Wall tiles made of leather – noble wall covering by Studioart

leather wall tiles by studioart luxury deco

The leather is one of the noblest materials for clothing and now it makes the courageous step as such to establish itself in the field of wall covering with the stylish Wall tiles made of leather from studioart ,

The wall tiles made of leather as a wall decoration for the bathroom

wall tiles leather of studioart monochrome gold

The Italian company has the Wall tiles made of leather designed so that their sleek looks are the modern ones the atmosphere emphasized in their living room, bedroom or bathroom. The uniqueness of each tile assures that your home will be as original as your personality. With the combination in style and comfort, these are Wall tiles made of leather a versatile one Decoration way that are easy to relocate and relocate upon relocation.

Wallcovering in beige with wall tiles made of leather

wall tiles leather of studioart monochrome beige

Decoration for the apartment in leather wallcovering by Studioart

leather wall tiles by studioart luxury deco mirror

Wallcovering in gold optics by Studioart

wall tiles leather of studioart gold color

Leather wallcovering in beige and gold

wall tiles leather of studioart beige color

Noble floor marble tiles in a modern private residence in Taiwan

floor marble tiles floor-tiles-natural-tile-grain-corridor-transition-pot-plants-picture-1

In this article we present you a modern, spacious private residence, designed by the architect Vattier Design. The residence is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan and stick with the shiny ones Floor marble tiles and chic, simple decor style. The apartment stretches over three levels and offers plenty of space and light thanks to the noble, rather minimalist furnishings.

Floor marble tiles in a modern decor

floor marble tile living-area-flooring-stair-dining-area-chouch-floor-lamp-carpet-wall-tile-2

The apartment impresses with an appealing mix of modernity and cosiness. Clean lines in the decor are skilfully combined with natural colors and a few colored objects and pieces of furniture. The pieces of furniture are characterized by bright, warm nuances and colored, blue-toned contrast elements. The residence intentionally did without decorative elements and accessories, creating a simple yet inviting and tranquil ambience. The large and free surfaces skilfully highlight the shiny and noble marble floor. The floor marble tiles are unique in their individual grain and undoubtedly exude elegance and radiant fate.

Floor marble tiles and marble wall cladding

floor marble tile wall tiles-black-armchair-leather-chouch-gray-table-decoration-carpet-floor-lamp-4

The exclusive lifestyle is emphasized by the natural stone floor, which conjures up a luxurious environment by its nature. There are hardly any wall decorations on the walls, but in some rooms color accents have been added to individual walls. The walls are partly covered with marble, which is an atypical decision with an outstanding and unique effect. The black color of the marble tiles on the wall can also be found in the decor.

Light-filled living area with wall and floor marble cover

floor marble tile living room area-ceiling-light-carpet-staircase-wall-tile-throws-childrens-vehicle-5

Dining area with elegant chairs and exotic ceiling lights

floor marble table-chairs-blue-ceiling-lights-metal-stairs-glass-railing-pot-plant-6

Dining table with noble marble table top and blue chairs

Floor-Mamorfliesen dining table-dining-pendant lights-Moroccan metal obstschale glass bottle glasses-7

Small kitchenette with white gloss furniture

ground-Mamorfliesen-kitchen area-cooking island-cupboards-picture-hanging lamp wall-color-blue-flooring-natural color-8

Colored accents in the blue color palette

ground-Mamorfliesen-dining area-dining table-stairs-support-chairs-ceiling fixtures-kitchenette-cabinets-flooring

Staircase with shiny marble flooring and glass railing

Floor-Mamorfliesen-staircase stair marble covering-glass partition guardrail glass-louvre-pendant lights-9

Hanging lamps for soft light in the staircase

Floor-Mamorfliesen Staircase wall tiles ceiling lights wall tiles marble dark guardrail glass marble-13

Long corridor with floor marble tiles

Floor-Mamorfliesen corridor Stairway railing kitchen--Glass Image deckenlapen wardrobe-10

Large cabinets and wall shelves offer plenty of storage space

Floor-Mamorfliesen wall shelf wardrobe wood kitchen cabinet of drawers cookbooks Decoration fruit peel-11

Transition to private area

ground-Mamorfliesen-corridor-door-passage-commode-side table-orchid-marble plaque-wall tiles-image-12

Bedroom decorated in natural colors

ground-Mamorfliesen-bedroom wallpaper bed-duvets-bedding sofa-leather-carpet-wall lighting-window-curtain-14

Bedroom with wooden wall paneling and modern wall lights

ground-Mamorfliesen-sleeping area bed-pillows-bedside-orchid-bird-wall light-curtain-wall tiling-15

Nursery with creative wall and ceiling design

Floor-Mamorfliesen Nursery bedrooms carpet bed stehlampe wall shelf-potted plant window wallcovering-wood-16

Blue leather sofa as a color accent in the room

ground-Mamorfliesen-bedroom bed-houseplant-sofa-leather-black-table-orchid-carpet-window-parkettboden-17

Wall covering with elephant pattern

ground-Mamorfliesen-bedroom sofa-black-leather-side table-wandverkleiding-wood-pattern-bedside-books-orchid-18

Work area with beige marble floor tiles and black marble office desk top

ground-Mamorfliesen-workspace-chair-computer-book-cover Lamp sconce-cabinets-mirror-carpet-19

* a project of Vattier design

Dream houses »Black marble floor in a noble maisonette

Floor in black marble stair-steel duplex window

The project consisted of two duplex apartments with a total area of ​​300 m2 and now one Floor of black marble to have. The main concern was that we could create a continuous open space inside, as well as make the most of the outdoor terraces as much as possible, so that from there the magnificent view of the terraces and enjoy the city skyline. The designers made two open plans from wall to wall, each 15 x 6 meters. Then they started the renovation work. This operation allowed them to play with the interior and redesign it with, among other things, a black marble floor, especially the empty space where there used to be a staircase.

Black marble floor in the living and dining area

floor of black marble plants interior garden idea

The rooms are now visually and functionally integrated, arranged in a seamless, transparent sequence. This idea, as already mentioned, by the use of a kind marble floor enforced throughout the apartment. The windows were also redesigned, they were embedded within the rooms, so that the boundaries of the inside and outside completely disappear. On the ground floor with black marble floor, a maple wood cabinet runs along the entire space. There are the fireplace, storage areas and the wine storage housed.

Black marble floor for a noble seating area in the living room

floor of black marble living room fireplace gray couch

The new steps are made of 8 mm thick steel. They separate the two main social areas, the formal living room with black marble flooring from the dining room, without blocking the views from one area to another. A specially designed sculpture rises twice and “rises” together with the stairs.

Black marble complemented by lighter furniture

marble floor living room furniture modern furniture gray fireplace

On the first level is the informal living area with black marble floor on both sides, once on the terraces and once on the street. A closed wooden box, placed in a corner, houses the guest toilet. The terraces are surrounded on both sides by vertical gardens, which provides warmth and color throughout the project. The master bedroom, clad with maple wood and mirrors, can provide its owners with the privacy they want through a black curtain that serves as a room divider. In our before and after picture gallery, you can admire photos of the different stages of this duplex apartment with new black marble floor.

Black stairs over marble floor

Floor of black marble apartment furnishing noble modern

Elegant marble floor on the terrace

marble black living room design apartment indirect lighting

Black marble floor – terraces with vertical gardens and indirect lighting

marble floor idea noble black furnishing terrace lighting

Bedroom with marble floor in black

marble black floor bedroom design lighting indirect glass wall

Black marble as a floor covering in the bathroom

Black marble floor bathroom idea shower vanity console mirror

Apartment with black marble floor during the construction works

marble floor before design renovation building brick apartment

marble floor before construction stairs terrace window front

floor marble apartment construction work before tile brick renovation

floor idea dark parquet renovation duplex side tables

floor parquet wood stairs before picture terrace flat

floor in black marble floor plan duplex apartment

marble floor design idea floor plan apartment duplex

Design of Remy Arquitectos and MYOO ,

Living room wall decoration – wallpapers with noble textures

Wall decoration wallpaper blue wall pattern wood look

Wallpapers are the wall cladding of yesteryear? No way! For nowadays, manufacturers offer a fairly large selection of modern textures and patterns. We show you 24 cool ideas for Living room wall design that captures you from the timeless beauty of Murals be convinced with security.

Living room wall decoration – wallpaper with stripes – patterns

Wall decoration stripes yellow brown sofa glossy floor tiles

Along with flowers, stripes are among the most popular motifs for Wohnzimme r wall design. With a good reason – they make the room appear visually larger, bring variety in simple interiors and give the room on impulse character. The experts recommend that the wallpaper as an accent on the wall behind the sofa to install.

Living room Wall design – geometric motifs are very much in fashion in 2015

Wall decoration geometric 3D pattern wallpaper

Wallpaper with a fabric structure and exciting geometric motifs are very much in fashion in 2015. Particularly popular are combinations of several textures / for example wood and cloth optics /. The designs are a nice addition to puristic facilities and interiors in the Scandinavian style.

Living Room Wall Design – When neutral colors come into play

Living room horizontal floor lamp Shaggy carpet

Instead of bold colors, more and more wallpapers are offered in neutral colors – they add a homely touch to the interior and at the same time form the perfect backdrop for imaginative furnishings. Together with copper-colored home accessories and leather armchairs they form a modern and charming ensemble. Walls in pastel colors also look attractive – they compliment the living room in a retro style.

Vertical stripes decorate the comfortable seating area

Wall decoration stripes ideas yellow gray white

Modern wall design with wallpapers in ombre look

Wall design ideas gray stripes yellow lamp shaggy rug

Geometric motifs in the living room decorate the wall behind the cupboard

Wall design geometric motifs modern cupboard

Living room wall design – wallpaper with trendy fabric look

Living room wall decoration blue brown wallpaper

Modern and simple – wallpaper in fabric look

Wall design World map floor lamp sofa set

Wallpaper with original structure decorate the comfortable seating area

Wall design leather armchair modern floor lamp

Wallpaper with geometric motifs for the living room in retro style

Living room ideas geometric motifs oversized floor lamp

Flowers and nature motifs give the room a fresh touch

Living room wall design floral pattern Coffee table low

Modern wall design – wallpapers with nature motifs in the living room

Wall decoration decor retro wallpaper white gray

Wallpaper with geometric motifs for the living room in the Scandinavian style

Wall design ideas modern wallpaper geometric motifs

Make living room with wall stripes – cool idea

Wall decoration stripes Chesterfield upholstered sofa plank floor

Gray forms the perfect background for imaginative home decor

Wall design ideas square pattern ideas

Wall design fabric look beige sand color sofa

Living room fabric wallpaper armchair paneling

Living room wallpaper pattern ideas sideboard

Living room wall design wallpaper fabric look sofa golden home accessories

Living room wall design wallpaper texture stripes beige gray

Living room wall design non-woven wallpaper fabric wall wooden table retro armchair

Living room wall decoration white gray stripes Chesterfield sofa

All wallpapers are from Harlequin

Porcelain stoneware, granite and marble – robust and noble floor coverings

Porcelain tiles.  Granite and Marble Fields Ideas

For the interior and exterior design of the home or the house increasingly focus on robust tiles made of porcelain stoneware, as they are insensitive to dirt and easy to clean, at the same time high quality and noble. This article will discuss the benefits of Stoneware , Granite and marble as flooring explained.

Porcelain stoneware, granite and marble – insensitive and noble ceramic tiles

Porcelain stoneware, granite and marble care natural stone floor

Ceramic tiles have the advantage that they are resistant to frost and weather, they change their color and shape, even in rain and snow. A specific tile style is Stoneware , These are dry-pressed ceramic tiles, which are particularly easy to clean because they absorb little water. Compared to ordinary tiles, it makes this property insensitive to dirt.
Unglazed porcelain stoneware is resistant and non-slip, so it is suitable for intensive use. In contrast, in the glazed and printed porcelain stoneware more decorative options to choose from, also has this variant on a higher breaking strength and is less sensitive to frost.

Porcelain stoneware, granite and marble – Find out more about granite floors

“Hard as granite” are also the tiles of this material. Robustness is just as important in the floor area as high abrasion resistance. For many interested parties the decisive argument, because hardly anything is stressed as much as the floor. Granite tiles can withstand all kinds of stress, are non-flammable (fire protection class A1) and make a visual impression as well. The noble optics can be further enhanced by polishing. The so-called flames cause the quartz crystals to popping up, making the surface rougher. Brushing smoothes the tiles, making them easy to clean and easy to clean.
If the existing installation height does not permit other tiles, granite tiles can still be laid as a “thin bed”. You can find out more about the differences between thin, medium and thick bed laying this website ,
As a frost-resistant flooring granite is also for terraces and stairs used outdoors. In this case, however, increased slip resistance of R11-13 is important, which is achieved during manufacture by less brushing. Thus they are not as easy as the tiles of the interior, but accidents due to slipping can be prevented. Further ideas for the use of natural stones in the outdoor area can be found on this website.

Porcelain stoneware, granite and marble – basic care of granite floors

Porcelain stoneware, granite and marble tile ideas design

Granite floors can be wiped wet like other floor coverings. However, they absorb moisture when not impregnated and take a long time to dry properly. That’s why less is more with granite.
Real granite soils are acid resistant and can be treated with acidic cleaner. But caution is advised here, because not all soils that are sold as granite are “real” granite. Some have a lower quartz content or contain lime and are therefore sensitive to acid. When in doubt, the cleaner used should be pH neutral and free of acids.
Some floor coverings like the granite tiles of AG natural stone works are offered with a lifetime warranty that should protect against nasty surprises. The company advises customers on the interior design, supplies the appropriate materials via an in-house freight forwarding company and carries out the laying and assembly of the floor coverings itself. In addition to floor coverings, AG Natursteinwerke manufactures further in-house products, e.g. Joints, natural stone glue for porcelain stoneware as well as custom-made staircases, kitchen worktops and washbasins.
Further applications of granite
Granite is not only used as a floor covering. Granite can be used wherever high stress is placed on hard and robust material.
– Kitchen worktops
Granite worktops are even more resistant than marble countertops. No matter if a heavy pot draufällt or the vegetables are cut directly on the work surface – granite does not bother. Due to the required thickness, work surfaces made of natural stone are quite expensive.
– Vanity
While sinks used to stand on one foot only or were hung free on the wall, today they are increasingly being let into worktops, the so-called washbasin. Since wood in a wet room as the bathroom rather disadvantages, usually stoneware is used here. There are two options for using granite in the bathroom. On the one hand, a granite slab can be used as a washbasin into which the washbasin is embedded. Or the work surface is tiled with granite tiles. Also floor and walls can be with these tiling be provided.

Marble – noble and individual

Porcelain stoneware, granite and marble tile ideas

Marble is a popular material, especially for the design of the interior because of its nature, which beautifies not only the interior of an apartment, but also a balcony or a terrace with its noble appearance.
Marble is a carbonate rock that causes the formation of various minerals – calcite, dolomite or aragonite – in the Earth’s interior. Marble can only be formed when these minerals are exposed to high heat and pressure over a long period of time.
Features and characteristics of marble
In Germany marble occurs in three natural variants. First as limestone, secondly as Jura marble and thirdly as genuine marble. The latter must consist of at least 50 percent dolomite or aragonite and calcite. Every marble has specific properties.
The advantages of this natural stone are the resistant and waterproof surface, which also radiates a noble look. Marble is relatively expensive to purchase, after heavy use it must be polished at regular intervals by a specialist. Furthermore, marble is sensitive to acid treatments, e.g. are present in different detergents.
Picture sources: AG Natursteinwerke GmbH & Co. KG

Wedding »Fascinator for the wedding – A noble hair decoration for the bride

fascinator-wedding-flower-transparent material Feathers-accent

The fascinator is a head, respectively, hair Accessories for the bride, who is currently very trendy. The reason for this is that it combines multi-faceted, suitable for the occasion properties. And that is the Fascinator for the wedding at the same time romantic, elegant and glamorous. He is a great alternative to the classic veil if you are looking for a more original one accessory are.

Fascinator for wedding – materials

fascinator-wedding-subtly-springs-DIY-idea-rhinestones-feather-white make-up

The Fascinator for the wedding can consist of different designs, whereby also the materials vary. So substance can be an element, but also romantic top or even feathers. The net is also a variable part of the fascinator and gives the look the necessary elegance.

Fascinator for wedding with ornaments

Fascinators for wedding pearl-jewelry-head-baender-déko

There are also various ornaments. These are achieved with the help of sequins or pearls or rhinestones. Which deco material you choose depends mainly on your wedding dress. If this is decorated with many pearls, the fascinator should also have pearls for the wedding.

Attaching the fascinator

fascinator-wedding-hairband-glittering stones-blossom-and-white wedding dress

There are different ways to attach the fascinator to the head. For one thing, there are the hairpins. The advantage here is that they are not visible and it seems like the fascinator will stay in the hair for the wedding by itself. Other options are hair bands, hair bands or a comb, which can just as cleverly be covered with the hair.

Bridal Hairstyle with Fascinator

fascinator-wedding-bride hairstyle-ideas-flower-chic and elegant

The advantage of the wedding fascinator is that it suits every hair type. It is suitable for both short and long hair and can be worn in a semi-open or open hairstyle. However, your look will look especially elegant if you combine the fascinator with an updo.

face network

fascinator for wedding decent lace flower net design

The veil can be wonderfully replaced with a fascinator for the wedding, on which also a face net is attached. This may cover the entire upper half of the face or just run along the outer edge. It depends on your taste. In any case, this will give you an elegant accent

Fascinator for the guests

fascinator-wedding-agape-outfit-black hair jewelry-bridesmaid

The wedding fascinator may not only be worn by the bride. Even as a guest you have the opportunity to decorate your hairstyle with this attractive hair accessories. The fascinator is also a great idea for the bridesmaids.

Color choice for the wedding

fascinator for wedding silk salmon color vintage style embroidery

In terms of color, the Fascinator for Wedding has no limits. In addition to the classic white or cream, you can also choose a colorful color. In this way, you put an interesting accent and highlight the hairstyle even better.

Hat spare

fascinator-wedding-vintage-style top-dress-spring-power supply Huetchen

The Fascinator for wedding is also suitable as a replacement for Hütchen. There are great designs that are very close to the hat and yet look more original.

Attach the fascinator


You may wonder where the fascinator should be located? That’s basically up to you. It can be located on the side, as well as further back or on top of the head. Try different spots until you like the look.

Flowers for the wedding

fascinator-wedding-peony-look vintage hair band red hair

The Fascinator for the wedding can consist of flowers and so very romantic. The flowers can be made of fabric, but also be real. Choose it in any color.

Pretty ornaments

fascinator-wedding-pointed design-baender-romantic-haarschmuck-mesh earrings

In this wedding fascinator the net was decorated with pearls. This is a great idea if the net is not in front of your face. In addition there is delicate lace, including in the form of ribbons.

Fascinator for wedding – Simple feather jewelry


If you like it rather simple, you can choose a fascinator for the wedding, which consists only of white feathers. He is noticeable, but not too much. The delicate, romantic look will remind all guests of the Swan Princess.

Accessory from a loop

fascinator-wedding-loop-brews-accessory-updo-red lipstick

Very playful acts a fascinator to the wedding, which consists of a loop. This can consist of a dense fabric in any color, a delicate, transparent textile or lace. The choice is entirely up to you. You can even make this design yourself.

Idea for fascinator for wedding with face net

fascinator-wedding-veil-spare-hat-face network-romantic

In this wedding fascinator, only a small part of the face is obscured. This creates a certain mysterious and at the same time glamorous look. Put emphasis on pearls in the face mesh, choose smaller sizes and do not overdo it with the number.

Elegant ivory

fascinator-wedding-elegant retro ivory-idea-brews hairstyle-design

The ivory color is an elegant alternative to the classic white and can serve as a Fascinator for wedding as a great change to the white dress. Linen fabric flowers are a very original idea and go great with the lace.


fascinator wedding-cream-color-lace embroidery pearl-lure-hair

Embroidery is a great idea for choosing the fascinator for the wedding. Such a design can be wonderfully chosen as an accent to a simple wedding dress. Combine this vintage look with a playful bow.

Hairstyle from open hair

fascinator-wedding-champagne-color-pearl open-hair-brews

As you can see, the Fascinator looks very attractive to the wedding even with open hair. He can wonderfully replace a simple headband or a hair band. Combine with matching earrings.

A design of ribbons

fascinator-wedding-bruenett-brews-strapless-wedding-dress-noble-earring jewelry

Ordinary tapes are great for different designs. It can be created many loops, which in turn are suitable for the Fascinator for wedding. Add some more feathers for a romantic look.

Artificial rose

Fascinators for wedding hairnet-net-chain-white-pearls

This wedding fascinator is combined with a subtle white necklace. The fascinator itself consists of several layers of mesh and an artificial rose. The perfect accessory for a simple wedding dress!

Taupe wall paint – noble backdrop for furniture and accessories

Taupe wall paint living room fireplace-marble-open-living area

Taupe, a combination of grays and shades of brown, may seem boring to you, but it has recently become a trendsetter in fashion and interior design. This warm and comfortable color suits everyone living style and can be beautifully combined with many other shades. The Taupe wall paint serves as a beautiful, neutral backdrop for furniture and home accessories. All you have to do is add some accent colors for visual interest.

Taupe wall paint in the living room

Taupe wall paint living room-white-wall-modern

Taupe is one of those colors where it is often difficult to determine the exact shade. The French word “taupe” originally referred to the color of a mole and represented a mixture of Grays and browns However, the color can vary greatly today depending on the undertones it is mixed with – pink, yellow, green, etc.

Combine taupe wall paint

taupe-color wall-living room-pink accents and gray sofa

Choose a decor style to begin the setup process. Since taupe looks neutral, you have many options – from rustic to modern to shabby chic.

Murals with nature motifs

taupe-color wall-living room-white-moebel-wall-art

Choose colors that can be combined with taupe. If you want to create a warm, comfortable mood in the room, choose soft reds and oranges. Yellow and white give the room a generous feeling. Green and blue shades look cool and relaxed.

Taupe works well for a gender neutral baby room

taupe-color wall-baby-room-wanddeko schafchen-white-moebel

Choose a rug that contains the accent colors you selected. Colorblock patterns look great in the modern living room, while a kilim rug adds a touch of exoticism to the room. Hand-woven jute rugs look casual.

Bring structure into the room through a mix of textures. Blankets and pillows made of linen, silk, velvet or wool would be perfect. For a romantic, feminine look, put on top.

Choose golden accessories such as picture frames, table lamps or wall mirrors. The touch of gold would bring a subtle glow in the room.

nice for small bedroom

taupe-color wall-bedroom-small-cream-upholstered bed-curtain

can be combined well with wooden furniture

taupe-color wall-bedroom-fireplace insert-linoleum floor

combine with blue and white for a relaxed feeling

Taupe wall paint living-white-polsermoebel-open-fireplace

Gray dominates in this nuance

taupe-color wall-living room-modern multimedia wall

Living room furniture and accessories in dark brown and white – Unique Home Solutions Inc.

taupe-color wall-living room-jacuzzi tube-black-white

modern furniture with clean lines

taupe-color wall-parkettboden-Design Awards-sitzecke

taupe-color wall-kitchen-white-kitchenette-dining table-wood-red chairs

taupe-color wall-pink undertone-bordure-decorative-romantic

taupe-color wall-kitchen-kandhausstil-barrier-granite-countertop

taupe-color wall-bathroom-shower-sliding doors-floor tiles-wood optics

taupe-color wall-bathroom-marble-tiles-accent-saulenwaschtisch

taupe wall color-accent-home-office-wood-desk

taupe-color wall-bad-without-tiles-wood-vanity unit

taupe-color wall-dining area-country-house-modern

taupe-color wall-bedroom cream-upholstered beds carpet

taupe-color wall-rustic-device-wood-desk

taupe-color wall-bedroom-red-floral wallpaper

taupe-color wall-bedroom-carpet-upholstered beds

taupe-color wall-living room-wooden floor-green carpet-

taupe-color wall-living room-fireplace-stone cladding

Housing design in muted colors looks modern and noble

Device-covered Color Nouvou Style staircase patchwork rug

The interior design in muted colors such as eggplant, brown, anthracite gray and black is currently very much in vogue. Anyone who is one of the lucky owners of a bright apartment with spacious glass fronts can opt for such an interior. As inspiration, we will show you Project from Brazil – the talented architects of Tellini Vontobel Arquitetura have created a penthouse in the city of Porto Alegre.

Living room design in muted colors – a modern apartment in Brazil

Device-covered-color black and low coffee table

The architects were of their project mainly from the beautiful view and the generously glazed facade. They opted for interior design in muted colors and turned the modular wall unit into an eye-catcher. On the first floor, it offers space for the TV, a wood burning fireplace and shelves that provide storage space DVD and CD collection of the family. On the second floor is the room wall in wall shelving system over where the Lielbings books are showcased.

Living room design in muted colors – contemporary with a touch of the Orient

Device-covered Color living room decorating ideas-modern-black-brown

Although the living room wall is designed in a minimalist style, subtle accents give the living room an exotic touch. A patchwork carpet, low wooden stools add a touch of oriental to the interior design. Together with a day bed and three-seater sofa in the Italian style, they form a comfortable seating area in front of the fireplace. The living room then goes into a dining area, where eight people sit comfortably and can enjoy the food. The Art Nouveau style staircase gives the interior a final touch.

Modern kitchen with dining area on the second floor of the penthouse apartment

Device-covered Color Holzkueche worktop

Modern dining area with green pendant lights

Device-covered color-dining-lounge area-dark-Holzmoebel

The bathroom looks classy and modern

Device-covered-color bathroom design ideas

Roof terrace with comfortable seating

Device-covered Color rooftop pool apartment-Brazil

Small pool on the roof terrace

make device-covered Color pool-roof terrace

Device-covered Color penthouse-living ideas

Device-covered-color flat-Bauskizze

Project of Tellini Vontobel Arquitetura

35 Baroque curtains and curtains with noble patterns

Baroque curtains curtains-bedroom-purple-gray-pattern

The traditional damask and jacquard fabrics still find their place in the world of modern interior design. The exciting patterns and magnificent ornaments which are associated with the sumptuous Baroque era, are still in demand and give any room shine and glamor. The Baroque curtains and curtains For example, they create a festive atmosphere and can be combined with modern furniture and contemporary art.

Baroque curtains remind of splendid times

Baroque curtains curtains-bedroom-purple-damask-pattern-curtain-rod

In the Baroque era, large-scale woven patterns and detailed embellishments in all shapes and colors became fashionable. Fringes and tassels also flourished and developed into an imaginative decoration. Particularly popular from this era are the floral damask and jacquard patterns, which, in combination with noble materials and beautiful colors, bring a new zeitgeist into the room.

Baroque curtains with a striking appearance

Baroque curtains-curtains-semitransparent-modern

Typical of the Berock style are the heavy opaque curtains, but sheer and semitransparent curtains are also available on the market. They exude a glamorous flair without being too heavy and cheesy. These can also be wonderfully combined with modern home furnishings.

Living room curtain in gray and beige

Baroque-curtains-curtains-living room-damask-pattern-silver cream

Real epoch fans choose Baroque curtains and drapes in black and gold, while many who want to mix Old and New rely on fresh colors like mint green and cream. Take a look at the great examples below and let yourself be enchanted by the eye-catching look of the Baroque curtains!

Baroque curtains in mint green and cream

Baroque-curtains-curtains-mint green-gray-living room

Sheer white curtains with subtle embellishments

Baroque-curtains-curtains-and-white semi-transparent-living room

Damask pattern and shiny fabrics

Baroque-curtains-curtains-gold damask-pattern

Damask fabric with subtle shine

Baroque-curtains-curtains-white-subtly-wood flooring

curved ornaments on light gray background

Baroque-curtains-curtains-silver damask-pattern-living room

nice combination between brown and silver

Baroque-curtains-curtains-silver-brown damask-pattern

heavy curtains in bright colors

Baroque-curtains-curtains-gold-cream-puffs-living room

Peach-colored curtains with a floral pattern

Baroque-curtains-curtains-damask-peach-color satin

Curtain in mocha color

Baroque-curtains-curtains-brown damask-mocha

Plum and brown

Baroque-curtains-curtains-plum-brown-color-living room

Baroque curtain in black

Baroque-curtains-curtains-black living room

brown wall paint in the dining room

Baroque-curtains-curtains-dining-brown-wall color

black floral ornaments on white background

Baroque-curtains-curtains-shwarz-white-living room

ocher yellow wall paint emphasizes the black and white curtains

Baroque-curtains-curtains-black-white-living room

Baroque-curtains-curtains-black-white-TARTAN LIZZO

Baroque-curtains-curtains-black and gold Ornaments

Baroque-curtains-curtains-black-brown-living room

Baroque-curtains-curtains-red-gold-living room

Baroque-curtains-curtains-gold floral pattern

Baroque-curtains-curtains satin cream-purple combination



Baroque-curtains-curtains-gold damask-pattern-living room

Baroque-curtains-curtains-gold damask-pattern-glamorous

Baroque-curtains-curtains-gold floral pattern

Baroque-curtains-curtains-dark purple-Rigoletto Lizzo

Baroque-curtains-curtains-dark blue and silver damask-pattern




Ideas for children’s rooms – noble decor for little princesses

Ideas for Nursery princess bedding bed metal frame chandelier

Our little girls can feel like real princesses, even if only in their dream world in the nursery. Sleeping in a Cinderella carriage is no longer just a dream. The diverse Ideas for children’s rooms However, furniture and furnishings for princesses often make the choice a torment. Everything must correspond to the favorite fairytale down to the last detail.

Inspirational Ideas for Nursery – Fabulous Maid Room Design

ideas-nursery-girl-princess-vintage-pink wardrobe

A Princess four-poster bed, a wardrobe with ornaments and a luxurious dressing table are the necessary furniture for a Princess room. Think of matching decorations and accessories – fine pink linens, delicate murals, handmade candle holders and lots of pink pillows. Wallpapers, borders, textiles and fabrics are also good Ideas for children’s rooms Wall design, as they radiate warmth and coziness. For a classic Girl’s room Mostly, stripes and patterns are chosen, which can be combined with the device.

Ideas for children’s rooms with exquisite decor for princesses

ideas-nursery-girl-princess-vinhange-bedded sky-crown-deco

The princesses have influenced fashion in the past and have always radiated splendor, luxury and style. The popular classic fairy tale for Cinderella has been part of the cultures for centuries, but the romantic love story can be reinterpreted. Fulfill the dream of her little princess. From classic, to modern, to completely extravagant Ideas for children’s rooms for girls are endless. With a little help from experts you can create a trendy fairytale ambience ,

Classic beauty and elegance in the girls room

ideas-nursery-girl-princess-vintage bed-headboard-cushion-bettwaesche Ruffles

Create a romantic color mix and set accents on pillows, blankets, curtains. The following Ideas for children’s rooms They often ask parents to spend more time and often more money, but it always pays off to make the little sweetheart happy.

ideas-nursery-girl-princess-bedded sky-pink frilly bedspread

Pink princesses room design youth room

Dream Room Girl Pink Carpet Cinderella Carriage Bed Dressing Table

Romantic bed girl room carriage princess bed

Modern nursery fairytale Cinderella furniture IDeen

Modern girl’s room with table lamps and candlesticks

Girls room French princess candlestick black

Classically beautiful and naturally pink for girls room

Built-in bed children's room for girls curtains furniture design

Romantic four-poster bed for children’s rooms

Four-poster Princess Room Design White Pink Curtains

Elegant baby bed with cheerful stylized ornaments

Baby room for girl decorating ideas Princess floor lamp design pink

Luxury decor for kids room – chic white dressing table

Dressing table girl's room furniture design

Retro style in the girl’s room – carriage-bed

Cinderella carriage white bed girl room-pink walls

Fresh and cheerful decor in the nursery

Modern nursery framing-pink girl room

Own fairytale castle at home

Fairy-tale castle In the girl's room Playground ideas

Charming pumpkin carriage

Pumpkin carriage Cinderella decor Nursery

Romantic girl room

Cinderella carriage room for girls design ideas