43 Designer Sofas – ideas for your new favorite place in the living room

contemporary sofa DO LO REZ designer ron arad moroso

Large comfortable sofas or small modular sofas with simple shapes. These Designer sofas could be the new favorite place in your modern living room. A modern designer sofa is more than a creative idea. New materials are tested and designed in various forms. These models provoke feelings, thoughts and turn into real eye-catchers in the room. In addition to familiar forms, we find new ones unusual looks that impress with their simplicity. Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Patricia Urquiola and Zaha Hadid are just a few of the recognized designers who designed these precious pieces.

Designer sofas – play with colors and shapes

sofa black linear modern VICTORY Cory Big estel

Large, soft, feather-filled seats, ergonomic backrests and plenty of cushions give you the comfort you want. The choice of shapes and modules is so great that the decision would be difficult. The modular sofas can be combined in many ways, as the middle and side panels with or without armrests are very versatile. Monochromatic colors that the interesting shapes highlight, or colorful fabrics that attract attention immediately?

Designer sofas for the modern furnishing style

sofa design modular sofa TUFTY TOO patricia urquiola bb italia

FLEX by René Šulc & Daria Podboj

sofa design side tables wood FLEKS Rene sulc Daria Podboj mminterier

large upholstered sofa by Roche Bobois


Private from Asnaghi

armchair sofa high backrest privacy table asnaghi

PIXEL by Sergio Bicego

upholstered sofa modern living room PIXEL Sergio Bicego saba

EXTRASOFT by Piero Lissoni

upholstery sofa white EXTRASOFT Piero Lissoni living divani

Nomade sofa by Mantelassi

nomade sofa modern living room cream color coat

Kivas by Karim Rashid

modular sofa pink color KIVAS karim rachid valdicienti


modular sofa orange green ZITELEMENTEN modu

CHROMATIQUE Sofa by Kwok Hoa Chan

modular sofa modern living CHROMATIQUE 1970 steiner-paris

Sofa by Ferruccio Laviani for Molteni

modular sofa modern white modern living room Ferruccio Laviani molteni

modular sofa modern design TUFTY TIME patricia bb italia

modular sofa colorful backrest living room gama furniture nomada

modular sofa gray JOE Lievore Altherr Molina verzelloni

modular sofa linear modern BORA BORA Cazzaniga Munteanu

modular sofa gray PASSEPARTOUT Arc en ciel adele c

modular sofa cream modular erba ALTROVE

modern sofa pillow modern design slim belta

modern sofa cushion gray Antonio Citterio flexform modern designer sofas white upholstered ds 600 de sede

modern sofa design Noe Duchaufour Lawranceo ottoman

contemporary modular sofa PEANUT Mauro Lipparini bonaldo

ligne roset contemporary sofa black MALHOUN Didier Gomez

Designer sofas leather white Jean Nouvel molteni skin

leather sofa capitular modular TUFTY TIME patricia bb italia

HUGO leather sofa modular sofa brown gamma international

HIGHLANDS sofa design back rest red Patricia Urquiola moroso

large sofa upholstered brown cushion desiree divani GLOW iN Marc Sadler

corner sofa shelf white PLAT Manzoni Tapinassi arketipo

Corner sofa modern lean white INSULA Luca Scacchetti mariani

corner sofa cream living room MALHOUN Didier Gomez ligne roset

designer sofas fur padding colorful Fernando Humberto Campana cipria edra

designer sofas modular sofa white ANYWAY bodema

designer sofas modular elements COCOON Mauro Lipparini arflex

designer sofas interesting form ZEPHYR zaha hadid cassina

designer sofas ideas modern FADO Wim Segers indera

designer sofa corner sofa orange ADN Ramón Esteve joquer

designer sofa gray big ALLNEW Francesco Rota paola lenti

designer sofa shape red KOOCHY Karim Rashid zanotta

modular sofa design ZLIQ ISLAND marcel wanders moooi designer sofa shape blue white PIERCE Karim Rashid soft line designer sofa ideas SLICED Frederik Van Heereveld feek

Love & Family »Dream House in Switzerland – the perfect place for the whole family

Dream house in Switzerland family hillside outlook mountain

From a house in the countryside, where the whole family can really feel good, many people dream. And many of them make this dream come true, but not in Germany, but in Switzerland. Dreamlike natural landscapes, better paid jobs and tax advantages are just some of the reasons why many families opt for a dream home in Switzerland. However, the right financing must not be missing.

Enjoy dreamlike mountain landscapes from a dream home in Switzerland

traumhaus-Switzerland-family-two floors and red-geranium

In the lunch break enjoy the view of beautiful mountain landscapes, after working with the whole family to enjoy the nearby nature and the weekend off in the mountains – sounds tempting and that’s it. Alone in 2014 have become officially 19,930 Germans decided to live in Switzerland , In addition to the picturesque natural landscapes, it is above all the better-paid jobs that attract many emigrants to Switzerland. Particularly in the IT sector, the catering industry and the medical sector, foreign skilled workers are still very much in demand. The cost of living is higher compared to Germany , but you save money with the low VAT of 7.6 percent. The well-known Swiss way of life, the great courtesy and cosiness of the people, makes Switzerland an excellent place to live for families with children.

Dream house in Switzerland – The important question for the right financing

Dream house in Switzerland build-finance-tips

And what could be more suitable as a home in the countryside? The Swiss real estate market has grown after years of rising house prices finally leveled again at a stable level , And thanks to the low interest rates, the dream home in Switzerland is no longer an impossibility even for families with low equity. Once fast the portability, for example, with the mortgage calculator from moneypark.ch checked online Having taken a loan and the home is nothing in the way – sounds at least in theory nice and easy. But alone the search for the right financing is not always that easy. Many banks and insurance companies offer family so-called family mortgages with supposedly attractive interest rates. When it comes to the cheapest home financing, however, these are not always the best choice.

Family mortgage – not always the best solution


First and foremost, family mortgages are intended for families with children under the age of 18 who live in the same household. At first glance, especially the lower interest rates, which you get as a kind of welcome bonus. However, one thing that should not be forgotten is that they are only granted for a period specified by the bank.

every additional child in the family is rewarded with additional interest rebates

traumhaus-Switzerland-family-garden stairs-sitting

Some banks reward each additional child in the family with additional interest rebates, making family mortgages even more attractive. At this point, it is important to keep in mind that the reduced interest rates are not limited in time, but only limited to certain maximum (partial) contributions. The interest rebate may only be transferred to the first mortgage – up to a maximum of 65 percent lending. Incidentally, with variable or Libor mortgages, borrowers are unlikely to expect interest rebates. Of that you can usually only benefit from fixed mortgages. Overall, family mortgages are not always the cheapest way to finance. There are mortgages that are much cheaper even without the interest rebates and thus the family fund can be significantly relieved.

fantastic mountain landscapes

traumhaus-Switzerland-family high-mountains-background-


flickr No title fcamusd CC BY 2.0 Certain rights reserved

Pixabay.com: Skitterphoto, Alexander Stone, wheelset, hslergr1

36 ideas for place cards – trendy, unique and whimsical

Ideas for Place Cards Oyster Cup Name

We have nothing against the usual table numbers, there are many ways to make them stylish and fabulous, and they are easy to follow. The only downside is that sometimes you can feel special, as if there is a hierarchy, for example cool and clever people at table number one! But that should not be such a big problem, right? So, if you’re looking for another option, yours Wedding Details to personalize and tell your story, here they are! Unique ideas for place cards and place cards! To give you some examples, we’ve put together an inspiring image gallery that’s full of fun, does not seem traditional and complete, but includes many customizable ideas.

Unusual ideas for place cards and place cards stand

ideas-tischkarten-staender-star-wars-storm troops-lego-figures

Those who value a beautiful ambience should spend more time preparing the details. Because place cards are more than just a pretty decorative element. Whether it’s from the internet, at the computer or drawn and crafted by hand, special place cards are the perfect way to show your friends and loved ones that they have a special place in their lives. Here you have your favorite CD covers, unforgettable photos of the places where you met or already been, spent great time together! Take a look at the pictures and the ideas in the photo gallery below! You will not regret it!

Fresh table decoration and table-top stand made of fruits


For a feast in the summer you can consider a fresh deco for the table, which certainly gives the room a fresh touch. The ideas for place cards can in this case include fresh fruit and thus provide for an original table decoration. An example of this is provided by citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges, which are designed as playful table-top holders. The place card can be pressed on a thick paper and then attached to the fruit with the aid of a pin. You can color-match the selection of the appropriate fruit to the rest of the table decoration.

Place card butterfly on wineglass


As a place card stand you can also use the crockery and cutlery with which the table is already set. The glasses are a great variation for the place cards that can be stuck on the edge of the glass. You can make paper stationery in any shape, write each guest’s name on it and attach it to the glasses. Elegant butterflies in delicate pastel shades, which have gracefully landed on the glass, offer a particularly nice idea. They look very feminine and are perfect for various events and parties in spring.

Write guest name with pen on glass

ideas-tischkarten-broken-glass pieces-white-marker

The next idea is more suitable for the rustic style. Here, the names of the guests on different sized pieces of glass are written down with a pen, which are then distributed to the respective places. The edges of the broken glass, however, should be completely secured, so that it does not come to injuries, especially when children participate in the celebration. The fancy place cards are also better suited for informal parties because they do not have a formal look.

Golden key as a party favor – place cards to label

wedding-guest-gifts-place cards-vintage-key-grind

Are you looking for ideas for place cards for a vintage wedding, then you are here. The place cards can be attached to a romantic vintage key and tied with a pretty ribbon for an even more elegant effect. Plus, there’s no need to worry about party favors because the keys can be kept as a gift to keep a memory of your wonderful wedding forever.

Ideas for place cards and place cards for fall

wedding-in-autumn-panel-decorate-silver-pumpkins-name tags

For a celebration in the fall, you can opt for thematic place cards that lift the autumnal mood. A good option for this is provided by small, decorative pumpkins that serve as table-top holders. These can be painted as desired and harmonized with the general color scheme. The pumpkins can then be placed on the napkin and make for a beautiful, thematic table decoration.

Creative DIY place card

tischdekoration 3d place card-vase-succulent-family celebration decorations

DIY ideas for place cards are just as popular and offer a cheap alternative to the purchased ones. Original place cards can be made of cardboard and individually designed. For this you should write the name of each guest on cardboard with block letters and then cut with a cutter. The result is a creative design that you can decorate as you like.

Place cards inspired by favorite movies

place card-idea-film poster-illustrations-tischkarten stand-stool

If you are planning a thematic party, you can also vote the place cards with the theme. For example, the movie posters of popular films can be used and attached to original holders.


This idea is suitable for parties for both adults and children. For a children’s party, however, you should opt for a children’s film, which the children particularly like. A good option for the place card stand of larger place cards offer picture frames. They are offered in a variety of designs and can be easily adapted to the theme of the celebration.

Ideas for place cards on original flower vases

tischkarten stand-vase bottles Idea Gallery Wedding-white-roses

A beautiful alternative for the place cards at a wedding are elegant flower vases with cut flowers. Instead of buying them, you can make old wine bottles with a beautiful etiquette, where the names of all guests for each table are listed. The flowers that you choose for the vases should be matched with the other wedding flowers. This is how to create a wonderful table design for the wedding.

Place card beautiful decoration element-themed party ship motifs

Take a look at the rest of our ideas for place cards for any occasion and be inspired for an original design.

tischkarten stand-stacked-books-flower-ideas-tischschmuck-wedding

Suits silhouettes creative place cards Beautiful decoration element

decoration-space-cards-old ideas-audio cassette-wedding-themed party-diy

diy silhouette wallpaper creative-tischkarten-wedding-engagement-celebration-occasions

wedding-tischdeko-name tags-stand-cork-silverware

wedding-winter-deco-table-deer figurine-filigree-place cards stand

ideas-failed-tischkarten-name tags-picture frame-from-wood




ideas-table card place cards-wedding-in-free-spring-summer-flowers

classic table decoration matching place cards-inspired-by-books

Creative Ideas Square card table card framed-hieroglyphic wisdom

place card autumn-wedding-diy-ideas-pinecone-dyed-pink

rustic-deco-wedding-tree stalk-tischkarten Halter-selbermachen

rustic-wedding-tischdeko-linen fabric-tischläufer-number-card-paper

rustic-tischdeko-wedding-tischkarten-with-digits-small vase

black-panel-place card-diy-decoration-wedding-floral arrangement

tischdeko-charming-checkered-tablecloth-summer flowers-wheat straw

tischkarten stand-metal-ideas-creative-tischkarten-by-special-occasions

tischkarten stand-cards-failed-floral arrangements-wedding

inspirations-gallery-tischkarten-place card table decoration-with-flowers

tischkarten-travel destination-ideas-wedding-bouquet, white and pink

fresh-ideas-wedding-in-summer-name card table-tangerines and orange

Design »New Nelson Mandela Memorial – In the place where he was imprisoned

nelson mandelas memorial tribute 50 years 50 steel arrows

It may look like a bunch of strange metal bars from one side. But it is actually a stunning monument of Nelson Mandela with an interesting symbolic importance , The new Nelson Mandela monument was by the South African artist Marco Cianfanelli created as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Mandela’s imprisonment. It was built exactly where the young freedom fighter was arrested on 5 August 1962. Because of his fight against the apartheid policy, he spent 27 years in prison.

Nelson Mandela monument made of vertical steel columns

new mandelas monument marco cianfanelli artist steel arrows

The monument consists of 50 vertical steel poles and commemorates the arrest of the former president 50 years ago. It has an important symbolic meaning. Mandela’s face is only in focus, you look at the rods from the correct angle and at least 35 meters distance. The individual details hold the whole picture together and thus symbolize solidarity.

Nelson Mandela Monument – visible from a distance

nelson mandela monument steel arrows south africa artist

The monument steel columns draws attention to the fact that the Nobel laureate spent 27 years behind bars. Mandela’s imprisonment has only further consolidated his status as a symbol of struggle. The head of state Jacob Zuma, who unveiled the new monument, said that it should also be visited by future generations.

the columns symbolize the cohesion

nelson mandela monument nine meters 50 arrows steel

At first glance, the pillars appear to be irregularly placed

nelson mandela monument steel arrows look

new mandela monument south africa arrest inside view

the steel pillars are exactly where Mandela was arrested

mandela monument erection arrest 50 years

the erection of the monument

nelson mandela monument construction process steel arrows

Four-poster bed for the garden – an idyllic place to dream and relax

canopy bed for garden bamboo pillows

In the Middle Ages, a four-poster bed was reserved for wealthy people. Fortunately, this is not the case nowadays. A four-poster bed marks your own rest area and is a real eye-catcher. Especially that Four-poster bed for the garden attracts admired glances and promises unmistakable atmosphere, hours of relaxation in nature and a restful night in the open air. In this article we show you beautiful models of four poster beds and Outdoor beds for your garden. Be inspired by our suggestions!

Four-poster bed in the garden – cozy and luxurious outdoor furniture

canopy-wood bed-garden

A four-poster bed for the garden, as well as the four-poster bed in the interior, is a bed whose much corner posts are extended and project up into the air. Basically, they are connected with a wreath and are covered by the so-called sky. A four-poster bed for the garden undoubtedly brings an evocative luxury to your garden and creates a special idyll. An outdoor bed promises a relaxing and somehow fairytale sheep in the open air. It provides security, guarantees comfort and is the perfect retreat in the outdoor area.

Stylish four-poster bed for garden made of different materials

baumstämme-linen bed-garden-table

Anyone who has already opted for a four-poster bed for the garden faces a large selection of four-poster beds with different designs. For the construction of the four-poster bed, the most diverse materials are used today. From wood, to metal, to rattan, the variety ranges. The deciding factor for your choice should of course be your taste in the first place. Also consider what effect you want to achieve with a four-poster bed for the garden. On the one hand, you have to decide from which material the bedstead should be made and on the other hand, from which fabric the bedstead should be made.


A four-poster bed for wooden garden fits in every way to the outside area. Wooden garden furniture fits well into the natural environment and looks natural, natural and cozy. Whether you choose bedsteads made of slats, whole tree trunks or a bamboo bed is entirely up to you. A metal four-poster bed, for example, is very sturdy, sturdy and durable. Metal canopy beds are very stylish and spread a nostalgic look. Bed frames made of metal are particularly suitable for outdoor use, as metal is a bit more weather-resistant than wood. If you opt for a wooden frame, you must inform yourself about water-repellent paint or glaze.


The possibilities for designing the sky of the outdoor bed are very diverse. Depending on the way you use the fabric, the look of the four-poster bed for the garden and, accordingly, the atmosphere changes accordingly. For example, you can only leave the canopy on the top of the bedstead while leaving the sides free. You can either pull the fabric tight or let it hang loose. If you want to have a decent sky, you can only lay individual pieces of fabric over narrow parts of the four-poster bed like a throw.


If you want to have an unrestricted view of the stars and the moon, you can leave the roof free and attach the fabric only to the sides of the bed or just at the corners of the bedstead. When choosing fabrics for the sky of the bed their properties and appearance are important. If you want to give your four-poster bed for garden a certain lightness, you can opt for transparent and lightweight fabrics such as voile.

garden-liege-poster bed-garden furniture

Fabrics that give the feeling of security and feel more comfortable are the heavy fabrics. They are more opaque and handy and also fall nice. Matte fabrics provide a natural look while shiny fabrics radiate cool elegance. As far as the color of the textiles is concerned, you can opt for lighter or darker fabrics to your heart’s content. Brighter fabrics give the canopy bed a summery, fresh and cheerful look.

Covered bed in the garden

garden-poster bed pillows Fence

A bed in the garden can also be in a garden pavilion. Of course, a covered outdoor bed does not mean that you can not enjoy the pleasant summer nights. This roof provides you with UV protection and is weather-resistant. If bad weather threatens or if it dries slightly outside, you are protected under the roof of the bed. If it is too humid at night, they should bring the textiles into the house overnight.


You can decorate a bed in the garden according to your own ideas and give it a very personal touch. You can equip the lying surface with colorful cushions or modern upholstery and make the outdoor bed particularly comfortable. It is up to you which pattern mix you choose for the decoration and in which style you design the bed. Cuddly blankets look beautiful and offer gentle warmth. Soft skins make the bed in the garden a retreat where you can spend most of the year.

Build outdoor bed yourself

pillow-wood bed-outdoor curtains

For example, design your outdoor bed with an airy fabric or colored mosquito net and hang up small lanterns or wind chimes. You can also build a four-poster bed for your own garden. If you have enough space in your garden, nothing stands in the way of making a comfortable bed. The Euro pallets, for example, are an ideal building material for various garden furniture, lounge furniture or plant help. The reusable pallets are inexpensive to purchase and have the advantage that they are of standardized dimensions.


For the outdoor wooden pallet, you will need at least two pallets, depending on your size, on which you will place a mattress of the appropriate size. With a little craftsmanship and clear idea of ​​what the unique bed for the outdoor area should look like, you can enjoy your lunch break in the fresh air or relax undisturbed and sunbathe and enjoy the great weather.

garden-bed-pillows rattan-lanterns

You can also build an outdoor bed for your garden or terrace from wooden boards yourself. As mentioned above, it is important that you use wood for the bed frame that has been weatherproofed for outdoor use. Take wooden boards of different thicknesses that you can cut to size in the hardware store. For the outer frame are broad boards and for the base narrower wooden boards.

outdoor bed-canopy pillows

To build the bed box you need nails, screws and corner joints. When the rectangular box is finished, you can nail the narrower boards across the bed. From right to left nailing the complete lying surface with boards. You will take over the function of the slatted frame. For your comfortable outdoor bed you can use a light mattress or even make a mattress yourself.

Hanging bed in the garden

garden-bed hang-tree-cushion

If you find light rocking motion pleasant and you want to rock yourself to sleep, you can hang up the self-made bedstead. If you have a covered part in the garden, you can attach the swinging bed to the beams of the roof with strong ropes or steel chains. You can attach the bed to a tree or to a metal frame that can be used to stretch a sky if necessary.

outdoor hanging bed pillows palette

Place a small garden table or occasional stool near the bed to store your drinks, books or magazines. If you build the bed yourself in the garden, you can attach a small shelf directly to the bedstead. Place two wooden slats on each edge without gaps and not like the other slats at regular intervals.

hanging bed-garden-wood bar

A swing-outdoor bed is undoubtedly the epitome of luxury and coziness. There you can enjoy the good weather for a longer time, read an exciting book or watch the stars at night. The completely relaxed hours in the cuddly bed in the garden will keep the daily noise and stress away from you. A swing bed can easily turn you into a comfortable sitting and reading corner and enjoy a glass of wine for two. You can equip the perfect garden furniture with backrests and make yourself comfortable outside.

bed-frame-wood-vibrating bed

If you have a pool in the garden, you can position your overhead bed in the immediate vicinity. This is the perfect spot for sunbathing, where you can rock and relax. The lounger next to the swimming pool is now only for you and your family, whenever you feel like hours of sunshine.

wood bed-garden-hanging-flower pots

What do you think of having a bed in the garden that you can easily adjust? A bed frame on wheels is a great purchase. When the temperature rises during the day, you can easily position the bed in the garden in a shady spot and enjoy the free time despite the hottest temperatures. For decorating the frame you can choose what you like. Likewise, you can always arrange for new decoration. Tealights and potted plants are great decoration elements, for example.

Elegant garden lounge bed

rattan-veranda-lying bed

If you would like to have a comfortable bed in the garden that impresses with a modern and chic look, then perhaps outdoor lounge furniture is for you. Such an elegant lounge bed invites you to linger and enjoy in the summery days with a southern touch. The modern lounges are made of a weather-resistant poly rattan weave supported by a sturdy aluminum frame.

swimming pool-rattan bed-garden

The garden lounge furniture can also be stored outdoors without any problems since they are resistant to corrosion. Regardless of whether you decide on just one outdoor bed or prefer an entire furniture group consisting of a lounge table, bench, armchair and lounger, lounge furniture is always something special.

Modern courtyard garden – a place to relax and entertain

modern-garden-courtyard-are-plant-concrete tiles and fresh

This modern one Garden in the courtyard was by landscape architects Secret Gardens of Sydney designed. The design was family-friendly and pleasantly developed. The ideal place where parents can relax and chat while their three little children play and romp about in complete delight. In the following gallery you can take a closer look at the successful garden design. You may even find some ideas and suggestions that you can implement in your own garden.

Gorgeous courtyard garden – A project in Australia

modern-garden-patio-pool-are-design-minimalist-rush-wall-face protection

The front garden offers a stylishly designed entrance with a striking water feature and dramatic planting. The backyard has various interacting levels for the children including wooden platforms, stairs and built-in seats. The interior flows seamlessly into the courtyard and outside area. The 287 m² area is divided into different areas, including an outdoor kitchen, dining area and lounge.

Mediterranean charm

modern-garden-patio-pool-terracotta garden furniture-wood-upholstered cushion-Mediterranean

This area has a Mediterranean flair, which is mainly achieved by the red-brown stones and the terracotta planter. The wooden furniture adds to this charm, although they have a more modern design.

Wooden privacy screen is needed

modern-garden-courtyard-face protection-fence-panels-sitzecke

Another seating area is located on one of the house façades and was entirely made of wood except for the floor. This includes a modern corner seat with colorful throw pillows and a pink coffee table that exude Moroccan charm and make for good mood. A high privacy fence provides privacy while relaxing. In this seating area was also thought of the children and attached a swing on the canopy.

Garden design with privacy shield made of wood and book trees

modern-garden-courtyard-boxwood-concrete tiles-face protection-creeper-couch

Modern will be in this area. Elements in concrete look are combined with a natural garden design. To relax, a modern corner couch in gray color, while the garden lighting makes the garden look very charming even at night.

Garden in the courtyard – lounge area

patio garden patio sofa seat cushions wood floor wall sconces

The front yard with a dramatic water feature

garden design water fountain fountain gravel screen

Zen ambience with fountain and nice lighting

modern garden in courtyard water feature zen stones plant

Sculptures and children toys in the garden

garden boxwood hedges outdoor kitchen grill area sculptures

large area for relaxing and entertaining

garden terrace dining area privacy palm container

Mosaic tiles and floor lights

garden courtyard terrace wood floor wall mosaic floor lights palms

Entrance to the house

garden in the courtyard bamboo plants entrance walkway children toys cars

garden patio design wall lights sofa terrace underfloor lights

garden patio interior design integrated sofa pillows wood floorboards

Balcony »Place miniature gardens in planters on the balcony – short instructions

miniature gardens in planter garden idea hause greeting idea

If you live in a small city apartment far from the expanse of green meadows, have no large garden and little space for large plants, then the Miniature gardens in planters on the balcony the best choice. Some people have even developed their love of small gardens in full-time hobbies, while others create these little terrariums as projects for their children. If you are interested in the miniature gardens in planters, then here are a few steps for beginners.

Miniature gardens in planters – Tropical flair

miniature gardens in planters tropical flair sand wood bench pebbles

→ First, decide if your Mini garden indoors or outdoors, as this has an impact on plant varieties. Some plants need hours of direct sunlight and heat and can only thrive outdoors, while some plants grow only inside. Remember that the plants should be tiny.

Miniature gardens in planters – idea with tree bark

miniaturgaerten in Pflanzkuebeln tree bark idea succulent moss

→ Second, choose the appropriate planter. You can use planters and flowerpots or even aquariums and fishbowl. Feel free to be creative as long as the container has drainage holes.

Succulents for the miniature garden

miniature gardens in planters house garden path stones pebbles succulents wall

→ Next, fill the chosen planter with potting soil and carefully plant your small plants. As with the large garden, make sure the plants each have plenty of room for the roots. Cut the plants regularly to avoid the plants becoming too big for the vessel.

Park theme

miniature gardens in planters park theme pond bench blue bonsai

→ Finally, add some nice adornments. Find miniature garden gnomes, benches and chairs, tiny tools, pebbles and gravel for the sidewalks, small statues and other items to complement your little mini garden. To ensure a long and happy life for your small miniature gardens in planters, be sure to water them regularly and keep them away from inquisitive pets.

Create miniature gardens in planters – with beach theme

Miniature garden planter beach small adirondack chair

Minigarten in clay pot

clay pot minigarts plant small figures

Minigarten in wine barrel

Miniature gardens in wine barrel create ideas

Design miniature gardens yourself

Miniature gardens in planters stones plant deco

small yellow wheelbarrow

Miniature gardens Planter wheelbarrow picket fence

Miniature gardens in planters – gravel and shells

Miniature gardens Planters mussels dekogras

Pine cones and branches

Miniature gardens Planters pine tree branches

Driftwood and moss

Miniature gardens Planters moss pond wood

Mini house

Miniature gardens Planters house picket fence white

Small terrace with privacy

Miniature gardens Planters colorful park mini lounger

Miniature garden in teacup

Miniature gardens teacup mini garden tools

gravel path

Miniature gardens Planters balcony walkway mushrooms chicks

Miniature gardens in planters clay pots river trees

Home & Garden »Feeding place for butterflies make for the garden

feeding place for butterflies flower-nectar-meadow-garden

Imagine a garden fuller butterflies in front! Is not that a great idea? But if you do not want to plant certain flowers for this purpose, which also require more or less care, we have found the perfect alternative. Why only feed the birds in the winter with a birdhouse, if you can do the same for the butterflies in the summer? With a Feeding place for butterflies You can watch these enchanting creatures and enjoy their grace.

Build feeding place for butterflies yourself

feeding place-butterflies-child-tinker-string-flower-garden-hang up

The feeding station for butterflies also ensures that a larger number of butterfly species visit your garden. You will be amazed at how many different species there are in your area that you did not know about. If you now feel like equipping your garden with such a feeding station, you can either buy a finished one or make one yourself. In this article we have a simple guide, thanks to which you will find the perfect DIY Feeding place from a few items, which you have for the most part even in the house can produce.

Feeding point for butterflies from a mason jar

feeding place-butterflies-materials-scissors-cord-Einweckglas-tinker

You need for the Futterstelle for butterflies:
– small mason jar with lid
– Scissors
– sponge or cotton wool
– Line
– Sugar
– Water
– possibly felt or balsa wood in drop form

Prepare macrame

feeding place-butterflies-preserving jar Idea yarn-guide

You need a piece of string. The length should be at least three times as large as the length of the mason jar. Use this string to create the macrame, which you can use to hang up the mason jar to feed butterflies later.

tie knots

feeding place-butterflies-string-tie-diy-project

The pretty pattern of the macrame is created in principle thanks to the knots that are bound. For this reason, this is also the next step for the feeding station for butterflies. Start with a knot around the neck of the mason jar. This should be tied so that the string ends remain the same length.

Feeding point for hanging

feeding place-butterflies-just-garden-accessory-hang

Repeat this three more times with the knots approximately equidistant from each other. Above you can see how the string for the feeding place for butterflies should finally be bound.

Craft idea for the garden

feeding place-butterflies-knot-selbermachen-macrame-simple-manual

Turn the mason jar upside down. This is also the position in which it is later hung in the form of a feeding place for butterflies. At a length of 2.5 cm tie another knot. Repeat this three more times, creating a second row of knots.

Complete with the node

feeding place-butterflies-macrame-make-glass-accessory-idee

Only the last row is missing. This should be at the level of the bottom of the mason jar. The remains of the string do not cut off, but use to hang the feeding place for butterflies to any place in the garden or on the terrace, the Bakon or the porch.

Finish feeding station

feeding place-butterflies-lid-hole cotton-nectar-sugar-water

Now take the lid. Pierce or drill a hole in the middle, through which you then stick a piece of cotton wool. Before you screw the lid on the glass, prepare the food for the feeding place for butterflies. Mix with water and sugar to get a sweet sugar water. This will fill the lid, which you then screw to the glass. The cotton wool is now soaking up the water and will soon attract the first butterflies.

Plate as feeding place

Make-feeding place-butterflies-ton-shell-flowers-yourself

You may also like to use a plate to make a feeding place for butterflies. There you can not only put in different sweet fruits, but also make the surface with other things. Blossoms, whether real or artificial, are a great idea and make the feeding site even more likeable.

Hang plate

feeding place-butterflies-teller-plastic-idea-pearl-colored-banana

The string that you use to hang butterflies can be decorated with pearls to add some extra color. As you may know, butterflies love everything that is sweet. So ripe bananas or strawberries are a great choice when it comes to butterflies.

Feeding point for butterflies made of glass

feeding place-butterflies-glass-deco Candlestick craft idea

As mentioned earlier, you can use various household items that you no longer use to make a feeding place for butterflies. Combine, for example, a mason jar with an old, glass candlestick. Glue the latter headfirst with silicone on the mason jar and use the foot as a plate for the food. You are also welcome to decorate this feeding place by sticking or painting on it.

House for butterflies

feeding place-butterflies-craft-inspiration-scratch-wood

If you are skilled in craftsmanship, you can also make a nice feeding place for butterflies made of wood. Narrow cracks serve as an entrance and exit, while inside the lining is. In this way, you also offer the pretty butterflies a night’s lodging, where they can rest.

Feeding place with landing place

feeding place-butterflies-advanced-artisan-wood-design-land site

You can easily design the entrance to the feeding station for butterflies by simply placing some bars in front of the hole with a small distance to each other. If you plan to grow a landing site, consider opening a bowl. You can then prepare the food in it.

Feeding point in birdhouse optics

feeding place-for-butterflies-wood-house-yellow-paint-napf

If you like the designs of the birdhouses, just use them for feeding butterflies. However, the cottage with shelter should be slightly smaller. Trays that can be taken are handy as they are easier to wash.

Sponge and landing pad

feeding place-butterflies Sponge yellow Canopy shells

A simple and simple design for the feeding place for butterflies can be seen in this example. The idea can also try beginners. The long, yellow sponge can be soaked in sugar water to attract butterflies. The small bowls in the landing site serve the same purpose.

Feeding point for butterflies made of wire

feeding place-butterflies-spiral-drhat-tinker-orange-idee

Even easier than the idea with the mason jar is this. Use ordinary wire for the feeding station for butterflies. He also likes to have a nice color. It is shaped into a spiral that narrows downwards. In it you can now stow any fruits. Do not forget to change them regularly. The butterflies need fresh, juicy fruit. On dried out they do not find favor.

Form a flower

feeding place-for-butterflies-wired-flower-form glass-bowl-beet-deco

But wire can also be shaped into other things. How about, for example, with such a flower as feeding place for butterflies. These can then be stuck in the ground and spice up a flowerbed even more. In the middle, leave a hole for a small dish, into which you can place a sponge with sugar water or fruit.

Idea with plastic cups

feeding place for butterflies mug-plastic-tubes-nectar

Following a similar principle, this simple feeding place is also made for butterflies. You need plastic cups that should not be too deep. Such rolls, in which you feed the food, mimic, in a sense, a flower in which the butterflies give their proboscis to soak up the food. The feeding station becomes even more authentic in this way.

Finished feeding site

feeding place-butterflies-vintage-elegant-idea-metal-plate-preserving jar

Finished feeding stations are available in various variants. So if you do not feel like it or just do not have time to build a feeding station for butterflies, you can always use this option. In the end, you get the desired effect either way: Countless butterflies in the garden.

Camping »Camping Tips – find the right place for caravan or tent

Lakeside tents beautiful nature ideas

Learn some important ones Camping Tips and tricks so you can put your tent or caravan in the most convenient position.

Camping tips for beginners – the outward journey

Caravan Camping Tips Tricks Outbound

Camping Tips for the outward journey – driving a caravan can be a challenge to reach the campsite. For safety, you can always see if the campsite does not suggest a route. If this is not the case, you can join one camping Guides find the directions.

Camping Tips – find the right place to build a tent

Campsite camp France ideas under palm trees

You have already reached the campsite and now have to decide where to pitch your tent or park your caravan. If you need more privacy, avoid the bathrooms and toilets. On the other hand, you have to expect that you almost always have to wait in line because of the distance from the sanitary areas. Camping Tips for families with children – park near the playground when you’re camping with toddlers – this way, you’ll always keep track. If you like to go camping, you can set up the tent between buildings so that you always have protection from the wind. Take care of the landscape. Avoid placing the tent or caravan under trees. The grass is often not up to it because it stands in the shade of the tree, tree branches can fall on the tent, and birds can leave small presents on the caravan. The trees are dripping long after it stops raining.

Camping tips and tricks for camping in the open air

Tents mountains terrain find tips

Find a flat terrain if you can. That means easy caravan parking and tent construction. Rainwater has to find a drain way – make sure you do not get in the way. This is really important if you have top-hung windows. Always prepare in advance – and insurance will really make it easier for you to drive. In this way you will always be able to find help along the way. Charge your phone completely before you leave – and bring your car charger with you.

Forest camp spring holiday ideas

Beach camping place tips camping

Camping Tips Beach Surfing Ideas

Night camping hell wonderful camping experiences

free sky tents ideas beautiful landscape

camp snow winter mountain sunset

Tents Glacier Iceland evening lighting

Camping free sky night camping tips

Tent building lighting mountains

camping weekend getaway friends experiences

Camping in the middle of nature tent mountains

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Pergola & Gazebo »Set up a conservatory – which plants will find a place there

keep temperature plants glass ceiling

How to set up a conservatory and what plants there can find – this and much more in the article! There is a distinction between cold conservatories, temperate and warm conservatories. Depending on the temperature, therefore, only certain plants can find a suitable place in it.

In a winter garden can spend many beautiful hours – and also in the cold season. But if this is not set up appropriately, it will not create any atmosphere. In any case, appropriate seating belong in there. Plants are also a detail that is indispensable when setting up a conservatory. But not all plants will stay in every conservatory. The temperatures in the conservatory are decisive for this.

Warm conservatory set up. – Photo by: Shirley

set up palm man flowers plant species

Ferns or tree ferns are, as I said, a way to populate your garden or conservatory with plants. These have some interesting features. They have been around for 200 million years and fern species can withstand down to minus 10 to 12 degrees as well as warm temperatures. But when casting it is important to note. Instead of pouring the water into the pot, ferns must be poured from above. The reason for this is that the root is in the trunk itself. This also explains why you can simply cut off a fern that has grown too large and replant the cut part. The conservatory decorate with tree fern So it can be a good idea.

If you want to set up a warm conservatory, it must constantly maintain a temperature of more than 18 degrees. Such conservatories are usually in a shadow position, so that heating is necessary. Plants that bloom year-round, therefore, find it a reasonable place. These include, for example, the Brazilian guava, which is known under the technical term Acca sellowiana, the acerola cherry, which is also referred to as Malpighia glabra, the mango, referred to as Mangifera indica, the hibiscus or the tree fern, all of which feel comfortable in such an environment would. The tree fern is referred to by the technical term Dicksonia squarrosa.

Cold conservatory set up

cold temperature indoors at home Photo by: Hans

Who wants to set up cold conservatory, must ensure a temperature -5 to 5 degrees. These conditions usually speak in favor of an orientation of the conservatory to the south. In such an atmosphere feel for example Mediterranean plants like the Mediterranean cypress, for which the technical term Cupressus sempervirens stands, the stone lime, which is also called Phillyrea angustifolia, the Olive or also the Olea europea, the rockrose, the Schmucklilie and also the banana shrub well.

Temperate conservatory set up Photo by: mary

Flower care tips types Palm man

Conservatories, which are tempered, usually have a temperature of 5 to 15 degrees. These are usually oriented to the south, east or west. So much light hits such winter gardens. Due to the prevailing temperatures and light conditions plants bloom very well. Above all, plants that originate from South America or South Africa feel comfortable in such an environment. Examples of such plants are: The cylinder cleaner, also known as Callistemon, the Canary flower, the Sesbanie, with the technical name Sesbania punicea named, the Blauflügelchen, the violet bush or the bird of paradise flower.

Each winter garden can therefore be planted differently. It is only important to match the preferences of the plants and the conditions of your own conservatory!

Gazebo set up flowers care tips