The modular sofa system cover by Paola Lenti

modular sofasystem-white-paola-lenti-wood veneer frame

Flexible furniture Systems have become a necessity nowadays. You can not only create variety in the furnishings, but also additional seating for all guests. Whether you have a big family or just love big sofas, that modular sofa system cover by Paola Lenti is everything you need. You can try different options until you choose the ideal composition for your living space.

The modular sofa system cover

modular sofa system pink-side table-Paola-Lenti

This modular sofa system consists of several parts and also comes with a pouf and side table. The visible frame is made of multilayer bentwood and is available in two variants: veneered and lacquered. The frame comes in a range of colors that can be matched with the upholstery. You can also opt for a pleasant wood tone. The frame is covered with elastic belts and non-deformable polyurethane foam and covered with polyester fibers and polyamide. The sofa cushions can be ordered with removable covers made of different fabrics. The individual parts of the sofa are connected by a steel coupling system.

The modular sofa system with integrated side table

modular sofa system cover series paola lenti

The sofa is the largest piece of furniture in the living room and immediately attracts the attention of the beholder. It could talk a lot about your personality and therefore needs to be carefully chosen. It must reflect your style and taste and provide you with the necessary comfort. The sofa system designed by V. Carrasco has all these features.

Variant in purple

modular sofa system-purple-modern-living-paola-lenti

Terraces »Outdoor Furniture 2014 – New collections by Paola Lenti

modern outdoor furniture 2014 blue-paola-lenti-lantern-atmosphere

The designer Paola Lenti has presented her new designs at the annual Milan Furniture Fair “Key of Color” in Chiostri della Società Umanitaria. This time, their collection not only includes Outdoor furniture 2014 but there are also a few models for our home. The furniture designer loves to play with strong colors and soft fabrics. This is the key element on which the elegance and functionality of her works are based. For the last 20 years, Paola Lenti has shaken the designer world and this furniture collection meets her high standards of quality and comfort. The modular sofa “Move”, the colorful tapestries and parasols fascinate us with aesthetics and functionality. And what can you say about this sensational lounge chair and stool? The cillen by the pool will never be the same again.

Outdoor Furniture 2014 – The new Lounge Collection by Paola Lenti

outdoor furniture 2014 paola lenti lounge sofas-terrace-green

long = “de”> Leaf through Paola Lenti’s catalog, and before your eyes, the world of outdoor furniture 2014 will open, impressing with their modern designs. Past and present, inside and outside, tradition and technology are in harmony. They are designed to be timeless in terms of quality, functionality and color. With these designer furniture your home will look totally different inside and out.

Outdoor furniture 2014 – highlights for your terrace

lounge terrace Outdoor furniture 2014 paola lenti collection green sofas

Lounge chairs and poufs

Terrace furniture-paola-lenti-2014 carpet-poufs sofas

lounge-terrace furniture-orange-poufs-stool

Parasols with integrated side table and pouf

patio furniture 2014-paola-lenti-parasols-poufs-chairs

paola-lenti-Design Awards-outdoor umbrellas-poufs

green sofa with clean lines


blue chaise longue


chaise-longue-tuerkisgruen-indoor-outdoor paola-lenti

Outdoor furniture 2014 sofa-blue-2014-new-collection-paola-lenti

outdoor garden furniture-2014-sofas-wall carpet-round-deco

paola-lenti-collection-2014-indoor-outdoor wanddeko-floor lamps

Home & Garden »Vertical garden by Paola Lenti with drip irrigation

vertical garden -free-partition-lush-planted-paola-lenti-design

“Greenery” is a vertical garden designed by CRS Paola Lenti in collaboration with Verde Profilo and works as a decorative partition. The creation stands for a well-balanced aesthetic unity of indoor and outdoor areas and transforms your rooms in the blink of an eye to the oasis of well-being. The eco-friendly Trellis was presented at the Salone del Mobile Milan 2013.

Vertical garden and decoration with vibrant plants

vertical garden trellis drip irrigation system green plants

The revolutionary product, designed as a decoration, combines environmental friendliness with functionality. Greenery has the advantage of being freestanding compared to conventional vertical gardens that require the presence of load-bearing walls. The greenery gives texture and a fresh touch in all living spaces where it is placed.

Vertical garden brings nature into the house

vertical garden partition wall integrated droplet irrigation system

The trellis consists of a steel scaffold, painted in ivory or graphite, to which various non-climbing plants can be attached and made into a desired shape. These include removable containers suitable for growing green plants or herbs.

The vertical garden of Paola Lenti is equipped with a drip irrigation system specially designed, manufactured and tested by Verde Profilo to ensure optimum conditions for the plants.

Vertical garden as a traveling green partition

Vertical garden-by-Paola Lenti lounge furniture design neon colors

Vertical garden with h removable containers

Vertical Garden Partition Wall Decoration with Vibrant Plant Environmentally Friendly

Original green screen panels – Corten steel finish

garden-trellis-removable-container-for-green plants and herb

Greened panels as Screen for the terrace

Greenery-system-removable-container-drip irrigation system

Modular sofa – 4 modern and flexible deisgns by Paola Lenti

modular sofa-design-design-beige-armchair-three-seater-seat-possibility-purple-carpet

Modular furniture is not gaining popularity for no reason – they adapt flexibly to life. For small or large spatial situations, in the office or at home the modules can be easily and quickly put together again and again. Decisive for the application is the material used – pad , Color and size, which are more or less suitable for children’s room, kitchen or living room. Modular sofa would be equally suitable for living room with 30 square meters and other with 20. There is the option to take away one or the other part and / or to place it in the other room or simply to use it as an additional separate seat.

Modular Sofa – Four Designs by Paola Lenti

modular sofa-design-design-module-seat-cushion-modern-armchair

Designers present reasonable, flexible Seating furniture made of high quality materials that ensure solid workmanship, functionality and longevity. The Italian manufacturer “Paola Lenti” produces interior and exterior fittings that are simple but practical in design. All seating modules and systems are made of steel frame and are upholstered with non-deformable polyurethane foam in different densities. Matching removable coverings suitable for indoor areas can be selected from the diverse fabric collection. We offer four models modular sofas at a glance.

Modular sofa ” So”

modular sofa-design-design-module-upholstery-combinations-white-lilac-color

“So” is a flexible modular sofa that could consist of several elements. In the collection are: right and left elements, central modules, and couch and pouf to find. These can be freely designed according to your own wishes.

“So” – a flexible modular sofa

modular sofa -design-design-gray-pillow-colorful-accent-big

As a stable substructure sustainable wood is used, as well as fasteners made of steel and feet made of plastic. Each module is filled with stress-resistant polyurethane foam and has a fixed cover made of polyester and polyamide fibers. As a removable upholstery, numerous variations and colors are available – all versions from the fabric collection are selectable.

Several colors and designs of upholstery available

modular sofa-design-design-module-combine-poslter-purple-green

“So” collection – modules seating furniture in rich colors

modular sofa-design-design-chair-module-violet pillow-simple

Some modules can be used outdoors thanks to the weatherproof upholstery

modular sofa-design-design-seat-cushion-poufs-seating-modules

Modular sofa “Sabi”

modular sofa-design-design-module-combination-shelf-wood-rattan-upholstered red

The “Sabi” collection includes several options for seating, including sofas with two and three seats, which can be freely combined with other elements or with each other. This modular system is equally well suited for indoor and outdoor use. For the outdoor seating offers special upholstery fabric “Thuia”, which is particularly weatherproof.

Modular sofa set up differently

modular sofa-design-design-module-combination-beige-pad-rectangular

Characteristic of this modular system is the armrest and backrest made of elastic braid, which is available in an extra version made of plastic rattan for outdoor use. The load-bearing structure consists mainly of sassafrash wood, and fasteners made of steel and sustainable plastic used.

Guaranteed comfort when sitting through high quality materials

modular sofa-design-design-beige-armrest-ruecklehne-pad-wood-construction

To ensure optimal comfort, back cushions are recommended. These, as well as the upholstery of the seat is available in several versions – Luz, Rope T or Brio. Fabric made of 100% polyolefin fibers – “Thuia” – is especially suitable for outdoor use.

Seating furniture from the “Sabi” collection can also be used outdoors

modular sofa-design-design outdoor-indoor-beige rattan

Simple furniture with rectangular proportions in neutral colors suits every living environment and is considered a true symbol of stylish design. These often seem very impersonal and the sense of living is missed. Modular furniture can be varied and avoid the boring atmosphere.

Modular sofa with armrests and back in rattan

modular sofa-design-design-outdoor-indoor-wood construction-rattan armrests

“Sabi” collection was designed by Francesco Rota in 2010, but today looks particularly up to date and serves as an excellent example of timeless, functional furniture equally well for use inside and out.

Combination of several modules and furniture on the terrace

modular sofa-design-design-outdoor terrace-seat moeglichkeiten-dark blue

Functional furniture suitable equally well for use inside and outside

modular sofa-design-design-red-interior-exterior-wood-rattan

Nice three-seat “Sabi” in black and dark blue

modular sofa-design-design-black-dark-pad-square-rattan-pages

Modular sofa “Ribbon”

modular sofa-design-design-modern-white-pink-color-upholstery-rueckkissen

“Ribbon” is extremely minimalistic and embodies the Dasign motto “less is more”. It lacks all the inefficiencies and every additional element. As usual, it consists of the seat and what are the back cushions with matching rectangular proportions. Despite the minimalist overall appearance, the sofa looks mild and soft with its rounded edges. The modules can be positioned differently and this time also applies to the back cushions.

Modular sofa – seat modules and back cushions to make your own

modular sofa-design-design-color-bright-module-seat moeglichkeiten-pad

A defined backrest is missing and is replaced by back cushions. The wide seat provides comfortable sitting from both sides. This allows the modules to stand freely in the room, make optimum use of it from all sides and look different each time.

Modular sofa to arrange according to your wishes

modular sofa-design-design-white-modern-rectangular-removable cushion

Several upholstery fabrics in the collection selectable

modular sofa-design-design-white-modern-minimalist-purple-decoration

Simple and flexible for modern furniture design

modular sofa-design-design-white-rueckkissen-removable-rectangular-simple

Modular sofa “Move”

modular sofa-design-design-module height-adjustable feet-green

“Move” is a modular sofa system designed by Fransesco Rota for the Italian furniture manufacturer “Paola Lenti”. It is located in two heights, which is possible by two types of feet. Four seat depths are optional and can be adapted to the requirements in the different areas.

Assemble different elements – height and seat depth freely selectable

modular sofa-design-design-module-arrange-optional

Classically or casually, the two variants of the seat surface – from 95 to 165 centimeters, even juxtaposed and stably linked by metals fasteners. Small armrest or storage area can also be easily mounted to ensure optimum seating comfort.

Attractive arrangements lend an individual touch to the living space

modular sofa-design-design-mint-high-low-color-fresh

This modular sofa has received several design awards, among all:

  • Red Dot in the product design category
  • German Design in the product design category
  • Good design in the furniture design category

Modern and flexible living with modular furniture

modular sofa-design-design-pistachio green-living room-fresh-modern-paola-lenti

Modular systems allow numerous, individual combinations of furniture

modular sofa-design-design-view-up-couch-shelf

I adapt modular furniture to the living ambience

modular sofa-design-design-style-black-pad-deco-cushion-ocher

Set up private and public spaces using modular systems

modular sofa-design-design-blue-anthracite-pad-modern

Big and small version for combinations of seating furniture possible through modular systems

modular sofa-design-design-white-light gray-simple-large-living room

* find more information about the whole product line of Paola Lenti here

Veranda »Cabanne gazebo by Paola Lenti and Bestetti Associati

cabanne gazebo blue design pergola minimalist butt

Cabanne gazebo is an architectural module structure for outdoor use, comprising two basic modules, Quadro and tunnel imagines. The become on the veranda alone or installed together. If you are planning a nice outdoor meeting or just want to spend time in peace and serenity is one Paola Lenti Design the ideal place for that. The designer Paola Lenti has collaborated with Bestetti Associati designed a modern architectural unit. Throw in your new look!

Cabanne gazebo for a nice rendezvous

cabanne gazebo romantic atmosphere lighting wood afford

Cabanne gazebo offers unforgettable accommodation and moments of evocative emotions, relaxing atmosphere and inviting environment. The design is effective and the materials are on a natural basis that combines high technology with organic elements. Cosiness through the wooden floor and wood panels which represent a structure of boards and caves and through which one can enjoy the outdoors. The tunnel design consists of steel frame which has been painted and treated against corrosion. The roof and walls are made of iroko wood and thus have a pivoting structure of fencing. Set cozy soft sofas, low round coffee tables or metal dining tables and set modern accents in these rooms.

Cabanne garden pavilion as Modulo Quadro

cabanne gazebo white textile geometric shape pink furniture

As Modulo Quadro on the porch is the Cabanne garden pavilion a cozy corner sofa or a dining room ambience. Enchantingly beautiful interior characterized by romance with sliding blinds or room dividers by side panels with horizontal wooden strips or fabric cover with design by Paola Lenti itself. The color palette of curtains and fabrics ranges from light green to great red. The blinds are put into operation with solar battery and button controlled by remote control. One enjoys his privacy and at the same time the open sky and the fresh air. Is not that great?

Original form

cabanne gazebo lounge idea modern design canopy

Spherical garden pavilion

cabanne gazebo ball loecher design pergola idea paola lenti

Wood strips design

Modulo tunnel Bestetti

Tunnel design with wood finish

Sisal walls and floor modulo Quadro

With correspondence rattan furniture and carpeting

red-execution modulo Quadro

Wooden floor with stylish sofa and pillows

Modulo Quadro Bestetti-green stool

Bring cheerful colors into play

Cabanne modulo Quadro design Bestetti

A wonderful time outdoors

Cabanne modulo tunnel veranda

Impressive and practical at the same time

Cabana Hut veranda

with-rounded-room ceiling such as tunnel cabana

Wooden floor-upholstered chairs-Cabanne

green sofa modulo Quadro

from-bright elements modulo Quadro

With premises modulo Quadro

Sliding curtains wood floor modulo Quadro

Lounge Garden furniture by Paola Lenti – art meets modern decor

lounge garden furniture by paola lenti oriental style

The Lounge garden furniture from Paola Lenti Design are the perfect example of how art and modern furniture design can cooperate. The gentle shapes and unique design are the hallmarks of this beautiful and comfortable garden facility. The designer has realized some creative ideas to combine comfort and functionality. The different collections have different characteristics and a pleasant touch of the oriental style, which brings comfort and exotic.

The modern lounge garden furniture by Paola Lenti bring elegance and comfort

lounge garden furniture by paola lenti garden sofa beige

The Lounge garden furniture by Paola Lenti look both contemporary and artistic. The sofa models are spacious and extremely elegant. The pastel colors in natural nuances are suitable for any patio decor and look particularly elegant. The sofa designs are available in different colors and can be quite suitable for your garden area if you have enough space.

The lounge garden furniture by Paola Lenti – the unique frame collection

lounge garden furniture by paola lenti garden set dark red

The frame collection looks very elegant and exotic. This unique Lounge garden furniture are available in neutral sand color and in dark red. The sofa bed is the perfect furniture for the patio area next to the pool, while the comfortable sofas and sun loungers in the garden will fit perfectly. The lounge furniture is furnished with soft cushions for comfort. With these unique pieces of furniture you will make your seating area in the garden look very elegant and stylish.

Comfortable armchair in dark red

lounge garden furniture by paola lenti garden furniture dark red

Couch bed in neutral sand color

lounge garden furniture by paola lenti sofa pastel color

Sun loungers with soft pillows

lounge garden furniture by paola lenti deck chairs garden pool

Unusual lounge furniture design

lounge outdoor furniture by paola lenti modern furniture

Sun loungers with wave design in different colors

lounge outdoor furniture by paola lenti wave design orange

lounge garden furniture by paola lenti deck chairs wave design

lounge garden furniture by paola lenti lounge chairs stool

Woven garden chairs in blue

lounge outdoor furniture by paola lenti woven armchairs

Unique swing sofa in black

lounge outdoor furniture by paola lenti swing sofa

Woven sofa in pastel color

lounge garden furniture woven by paola lenti couch

Home & Garden »Swing in the garden – two modern designs by Paola Lenti

Swing in the garden Planter modern minimalist

Anyone who thinks that a swing only belongs to the playground is wrong. Nowadays it is a functional one furniture for the outdoor area. In the USA it is mounted on the veranda, in England it has become a nice addition to the living area. And in Germany, more and more homeowners are opting for one Swing in the garden , The Italian company Paola Lenti followed the trend and launched two models on the market – the first with a sculptural look, while the second presents itself in cheerful spring colors.

Swing in the garden – Paola Lenti presents Adagio

Swing in the garden orange green modern design

The Adagio swing is nice addition to any garden and patio and is indeed a multifunctional piece of furniture. Whether for the cozy reading corner under the shade of a tree, or as an additional seat in the event that guests come – it is just super practical. In the cold months, it can be stored in the conservatory or simply hung in the living room / children’s room. The swing fascinates with a simple ergonomic construction that protects the back. It is offered in two cheerful spring colors – orange and green. The second design is a puristic swing made of light ash wood.

Modern swing in the garden – summer can come

Paola Lenti designer furniture Adagio modern stylish swing

Swing in the garden – Paola Lenti’s furniture was recently exhibited in Italy

Swing in the garden orange color green modern

The swing is offered in several colors

Swing garden design pink color

Swing in the garden – The strong orange and yellow create a happy mood

Swing garden playground kids ideas

This swing provides additional seating in the garden

Swing green color garden design ideas

The puristic swing of Paola Lenti is made of high quality wood

Swing wood frame orange seat two-seater

Swing orange color in the room Italian manufacturer

Swing Paola Lenti orange color living room living ideas

Manufacturer – Paola Lenti