Dreamhouses »Modern decor meets the typical Thai style

modern furnishings villa-thailand-appartement-siam-mosaic-braiding-organic-shapes

These modern decor Using futuristic, organic forms of natural materials inspired by Thai culture and Buddhism, it was created by some of the world’s most famous architects and designers. The Villa Siam is part of the luxury hotel Iniala and is located in the Gulf of Thailand , Named after its old name, the luxurious villa was designed in 2013 by the Thai designer Eggarat Wongcharit.

Modern decor mixed with Thai eclecticism in the living area

modern interior design villa thailand residential area organic shapes

Everywhere on the walls and the ceiling of the living area, the typical Thai bamboo netting climbs up. The modern interior focuses on meditation and sensuality. The organic, elongated lines of the plants seamlessly connect the spaces with each other, forming pictorial dream catchers. The furniture and artworks are inspired by the surrounding landscape – lotus flowers, climbing plants, turquoise water, pearly white sand-lime brick, and Buddha adorn the interior.

In the dining room behind the dining table for six people shine three Buddha photographs in the colors of the rainbow. The lightness of the meditation and the sensual shape the oval shapes with openings in the modern interior of the whole living area.

Modern furniture realizes sensual private areas

modern arrangement villa-thailand-lotus-appartement-lily-leaf-climbing-plant

The villa comprises two thematic private areas – lotus and Siam Suit ,

The Lotus Apartment is inspired by the symbol of the lotus flower and brings forth its mysticism. The lotus and water lily leaves in pastel green are arranged fluently behind and above the bed and accompany the guest in the dream world. Next to it floats a sofa whose lower part is decorated with pearl white mosaics. In the bathroom, a Thai graphic designer created the typical koi carp.

Just opposite is the second apartment – Siam Suit – which symbolizes yin and yang. It has two bedrooms with cocoon-shaped bamboo beds, curved according to the traditional craft techniques of the area. The flooring was made in detail from white natural wood.

The eye-catcher in this luxury villa is definitely the spa and wellness area. The golden walls, inscribed with Buddhist teachings, harmonize with the hand-cut mirrors and the door handles with Buddha gestures. The shower, toilet and steam cabin were placed and designed according to the traditional Thai techniques used in the construction of the temple. The spa of the extraordinary home shines from top to bottom in antique gold with Buddhist teachings translated into English.

The unique feature of the villa is the masterful combination of modernity and the eclecticism of Thai culture – netting, glass mosaics, images and statues of Buddhist gods are only a part of the lush design.

Water lilies and lotus flowers in the bedroom inspire you to dream


Modern Interior – Floating Seating Area in Lotus Suit


Koi fish in the adjacent bathroom of the Lotus Appartements

modern-device-villa-thailand-bad-koi-fish-graphic designers

Modern Interior – Organic Shapes in Siam Suit


Cocooned lounge island and bed


Bamboo braid also in the bathroom


The spa area – a golden dome

modern-device-villa-thailand-spa-wellness-gold Buddha temple

Gold lettered walls with Buddhist teachings


In the garden also rain showers are provided to the guests


A project of CRAFACTOR

East meets west – renovation of luxury house

The ‘Honiton’ residence of MCK Architects from Australia

traditional luxury house with modern interior

The ‘Honiton’ residence was originally a beautiful house in a classic style, furnished with many works of art. The luxury house is located in Bellevue Hill, Sidney. The MCK architects were charged with the task of modernizing the house. The Renovation of the luxury house presented a challenge – on the one hand the original architecture should be considered, on the other hand a modern ambience was to be created. The house construction, as expected from a historic building, is outstanding. The original structure has an elegant traditional design with gabled apex in the roof and spacious rooms. The modern elements were incorporated with great imagination, resulting in an asymmetrical mixture of volumes and shapes.

Renovation of luxury house with fascinating result

colored decoration dining room

In the Renovation of the luxury house the emphasis was on white design schemes both indoors and outdoors. In this way, the beautiful house shape comes into its own. The house is fresh and bright, it has an energetic and cheerful atmosphere. The interior of the house should be redesigned so that more light comes into the house and can make better use of the available space.

Creative renovation of luxury house

elegant living room with chandelier

Strong colors in the decorative elements contrast with the neutral colors. Modern paintings and artworks are combined with colors and patterns from the Middle East, creating an interesting merger between East and West. The patterns in fabrics or on the walls and decorative partitions create tension. Traditional roof ornamentation is reminiscent of the original design. After Renovation of the luxury house has created a pleasant atmosphere – very suitable for resting. A clever and creative idea of MCK Architects who have originally remodeled this beautiful house.

from Jaz

exciting design in luxury house

oriental patterns in the kitchen

oriental decoration wall

Kitchen with wooden flooring

Kitchen with modern furniture

The Honiton – residence of the MCK architects:

An exciting mix of Middle Eastern and white walls make the home look modern and luxurious. The MCK renovation has transformed this family home from a historic building to a modern white architecture. The owners of this six-bedroom property have complained that the house is too big – which is why the rooms have been combined in a cozy interior, while outdoors the garden has been carefully planted.

elegant interior - pink decoration

pink accents

Wooden floor in the corridor

In order to get more light into the house, it was necessary to redesign the living area – the interior and exterior are connected seamlessly, and an open mezzanine on the first floor has completely transformed the house design.

orange wall in the bathroom

orange wall in the bathroom

The kitchen, the dining room and the living room have been connected. Contrasts are set by colored textures and furniture with fabulous design. Marble and wood are combined in a unique way. The artwork collection by the customer was appropriately displayed. Dark flooring, orange, turquoise and cherry red bring tension. Handmade mirrors were used as decoration.

white facade of the luxury house white facade of modern luxury house

elegant swimming pool in the backyard

elegant swimming pool

modern garden with fireplace

modern yard with fireplace

modern garden furniture with color accents

modern garden furniture

55 Living room Ideas – Modernity meets the classic

Living Room Ideas wood floor black corner sofa beige carpet pendant lamps

Today we meet in a living room and cordially invite you pair Living room ideas To welcome design tips and general suggestions. The modern meets the classic, so it is when you look at our 45 pictures of the living room. The heart of this room is the couch and around it are the decor, armchairs and chairs; the coffee table that completes the interior and is the cause of many happy moments with drinks and food on it and in front of the television. Just come in!

Living room ideas are limitless

living room-ideas-dark-wood floor-break stones-kaminofen

The ideas for the living room are plentiful and are turned into a place with the architect’s hand, where you feel comfortable with friends or family. The focus today is on loft apartments, penthouse apartments and houses located on both sides of the Pacific Ocean and in between. It’s an effective and gorgeous way to combine classic architecture with rural flair, for example upholstered chairs design renaissance or with quilted pattern from the 60s with state-of-the-art elements like LED lighting, built-in fireplaces in room divider or pretext, as well as sloping ceilings with asymmetrical and symmetrical windows. Gray shades, natural stone and wood cover walls and ceilings, the living room transforms into a sweeping system on levels that often introduces a seamless transition to the kitchen or dining room. The Living room ideas are a bunch with open borders and possibilities of execution.

Living room abstract art ideas

living room-ideas-black-wall color-moebel-parkettboden

The modern living room design often uses abstract accents. Shelving and hanging system of pipes, tricks on the wall or a certain implied culture type as throw pillows on the carpet in the form of stones, signal colors and faces of people looking through the corner of an eye in the living room, are just a few examples. They are also a bit eccentric and require a great deal of understanding to accommodate them, but they are present in the luxurious class of décor on the part of the owner. Something upscale but also classic design and especially modern Living room ideas for fine tastes.

living room-ideas-parkettboden-gruenes-modular sofa-concrete ceiling

living room-ideas-white sofas and dark gray carpet brown pillows

two-level living room abstract art piece bookshelves

Two levels in the living room provide airiness

Living-on-two-level upholstery Abstract Art

Sisal carpet corresponds with wood in the room

Lemon yellow-furniture-decor-blue carpet chandelier

Japanese architects put emphasis on signal colors

Condo-Apartment-St Petersburg-white-built shelves and walls

Living room with activities showcase-with-shelves-and-lighting

high-ceiling glass wall-spotlight-Staircase-dining-living room area

Pendant light-vintage look red-carpet-with-upholstered furniture-wood cabinets

Renaissance furniture Modern Art Kamin-lowered-Zimmerdeckemit wood rods

Living Area-wood floor wood elements

Wall cladding tiles and wood oriental carpet

Of-house design studio with sliding wall framed in glass

From house design studio living room male touch

symmetrical walls and window-delta wooden floors and white furniture

Spanish-art design carpet with patterns

black curtain with wrinkle-living-in-dark shades

slanted-ceiling-and-wall-furniture-corner-of-wood-retro sofa

Raw wood wooden floor wooden elements-an-der-ceiling-round input

Retro Style Studio living room rug cotton

Rattan furniture-with-wood-white-walls-brown carpet

open kitchen-living room-wooden floor-sunken bar-bar counter

natural wood with padding living room design

Nature Landscape-sea-upholstered furniture-for-chairs-fireplace-in excuse


modern penthouse in Heidelberg

Malibu house-white-furniture-wood table-woven carpet kitchen counter

Luxury living room fireplace wood floor space divider dining-white-rectangular sofa

luxurious amenities Parlor wooden area with column decor shelves LED lighting

Divan Blue geposltert-brown carpet

Leather furniture-stitched-to-rivet elements

Classic Fireplace rattan side table Raptor in frame

Fire-in-the-wall as a room divider wooden floor paneling-ceiling

Japanese-style gray shades

Dog-out sofa cozy-modern atmosphere Tricks-to-the-wall

Wood Wandverkelidung wood floor Stehampe upholstered arm chair

Wood and stone as interior design living room

Wooden floor lining lowered-ceiling

Glossy Wall Ldersofa-Wanddeko

Light-space rectangular modules areas standard lamps

abstract art tube-than-shelves and hangers-green carpet and concrete wall

House-rural-style wooden floor raw materials

Wing Piano Wall from natural stone-quilted chairs sofa

Window ceiling-floor-fireplace-as-pretext

Decorative tree trunk window-an-der-ceiling-symmetrical landscape view

Buddha Bust Art carpet from fur-with-Throw-with-stone shape

Brick wall Colorful furniture-retro-rustic with flair

Modern living room design – 44 living ideas, pictures, deco and furniture

Designer furniture -Classic meets modernism in a new collection by LeMonde

TV cabinet black Shaggy carpet mirror frame wallpaper

Classical Designer furniture with a modern touch – that’s the collection of the noble Italian brand Le Monde describe. As the name Vogue says, the exclusive pieces of furniture elevate the interior to a new level of luxury and create a charming ambience.

Exclusive, exclusive, the designer furniture by Le Monde

design ideas fur rug laminate flooring dining room furnishings

Under the name Vogue, Le Monde launched a new collection of luxurious classic furniture. The small bedside tables, cupboards and dressers are a nice addition to both the modern and the classic interior. The comfortable sofas and chairs, upholstered in rich fabrics, invite you to relax in the living room on. Several beds with eclectic design complete the product range. The pieces of furniture are available in several colors – from minimalist black and white, to bold colors like blue, to gold and silver.

The designer furniture by Le Monde presents a new eclectic aesthetic

Carpet chairs dining table set up crystal chandelier photo wall

The great attraction of Designer furniture of Le Monde is mainly due to the Mix between minimalism and classic – a combination created with a fingertip sense of sense of style.

The slightly rounded edges, the classic ornaments and the glossy Finnish wood furniture will never let go. In contrast, the upholstered furniture draws the eyes with a clear minimalist line. In the end, the combination of classic and modern creates an eclectic facility with a high feel-good factor.

Classic and minimalism in an interior

Chairs black carpet leather stool wall decoration

Each piece of furniture is available in several colors

Lamp chandelier classic style white dining chairs set up

The chic furniture can be perfectly combined with each other

black white dresser leather chair rug wood table

Richly ornamented chairs, high wardrobe and a small dressing table in the living room

Wall shelf black accent wall upholstered furniture strip wallpaper

A mirror visually enlarges the room and at the same time decorates the empty wall

Sofa Dresser Glass Coffee Table Shaggy Rug

Leather stool in front of the fireplace – a modern living room with interesting wall design

Dresser living room dressing table high gloss silver gold surface

Mirror and dressing table in silver contrast with the black wall in the background

Bedside table mirror frame fireplace living room upholstered furniture

Classic furniture is skilfully combined with a minimalist wall shelf

white cupboard shaggy rug armchair royal style

The bedroom concept of Le Monde – modern and comfortable

Silver Shaggy carpet wall shelf books

Warm colors relax the eyes

royal style wallpaper classic pattern dark brown

Bed headboard Shaggy carpet Bedside laminate floor

Headboard upholstery bedroom black white

Bedroom wall colors carpet design bed Italian

from Italy bedroom set up ideas stylish classic

Carpet gray wall silver wood frame dark purple carpet

black carpet white bed headboard bedside table silver

stylish bed classic style white leather furniture bed headboard

Style set up crystal chandelier mirror glass

Architecture »Classic architecture meets modernity – A villa near Paris

Classic architecture -modern-villa-paris-white-19jhd-old

A house typical of the Architectural style of the 19th century was modernized by 05AM Arquitectura and adapted for a young family with a child. The partitions were partially abolished, so that generous, open spaces and avoid the light. The classic architecture and their typical features are also to be understood in the interior. But they are interpreted in a modern, unmistakable way and this as an accent.

Classic architecture meets modernity – Modernization of a villa from the 19th century

Classic architecture -modern-fireplace-walt-niche-window-stucco

The interior is completely minimalist furnishing style. It is softened by classic elements of the original interior design, such as stucco elements, the original lattice windows, white-painted wooden ceiling and old wooden furniture, and looks even more homely. Inside and out, the color palette is limited to monochrome, neutral colors – white, gray and black. In the living room a bright wooden floor is laid and hung in the dining area which pendant lights, which provide a cozy atmosphere.

Classic architecture meets modernity – Traditional 19-century house houses modern living

Classic architecture -modern-living-minimalist-white-black

The original room layout is essentially retained, with the functional and practical that the children’s and master bedroom are against each other.

Classic architecture outside, puristic interior furnishings

Classic architecture -modern-villa-living-minimalistisxh-gray-white

Classic construction and minimalist style elements

Classic architecture -modern-black-white-marble-fireplace

Classic interiors reinterpreted – Open kitchen and wood accents

Classic architecture -modern-open-kitchen-white-stucl

Traditional architecture and cozy decor – wood and white color

classic-architecture-modern - dining room-big-white-wood

Traditional interior design with minimalist flair


Classic meets modernity: marble, straight proportions, white-painted wooden ceiling

classic-architecture modern-marble-table-lamps-stuck

Classic architecture meets modernity: all white, vintage wooden furniture and stucco elements


Light-flooded rooms and decor in white


Open kitchen in minimalist style

classic-architecture-modern-kitchen-white-minimalist marble

Matt white handle-less kitchen cabinets and worktop in black

classic-architecture-modern-white-kitchen-handle-free kitchen cabinets-

Modernize old wooden staircase

classic-architecture modern-staircase-ornaments-wood stair-minimalistsich

Typically reinterpreted for the 19th century style elements

classic-architecture-modern-bedroom white-stucco-built-in wardrobe

White wall paint and mirrors magnify spaces visually

classic-architecture modern-fitted wardrobe-mirror-white-stucco

Children’s room with bed placed in the middle of the room

classic-architecture modern-nursery-wall painting-turquoise-white

Classic architecture and modern living in one

classic-architecture-modern-bedroom-stuck-wall covering gray

Spacious bathroom in gray with windows


Noble marble and gray wall plaster in the bathroom


Noble materials and angular proportions

classic-architecture modern-minimalistsich-live-white-gray-marble-bad

Classic architecture – plan of modernization of a villa near Paris

classic-architecture-modern-villa-paris-floor plan-plan-room layout

Plan of modernization of a villa near Paris – upper floor


* a project of 05AM Arquitectutra

Fashion »Smart Business Meets French Chic – Savoir-Vivre!

Smart Business dresscode-look-coat-blazer-ladies-stylish

Whether getting to know each other for the first time with customers, negotiating with business partners or job interviews: To be confident, confident and convincing in the business world should also be the perfect Business outfit be selected. For representative occasions and meetings the Smart Business has established itself as a suitable dress code. The upscale clothing is also a signal of appreciation and creates certain advantages in the performance. Here, high-quality fabrics, dark colors and carefully selected accessories are used. Better a suit in very good workmanship than a ensemble in medium quality.

How do ladies style a smart business outfit?

Smart Business dress code-ladies-suit-gray-sakko-checkered

The trouser suit is an always correct outfit for the business life and is a successful symbiosis of feminine look with a masculine touch. With its soft lines and high wearing comfort, it is still a popular classic today and is ideal for the smart business look. The women’s suit can be easily styled with a top made of different fabrics, colors and patterns. Matching is also a fashionable shift dress. Ladies Blazers can be combined in many ways and give the overall outfit the very last touch.

Smart Business definitely leaves a good impression

Smart Business dress code men suit tie

For men: a high-quality suit with a tie and a white shirt. Black, shades of gray and blue and brown characterize the business fashion in companies. Do not leave your effect to chance, but make a conscious decision. Invest in high-quality designer fashion, which is both business-suitable and can inspire by its noble chic.

Designer fashion by Daniel Hechter

Smart Business dresscode-ladies-men-daniel-hunter-designer-fashion

French chic in exquisite quality: With Designer fashion by Daniel Hechter you are always dressed in the office or everyday life timeless-modern. The fashion label’s target group are fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen who know what they want in life and how they can get it. The French call this “savoir-vivre” – the art of enjoying life. Literally it is translated as “understand, live”. The brand Daniel Hechter lives from this motto and offers this French lifestyle in its most beautiful form.

Timelessly modern dressed in the office or everyday life

smart business dress code-black-white-shoes-accessories-women-men

The elegant business suits, trendy jackets, dresses, blouses and accessories from the women’s and men’s collection impress with their high-quality designs and excellent wearing comfort. Worldwide Daniel Hechter is in 350 stores and 2500 multi-brand point-of-sales, but a virtual look is always worthwhile. Figurative cuts, outstanding workmanship and purist styles: In the online shop ladies and gentlemen can browse to their heart’s content and discover an exquisite selection of premium clothing at an affordable price.

Designer fashion for a wider range of buyers and at affordable prices

smart business dress code-men suit-slim-fit dark blue

The fashion of Daniel Hechter is extremely versatile and reveals many possible combinations. With an elegant blazer, you can turn casual timeless basics into one that will make you look different on your next business meeting. In addition to the elegant style for the working world, Daniel Hechter also offers high-class sporty looks that offer plenty of room for spontaneity in everyday life. The designer brand is considered stylish, cosmopolitan and creative.

Dream houses »Tradition meets modernity – beach house on the Pacific coast of Mexico

Tradition meets modern-beachhouse-exotic-views-pacific-ku% cc% 88ste

A dream house at the Pacific coast Mexico was from Bernardi + Peschard Architectural office designed and completed in 2013. The house consists of several buildings, which are not interconnected, but are rather intended as individual guest houses. Tradition meets modernity in this project in every way.

Tradition meets modernity – dreamlike beach house on the Pacific coast of Mexico

Tradition meets modern-beach house-architecture-construction-concrete-thatched roof

In terms of architecture, angular exterior walls and traditional construction are combined with thatched roofs and wooden structures. In the interior harmonious natural materials, partly rough worked with modern furniture and harmonious indirect lighting. The garden delights with exotic, varied varieties of plants and garden path made of real trees, which are set by harmonious outdoor lighting properly staged.

Tradition meets modernity in the architecture and design of a beach house

Tradition meets modern beach house-natural stone-construction-terrace-thatched roof

In every room and area merge Tradition and modernity in a harmonious and very cozy way, bordering with a certain luxury. With much attention to detail, the interior is stylish and comfortable. A typical feature appears as an inseparable part of the interior – the reed ceiling and the wood paneling.

Tradition meets modernity – traditional building materials and modern elements

Tradition meets modern-beach-house-concrete-terrace-windows-o% cc% 88notes

Tradition meets modernity – attractively lit exotic plants in the garden

Tradition meets modern beach house-landscape-garden-exotic-plants-lighting

Tradition meets modernity – house entrance under the plants, at the end of the garden path


Tradition meets modernity – reed roof modern

traditional-modern-beach house-terrace Lookout construction method-thatched roof

Tradition meets modernity – open communal space with green plants, wooden beams and thatched roof

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-living room-couch-dining table-large

Tradition meets modernity – a common room with seating and a place for dining for everyone

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-common room-indirect-lighting-gemu% cc% 88tlich

Tradition meets modernity – natural materials are finely processed

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-common room-natural stone-table

Characteristics typical of the traditional construction of Mexico – natural stone, wood, thatched roof, green plants

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-common room-sitzmo% cc% 88glichkeiten-plant

Common room open to the outside with beautiful views of the Pacific

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-common room-veranda-garden

Cozy living room modern furnishings

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-living-facility-beige

Small dining area aside

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-Community-bedroom vitrine-art

Chic living room with access to the garden

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-living room-modern-device

Master bedroom with direct access to the garden

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-master bedroom-double bed-terrace

Double Sclafzimme r with two single beds

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-ga% cc% 88stezimmer-bedroom-double

Family apartment – double bed and single beds available

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-bedroom-family-bette

Chic bathroom – wall and ceiling paneling made of wood

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-bathroom-exotic-terrace

Spacious bathroom with rain shower

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-bathroom-natural stone-wood

Bathroom design using natural materials – natural stone and wood

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-bathroom-washbasin-double sinks

Staircase in modern, minimalist style – steel, natural stone and cement

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-stair-natural stone-stahlgela% cc% 88nder

Wood paneling and reed ceiling in each area made of high quality materials modern

traditional-modern-beach-house-wood cladding-wood ceiling-indirect-lighting

A dream house of several buildings on the Pacific coast of Mexico

traditional-modern-house-Pacific coast-mexico-sketch-color

Beach house where tradition and modernity merge

traditional-modern-house-Pacific coast-mexico-sketch-house

Beach house made of several structures – plan and layout

traditional-modern-house-Pacific coast-mexico-plan-floor plan

Dreamlike house on the Pacific coast of Mexico

traditional-modern-house-Pacific coast-mexico-Bauko% cc% 88rper-plan

* a project of Bernardi + Peschard

Dreamhouses »Modern construction meets traditional materials – House in Peru

Modern construction-brick-house-garden-hillside-masonry

A two-storey house in Azipita, Lima, Peru was opened in 2015 modern construction and made using traditional materials by Estudio Rafaer Feyre. It is located on a slope in the devastated valley 90 km from the capital and 20 km from the Pacific coast ocean away. The devastated area is known for pre-Columbian ruins and contrasting landscapes.

Modern construction meets traditional materials – natural stone, clinker and wood

modern construction method-brick-house-garden-hang position-pool-masonry-natural

The typical features of the region – the devastated landscape, the nearby flowing river and vineyards, as well as the historical inheritance shape the design of the house in every respect. Traditional materials, such as natural stone, clinker and wood are used in sustainable, modern construction to create a cozy home.

Modern construction with natural materials – house in the devastated place of Peru

modern construction method-brick house-garden-pool-wood deck

The house is located on a slope and accordingly, the garden is designed. There is a pool in the lower part of the property and directly attached to the house – beautiful covered terrace with a view of the contrasting landscape and vineyards.

Modern construction – brick house with pool

modern construction method-brick house-garden-hang-pool-glasgelaender-masonry

The design also used the building materials in the outdoor area are also traceable inside. The traditional carving and decorating elements are highly embossed in every room. In the culture of Peru, the kitchen, mostly kitchen, is the center of the house. The same is true in this architect’s house – the whole ground floor is separate as a common room.

Modern construction and hillside location – brick house with terraced plot

modern construction method-brick-house-garden-terrace-glasgelaender-raised bed Flowers

Modern brick house with covered terrace

modern construction method-brick-house-garden-terrace-lawn-promising Landscape

Modern construction meets traditional materials – brick and wood

modern construction method-brick-house-garden-terrace-front door

Beautiful covered terrace with Mediterranean flair

modern construction method-brick house-garden-terrassenueberdachung-garden furniture

Modern terrace equipped with traditional wooden furniture

modern construction method-brick-house-garden-terrace-Mediterranean-terrassenueberdachung

Living area seamlessly connected to the terrace – through glass wall system made only of glass

modern construction method-living room-bay window glazing-garden

Spacious living room with direct view of the surrounding natural landscape

modern construction method-living room-bay window glazing-leather couch

Modern construction and traditional materials also used indoors

Wohnkueche-stair-kaminofen modern construction method-basement-

Brick and roof rack made of solid wood in the interior

modern construction method-Gaestezimmer-brick-wall-holzmoebel-pad

Common areas on the ground floor, private sleeping area upstairs

modern construction method-brick-dining-table-wood solid-steel

Spacious kitchen with separate areas for cooking, eating and sitting

modern construction method-living room-kitchen-holzmoebel-counter-stool-table

Modern kitchen and use of traditional materials – solid wood in natural look

modern construction method-holzkueche-work table regale-handleless

Modern wooden kitchen with handle-free cupboards and drawers

modern construction method-holzkueche-countertop-natural stone-hell-knows

Modern wood kitchen – instead of kitchen wall glazing with a view of the garden

modern construction method-kitchen-holzkueche-window-promising-shelves

Beautiful interior staircase made of wood and steel

modern construction method-living room-kitchen-dining-dining table-solid wood

Traditional materials incorporated in the interior white plaster, solid wood beams, brick

modern construction method-stair-wood-steel-brick-holztraeger

Modern bedroom with wooden furniture and traditional flair

modern construction method-bedroom-wood-terrace-glass door-promising

Bedroom with wooden floor integrated bathroom

modern construction method-bedroom-wood-bathroom-integrated-glass wall

Modern bathroom with window and wooden design elements

modern construction method-bathroom-white-window-basin-wood

Plan of the plot with the house and interior layout of the interior


Lateral view – modern house on the hillside

modern-construction-plan-side-view-house floors-

Lateral view – modern house with hillside location

modern construction method-house-hang-plan-floor plan-position-view

* a project of Estudio Rafael Freyre

Designer chandelier made of paper – architecture meets art

chandelier design from paper art installation

These Designer chandelier are an impressive example of the creative combination of architecture and art. This extraordinary art installation was created by the architectural studio Cristina Parreno Architecture created together with Architekturstudio MIT. The construction was specially designed for the Art Fair ARCO fair in Madrid.

The designer chandeliers by Cristina Parreno – an expression of art through light installation

chandelier design from paper exhibition

The Art installation makes numerous Designer chandelier made of paper, which cover the whole blanket in wave form. The chandeliers were designed in tubular form. You can hard the line between Art installation and architecture project. The tubular cylinders were made of cardboard. The elements were fixed to the ceiling with cables. All cables have different lengths to give the whole construction a waveform at the end.

The designer chandelier made of paper – a mixture of functionality and art

Chandelier design made of paper details around

The whole art installation is actually a huge construction with lighting function , The Design chandelier Of paper, above all, have an artistic value, but are also quite functional. The lights were fixed over the cardboard tubes and glow between the elements. This is how the beautiful play of light comes to the fore. Above all, this installation is about simplicity – the geometric shapes have been designed to achieve a full lighting effect.

designer chandelier made of paper cylinder shapes

designer chandelier made of paper contemporary art

designer chandelier made of paper waveform

chandelier design made of paper white color

chandelier design in paper black white

chandelier design made of paper tubular shape

chandelier design from paper modern architecture chandelier design made of paper christina parenno chandelier design made of paper art fair madrid

Dreamhouses »Black furniture meets white walls and dark wood floors

black furniture living room fireplace gray carpet glass coffee tables

Black and white is a combination that is always in. This designer house in Lerderderg is a fine example, as well black furniture and white walls can look together. The family house combines different materials, natural colors and big vacancies , The building was designed to provide a sense of luxury and comfort for a growing family.

Black furniture under a variety of materials and textures

black furniture -wohnkueche-gray-fronts-holzboden-black-chairs

The open, north-facing living and dining rooms have a beautiful view of nature. The rooms are cleverly and finely distributed by the difference in the roof height, whereby one still uses different natural substances. So the rooms are optically limited.

Storage and adjoining rooms are south facing and have a connection to the garage. In the west lie the youth, guest and bedroom, which are separated from the courtyards. The glass walls allow the light to enter freely. It has a view from the entrance to the abandoned courtyard with a Japanese maple tree just next to the living room.

Behind these rooms with natural views is still a separate room to discover. The accent in the appearance of the house are still the copper plates, which cover the facade from the outside. In combination with the rustic stone wall, they create a feeling of coziness and something older, which matches the history of the environment and the other buildings there.

Black furniture creates harmony, contrast and perfection

black furniture kitchen-dining area-white-island-gray-fronts

The Shane Cook Homes design studio has also taken care of the interior design and has developed solutions for an alternative construction, so the project looks really aesthetic. The team solved all the problems through detailed discussions with the architects and suppliers. Because of the complicated construction concept, SC Homes needed to work with the engineers and architects to preserve the structural requirements and the unity of the project.

The wood in the design gives the room more warmth

black furniture kitchen-diner-black-chairs

All waste was distributed for recycling. The house was built to the highest standards. The farmer has installed additional insulation on the roof to limit the energy loss and the noise of the rain.

The black -Golden accent also comes to the wall

black furniture dining room chairs wood furniture mural trees

The kitchen is planned to be practical for a family and also function as a dining area and recreation room. At the same time it opens to the living room, the dining room and the view outside. It is a central element of the house.

These demands were made by attentive planning of the kitchen and its interaction with the rest of the house. Discussions were held with the customer in the design process about how the specific spaces of the island and the storerooms can be used. The colors and textures of the kitchen were discussed in detail, with some possible variations proposed to the customer. After a bit of doubt, the client trusted the engineer. The result of the collaboration is a beautiful, innovative, functional and beautifully decorated kitchen.

The living room combines stone and wood with bright colors

modern-living-stone wall-fireplace-wooden floor and white-SITZMOEBEL

The goal was to design a family-friendly bathroom that also has interesting textures and creates a sense of warmth. The large tiles in stone look convey an optical movement effect. The decorative tiles with reed motif were used for the splash guard in the bathroom and in the kitchen and make a connection with the environment outside.

A cozy bedroom with a nice view

black-moebel-bedroom-gray-carpet-yellow pillows

In this bedroom, yellow is the main accent


The ball chair gives the youth room a futuristic look

bedroom furniture, white and blue ball-relax-chair-drum-set

The workplace is cleverly hidden in the built-in cabinet

living room-arbeitszimer-hidden-workplace-gray-carpet-brown sofa

The spacious bathroom is decorated with large stone-look tiles

bad-large-sized-tiles-stone Optic-shower-glass wall

The pressed reed motif emphasizes the natural look

bad-large-scale-gray-tiles-bathtub-double sinks

The house has a large yard area and two garages and is surrounded by a stone wall


From the side comes as an accent on the facade a beautiful copper cover


To create a modern design with maximum functionality was the aim of the architectural office

modern-house-yard-garage-copper-plates and black-facade

Through the copper cover the perfection of the facade was achieved


The large windows provide a nice view outside


A strange design of the facade with angular shapes and natural elements


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