Wellness & Spa »Private gym, spa and lounge in the middle of the forest

private gym terrace glass roofing alu

Today we present to you a fascinating private gym located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg located and extends over a total area of ​​113 m2. Behind the project, which was realized in 2015, are the architects Olga Vetosheva and Eduard Zakharov of Horomystudio. Their task was to create a fully equipped sports complex with swimming pool and spa area, but seamlessly integrated into the environment.

Private gym in nature

private-gym-design-terrace-sun are

The lack of open space and the forest landscape presented a real challenge. Finally, a 30 m2 plot of land was devoted to building land, preserving all the trees and integrating them into the architecture of the sports center. For this reason, the use of construction machinery was not possible. All excavation work in the project was done manually. So the basement was built according to the TOP-DOWN technology: from top to bottom.


The private fitness center is spread over several floors: a basement with fitness machines for strength and muscle training, cardio machines on the ground floor and yoga on the upper floor. The façade, which is located to the north, is made of glass and this one to the south has been covered with wood. The adjoining terrace is on several levels and offers a pleasant stay in good weather. The terrace on the north side connects the fitness center to an existing sauna complex.

Private gym professionally furnished

private-gym-cardio training-device-glazing

The private gym integrates harmoniously into the natural environment. Thanks to the ample glazing, the natural light is used optimally. The hall on the ground floor has sliding glass doors that open completely when needed and allow the boundary between inside and outside to merge. The steps also have excellent accents, such as LED strips and integrated flower boxes.

private-gym-boxing-mirror-behind lighting

A spiral staircase with copper sheet railing connects the three floors. Polymer coatings on the steps provide extra security. The interior design and equipment of the gym satisfies the high demands of a professional sports facility. SPORTEC® style safety flooring and sports parquet made of Canadian maple MIRAGE) were laid. Special emphasis was also placed on the technical solution for natural room ventilation. A real highlight are also the figures of famous boxers, which were made of mirrors specifically for the project.


private-gym-stair-led strips

private-gym-design elements


private-gym-spiral staircase-copper sheet railings

private-gym-glass roof-balcony

private-gym-glass roof-light ring

private-gym-night lighting-pool


Project and realization of HOROMYSTUDIO

Architecture »Modern detached house in the middle of the big city

modern-family house-city

Photographer: Derek Swalwell & Peter Clarke

On modern family house in the middle of the big city is a real challenge for any architect – the living space is basically limited and you have to develop the project with much attention to the details. The architects have made a real effort not only to find a practical solution for the limited space with their design, but also to design a beautiful construction that attracts the eye. As a result, a dramatic architecture concept has emerged, which is characterized by high flexibility and can always adapt to the needs of the family.

Modern family house with interesting construction

Single-family rectangular construction Garden

Photographer: Derek Swalwell & Peter Clarke

Located in Sandringham, Australia, this outstanding modern home has been created through an innovative design. The architect of Crone Partners has taken all customer requests into consideration and one modern family house designed to seamlessly connect the exterior with the interior. Functionality and proportions give the building a modern look that differentiates the house from the other houses on the street. The entrance is accessible by a small path. The house itself is an interesting combination of rectangular shapes, skilfully combined. On the one hand they offer a great view of the area, on the other hand they protect the private area of ​​the inhabitants.

Modern family home – minimalist interior design

gray sofa fireplace living room Photographer: Derek Swalwell & Peter Clarke

On modern family house Above all, it was designed to provide comfort for the whole family – and so the architects decided to glaze the façade and create a bright ambience. Large sliding glass doors seamlessly connect the interior with the exterior and depending on the weather, you can spend your free time in the garden. The furniture is minimalist, bright colors and natural materials define the interior. Wood was used extensively, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Modern architecture is definitely a good example of sustainability – the cooling and heating systems are environmentally friendly. Interesting, comfortable and spacious – that’s what a modern family home looks like Crone Partners Architects out.

TV wall in the living room

Room wall wood living room-family house Photographer: Derek Swalwell & Peter Clarke

Practical large white kitchen

white-kitchen-large window-family house

Photographer: Derek Swalwell & Peter Clarke

Detached house with glass doors

modern facade-family house window

Photographer: Derek Swalwell & Peter Clarke

Modern house in Australia with minimalist facade

modern architecture-family house glass façade Photographer: Derek Swalwell & Peter Clarke

An old cleaning business converted into a modern family home

Holiday Home & Hotel Design »Luxury hotel in Portugal in the middle of the vineyard for a 5-star experience

Modern hotel contemporary shape pool

In the heart of Alentejo, the small Portuguese town of Montemor-o-Novo lies the spectacular holiday resort L’AND Vineyards by L’AND Resorts SA. It offers its guests the perfect comfort and has beautiful views of the countryside and the Medival Castle of Montemor. But something else does Luxury hotel in Portugal so special – and his dreamlike location in the middle of a vineyard.

Contemporary Living Ideas – Luxury Hotel in Portugal

White Country VIneyards Hotel Portugal

The exclusive Luxury hotel in Portugal fascinated with modern architecture and exquisite decor , The hotel complex consists of 22 suits, either with a view of the country or with skylights. The feeling of luxury atmosphere is enhanced by the natural beauty of the environment.

Luxury hotel in Portugal with asymmetrical architecture

Modern Hotel Portugal sunny terrace vineyard

In the central building is the reception. The interior design is an interesting mix of Roman and Arabic architectural styles. Guests are offered a spacious lounge, library, wine cellar, wine club, 800 m luxury spa and lobby. The restaurant is decorated in country style and decorated with trendy elements. In interior design, the architect has Marcio Kogan From Brazil mainly used natural stone and wood. The mixture of plastics, furniture designs and art objects contributes to the extraordinary look in this Luxury hotel in Portugal ,

The hotel complex with swimming pool is located in the middle of the vineyard

Luxury Hotel Wine Cellar Portugal-Asymmethric Architecture

At the resort There are sports facilities and a wine club available. Each suit has an area of ​​about 120 square meters. A king-size bed and cotton blanket from Egypt provide the romantic intimate atmosphere. Direct access to the pool, Ipod sound system, LCD TV, wide terrace with woodburning stove and 2 patios create the dreamlike perfection. Enjoy a wonderful holiday in the Luxury hotel in Portugal !

Hotel Land Vineyards – pleasant location in the middle of the vineyard

Hotel Parasols Sunbeds Portugal Architecture

Outdoor lounge furniture in the courtyard

Luxury apartment Weingarten sunbeds

Sunny terrace with pergolas

Hotel patio-pergola patio furniture

Rooftop terrace with lush plantings

Rooftop concrete house exotic trees wall sconces design

Umbrellas and sun loungers by the pool

Holiday Portugal Pool Outdoor Lounge

Subtropical plant species on the terrace

Luxury hotel decoration roof terrace flower boxes exotic plants

Wooden terrace with chairs and view to the beautiful surroundings

Holiday apartment terrace sun lounger pool

Chic hotel foyer design

Hotel foyer fluffy carpet wood panels

The residence has a wellness center

Hotel indoor pool lounge-black ceiling lighting

Spectacular ceiling design in the restaurant

Hotel Restaurant Pendant lights design interior design

Hallway with floor lighting and decorative wall paneling

Corridor luxury hotel interior design floor lighting

Bedroom with roof opening- watching the night sky

Simple bedroom white purist roof sliding window

Clean line in the decor – an accent is the rustic coffee table

Living Room Ideas Tree Trunk Table Rustic White-Brown Sofa

Bedroom with terrace and woodburning stove

Suite white bedroom fireplace armchairs cottage

Architecture »House with minimalist design in the middle of nature

House with minimalist-design

This House with minimalist design is an excellent example of a project that makes the most of the beautiful surroundings and brings out the surrounding landscape. The eco-friendly design solutions offer residents a lot of comfort.

House with minimalist design impresses with beautiful views

large terrace-free

The architects of the designer firm Robert Young Architecture were tasked with the task, exactly one House with minimalist design in Montauk, USA. The terrain is surrounded on three sides by water, forest and swamps. The architects were faced with the challenge of creating a home as a permanent residence with maximum comfort, while having a minimum effect on the environment.

Maximum comfort, minimum effect on the environment – House with minimalist design

rustic wood furniture dining room

The architects have carefully designed the building as a kind of ‘magnifying glass’ so that the beautiful location can be brought to better advantage and plenty of sunlight comes into the house. The new building created after her design is incredibly light and elegant. The two-story House with minimalist design is totally open to the beautiful area and fits in well with the surroundings. The modern design combines the interior and exterior with sliding glass doors, while large terraces and windows promise great outdoor time.

House with minimalist design in the middle of nature

modern-living-beige furniture

The idea behind the project for House with minimalist design is also noticeable in the interior. Wood and soft brown tones define the interior. In the living room and bedroom, the furniture is characterized by its rustic look. Interesting idea for the bathroom – glass door opens to a terrace overlooking the water and the trees. Comfortable daybeds and sofas on the terraces provide comfort.

Modern house architecture allows the surrounding nature to accentuate, creating a modern sanctuary for everyone to seek.

From B.Angelov

Modern kitchen island

modern kitchen island Esstzisch

Blue tiles in bathroom-Meditterranean style

Blue Tile Bathroom Meditterranischer style

minimalist house architecture facade

minimalist house architecture facade

Architecture »Modern glasshouse in the middle of a forest-cozy home

modern glass house in the middle-the-Forest

Is it possible to combine the peace and quiet that reign in the forest with the comforts of modern life? Yes, how do you do this outstanding Glass house in the middle of the forest proves. A very good idea is the project of Parra Edwards Arquitectos in Chille – house in the forest with open construction.

Glasshouse in the middle of the forest with innovative construction

innovative glass house facade

The modern house design is located in Santiago, at the beginning of the Andes. The house is designed as a spaceship that has landed in the forest to later fly somewhere else again. Hence his name comes – Appollo 11. The architecture of this Glass house in the middle of the forest is undoubtedly very innovative and attracts everyone’s attention. It was originally conceived as a music studio, but it can also be used as an architectural studio. It’s like a capsule where the Equipage – architects and musicians – can create their art.

Glass house in the middle of the forest – extraordinary house architecture

Living-round pendant light images

The modern glasshouse in the middle of the forest consists of two floors and is designed with a rectangular construction. After the Japanese, the rectangle is a pure element that is in balance with nature. The simple simple form of the rectangle helps to protect the surrounding nature and as little as possible to change the environment – it fits in well with the area, and the glass walls let the house look almost transparent.

Modern detached house with a cozy interior

colored decorations Cabinet

The house construction is specially designed so that as much heat as possible remains in the house during the winter. The thermo-glass windows let the light into the house and facilitate the warming up of the rooms. The bedrooms face north to be lit by the sun in winter as much as possible. The house structure consists of simple steel construction and glass panels. The facade can also change with the change of seasons through a system of mobile panels. The interior is in unison with the environment. Residents can enjoy the beautiful view throughout the house from the Parnan Edwards Arquitectos.


Bedroom with wooden paneling

Interior wood bedroom

Detached house in the middle of the forest

Living room wooden house forest

Wooden house in the forest – entrance

Wooden house forest input

Kitchen with open shelves

Kitchen-design-open shelves

Elegant interior – wooden staircase

Wooden staircase-family house Forest

Glasshouse with steel construction

Glasshouse steel construction Modern facade

Architecture »” Eco-PERCH “- an innovative log cabin in the middle of the forest


As the name implies, the innovative “Eco-PERCH” presents a clean curved design that potentially has a lot of fun for holidaymakers encapsulating. Eco PERCH is a new concept in the holiday rental, in fact, one innovative log cabin , Despite the appearance of inconspicuous exterior, the interior of “Eco Perch” Treehouse is exceptionally stylish and shows a considerable advance from a caravan or conventional holiday lodge. In this modern log cabin an open interior maximizes every inch of the existing space. The flexibility of positioning “Eco-PERCH” is an additional attraction. Perched on a hillside, the modern tree house offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. This exceptional estate can also be mounted on a tree, such as a new version of an adult tree house. The curved shape of “Eco Perch” is simply eye-catching and bizarre, but totally inviting to eager holidaymakers. This treehouse could be the most innovative ready made version of a modern log cabin represent that is available today.

Sustainable log cabin in the forest


Surprisingly, this is innovative log cabin spacious enough to comfortably accommodate four people. The interior of this innovative log cabin is simple and super stylish, with everything necessary for the comfort of the occupants. The traditional element of the wood paneling creates a warm, inviting environment, whatever the season. Cool in summer, but with a cozy wood burning stove to generate warmth in the fall and winter, this inventive design has been developed to meet the demand of eco-tourism all year round. This fabulous modern log cabin offers a very attractive and sustainable accommodation for an equally attractive price.

spacious cabin for four people

eco-perch-spacious-lodge-four people

With a clever pre-engineered system, every “Eco PERCH” setup can be delivered on-site and assembled and installed completely in just a few days. The reduction of working time of course always expenses around for the tenants. So the next time you need a break, look for the “Eco Perch” – one innovative log cabin , which is environmentally friendly and also hides a surprisingly comfortable interior.

from Jaz

Designed by Blue Forest

Wood paneling in the interior

wood cladding-lodge-innterieur

Treehouse version


Interior design planning


innovative-tree house interior plan eco-perch-Blue Forest plan

Patio area »Modern garden design with a fireplace in the middle

modern-gartengestaltung-with-fire shell-sitzgruppe-chair Orange

The nights are getting shorter and the days warmer. We can already prepare for cozy evenings in the garden or on the terrace. For pleasant warmth and beautiful lighting effects Outdoor fireplaces provide a real highlight in your garden. Of course, the theme of design for fire pits for the modern garden design increasingly important. Who wants to kindle a cozy garden fire in the spring and summer time, may take a look at the picture gallery below.

Modern garden design – the perfect highlight for your terrace

modern-gartengestaltung-hearth-round-upholstered cushion-seating garden

There are a variety of garden stoves in elegant designs – whether a fire bowl, a fire basket, charcoal grill or a barbecue for grilling. They all have one thing in common: they give a romantic light and create a cozy atmosphere in the open air. In the warm glow of a crackling fire, it can be comfortably outside in mild temperatures and on cooler evenings.

Modern garden design – Tips for the fireplace

modern-gartengestaltung-hearth-pool-house-flat roof-window wall

For a fire pit outside that you want to share with some friends, a diameter of about 70-90 cm is sufficient. If you want to make a larger garden fire for a larger group, the fireplace should be sized accordingly.
The fireplace in the garden should always be laid out in an open place without trees, falling branches or other flammable material nearby. Make sure that any surrounding furniture is out of the reach of the flames. Be sure to place the hearth at some distance from the patio door to prevent the smoke from entering the house.

If you want to use your fireplace in the garden, you have to have it approved by the public order office in his community.

A fire bowl provides a special flair modern-gartengestaltung-hearth-round-kreisform-natural stone-garden-paving

There are galvanized fire bowls made of stainless steel, cast iron, up to heat-resistant painted steel.

Decorative fireplace for outdoor use

modern-gartengestaltung-hearth-corten steel-shell-stones-simple

With a blazing fire you set a real highlight in your garden or on your terrace.

Right stove set as a highlight in the garden

modern-gartengestaltung-hearth-outdoor kaminofen-foundation-terrace

Modern garden design with gas outdoor fireplace


Open fire bowl for the garden

ideas-modern-gartengestaltung-fire shell-noble rust rustic-wood benches

Fire table donates campfire romance


Possibility for an atmospheric garden lighting

open-hearth-the-garden-interesting-garden lighting-ideas

The natural fire is a visually appealing eye-catcher

modern-gartengestaltung-hearth-wasserspiele Waterfall

Barbecues with barbecue combine the beautiful with the practical

open-round-Fireplace Stone lush garden-wasserspiele Waterfall

Enjoy a warming fire

modern-gartengestaltung-terrace-hearth-stone-paving stone-ground

Decorative fireplaces-by-the-exterior fire table concrete rattan

Outdoor fireplace round Stone Fire wood furniture Group patio furniture-modern

modern-gartengestaltung-hearth-outdoor fire bowl-design

modern-gartengestaltung-concrete bench-to-back-from-stone fire bowl

fire bowl-modern-design-bio-ethanol-pool area lounge sofa

romantic-garden fire-open-fire shell-rung-boulders-decoration

modern-gartengestaltung-eck-hearth-of-terrace-balcony-cast concrete

modern-gartengestaltung-bench-cast concrete-wood-hearth-build

Fireplace-bricked patio furniture Armchair with foam pad

modern-gartengestaltung-terrace fireplace-campfire-ethanol-kamini

Garden design – 101 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

Architecture »Camouflage house-a wooden house in the middle of the forest

by architect Johnsen Schmaling

Interesting design idea - wooden house in the forest

This Woodhouse was designed by architect Johnsen Schmaling. Located in Wisconsin, USA, the house sits on a plateau surrounded by dense forest. The Tarnungshaus looks small and is barely visible from the narrow winding road. But that’s just the idea – to create a house close to nature.

Camouflage house-an exciting exterior design

exciting exterior design - wooden house terrace

That’s why it became that Tarnungshaus called. It resembles a hut in the middle of the forest. This effect was achieved by the design of the facade. Two different types of plates were installed. The first layer of the façade consists of untreated cedar, and the second – of reflective wood panels in natural colors that resemble tree trunks. Over time, cedar became gray, while the other wood panels preserved their original color.

a wooden house in the middle of the forest

Interesting design idea - minimalist exterior design

The Tarnungshaus consists of two floors. It has a simple L-shaped plan. All rooms are united by a glass corridor that starts from the entrance hall. The basement faces the lake and houses all the bedrooms. The rest of the living spaces are located on the upper floor.

The interior of the house has been decorated in warm colors with minimalist furniture. Wooden walls make the rooms look more inviting and create a cozy, pleasant atmosphere.

By K.H.Hristova

Interior design in the living room - black armchair

minimalist architecture - elegant kitchen design

modern house interior decoration - living area

modern design idea - accent on black chairs

Wooden decoration in the interior - living room

Dreamhouses »minimalist wooden house in the middle of the Brazilian jungle

Wooden house louvered water pool

We present you a minimalist House made of wood and glass in the middle of the Brazilian jungle. The house impresses with an innovative facade, large pool and modern decor in natural colors.

Wooden house with innovative facade

modern dream house Brazil jungle wood facade

M & M is the name of the latest project by the architects of Studio MK27. The House wooden is provided with a “flexible” facade – large wooden blinds open the glass facade and allow plenty of sunlight. If the owners need more privacy, you can easily close the wooden doors. The house has a simple construction and is divided into two volumes. The first axis extends in front of the pool – there is the living area with dining room, living room and kitchen. A planted roof connects modern architecture with the environment and isolates it from the wet. The other axis is the pool – its concrete structure is connected to the house. The two components meet in front of the house entrance – where a cozy patio with patio furniture was set up.

Wooden house – modern furnishings

House Brasil Sao Paulo interior terrace photos

Thanks to the creative façade that will be House made of wood well ventilated and cool, even in the hot summer months that are typical of the Sao Paulo area. The wooden terrace divides the house into two areas. In the southern part there is a garage and home cinema. In the northern part there are a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and the bedrooms. The high wooden ceilings are the connecting element in the interior.

living room with fireplace and floor-to-ceiling high wall shelves

Bookshelves chairs design living room rustic

Dining room with rustic furnishings

Decorating exotic idea design wood chairs

Wooden flooring in the living area and effective wall cladding characterize the interior

Dream house wood flooring ceiling minimalist decor

Living room with a rustic look

Tile wood ceiling modern furniture minimalist interior design

Kitchen with sloping roof

Kitchen sloping roof wood white cabinets parrot

Furniture made of tree trunk in the living area

Wood furniture table ceiling living room house Brasil

Lighting in the garden

free house Brasil modern design garden lighting

Innovative house facade

Pool design idea house wood facade

Outdoor pool with breathtaking views

Dream View Brasil Pool Outdoors Jungle Brasil

The facade in the southern part of the house

House facade garage side Brasil modern architecture

The patio area

Facade lighting design idea evening

The house facade allows enough sunlight

Wooden house facade design pool

Sunset in Brasil

Design wood patio bean bags furniture design

House blueprint – view from above

House Brasil modern architecture blueprint

House construction sketch – side view

Wood modern architecture construction sketch side view

Architecture »A modern wooden house in the middle of the forest

modern wooden house with glass facade

The architect Nils Finne brings a clear Scandinavian flair to the architectural scene – this one Woodhouse , He was born in Norway and earned his MA in Architecture from Harvard School of Design in 1980. Ten years later he founded FINNE Architects and has since been developing refurbishment projects in the US and Norway. He is always working on a whole series of projects that nurture acute attention to detail.

A modern wooden house – innovative architecture from Scandinavia

modern holiday home - in front

His designs focus on clean lines, the effect of which he calls “Crafted Modernism”. It has a clear sustainability strategy: to create a better environment in such a way that the least burden on our energy needs is met, while the conservation of natural resources is spread in an intelligent and responsible manner.

Environmentally friendly design – a cottage in the middle of the forest

interesting exterior design - villa in the forest

Check out his elegant Lake Forest Park project, an amazingly developed one Woodhouse with sustainable design – green materials and radiant heating under terrazzo floors, which has created a heat source with maximum energy efficiency. The design is of course made of wood, a stone fireplace and skylights, provide the corridor of the two-storey living area with natural light and offer a view of the surrounding forests. The bathroom has beautiful windows and mirrors galore, while the bath is laid in a glass-wall corner.

Elegant interior in a modern villa

Cottage - modern living room

The glass walls enclosing the interior in the House work for an open concept, but with the advantage of privacy. Nils works with modern principles, but at the same time maintains a humanistic quality due to its strong emphasis on fine details, craftsmanship, and its frequent use of natural elements such as wood, brick and stone.

modern interior design - bedroom

Cottage - Elegant Interior Design Kitchen

Cottage - elegant interior design window

Cottage - Elegant Interior Design Decoration

Holiday home - elegant interior design - bathroom

stunning villa - elegant interior design wood details