Practical multifunctional interior ideas for a small apartment

stool table setting up ideas for small apartment

If you have a limited living space, that puts some creative Interior ideas With dual function ahead. Look at these suggestions on how to use a living space or a piece of furniture in the small apartment multifunctional. The limited living space features some creative ideas and designer solutions. Release your imagination and make the most of your small apartment.

Interior ideas for living room and guestroom combination

Room double function interior ideas for small apartment

The multifunctional Interior ideas can be a good one application If you want to transform the small living room into a guest room. Make a pullout couch. This will save you the need for a bed. A coffee table with metal frame construction looks chic and saves a lot of space. Small stools and throw pillows can replace the chairs successfully. In this way, you will not only save a lot of space, but also decorate the room nicely.

Interior ideas for a well-organized storage room

TV hiding furnishing ideas for small apartment

The Interior ideas for a small room presupposed a well-organized storage room. Buy a practical shelving system with many drawers and cabinets, where you can turn off all the items you want. It would be particularly convenient if the TV fits on the shelf and can hide the screen by means of a sliding door.

Use the jewelry box for TV operation

stock box furnishing ideas for small apartment

CD deposition system installed in the drawer

cd drawer cabinet furnishing ideas for small apartment

Combine living room and dining room

Dining room living room furnishing ideas for small apartment

Multifunctional living room for the small house

Living room coffee table interior ideas for small apartment

Use the upholstered stool as a coffee table

orange nuances furnishing ideas for small apartment

Blue furniture furnishing ideas for small apartment

Room divider shelf interior ideas for small apartment

A practical shelf in the bedroom

shelf bedroom interior ideas for small apartment

Combine bedroom and study

bedroom study interiors ideas for small apartment

Practical and elegant turntable with round shape

Rotary bathroom furnishing ideas for small apartment

Multifunctional bed design transforms into armchair and beanbag

Pillows themselves turn gray blue

Each modern apartment contains a sleeping area, a living area and a balcony. What if a multifunctional piece of furniture could be redesigned and used in every area? The answer is given by the All in Studio. The innovative Bed design is suitable for young people who like to travel.

Practical bed design – award-winning project from Bulgaria

make gray furniture Scandinavian style

The Bulgarian All in studio has recently launched a project for multifunctional Bed design presented, which is super practical. The bed with dimensions 850 / 2000mm can also serve as a beanbag or easy chair. The choice of materials is also very creative – the bed is made from mattress remnants. The design is not only innovative, but also very environmentally friendly. The water-resistant fabrics in The design will surely delight all fans of the Scandinavian style.

Creative bed design saves space

Scandinavian style small apartment

Maybe one of the biggest advantages of bed design is the fact that it is very space efficient. The bed can be wrapped up and takes up very little space. Even in a small apartment, you can maximize the available space in this way. In the morning, the sleeping area can be transformed into a cozy reading corner where you can prepare for exams or just read an interesting book. Whether for reading, watching TV or just as balcony furniture – the bed Ted can perform many functions. Especially students are sure to be inspired by the design. The product has been exhibited several times during trade fairs and has already been awarded prizes. We are totally fascinated!

Bed in Scandinavian style

wrapping travel bed sleeping place bed design

In three steps, the bed is transformed into armchairs

Upholstery furniture mattress bed

The design is super space saving

Furniture bed armchair mattress bed design

Perfect for small apartments

design projects back upholstered furniture

The back of the beanbag

Beanbag Balcony Upholstered furniture design

Bean bag for the balcony

Ideas living room bed design facility

Convenient and practical

multifunctional space saving design bed

The bed is made of mattress remnants

innovative design space-saving original

Set up a comfortable seating area

creative idea variants bed design

The fourth variant

Bed itself make ideas

Armchair for the living room

make design idea yourself

When not needed, the mattress takes up very little space

Mattresses wrap design idea

Sketch of the design

modern bed beanbag armchair

The modern and multifunctional chairs by Bussolini


Bussolini is known worldwide for its exceptional modern and multifunctional chairs , The company has been creating a dreamy reality for those who combine real comfort with beauty.

The modern and multifunctional chairs with wardrobe

The multifunctional-chairs-Bussolini-with-cabinet

A chair by Bussolini is simply a masterpiece. It’s the first thing you’ll notice when you enter a room. It’s not just a chair, but a compliment to the interior design, though its purpose is purely decorative. A Bussolini chair is designed to amaze us with its comfort and practicality.

The modern and multifunctional chairs – blue version

The multifunctional-chairs-Bussolini-blue

But what is so remarkable about that modern and multifunctional chairs from Bussolini? It is the synthesis between style, use of material and form … The company succeeded what many other design companies failed … Each Bussolini chair is designed with such care that it naturally follows the body shape. That’s the secret of modern chairs, designed by these talented Italian designers.

The modern and multifunctional chairs by Bussolini

The multifunctional-chairs-lagerrmaum

Every collection from Bussolini will make you feel like a real noble. After all, that’s the company’s most important goal. It designs special collections for special customers. Bussolini is a secret and a specialty for us all to make something special.

The multifunctional-chairs-brown leather chair

The modern and multifunctional chairs Bussolini strive to be at the top. The competition is relentless today. That’s why Bussolini was ordained to take everything to a whole new level. They combine modernity with tradition, natural forms with the highest quality materials and new creative solutions to create something out of the ordinary. That’s why every Bussolini chair is simply a masterpiece. It’s extraordinary, in every way. It is synonymous with modern aesthetics. Modern furniture design requires modern approaches and innovative power to make our interiors as lively and comfortable as possible. That’s why every piece of furniture by Bussolini is special and unique and makes us feel loved.

The multifunctional-chairs backrest-hanger


The multifunctional-chairs-Spectacle

The modern and multifunctional chairs by Bussolini

The multifunctional-chairs storage option

The multifunctional-chairs-Bussolini Hidden-cabinet

Design »Tuls Collection – multifunctional tools for each purpose

Stan Lucy Рoul Orie Stainless Steel Tool Tuls Collection

Tuls is an extremely practical collection of wallet sized tools. The revolutionary multifunctional tools solve everyday problems of all kinds. Laser cut from stainless steel and titanium, the instruments guarantee helpfulness for a longer time. Because of their compact dimensions they offer high wearing comfort. We immediately loved the idea of ​​Dave & Calvin Laituri! And you?

Multi-functional tools from Dave & Calvin Laituri

Cell Phone Accessory Stan Tuls-Dave Calvin-Laituri Collection

The tool collection consists of 4 tools, each of which has been named – Stan, Lucy, Roul and Opie. Stan is a valuable tool for cell phones and handset cables. The phone can be stuck in it vertically and leave and listen to music , In addition, Stan facilitates handset cables to wrap properly.

Stan as a mobile phone holder

Multifunctional Tools Titanium Stan Cell Phone Holder Ideas

Stan helps to better organize the Mobile phone accessories at

Mobile handset cable wrap tool design modern

Multifunctional tools in wallet format

Stan Earpiece Cable Opening Stainless Steel Laser Cut Precise

Lucy is the ultimate tool for the garage. When hobbyists need to tighten a screw, they no longer need to reach for the toolbox. With the help of Lucy’s wrench you can hand tighten a screw or bolt. Are you a cyclist, then you can not do without the tool. Lucy helps with furniture assembly, disassembly and repairs of all kinds.

Lucy – very precisely cut with titanium / stainless steel laser

Laser cut tool Stainless steel handy-briefcase format

Laser cut tools combine functionality and aesthetics

Roul gauge stainless steel laser cut wallets format

Roul is a practical measuring device. Measure twice, cut once, is his motto.

Aids in measurements of Dave & Calvin Laituri

Measurements Meter Stainless Steel Series Roul Wallet Size

Opie is a likeable bottle opener

Multifunctional Tools Bottle Opener Titanium Stainless Steel

Opie are small, super flat and super compact – the open bottles fit perfectly with the other Tuls in a purse.

Robust and durable tools

Bottle opener stainless steel titanium wallet-size Orie Dave-Calvin Laituri

The series of 4 wallet-sized tools

Titanium stainless steel tool for assembly-disassembly-repair works

2 in 1 – multifunctional bathroom equipment by Julia Kononenko

bathroom ideas multifunctional shower faucet julia kononenko two-in-one

The Ukrainian designer Julia Kononenko presents an innovative bathroom solution in which she combines shower head with faucet in a design. Your modern and multifunctional Bathroom facilities is called “2 in 1” and allows you to set the desired amount of water according to your needs and individual preferences. A highlight is the industrial look of the adjustable unit, which can be steered sideways.

Bathroom features a straightforward design

shower head multifunctional design-adjustable faucet

Made in minimalist aesthetics and angular outline, “2 in 1” offers 2 uses: as faucet and shower head. The geometric severity is softened by the warm wood tone. The Bathroom facilities is not only modern and functional, but also saves space – thus it represents a perfect space solution in a limited space.

Bathroom design with stainless steel faucet

multifunctional shower head faucet-wood bathroom julia kononenko-two-in-one

If above the washbasin positioned, the rotating unit works like normal water tap If you apply it above the shower zone, it quickly turns into a shower. The bathroom look is complemented by simple details.

The bathroom products are from Julia Kononenko designed with a clear design language

Wood sink table metal legs bathroom furniture wood ideas

Bathroom equipment – combination of shower head and faucet

innovative bathroom equipment faucet multifunctional shower head

The innovative adjustable unit offers 2 possibilities of use

Concept bathroom equipment shower head washbasin faucet 2 in 1

The multifunctional kitchen stove saves heating and energy costs

yellow kitchen country style cooking area wooden furniture

More and more people are looking for practical multifunctional kitchen equipment. Over the years, the kitchen has become a modern living space where the whole family gathers. And what better way to create a cozy atmosphere than the warmth of the fire? Of the multifunctional kitchen stove that reminds us of childhood is back in vogue. The new models combine comfort and functionality and significantly reduce heating costs in the winter months.

The multifunctional kitchen stove – energy-saving heating in winter

Oven bench Square cooker wood Energy saving

Of the multifunctional kitchen stove Baking oven is a combination of heating and oven. Nowadays, numerous practical and space-saving designs are offered in different shapes and combinations that are perfect for small apartments. Another significant advantage is the fast assembly. The stoves can be built without much effort. The only thing that has to be planned in advance is the exhaust pipe. Energy is not only saved on low power consumption – modern paneling from the fireplace can also reduce the cost of heating. If the stove is clad in ceramic or soapstone, the fireplace can scatter heat long after the fire goes out.

The multifunctional kitchen stove – cosiness and warmth in the kitchen

Oven modern kitchen beige orange wall paint

Of the multifunctional kitchen stove not only offers the opportunity to save energy in the winter months, but also to prepare delicious and healthy food. Traditionally, the wood stove comes with hotplates and baking compartment. Everything can be prepared there – even pizza. Traditionally, it is offered in country house style – this gives the room a homely look. The models of the Italian company La Nordica combine the country house look with functionality. The manufacturer is throughout Europe for its qualitative and practical fireplaces known.

Kitchen stove with soapstone cover

red black practically space-saving heating

Modern and space-saving design for small apartments

Cooker set up wood beige blue kitchen

Country-style kitchen – the traditional wood stove in a modern design

Water pipe hotplate kitchen orange yellow tile floor

Stove with cooking plate – heating in the living room

black color small apartment set up

Cooker equipped with baking compartment

Backbox energy costs save kitchen heat

High gloss finish – stove in the kitchen

High gloss manufacturer preparing delicious food

Heating Cooker small Hotplate ausgersütet

Look stove stove hob traditional

save space winter heat water small kitchen

Open fire baking oven pizza delicious food

Stove soapstone save energy two-tone

Cooker brown set up beautiful idea checkered upholstered furniture

Country styleö metal light fitting harness

28 country-style kitchens in Tuscan style make you want to cook

Nail art »Nail polish tricks – The multifunctional side of nail polish

Ideas geometric pattern green white beige

The well-liked nail polish, which should not be missing in any household in which ladies also participate, is not only the best friend of your nails and ensures their well-groomed appearance. On the contrary! It can also be useful in many other areas of everyday life and help out of many unexpected situations.

So, if you want to know why nail polish can still be good, just read on and use these helpful ones Nail polish tricks ,

Nail polish tricks – Protects the jewelry

Dots stripes modern design ideas

How many times have you been annoyed that the stones of your new piece of jewelry have not been properly taped and you have lost some of them? This happens especially when small stones and crystals are used to decorate and ruin the overall appearance of the piece of jewelry. To avoid this, simply paint the stones with a transparent one immediately after purchase nail polish , You can do that if you find that the stones have not been glued securely enough, or you can save them as a precaution. This trick can be applied not only to jewelery, but to anything that contains rhinestones, such as shoes, pants or belts.

Nail polish tricks – Stop running stitches

blue purple pink mosaic motifs ideas

This idea is one of the most useful Nail polish tricks , The women’s tights are an important part of the overall outfit and in many cases can not be missed. Nevertheless, they are often uncomfortable and nerve-racking, especially when you sweat in them. The whole thing gets even more annoying when a run is created. Unfortunately, only a few are fortunate enough to wear pantyhose all day long without tearing you down in any way. In addition, you can not protect the run-length from widening in length. Wrong thought! If you do not have the time or opportunity to change your tights, all you need is nail polish applied around the small hole. So you can be sure that it does not spread further.

Nail Polish Tricks – Additional color for your accessories

Nail art design ideas motives autumn colors pink

Just because a bangle, for example, has become boring over time due to its monotonous look, does not mean you have to throw it away right away. Just pick up a few different nail polish colors and make a pretty pattern with a little imagination. With such creative Nail polish tricks you will immediately feel like you own a new piece of jewelry.

Nail polish tricks – varnish your keys

Nail art design purple blue colors stroke ideas

If you paint your keys in different colors, they will not only look prettier and more interesting, but you will also find the right key faster.

Nail Polish Tricks – Nail polish for sticking envelopes

Tricks use ideas to paint stripes

Enveloping the envelopes today is made easier by having to moisten the strip in one way or another. But sometimes it happens that the envelope simply can not be closed. If you do not have any glue on hand, the nail polish will help you again.

Design ideas cool original paint pen

Design ideas turquoise blue accents beautiful idea

Nail art design ideas flower motifs

sunny colors cool ideas nail design

neutral colors nail design ideas tips pictures

Ideas pink blue purple pastel colors geometric pattern

Multifunctional wooden furniture – size-adjustable design ideas

build moebel-wood-pink-black-table-

Ian Stell furniture impresses with its artistic design, technological innovation and multifunctional features. The designer was inspired by the so-called cranesbill, which was formerly used to transmit certain standards and could be adjusted accordingly. The same principle also works multifunctional s wooden furniture that we want to introduce you today.

Wooden furniture with multifunctional features

furniture wood-side table-color huebsch size-adjustable

The wooden furniture consists of individual bars, which are connected at their ends. In this way it is possible that the size and shape can be changed. Tables, chairs, and other seating, and even a mirror that can be resized, have been designed by the designer using this technique. On dining table can be quickly scaled down to a desk, a coffee table can be converted into a large side table.

Wooden furniture in pink and black

moebel-wood-len-adjusted-side table-pink color

Especially small living rooms can be wonderfully equipped with these pieces of furniture. The coffee table, for example, can be easily made larger if necessary and otherwise takes up only little space. In addition, the transformation of wooden furniture is extremely easy. You just have to pull them apart, or squeeze them together.

Original design

moebel-wood-cross pattern-rods-house-design

The materials used are maple or oak depending on the piece of furniture. Just have a look at the multifunctional wooden furniture. You will surely convince yourself of their practical side. Whether for the interior or the covered terrace, they are in every way a useful element in the decor.

Pull the table apart and squeeze it together

moebel-wood-pattern-original-designer furniture-table top

Side table of any length

wooden furniture side table-sketch-design-original

Idea for apartment and terrace


Seating made of wood

furniture made of wood chairs-lounge-design-ian-stell

Bench for several people


Wooden furniture – design by Ian Stell


Wood strips for the furniture

moebel-wood-small-sitting-idea-opposite-reading corner-entertainment

Inspired by cranesbill

moebel-wood-wood lamella-stimulus-device-design-deco

Furniture for indoors and outdoors


Moldings with cross pattern

moebel-wood-cross-design-hell-of course-optics

Size adjustable bench

wooden furniture lounge-seating-opportunity-idea

Side table and coffee table in one

natural wood furniture - side table-parquet-furnishing-idea

Dining and desk

moebel-wood-low-table-hoehe-set-dining table

Furniture in black

furniture-wood-desk-coffee table-black-painted

Practical wood furniture for every interior


Triangular table

furniture made of wood triangular-coffee table-size-adjustable

Design of Ian Stell ,

Architecture »Modern front door – multifunctional house design entrance

Wood glass natural stone house entrance

The house entrance is a special area – it connects and at the same time separates the house and the garden. The modern front door This is why it fulfills several functions today. We try to give you an overview of the different species.

Modern front door made of glass and metal

Entrance wood metal glass door modern

Currently, the designs that combine different materials are announced. If you have a large garden with a high fence, you can opt for one modern front door Made of metal and glass decide. The combination is ultra-modern and very stylish, great for minimalist style homes. In any case, you must ensure good privacy in the garden. Combine the glass door with effective hall design – and welcome your guests in style!

Modern front door made of wood

Front door rotatable stone facade house entrance

The modern front door made of wood is a classic. In recent years, the tendency has prevailed to tune the front door with the rest of the architecture. If you have a wooden facade or façade clad in natural stone slabs, you can go for a wooden entrance decide. The wooden doors can be combined with glass elements – this gives the design a noble look. Wood and metal in bold color look modern and inviting. The wooden door needs regular oiling and painting to weather the bad weather in winter.

Exceptional materials and designs for the modern front door

Stone slabs facade metal glass revolving door

The modern front door can sometimes be made from extraordinary materials. Some architects are pushing the trend for concrete entrance doors. Others use revolving door for the entrance. Minimalist houses with ample glazed façades will benefit from a sliding glass door.

modern glass facade with sliding door

House garden pond lighting evening high wall

Prefabricated house with wooden door

Door paneling house entrance shape ideas

Glass door with metal frame

Door glass metal light green modern facade

House entrance with glass door

create Steinweg patio plant plants

Several doors open the house to the facade

Garden house facade glazed

Glass door offers views into the living area

House living room wood wall modern furniture

Exceptional design in concrete

Solid house minimalist revolving door modern

Glass door connects the bedroom with the balcony

modern house glass metal ideas

Stylish home entrance door in solid wood

Front door rotatable stone facade house entrance

Modern glass door connects the house with the garden

Door garden design ideas

minimalist door made of glass and metal

Hallway design front door modern architecture

Youth Room Furniture – A multifunctional piece of furniture

youth room furnishing wood bed sofa desk shelf pictures

With a small room it can be a problem, the right one Facility to find, which should meet all requirements. This is especially true when it comes to one Youth room facility goes. This is supposed to be able to accommodate a living, sleeping and working area all at once. However, the Russian company INT2architecture has found a perfect solution. For a 14-year-old girl, the designers have designed a modern youth room facility that accommodates a large bed with plenty of storage space and even includes a projector screen.

Youth Room Interior – The built-in bed

bed multifuntional youth room gray design shelf books

Originally there were different, mixed pieces of furniture in the room. To this youth room facility belonged a bed, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, a commode and a desk. As a result, there was no particularly harmonious atmosphere. Instead, much of this was necessary furniture housed in a large, which now occupies half of the room. In this way, the other half of the room is kept free, making it seem more spacious.

Youth room furnishings with plenty of storage space

wardrobe youth room furnishing pull-out room faecher schraenke

The new piece of furniture represents a large bed, which is framed by various shelves and cabinet systems and thus forms a kind of box. The new, multifunctional Teenage room furnishings include several shelves and built-in wardrobes and even a pull-out wardrobe. The bed can even be conveniently used as a couch during the day.

The pull-out wardrobe as a practical feature

pull-out closet bed youth room green gray design

On the opposite side of the youth room there is a mirror again. This impresses not only with its size. If the sliding wall is pushed to the side, this can serve as a screen for projectors on the one hand. On the other hand, a board becomes visible that is perfect for painting and as a huge sticky note.

Furniture for the youth room – A large mirror opposite the bed

Mirror large wall youth room furnishing desk

In the youth room is a sliding wall as a canvas

idea workspace canvas projector chalkboard youth room

One of the walls in the youth room serves as a blackboard

blackboard wall desk workspace youth room idea wood

Wooden furniture for the work area

desk chair idea fabric modern wood furnishing blackboard notes

Modern chair made of textile and wood as a youth room facility

desk wood furniture wall picture kaefer table lamp chair

One of the accents used in the facility is a basket

laundry basket fitted wardrobe furniture youth room idea

arrow pattern youth room furnishing green bed dress

sketch youth room furnishing bed design furniture

furniture planning youth room furnishing day bed gray bed linen

nursery floor plan furnishing desk bed wardrobe

A design of FirmaINT2architecture ,