Oyster lounge chair in contemporary style by Italy Dream Design

Lounge Relax Chair Armrests Cowhide Upholstery-italy dream design-Oyster

The Lounge chair The Oyster series, designed with attention to detail by Mauto Lipparini for the Italian company Italy Dream Design, are a true invitation to relaxation. The shape of the seat is very original concave shaped to ensure the best sitting comfort.

Lounge chair in Italian style

Oyster armchair backrest ergonomic cowhide look attractive design

Comfort is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the Lounge chair sees for the first time. In German, his name is “Oyster” and is actually similar in shape. The contemporary design language emphasizes the individuality and is stylishly used in very different equipped rooms.

Comfortable piece of furniture with steel frame

Oyster armchair modern-lines concave-seat white leather upholstery

Oyster forms the heart of a room, be it home office, hotel foyer, lounge area or living room. The armchair impresses with its strands. At the same time, the leather is so pleasantly soft and enveloping that a desire to relax instantly is aroused. On this chair can be best lazy and unwind.

Feel-good furniture Oyster – a pure luxury

Oyster lounge chair trendy design-Italy Dream-Mauro Lipparini

The Cowhide Variation gives you a feeling of security, intimacy and tranquility. If you place it next to the fireplace, you immediately create an island of peace and warmth. The furniture fits perfectly with a reading corner or luxury chalet. The design evokes memories of the good old days.

Subtle-elegant silhouette

Relax Furniture Italy Dream Design Footstool Footrest White Upholstery

Solid steel frame with swivel mechanism allows to swivel the seat as desired with a handle. Oyster has dimensions 89x84x96cm and is available with chromed or painted frame in 9 colors: ruby ​​red, maroon, sapphire blue, anthracite, agate gray, pebble gray, traffic white, gray-brown or raven black. One can customize it especially when mixing the colors and fabrics and leather.

Monochrome color scheme in the living room

Oyster lounge chair-raven black leather upholstery

designer Mauro Lipparini, a leading innovator in design, graduated in 1980 from the University of Florence, Department of Architecture, where he was also a faculty member. His style is described as “natural minimalism”. His extensive work in the field of industrial design includes home-office furniture, living room furniture and textiles.

Gentle and smooth surface

Relax armchair Leather upholstery-Modern Form-seat armrests floor lamp

Execution in black

Lounge chair with stool leather Design Italian Trendy rug

The lounge chair upholstered in soft upholstery

Upholstery-for warmth Coziness at home-armchair Fluffy fur rug

Ergonomically curved line

Ergonomic armchair seat Upholstery Italy Dream Design Mauro Lipparini

Leather-covered furniture for relaxation

Armchair Design Italian-Style White Design Dream Upholstery

Color variants for every taste

Designer Italy armchair-honeybrown armrests Mauro-Lipparini

Garden lounge furniture – up-to-date design of the leisure area

Garden lounge furniture -current-design-leisure-time-wood-planting

It will be summer soon and the evenings will be longer. This transforms garden, balcony or a terrace in a relax oasis, where you can retire after the hectic day’s work. stylish Garden lounge furniture create a cozy ambience and holiday mood through comfort and function.

Garden lounge furniture for a contemporary design of the leisure area

Garden Lounge Furniture -current-design-leisure-area-deckchair-rhatan-cushion-privacy

High-quality materials such as teak, concrete or natural stone tiles can be tastefully decorated with stainless steel, aluminum , Rattan and weatherproof plastic combine. The loungers are usually plain and flat and have adjustable parts. There are upholstery and cushions in pleasant colors that are water-repellent to the seating and reclining furniture. A current material of this kind is the so-called Corian. Easy to clean and with an attractive appearance, it can be thermoformed and dyed and is also used in outdoor design.

Modern design of the garden or the terrace

Garden lounge furniture -current-design-leisure-area-lying-timber-floor

The right relaxation furniture for outdoor use can increase your quality of life enormously, because you are constantly looking for the lack of rest and relaxation in the summer that you receive. There are opportunities for planning large-scale gardens and clever solutions for balconies and large terraces to make them your summer living room. Certain areas can be structured by visual protection elements or a beautiful greenery. Modern garden furniture transforms the recreational area in oases from a dreamy sense of well-being.

Garden lounge furniture -current-design-leisure-area-white-puristic-metal

Design your outdoor and leisure area according to your wishes and ideas. We help you with 25 modern ideas for garden lounge furniture to bring holiday mood in your own garden, balcony or backyard.

Garden lounge furniture -current-design-leisure-area-urban-garden-armchair-black

Garden lounge furniture -current-design-leisure-area-terrace-pillow-urban-urban

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-swimming pool-and-white tent

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-pool-are-relax-pool

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-cocoon-hsengesessel-braided

Garden lounge furniture -current-design-leisure-area-rocking-chair-free-swinging-chair

Garden lounge furniture -current-design-leisure-swing-armchair-relax-balcony

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-rocking-couch-cushion-natural color

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure area, red and rocking couch-cushion-cozy

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-mattress-cushion-roof terrace

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-liege-Phase Design Reza Feiz-

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-liege-metal-upholstery

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-cushion-plants-nature-sichschutz

swimming pool garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-iglo rhatan-cushion-

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-dog-swimming pool-wood-terrace

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure range-wood-terrace-chill

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure range-wood-are-relax-water

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-backyard-white-lantern Stones

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-glass-grass and white-stone

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure area-frame-white-green

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure area-dining area-concrete-pillow

garden-loungemoebel-date-design-leisure sector-antique-chair-liege-orange-rustic

Balcony »Design your balcony: 82 ideas for an individual feel-good lounge

balcony design modern dining area seating area skyline parquet

The summer is just around the corner and awakens the desire for joint events in the fresh air. The anticipation of sun, beach and sea is rising and you just want to escape from everyday life and let your mind wander. If you are already waiting impatiently for the holidays, you could conjure up a relaxing summer atmosphere in your own home with little effort – on the balcony. Who in the period before the beginning of summer his Framing the balcony and would like to decorate, 82 inspirational ideas can be found here, with which nothing stands in the way of the pleasant summer days.

Creating a balcony – bringing a piece of nature into the house

balcony fashion modern elegant bright furniture grill carpet view

The balcony is an important space that ensures harmonious communication between inside and outside. There are plenty of activities with family and friends – barbecues, cooking and entertainments, which will end the evening with interesting conversation or the cozy enjoyment of coffee and cake and the breathtaking view of the horizon when you are on a higher floor. Ironically, the beginning of summer is the right moment to redesign the balcony at the latest. Enjoy a relaxing holiday feeling in a family atmosphere.

Turn the balcony into a veritable oasis of well-being

balcony fashion diy furniture palette white coffee table england theme

Framing the balcony And decorating is really not difficult – with a few moves and accessories you can turn it into an individual paradise. Depending on the size of the room, different sizes of balcony furniture can be placed there. If you want to relax, resort to comfortable garden and Relax furniture with a table. They convey a fantastic holiday feeling. Floor cushions and bean bags with floral or geometric patterns are also quite trendy. In addition, chests of drawers and sideboards are used as an extension of the storage space.

Everything for a nice balcony

balcony shape two people seating area table chairs greece flagstones

To make a cozy balcony include plant and flowerpots – are a trendy piece of jewelry for your home and are available in different colors, sizes and materials, so they are sure to meet every taste. Spread the boxes and pots on the railing, in front of the railing or use a free wall to create a vertical garden. Even herbal plants can be easily grown and decorate the outdoor area at the same time and practically use.

Simple balcony furnishings

balcony fashion rattan beige chaiselonge seat cushion purple simple furnishings

If you have enough space on the balcony, set up an idyllic oasis. Due to the different elements and ornaments each balcony can be individually designed. Depending on how much space you have, you can set up seating areas, dining areas and sun loungers with sun loungers. Which material you choose for the furniture, you decide depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create. It is suitable for rattan, but also wood and wood.

Make tips and ideas for a trendy balcony

Summer-atmosphere-balcony-woven-hanging chair-with-frame-bedroom

But you may also prefer a rather simply designed outdoor area despite the spacious balcony area. Then just go back to the essentials and do not put it with many items. A small seating area or even a simple seat swing could be quite enough. A barbecue could be from Mutzen. Plants look very nice, but are certainly not a must for the balcony design!

Also consider a visual and sunscreen that can be just as decorative. A very long terrace you can partially glazed and then equipped with blinds. So you get sun and shadow areas at the same time. Awnings, side awnings and other canopies and protective elements are also wonderfully suitable and can be placed anywhere.

Add plants and accessories as you like

Pink Blue Cushion on-balcony-decorating-ideas-metal railings-Scandinavian-style

Also play with the colors. Summery colors and color combinations give the outdoor area the finishing touch, provided you stand on such colors. Would you prefer a modern and simple color scheme, you can of course also fall back on it. Do you use upholstery, throw pillows, and why not use an outdoor rug? Also have some matching blankets ready for the cooler nights. The flowers can also be color-matched to your textiles.

Balcony plants and a few decorative elements

Furniture for balcony-benches-metal frame and black-lacquer-green Seat Cushion floor lamp

Do you not find enough space for the chosen furniture set, either lengthways or across? This will certainly annoy you, now that you have finally found the optically perfect balcony furniture. Have you ever had the idea to try it diagonally? Especially when no wall is present, but only large windows in which there is also the balcony door. Just place the chair, armchair or other smaller seating in a corner of the railing and diagonally opposite a bench. So there is still enough space to go through. Maybe that works with your set.

Designer chairs for balcony

Modern lounge chairs-for-balcony-red extravagant design footrest

If you place more emphasis on quality than on quantity, you can also use designer models instead of many furniture and decorations to create a particularly stylish balcony design. Whether artistic chairs or side tables, decorations or larger pieces of furniture, the compilation is guaranteed to be unique. So why not invest in something special and do something good for yourself!

Make your own balcony – Idyllic balcony with pool

Balcony design with transparent-pool glass walls Stairs Wood

Granted few have the opportunity to build a pool on the balcony. In addition, it must be checked whether the construction of the house can withstand the weight at all and permits must be obtained, which can be quite nerve-wracking. Do you think that the effort is worthwhile, consult first with an architect. With the help of the blueprints of the house, he can get a picture of the whole and better assess what can be done. Either way, a pool overlooking the city but without Zweigel is a unique eye-catcher and the refreshing water will delight you throughout the summer. Do not forget a lounge or other seating!

Atmospheric candlelight

Lighting outdoor with candle-led lamp-floor tiles of wood embarrassed

The lighting is another factor that should be given enough attention and influence the mood on the balcony. So do not underestimate her! Opt for artificial light in the form of recessed lights or other types of lamps, or use romantic candlelight that you keep in lanterns for safety.

Balcony railing made of glass

Ideas balcony furniture transparent modern-romantic-lighting-white-round table

Design your balcony – Creative balcony bench

Balcony railings from wood built-bench-with-upholstered cushion Cushion balcony sea view

Modern balcony furniture

Luxury balcony furniture unusual coffee table and white upholstered-seating-glass-metal railings

Braided designer armchairs give the balcony the finishing touches

Beautiful balcony-with-view-design-luxury-furniture-sofa cushions

Holiday atmosphere-on-balcony-with-pool design ideas-modern

Luxury balcony with pool in-ground recessed oval metal railings

Beach-wellness lounge area balcony-with-whirlpool tub-in-ground-recessed daybed

Modern-house-with-balcony-Pool-in-soil sunk wood deck seating area

Luxury penthouse balcony with pool mosaic tiles city views

Balcony furniture upholstered-Throw-strong-color trendy patterns

Urlaubsfeeling-hollywood-swing-for-balcony-wooden frame-cozy Pads

Balcony table with chairs metal in Shadow Flower tub Flower pots decoration

Small roof balcony-cozy sofa set lighting lanterns

Classical architecture-balcony-with-pillar railing-exotic-hanging chair-with-frame

design ideas-balcony-wooden floor-pergola rattan chairs-upholstered pads

House-thatched balcony table with chairs Hammock-view-on-sea

Rooftop-set artificial grass flower troughs sun loungers

Balcony design lounge chairs balcony floor floorboards metal railings-great-promising

Urban-Balkonien-design Ideas-cozy upholstered furniture-trendy design stripes

Urban-balcony-design-wooden floors and glass railings

face protection-for-balcony-with-living-plant flowers bucket-black armchair Sofa Set

Urban Gardens-on-balcony-gestaten-sun-lounger cushions flower boxes

Wrought iron chairs-for-balcony-ornaments-black-sun-protection umbrella

Outdoor kitchen-on-balcony-teak garden chairs dining table round flower troughs

Furniture for balcony-terrace-polyrattan-pads-strong-color red

Furniture for balcony-rocking-white-plastic-wood floor decking

Small-balcony-cozy-designed lighting light chain-yellow-folding chairs

small-urban-balconies-set-carpet-white-chair-red cushions

Ideas-for-light design balcony Led wall lights-incandescent light

Ideas-for-atmospheric lighting light chain-of-balcony Ball Leds

design ideas modern-floor-small-balcony leather sofa outdoor furniture with timber-

Garden on balcony-vertical-design Flower arrangements Decoration

exotic plants balcony furniture vintage dining-braided chairs

Designer balcony metal railing wrought iron make-wicker-chair Easy-

Stained-balcony with hammock-relax furniture-for-every-taste

Balcony with glass balustrade sunbeds Red-Editions-weatherproof-modern

balcony-ideas-design-furniture-white-plastic furniture Coffee Table-eyed-Wohntextilien

Balcony design romance Lighting with wind lights Candle Ideas

Balcony make carpet grass-chair Ikea highchair pink-plastic

Balcony Floor forms-wood flooring water resistant-non-slip

Balcony floor tiles-wood-thread-white-armchairs-modern-design

Dinner on-the-balcony table-romantic-atmosphere Tablecloth elegant

Beach House at the beach-terrace-balcony-furniture-modern design futuristic glass railing

Deko Ideen-mit Balkon climbing aid for plants flower tubs-different sizes

vintage atmosphere balcony furniture coffee table braided-armchairs-decorative carpet

urban-balcony-furniture-Scandinavian-style white chair doormat Strip flower pots

exotik-on-balcony-furniture-of-teak-coffee table-chairs-with-fabric seat and white

bedroom-with-balcony Floor lacquered wooden hammock

Recycled-balcony furniture wood table-range furniture Living Textiles-modern

Space-saving folding chairs-from-metal balcony-set-decorating-with-fabric pillows carpet

Plant-for-balcony-arranging-seating-individual Decorations

Small balconies-set-ideas Sunny location-sun loving Flower Pots

Cozy balcony-design-ideas-hammock-home textiles-fur blankets

Garden on balcony Flower privacy-from-bamboo design ideas

Woven-for-balcony-colorful-boho-chic decorating ideas Rustic carpet-vintage chairs bamboo-frame

Color combine balcony-arranging folding chairs Doormat colorfully checkered flower pots

Decorations-for-balcony flower pots floor vases-braided-balcony chairs-metal frame

Bunte Wontextilien-on-balcony-decorative iron railing seating Deco

bamboo chair cushion-seat-colorful-living textiles-boho-chic-device-balcony

balcony-face protection-bamboo wood hammock-to-hang-exotic

balcony-floor-tiles wood-metal chairs-checkered Seat Cushion modern-pattern

Ideas for romantic balcony lighting lanterns-made of wood-metal

Porch-balcony-Gestalen Hollywood swing-woven carpet-trendy-pattern

Privacy-by-balcony seating area Flower Tub squab-Editions-white-colorful-deco

Space-saving folding chairs-for-balcony-black-metallic-ideas-for-plant baskets

Lounge sofa-braided-Wanddeko balcony furniture carpeted

Device-balcony-design armchair-decorative-wood deck-rattan wicker furniture

gardening-on-balcony-flowerbeds-seating area Chairs Coffee Table

Stainless steel grill bbq on-the-balcony-wooden floors-metal railing

Greening-on-balcony-floor-artifice-carpet-flower-tubes metal railings

Balcony furniture teak folding chairs coffee table metal railing Blumendeko

Balcony Garden design creative exterior design architecture sustainably

Wellness & Spa »Private gym, spa and lounge in the middle of the forest

private gym terrace glass roofing alu

Today we present to you a fascinating private gym located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg located and extends over a total area of ​​113 m2. Behind the project, which was realized in 2015, are the architects Olga Vetosheva and Eduard Zakharov of Horomystudio. Their task was to create a fully equipped sports complex with swimming pool and spa area, but seamlessly integrated into the environment.

Private gym in nature

private-gym-design-terrace-sun are

The lack of open space and the forest landscape presented a real challenge. Finally, a 30 m2 plot of land was devoted to building land, preserving all the trees and integrating them into the architecture of the sports center. For this reason, the use of construction machinery was not possible. All excavation work in the project was done manually. So the basement was built according to the TOP-DOWN technology: from top to bottom.


The private fitness center is spread over several floors: a basement with fitness machines for strength and muscle training, cardio machines on the ground floor and yoga on the upper floor. The façade, which is located to the north, is made of glass and this one to the south has been covered with wood. The adjoining terrace is on several levels and offers a pleasant stay in good weather. The terrace on the north side connects the fitness center to an existing sauna complex.

Private gym professionally furnished

private-gym-cardio training-device-glazing

The private gym integrates harmoniously into the natural environment. Thanks to the ample glazing, the natural light is used optimally. The hall on the ground floor has sliding glass doors that open completely when needed and allow the boundary between inside and outside to merge. The steps also have excellent accents, such as LED strips and integrated flower boxes.

private-gym-boxing-mirror-behind lighting

A spiral staircase with copper sheet railing connects the three floors. Polymer coatings on the steps provide extra security. The interior design and equipment of the gym satisfies the high demands of a professional sports facility. SPORTEC® style safety flooring and sports parquet made of Canadian maple MIRAGE) were laid. Special emphasis was also placed on the technical solution for natural room ventilation. A real highlight are also the figures of famous boxers, which were made of mirrors specifically for the project.


private-gym-stair-led strips

private-gym-design elements


private-gym-spiral staircase-copper sheet railings

private-gym-glass roof-balcony

private-gym-glass roof-light ring

private-gym-night lighting-pool


Project and realization of HOROMYSTUDIO

Outdoor Furniture to Relax – Rattan Lounge Beds by Skyline Designs

rattan lounge beds skyline designs canopy spartan white

If you are dreaming of a luxurious vacation in one of those exotic and tropical destinations, lounging on the white sandy beach in a beautiful sun lounger is somehow an absolute part of it. The Rattan lounge beds by Skyline Design But they can give you more comfort and an extraordinary sense of luxury.

Indulge your senses with these rattan lounge beds

spartan rattan outdoor furniture lounge bed

The Indonesian furniture manufacturer will offer an exclusive experience at your home thanks to this impressive collection of Rattan lounge beds , The Trio Spartan, Shade and Igloo Beds are 100% recyclable, waterproof and bring with them a stylish modern charm.

Rattan Lounge Beds by Skyline Designs

rattan lounge bed spartan outdoor canopy

The generous design of Spartan offers enough space to hang out with your friends and family. The high roofs provide ample shade, while the seats provide the pleasant experience. With its unique design, patented ‘Black Mushroom’ color and trendy shape, Spartan is the perfect place to spend a cool evening and some starry nights out on the terrace overlooking the waves in the distance!

Spartan bed

outdoor lounge beds polyrattan white cushions

Shade is a design ideal for smaller spaces and those who do not need the extravagance of Spartan. Its compact conical shape still makes the lounge bed comfortable and a real treat to the eyes.

Shade lounge bed

rattan lounge bed shade canopy cushion relax pool

rattan lounge bed shade skylight design pillow

igloo is the ideal lounge bed for those who need a bit more privacy. Or if you want to share some special and intimate moments with loved ones. Ironically, this chic tropical weather bed was inspired by the icy igloo. The removable cover gives you the opportunity to take something more fresh, even as its nest-like design promises comfort and comfort.

Igloo bed

igloo apple rattan lounge bed skyline design indonesia

rattan lounge bed iglu skyline design apple shape

igloo apple lounge bed polyrattan outdoor furniture

Mango lounge bed rattan lounge beds mango stool side tables gray mango lounge bed rattan side tables two

The modular Bisham bed

bisham rattan lounge bed modular pillow stool bishan lounge bed modular stool coffee table skyline design

Terraces »Beautiful garden lounge ideas – extend the interior to the outside

Garden Lounge Ideas-exotic-palm-infinity-pool-fireplace

Imagine being able to dine outside in a romantic setting without leaving home. This dream can easily become a reality if yours inside rooms move outside and get this beautiful Garden Lounge Ideas look at. The garden lounge area is different from the porch. The garden terrace is in most cases exhibited, while the lounge area in the backyard is a very intimate and quiet private atmosphere can secure. It would be optimal if your outdoor space is suitable for day and night. If you live in a region with a warm climate, make your lounge area suitable for several seasons.

Garden lounge ideas with original design

Garden Lounge Ideas-wood furniture cushion-palm-exotic

If they Garden Lounge Ideas look over furnishings, look for original and imaginative designs. Choose suitable weatherproof fabrics, of which almost as many are today selection as from the usual textiles there. The new materials withstand stains and quick wear, but still feel like ordinary fabrics. They may be a bit more expensive but are a good investment as they last longer.

Professional garden lounge ideas and tips

Garden Lounge Ideas Modern Firewood Iron Upholstery

Some famous interior designers give useful tips and Garden Lounge Ideas if you do not know what to do with. Brian Killian says you should take inspiration from the interior design. It would be particularly stylish if you can coordinate indoor and outdoor furnishings. Killian has set up a comfortable lounge area next to the swimming pool in his back yard. He has harmonized the style of the exterior with the house design and created a wonderful place for relaxation.

Colorful colors and original decorations for unique lounge area

Garden Lounge Ideas -modern-outoor-furniture-kunstrattan-black The designer M.E. Yeck has some criteria after making the interior design decisions. Think about what you want, what you need, what you can afford and what you have room for. Use different patterns and colorful colors to achieve an interesting effect. Yeck originally wanted to design a pavilion, which later turned into a small summer house. The lounge area is away from the house and secures a place where you can spend quiet afternoons and evenings with friends.

Fine curtains for more private space and protection from the sun’s rays


Although these exterior spaces have different styles and designs, they share a common element. Hang stylish curtains to secure more private space and protect the garden furniture from sun and wind. Designer Peter Falk has designed form and function in a combination and comfortable stool in eight different variations. The models have different designs and an elegant design and can be easily brought to the outside.

Comfortable seating area made of high quality materials

garden lounge tips facility outside seating area

Designer Lili McIntire also has a few tips and Garden Lounge Ideas prepared. You should invest as much thought for the exterior as for the interior. She believes that the beauty of interiors could easily be brought to the outside. One should not be intimidated by the many options and the wide range of outdoor facilities. On the contrary, it is easier to design a comfortable lounge area in the garden of high quality materials. If the weather gets worse outside, you can turn off the fine fabric armchairs and expensive curtains in the basement and bring the simple wooden and plastic tables and chairs outside. So you can enjoy the sun even in winter.

Outdoor fabrics with high quality and diverse motives

garden lounge ideas establishment outdoors textiles

The Garden Lounge Ideas Nowadays they are easy to realize thanks to the endless selection of fabrics and materials suitable for outdoor use. These fabrics can also be used for the rooms in the house. Cushions, upholstery or seat covers – these are available in all sorts of colors and designs today. The curtains can always be dropped without worrying that the color will fade. Take off the curtains at the end of the summer and you will make sure that the colors have remained the same. Look for fabrics that resist stains, do not fade, and are waterproof. With all these possibilities are the Garden Lounge Ideas easy and convenient to implement.

Outdoor lounge area with canopy cover

garden lounge ideas setting up outside curtains

Lovely sitting area in the garden with wicker furniture

garden lounge tips setting up outdoors nature

Cozy dining area with wooden furniture

garden lounge tips furnishing outside wood furniture

Elegant gazebo with curtains

garden lounge tips setting up outside gazebo

Outdoor space with wicker furniture and fireplace

garden lounge ideas setting up outside wicker furniture

garden lounge ideas setting up outside sofa

garden lounge tips setting up outside blue design

garden lounge tips facility outside swimming pool

garden lounge tips setting up outdoors green orange

garden lounge tips setting up outdoors red motifs

Outdoor lounge furniture ideas for luxurious “Al Fresco” experiences

Lounge Furniture Design - Kirv Armchair

Once upon a time, the idea of ​​luxurious outdoor living was to spread a picnic blanket on the lawn, relax on a lounger, or be really forgiving and sunbathe on a folding sunbed. So, what has changed? Well in regards to our wishes for fresh air, nothing. It’s just that today more and more people want to enjoy the “Al Fresco” experience as much as possible. For the uninitiated, this article presents the concept of “Outdoor Lounge”. This sensational offer Outdoor lounge furniture Ideas would have been unimaginable to most people 50 years ago, but the growing popularity of outdoor spaces has motivated many designers, with their own imaginative ones Outdoor lounge furniture ideas to get close.

Outdoor furniture from PFEIFFER

Lounge furniture by PFEIFFER

The Outdoor lounge furniture Idea arises from the desire to create as much comfort outside as inside our homes. The available furniture collection has expanded so that we can create complete outdoor equipment on balconies, terraces or covered areas. Since every outdoor facility outdoors is at least semi-permanent, the Outdoor lounge furniture idea Made of materials that are practically able to withstand the elements. Either this or protective covers must be incorporated into the design to keep furniture safe from humid weather.

Garden sun loungers from Pia Cavalli

Garden Lounge Chairs by IPE Cavalli

Many modern materials have been adapted for outdoor use, synthetic rattan and cane always popular with designers. Furniture with seats made of waterproof fabric or easily removable are a very comfortable and luxurious option. Wood furniture is sturdy, durable and traditional, can also be revived with attractive and colorful soft accessories, great for change if you feel the need for a quick and easy style. To yours Outdoor lounge furniture idea You may be able to integrate temporary screen walls for structure and privacy. This could easily be achieved with normal garden trellis or fencing materials. Of course, a more permanent type of gazebo could be a desirable choice, but be careful not to be shut down, otherwise you will reject the object from outdoor living.

Lounge loungers from EGO Paris

Lounge deckchair by EGO Paris

Stylish, traditional, sculptural, minimalist, baroque, funky – there is Outdoor furniture for every taste. Many of these designs can be imitated and adapted to your budget. Be imaginative, brave in the creation of your own exciting outdoor lounge design. Do something that fits your lifestyle and taste.

from Jaz

Outdoor Sofa Bed – Kenneth Cobonpue Design

Outdoor furniture sofa bed by KENNETH COBONPUE

Lounge Bed Design – Cane Line

Outdoor Bed - Cane Line

Outdoor furniture idea – flexible sun roof

Outdoor design idea - flexible sun roof

Outdoor design ideas-adjustable sun roof

Outdoor furniture collection design by MYYOUR

Outdoor furniture from MYYOUR Outdoor furniture design by MYYOUR - detail

Outdoor Lounge Furniture by MYYOUR in white

Outdoor furniture design by MYYOUR - white

Modern lounge furniture

Design by Leolux

modern elegant stylish furniture design sofa

The Dutch furniture company Leolux offers imaginative Lounge furniture. The furniture factory was founded in 1934. At that time, she had a different name and was specialized in classic furniture. The company was later bought by the brothers Jan and Ton Sanders, who developed modern concepts. The next generation of company executives followed in their footsteps and came up with fresh ideas themselves. The result can be seen – many colors and stylish modern designs are successfully combined with high quality and comfort. The company Leolux is for their outstanding, modern Lounge furniture known.

Elegant colored lounge furniture by Leolux

stylish furniture design purple sofa and red table

The furniture from the Morena collection is particularly popular. The collection of modern lounge furniture was designed by the designer Stefan Heiliger in 2010 and focuses on elegant sofa design. Main characteristic is the sculptural and elegant form. It looks like sofas are ‘merging’ into each other. The different pieces of furniture can be combined with each other, creating a charming and chic seating area.

Modern and interesting – the lounge furniture collection ‘Morena’

stylish furniture design lilac sofa with red pillows

This modern one Lounge furniture Collection is available in leather or fabric cover. As far as color is concerned, they are expressive, powerful and create an emotional atmosphere. They are available in gray or white for the conservative, and in red or purple for extravagant customers. With its minimalist design, the Morena collection will fit any modern home or office. The Leolux designers went out of their way to make these lounge furniture not only attractive, but also very comfortable.

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modern stylish furniture design detail

Exciting design – modern lounge furniture

modern stylish furniture design

elegant white sofa

Elegant white sofa

elegant stylish sofa

elegant stylish furniture design modern sofa

A new way to sit: KU ME KO

Outdoor lounge furniture ideas for total relaxation

Patio furniture design idea

Look at these current pieces of furniture with a focus on Outdoor lounge furniture ideas , Lounging is a very special skill that needs the right equipment to help you get it right! But seriously, the value of relaxation should not be underestimated. Modern living can be extremely stressful, so it is important to take your time and switch off. In this regard, these could be awesome Outdoor lounge furniture ideas be seen as a way to improve your health. Many people need to learn to relax, which could be better than leaning back and enjoying lazing in the fresh air.

Lounge Bed by the Pool – Outdoor Lounge Furniture Idea

modern outdoor lounge bed

Whether in the garden, by a pool, in the heat of the summer sun or in a nice shady place, these become Outdoor lounge furniture ideas Help them to experience real happiness. Designs for outdoor lounge furniture can be traditional or more abstract and sculptural. The latter of course makes a fantastic artistic statement in your outdoor space, whether you like it or not.

White outdoor design

white outdoor furniture design

Made from a variety of attractive materials, Outdoor lounge furniture ideas fit all environments, styles and budgets. Choose sunbeds that will really help you relax. The best Outdoor lounge furniture are scientifically designed to assist the body in a lying position. If the deck chair is not comfortable, total relaxation is impossible. When choosing the right lounger, do you first think about whether you want to move your reclining furniture in different places? If so, then you have to opt for something light and portable. Will your luxury lounger be used near water? Then she has to be waterproof. Will your beautiful lounger be strong enough to support hours and hours of endless lounging? Once you get the right one Outdoor lounge furniture idea your only obligation is to sit back and let all your worries and tensions melt away. Take advice from an expert, lounging an extremely positive, life-changing activity.

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Garden furniture design by Sardana

Garden furniture design - Sardana

Lounge bed by Paola Lenti

modern lounge bed by Paola Lenti

Modern garden chair by Tom Yam

modern garden chair - TOM YAM

Rattan chair

Garden chair made of rattan

Outdoor deckchair by Dedon

Garden recliner chair by Dedon

Hammock by Samuele Mazza

Hammock design by Samuele Mazza

Patio piece of furniture by Kenneth KAbonpue

Patio piece of furniture by Kenneth Abonpue

interesting garden chair by KENNETH COBONPUE

Lounge rocking armchair Ivy designed according to the principles of biomimicry

Armchair Sculptural design Solid wood frame braided seat ergonomic

The Brazilian designer Erico Gondim designed Lounge rocking chair Ivy according to the principles of biomimicry. In biology, mimicry refers to the evolutionary adaptability and striking similarity of plants and animals to a second plant or animal species. Sometimes the imitations are so accurate that you can hardly distinguish the imitator from the role model – as an example one often calls the harmless imitator of the wasp, which closely resembles the black and yellow patterned insect. Through this form of camouflage also the animal tries to secure its survival and to keep away enemies.

Designer lounge rocking chair inspired by nature

Relaxing armchair ergonomic ivy-oak wood wicker furniture design modern

The one based on the Biomimkry Lounge rocking chair transforms two-dimensional objects into an amazing three-dimensional design creation with a sculptural character. The eye-catching coloring of Ivy makes it a highlight. The frame was made of unpeeled American oak. Seat and back were hand-woven from palm leaves. To ensure a comfortable and comfortable sitting, the palm leaves were covered with water-resistant felt. Of the ergonomic seat clings to the curves of the human body and envelops it with soft and comforting comfort.

Lounge rocking chair with sturdy oak frame

Relax armchair lounge waterproof felt-covered palm leaves braided

Lounge chair Ivy of Erico Gondim offers perfect relaxation and best reclining and seating comfort. The attractive look is the result of a combination of industrial design and traditional craftsmanship. The material gives the piece of furniture a certain lightness and underlines the exclusive reclining feeling.

Apartment highlight with original aesthetics

American oak furniture design relax armchair surface texture sculptural character seat

One has the feeling of lying in a hammock. Ivy aims to evoke positive emotions. Its curved lines and ergonomic design reflect the zeitgeist. Ivy rocking has integrated storage space under the seat.

Modern furniture design presents exclusive wickerwork

Textured Surface Armchair Seat Biomimicry-Based Furniture Design-Modern

rocking Made of unshelled American oak

Design relax chair seat surface texture-wood palm leaves wickerwork modern

Lounge chair b Asiced on palm leaves weaving

Recliner wooden frame ergonomic seat design Ivy Erico-Gondim

Eye-catching coloring

Headrest texture surface braided glue green design ivy armchair

Integrated bookshelf under the seat

Shelf integrated texture braided storage space seating wicker art seat

Palm leaf weaving

Flechtkunst wicker furniture designer lounge armchair-Ivy palm leaves wickerwork