Funny animal pictures – cute greeting cards for different occasions

Funny Animal Pictures-squirrel-Kisses

A sweet idea of ​​how to surprise a friend or family member and with a sense of humor birthday are the sweet and funny animal pictures that are guaranteed to make for a happy mood. Be inspired by the following suggestions!

Funny animal pictures – make birthday cards

Funny animal pictures Bulldog tattoo mum

Above all else, a birthday card has to be imaginative – maybe that’s why more and more people are looking for new ideas online. And maybe that’s why greeting cards with animals are very popular right now – they are cute, funny and can express feelings. A cool idea is to photograph your own dog or cat and one Birthday card to tinker , And who likes his creativity If you want to give free rein, you can make a collage yourself and label it lovingly. We show you some inspiring ideas for this special occasion – for example dog with balloons, cat with bows, hamster on a swing and much more. The pictures are absolutely adorable – and are guaranteed to please all who love animals!

Funny animal pictures – greeting cards for different occasions

Funny Animal Pictures hamster swing Ideas

Animals make your heart melt – and that’s why it’s a nice idea for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day greeting card. They are practical for every occasion. For example, if you have to cancel a wedding invitation, you can still wish the best with a funny greeting card. Even if you want to thank a colleague or a friend for something – a nice greeting card is the best choice. Be inspired by the suggestions in the gallery.

Photograph your own dog with balloons

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Balloons Ideas

With such a greeting card as in the picture above, you will undoubtedly bring great joy to a real animal lover. A bundle of colorful balloons is always associated with funny and loud children’s birthday parties, with carelessness, fun and games. The balloons make for a festive atmosphere, after all, they are not always at parties, parties and markets. If you have made a unique photograph of your dog playing with balloons, you can turn them into a childishly playful gesture and surprise a family member. With these designs, you will score twice with the recipient. Every dog ​​owner will be pleased at the sight of his animal friend. A nice and loving way to wish someone funny moments, freedom and lightheartedness, right?

Dogs can smile too – and they just look super cute

Funny Animal Pictures-dog smiles birthday card

Have you ever seen his own dog smile? In fact, researchers have confirmed that dogs can laugh. That a dog feels comfortable and really happy when the owner or master comes home, you can easily read from his face. The smile comes about especially when a game request or greeting. For example, research has also shown that laughter is better in some dog breeds than in others. You may also discover other pet characteristics that are very similar to our human behavior. As is well known, dogs take their owner as a role model and adapt to the human. At the sight of a laughing dog, you are sure to put in a great mood. Who wants to conjure a wide smile on the face of a loved one, is on such a funny animal picture on the right track.

Funny Animal Pictures – You just can not miss the long tongue of this little puppy

funny animal pictures Dog Long Tongue

What do you think of a greeting card that represents an animal with a particularly long tongue or huge eyes. At the sight of this cute puppy the grin on the face is simply pre-programmed. The special appearance of certain breeds or even funny manners, which some dogs own, bring us with certainty to laugh. Provide such a greeting card with a spell of your choice that suits the occasion. This is undoubtedly a great way to send nice messages. Also, a common greeting such as “Good morning” or a short “love greeting” is perceived on such a great background as very special nice.

Funny animal pictures – Grumpy Cat wishes a happy birthday

Funny Animal Pictures Cat Birthday packed

You can also use the cult cat “Grumpy Cat” as inspiration for a funny card or for your next craft project. The grim cat is a real sensation. The corners of her mouth, which have been pulled down due to an underbite, and this unmistakable expression are simply worth gold. If you want to congratulate a good friend on his birthday, who has a special sense of humor, this animal motif is for you. Even without any reason, this image will be a good mood maker, especially if you provide it with a funny, fancy or rhyming spell.

Funny Animal Pictures – This little dog is already famous in the USA

funny animal pictures Dog Birthday Pomeranian-sweet

The cuddly and cuddly dog ​​Boo, who has also conquered the internet and has a multitude of fans, is also a great inspiration for funny animal pictures. He is considered the cutest dog in the world and looks like a soft, cute stuffed animal. If you want to congratulate a good friend, apologize to him or simply show him that you think about him, this cute Spitz is just great. The cuddly face of the tiny four-legged friend and the fluffy fur around it melt every heart.

Small but busy – dog helps in the kitchen

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Yorkshire sweet Homework

Let your imagination run free with the selection of animal motifs. Whether you choose a greeting card with squirrels, dogs, cats, mice, or hamsters, all of these cute creatures manage to take us on a casual journey into a fun and crazy world far removed from our sometimes monotonous everyday life.

Funny animal pictures with dogs – cute greeting card for wedding

Funny Animal Pictures Two dog nice pair

Funny animal pictures with cats and goldfish are very popular

Funny Animal Pictures Cat Aquarium Ideas

These puppies are just super cute!

Funny Animal Pictures Three Dog ride skateboard

Two cool greeting cards for the colleagues…

Funny Animal Pictures Chef greeting card ideas

Or for the freelancers

Funny Animal Pictures colleague greeting card ideas

Funny Animal Pictures-Pomeranian Puppy Sunglasses

funny animal pictures hamster birthday card

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Panda Costume

Funny Animal Pictures hamster greeting card ideas

Funny Animal Pictures Cat power-yoga

funny animal pictures Dog-holds-Rose

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Birthday greeting card

funny animal pictures Best Friends Birthday Card

Funny Animal Pictures-two small Puppy pink leaves

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Birthday congratulations

funny-animal images-grusskarten-dog-golden-retriever confetti-party-birthday

funny-animal images-greeting cards pink-dog-birthday-party-ballons

funny-animal images-grusskarten-dog-birthday-cake-table-golden-retriever

funny-animal images-grusskarten-mouse-kaese-mousetrap-kaske

funny-animal images-grusskarten-buldoge-glasses-funny-party-birthday

Fashion »Festive dresses for special occasions in spring / summer 2015

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-wedding-pastel-colors-Monique-Lhuillier

The trends for spring / summer 2015 also determine the fashion on special occasions, to which festive dresses belong. Summer is approaching and so is the wedding season. For this, every lady needs a fancy fashion dress so she will not go unnoticed. The designers offer different variants, materials and combinations. There are also similarities to the trend become. Get together with us a detailed overview of the latest fashion trends.

Festive dresses for special occasions in spring / summer 2015

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-white-suit-figurbetonnt-balmain-hugo-boss

White is the color of innocence and no summer is possible without this color. Best match bright red lips and nail polish , Of course, for the less courageous among them, more neutral colors are also suitable. The cut is clear and rather long.

Festive clothes in white

festive gown-spring-summer-white-len-simple, airy

festive dresses-spring-summer-white-airy-tender-pastel

The pastel colors are especially popular and fashionable in spring and summer. Pink, delicate violet, blue – white, khaki and tender green are just a small selection that emphasize the feminine silhouette. The delicate shades are also very good in combination with white garments.

Festive dresses for special occasions in pastel colors

festive gown-spring-summer-wedding-pastel-Monique Lhuillier-

Classic Schitt, elongated silhouette

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-pastel-khaki-blue-flowers

Flowing fabrics in soft colors

festive gown-spring-summer-pastel-blue-Emanuel Ungaro

Festive dresses with patterns and prints are very trendy this season. Vichy-Caro returns from the past. Tailored in blue, black and white, in pastel shades or combined with large statement necklaces, they make every lady look stylish and underline the feminine curves.

festive gown-spring-summer-vichy-caro-black-white

The men’s wardrobe suits with form-fitting cut do not eliminate femininity at all. On the contrary, the contrast between female figure and masculine clothing makes her even more present.

festive gown-spring-summer-suit-women-pink-vichy-caro.jpg

The typical 70s pattern with flowers, floral prints and folk culture elements

festive gown-spring-summer-jepenische-pattern-white-blue

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-long-70s-pattern-colorful

festive gown-spring-summer-prints-pattern-color

Lace, fringes, stitches in numerous combinations, where the elegance is not lost

festive gown-spring-summer pink lace-checkered-oscar-dela-renta

festive gown-spring-summer-black-net-mesh

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-floral-floral-Zuhair-Murad

festive dresses-spring-summer peak-floral-delicate flowers

festive dresses-spring-summer white-floral lace

Belly-free or two-piece suits that emphasize the body while creating an elegant outfit

festive gown-spring-summer suit, white and elegant Ralph Lauren

festive gown-spring-summer-midriff-zweitelig-pattern

Colors like orange and red stay announced

festive dresses-spring-summer suit figurbetont-patterned-Iceberg

festive gown-spring-summer-midriff-orange-70's Mugler

18 make last minute presents on different occasions

make last minute gifts yourself ideas-instructions-christmas-birthday

Surely everyone has been in this situation before: a birthday, Christmas or another important event is getting closer and you still have not found the right gift. If you are currently experiencing this problem again, you will be presented with the following collection of ideas Make last minute presents yourself maybe help. These are various crafting ideas that anyone can duplicate, as well as recipes for great edible gifts that will impress anyone. Do not wait any longer, but start crafting, cooking and baking!

Make last minute gifts yourself – ideas for every taste

make last minute gifts yourself wind lights-bowl-paint-color-pretty

If the last minute presents are homemade, their value for the recipient increases immensely. After all, you have invested a lot of time and effort in the gift, especially for that one friend or family member. From various glass containers such as small bowls or drinking glasses can be interesting last minute Make gifts yourself as they are seen above.

Make last minute gifts yourself – instructions for vases

last minute presents make candles-windlich-deko-tinkeln-instructions

The selected vase or the glass you stick first with tape to paint a straight edge. With a furniture color in any tone and a brush you then color the glass to the tape. The tape should be removed immediately afterwards, so even before the paint has dried, so that it does not break. You can make such last minute presents yourself in a variety of variations.

Bowl with spiral pattern

make last minute presents yourself peel-stripe-white-spiral-martini-glass

In the same way, you can make such bowls as last-minute gifts yourself. For this purpose, the adhesive or insulating tape is simply attached externally in a spiral shape. After painting, remove the tape and place it in a dry place where the paint can dry. So you can also recycle old dishes.

Color glass bottle inside

last minute gifts make yourself bottle-shaped-decoration-color-glass

No less pretty are glass bottles that are dyed from the inside. And they are even faster and easier. You can dye the bottle only partially or the entire bottle from the inside. Of course, you can also make several of these last minute gifts yourself. Just put a few drops in the bottle and distribute the colors by turning and turning the bottle. For a partially colored bottle, be careful not to add too much color as you will not be able to remove the excess without also coloring the neck of the bottle.

Make gifts yourself – An XXL blanket

last-minute gifts themselves-make-ceiling-xxl-crochet-knit

Very popular are knitwear in XXL format. Especially in winter, you can make an attractive and cuddly soft blanket yourself. There are two ways to make these last minute gifts yourself. On the one hand, oversized knitting needles can be used. But also with the hands can be wonderfully knitted.

Knit XXL scarf

last-minute gifts themselves-make-xxl scarf-winter-gift ideas

Even a scarf looks wonderful in this look and is the perfect gift idea in winter. It is important that you use very thick wool. Due to the oversized stitches, the scarf, but also the blanket is ready in a short time. To learn how to make those last minute gifts yourself, check out the handcrafting guide below.

Windlichter as last minute gifts tinker yourself

make last minute gifts by yourself making wind-lantern-tinsel-decorate-tealights

With lanterns you can not go wrong either. The variants are infinite. Especially romantic is this variant with lace doilies. If you want to make these last minute presents yourself, put the glasses upside down. Lay the doily over it and paint with wallpaper paste. Once everything has dried, they can be used. As an alternative, sugar water can also be used.

Last minute Christmas presents with branches

last-minute gifts themselves-make-two-sticks-windlicht-make

Surely you have already seen such ideas with branches. Nevertheless, we would like to remind you once again of this lantern idea, so that you can make last-minute presents yourself. It is a very cheap gift idea that is made quickly. Even beginners will have no problem with this craft project. Stick the branches discreetly to the glass with a hot glue gun. The glue should be in the center so that it is covered by the yarn or ribbon.

Do foot scrub yourself

last-minute gifts themselves-make-foot cream-diy-prescription-sugar-olive oil

You can make such a last minute gifts yourself for your birthday, but also for Christmas. You can also choose the color for which you are using food coloring to match the occasion. Mix sugar, olive oil and peppermint oil. The amount depends on how much foot cream you want to make. Then color the mixture as you like.

Make last minute gifts for parents

last-minute gifts themselves-making chocolates-konfest-chocolate-ideas

You can make edible last minute gifts yourself for Christmas, as well as for birthday, Easter or in between. Especially with parents who already have everything important, it can often be difficult to find the right gift. Then you can simply treat them with homemade sweets, which they can enjoy together in the evening. A candy box is a great idea. Make the following three types of chocolates and wrap them nicely.

Simple chocolate pralines

last-minute gifts themselves-making chocolates Chocolate-girlfriend-parents-recipe idea

For about 65 pieces are melted in a water bath 250 g of dark chocolate, 125 g of coconut oil and 1/4 cup of powdered sugar. Stir again several times to mix well with each other and then pour everything into little molds. Ice cube molds are, for example, well suited. You can also decorate the chocolates with coconut flakes. Make the chocolates as an idea to make last-minute gifts yourself in the fridge until they have hardened.

Make last minute gifts yourself – recipe for truffles

last-minute gifts themselves-making truffles Dark Chocolate

Truffles are a true seduction. Make about 35 pieces by heating 250 ml of cream (do not boil!) And melt 300 g of chopped dark chocolate. Add 25g soft butter and 2 tbsp brandy or whiskey and stir. Keep it cold for at least an hour until everything has settled. Then melt 100 g of dark chocolate in a water bath, shape the cold mixture into small balls and quickly immerse them in the melted chocolate. Then quickly roll it into cocoa powder and let it harden in it. Shake off the surplus at the end and you’re done with this part of the chocolates as an idea to make last minute gifts yourself.

Making marzipan balls with coconut itself

last-minute gifts themselves-making confectionery-prescription-coconut-balls

Make 250g marzipan into small balls. Melt 100g dark chocolate in a water bath and add 1 1/2 tbsp rum. Put some chocolate on each scoop and sprinkle with grated coconut, which is then chilled for a while. Now you can assemble the candy boxes as an idea to make last minute gifts yourself.

Christmas presents made from gingerbread

last-minute gifts themselves-make-original-gingerbread-baking-make-away

You can also make last minute gifts for Christmas with gingerbread. There are a variety of ways with Making gingerbread , So you can make personalized last minute gifts yourself, which are downright too bad to eat. Make something interesting happen and make someone happy.

Edible last minute gifts to make your own

last-minute gifts themselves-make-jam-parents-pistachio-mango

Not only for parents and grandparents jam or any other edible gift idea is well suited, if you want to quickly make a last minute gifts yourself. In principle, you can delight any sweet tooth with it. This honey dessert is great for breads. You’ll need a handful of dried mango, a handful of pecans, a handful of pistachios, 1/2 finely chopped red chili pepper, jam jar and acacia honey. Fill the glass into layers: a layer of honey, a layer of mango, then honey again, then pecans and so on. Finally, decorate the glass as well.

Pizza Oil

last-minute gifts themselves-making olive-pizza-spices-the-counter-easy

For those who like to eat pizza often and prepare it themselves, this idea of ​​making last minute gifts by yourself can be very suitable. It is a specially for pizzas flavored olive oil. In a large bottle that you fill with olive oil, add two sun-dried tomatoes, any number of garlic cloves, 1 to 2 chili peppers and fresh oregano. Close the bottle and decorate with some organo, cord and lavender.

Make a birthday present

last-minute gifts themselves-make-girlfriend-bangle-bracelet-heart-bracelet wire

For the girlfriend, you can make a birthday present yourself that will remind you every day. Make such a bangle of wire, which should be stainless. If you would like to make such last minute gifts yourself, use pliers to help you bend and follow the instructions above. Finally, forget the hook for easy opening and closing.

Make last minute gifts for girlfriend yourself

last-minute gifts themselves-making Pendants keychains-tinker-girlfriend-name

Even a personalized keychain is a great idea to make your own last minute gifts. With a wide selection of beads and accessories, you will not have a problem making something interesting. The gift becomes especially unique when you use letters to designate the name of the recipient. This idea is also for Schnullerketten well suited.

Handmade gift ideas

last-minute gifts themselves-making coat hangers-tinker-spoon-fork

For someone who loves shabby chic or vintage style, those coat hooks that you can make from old cutlery are also suitable. Such cutlery can be safely found at the flea market. The cutlery is bent and then screwed on boards. Drill a hole in the cutlery in advance. As you can see, you can make last minute gifts yourself by using a variety of things and materials.

29 original glass bottle vases for special occasions

vases from glass bottles garnish blueten mason jar shells

Weddings are very special occasions and in most cases something unique for two people. This can put pressure on the planners. Everything has to look special and outstanding, but that does not necessarily mean you have to use unconventional materials. The following Decoration ideas For Vases from glass bottles should prove just that. They are not only very suitable for weddings, but also for other, special occasions.

29 impressive vases made of glass bottles for special occasions

glass jars vases painted gold white turquoise stripes roses orange

You can wine and others bottles also paint. The color is best chosen according to the rest of your interior, so everything fits together. Add gold or silver for a more elegant look. Just let your imagination run wild!

Vases from glass bottles – Halve bottles

vases from glass bottles half colorful green brown deco idea

As vase can also serve the lower half of the bottle. If necessary, let yourself be helped while cutting, so that you do not cut yourself. Also keep in mind that after that, the edges should be sanded smooth.

Wall decoration made of glass bottles

vases from glass bottles wall decoration blue flowers artificial

With only a few items from the hardware store you can design such a wall decoration. All you have to do is attach the bottles to the wall and then periodically fill them with fresh, dried or artificial flowers.

Bottles decoration with colorful ornaments

vases from glass bottles ornaments colorful oriental diy idea

Are painterly gifted, you can paint a variety of designs and ornaments on the bottle. In this way, you will keep your home in a good mood and the bottle looks very attractive even without flowers.

Rustic, hanging vases


Simply wrapping yarn around a wine bottle, adding a few flowers and a tag can make all the difference. This design for Vases from glass bottles is easy to do and is very suitable for rustic-style weddings and other occasions.

Original vases from glass bottles – With wild flowers


This set of three Vases from glass bottles have a willow wreath, which is the detail by which they stand out. The flowers add a pleasant, rustic touch to the whole arrangement. As you will notice, wine bottles look best in pairs or groups.

Bottles with fabric decoration


These different types of designs for Vases from glass bottles have all the accents of yarn and are perfect for parties. Be creative and create your own collection. So that the vases attract more attention, you can also use bottles in different colors.



Another great and easy to implement idea is to turn wine bottles into lanterns. All you have to do is cut off the bottom of the bottle, put a tealight or other candle on a tile and then cover it with the bottle. But do not close the bottleneck with a cork to allow the heat and air to circulate.

candle holder

candle-holder-bottle-d laten-idea-table

For a more romantic table decoration you can also make candlesticks from wine bottles. To do this, cut off the upper part of the bottles in different sizes and combine them in different variants. This is a brilliant idea for weddings.

Just as easy to do are those Vases from glass bottles , which also serve as a blackboard. You need a blackboard spray to spray the bottle. Put some flowers in it and write the table number on the bottle with chalk. This decoration is pretty and practical at the same time.

The table bottles


The board color is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. In this example, it was avoided to stain the entire bottle and instead a template was used to make a heart shape on the bottle. And the size is enough to write table number.

With a little patience and careful work, you can also make such beautiful mini gardens for the table. For this purpose, the bottles must be cut with great care and placed horizontally on the table. The types of plants and succulents you choose depend entirely on your taste.

Succulent decoration

succulent pot-bottles-yourself-making idea

Wine bottles painted with blackboard paint are not only very well suited for writing down table numbers. If you decide to paint the entire bottle, you can get longer messages on the Vases from glass bottles write or even add drawings.

This is another example of a mini garden from a wine bottle. In this case, there is also a stopper made of a cork, which prevents the bottle from rolling back and forth on the table.

Mini garden

table-deco-wedding-Other occasions Idea

You can also paint or spray the bottles with a common color. You can choose any color to match the decor of the party or wedding. In addition to this, you can use the Vases from glass bottles with ribbons, fabrics, linen, etc. decorate. Use your imagination and see what remnants you have left.

Sometimes it’s not the bottle or the vase that matters, but what’s in it. This is a wonderful table decoration in the form of Vases from glass bottles for an autumn wedding and the colors are just adorable.


wedding-table-cover-idea-bottle vases

By coloring the wine bottles white, they emphasize their shapes and they get an interesting look. This is also a great way to look at the flowers in the Vases from glass bottles to guide themselves, who are flaunted by the vase.

If you do not feel like making each bottle individually, you can also make linen bags for them. Put the bottle in and tie it up with a nice bow. If you wish, you can also attach chalkboard labels to each bottle.

table number

menu Wine Bottle-design-table-fest

This variant for Vases from glass bottles is a little more unusual. The flowers and everything else that is put into the vase was tied around the bottle. This way you can use wine bottles that still contain real wine.

Also a really great idea is to use the reused wine bottle to present the menu. Print the menu on paper and stick it on the bottle or tie it up at the back.

Menu on the bottle

Inspiration wedding-idea-marry-deco-table

The bottleneck has the perfect diameter for inserting dinner candles. Thus, you can use the bottles very well as a candlestick.

If you prefer a more rustic and green décor for the party or the wedding, simple wine bottles are very good. Ask the Vases from glass bottles on a bed of moss and you will be amazed how great the whole thing will look like.

Rustic decoration

Decorated Wine Bottle-gift-idea-fest

easy Vases from glass bottles without labels, tags or color stand out for their minimalist style and look best in pairs or threes.

A great idea for occasions in the fall is to paint the bottles in bold colors that include orange, red and yellow. You can create a confluent design like this and use leaves and pumpkins to complete the decoration.



At a garden party you can do the Vases from glass bottles also for the garden fence use. Tie yarn around the bottleneck, put a rose in it and decorate the walls and fence with it.

Vases from glass bottles painted with blackboard paint are extremely attractive, and not just because they get a frosted look. Because they are also versatile and you can choose a self-chosen, fun, elegant or simple design for them.

The shield bottles


You can also use several of the above techniques for Vases from glass bottles combine with each other. Paint or spray the bottles, for example, with a colorful paint, add a piece of blackboard paint and decorate with yarn at the end.

This stunning idea is perfect for weddings in winter. These are Vases from glass bottles that look like you are covered in snow. To do this, apply a white paint as a base, then spray the bottles with glue and roll them into Epsom salt.

An idea for Christmas decoration





Chic-deco-marry-table Bottles

painted bottles-wine-sun-flowers-idee


Drawers make for an original decoration on different occasions

fan craft deco-red-blue-yellow-party-design

Do you want to make fans? Then you have probably already recognized to which different purposes you can use the subjects. It is not only perfect for cooling off on a hot summer’s day. Also for decorative purposes it is often used, including in the form of a garland for the Partydeko to decorate a romantic wedding or to make a gift wrap more interesting. Whatever you want to use your fan will have some guidance on Tinker fans put together to help and inspire you.

Fans make a tinker for the party


You can also fold fans to party with them too decorate , Here are several options available to you. On the one hand, different materials can be used. For the party decoration but usually a solid paper is used. On the other hand, you can also choose the shape yourself. You can design the classic, semicircular shape and hang the compartments or make them round when you make fans.

Fächer Garland tinker

fan-tinker-garland-Partydeko-yourself-making instructions

This garland consists of compartments of different colors and sizes, which are glued together. Shape triangular subjects. The larger compartments are then punctured on one side and a string threaded through these holes. With their help, you can hang the fan garlands now arbitrarily. You can also make other subjects and make several garlands.

Fans tinker for the drinks

Freezer units-tinker-getraenke stirrer-easy-wood-pikes

Very cute we also find this idea for a party decoration of subjects. These are stirrers for the drinks, with which one recognizes his own glass also much faster. Below we have a short guide on how to make these subjects. They are really done really fast. Prepare glue, paper and shish kebab skewers.

Make your own decorative fan

Freezer units-tinker-colored-colored-paper-pink-

Since the straight edges for the fan are quite boring, you can change them a bit. After folding the paper for the fan like an accordion, round off one of the sides with scissors. The other side does not have to be formed because it will not be visible. Finally, the paper should look like in the photo.

Punch paper

Freezer units-tinker-punch-paper-party-getraenke-decorate

The decorations for the drinks will look even prettier if you punch them as shown. Instead of round holes, you can also choose any other pattern. Of course you will need the matching punch for this as well. As you can see, you can let your imagination run free as you create and design compartments.

Tinker paper trays

Freezer units-crafts-diy-tutorial-stick-shashlik skewer-party-decorating

Through the bottom hole you then stick the wooden skewer. This one will stand up first. Now the upper and the lower part of the skewer are coated with glue. It is best to use a liquid adhesive as it lasts longer and fixes better. Now pull the fan apart and glue both sides firmly on the spit. Let the glue dry and then you can make the next fan. The same way you can make straws.

Craft fans for wedding

fan craft wedding-idea-romantic-beige-loecher

Not only vintage weddings are perfect for using fans as decoration. In principle, they do very well on any topic, provide romance and radiate a pleasant atmosphere. Provided you do not want to make a garland of half-round fans, we recommend the round variants for the wedding. They somehow have a more appropriate charm.

Wall decoration for the wedding

fan crafting wedding-wall-decoration-romantic-salmon-color-pink-mint-green

Make fans in different sizes, colors, shapes and with any pattern. The finished copies then hang on any wall. This will allow you to highlight a specific area during reception. It is suitable for the dessert table, as in this example, or the table of the bride and groom. Either way, an attractive eye-catcher is guaranteed!

Fächer tinker fabric

fan tinker-decorate-marry-white-fabric-wood-bridal-bouquet

Of course, the fan can also serve as an accessory for the bride or represent a single decorative piece. With him, highlight the area of ​​the guest book or another side table. You can also make a fan out of cloth in this case, but this is a bit more complicated. You need wooden sticks that you stick together on one side in such a way that they can be moved. When unfolded, measure the required fabric size. Stick the cut fabric on the sticks.

Wedding program

fan craft original-idea-menu-design-program-guests

But that’s not all you can get by crafting fans for the wedding. What do you think about this idea? The individual elements serve to give guests some information about the wedding, including the photographer, the bridesmaids and other things. In the same way, you can also design the menu or you design an individual design for each guest. At the same time this is your guest gift.

Fan as a gift


If we still have not convinced of the positive side of the subjects, we will certainly make it with this idea. You can create subjects and then make such unique mobiles. The attractive decoration is suitable for designing a nursery or as a gift. Since it is homemade, it will have a special value for the recipient.

Make a tutorial about the fan


You are working for this mobile from top to bottom. String a sufficiently long string to hang on six more. These six thread through self-selected straws to give color to the mobile. After this first row, you can also make the first round fan. He gets holes through which you thread the string again. Then it’s time for the straws again, then a fan, then straws again, and finally, string the string together below. You are also welcome to add pompoms.

Draw up subjects with children

fan-tinker-rainbow-kids-idea-colorful-popsicle sticks

Do your children love to do crafts and would you like to do something together again? Then subjects are really well suited, do not you think? If you have planned a Kidergeburtstag, your little ones can also make tinker through the fan for the decoration. Depending on the age of the child, it will require a different amount of help from you. You need paper, water colors, ice sticks and a rivet.

Just tinker

Freezer units-tinker-kids-fun-works-popsicle sticks-Wassermalfarben

First and foremost, you should fasten the ice stems together with the rivets. That’s your job, because you have to drill a hole in each handle. Now use the unfolded fan rack as a template and draw the form on a piece of white paper. This can be painted as desired by your child. Then the shape is cut out and glued on the ice stems.

Make fan out of paper

Freezer units stick-tinker-rosette-wanddeko-excitation-around-form

So that a round fan does not look too stretched, so it has a pretty shape. It is usually made up of several elements. These can be monochrome, or have one and the same pattern or be chosen differently to make a motley, round fan in patchwork design. Either way, the instructions are the same.

Round fan

Freezer units-tinker-checkered-pattern-carton-round-black-white

Choose the length of paper according to the diameter you want to receive for the fan. After folding it like an accordion, fold it again in the middle. To make the round fan, you need three such elements. Glue them together as shown and, when the glue has dried, gently separate them. The two ends stick together as well and you already have a round fan.

Tinker fan pens

Freezer units-tinker-food color-Federn-white-dyed-pink-dry

To make such a fan, you need any frame that you can buy or make from wood yourself. There are also a lot of white, artificial feathers. Any food coloring and a hot glue gun. The feathers are first dyed in the chosen color. Here red was chosen for a pink result. You can also choose a different color.

Stick feathers

Freezer units-tinker-feather-stick-hot glue gun-gold-frame

Since the feathers are still wet, they must first be dried. This happens either overnight or immediately with a hair dryer. Cover the feathers with a sieve and blow dry through the holes. If the springs are dry, you can tinker the fan. For this, distribute the feathers evenly on the frame and glue them with the help of the hot glue gun. Make sure that no holes are created.

Fan in white and pink

Freezer units-tinker-original-romantic idea-craft manual-noble-deco

After a few rows, you can then continue with the different colored feathers. You are welcome to design a rainbow fan or come up with other patterns in this way. When you finish tinkering, you can use it to decorate any wall. Even as a gift, this idea is very well suited again.

Nail art design »Ideas for a funny nail art for solemn occasions or everyday life

funny nail art idea minions motifs

Are you looking for cool new ideas for a nail design suitable for everyday use, which will also complete your outfit on some festive occasions? Get creative with our inspirations funny nail art , If you like striking nails, this is the place for you!

Funny nail art designs for lovers of unusual nail designs

funny-nailart-ideas-hairdresser makers-motive-black-on-pink

Original and funny nail motifs are the easiest to stick on. Nail stickers are a fast and cheaper alternative to expensive manicures. If you have a steady hand, you can draw beautiful nails yourself. The funny nail art is suitable for fingernails, as well as for toenails. For occasions like Easter, Christmas or Halloween You can make your nails nice or make yourself – in terms of nail design, the imagination knows no bounds.

Creative nail art creations


Nail Art does not have to be applied on every fingernail. Often, individual effect nails are enough to conjure up an original look. Thus, the remaining nails painted in a subtle tone painted in the background. Stones and glitter give your manicure a refined touch.

Funny nail art inspired by movies


But nails can also be varnished in different shades and finished with fine drawings by hand. It is best to wear a color-retaining outfit, so that the nails come into their own.

make funny nail art ideas-watermelon-yourself

Nail Creations pop-art-drawings-per-hand-colorful-fingernails

Ideas for fantasy patterns


Nail art on trend

Nail Creations yellow-base coat-pink-paint splashes-martini glass-motif

Bright paint colors

Nageldeko-glittering stones-neonlack drawings-nailart per-hand-diy-ideas-

The perfect colors for the summer r

Nail Creations funny designs-the-smurfs-brand sticker

Nail sticker with the Smurfs

fancy-brand designs Funny-summer motive-fruits-effect-nails

Painted nails magnificently

colorful-fingernails-funny-nailart-ideas-color-multi-diy ideas

Colorful dots are playful

colorful Funny-nails-watermelon-nail bed-vow-design

Nail art design according to season

Cool Brand motive-ideas-nail art designs - comic book heroes-brand sticker

Effect nails in screaming hues


French nail art – funny and elegant at the same time

Halloween Nail Art Glitter paint designs Brand sticker-stars-black-cat

Nail art inspiration for Halloween

ideas-nailart-nautical per-hand-drawings-underwater-world-motif-

Fingernails get a nautical painting

creative-ideas-nailart-fingernails-monster-inc-brand decor

Funny nails motives

Nail Creations christmas decor Brand-loop-red-finger paint

Nail Art Inspirations for Christmas and Winter

winter nailart-manicure-motive-penguin-schneeflöckchen Brand design-modern

nail stickers drawings-per-hand mini-tierchen-ideas-nageldesign-funny

Ideas Colorful nail art designs DIY nail decor drawings-per-Hand

draw Nageldeko-ideas Dandelion motif blue base coat nail art

Nail-funny drawings-per-hand nail design-paint splashes

panda-bear-head-brand sticker-schmuck-diy-ideas-funny-nails-motive

nail art fun-ideas-nailart-pattern-colorful-ideas-for-nachstylen

funny-faces-faces-per-hand-drawn-ideas-nail polish-yellow-design

Nail Art Designs brand stickers base coat-color-nude drawings black

Nail Art Designs superhero movies Brand decor-funny-nachstylen-ideas

Enchanting table decoration in autumn – ideas for special occasions

table decoration in the autumn bakery idea branches white tableware festive board

For special events in the fall – such as family reunions, birthdays, celebrations, dinners, Weddings and other special occasions, it needs an atmosphere that invites to relaxed and remarkable moments at the same time. There are a lot of decoration options available – elaborate arrangements with flowers, autumn products, foliage, home-made things. We have a few inspirations for you Table decoration in autumn which promotes conviviality and cheerfulness. Welcome autumn with style!

Table decoration in autumn in dark shades of red and brown

table decoration in autumn bordeaux candles brown tableware roses

Every autumn celebration has its own special charm – the “golden season” captivates with its wide range of colors. Yellow, orange, red in all shades, different shades of brown and white are the colors of autumn. They can be well combined with ocher, bronze, gold and silver. A Table decoration in autumn But it can also be made very versatile with other colors and look cheerful and close to nature.

Table decoration in autumn – floral arrangement with roses and blackberries

table decoration in autumn arrangement flowers blackberries gold candle wooden table

You are welcome to arrange a part of the autumn decoration yourself by collecting the decoration pieces during a nice autumn walk through the park. Children are sure to help. Autumn tables are most easily decorated with different flowers and greens. With a pinch of imagination you can conjure up a unique atmosphere of coziness. When searching for suitable plants, look for a spectacular bouquet so that they are color-coordinated. Popular classics are peonies, colorful grasses, succulents , which is additionally decorated with rosehip branches and moss.

Apples for the table decoration

table decoration autumn apples idea green table runners red napkins white flowers

The generous autumn nature not only provides a beautiful setting for colorful pictures – it also holds several treasures. Corn, pumpkins, apples, nuts, berries, chestnuts, acorns – these are next to the table decoration also for the festive menu. Put on the table beautiful glass jugs with wine and seduce your guests with delicious food.

Meadow flowers for a rustic table decoration in bottles

table decoration in autumn bottles glass vases wood box meadow flowers

With pompous bouquets, floral stretches, high-quality dinnerware and tablecloths with autumnal motives, romantic lanterns and pillar candles, your table gets its final touch.

Autumn arrangement with flowers and branches with red flowers

Great-decorating ideas Autumn festive-covered panels-special-occasions-blooming-branches

Table decoration in the fall gives the right pep

autumn-deco-fine tableware-serie-centerpiece-rustic-garden table

Great deco ideas for festive decorated plates

tischdeko-ostrich-roses-peony-delicate orange-peach-colored vase-chestnut

Welcome the autumn

tischdeko-in-autumn-candles-pumpkins-ornamental cabbage-cups-arrange

Autumn electricity on the blackboard

Decoration Autumn table-white-flowers-and-pin rustic table Garden Ideas

Gradients in warm colors


Rustic elegance

rustic-table vase-selbermachen-tree stalk-hollow-autumn

Table decoration in autumn

romantic-autumn-panel-garden-centerpiece-natural products pumpkins-branches

Amazing pumpkin decoration

pumpkin-deco-autumn-table-interior-exterior-small-körbchen-tinker-out pumpkins

Make-consuming Flowers arrangement-floral arrangements-autumn-flowers-yourself


homemade-Blumendeko-flower-autumn grasses-metal lantern-black

glass-container-with-lid-filled-natural products-autumn-panel-decoration


festive-table decor and rustic-glass pitchers Bouquet-owl figurine

Herbstdeko-fiery foliage-pumpkins-körbchen-branches-even-arrange

pumpkin-deco-selbermachen-hollow-vase-autumn colors

table-deco-yourself-making wind-lights corncob-schleifenband-wrap

Great-decorating ideas-festive-covered panels Autumn bouquet-sunflower

ornamental gourds-tischdeko-centerpiece-candlestick-metal sculptural

Herbstdeko-tables-festive-ceiling-decorate pumpkins Flowers Idea

successive pumpkins-stack-various-sizes-colors-Herbstdeko

decoration-autumn bouquet-colorful-grasses-table vases-diy

flower-arrangement-succulent-peony-rich-colored rustic vase

Make-Up »5 make-up tips for festive occasions and a glamorous look

Make-up tips for festive occasions red lips smokey eyes

For the holidays we want to look even more beautiful and glamorous. Here are some Make-up tips for festive occasions you can try for Silverster or a special cocktail party.

Make-up tips for festive occasions

1. Artificial eyelashes

Make-up tips for festive occasions eyelashes enlarge

Stick false eyelashes on to attract attention and visually enlarge your eyes. The artificial eyelashes always have a guaranteed success. If you want to make your eyes bigger and more expressive, you do not even need professional help. You can do that yourself at home. First make-up and then carefully glue the eyelashes.

2. Glitter eyes

Make-up tips festive occasions glitter eyes make up gold

If you want to add more glamor and glitter to your make-up, use sparkling eyeshadows in gold or silver. Be careful with their use. We want beautiful and shiny as Snow White, do not look like the Snow Queen, right?

Make-up tips for festive occasions – expressive eyes

3. Smokey Eyes Makeup

smokey eyes brown make-up tips festive occasions

You’ve been thinking for a long time, when can you taste these magical smokey eyes. Now you can experiment. Dark colors like gray, brown, black and purple add depth to the look.

4. Shining Fond de Teint

make-up festive glamorous rougue powder pearl shine

Would you like to sparkle even more festive? Then Fond de Teint or Rouge with pearl shine is a good idea. The structure and content are the same as the conventional products. The only difference is the particles that will make your face more shiny. Additional effect – the skin looks smoother and younger.

5. Red lips

Make-up tips for festive occasions red lip matt lipstick brush

This idea for a festive make-up is not new. Red lips have gone out of fashion since last year, both for everyday wear and for special occasions. And now is the time to realize her wildest desires and apply a lipstick in a matching shade of red.

Contour and highlight the face: instructions and professional tips