Christmas Decorations Ideas »Ideas for Christmas Decorations Outside – A beautifully lighted entrance area

christmas decoration outside illuminated-house-house-snow-brick-beautiful-real bushes-lights

Atmospheric lighting and Christmas decoration outside must not be missed, because just so that the happy mood can be particularly well felt. The glowing, snappy houses in the area glow with lamps and decorations in imaginative colors. Very popular are the fairy lights and nets for trees, fences and hedges , In addition, they offer thematic figures or entire groups of figures. Exterior decorations can be combined and designed in different ways. Collect inspirations in our picture gallery.

Christmas decoration outside for a beautifully lit entrance area

christmas decoration outdoor-lighted-house-lawn-house-white-decorated-lights-landscaping

The nets and chains consist of several lights and are certainly the simplest variant for a beautiful decoration for Christmas in the outdoor area. They are easy to get on shrubbery or attach hedges. A clever and uncomplicated idea would be to tastefully decorate and decorate several artificial fir-trees in two or three sizes with lights. It looks very stylish when two or more of them are placed at the entrance and illuminate it so festively. When Christmas is over, they will be stored in the basement or storage until next year.

Atmospheric reception at the entrance with a festive Christmas decoration outside

christmas decoration outdoor-illuminated-white-red-candy cane-bollards-colored-snow

Bollard lights in the form of candy canes, snowflakes, glass balls and similar figures are perfect as a Christmas decoration in the entrance area of ​​the house or along the garden paths. Front doors, windows, fences and house roofs have been given a new sparkling ornament in recent years – illuminated icicles and light sticks that are easily attached to the desired location. The festive lighting in the outdoor area ensures an atmospheric ambience even at the front door and you feel welcome even before you enter the house.

Voting Christmas decoration with the architectural style of the house

christmas decoration outdoor-lighted-house-christmas-balls-christmas-tree-decorations-big-outdoor-little-fir-trees-snow

When looking for a suitable Christmas decoration outside you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s information. Three pictograms and names must be observed: a triangle with drops means protection against splash water, a square with drops protection against rainwater and the abbreviation “IP 44” stands for electric shock protection and protection against splashing water.

Vintage decoration outside with lanterns and candles

christmas decoration outdoor-lighted-house-vintage-candles-wine-bottle-stairs-ivy-metal

Outdoor decoration for Christmas and magnificent door wreath

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep-tuerkranz-weihnachtskugeln-tannenzweige-glass-wood-brick wall

Luminous figures on the doorstep

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep-snowman-lights-symmetric light-bushes-decorated

Beautiful stars and snowflakes instead of bollards

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-front door Snowflake led Christmas lights

Atmospheric decoration idea at the entrance area

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep-red skates-cypress-lanterns

Glorious lighting as a decoration

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep-prchtvoll-tannenzweige-red Bands-fir tree-cypress

Decorating Christmas decoration with white lights

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep - magnificently Schoen cypress input-deco

Imaginative figures and lights

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-front door Nutcracker figure-stair-brick-bushes

Atmospherically lit front door

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-front door garlands-light-small-Christmas trees adorned

Fir branches and garlands with fairy lights


weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-front door garlands-house-terrace-stair-vorgarten

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep-led-snow-white-blue flocker bollards

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-fence-figure-light figure Hart pergola input range

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-white lights Santa Claus baeume-bushes Lights

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-white-blue-snowflakes-small-baume-led lights-outdoor

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-lights vorgarten-Christmas-tree-candy canes window hausdach garlands

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-vorgarten-gartenweg shrubs-colored lights-beautiful

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-vorgarten-garden paths lights tree lights

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-vorgarten-gartengestaltung-garden paths path plant lights

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-vorgarten input-grand-decorated luminary plant

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-front door LED light figure Hart lichterkette FIRTREE snow

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep-house-steinweg trees Christmas lights

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-front door garage-door-hirsche FIRTREE Christmas lights


plant night-lights-gartenbaeume-- weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep - Evening garden way street hirsche-figure-led-lichtfuguren

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-street-lights gartenweg Fence Schoen cute

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-lights-bushes fixed-decorated front door-

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house Schoen outdoor lighting lights snowflakes FIRTREE

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-beautiful-lights-vorgarten input range-lit

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-palm garden way street lighting-grand-eingangsbereich

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-lights outdoor lighting-Garden Lawn baeume

weihnachtsdeko-outside-illuminated house windows-front door Schoen classical hausdach

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-gartenweg-candy canes bushes Art

weihnachtsdeko-outside-illuminated House Garden way lights-multi-window front door shrubs

weihnachtsdeko-outside-illuminated House Garden-colored lights shrubs-garden paths Snowman deco-outdoor

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-input-color-lights-bushes TREES-hausdach

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-tree-garden-colored lights snow-

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-entrance-strasse-done forget-outdoor decoration-stylish

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-house-outdoor FIRTREE hirsche Sled evening-party

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep-tannenzweige-decorated light chain-black-white input range

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-front door deer Garland tannenzweige-tuerkranz input

weihnachtsdeko-outside-lit-doorstep-euro pallet-lights-fanciful-brick wall


27 modern living ideas and inspirations for inside and outside

modern living ideas-living room-indirect-lighting-open-fireplace-couch-gewoelbt

Everyone wants to feel as comfortable as possible in their home, and with style. Modern living ideas serve as a drive and inspire to change something in the design of the home or apartment. An excellent result of future renovation or redesign requires adequate pre-planning. That’s why you start collecting ideas and inspirations. Here are 27 great pictures for a contemporary design Outdoor stand and definitely meet your high demands.

Modern living ideas and inspirations for living room

modern home-living-room-minimalist-white-glass-wall-couch-artworks

A modern living environment in the living room also means finding the right place for all valuable pieces. Old and new can be under one top, roof successfully combined. Works of art and furniture placed next to each other only look wonderful if they are already thought of in advance and taken into account some basic principles. Before setting determines a limited color palette and design all the rooms accordingly. To achieve a visually appealing and homogeneous whole. Match similar materials, optics and surfaces in close proximity. Modern living ideas are characterized by an appropriate mix of colors and styles, which flow seamlessly into each other and form an interaction.

Modern living ideas and inspirations for an open kitchen

modern living-ideas-gray-minimalist-living-room-open-kitchen-white-wood-floor

Modern living ideas show concepts for open spaces and areas for houses without interior walls. The open kitchen is perhaps the first step that could be realized based on architectural conditions. It should be functional. The work routines of the housewife should be considered first. Only this will make a kitchen completely practical and uncompromising. The execution is a matter of taste – whether in white high gloss, with wood fronts or in the industrial style decides each homeowner himself.

Ideas for the bathroom

modern-wohnideen-bathroom-double washbasin-mirror-detached-bathtub-white

The bathroom should perhaps be designed with the greatest attention. The wet area is the least renovated because it is ultimately the most expensive for the total area. Therefore, one should carefully plan the bathroom together with shower, toilet, bath and sink and invest in high-quality products and materials. The brand quality and the good work have their price.

Open kitchen in white with wooden fronts

modern-wohnideen-kitchen-open-and-white-wood fronts-stair-spots

Open kitchen with cooking island

modern-wohnideen-kitchen-white-minimalist cooking island and gas kitchen-extractor

Fireplace in the kitchen

modern-wohnideen-open-kitchen - natural stone Optic-wood fronts-fireplace-firewood

Inspirations for bedrooms

modern-wohnideen-bedroom minimalist-white-curtains-wooden floor-indirect-lighting

Bedroom overlooking the nature of the area

modern-wohnideen-bedroom open-and-white-bed-ground-level

Bedroom with dressing room

modern-wohnideen-bedroom-white-indirect-lighting-dressing room bed-bettwaesche

Inspirations for the hallway

modern-living ideas-wall tiling-wood-indirect-lighting-living room-corridor

Use artworks and natural materials for the design


modern-wohnideen-stair-glasgelaender-minimalist-garden-window wall


modern-wohnideen-stair-minimalist holzgelaender-carpet-black-pendant lights

Inspirations for the bathroom

modern-wohnideen-bathroom-sink-basin-wood fronts-cream white

modern-wohnideen-bathroom Washing console-black-and-bathtub-rectangular-glass-brick wall-whitened-neon

modern-wohnideen-bad-detached-bathtub-white-marble floor-light-schalosien

Ideas for the outdoor area

modern-wohnideen-house-flat roof-brick-rush-window wall-stair-mirror


modern-wohnideen-doorstep-solid wood-wall tiling and natural stone-untreated-schoen

modern-wohnideen-terrace-infinity-pool-wooden floor-lighting-promising


modern-wohnideen-bench-upholstered cushion-infinity-pool-house-roofing

modern-wohnideen-house-inside garden-gravel-water-natural stone-window wall-glass

modern-wohnideen-inside garden-bench-plant-live day-human-grill


Natural stone wall inside and outside for authentic look

Natural stone wall inside and outside - masonry staircase-steel-glass-lights-gleaming-bulbs-door-window

A private house in Israel has been redesigned and the authentic one has been created Natural stone wall inside and outside restored and stylishly integrated in the modern interior. The total living area is 150 square meters, with the highlight of the house being the stairway is that connects the apartment floors. The house is located in the old town in Safed, Israel and the project was very important to preserve the distinctive look from the outside.

Real natural stone wall inside and out – A home remodeling in Israel

Natural stone wall inside and out - masonry-authentic-house-israel-evening-city

A natural stone wall inside and outside surrounds a total of 5 floors. These include the roof terrace, a wine cellar and three residential floors. All rooms are designed around the stairs. It creates a free space between the floors, which was left open, so that no obstacles the fresh breeze from the skylight and the roof terrace to disturb. The staircase consists of a stable steel construction. Only the steps have been renovated and equipped with non-slip steel plates for protection of the quarry stone and for safety reasons.

Natural stone wall inside and outside and modern banisters made of glass

Natural stone wall inside and outside - masonry-glass-wing-modular-couch-seat-cushions-shelves-open-ceiling

A special feature in the interior is the lighting. From the ceiling to the first floor, modern lights hang. We know such from industrial design. They mainly consist of cables or, in this case, of steel cable and end in an oversized bulb.

Authentic natural stone wall with beautiful skylight

Natural stone wall interior and exterior masonry staircase steel glass patio roof windows israel shelves

Attic with skylights leaves plenty of sunlight in the interior

Natural stone wall inside and outside masonry staircase-glass-gel-steel-rope-lights-rooflight-floor

Shelves and matching lighting from several spots

Natural stone wall inside and outside - masonry-steel-rope-light-bulb-lights-glass-wing-tier-shelf-seat-cushions

Modern suspension lights made of steel cable and Glübirnen

Natural stone wall inside and outside - masonry-authentic-stairs-steel-rope-light-bulbs

Furnishings from the region for an authentic look

Natural stone wall inside and outside - masonry-room-bench-wood-seat-cushion-shelves

Glass doors lead to the bathroom with rain shower

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry-table concrete floor-bad-glass doors

Children find space to play

natural stone wall-inside-outside-masonry-kids-play-bowling-white-wall color-window

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry bedroom flat Shower basin

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry glass doors-bad-loo-shower-and-white tiles

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry floors-glasgelaender shelves Lighting staircase

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry floorboards window glass-plant-white-wall-shelf color

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry glasgelaender roof window Vase stair-sky

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry flat-roof window glasgelaender-steel wire-white

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry roof window glasgelaender-stair-haengeleuchten-milchglas

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry wall white-color-plant-fan concrete floor

natural stone wall-inside-outside-masonry-bathroom-and-white-tile-round-mirror-shower

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry Door round-mirror-sink-and-white sub-stage drawers

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry window-door-glass silhouettes menchen-glasgelaender-steel wire

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry-glass-window-human silhouette

Plans with room layout of the house

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry plan-bullet-side-hang

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry plan-sectional view floors

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry plan-sectional stair-cut-resident

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry redesign-plan-authentic stair-cut

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry plan-view-South-East-hang

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry house site-grundriss-plan-first-storey

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry plan-second-storey floor plan plot

natural stone wall-interior-exterior masonry plan-grundriss plot-house

* Learn more about the project and further work of the architects here

80 Summery maritime decoration ideas for inside and outside

maritime deco-table-wood-table-runner-seat-cushions-white-darkblue

The maritime look in and out of the house is inspired by seafaring and the sea as a habitat. In the summer the maritime decoration especially hip, because you are simply in the holiday mood or longing for the last summer holiday nachfühlet. Extremely appealing, maritime decoration items look very fresh and lively. Finds often taken from a holiday by the sea or funny family photos from vacation on the coast will make great decorations and liven up spaces. Driftwood, with a bit of imagination and other slightly rough objects or furniture, will teach you about the entire lakehouse look. Maritime decoration and motifs will help you to transform every living area and the ambience in the house. Read on to surprise your family and guests with a tasteful and original decoration. We show you 80 inspiring motives and design ideas, suitable for every room in the house. Just join in!

Maritime decoration ideas – which motives are announced

maritime-deco-ideas-living room-window wall-white-blue-tvwand-couch-cushions curtains

Ships, seashells, sails and tax are traditional decorative elements that always find a place in the house. Blue and white candles, starfish and sand in decorative glass jars at the table will provide a romantic atmosphere. Also in the bedroom you can use maritime decoration ideas wonderful – decorate photo or picture frames with shells and sea snails. Surprise your friends with a trip and collect all together white stones, driftwood and tinker later something together. Decorate a wicker basket with shells or coarse jute rope. Plates and glasses in azure blue color are perfect addition to the table decoration. Blue and white color combinations are very popular in the summer – make a wall with striped or patterned wallpaper in these colors. Paint the living room in light blue or light turquoise – this makes it feel livelier and larger. Small ship models above the fireplace give the room an exotic look. The children also love pirate and ship motifs.

Maritime decoration ideas for every room

maritime decoration-living-room-fireplace-sofa-coffee table-white

If you are looking for a complete maritime look, buy rattan furniture for the living room or get matching removable covers made from high quality linen fabric or pure cotton. They are always hip, very comfortable and contribute to a relaxed atmosphere. Cushions with covers in white, blue or red are a beautiful maritime decoration option for a rather restrained living environment and you can change them at any time. Rough or antique wooden furniture and maritime decoration go together wonderfully. Here is the used, exploited look of the hit. The bathroom can be refreshed and transformed with small accents. Here come to help the mosaic tiles, traditionally for the Mediterranean. Further inspirations and maritime decoration ideas can be found in the picture gallery.

Maritime decoration with candles and lanterns

maritime decoration-table-of-the-table-star-star-scented-seashell-bowls

Original wall design and rough furniture in the living room

maritime decoration-couch-pillow-gray-wall-deco-octopus-dark blue-white

Maritime decoration and antique furniture Small – a successful combination

maritime deco-ideas-wallpaper-ships-dresser-antique-boat

Imaginative corridor design idea

maritime decoration-ideas-stairs-white-beach-house-curtains

Table decoration in a maritime look

maritime decoration tablecloths starfish tableware cutlery coral pattern

Maritime decoration and interior design in white

maritime decorating ideas-diningroom-espresso-chairs-removable-cover-glass-bottle-chandelier

Old bottles with a strange shape are great decoration ideas for crafting

maritime decoration-ideas-glass-vase-deco-shell-sea-snails

Funky decorated bathroom with a maritime look

maritime deco-ideas-white-wall-cover-pale-light blue-vanity-marble-plate-mirror

Hang oars on the door

maritime decorating ideas-bathroom-blue-white-bell-rudder-door

Wall decoration from old mirror and mirror frame

maritime decoration-ideas-fabric-cotton-white-jute-carpet-wall-decor-old-mirror

Ships and boats on the wall

maritime-deco-ideas-bedroom bed-wallpaper-ships-boats-pattern-blue-white

Decorative lighting for a romantic mood to make your own

maritime decoration-decor-glass-bottle-shells-candle-plate-ale

Rattan basket for picnic in the hallway

maritime decoration-cloak-wardrobe-padel-wall-hook-chair-white-walker

Decorate the reading corner

maritime-deco-ideas-chair-wall shelf-candle lantern-next-table flowers vase-stripe upholstery fabric

Genuine parquet floor with pattern – compass

maritime-deco-ideas-compass-flooring-parquet floor-living room

Table decoration with glass terrarium

maritime-decorating ideas-lounge-chair respect checkered-pillow coffee table braiding

Maritime decoration for summery mood in the living room

maritime-deco-ideas-living room-couch-cushion-turquoise-table lamp Candles Curtains

maritime-deco-ideas-Polstermoebel-couch-armchair-juteteppich pillows Curtains

maritime-deco-ideas-living room-antique-turquoise-white-couch-cushion-juteteppich-coffee table-bank

maritime-deco-ideas-dining table-white-wood wallpaper wall-napkin ring-starfish


Maritime decoration in the baby, child and youth room




maritime-deco-ideas-nursery-wall shelf-wallpaper-bark baskets-weave-toys

maritime-deco-ideas-nursery-room-youth-anchor lifebuoy-fishnet


maritime-deco-ideas-cot-white-blue-wooden floor-sweet

maritime-deco-ideas-cot-bettwaesche-green-white-blue-kommopde-weave baskets-table lamp


Bright spacious bedroom with carefully selected details with “seafaring” theme

maritime-deco-ideas-bed-coverlet-anchor-window-night lamp curtains

maritime-deco-ideas-bedroom bed-and-white-unterwaesche juteteppich

maritime-deco-ideas-bedroom bed-black-white-blue-chair-bedside fan and wooden floor

maritime-deco-ideas-bedroom bed-headboard-cushioned mat-coral-white-bedside

maritime-deco-ideas-bedded-night lamp-headboard-cushioned mat, pillows-bettwaesche-pattern



White tiles in the bathroom – great base for maritime decoration

maritime-deco-ideas-bathroom-washbasin-white-mirror-window-porthole-mirror frame

maritime-deco-ideas-white-basin-double sink-turquoise-glass dose-spiegelschraenke

maritime-deco-ideas-bad-white-armature-marble top-basin



maritime-deco-ideas-bathroom-terracotta bath-detached-light blue wall color

maritime-deco-ideas-bathroom-tile mosaic-light blue-turquoise-bath shower enclosure and white

maritime-deco-ideas-bathroom-loo-under-cabinet dark blue floor-flussteine-white


maritime-deco-ideas-bad-zubehoer-accessories-dresser cloths

maritime-deco-ideas-shower curtain-bathing tub-detached-wal-white

maritime-deco-ideas-window-sprossenfenster-boot-regal-shield-light blue

maritime-deco-ideas-dresser - mirror-round-wal-lamp-

maritime-deco-ideas-kaminofen-white-wood shelf-anchor-driftwood-bottles

maritime-deco-ideas-corridor-wall wardrobe-bench-white-blue-strohute

maritime-deco window frame-ideas-corridor-staircase-seafaring-sideboard-spegel-

maritime-decorating ideas-terrace-SITZMOEBEL linen fabric-relative-tischdeko Candle plant Pitcher


maritime-deco-ideas-wall hook-wall wardrobe-anchor-crayfish

maritime-deco-ideas-wall hook-wall wardrobe-anchor-white-creative

maritime-deco-ideas-pillowcase-image-Dekoteller-anchor-stones sea-waves

azure green living room wall color painting

Shell photo frame deco ideas to make your own

maritime decoration ideas candles lantern

Nautical sail living room maritime look make your own decoration

Hallway design shoe storage baskets

Table decoration ideas ropes seashell

maritime decorative cushions make anchor themselves

Make your own candles bottle letter shell

rattan furniture table mediterränishe interior ideas

Lantern tealights starfish table decoration

Lantern candles garden decoration ideas maritime design

Wooden pallets furniture deco wall design

Wall painting stripe ideas maritime look blue

Rope staircase railing maritime decoration

Ropes Nautical Lights Lighting Living Room Craft Ideas

Ship model anchor lantern rattan furniture

Rattan basket decorating starfish organize excursion

Terraces »Living outside easy: How to set up an outdoor living room!

Outdoor living room terrace-dining-area-teak-furniture-pond

As spring approaches with the first tulips, daffodils and melodious birdsong, there is a desire to be outdoors. Now it is high time to deal with the design of the balcony and terrace, so that you can soon enjoy a cozy outdoor area. We’ll show you how to set up an attractive and inviting outdoor living room.

Outdoor living room set up – The underground

Outdoor living room-deck-terrace-wpc-terrace-deck-lanterns

Whether balcony or terrace: To make it really nice outside, it needs a pleasant surface. After all, spending time outdoors is twice as fun as walking barefoot without hurting your feet. Especially homely, a living room can be designed in the open air with the help of outdoor rugs. They are made of durable materials and also withstand daily UV radiation and moisture for a long time. But outdoors carpets are not only good for your feet. At the same time, you can use it to differentiate between different zones and, for example, visually separate a sitting area from a sleeping area for a nap. Inspiring examples of outdoor rugs and buying tips we have in our Article with 48 designs compiled.

Set up outdoor living room – The furniture

Outdoor living room rattan-furniture-armchair-stool-gray

Without furniture, an outdoor living room is of course not enough. Here you should reach for high-quality products, which not only look good, but are also durable. This saves money in the long run and you enjoy the investment for a long time. Especially suitable are garden furniture made of wood. They make the transition between home and garden perfect thanks to their natural character. You have the choice between different woods. While the so-called lumber is particularly inexpensive and is already used by many traders for garden furniture, you should generally opt for hardwoods. In contrast to softwoods, they are much more durable and less sensitive to external influences such as blue stains (discolouration of the wood due to fungal attack), UV radiation and moisture. The following deciduous tree varieties are recommended:

Oak acacia robinia eucalyptus
advantages extremely robust pretty tough no impregnation necessary
great look weatherproof stable stylish
easy care durable durable Cheap
durable no impregnation necessary high strength durable
natural blue protection weatherproof
disadvantage expensive maintenance effort discoloration sensitive
heavy of care

Practical and qualitative garden furniture made of solid acacia and eucalyptus wood can be found at Ikea, for example. Also in 2017, the Group has a variety of designs in its repertoire. When shopping online, you should take the opportunity and the voucher pony for matching Ikea offers and coupon codes Keeping an eye out. The voucher portal lists current promotions of the Swedish furniture store, which allow you to save on the purchase of Ikea items in addition. So you can get garden furniture made of suitable woods at attractive prices. Alternatively, a look into regional furniture stores can be worthwhile. Just in the spring, the dealers present creative collections for every taste.
Tip: Protect your garden furniture with coverings from moisture to extend their lifespan.

Textiles for more comfort

Outdoor living room terrace textiles-cozy-table linen

What the outdoor living room should not be missing, are decorative textiles. Cushions, blankets and table linen made of colorful fabrics lend every balcony and every terrace a touch of comfort. Pay attention to insensitive materials when choosing. Whether you choose waterproof products is up to you. As a rule, waterproof seat cushions and Co. are much more expensive. Traditional garden textiles are cheaper and can easily be protected from rain by storing in a waterproof storage box. This saves money and if you use a bench including storage, you can cleverly combine storage space with additional seating.


Outdoor living room shading-canopy-umbrella-hanging

A living room, which is characterized by unbearable heat, is not used for a long time to stay. Therefore, you must ensure sufficient shading. Numerous options are available for this. While a parasol offers maximum flexibility, because it can be installed almost anywhere and adapted to the sun, a fixed awning ensures maximum comfort. Alternatives such as awnings or gazebos also have their merits. In our article about sun protection in the garden you will find 30 creative ideas for shading , Certainly something suitable for your needs.

Plants and decoration

outdoor living room-terrace-decoration-plant-colorful-flower boxes

For a harmonious transition from the apartment to the outside you should arrange suitable plants. They bring the green of nature into your outdoor living room and guarantee a natural charm. What generally in the Planting of the balcony The magazine Schöner Wohnen has summarized online. Among other things, it explains: “Some balcony plants come over several years over again and survive even winter and frost harmless. Such plants are particularly suitable for hobby gardeners who do not want to spend a lot of time each year in the greening of the balcony. ”

In addition to plants, decorative items round off the outdoor living room. Romantic lanterns, wooden objects or fairy lights can do a great deal and make any outdoor seating area a welcoming oasis. That the outdoor decoration does not have to cost a fortune, we have in our guide to ” Make garden decoration yourself “Shown. In the post we show a lot of great ideas to make great decoration objects out of old kitchen utensils.

The modern steel staircase for inside and outside in overwhelming design

steel stair-inner-outer-designs edelsztahl-interior-metal translucent

The versatility of the material steel surprisingly offers numerous creative possibilities in many areas of our everyday life. In addition to items for everyday use, there is a particularly popular use of steel – the Steel staircase for inside and outside , The creativity of the designer brings new forms in the design of stairs with it.

Steel staircase for inside and outside – the versatility of the material in focus

steel stair-interior-exterior designs glass guardrail stair-marble-noble

For some, the stairs are only useful for connecting floors, but for others they are real sculptures in the house. The most popular materials for the manufacture of stairs are steel and wood. However, steel stairs have their advantages. They are robust and resistant. Therefore, these are often installed outdoors, where they are exposed to various unfavorable factors. Beam staircases are made in a variety of variants – spiral staircases, staircases and Compact stairs from steel. The shapes and colors have no limits.

Steel stairs combine functionality and design

steel stair-interior-exterior-design spiral staircase-glass-Range railing

The use of steel stairs takes place outdoors such as garden, terrace or multi-storey houses. There, the steel staircase is probably the easiest to maintain and requires no additional paint or lacquer finish. The most common are the staircase shapes Spiral staircases , Steel staircases and central spar stairs built in the outdoor area.

Fancy steel staircase for inside and outside

steel stair-interior-exterior designs-Public-space spiral staircase

Made of steel beautiful stairs for every taste in a reasonable price, excellent quality and careful processing are offered. You can plan, build or assemble your individual staircases to the highest standards – whether with Podes, with straight or curved runs, one or two barrels, a traditional or special shape can be custom made to your liking.

Spiral staircase in the outdoor area

steel stair-inside-outside-designs-outdoor terrace-black spiral staircase

A popular combination that connects cold and warm skillfully is steel with wood or solid wood. For example, wooden stairs emit a certain amount of heat in a room. With different types of wood for the steps and railings, the individual style is shaped. For more rigor and cool visual impact, the staircase is made of steel and stone, e.g. granite , Marble, artificial stone. Thus, beautiful and special accents can be set in the house.

Stair ideas for your contemporary home

stairwell black minimalist flat

Steel staircase painted with railing on both sides

Steel staircase modern wood steps interior design ideas

Flat steel staircase

modern cheeks staircase interior staircase design custom-made of steel

Wood treads

middle staircase glass railing design wood steps lime green door

Steel staircase with steel steps

internal staircase stainless steel tread railing wall-mounted

Partial self-supporting stairs

steel staircase cantilever design ideas modern interior design

Industrial steel staircase

Steel staircase for indoor and outdoor industrial design ideas staircase

Central staircase made of steel

central staircase design-lacquered railing steel staircase

Steel stairs with wooden steps

Steel staircase metal ideas interior and exterior design modern

Spiral staircase with steel substructure and wooden steps

internal staircase spiral staircase-warm wooden steps-stainless steel construction

Steps with a filigree design

steel staircase for interior and exterior modern design railing interior ideas

Ideas for stair railing and handrail

modern stairs design steel painted steel railings

Stairs combine the special elegance of different materials

middle staircase wooden steps steel construction-glass-railings

Stone steps with floating steel substructure

Hanging staircase modern design railing interior design

Steel interior staircase

steel staircase staircase modern design railing steps made of wood

spiral staircase glass railing modern interior design

harp stairs ideas hanging stairs modern stages steel

two-legged stair-outside staircase steel resistant double-railing-modern

space-saving spiral staircase design-curved wooden railing

outdoor staircase design spiral staircase stainless steel construction

Dreamhouses »Glass revolving doors can be generously opened to the outside – A house in Mexico

Glass hinged doors-swing-door-outside-completely-open

Casa Meztitla is a holiday home located in a national park at the foot of the Tepozteko Mountains south of Mexico City. The beautiful environment chosen by the architects of EDAA itself was the source of inspiration for every aspect of the design – from the floor plan and the aesthetic features to the overall functionality of the house. The layout includes four areas: the main living areas, the service wing, the private bedrooms and a studio upstairs. On green courtyard is the heart of the house and provides natural light and air in every room. The aim of the architecture is to connect the inhabitants with nature outside, from every room. Glass revolving doors , which rotate around its own axis, can be opened generously, so that the border between inside and outside merges seamlessly.

Glass hinged doors provide natural light and air

-Inside-outside-complete-oeffnen glass-revolving doors-alu-frame

Living, dining and kitchen areas are located in a glassed-in space, which is also connected to the service and bedroom wings and enjoys an endless forest view. The massive hinged glass doors are a compromise between designer and client because they offer the openness the architects wanted and the sense of security that was important to their inhabitants. The façade of volcanic rock refers to the rocky terrain around the house. The bedrooms on the opposite side of the courtyard can be reached independently of the home peacock area. Two bedrooms and two guest rooms enjoy direct access to private terraces while privacy is protected by opaque walls.

Living room in terrace converted thanks to glass revolving doors

glass-swing doors indoor-outdoor-roofed-terrace

The durability and natural charisma played the main role in the material selection. Exterior walls are supported by a CMU block structure on concrete foundation. White lime and gypsum form the interior walls, reflecting the light throughout the room and requiring very little maintenance over time. In contrast to the cold stone, warm pinewood is used.

natural light falls into the bedroom

Glass revolving doors bedroom-exterior-shower-box-gravel-border

Due to the remote location of the house, two water reservoirs were built, where water is collected and filtered naturally. Under a concrete patio in the courtyard is the drinking water cistern, while a circular pool at the house collects the rest of the water and passes through small channels to another filtration system. The open-air pool contains a small ecosystem that complements the local flora and fauna and ensures that the water quality is maintained.

Architecture: EDAA
Architect: luis arturo garcía
Design team: Juan Hernandez, Jahir Nueva, Antonio Rivas, Ana Anda Rodriguez, Diego Ruiz Velazco
Construction team: Hans álvarez, Yolibel Allende
Photography: Yoshihiro Koitani, Kuu Studio
Type: Detached house
Completion: 2014
built area: 400 sqm
Location: Tepoztlan, Mexico

Water reservoir with natural filtration

rainwater-collecting-reservoir-Filter-house needs

Terrace to the courtyard

Outdoor activities-yard-concrete-floor flat-hammock-clay pots

Hammocks for relaxed hours

Outdoor activities-design-concrete-floor flat-gravel-wood-face protection

Overlooking the courtyard

Outdoor activities-backyard-hammock-looking Mountains-mexico

the house facade

-house facade outer-rubble-white-plastered

white plastered facade upstairs


Access to the studio on the second floor

flat roof house-natursteinmauer-different-levels Stairs

narrow infinity pool


beautiful natural landscape around the house

house-break stones-thick-wall high-Trees

majestic mountains as a backdrop

glass-revolving doors-massive-stone walls-white-building

The modern staircase construction – beautiful designs for inside and outside

Spiral staircase-modern staircase ideas

The modern one Stairs construction can hardly be described in one word – nowadays the staircase should not only be practical, but also architecturally. The beautiful staircases of the renowned company Siller are not only the best quality, but also provide a decorative element to the modern living room, corridor or for outdoor use.

The modern stair construction – materials, designs, ideas

Wooden stairs glass railing-beautiful stair house

The special thing about the company Siller is not only their creativity, but the way they use different materials and ideas in one design Stairs construction incorporate. The company was founded in 1958 and has since gained more and more popularity. Nowadays, they are known throughout Europe and have successfully presented their artwork at trade shows in New York. The company philosophy again emphasizes that one stairway not just to connect rooms, but to give the room a character. Their spiral staircases attract attention with chic combinations of glass and stainless steel, concrete and glass, or wood and stainless steel. All models are designed in a customer-oriented way and perfectly match the interior or exterior. The company manufactures staircases for private residences as well as for hotels or public buildings.

Stair construction – luxurious designer models

classic wooden staircase idea design

No matter in which style, the beautiful spiral staircases are perfectly adapted to the rest of the interior – so this model is completely in line with the mosaic on the ground. A chandelier with similar motifs compliments the overall look. Whether in minimalist or classic style – each model is crafted with much attention to detail, so that the end effect fascinates with quality and originality. The modern one Stairs construction is being redesigned and has definitely been influenced by the reputed company. Enjoy your fascinating designs!

Futuristic glass staircase with integrated lighting

Spiral staircase Siller Design

Futuristic glass staircase

modern glass staircase with integrated lighting

Spiral staircase made of glass

Glass staircase futuristic design idea

Modern penthouse with spiral staircase

Glass space-saving staircase-modern apartment

Concrete space staircase with glass railing

Spiral staircase design idea space-saving alternative

Space-saving staircase in the minimalist house

modern glass staircase siller

Two concrete stairs connect the first and second floors of the house

Concrete staircase house design

Nice addition for the modern apartment

cozy wood spiral staircase-living room

Wooden spiral staircase with stainless steel railing

beautiful spiral staircase-wood metal

Space-saving staircase made of glass and concrete

Spiral staircase chic design

Dining table with benches You & Me – a furniture set for inside and outside

Dining table with benches multifunctional-dining-table-table-tennis-table-rs-barcelona

Compact furniture Having more than one use has become very popular lately. You save space and combine more than one function in one. The You & Me collection by RS Barcelona for inside and outside consists of one Dining table with benches which at the same time is a table tennis table. In the following we present the beautiful pieces of furniture of the collection.

Multifunctional dining table with benches from RS Barcelona

Dining table with benches light-dining-skateboard-satchels

RS Barcelona has made this dining table in different sizes, so it fits in large and small rooms. The table is available in black and white and is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

You & Me – an elegant dining table with benches

Dining table with benches. Bank-breakfast-white-interior

The dining table can be combined with the benches from the same collection. They are available in four different sizes to fit exactly the table. In addition, they are equipped with soft bench pads that speak for comfort and coziness.

The dining table can be transformed into a ping pong table

You & Me is more than just a dining table – it’s also a ping-pong table that has a smooth surface, beautiful design and a structure that ensures complete playability. The whole sportiness can be hidden in the red side drawer – the net, the table tennis rackets and balls.

The multifunctional table is perfect for a playroom in the garden

multifunctional-dining table-inkwell-table tennis balls-outdoor

Furthermore, this collection of RS Barcelona is also suitable for outdoor use. If you have a free space in the garden, you can move the table tennis table outside and do some outdoor sports.

Dining table with benches and bench pads for a cozy dining room

dining table-benches-related-Pad-dining-hanging lamps

The general colors make the furniture collection suitable for many different interiors. For use only in closed rooms, a walnut finish is also possible.

Play table tennis after breakfast on the table

dining table-multifunctional-table tennis racket-inkwell-inside

The movable benches are perfect for this table. After breakfast over the weekend, you can set them aside and arrange a little ping-pong tournament with the family.

Elegant bench in different models

The design of the benches is cleaned and rounded at both ends. With the bank deposit you can either cover the whole bank, or leave a small space for books and magazines.

The dining table with benches is perfect for dinner parties

dining table-benches-covered-table-crockery-dining-kitchen

If you would like to have a dinner party, do not worry, as the dining table with benches You & Me is ideal for guests. The benches are wide and can accommodate several people. And why not play table tennis after dinner?

Dining table with benches for the garden

dining table-benches-garden-bbq-bank circulation-pergola-hanging lamps

RS Barcelona have also thought of the summer days. The dining table with benches can be used outdoors. On the comfortable benches you can enjoy the beautiful weather and celebrate a good barbecue, birthday or other holiday outside.

Multifunctional dining table at the barbecue area needs good care

dining table-benches-multifunctional-nut wood-bbq-outdoor

The table tennis table with black lacquer should only be placed in covered outdoor areas. In addition, a protective cover is essential for proper care, otherwise it may cause discoloration due to the sun.

Designer dining table with benches in shades of brown

dining table-benches-nut wood-garden-pergola-garden arbor-gravel soil

For the outdoor area, the darker tones of the You & Me collection are preferable. The benches in shades of brown are covered with a gray bench pad that is less polluted than the white and therefore better for the garden area.

* You & Me and other RS ​​Barcelona collections can be found on your website ,

Solar lights outside in the desert of Australia – a light installation

Solar lights exterior australia-sunset-desert-field

A Art installation was realized in April 2016 under the open sky of the Australian desert, just in the so-called ‘red center’ Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. The ‘Field of Light’ project, as the name implies, stretches as big as four football fields on a field and is the work of the British artist Bruce Munro. It consists of a total of 50 000 Solar lights outside placed after sunset in warm, gentle nuances and put together a stunning bright carpet.

Solar lights in the desert of Australia – an art project by Bruce Munro

Solar lights outdoor australia bulbs dandelion light effects glass

The solar lights are similar in shape to garlic flowers that end up with a glass ball instead of garlic bulbs. As in the night, as well as during the day, when the bulbs do not shine, they look like real, beautiful flowers with long stems of shimmering glass. All solar lights are connected and in the dark a net, a luminous carpet, is created.

50,000 solar lights outside in the field

Solar Lights Exterior Australia Light Effects Bulb Net

In the light spectacle, all 50,000 lights are involved and connected in groups to the solar panel. The network connections glow and represent an emotional event that every element, like every human being, is an inseparable part of the whole and has relation to the others. The wonderful lighting effects can be viewed until March 2017 after dusk.

Outside solar lights generate great lighting effects under the open sky

Solar lights outdoor australia-light-effects-starry-sky-nature-net

Solar lights outside form luminous field

Solar lights outdoor australia-light-effects-network-lighting-field

Stunning lighting effects in the desert of Australia

solar light-outside-australia-lichteffekte-field-

Solar powered lights with long stems – similar to garlic flowers

solar light-outside-field-natural-light effects-pusteblumen

* a project of Bruce Munro