A recessed sitting area in the living room in a minimalist style

sitting area in the living room floor-embedded-lounge-high-gloss-white-large-windows

Sitting areas for the living room which are embedded in the ground, are very popular, because they emit a particularly comfortable atmosphere. In order to design the living room lounge in this way, a pedestal is usually built first of all, into which the respective seating area comes. The house we would like to introduce to you owns such a lounge. However, that’s not all that impresses. Take a look at the gallery below and collect inspirations for a recessed one Sitting area in the living room and other interior design ideas.

Sitting area in the living room, embedded in a pedestal

sitting area in the living room inlaid-front-minimalist-furnishing

The modern house is located in the Czech Republic and more precisely in Posázaví. It was designed by the company a69 Architekti in the midst of a forest landscape and near a pond. In order for the house to adapt to the natural environment, a façade made of weathered wood was chosen, which has a gray color. The house is a prototype.

Sitting area in the living room overlooking the kitchen

sitting area in the living room dining area with white nuance furniture living room

The sitting area in the living room is surrounded on the one hand by a large window front and on the other by two walls with built-in bookshelves. It also gives a view of the elegant kitchen and dining area. The lounge is equipped with gray cushions and cushions, which not only guarantee comfort but also a pleasant look.

White furniture for living room

sitting area in living room round-dining-table-white-chairs

The sitting area in the living room is also a contrast in the otherwise quite monochrome interior of the house dar. This is namely designed in different shades of white color. The open living area is optically divided into different areas, but all are well lit thanks to large windows. The decor is simple and minimalist.

Open living area

sitzecke-living room-to-install shelf-wall-monochrome color-interior

The dining area is, so to speak, in the center of the house, so where the paths intersect in the other areas. It is equipped with a modern stone dining table and white chairs. White walls and a cream-colored, glossy floor adorn the individual areas while creating a pleasant atmosphere. From the dining area you get a view of the sunken seating area in the living room and the kitchen.

Modern and environmentally friendly architecture

sitzecke-living room-entrance-window front-sliding doors-curtain-face protection

The modern house with built-in seating area in the living room was built on stones and very close to a pond. During construction, the environment was preserved. This means that none of the existing trees have been cut down. Not only the view of the lake was guaranteed thanks to the increased construction. The meadow, which is located in the middle of the forest, is reached quickly and easily from the house.

Green flat roof

sitzecke-living room-Bauhaus style-garden-minimalist-autumn-colors-baeume

The roof of the house with sitting area in the living room was flat and made of a solid structure. The flat design offers the possibility of greening, which was implemented immediately in this house. The gray wooden façade is combined with black window frames, which differ from the bright interior in the interior.

Big windows

sitzecke-living room-house-facade-wood-birch-garden

The comfortable connection between the interior and exterior of the house with sitting area in the living room is reached not only through this front door. Sliding-door windows are also available and lead directly to the staircase that connects the raised house with the garden, respectively, the forest meadow and the terrace, from which you can perfectly enjoy the natural environment.

House in nature

sitzecke-living-facility-interior design-ideas-simple, modern

The house is the perfect option for those who do not want to miss the outdoors and want to enjoy a secluded experience. The large windows, which are present in all public areas, allow the owners to be close to nature, even if they are inside the house. An extra that can be enjoyed, among other things, from the recessed sitting area in the living room.

House right on the shore

Czech Republic-see-modern-house-build sitzecke-living room-

The lake lies deep in the ground and is surrounded by rocks which at the same time form the shore. On one of these banks is also the house. Again, large windows guarantee a breathtaking view. And although the lake can be considered just by the comfortable, sunken sitting area in the living room.

House with sitting area in the living room – The floor plan

sitzecke-living room-floor plan ground floor-bungalow-design

Here you can see once again the layout of the house with sunken seating in the living room, as well as its location on the lake and on the property. Organic shapes characterize the interior of the house in the form of arched walls. In addition to the public living space and private, separate rooms are housed, including the bathroom and bedroom.

Design of a69 architect ,

Solid wood furniture completes the minimalist interior -22 wooden benches

Garden bench suite Solid wood side table Pedra model

A maximum of comfort and security for inside and outside, however, offer Solid wood furniture , Rustic wooden benches are not only up to date. They come into their own on a minimalistic background. Their specific coloring, grain and texture completes the overall picture. Wooden benches made of heavy high quality solid wood from Rotsen Furniture are available in a traditional design as well as in a modern design. With the bench, a coffee table, side table and a few stools you can quickly create a cozy sitting area in the garden, on the terrace or inside.

Solid wood furniture in exclusive look

Luxury Bank Brazilian-Itaúba Wooden Bench-Rotsen Furniture

Made by skilled craftsmen, provided with striking stainless steel inserts, the Rotsen Solid wood furniture are real eye-catchers in every living space. The seating material used is solid and textured old wood, Brazilian peroba, elm, mango, oak, cherry, black walnut and other woods that give a more natural look.

Rustic solid wood furniture for inside and outside

Solid Wood Walnut Bench Acrylic Frame Rotsen Furniture Furniture

After appropriate surface treatment with oil, the Solid wood furniture weather-resistant, easy-care and shiny. They are often combined with aluminum elements, powder-coated steel, glass or Plexiglas contemporary look.

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

Handmade wooden bench designer metal foot L Bench

The exclusive wooden benches blend harmoniously into the living landscape of leather furniture and metal chairs. These match equally well with seating areas in country house style. Rotsen Furniture produces furniture that can be compared to works of art and is distinguished by its specific, clear, modern aesthetics.

Benches made of different types of wood crafted by hand

Garden furniture Benches Tamburil-Mango Oak-Black Walnut steel construction

Multifunctional garden bench solid wood

Bank recycled solid wood multifunctional model modern

Salvaged from hardwood bench

Garden bench solid wood Pinus log model modern Cachepôt Bank with Opening for sexy flowerpots or magazines

Bench wood solid garden furniture Indoor cachepot

Solid wood bench for garden and terrace

Modern Benchdesign Macico-Bench Rotsen-Furniture- oiled surface easy to clean
Onda bench in recycled walnut and tamburil wood

Walnut wood garden furniture bench Onda grain

Onda in dark brown finish

Onda garden bench-modern elm walnut-wood texture

Wooden bench in reddish-brown color warms up the room

Rustic garden bench-Contemporary design-Massive wood oil Solid wood furniture creates modern material and color contrasts

Metal leg design garden bench Constellation solid wood furniture

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

Stainless Steel Metal Solid Wood Bench Garden Design Mango Wood Handmade

Retalho bench made of different types of wood

Rustic garden bench Retalho Rotsen-Furniture Design

Rustic garden bench “Bridge”

Rustic Garden Patio Furniture Bench Dark Solid Wood Bridge Model

“Fazenda” impresses with modern bench design

Rustic garden wooden bench fazenda oil treatment finish

Designer Bank “Pedra”

Designer solid wood seat Pedra seat Outdoor furniture

“Tanumbuca” bench in a rustic look

Bench rectangular Tanumbuca wood massive modern

“Tatajuba” old wood bench

Tatajuba wooden bench oil treatment-rustic design

Handmade rustic bench

Eco-furniture garden bench-Imbúia wood-metal frame

Recycled wood furniture by Rotsen Furniture

Indoor Bench Design Rustic-Durable Solid Wood Furniture

minimalist designer furniture – the bookshelf by Renier de Jong

minimalist interior furniture design by renier de jong

The Designer furniture from the Dutch designer Renier de Jong embody the pure elegance and simplicity of minimalist furniture design. The designer has several projects in the field of product design, interior design and architecture. All designs are characterized by functionality and elegant lines. A particularly beautiful design is the REK bookshelf.

minimalist designer furniture by Renier de Jong – REK bookshelf

Rek bookcase designer furniture by Renier de Jong

The Designer furniture Renier de Jong opens up functional shelves, cabinets and tables. The REK bookshelf is a nice example of the functionality of the modular system. The shelf can be practically folded and then extended back to normal size. The design was designed in 2008 with the idea that the bookshelf should grow together with the book collection. Each shelf section can be customized according to the size of the book. For book fans, this shelf is a really useful piece of furniture.

The REK bookshelf as a modular system by Renier de Jong

quiet reading designer furniture by renier de jong

practical application furniture design by renier de jong

modular system furniture design by renier de jong

shelf extendable furniture design by renier de jong

modern design furniture design by renier de jong

bookcase wieß furniture design by renier de jong

shelves detail furniture design by renier de jong

minimalist designer furniture by Renier de Jong – the REK coffee table

Rek Interior Designer furniture by Renier de Jong

Along with the bookshelf, the Dutch designer has also created a matching coffee table. The REK coffee table is a beautiful, very practical piece of furniture. On the table, you can not only serve refreshing drinks, but also arrange magazines and newspapers underneath. The design is made of light wood and can be added matter folded together. Renier de Jong also has other very practical and elegant ones Designer furniture designed, such as the WTJES cabinet for the bedroom.

Designer coffee table with extendable wooden panels

Rek coffee table designer furniture by Renier de Jong

extendable table designer furniture by renier de jong

coffee table folded furniture design by renier de jong

The WTJES cabinet for bedrooms with various departments

witjes bedroom wardrobe designer furniture by renier de jong

various departments furniture design by renier de jong

cabinet system designer furniture by renier de jong built-in drawers furniture design by renier de jong

The Pitt-Pollaro collection features designer furniture by Brad Pitt

Architecture »minimalist house architecture – Kleven’s Udde of Wingårdh Arkitektontor


This is an interesting project minimalist house architecture , designed by the Swedish studio Wingårdh Arkitektontor. Actually, this is an ambitious undertaking whose main objective is to create one of the most exclusive structures in Europe. We are talking about the construction of nine triangular houses on the west coast of Sweden, near Smögen Island. For this purpose, twelve terraced houses and five boat houses are added.

minimalistic coastal houses in Sweden

minimalist Coast house-sweden

This unique architectural environment will surely be an attraction for all lovers of minimalist house architecture , If you look at this charming wooden building, nestled between rocks warmed by the sun, we will witness a unique view that stimulates all the senses. A big part of this charm lies exactly in the minimalist house architecture and her beautiful geometric shapes.

minimalist architecture – wooden house in Sweden

minimalist-architecture-wooden house-sweden

The minimalist house architecture offers unique solutions for the exterior and interior of this house. These are houses whose size varies from 147 to 229 m 2 and their perfect look especially on the facades, covered with naturally weathered gray wood. Glass walls and decks with wide openings between them further underline the beauty of these minimalist house architecture ,

Glass walls – minimalist house architecture

glass walls-minimalist-architecture-wood sweden

The interior of the modern houses with spacious living spaces fascinates with simple design solutions. These airy rooms are furnished with wooden furniture. Here you will also find wonderfully decorated interiors such as a large bedroom, a guest room, a bathroom with shower and so on. Interiors, like those from the outside, are decorated with a lot of aesthetics and style. Therefore, these homes are designed with modern interior design in minimalist style and in any case leave the deep traces in all the minds that were touched by their beauty.

Wooden Architecture – Klevens Udde House

wood architecture-house-Klevens-udder-sweden

The beautiful ‘waves’ house – minimalist architecture coastal house

minimalist architecture – House O in the Netherlands

Floor to ceiling glass windows

modern-wood architecture-house-Klevens-udde

minimalist architecture – townhouses in Sweden

minimalist-wood architecture-house-Klevens-udde

Modern minimalist architecture – the XY house

Terraced houses in Sweden


Terraced houses of Wingårdh Arkitektontor


Modern house – construction project for sustainable architecture in Australia

Swedish coast

Swedish Coast

minimalist-architektrur-villa-sweden-plan minimalist-architektrur-Sweden-plan minimalist-architektrur-sweden

The dream hotel in New York – creative modern hotel architecture

Set up in black and white – A minimalist luxury apartment

Black and white furnishings -luxury-minimalism-living-room-modular-couch-open-fireplace-wardrobes

A certain color combination remains timeless and stylish no matter in which respect and that is black and white. If you are in Set up black and white After a renovation or remodeling of the house, make the ultimate choice. monochrome , bright nuances make rooms appear friendly and brighter. Accents and special design elements come into their own when they are contrasted with the surroundings. Objects or furniture in black become design centers and ensure the personal character of the apartment.

Set up flat and house in black and white

Black and white furnishings-apartment-luxury-modern-living-room-modular-couch-carpet-gray-decorative-fireplace-candles

Set up in black and white and bring in contrasting accents and decorations is a successful recipe for a stylish home. Simple, white walls, black shelves and photos, clean lines and shapes are recommended by designers around the world and also put these principles into practice.

Set up in black and white and still let the room look personal

Black and white furnishings-apartment-luxury-living-room-fireplace-fireplace-rich-contrast

A spacious luxury apartment in the old building is a great example of a modern renovation in a minimalist style without removing the typical features such as stucco, lattice window and brick wall. Architectural features have been reinterpreted in a particularly reduced way and other simple furniture and modern pieces have been added. The entire living space is divided into two levels. There are two stairs leading to it. Those that existed before the renovation were renovated and covered with gray wood. The other is located in the living room and represents a futuristic spiral staircase that looks like a contemporary sculpture.

Rebuild old apartment

Black and white furnishings-flat-attic-stair-living-room-minimalist-spotlights-roof windows

Minimalist solution for storage space and shelves with sliding doors

Black and white interior-living-room-modular-couch-central-room-kitchenette-built-in

Playing with the light

Black and white furnishings-apartment-luxury-living-room-spiral-staircase-modular-couch-fireplace-decorative-walled

View from the second floor

Black and white home-apartment-mansard-spiral staircase-living room-couch-carpet-flooring-gray

Functional and stylish in a minimalist style

black and white set-apartment-luxury-minimalist-device-folding bed-functional

Second staircase leads to the upper floor

black and white set-apartment-mansard-stair-skylight-monochrome-color

Reinterpret details and accents from the old building

black and white set-apartment-luxury mansard-skylight-old building-brick-window-conservatory

Black and white kitchen

black and white set-apartment-luxury-kitchen-spots-wooden floor-kuechentheke-stool-window

Kitchen in white with decorative accents in black

black and white set-flat-minimalist-spots-kuechentheke-stool-spots-batten down-sliding door

Everything in the kitchen stays behind discreet sliding doors

black and white set-kitchen-minimnalistisch-kuechentheke-stool-hallway floor-fitted wardrobes Sliding

Design monochrome nursery

black and white set-apartment-luxury-nursery-wooden floor-brick-dachschraege-desk

Bedroom with patio doors

black and white set-bedroom-hallway floor-to-install cabinet-curtain-spots-bedded carpet

Bedroom with wooden floor and discreet built-in wardrobe

black and white set-apartment-luxury-bedroom-built-in wardrobe spots bed pillows

Insert vintage elements

black and white set-apartment-luxury-bathroom-detached-bath-vintage-wash under cabinet minimalist

Set up small rooms – Minimalist design made of wood

Set up small rooms - one-room-closet-mirror-fronts-mansard-laminate-floor

Wood radiates warmth and can be combined in a modern way beautifully with other, rather cool-looking materials such as metal and glass. Set up small rooms is not an easy task and in most cases become monochrome bright colors like white and light gray used. Here we present a beautiful result for a successful and stylish design of a one-room apartment for a young couple. The project is by Bulgarian designers from Edo Design Studio.

Small rooms also set up with wood

Small rooms set up-steel spiral staircase-wood-garret design

The different areas of an apartment like kitchen, bedroom, living area with TV, Workplace and enough storage space for the belongings of two people, must not be missing. The only solution is to use the whole height of the apartment optimally and intelligently. This allows in this case a very light and airy spiral staircase made of sturdy, black steel and steel cable. It is placed in the center of the room and is a real highlight. For the color design, the designers have chosen the natural color of the light wood. Open shelves are almost completely missing. The entire storeroom hides behind simple cupboard doors without handles. However, this does not make the small room seem smaller and more restless. The quiet atmosphere in the small room is conveyed by the uniformity between the floor covering and the walls. The wooden surfaces flow seamlessly into each other.

Set up small rooms and use the high ceiling

Small rooms set up -spiraltreppe-black-steel-rope-laminate-floor-wood-wardrobes-bed

The spiral staircase has no constricting effect due to its free construction. It lacks heavy, massive elements. Instead of railings steel cables are used and the individual steps are flat and narrow. Wood and steel harmonize perfectly with each other. This well thought out combination is the ideal solution for constructions and if you want to set up small rooms.

Sleeping area made of steel construction on the second level

Set up small rooms -bed-bed-sleeping-area-space-optimize

Edo Design Studio deals with architectural projects and detailed interior design in collaboration with European furniture manufacturers.

Mirrored surfaces make the room seem less narrow

Small rooms -modern-minimalist-wardrobe-mirror-fronts-laminate-floor-area

Uniformity of the materials used and reasonable proportions for a functional result

Set up small rooms-laminate floor staircase-spiral staircase-steel-metal

Set up small rooms and optimize the space

Small rooms set up -spiraltreppe-wood-cabinet fronts-one-room-roof windows

Custom made kitchen

Small rooms furnish -white-bright-wood-fronts-armatur-kitchen-modern-open-planning

Steel ropes as a method of attachment to the steel staircase

Small rooms set up -spiraltreppe-black-steel-steel-rope-white-ceiling

Make optimum use of the entire height of the room

Small rooms set up -spiraltreppe-holzboden-laminate-steel-rope-window-dinette-mansard

small-raeume-set-laminate flooring-stair-spiral staircase-black-steel wire-skylight-laminatt

small-raeume-set-laminate flooring-dining table-spiral staircase-steel wire-metal

small-raeume-set-kitchen-laminate flooring-closets-handles-light-minimalist simple




small-raeume-set dining table-chairs-books-hell-wood

small-raeume-set-sleeping area mattress bed-grid-mansard-studio

small-raeume-set-laminate-plane-two-bedded-grid-metal skylight-chair

small-raeume-set-studio-wood-laminate flooring-bed-flat-workplace

small-raeume-set-spiral staircase-steel wire-metal-black-studio-flat

small-raeume-set-steel wire-fixing-stair-steel powder coated

small-raeume-set-floorplan-bedroom plan nung-open-before and after

* You can find this and other projects from Edo Design Studio here ,

Design »Fireplace – Modern design in a minimalist style

Open fireplace modern-minimalist-white-chairs-cantilever-upholstered-table-round

On open fireplace is the classic among the fireplaces, although the heating effect is a minor matter. The warmth is emitted as radiant heat only through the opening in the room. As a rule, a stove is a hearth for interiors with a decorative function and differs regionally and culturally in terms of appearance. The open fire inspired people in ancient times and even today it still fascinates in the form of a cozy highlight in the living room.

Fireplace – Modern design in the monochrome room

Fireplace sofa-gray-white-armchair-leather-black-window-wall-carpet

In the design and installation of an open fireplace mostly chamotte stones are bricked, the outer side mostly with plaster, with noble marble or granite is decorated decoratively. The visual aesthetics and the fascination of the fire are in the foreground here. Therefore, the hearth usually remains open or behind a transparent, decorative glass as needed. About a third of the owners of the fireplace have a fireplace built in at home for reasons of romance, which is why the visual stimulation of the system is particularly important.

Open fireplace modern design in a minimalist style

Fireplace black-white-couches-coffee-table-tile-modern-minimalist

An open fireplace can be made modern and minimalist with the help of new technologies, and even firewood is no longer necessary on many models. In recent years, new fireplaces have been developed, in which the visual attractiveness of the crackling fire is in the foreground. The fuel used is bioethanol, electricity or gas. This creates a deceptively real flame play and gives off little heat to the room.

With decorative wood elements

Fireplace modern-minimalist-wood-real-armchair-seat-cushion-coffee-table-tree-trunk-decor

Place in the middle of the room

open-fireplace-modern-minimalist-design-white-floor hallway-middle-sitzflaeche-ceramics

As a decorative accent in the room

-open fireplace-Scandinavian minimalist skin rug-plastic-chair-integrated dark gray-white

Place stoves in the middle of spacious rooms

open-fireplace-wooden floor-sofa-gross-square-white-minimalist open-indirect-lighting

Cozy highlight in the living room

open-fireplace-flooring-pattern-squares-white-gray-pattern-orchid-cream white

Decorative fireplace with decorative baskets for firewood

open-hearth-white-centered-wooden floor-minimalist Scandinavian-style device

Minimistic design with colorful accents in the middle

-open fireplace-couches-red-white-window wall generously-centered-Stehlampen

Bioethanol, electricity or gas as fuel


open-fireplace-white-black-natural-stone-couch-ears-chair sprossenfenster-partition curtains

open-fireplace-sprossenfenster-couches-modern-design-living room

open-fireplace-flooring-cream white-kuechentheke-stool-black-armchair-teelichter

open-fireplace-tv-beanbag-mustard yellow-wood floor-dark window-frosted glass

-open fireplace-corner-dokorativ deck lounge-white-laminate flooring modern photo wallpaper

open-fireplace-decorative-wall shelves-modern-simple-white-brown-magazines

open-fireplace-couch-photos wallpaper juteteppich-Scandinavian-design-flooring-white

-open fireplace-decorative-centered-integrated carpet chair carpet-cpuch glass table

-open fireplace-floorboards-chair cushion stair-industrial design wood

-open fireplace-decorative-couches coffee table-loft-flat granite floor

-open fireplace-Scandinavian style-wood, white and flooring wood bright skylight

open-fireplace-wooden floor-white-wood-white-Scandinavian-style-design-ceramics

open-fireplace-buero-parkettboden-chair-plastic-chair-desk-modern Scandinavian design

open-hearth-white-mirror-rectangular chairs black laminate flooring window

Modern garden design – Minimalist lines & shapes

Modern garden design -creeper-red-foliage

The modern garden design is especially different from other styles. Typical are clear lines and geometric shapes In which the individual elements such as plants, materials and decorations are emphasized and emphasized.

The trick with the modern garden design is to make this rather simple design yet homely. This is achieved by the appropriate distribution of plants, but also by different lighting effects that provide a warm atmosphere.

Modern garden design gravel stripe lawn surface

Various materials are suitable for decorating the garden. The modern one concrete For example, it can be wonderfully combined with glass or plastic. The same applies to architectural elements made of steel. Add to that the attractive wood, which suits every style, but also stone. These can be used for sculptures as well as for flower pots or benches.

Modern garden design -hochbeete-ornamental grass-wood terrace

As far as the plants are concerned, preference is given to green plants which should be planted over a wide area. Flowering, colorful flowers are rare and sparse. The keyword for a modern garden design is “monochrome”, which should be reflected accordingly in the choice of plants. Play with the sculptural forms of plants and combine bushes with grasses and evergreen trees.

We would also like to show you these characteristics with some examples of the modern garden design clarify.

1. Modern garden design with lush plants


The garden appears a bit more lush, partly because of the palm trees and tropical plants. But the rest of the garden is kept simple and consists of a terrace of white concrete with a large pool. A staircase leads to that part of the garden which is one level lower and consists of a green lawn. For the garden path tiles or concrete tiles are chosen.

2. Modern garden design with slope

modern-gartengestaltung-hang-terraced retaining wall-palms-pool-wood terrace

This garden extends over a slope divided into step-like terraces. Through this modern garden design it forms a great background to the terrace and the pool. The slope itself is also decorated with stone walls to form each step. To extend the garden but also a bit to the terrace, were in planters in palm trees minimalist style established.

3. Modern garden design on water

modern-gartengestaltung-water-floating-wood terrace

The impressive thing about this garden is that it actually represents a big pond. The terrace also seems to float in it and that is also true for the plants. These are in square flower pots. As objects of art clay pots are used for the modern garden design, while the water is bridged by square stones.

4. Modern garden design for the small garden

modern-gartengestaltung-small shallow-water play-race flat

The modern garden design in this example ensures that the garden looks visually larger. The plants only occupy the edges of the fences, creating a large lawn area. The plants themselves are varied. The main material is plastic, as well as concrete. The latter was even used to build flower boxes for the plants.

5. Geometry and a pond for modern garden design


In this example of modern garden design, the plantings are divided into individual square and rectangular areas. Low shrubs and shrubs were used for this purpose. Trees and carefully blossoming shrubs can also be found in this small and modern garden, which is visually divided by a pond in two parts and makes the garden even more lively. On a lawn is even completely omitted.

6. Modern garden design in striped design


On closer inspection, a kind of stripe pattern can be seen that is formed by the hedges, the pool and the wide garden path of gravel. The narrow garden is optimally used for a modern garden design. The minimalist designed pool area turns into a large lawn, which in turn is made more diverse by low trees.

7. Stone for a modern garden design

modern-gartengestaltung-face protection fence-slate-floor tiles

The dark stone tiles make a wonderful contrast to the bright green of the lawn. A wooden bench provides a place to rest and is framed by bamboo planted in long concrete planters. As you can see, the right lighting is also provided. This should emphasize especially the small trees in the dark.

8. Front yard design with stone

modern-gartengestaltung-vorgarten-stones-red-enters plates

Natural stones and ornamental grasses are an integral part of the modern garden. Natural stones are easy to maintain and can naturally be incorporated into any environment. Depending on whether the pieces of stone have been processed or polished, a distinction between splinters, gravel and gravel. In this beautiful front yard, for example, gray slate gravel was combined with red sandstone slabs. The green ornamental grasses are particularly good in gravel beds. The winter hardy ornamental grasses look good almost all year round, which makes them so special.

9. Foot plates in the lawn

modern-gartengestaltung-minimalist-architecture-flat roof-lawn-garden path-concrete tiles

Treadplates are functional, but also a strong means of landscaping. They can be laid with little effort in the lawn and create an exciting change between green and gray. Choose sturdy panels that are at least four inches thick and leave a space with turf to create an interesting look. Mostly a steady row of treads runs as a straight path from the garden gate to the house. But due to asymmetrically located plates, an interesting effect results. Such a loosening of the concrete and lawns is very modern and underlines the architecture of the flat roof house.

10. Artificial turf in the garden

modern-gartengestaltung-minimalist-architecture-house-futuristic racing-flat-wall tiling Tree

It is impossible to mow the lawn on such a steep slope. So that he always looks top green and well-groomed, offers an alternative: the lawn carpet. This is a carpet-like fabric made of synthetic fibers that is almost confusingly similar to real grass today. With the artificial turf in the garden you save time and effort on the lawn and always have a perfect picture of the lawn. Artificial turf can be cut into any desired shape and quickly installed in the garden. With artificial turf in the garden you can also realize unusual design ideas.

11. Terrace and lawn on different levels

modern-gartengestaltung-minimalist dining area-garden-planting-plaster-fence-baeume

A hillside plot is a challenge for any planner. But here presents a small paradise garden with exciting space. Terrace and lawn were created on different levels. Both are connected by two-three steps. The lower terrace has been designed as a glamorous outdoor dining room where the homeowner can enjoy the relaxing ambience.

12. Warm light in the outdoor area

modern-gartengestaltung-minimalist race-hearth-face protection-fence-greening

The garden lighting not only increases safety, but serves to complete the garden design. Modern luminaires open up endless design possibilities and immerse every corner of the garden in a whole new light. Not only dark stairs and outdoor walkways need to be well lit. Uplight floodlights under a tree put him effectively in scene. Recessed lights illuminate the edges and edges of the terrace. With LED strips you can accentuate a special feature of the garden.

13. Bubbling fountains and water features


A swimming pool is often something that definitely falls in the luxury field. But who wants to include the water element in the garden design, has several alternatives. A pond, a fountain or a stream not only enhances the garden visually but is also acoustically an asset. Natural, curved pond shapes find no place in the minimalist garden. Here again, clear lines and geometric shapes are used.

Garden design – 101 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

Design »Minimalist iPhone 6 Case – The Stylish Radius V2

modern iPhone 6 case aluminum design

The Radius case with its interesting, minimalist design was made especially for the iPhone 5 developed in San Jose, California. Their popularity grew quickly. And now it is also available for the new iPhone 6. So if you’re looking for a stylish case that does not hide the great design of your iPhone 6, then Radius V2 is for you. The popular, minimalist iPhone 6 case is only formed by an x-shaped frame and corner pieces and is therefore like a bikini for your iPhone.

Minimalist iPhone 6 Case – High Quality Timeless Design

Modern iPhone Case Timeless Design Gift Ideas

It is made of aluminum, while the screws are made of stainless steel. The design in minimalist style is unconventional and stylish and fits in perfectly with the modern design of the iPhone 6. The case is available in three variants – silver, silver with red accents, black, black with red accents. So everyone can find the right design – or give a friend / girlfriend pleasure and give for Christmas. And so does the minimalist iPhone 6 case out:

Modern and minimalist – iPhone case for true trendsetters

cool christmas gifts friend iPhone 6 case

The case is available in several color combinations – silver, black and red

iPhone Case Stylishly Elegant Gifts Christmas Gadgets Ideas

There is even a variant in pink gold color offered

modern iPhone 6 case red color accents aluminum

Radius case for iPhone from Bitemyapple

Interior with minimalist Asian design – 2 ideas

furnishing minimalist asian design furniture living wall gray shelf

modern minimalism is sometimes perceived as cold, too serious or sparse. These beautifully designed rooms that we present to you today show exactly the opposite. They combine a unique one together Interior with minimalist Asian design with a lot of texture, intelligent storage solutions and interesting color accents. So you get in the end minimalist room designs that impress deeply. Just enjoy the photos in our gallery and see for yourself!

Interior with minimalist Asian design in the living room

furnishing with minimalist Asian design furniture armchair light blue stool

On 132 square meters, the first apartment with one extends Interior with minimalist Asian design , It shows us a unique solution to a problem: The ceiling in the living room had a height difference, which disturbed the aesthetics in the interior. To correct this, a beveled design has been chosen, in addition to a slanted ceiling shape. This created a space that looks longer and wider. This apartment is located Taiwan It has a modern interior with minimalist Asian design. It has a living room, dining room, kitchen, guest suite with bathroom, study and bedroom with bathroom.

Minimalist Asian design – ventilation duct in the ceiling

furnishing minimalist asian design concrete lowboard tv coffee table

Each room is designed according to an open floor plan to seamlessly transition into the other. When setting up with minimalist Asian In design you will find many clear lines, soft organic materials, such as the luxury textiles on the upholstered furniture. Overall, a soft feeling is reminiscent of the fresh woods throughout the room. It is enhanced by the fine tiles and flagstones in the room.

Minimalist Asian design in light blue, gray and purple

minimalist Asian design couch white purple

The living area maintains its charm with smart but sculptural storage space on the main wall, adjacent to the Media Center. A lot of light comes into the ambience through the floor-to-ceiling windows along the balcony. The look of the minimalist Asian design is very fresh and modern. The charming blue chair gives the whole a lively touch.

Modern dining table in a minimalist-Asian style

furnishing minimalist asian design dining room lighting lamp furniture modern

The dining area, which is just a few steps from the living area, has a sliding sliding door, Scandinavian wooden chairs, retro-style chandeliers and window shutters. This minimalist Asian design looks very airy. The home office itself also has an open design with a view of the living room.

Minimalist iron railing at the entrance

Furnishing with minimalist Asian design metal partition wall living room

At the entrance of the apartment, with a minimalist-Asian design, an iron railing from floor to ceiling has been created, which corresponds well with the storage zone along the opposite wall. Jackets, shoes, books, supplies or other important items can be safely stored there, avoiding clutter in the room. So the room looks big and open.

Minimalist Asian design features an iron railing separating stairs from the entrance

furnishing minimalist asian design staircase ironing style

From the staircase to the master bedroom with minimalist Asian design, you have a clear view of the living area below.

Furniture with storage space – wall unit with floating effect

furnishing minimalist asian design recessed wall hovering indirect lighting

Shelves for carefully selected decoration or art treasures give the apartment a very personal touch, without appearing any frivolous. We particularly like the interplay of textures and colors in the interior with minimalist Asian design in the living area. The room is characterized by many cool neutrals, with some splashes of purple, light blue, green here and there.

A look into the minimalist-Asian interior of the home office

interior design with minimalist Asian design dining room lamp modern

From the living room, which has a minimalist Asian design, take a look inside the home office, kitchen and dining area.

Minimalist Asian-inspired decor – living room and kitchen

Furnishing with minimalist Asian design armchair light blue parquet

The minimalist-Asian design in the kitchen is light and airy, as is the rest of the dining and living area, with modern kitchen appliances, plenty of natural light, wood accents and plenty of storage space. Smooth tiles and glass accents make them look even more modern without being sterile.

White chairs as a décor for the dining area

interior design with minimalist Asian design dining table white chairs

It was thought of the entertainment with minimalist-Asian design also on the entertainment: Along the wall in the dining area you will find the essentials. In addition, you could easily make a buffet, if you organize dinner parties.

furnishing with minimalist Asian design kitchen wall clock high gloss

interior design with minimalist Asian design folding door white guest room staircase

On the wall next to the stairs you will find folding doors that hide a guest toilet and storage space. These rooms must be kept away from the center of the apartment with a minimalist-Asian design.

furnishings minimalist asian design fitted wardrobe bedroom safari bed

The bedroom is divided into two areas by a large wardrobe, without the space with the minimalist-Asian design being smaller. Instead, it is an intelligent use of space and solution to the storage problem of clothes.

furnishing minimalist asian design hallway cabinet parquet bright

The walk-in wardrobe, designed as a minimalist-Asian design, features sliding wardrobe doors, drawers and open shelves.

furnishing with minimalist Asian design bathroom chair yellow mirror

This is also a splash of color in this interior, the bright yellow chair stands in front of the make-up mirror next to the wardrobe and makes the bedroom even happier.

minimalist design asian design bedside bedroom modern wardrobe

Next to the bed is a unique, sloping storage unit. It’s another part of the minimalist Asian design, with extra space for memorabilia to display here.

Interior design with minimalist Asian design wall wood paneling bedroom

In summary, this apartment, with a minimalist-Asian design, is a perfect example of how the existing space is maximally utilized and adapted to the occupants’ current needs in terms of space, storage, form and function.

Furnishing with minimalist Asian design brick wall accent living room

On its 165 square meters of living space, the second apartment with a minimalist-Asian design unites the best of old and new interior design traditions. It is back in Taiwan, is newly built and has a quirky look. It’s the perfect home for someone who appreciates the beauty of modern design mixed with the classic. In this ambience full of charm, this is certainly not a complicated task. Even as you enter the apartment with the minimalist-Asian decor, you will be charmed by a bright blue wall that sets the tone for the rest of the house.

Furnishing with minimalist Asian design living room television screen

The living area, with a minimalist-Asian design, is adorned with a red brick wall that brings some texture into the room. A built-in TV / Media Center serves as a room divider and preserves the open floor plan in the room. The bright splash of color in blue is set here from the chair and corresponds great with the blue in the entrance area. Blue adds the red of the bricks and creates an interesting play of colors in the otherwise white space. This brings a lively touch to the ambience. A plush rug, classic wooden chairs and smooth natural wood used on the shelves, all this gives the clean, modern lines specific softness throughout the design. We especially like the antique desk lamp on the coffee table, the old suitcases, which are used as a side table and a modern floor lamp next to the comfortable couch. Old and new are combined by the decor with minimalist-Asian design in an irresistible mix.

furnishing minimalist asian design antique decorations lowboard wood

furnishing minimalist asian design partition wall shelf wood carpet

Behind the Media Center there is additional storage space for the living area and especially for the home office in the form of a built-in shelf.

furnishing minimalist asian design chair partition wall white rustic furniture

Each decorative item and piece of furniture is carefully selected and placed so that the room looks well-organized and beautifully designed with a minimalist-Asian design without being cold. Wherever you look, you will get a pleasant impression.

furnishing with minimalist asian design antique chair carpet

The home office has an old-fashioned typewriter, an old leather couch and many storage options. They provide a practical interior design that is perfect for creative activities. The Home Office, with its minimalist Asian design, is easily accessible from the main living area, turning it into a comfortable work space.

Furnishing with minimalist Asian design leather sofa office wall

The easy access to the shelves behind the Media Center is intelligent use of space in the minimalist Asian design that does not disturb the open-plan atmosphere. The desk lamp is a connective design element and adds a little industrial touch to the ambience.

furnishing minimalist asian design home shelf shelf brick concrete

One of the unique features of this apartment is the smoothness of the walls and floors. The look of the matt surfaces is both attractive and practical.

furnishing with minimalist asian design office concrete walls

furnishing minimalist asian design office furniture leather sofa cabinets shelf

interior design with minimalist asian design rustic dining room modern

furnishing minimalist asian design rustic pendant lights dining table

There is a light rustic feel in the room with a country style dining table, wooden chairs and warm wood accents.

furnishing minimalist asian design bedroom romantic wood ceiling

The bedroom, with its minimalist-Asian design, is also rustic in style with striking wooden floors and exposed beams along the ceiling. Romantic lines, such as an antique-style chair, fresh flowers and soft fabrics make this room warm and inviting. It is cozy and modern.

furnishing with minimalist asian design chair vintage curtains

White linen with crocheted motifs and plenty of natural light provide extra airy feeling in the room. Along the opposite wall is a wardrobe made of wood panels, there is plenty of room for the clothes and perfect storage options. It’s easy to get a good night’s sleep in this room with a minimalist-Asian design.

furnishing minimalist Asian design beam ceiling wood bedside wardrobe

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