Terraces »Create cozy seating islands with the modular outdoor sofa” The Island “

Outdoor sofa-The-Iceland-modular-designed, cozy seating islands

Are you looking for comfortable outdoor furniture that can visually enhance your garden or terrace? An exclusive suggestion from us: the modular outdoor sofa The Island by Oi side gives peace and serenity. It represents a synthesis of western and eastern elements and is characterized by first-class sitting and lying comfort and contemporary look.

Outdoor sofa made of tropical wood

cozy sitting-island-make-the-garden-minimalist modern sofa

Characterized by clean lines and refinement, “The Island” creates a Zen feeling that lets you forget the stress and hectic pace of everyday life. The design can be defined as modern-minimalist and can be individually configured depending on the room situation. Made of tropical wood, constructed on a modular basis and fitted with plush upholstery, the furniture set reflects the contemporary outdoor lifestyle. Lightweight carriage, good stackability and easy cleaning characterize the modular outdoor sofa.

Outdoor furniture for lounging

garden-terrace-corner unit sofa-modular-mallet-tropical-wood type-modern-design

Despite its sleek, lightweight design, The Island offers the ultimate in comfort and a range of ergonomic features, transforming your outdoor space into a loune oasis with a feel-good factor. Its unpretentious nature gives this piece of furniture the distinct impression of Peace and harmony.

corner sofa-garden-plush-respect mallet Weatherproof-oi-side Spanish-furniture

Outdoor Island offers pure pleasure

Oi Side is a brand with international renown, based in Spain, which produces high quality furniture for indoor and outdoor. Simple and versatile in design, the company’s furniture is optimized through the use of innovative outdoor materials.

outdoor sofa-tropical wood-frame-blue fabric upholstery-couch cushion

Weather-resistant fabric covers

outdoor furniture-clear-form language-modern minimalist sofa set

Cochkissen in bright colors

the-island-modular-sofa-with-plush cushion-orange-Throw

Design comfortable seating islands

sofa-outdoor cushions-ergonomic design Weatherproof-modern

Outdoor furniture in an appealing design

pool terrace-set-waterproof-outdoor furniture-sofa-modular-oi-side

Sofa set on wooden pedestal with smooth construction

modular sofa-the-Iceland-Modern-minimalist smooth-construction

modular sofa-for-terrace-outdoor use-set-Spanish-furniture

modular-outdoor-sofa-frame-tropical-woods-use-in-outdoor use

modular sofa-for-exteriors-weatherproof-pad remuneration

Couch cushions-in-trend color plush upholstery outdoor suitable

coffee table-weatherproof-tropical wood-linear design

The modular furniture system “Docks” serves to relax and work

Modern Office Furniture Modular Furniture System Docks Grosch Studio

The German designer duo Till Grosch and Björn Meier created this futuristic modular furniture system for Ophelis 2013 and thus set a new trend in the office equipment , The collection includes various design furniture such as chairs, armchairs, tables, sideboards and others. – extremely comfortable and in ergonomic shapes and offers great flexibility in interior design.

Trends in office furniture – the modular furniture system by Grosch + Meier

Relax furniture seating group Design-Grosch Meier Ophelis Berlin-Studio

The modular furniture system “Docks” transforms from office into a cozy lounge set in just a few minutes. “Docks” can be combined to different islands in the workplace – be it a zone for relaxation and relaxation or a meeting area. The pieces of furniture have an aluminum frame and are fitted with matching oak veneer or HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and covered with upholstery. These are available in pastel colors and soothe the room atmosphere , The working environment is constantly changing with “docks” and is never boring.

Convenient modules allow visual and acoustic screening

Design furniture Docks Modular-Grosch Meier-Yellow Aluminum frame upholstery cover

The modular furniture system is suitable for both private and public use. In rooms with an open plan you can create a corner for concentration and relaxation through the common furniture. The furnishing solution from Grosch + Meier impresses with its high functionality, flexibility and adaptability. To ensure that shelves and cabinets are seamlessly connected, the modules are perfectly matched to the furniture program of Ophelis. The Berlin-based Studio Grosch specializes in product manufacturing, interior design and exhibition design.

Corner for individual work

Till Grosch-Björn Meier-Design Furniture Ophelis Collection Docks

Docks are designed to adapt to the wishes and needs of customers at all times and to develop a new work culture.

Office furniture – flexible and colorful

Home Office Furniture Design Modular Stool Chairs Upholstered Seat Grosch

Modern office armchair with upholstery

Wood Side Table Till Dime Yellow Floor Lamp White Modular Furniture System

Corner for entertainment

Office design furniture office bar table bar chairs wood dime metal pendant light

Docks – individually configurable furniture for the office

Flexible modular furniture collection docks Grosch Meier Ophelis furniture series

Various modules are combined to form a desk

Office furniture Modules flexible chair oak wood veneer desk design

Yellow reclining chair with integrated side table

Integrated side table yellow sofa cushion deco black white

Comfortable seating in the office

Bench design modular furniture-red upholstery-aluminum frame

Open conferencing zone

Meeting room design room Yellow carpet modular furniture system

Flexible modular furniture

Modular furniture for Home Office floor lamp yellow Side table design wood

Connecting element between different office zones

modular Relax Furniture Seating Collection Docks Grosch-Bordeaux Teppich

Relax group for the home

Modular Seating-integrated Side Table-Red Cushion Black Floor Lamp

Idyllic office landscape

Office Furniture Designer Armchair Pastel Colors Floor Lamp Modular System

Design furniture that provides more privacy in the workplace

Privacy in the office design furnishing solution-Grosch Meier studio

Furnishing solution for offices

The modular furniture system Docks-Till Grosch studio

Inspiration in yellow-black

Modern Office Furniture Modular Desk Design Armchair Docks Floor Lamp Black

Modular furniture system in pastel colors

The modular furniture system Grosch Meier-Sitzgruppe Upholstery cover

The modular furniture system Docks allows variety in the office interior

pastel colors docks office furniture system by ophelis

This creative and practical modular furniture system was designed by German designers Till Grosch and Bjorn Meier designed and manufactured by the furniture manufacturer ophelis produced. The furniture system was called docks and offers infinite combinations in the office equipment.

The Docks modular furniture system with high practical value

sofa island the docks modular furniture system from ophelis

The modular furniture system Docks has a high practical value and represents a really functional and comfortable office furniture. The furniture can be used in all sorts of ways combinations be put together to make it convenient and easy to use. A particularly useful feature comes from the fact that Ophelis makes many of its furniture designs quite compatible with the Docks series. In this way, you have even more diverse furnishing combinations.

The modular furniture system by Ophelis with different designs

sofa coffee table the docks modular furniture system from ophelis

The docks modular furniture system not only has an extremely high functionality, but also impresses with a modern and chic design, available in many colors. The great pieces of furniture are available in many colorful color combinations and will be the perfect accent pieces in your home office or office space. Take a look at these creative and stylish furniture combinations and be inspired by the decor of the office.

Colorful carpet design with square shapes

seating area couch the docks modular furniture system by ophelis

Seat island of low upholstered stools

low upholstered stool docks office furniture system by ophelis

Chic designer armchairs in gray and yellow

armchair yellow the docks modular furniture system from ophelis

Practical combination of desk and couch

desk sofa the docks modular furniture system from ophelis

Various colors in the Docks furniture system

various colors docks office furniture system by ophelis

Bare corner with high stools

bar counter stool docks office furniture system by ophelis

High desk in white

desk stool the docks modular furniture system from ophelis

Colored upholstery in gray and yellow

upholstery detail docks office furniture system from ophelis

Combinable furniture with a modern design

low table white docks office furniture system by ophelis

The new modular leather sofa with futuristic shape by Formenti

Modular sofa-leather upholstery Modern Shape Tiziano Formenti design

Produced from high-quality materials and upholstered in fine leather, the modular Leather Sofa Heart really is a special highlight in every modern apartment. In addition to its attractive aesthetics and pleasant feel, the model, designed by Tiziano Formenti, offers a variety of design options. In order to meet the various customer requirements, the renowned designer developed a product on a modular basis and with a distinctive character.

The modular leather sofa Heart – fully customizable according to the needs of customers

Leather sofa-Heart-modular-colorway leather cover-Italian-design

The design-oriented sofa set consists of 2 couches, complemented by sofa cushions that function like armrests, and a shapely upholstered stool. When arranged together, the elegantly curved shapes form modules a heart. Stable metal legs and plush upholstery guarantee a substantial comfort.

Leather sofa design “Made in Italy”

Design Furniture living room sofa modular element arranged molds Heart

Heart offers enough space for several people and guarantees a fun design. The novel piece of furniture from Formenti is available in leather and fabric and can be made in different colors – whether plain or patterned, the customer decides himself. The modules can also be individually configured.

Modern modular sofa in leather

Heart-Tiziano Formenti leather sofa wood look design made-in-italy
Formenti a leading company with an international reputation, exquisite design products , made of quality materials convinced. The varied product assortment of the brand also satisfies the demanding customer.

Heart Sectional can be adapted to your individual needs

Heart-Modular leather sofa heart-shaped modules-padded-metal legs

State of the art modular design

Leather sofa-set-for-living-room-corner modules-stool-padded-plain-white

Leather Sofa Heart by Tiziano Formenti

Furniture design modular sofa upholstered stool-metal legs-robust

The leather couch with cushions in pink available

Modern module sofa made of leather-red cushions and black upholstery design glass table

Upholstered leather sofa with patterned sofa cushions

Modular design sofa modern high-Heart-Sectional-black-white

White leather sofa living room furniture custom-design module parts

Living room leather sofa various color combinations-possible

Wooden modular units for a modern dynamic office design

Modules of wood in the office dubbeldam

This modern project aims thanks Modular units made of wood to create a modern and dynamic office furniture. This unusual installation was made by the architectural studio Dubbeldam Architecture + Design designed. The wood units can be arranged in all possible combinations. In this way you can wonderfully avoid a static atmosphere in the office.

Wooden modular units create a dynamic and modern working atmosphere

Modules wood in the office flexibility

Mobility, adaptability and flexibility are the key elements in the office with these wooden units. The wooden parts are made from recycled pallets. The design of the units aims to balance individual and team work. With these flexible units the office becomes an area of collaboration , The wooden parts can be used for ceiling, wall and floor.

The modular units made of wood offer infinite combinations

Modules made of wood in the office seating area

These movable furniture elements create endless combination possibilities. They can be easily transported and not only for office space, but also for Events be used outdoors. Each module has been made unique and can easily be adapted to individual needs.

Modular system for modern office furniture

Modules wood in the office hanging plants

The offer consists of different kinds of pieces of furniture, between which one can choose or which one can put together all together. There are tables, benches, chairs and even countertops that can be used as a storage area or for coffee in between. In addition, with a matching wall and ceiling paneling, as well as a floor covering from the pallets, you can design the entire wooden seating area.

Make the office environment creative and convenient

Wooden modular units in office mural wall

And to make using the furniture as comfortable as possible, they get a smooth surface as well as rounded corners and edges, so you can not accidentally injure yourself, even if you’re in a hurry. Whether for the employees or in the waiting room for the customers, the design can be integrated in different areas and makes a much more pleasant working day.

Add decorative elements for more color and vitality

Modules wood in the office dynamic environment

Wooden units for floor, ceiling and wall

Modules wood in office hozverkleidung

The principle of the modular system

Modules made of wood in the office system

Euro pallets-furniture-ideas

The modular design sofa “Concentré de Vie” by Campeggi

modular design sofa sofa bed 2er bed seat cushion campeggi

Anyone who likes modern furniture designs and not only provides comfort with their help, but also one futuristic Looking for an eye-catcher today, you can find a wide variety of models for this purpose. Thanks to the talents and creativity of various designers and manufacturers, there are no limits to form, color and appearance today. On this subject, we would like to introduce you to the unique modular design sofa from the cover picture. It brings with it an interesting look and some other practical features.

The modular design sofa consists of several elements

modular design sofa campeggi seat seven people

The modular design sofa “Concentré de Vie” is a result of the collaboration of the French designer Matali Crasset and the Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi , The set consists of 6 elements – a frame and five soft components, which consist of two seats and two cushions, or, consisting of two square poufs, two L-shaped cushions and a rectangular pad.

The modular design sofa can accommodate up to 7 people modular design sofa campeggi set elements seats cushions

They can all be arranged in a variety of different configurations. Whether as armrests, stools or armchairs, these elements are compactly housed in the main structure. In this state, that looks modular design sofa like a 2, but it can accommodate up to 7 people. It can also serve as a single bed for unexpected guests.

modular design sofa-campeggi modern elements set

For this purpose, the items are simply removed from the orange frame. In addition to the two to three seats in the frame, you quickly get four more seats thanks to the armchairs and poufs. The poufs can also serve as a cozy leg support, if you just want to put your feet up.

modular design sofa campeggi elements pillow seats

No less impressive is the color choice. A modern, light gray coating is combined with orange. As a result, the furniture gives each interior a fresh and upbeat color accent, which allows you to enhance the interior perfectly. The sofa is not only suitable for the living room. Also in the study it can be used quickly for guests. And also a youth room can be perfectly designed with the couch, so that there are always enough seats, couches and sleeping places for friends.

Concentre de Vie sofadesign pouf bed cushion Matali Crasset Campeggi

Modern modular kitchens offer flexibility in design

modular kitchen planing black white marble counter

Modern modular kitchens are a space-saving and flexible variant – they offer numerous design options according to the room conditions. We take a close look at the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen modules.

Modern modular kitchens – advantages at a glance

Perform stylish details wall shelf systems

Flexibility – Most manufacturers offer a wide range of basic modules. So anyone from 20 to 30 individual designs can choose the appropriate 5-6 for their own kitchen. Customized planning according to the room conditions is therefore quite possible. Modern modular kitchens can also be easily redesigned – and may therefore be preferred for rental housing.

Individual design of the individual modules – similar to a special production, the customer can also select the color and the material of the fronts and the body.

Cost-effective alternative – many manufacturers supply their modular K panels in boxes – and the buyer is responsible for the on-site assembly. Often, assembling the kitchen cabinets is easy and can be done even by beginners. This saves costs. In the end you get almost a custom-made kitchen for the price of mass production.

Future-oriented planning – the freestanding kitchen modules offer flexibility in the future as well. So you can first buy only a kitchenette for the single apartment, and then possibly later order additional modules.

Modern modular kitchens – disadvantages at a glance

Stainless steel plan modern small apartment ground floor

Time consuming – if you want a modern modular kitchen, you should invest a lot of time and patience in it. The room has to be measured, then the individual modules have to be put together and at the end there is the assembly.

Certain experience in the field kitchen planning should be present – A beginner in the kitchen planning can feel overwhelmed with the many tasks. That’s why you should not just order a large modular kitchen, but rather start small – with a new kitchen cabinet or cabinet for the kitchen sink. The experts therefore advise to always test first, and then order great.

Modular kitchen made of stainless steel – robust and durable

freestanding modular kitchens small modern eclectic furnishing ideas

Modular kitchen in the small apartment

plan small flat design ideas

Modular cooking island in classic style

freestanding cooking island vanity top chopping board design ideas

Practical and stylish – modular kitchen in black and white

Design ideas contrasting colors black white

Modular kitchen in country style with two kitchen islands

freestanding combine modern country style kitchen fronts oak blue painted

combine blue cooking island built-in appliances vanity cooktop

blue color base cabinet system classic style

luxurious design base cabinets kitchen island

Real wood fronts black cooking island wall shelf system wine racks

dark wood furniture storage space freestanding kitchenette

Country style kitchens design ideas kitchenettes

Ideas design silver accents wall shelf system

design ideas Base cabinets black white

plan to build cabinets combining fronts

Wood countertop brick wall white color

Fitted kitchen white sub-cabinets wood wall units

Walnut made attractive grain modern design ideas

Ideas purple color wood classic beautiful cooking island

burgundy kitchen back wall classic style living area dining area

modern cooking island minimalist white kitchen plan

Color handleless cabinet doors wood worktop

Space-saving design wall cabinets wood hob

handleless cupboard doors white fronts cooking island

Kitchen counter minimalist stylish black worktop

Built-in appliances minimalist handleless design modern

Metal wood kitchen island dining space shape rustic wood ceiling

Color modern base cabinets mirror tiles kitchen design

Worktop wood look brick wall untreated

gray green color cooking island dining barstools

black color wood details stainless steel fume hood

free-standing variant wooden cabinets exposed concrete modern stylish

modern white built-in furniture minimalist elegant

plan your own Cabinets Free-standing

modular systems kitchen design wood countertop brick wall white color

Modular kitchen design ideas modern design Tile mirror gray

outside granite countertop wood bar

Kitchen island stainless steel counter wall shelf system

white kitchen modules freestanding design ideas

black white kitchen marble cooking island wood fronts

Color brown-red glass kitchen mirror modern space-saving

Modular kitchen plan white handleless cabinet doors shelves

Kitchen lighting planning design ideas

Kitchen modules island bamboo country style sand color

Wooden cabinets Kitchen modules combine freestanding

Fitted kitchen freestanding kitchen island white design ideas

modern modular kitchen real wood white worktop pendant lamp

white color handleless cabinet doors wood worktop

dimensional planning gray kitchen cabinets designer furniture

outside kitchen country style summer terrace cottage

Kitchen small flat blue LED light granite slabs

Modules white color cooking island marble countertop dining area

Facility concrete floor pink freestanding modular kitchen plan

Yellow color cooking island Detached house set up

Kitchen modules brick wall design Scandinavian style

Kitchen modules black color dining table

Modular kitchen and new kitchen furniture

Modern-kitchen-modular-kitchen furniture-refrigerator

Are you looking for a reasonably priced but high-quality kitchenette that would fit well in your small room with the unfavorable location of a stove and a pillar? Modular kitchen – it’s what you need. Ordering on a single project is very expensive as all elements of such a kitchen are designed and manufactured exclusively for you.

Modern modular kitchen with wood design


Finished kitchenette modular kitchens Not only is it much cheaper in price, it can not be any less impressive and elegant in your kitchen. Especially when modern manufacturers are ready to offer the consumer every design of their products, from classic to democratic modernity.

Modular classic kitchen furniture with green kitchen cabinets

Modular-classic-kitchen furniture-green-kitchen cabinets

The modular kitchen is available in many variants! It’s handy that you can decide for yourself what cabinets, shelves, wall tiles and worktops in your kitchen want: decide and choose. In addition, the construction workers are trying to solve all the existing problems in this room: a small area, a refrigerator, a washing machine and other household appliances.

modular kitchen by Comprex


Everything you need for a corner kitchen. It depends on you to vary the material for facades, to regulate the height of cabinets and worktops, and to replace the handles on the doors and drawers.

modular kitchen with a glazed yellow design


modular kitchen with red kitchen cabinets

modular-kitchen-red-kitchen cabinets

Architecture »Modular Sustainable Architecture by Campos Leckie Studio

“Laneway Housing” – flexible artist’s studio in Vancouver


As part of an attempt by the City of Vancouver to develop sustainable architecture and affordable rental housing, they introduced the Laneway Housing Initiative in July 2009. This resulted in permission to build “Laneway Housing” in certain residential areas of Vancouver. A ‘Laneway’ house is a detached house located in the garage area of ​​the family house. These must be opposite the lane or street and have sufficient backyard space. The city of Vancouver states that there must be ample parking for at least one vehicle in front of a “laneway” house, in fact many “Laneway” homes incorporate a closed garage. Importantly, the traditional and modern designs are allowed, either in one- or two-storey construction.

Modular sustainable architecture – Exterior


This attractive artist’s studio has been developed in conjunction with the “Laneway” initiative. For this reason, the architects had very specific criteria to consider. They had to plan according to customer requirements a spacious, 800 square meter artist’s studio. The same building is simply converted into a one-room house, with garage space integrated into the design.

Modular Sustainable Architecture – Laneway Housing


This artist’s studio is a good example of modular sustainable architecture , It is strikingly modern and essential minimalist in the conception. The main area in the studio is bright, airy and provides unencumbered and flexible work space for the artists. The whole construction is based on a simple one modular sustainable system of linear forms and shapes. There are a variety of surfaces that are combined to add stimulating visual and tactile qualities. As with any artist’s studio, the quality and quantity of light in the room comes first. In this case, a large glass wall maximizes the natural light source and offers inspiring views outside. A simple but effective planting complements and extends it modular sustainable architecture and gives a sense of permanence and connection with the earth. It is important that these modular sustainable architecture It can easily be transformed into a one bedroom apartment with a bedroom if the need arises.

Landscape design in the artist studio

modular-sustainable-architecture-land-stick design

The following letter of intent from the architects summarizes the company’s commitment to the development and delivery of forms of modern sustainable residential building in an international capacity. They provide an inspirational example of how good design can be combined with practical, affordable and sustainable housing to ensure the future well-being of our overcrowded urban areas.

Sustainable architecture – landscape design


Campos Leckie Studio is dedicated to the 2030 Challenge, which is committed to the goal of developing and implementing sustainable design strategies. The company has environmental agenda and works both locally and internationally. In addition to donating a percentage of net sales to sustainable aid organizations, clients also spend time and energy on various charitable projects and organizations worldwide. ”

from Jaz

Modular sustainable architecture interior

modular-sustainable-architecture-interior decoration

Interior design in the artist’s studio


Modern modular kitchen design from Arclinea

modern modular kitchen - Artusi

San Diego-based company Arclinea is responsible for the creation of Artusi, modern modular kitchen design , The Artusi collection offers flexible and elegant solutions for your kitchen space. It combines durable materials and the latest technologies in a clean, flawless design, inspired by the modern minimalist style.

Built-in sofa in the kitchen

modular design by Arclinea

One of the most valuable features of Artusi Kitchen is the ability to be divided into individual modules and arranged to suit the preferences of the customers. This modern modular kitchen design gives you the opportunity to design your own space and create a layout that best suits your needs. Design freedom is possible through the independent elements that can stand alone. Every piece of the kitchen has an elegant modern design using pure geometry and the use of modern materials.

elegant kitchen design with minimalist flair

elegant kitchen - modular design

The most important material, the Artusi modern modular kitchen design steel is what gives the design its hard glossy look. Steel is combined with teak wood, which is also characteristic of the Artusi design. Both materials contribute to the elegance and modern atmosphere in the kitchen. The warm touch of wood can soften the design and add variety to the atmosphere without spoiling the bright, modern bakery. And for those with fixed preferences, there is a neutral version where the wood is painted, white or black.

Artusi collection by Arclinea

modular kitchen design by Arclinea
The modern modular kitchen design also has a number of technical features. It features brightly colored cabinet doors with built-in handles, sliding chopping boards and a moving worktop top. All of these features are created to make cooking in the kitchen easier, faster, and above all, more enjoyable. D as modern modular kitchen design Also includes high quality built-in appliances that complete the overall picture of the minimalist steel design.

by K.H.Hristova

Steel design in the kitchen

functional built-in appliances

Built-in appliances in the modular kitchen

Steel design and shine

modern kitchen worktop

modular kitchen design - Artusi

Italian kitchens with state-of-the-art concepts – Gamma by Arclinea