden-square-modern-design-sitting area-wood-panels-palms-hearth-round

Likewise, use the angular, equilateral shapes as the main, but not only the sole form for your garden design. Because this shape can also be combined with some other geometric shapes for a garden in the square. So in a square sitting area, a round hearth can be chosen to create a contrast. In the same way, hedge plants can also be cut as a ball instead of a cube.


Or you frame the square terrace with rounded beds and create contrast forms in this way. This structuring variant can also be used with a pond. If you would like to have this close to the seating area, not only a square, but also an irregular or a round circular shape is suitable for this element.

If you do not want an obvious structural break, just use smaller garden elements and decorations to combine all the squares in the garden. The parasol or dining table, for example, can be easily chosen in a round shape or you set up round flower pots and planters or fire pits.

garden-square-flowers-tidy-garden design-build-hedges

But if you want, divide the entire garden into the respective areas and use a different geometric shape for each one. Thus, the terrace may also be round or rectangular, the beds oblong and, for example, the lawn in the garden squared. It is best to sketch several variants on a sheet of paper or cut out individual areas in the desired shape and put them together in different ways like a puzzle. So you can try out several ideas, replace parts, replace and quickly find the right variant.

Tips for square beds in the garden


A square garden can be made even more interesting if you divide the already square beds into smaller squares. Combine, for example, colorful flowers in two colors or green and flowering plants to create a checkerboard pattern. If annual flowers are used for the flowers, you can also change them every year. Once again, if you do not have much time to invest in gardening and gardening, you can also use easy-care ground cover or evergreen plant species.

The squares square trick is also used to grow vegetables. The square bedding is divided into 9 smaller squares, into which up to four plants are sown or planted depending on the type of vegetables and the space you need to grow (for this, of course, the small square is quartered again). This space-saving variant is ideal for small gardens where the vegetable garden is indispensable.

garden-square-little-house-climber-ornamental grasses-plant-face protection

If you prefer to do without large beds in need of care, you can also fill free areas with such interesting design options. Create a square garden simply with a design reminiscent of grids. From square panels of any size, you can create a solid surface, whereby you can not only fill the joints with decorative gravel like here, but also plant them with lawn or ground cover. This makes the area visually interesting, but it is much easier to care for than flowerbeds.

Integrate square water elements

Water creates a special atmosphere in every garden style. If these elements are angular, the exterior gets a modern accent that makes it look neater. With a large garden area even several wells or ponds can be combined, as was done in the example above. The long form of the garden was divided into three lawned squares, each of which has a well. Water elements located in the middle of the lawn can protect you when mowing blades of grass as you create a strip of stone, gravel or other elements between the lawn and the fountain, which also take on the angular shape of the lawn and fountain. The same is true for pools.


Here’s an interesting way to combine multiple squares in the same element. In this case, it is a whirlpool, which has been equipped with two small waterfalls at different heights. It is important that you also match garden elements that entertain you with your garden design. Even tesserae can help. Thus, this pool uses the geometric shape several times in different ways.

garden in square farm-garden-pond-high-beds-minimistic-exotic

If you still believe that geometric garden shapes automatically create a simple, minimalist style, here’s proof that it does not necessarily have to be that way. Especially a small garden in the square can look tropical or Asian with some exotic-looking plants, square ponds and straight garden paths. With the help of different levels, which you can create with the help of raised beds at different heights, it is all the easier to imitate a lush planting as in the rainforest. Despite the confusion that characterizes the garden at first glance due to the diverse planting, the geometric elements in particular provide the necessary structure.

Windows & Doors »Designing large windows – tips and solutions for sun protection

big windows new construction energy use insulation

Large windows in the facade and skylights in the attic are almost standard modern houses , No one wants to live in dark rooms anymore and that is understandable for many reasons. Daylight has a direct influence on the physical and mental health of people. It not only brightens the mood, but also increases the well-being and performance. The larger the windows, the more open, brighter and more comfortable the room looks. We’ll tell you today what other advantages big windows bring with them and what else should be considered when designing them.

Large windows bring with it a lot of advantages

large windows new-build-blinds-white-alu-view-sunshade-dining-area-eat-in-kitchen

Modern homes such as zero energy and passive houses not only convince visually, but also in terms of energy efficiency. Excellent thermal insulation of the house walls and windows underlines this trend and ensures optimum energy utilization. In the long term, this will bring considerable savings and protect the environment. When planning modern passive houses Cardinal directions the window arrangement firm, so that the interiors can make optimal use of the sunlight and the incidence of light. In the north, large windows are hardly worthwhile, but in the south you can use the free solar energy as additional heat source. Technically, the installation of a window front is also possible later in each house. If you want to replace an existing wall with large insulating windows, you must apply for a building permit.

Insulate large windows

large-window-new building-blinds-white-xxl-dining area

For large windows, the use of triple glazing or thermal glazing is recommended. Your advantages: low heat loss and great savings potential. These heat protection windows are manufactured with a triple glazing and also contain noble gas fillings in the interstices. When buying a window, the U-value (heat transfer coefficient) must be observed. The U value indicates how much heat is released from the interior of the room through the window to the outside. The smaller the U, the better the insulating effect of the glazing. In contrast to old windows, new energy saving windows have a much better U-value between 0.6 – 1.5 W / (m²K). When choosing a new window glazing, it is important to inform yourself about the g-value. The g-value ranges from 0 to 1.0 and indicates the transmittance of the glazing for solar energy. The ideal window therefore has a high g-value and the lowest possible.

Old and leaky windows in the old building give off a lot of heating energy to the environment and increase the heating costs, so you should consider possible Dämmmaßnachmen. Several alternatives for replacing old, single-glazed windows are available here. The compression band, for example, is well-suited for sealing the window frames, as it expands after mounting from 2 to 10 mm and at least eliminates airborne phenomena. The comfort depends mainly on the temperature of the glass. To save energy and feel more comfortable near the windows, the windows should be well insulated. Cold protection foils can be applied to the window from the inside and reflect the heat back into the room, thus providing effective protection against cold.

Shading for large windows

large-window doors-new construction-sun-protection blinds-device-vintage style-villa

A large window front should let light and heat into the room, but also offer the possibility of darkening and privacy. What is desired in winter, however, can quickly be too much in summer. If you are not sure about the selection, you are welcome to seek advice from the dealer. However, here are some ideas for large windows.

Not only small windows can be equipped with roller blinds. Even very large window fronts of up to 4.5 m in width and 4 m in height can be covered with a maxi-blind. They are a charming alternative to the classic curtain and can also be a decorative eye-catcher with photo printing. A practical solution would also be blinds that are made to measure and can be perfectly adapted to any classic or modern window front. Even structural requirements such as roof pitches and bay windows pose no problem.

large windows new building-access-outside-kitchen-dining area

Vertical blinds, still called slat curtains, are usually the first choice when furnishing office space, but they are now also moving into the private rooms. Many kitchens and living rooms in modern homes, for example, offer plenty of natural light through large windows and direct access to the terrace or balcony. Their flexibility makes it possible to quickly raise slatted blinds to allow access to the outside. The light and the view to the outside can also be flexibly regulated.

Sliding curtains are a great design option, especially with wide window fronts. Panel curtains succeed in perfectly combining functional privacy and sun protection with creative interior design. Sliding curtains are hung on trolleys in multi-layer curtain rails and provide glare protection exactly where it is needed. In the rail system, up to five tracks can be run in succession. This results in great variations and combination options: transparent and opaque materials, monochrome and patterned fabric panels as well as entire window pictures with an individual motif. There are no limits for your creativity!

large-window-sun-protection-Roman blind floor to ceiling glazing-dining area

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Caterpillar made of different materials – 28 DIY ideas Small & Large

caterpillar craft twigs-wrapping-bobbin-pipe-cleaner-colorful-colors

When winter comes to an end and the warmer spring comes slowly but surely, you often get craved for crafts related to spring. Because that’s how we get into the right mood. In addition to tinkered flowers and various Decorations for Easter Many different things can be made. If you are looking for a fun craft project that you can implement together with children, then we would like to offer you the caterpillar as inspiration. A Making caterpillar We would like to introduce you to a variety of materials and some original ideas for reproduction.

Make colorful caterpillar

caterpillar crafting-diy-recycling-cork-colorful-stimulation

Pipe cleaner can be very useful if you want to make caterpillars yourself. Use the caterpillar to make pipe cleaners for the probes or use them to create several legs. Feelers were also made with this idea from many buttons. The craft project is great if you have a large collection of buttons and do not know what to do with them.

Caterpillar making clothespins and pompoms

caterpillar crafting clothespin-wood-pomp-making-yourself-easy

If you want to make this caterpillar yourself, you do not have to get much. A clothes peg made of wood and some pompoms of any color are enough. The pompons stick on the clip and provide the first with wobbly eyes. If you also attach a magnet to the lower side of the clip after making the bead, you can use the clip to attach important notes to the refrigerator.

Caterpillar of paper strips

caterpillar crafting clothespin-wood-quilling-paper-strip-felt-eyes

As an alternative to the pompoms, you can also make paper strips into rolls and then glue them onto the clip as you make the caterpillar. Corks can also be used for this purpose and painted in advance as desired. For this example, instead of wobbly eyes were simply made of felt eyes. The feelers can also be made of felt or made of paper.

Caterpillars make colorful beads

caterpillar tinkle beads-pompoms-bobble-eyes-kids-easy-cord-wire

Beads are also very pretty and especially girls will enjoy crafting these colorful accessories. You can tinker the bead with pearls in different ways. First, you can thread the beads on pipe cleaners. Then you can make one end of the pipe cleaner into a head. But also thicker yarn or wire are suitable.

Making caterpillars out of lids

caterpillar crafts cover-colored-lawn-crepe-paper-blue-yellow-red-green

A great idea, which is suitable for recycling projects, is also to use old lids, if you want to make a caterpillar. The lids can be cuddly and either glued to a pad or with toothpicks, wire or string attached to each other. Just try different variants. If you would like to make a special caterpillar, you should use green instead of a colorful cover and a red one for the head.

Crafting with ironing beads

caterpillar tinker-bauble-idea-jewelery-make-yourself-children-chain

If you have not tinkered with iron-on beads yet, you should do it at the latest now and make a caterpillar in this way. These are very fun craft projects that are fun especially for children and for which there are also a variety of templates. Some great templates You can also find us here. For the caterpillar a template is less necessary. It can also be crafted freehand.

Sponge rubber as material

caterpillar crafts mousse-rubber-make-yourself

Or how about making a caterpillar out of foam rubber? This material makes it easy to work and makes it more durable than paper, for example. Cut out strips whose corners you then round off. Make the elements grow larger towards the middle and then smaller again. For the head you again need a circle. Above you can see the caterpillar Nimmersatt.

3D caterpillar made of foam rubber

caterpillar crafting-circles-cutting-pipe-cleaner-yellow-green

An interesting variant with foam rubber is also this. You need as many circles as you can punch, so that pipe cleaners fit through the hole. Accordingly, you also need pipe cleaners, as well as pearls in the same color and a polystyrene ball, if you want to make the caterpillar. How exactly the caterpillar should look, you can see in the following picture:

Make instructions for the caterpillar

caterpillar crafting moss-rubber-rings-craft-green-insects

Halve the ball, paint it in any color and, after the paint has dried, put the pipe cleaner in it. So that you can now make the caterpillar, change beads and sponge rubber circles. The beads ensure that the circles are at a distance from each other. Once you have reached the desired length, put the pipe cleaner in the other half of the polystyrene ball after you have painted it.

Caterpillar of toe or fingerprints

caterpillar crafting fingerprint-toes-footprint-idea-paint-color

Very easy and fast you can also tinker such a picture with caterpillar. Use finger paints and apply paint on the toes of the foot. The big toe, which is supposed to form the head of the caterpillar, can have a different color here. Also colorful can be the caterpillar. Now press your toes on a piece of paper or canvas and let the paint dry. Then legs and face can be painted. A great idea for designing greeting cards!

Caterpillar make paper


Learning can be fun with the right technology. For example, teach your child the numbers by numbering each element of the caterpillar. This makes wonderful as a colorful decoration in the nursery and will give the little ones great pleasure. The caterpillar you just tinker with colorful paper circles and some legs.

Idea for Mother’s Day


Would the dad like to help the child crafting for Mother’s Day, this happy caterpillar is a great idea. It can be used to design a map. But even for the birthday of a relative, the idea is very good. You can make the caterpillar by making a heart template and then using it to cut out paper hearts.

Quilling technique for a caterpillar

caterpillar-tinker-quilling-image-greeting card-paper strips-yourself-make-sun

You can also design greeting cards with a caterpillar. Maybe you already have Quilling belongs. Paper strips are simply used to create a variety of colorful images. The caterpillar is a fairly simple variant. You need simple circular shapes to make a caterpillar.

Paper crafting

caterpillar-craft-paper-sheet-stuck-rings-paper strips

When it comes to tinkering with children, paper is often the first choice as a material. For one thing, because it’s usually already in the house and another, because it’s easy to tinker with. How about making a leaf with a caterpillar? If you make leaves with caterpillar, you can also punch the finished leaves here and there. This is what the sheet looks like, as if the caterpillar had already nibbled on it.

Make paper rings


Simply glue paper rings together or make such a chain out of the rings. Punch the head and then tie the pipe cleaner as a feeler. You can also make a caterpillar out of toilet paper rolls. Simply cut rings out of the roll and stick them together like in the first variant or open them and finally glue them together again for the chain variant.

Crafts with stones

caterpillar-tinker-stones-paint-stick-deco-garden-branches-natural materials

If you like to tinker with natural materials, then get some approximately equal sized stones and two branches. You can now paint the stones as you like and pattern them. Then you can make the caterpillar out of it. The stones are glued together. The stone for the head should not just get a face in advance. Finally, stick two branches for the feeler on the head.

Crafting with pompoms

caterpillar-tinker-inspiration-bobble-red-green-jars-craft idea

Use colored pompoms to tinker with the caterpillar. Simply stick the pompoms together. As an alternative to pompoms you can also work wonderfully with felt balls. Just look at what you can do best, what you have on hand or what you can most easily obtain. In principle, you can make a caterpillar with almost all craft materials.

Caterpillar as a party decoration


A party or a children’s birthday can have the theme of spring or caterpillar and then decorated appropriately. Great for designing a caterpillar are party lanterns like these. Hang them close to each other on the ceiling and make the first lantern with a face. It’s so easy to make a big caterpillar!

Make caterpillar from paper plates

caterpillar-tinker-party-idea-gburtstag-name paper plate-garland

You can also use the caterpillar to hang the name of the birthday child on the wall. Simply label the individual elements with the letters as you make the caterpillar and tie the plates together. The caterpillar made of paper plates is not only a great decoration for parties. Just leave the name and use the caterpillar as a wall decoration.

Make caterpillar from balloons


Original and simple is the idea with balloons. This will allow you to decorate not only the interior of the house, but also the garden during a party. How you make the caterpillar is certainly clear. Just use as many balloons as you like and in the desired colors. With paper you can design eyes and feelers. Tie balloons together and secure them anywhere.

Caterpillar tinkering with egg carton

caterpillar-tinker-egg-carton-green-red-pipe cleaners-sensor

We have already presented some ideas for crafting with egg carton. And now we show you how to make a caterpillar out of egg carton. Either use a whole row of cups of the box and take individual cups and glue them together. The look of the caterpillar you get best when you paint the egg carton and equipped with face and feelers.

Beautiful craft ideas for children

caterpillar-tinker-cute-easy-toddlers-painted-egg box

You can also make an egg carton caterpillar with the children, because it is again a particularly simple project. Help the kid just cut the cups, because the material is very thick and hard to cut. In many cases it is easier to tear the egg box. In the end, do not forget the feelers!

Small flowerpots

caterpillar-tinker-egg-crate-range egg-plant-gras-natural-learn-kids

If you make with egg carton, you can simply use the cup row reversed and tinker a bead so that the open side faces up. In this way, you can then use the cups wonderfully as small flowerpots. Plant them with fast-growing grass and the children can practice gardening by taking care of the grass, watering and cutting it regularly.

Crochet the caterpillar

caterpillar-tinker-crochet-balls-balls-wool-stuffed wire

Do you want to make a caterpillar with wool, not only self-made pompoms are suitable for this purpose. A slightly more complicated idea, which should not be a problem for crocheting friends, is this crocheted caterpillar. Requires simple balls, which are then sewn together. The feelers are again made of pipe cleaners, but can also be crocheted and then provided with wire to stand upright.

Make caterpillar from fabric

caterpillar-tinker-material-sock-button-eye-stripe pattern-rainbow

Easier is there again if you make a caterpillar out of a sock. Even old tights can be used for this purpose. Squeeze the sock with any filler material. Sewing the sock will certainly get beginners. As eyes are suitable buttons, which are known to exist in a variety of variants. Try the idea!

Caterpillar from CD’s


Old CD’s can also be used to make an original caterpillar. Just glue any number of CD’s together and decorate the holes with foam rubber or felt. The head can be made from cardboard or other material. If you make the caterpillar, you can also add legs. A simple craft idea that’s made fast!

Tinker with plasticine

make caterpillar-tinker-bastelton-air drying-balls-

From plasticine can be quickly tinker the einzenen elements for the caterpillar. Make several balls and a larger one for the head. Now you can arrange the balls on a base or you can additionally connect them with toothpicks. Crafting with modeling clay is equally well suited to promote the fine motor skills of children and their imagination.

Idea with crafting clay

caterpillar-tinker-simple-craft idea Kneading-toothpick

If you want the caterpillar to last longer, then you can use craft clay instead of modeling clay and make a caterpillar. There are variants that dry in the air, but those that are baked in the oven to become firm. In this way, you can make great characters that you enjoy for a long time. And even as a pendant for jewelry, the caterpillar can be used.

Make caterpillar with butterfly

caterpillar-tinker-butterfly-colorful-bobble-popsicle stick-paper

You can also make butterflies and then combine them with caterpillars. How you can shape caterpillar and butterfly at the same time, see above. From caterpillar to butterfly you make paper wings whose backs are shaped like leaves. A clothespin serves as a pad for the body of pompoms. Clamp the clip in the middle of the wings for a butterfly and fold the wings together to get a caterpillar on a leaf. manual here ,

High windows and skylights for a duplex with large balcony

tall windows sliding-open-living-canape

That one from one Old Building you’ve already seen a lot from different design examples. Another great example is the apartment we are talking about in this article. This is a duplex that was originally built in 1039s and is located in Lisbon in Portugal. High windows and the large balcony are just two of the attractive elements that impress in the modern design of Atelier Data. But just have a look yourself in the gallery below.

High windows in the living room

tall window tiles tile roofing glass

Large windows separate the living room from the spacious terrace, no less stylishly designed and furnished. Small tiles with checkerboard patterns adorn the floor, while the façades complement the white walls in the interior. Not only the plants, but also the green chairs chosen for the dining table on the balcony provide color accents. High windows, which are also pushed up like a garage and disappear into the ceiling, provide easy access to the outside area.

High windows with curtains

tall windows living room furnishings modern curtains privacy

The window front is equipped with modern, dense curtains, which offer a visual and other sun protection. High windows also provide plenty of natural light and make the living room look friendlier and more homely. But also contributes to the stylish decor, which consists of a blue-gray sofa and a cozy canapé. In addition, there is an attractive parquet floor, which gives the interior heat and extends over almost the entire apartment. Subtle colors as an accent to the white walls and some white furniture create an elegant interior that is modern and in no way suggests that it is an old building.

Decorations and furniture as color accents

high window living room-bright-window-gray-sofa-armchair

Big windows for a lot of light

high window light gray-blue-gray-couch-blanket-blend-laminate

Kitchen with dining area

High-windows-kitchen island-regal-plant-minimalist-design

Minimalist cuisine


White kitchen cabinets with a modern design


Modern dining area with shelf

High-windows-dining area-dining table-dark-red-chairs transparent

Desk at the window

High-windows-workspace-desk-African Blue-chair

White stairs


Window in the staircase

High-windows-staircase-roof sloping window-white-wall design

High windows in the hallway


Skylight for the bedroom

High-windows-skylight-bedroom-built-in wardrobe-murals

White interior in the bedroom


Niche with sink


Window in the shower

High-window-shower-floor level-glass-wall shower-glass door-lamp

Modern stairs design


High windows in the apartment – floor plan

High-window-floor plan-house-design-apartment-device

Duplex in side view

High-window-side view-apartment-balcony-roof terrace

Apartment in the 3D view

High-window 3d project-floorplan-space distribution-raumgestaltung

Design of Atelier Data ,

Crafting tutorial: making paper flowers – large paper dahlias

Making paper flowers -dahlia-krepppapier-big-making-yourself

Flowers made of paper Flourish at any time and decorate your beloved home every season. Thanks to their characteristic structure, dahlias are relatively easy to make by children. It is a bit time consuming. We’ve summarized a few simple ideas with instructions on how to make beautiful ones Make paper flowers can.

Make paper flowers and decorate your home

Make paper flowers - crepe paper-dahlia-pink-table decoration

The beautiful dahlias from crepe paper never fade. You can create a pretty table decoration yourself – for example decorate the table in the dining room or the sideboard in the hallway stylishly. In addition, they are quite suitable for romantic wall decoration.

Tinker paper flowers – Huge dahlia made of crepe paper decorates the wall

Make paper-flowers-make-over-dahlia-crepe-paper-large

The larger they are, the better the paper dahlias look on the wall. Due to the characteristic structure of the dahlia flowers – the leaves are in the middle of the flower very close together, resulting in a color gradient, which can be beautifully reproduced by the use of crepe paper. This effect makes the paper dahlias a real eye-catcher.

Making white paper flowers – what materials are needed?

Making paper flowers -diy-dahlia-wall-decor-white-copy-paperboard

To make paper flowers you basically need some paper, a pencil, a good pair of scissors and glue – depending on the larger variants – hot glue, for the crepe paper variant – like a water-based. It is advisable to design the paper flower on a round base made of stronger paper or cardboard or cardboard. Thus you would have a stable base, which will facilitate the attachment later on the wall a lot.

Make paper flowers – which paper works well for this craft project?

Making paper flowers -diy-dahlia-white-materials

For paper flowers, basically every paper is suitable. Only the coarse, firm papers can be described as unsuitable because they do not correspond to the desired delicate effect of the flower. In addition to the crepe paper, also tissue paper, as well as the simple, white copy paper, if the expected size of the flowers corresponds to DIN A4.

Make white paper flowers – fold petals

paper flowers-tinker-dahlia-yourself-make-white-big

Now you have to cut petals out of the selected paper. In the first instructions, these are cut to different sizes and then placed concentrically on top of each other. For the shape of the individual flowers, you can print a finished template from the Internet and then use it or even create one yourself.

Make big paper flowers – That’s how it works!

Make paper flowers -dahlia-make-yourself-guide-wrap

When designing the flowers or leaves, make sure that each layer circumscribes a circle. For a lush, gorgeous paper flower, at least 7-10 layers of paper sheets are needed. Note the typical structure – at the bottom, the leaves are larger and at the top in the middle – they are relatively small, so you better start from bottom to top to create your decorative flower.

Making paper flowers – Making white dahlias out of paper yourself

paper flowers-tinker-dahlia-yourself-make-and-white manual

Another possible approach would be to reverse the paper flower – from top to bottom and start with the smallest leaves. For this you fold a little rose for each paper flower, which you later insert in the middle. Now bring the layers of petals together if you move them a bit. Finally, fix the little rose that you first made.

Make Paper Flowers – White dahlias fold

paper flowers-tinker-dahlia-diy-guide-and-white copy paper

A paper Dahlia can be made quite varied. This tutorial looks more geometric compared to the others we have already mentioned above. To achieve this effect, it is important to use a template. In addition, the shape of the leaves should be oval and slightly pointed. Then with the help of a ruler, fold the individual sheets exactly in the middle, so that a central line results.

Make paper flowers and arrange them beautifully on the wall

paper flowers-tinker-dahlia-white-wanddeko-modern

In nature, the leaves are slightly outwardly wound by the flower petals. To achieve this effect with your paper flowers, you would need an aid – a round pencil or a chopstick. Before inserting the paper sheets into each other, wrap their outer edges around the round bar or pencil and roll in a bit.

Make paper flowers with a stalk

paper flowers-tinker-dahlia-stalk-yourself-making diy

The pretty paper flowers you design can be used as wall decoration as well as placed on the table in a vase, like real dahlias. Of course, it must allow the size of the flowers. You can easily insert a stalk on the lower side of the flower. You make this out of firmer wire, which you dress up with green yarn.

Make paper flowers and use them as a simple but creative table decoration

paper flowers-tinker-dahlia-tischdeko-and-white crepe paper-vase.JPG

Crafting tip: For paper dahlias, the best is the crepe paper, which is very similar to the natural structure of the flowers. You opt for delicate, light tones, such as cream, soft pink, yellow orange or white. These can be purchased in roll or as a sheet 50 x 250 cm in the craft shop or at the office supply.

Making paper flowers with children – Simple dahlias for wall decoration

paper flowers-crafts-kids-dahlia-colorful papier-funnel-wrap-wanddeko

Now there are imaginative ideas for making paper flowers with children. It is advisable to opt for a larger version, because it is much easier to imitate, thus child-friendly.

Make paper flowers with children and decorate the wall with it

paper flowers-crafts-kids-dahlia-gross-handicraft paper-diy

With the beautiful paper dahlias in colorful colors, every child can decorate their children’s room and decorate the walls beautifully with their own creations. Get the useful materials and go!

Paper flowers tinker with children – instructions

paper flowers-crafts-kids-dahlia-handicraft paper-colored paper-guide

First, consider the colors in which you want the paper flowers. Then you get a simple colored paper DIN A4 in the selected nuances. Origami paper would also be a good choice, because it can be shaped better.

What is needed to make paper flowers with children

paper flowers-crafts-kids-dahlia-manual-materials

Now you also need to prepare scissors, a ruler, hot glue and a pen for this craft project. Also, make some circles of cardboard that will serve as a stable base for the paper flowers and anything else the kid can do himself.

Paper flowers tinker with children – Share the paper in pieces

paper flowers-crafts-kids-dahlia-manual-creative

From the colorful paper sheets should be made equal squares. Cut the DIN A4 in half and tear the halves in half. Then measure the width of the square and cut the length to that size. Now the first square is finished. It can also serve as a template for next.

Making paper flowers with children – From the pieces of paper

paper flowers-crafts-kids-dahlia-paper-funnel-wrap

A total of 100 squares are needed for a large paper dahlia, of course, the number varies depending on the desired size. Funnels are then formed from the squares, which are simply taped to the tips with Thesafilm.

Making paper flowers with children – paper funnel in a circle

paper flowers-crafts-kids-dahlia-funnel-wrinkle stick

The funnel openings should vary in size on the inner and outer rows. These with the larger openings are first glued on a paper circle from outside to inside, then the smaller funnels. From round to round you move slowly inwards.

Make paper flowers with children and use beautiful ones

paper flowers-crafts-kids-dahlia-wanddeko-colorful-creative

You can easily make a paper circle for the basis of the paper flower from cardboard itself. For this you take a plate, circumscribes it on the cardboard and cuts out the circle.

Make paper flowers with children and decorate the wall in the nursery

paper flowers-crafts-kids-dahlia-gross-wall decoration

Making paper flowers with children – colorful or monochrome design

paper flowers-tinker-yourself-make-dahlia-wanddeko-creative

For a harmonious wall decoration just the color design is of great importance. Choose pleasant tones that match the furniture and living environment in the room. Warm nuances and earthy tones at all seem cozy, pastel shades – positive and fresh.

Bicolor dahlia flowers

paper flowers-tinker-dahlias-two-color sponge-pat

You can easily achieve a nice effect with this interesting technique. Dip a make-up sponge in pink acrylic paint and dab along the edge of the yellow paper sheet. Experiment with light-dark contrasts!

Paper dahlias with vintage flair

paper flowers tinker vintage-book-pages-vintage-effect-butterflies

With old book pages you can create great and noble decorations with vintage flair. With spray paint or glitter individual areas can be emphasized. Beautiful ornaments such as paper butterflies give the paper dahlia the finishing touch.

Tinker paper flowers and decorate gift wrapping

paper flowers-tinker-dahlia-gloss paper-gift-decoration

To make a gift wrap for someone special creative and really original, you can tinker which paper flowers and decorate them. In this case, of course, paper dahlias will look better in a slightly smaller version. We recommend to use a firmer paper – for example, cardboard coated with glitter.

Paper flowers make for a creative wedding decoration

paper flowers-tinker-wedding-decoration-dahlia-yourself-make

Beautiful paper flowers go well with the wedding decoration. Masterfully made by hand, these can even replace the real flowers completely. In addition, this flower alternative is environmentally friendly.

Make paper flowers and create a creative mobile

paper flowers-crafts-kids-dahlia-mobile-girl-pink

Another inspiration on how to use paper flowers for beautiful decoration is to make some very small dahlias and attach them to a mobile for hanging. You should glue two paper flowers together and fix the tape to the mobile in between.

Tiles in large format as a floor covering for a stylish interior design

Tile in large format living room-gray-furnishing-lounge

Large format tiles are a popular flooring. And that’s no wonder! If you lay large-sized tiles, the rooms not only have a modern, but also a stylish and elegant look. Tiles in large format were also used for this Italian house, which was created in collaboration between Paola Maré and Rimondo Guidacci. Take a closer look at the interior design in the gallery below.

Tiles in large format in the living room

Tiles in large format living room design ceiling steel beams

Gray tiles in large format can be found, among other things, in the open living room on the ground floor. They extend all over the room and decorate the open, minimalist kitchen. The gray floor covering is combined with a few simple and modern pieces of furniture, which visually divide the room into a lounge, dining area and kitchen. Another feature of the rooms that immediately catches the eye is the attractive ceiling. This is characterized by relatively dark wood and black steel beams.

Gray tiles in large format

Tiles in large format wood ceiling design steel beams idea kitchen

The same large format tiles are also used for the bathroom, where they are also combined with white walls. As flooring on the second floor is again wood, and glass. The latter allows a view of the living room from above and is without a doubt an interesting idea for the interior design. The sloping roof, with the same ceiling design chosen below, exudes cosiness and invites you to relax.

Shelf made of wood and metal

Tiles in large format seating area shelf metal sofa idea

Large tiles in the open living space

Open shelf for dishes

Tile in large format kitchen-built-in dishes-modern-inspiration

Decorative kitchens design

tiles-large format tableware cabinet-open wood and natural materials-device

Minimalist kitchen in white

tiles-large format-minimal table-interior-dining area-glass table-pendant lights

Open kitchen with a view to the living room

tiles-large format-open-living room-house-design-modern

Pendant lights and glass table

tiles-large format-dining table-glass-modern-chairs-and-white

White stairs and perforated panels

tiles-large format-step-and-white minimalism-perforated-panels-staircase

Wood as a floor covering

tiles-large format-cozy interior-roof slant-beanbag-lighting

Floor tiles large format on the ground floor

tiles-large format-floor-glass-flooring-original-idea

Cozy atmosphere through sloping roof

tiles-large format-dachzimer-laminated-roof slant-built-in wardrobe

Lamp in large format with spherical shape

tiles-large format-bedroom-Japanese-flair-lamp-ball

Bathtub without tiles in the bedroom

tiles-large format-bedroom-bath Washing console-round-mirror

Large floor tiles in the bathroom

tiles-large format-bathroom-walk-shower-shower wall-glass-modern

Tiles in large format and wood combine

tiles-large format-to-install shelf-bad-design-wood-doors-white-walls

Facade of the house made of wood

tiles-large format-facade-large-windows-sett

Many big windows

tiles-large format outdoor-house-design-italy-wood boards Fillet

Tiles in large format for a house in Italy

tiles-large format-yard-flooring-ideas-raumgestaltung's suggestions

Roof terrace with metal pergola

tiles-large format-terrace-weathered-wood-black-pergola-metal

Design of Paola Maré and Rimondo Guidacci ,