How to properly approach the apartment moving into your own four walls!

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Judging by the Apartment move-in the living area accordingly, is the beautiful home, in which one feels completely comfortable, nothing in the way! Whether you move into your own apartment for the first time or from one to the other apartment – you want to set up your own apartment as comfortable and beautiful as possible. But that is often not possible from the beginning. If you have a suitable apartment, for example First of all, repairs often occur that have to be done before painting.

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Are all the necessary repairs before the Apartment move-in done by the landlord or the future tenant himself, the individual rooms can be deleted. There are no limits to creativity, unless the landlord refuses. However, most landlords have nothing against a little paint on the walls, if you sweep them in another extract again in white paint. Therefore, you should probably take care not to paint the walls too dark. In the best case, you can still paint the apartment before any furniture in it.

Apartment feeder – wall decoration

Apartment walls painting renovation work

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Although the finishing touches in terms of decoration is only possible if all pieces of furniture have found a suitable place. But the wall decoration can usually be done when the walls have been painted. In this way you know in advance, which furniture is best. This then facilitates the actual move.

The last step – the move

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Is in the new Apartment move-in Everything can be prepared move take place. Organization is the alpha and omega. If the belongings are already stashed in boxes, the moving company or even the family and friends only have to transport the boxes from one to the other flat. The furniture should at best be dismantled and prepared for transport. In a big move, a company that is moving can pay off. Because that means less stress and usually a faster move. Such a company is experienced in moves and knows exactly how to do it.

Apartment move-in – the bottom line

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Moving to a new apartment is always associated with stress. But at the same time there is also a lot of anticipation. A new apartment is a new beginning for many people and thus usually something positive. If you adjust your own four walls according to your own taste, nothing stands in the way of the beautiful home in which you feel completely well!

Save money when moving – 7 tips for a cost-efficient move

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A move means a new start in life and everything to start over. In reality, however, one feels a change of apartment or city as no contemplative time. For moving is cumbersome and expensive to organize, and it can also be an expensive affair. Well thought-out planning can save you a lot of nerves and a lot of money.

1.Money save when looking for a flat

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Most of the time finding a flat is the most time-consuming process when a move is imminent. The perfect apartment getting the best price is not an easy task and often one pays more than he likes. Valuable time and additional costs are saved if you avoid unnecessary sightseeing. So for real estate without photos or if the monthly additional costs are extremely low, you should be careful. You can hire a real estate agent to look for a flat and a commission is due for his services. In all other cases the owner is the client and as such he pays the brokerage fee. In practice, unfortunately, there are always real estate providers who urge the tenant to another signature, which obliges the payment of the commission. That’s illegal, reports ,

2. Save money on forwarding – Compare moving companies

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A binding cost proposal for your move may include packaging, loading and unpacking. Thus, the move takes place so faster and by the parcel services, it is finally cheaper. The online request is free and it takes a few minutes to get an accurate overview of the available providers and their offers. In addition, every move is included Reliable removal service providers like Move24 automatically insured, so that any damage is covered.

3. By properly scheduling, you can save money

Usually, most people choose the first of the month for their relocation date, so moving up to the 6th of the month often costs more. To save money, opt for a cheaper move date between the 6th – 13th and the 18th – 24th and book it on time.

4. The simplest money saving measure – putting away


Less to transport means a savings when moving. Take it as an opportunity to minimize your property a bit and get rid of legacies. Well-kept things that you do not want to keep can be sold on the Internet or at a flea market for good money.

5. Save money on the renovation costs


If the old or new apartment is in need of renovation, be sure to order a craftsman several months in advance. When moving into the new apartment, it is recommended to set a handover protocol in writing. In case of doubt, take photos and note that the renter may or must undertake cosmetic repairs and renovations, if expressly included in the rental agreement.

6. Set off removal costs at the next tax return and thus save money


If you move for professional reasons, but also in special cases in a private move, some costs can be deducted from the tax. Sightseeing trips during the apartment search, brokerage fees and forwarding are conditionally tax deductible , Why it pays to keep all invoices and evidence for expenses carefully and to submit at the next tax return.

7. Save money on fixed costs in the new apartment

Not only the rent should be considered, but also the other monthly fixed costs that come to it. A savings option that you usually ignore, is the choice of the electricity provider in the new apartment. Compare different electricity providers and switch to a cheaper supplier. Likewise, consider how much you pay for internet, gas, heating, water and miscellaneous. When planning your budget, keep in mind that the basic rent, including all ancillary costs, should not exceed a third of your net income.

Conclusion: a careful financial planning as a savings opportunity

Of course, every move is an individual thing and the expenses can hardly be made on a flat-rate basis. However, some costs, such as freight forwarding, renovation, bail, electricity supplier change, helpers, moving boxes, etc., can be calculated exactly in advance. Only with a calculator and pencil at hand, you can use all the savings.

Plan and Organize Moving: Tips on how to set up the new apartment

move plans move-boxes-open-plan

A new job also often brings a move and thus a greater effort. But also a private reorientation, for example the contracting of two partners, requires an exact planning. Anyone who takes care of the organization in advance is able to do most of the errands when changing residence itself or with relatives and acquaintances.

Prepare a move properly

move planning tips checklist move boxes

Each move brings with it troubles and formalities that can be reduced to a minimum with optimal organization. A quiet planning should start a few weeks before. Not all steps from the New registration Residency via address changes to the re-registration of the car must be done within a few days, ideally one helps checklist (depending on the scope) over a period of 8 to 16 weeks.

In addition to moving and furnishing of the new apartment, a look at the old apartment should not be forgotten. Small repairs and maintenance work are often unavoidable and are the responsibility of the tenant, more details are regulated by the lease. In addition to settling the last rent payments, the power supply should be canceled on time – right now is the best opportunity to save cash with a change of electricity supplier.

Living out DIY ideas when moving into the new apartment

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In order to minimize the costs of relocation and to stylishly implement your own new interior design ideas, the renowned furniture and furnishing portal recommends the design according to the do-it-yourself principle. When transporting the moving boxes, it should be considered whether to dispense with classic furniture packers and prefer to drive them yourself. The size of the household and the distance between old and new apartment play an essential role here, also a few energetic friends should be available as a relocation helper.

So that the new interior of the apartment succeeds in a contemporary and trend-conscious manner, Nele Belau, Home Stagerin, refers to two absolutely trendy interior design styles at Vintage-style furniture is in vogue, some with decades of history and nostalgic furnishings. In addition to the purchase of high-quality furniture can be, for example, discover old furniture in the attic, in the basement or at flea markets, which is breathed new life by means of DIY according to their own ideas by a colorful upcycling.

trend-conscious new furniture after moving

living room-device-white-styled shabby-chic-white-pallets-coffee table

Leaving the original condition of old furniture leads to the second furnishing trend: The Shabby chic , Instead of upscale designer furniture with a visually flawless character may be a bit rougher with chests of drawers, tables or cabinets in this style. Traces of use of earlier years and decades such as cracks or peeling paint are absolutely permitted and give the furniture its own charm. Before the planned move, therefore, the view should not only go to the classic furniture store, often old furniture are offered according to home furnishing taste cheap online or in classifieds.

Work furniture yourself and live out the creativity

work-plan-tips-moebel-refresh-commode-crack-Optic-paint color

According to Nele Belau, the new furnishings are absolutely trendy when old and processed pieces of furniture are combined with new furniture and coordinated with one another. The independent editing of furniture helps to live out creative ideas in the new apartment and to enjoy a limitless individual furnishing style in the new domicile. Especially the lacquering of pieces of furniture is easy even DIY-layman, whereby for example by acrylic lacquer an artificial tear look and thus the vintage character is artificially brought about.

Small accessories and extras complete the desired appearance of the furniture and enhance the individual effect. On the Internet, from decorative stones to knobs and handles in various styles, you will find the ideal accessories for gradually assembling cabinets or chests of drawers according to your own ideas and creating a unique ambience.

Trend furniture not only because of the optics select


Whether winter or midsummer – every move is the perfect opportunity to break away from previous furniture and use the new space to live out a new style. For the purchase and the DIY processing not only a striking appearance of the functional aspect is not negligible. Beds, wardrobes, tables and other furniture should match the cut and size of the new living space and meet the everyday requirements. Otherwise, beautiful furniture will be purchased, which are practically not used and only deliver unnecessary living space.

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The latest news from the diamond giant de Beers say that the decision has been made to move from London to Botswana. De Beers are moving their sales from their London headquarters to Gaborone, Botswana. The decision was made in 2011. Since then, De Beers has been conducting negotiations with the country, which is home to the world’s richest diamond mines. The move costs the company over $ 120 million. Of this $ 12 million, $ 6 billion is annual revenue. The decision to move the market from London to Botswana rests on a 10-year contract between De Beers and Botswana’s government.

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The move is considered in a positive light by some and is considered as a way for De Beers to have easy access to gemstones and mining, as well as to have their diamond assortment and aggregation companies already relocated to Gaborone. Others see this as not just the end of society, but as a possible future challenge for the company. For many, it is clear that binding the company directly with the Botswana mines could be detrimental considering their mines in Namibia, South Africa and Canada. In addition, these difficulties can bring about such problems as finding visas, flights and hotels that are widespread in a developing country.

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