Practical multifunctional interior ideas for a small apartment

stool table setting up ideas for small apartment

If you have a limited living space, that puts some creative Interior ideas With dual function ahead. Look at these suggestions on how to use a living space or a piece of furniture in the small apartment multifunctional. The limited living space features some creative ideas and designer solutions. Release your imagination and make the most of your small apartment.

Interior ideas for living room and guestroom combination

Room double function interior ideas for small apartment

The multifunctional Interior ideas can be a good one application If you want to transform the small living room into a guest room. Make a pullout couch. This will save you the need for a bed. A coffee table with metal frame construction looks chic and saves a lot of space. Small stools and throw pillows can replace the chairs successfully. In this way, you will not only save a lot of space, but also decorate the room nicely.

Interior ideas for a well-organized storage room

TV hiding furnishing ideas for small apartment

The Interior ideas for a small room presupposed a well-organized storage room. Buy a practical shelving system with many drawers and cabinets, where you can turn off all the items you want. It would be particularly convenient if the TV fits on the shelf and can hide the screen by means of a sliding door.

Use the jewelry box for TV operation

stock box furnishing ideas for small apartment

CD deposition system installed in the drawer

cd drawer cabinet furnishing ideas for small apartment

Combine living room and dining room

Dining room living room furnishing ideas for small apartment

Multifunctional living room for the small house

Living room coffee table interior ideas for small apartment

Use the upholstered stool as a coffee table

orange nuances furnishing ideas for small apartment

Blue furniture furnishing ideas for small apartment

Room divider shelf interior ideas for small apartment

A practical shelf in the bedroom

shelf bedroom interior ideas for small apartment

Combine bedroom and study

bedroom study interiors ideas for small apartment

Practical and elegant turntable with round shape

Rotary bathroom furnishing ideas for small apartment

Gardening »Gardening in spring – practical list for the gardeners

gardening spring checklist for gardener spring

Check out these useful tips for the Gardening in the spring , The simple and practical checklist will help you with your future gardening activities.
To be with the Gardening in the spring Start by checking for any growth signs first. Did you forget to plant snow crocus in autumn? If not, cut out magnolia branches for your house to get a taste of spring.

Gardening in spring – Prepare the plant beds

gardening spring checklist for gardeners new bed

Remove the winter Mulch, or if not the whole layer, then at least the upper level. Also take care of the leaves and fertilizer.

Cutting off the plants – gardening in spring

gardening spring checklist for gardener cropping

An essential part of the Gardening in the spring is the cutting off. Now is the time to cut off the fruit trees if you did not do that in the winter. Do that before the trees bloom.

Carry out basic care

gardening spring checklist for gardener equipment

Check the masonry for frost breaks. Clean the sun terrace and do any repairs.

Plant the seeds in the house. You spent the winter reading about gardening and sowing. Now you can try something.

Plant vegetables

gardening in spring checklist for gardener pot

Winter-proof vegetables such as onions, potatoes, artichokes and some kinds of salad should now be planted.

Separate the perennial plants. Before the plants have started to grow, it is a good time to separate the perennial plants.

Build new plant beds

gardening spring checklist for gardener plant bed

For the successful Gardening in the spring you should also build new plant beds. This year you can plant a groundcover with annuals and perennials.

You can stop feeding the birds. Remove the feeders and store them until autumn.

Enjoy the spring landscape

gardening spring checklist for gardener flowers

Decide to plant more spring flower bulbs from flowering plants in the fall.

Remove the withered blossoms from the spring flower bulbs. Drop the leaves and do not remove them.

Go shopping

gardening spring checklist for gardeners horticulture

Buy seeds and plant species. Choose those that have not blossomed yet.

Cut off the spring flower bushes

gardening in spring checklist for gardener care

Remove the fallen flowers and sick branches to refresh the bushes.

Plant winter-proof annual plants

gardening spring checklist for gardener planting

Put the seeds outside in the garden or peat them.

Put more mulch

gardening in spring checklist for gardener tulips

This advice is important for the Gardening in the spring because you will have less weeds in the summer.

Build a wine box table – 12 practical DIY ideas and building instructions

Table made of wine boxes diy-living-room-table-bin

You find the ordinary furniture from the furniture store too boring and do not want to spend a lot of money on designer furniture, then you can simply build unique pieces of furniture yourself. That’s what often happens pallets or various wooden boxes, such as fruit or wine crates used. On Table made of wine boxes can give any room charm and can be built in a few steps. Here are a few DIY projects for different tables that you can build yourself from wine boxes. Be inspired and furnish your apartment individually and elegantly.

Table made of wine boxes as a unique piece of furniture

Table of wine boxes side table metal legs shelf diy

Do you want to build furniture from wine boxes yourself, then you can use both new and used wooden boxes. The used wine boxes have some signs of use, such as cracks and dents, but look really charming and elegant. If the box also has a stamp or imprint, then the self-made furniture also get a unique vintage look. With new wine boxes, on the other hand, you can design modern furnishings for your living room or bedroom yourself.

Practical table made of wine crates – side table with storage space

Wine box table side table-bin-bookcase

The wine crate furniture is a practical piece of furniture especially for the small apartment, as it provides additional storage space for storing various items. Two wine boxes, whose bottoms are screwed together, create an elegant side table, which also serves as a shelf. This makes a nice and practical idea for the hallway or the bedroom.

Build a coffee table from wine boxes yourself

Table of wine boxes roll-build-bin-plants

From old wooden boxes you can also build beautiful coffee tables for the living room. You can use either four or six fruit or wine boxes. Four square boxes of wine can be used to build a square coffee table that offers plenty of storage space. The table of wine boxes can be colored as desired and built on wheels as desired.

Required materials for a table made of wine boxes

Table made of wine crates build-materials-wooden-box-plywood-plate

A coffee table made of wine boxes is a good furnishing idea for large or small living rooms. The materials you need for this DIY project are four wine boxes, a wooden plate, wood screws and a cordless screwdriver. If desired, you can still get furniture rolls to build the table on wheels. With sandpaper and wood stain you can also treat the wine boxes beforehand, so they fit better with your interior.

Correctly arrange wine crates for a coffee table

table-wine crate-built wooden crates-right-rank

To build a table made of wine boxes, you should arrange the boxes properly. All four boxes are placed to the side with the floor inside. If you have arranged the boxes correctly, there will be a gap in the middle. Depending on the size of the boxes, the resulting gap will also vary in size.

Dye and varnish wine boxes

table-wine crate-own-build-wine crate-paint

If you have decided to stain or dye the wine crates, you should do so before assembling. First, the boxes should be cleaned of dust and dirt. Then they can be dyed or treated with wood stain. To seal the paint and protect the surface from moisture and mildew, treat the boxes with paint, wax or wood oil.

Assemble table from wine boxes

build-bauanleitung wooden crates-screw table-wine crate-

If the wine boxes have dried well after processing, you can start with the assembly. The boxes are first screwed together and then bolted to the wooden plate. Use so much screws that the wooden boxes are firmly against each other and do not wobble.

Wine crates table on wheels

table-wine crate-roll-plywood sheet-wheel screw

If you want to build the table from wine boxes with castors, then they should first be screwed to the plywood board. You need a total of four rollers that are to be screwed tightly to the four corners. It’s best to use furniture casters with brakes. Finally, screw the wine boxes and the plywood board together. Use at least two screws per side for each.

Table of wine boxes with shelf

table-wine crate face-install-center-measure-regal-

You can either leave the gap in the center of the coffee table made of wine crates and fill it with decoration of your choice or make it as a shelf. To use the surface, you should first measure it and cut a suitable wooden plate for it. The plate can then be installed using four mounting brackets in the gap.

Coffee table made of wine crates with storage space

table-wine crate-build-living room table-bin-orchid

The storage space in the middle of the coffee table is perfect for indoor plants, candles or for storing various items, such as the remote control for the TV. You can still store books, newspapers and magazines in the wine boxes.

Table made of wine boxes in line with the decor

table-wine crate-build-blue-paint-living room-design

If the look or color of the old wine crates simply does not match your decor, you do not have to give up the idea for a table made of wine boxes. Just find a color that suits the interior and color the table accordingly. It should not always be wood look.

Vintage table from wine boxes

table-wine crate-build-vintage deco Candles

The wine boxes with stamps from the appropriate winery have a beautiful vintage look and are perfect for a nostalgic interior. The inscriptions in elegant fonts give a retro flair and are perfect for a romantic ambience in your own home.

Wine box table with glass top for easier cleaning

table-wine crate-coffee table-glass top-living room

If you want a coffee table with a smooth surface, which is easy to clean, then you can put a matching glass plate on the table of wine boxes. First measure the table and order a glass plate with rounded edges. To balance the level, you can place small cork tiles between the wood and the glass.

Who wants to give the living room a new, fresh look, can build a table of wine boxes and spice it up with a personal motif. For a very individual and unique look you need an aluminum dibond plate with a desired motif of your choice. You will also need four wine boxes, a carrier plate, four rolls, screws, drill and cordless screwdriver. In the first step you bring the rollers on the underside of the carrier plate. Mount the rollers just near the edge of the plate so that the table is stable enough. Turn the plate over and place the boxes symmetrically with the open side facing outwards. The support plate should be so large that the wine crates are not leaning against each other. In this way you get an extra stauram. The gaps between the wine boxes are particularly well suited for magazines and books. Screw the boxes to the carrier plate and fasten the aluminum dibond plate.

Living room table with six wine crates build

table-wine crate-coffee table-white-paint-living room table

Apart from a square table, wine boxes can also be used to build an elongated coffee table. This requires six instead of four wine crates, with the additional crates installed on two opposite sides. Apart from the different order of wooden boxes, the construction manual for this wine box table is the same as explained above.

Practical table made of wine boxes for the living room

table-wine crate-living room table-practical-idea-bin

With a longer wine crate coffee table you get even more storage space in the living room. To fix several items, you can also buy matching storage boxes for the wine boxes. This is how the room looks tidy and you always have your items at hand.

Build table from wine crates – bedside table

table-wine crate-bedside-wood-table lamp Flowers

From old wine boxes you can build not only practical coffee tables for the living room, but also elegant bedside tables. They are perfect for the area next to the bed and provide enough space for the table lamp, book and personal items. The table of wine boxes can be built arbitrarily large so that it fits the height of the bed.

Materials for the nightstand made of wine boxes

table-wine crate-bedside-own-build-paint

For this simple DIY project for bedside table you only need wine boxes with lids and possibly even wood stain. Cheap wine boxes can be found for example at wine shops or on the Internet. In order for the boxes to fit into your interior, you can also paint them in this case. The painted wine crates should dry well before assembly, which works best outdoors, for example on the balcony.

Assemble painted wine boxes

table-wine crate-build-bedside wooden crates-paint

To build the bedside table, you can simply stack the wine boxes with lids on top of each other. Since the construction is not stable in this way, it would be better to attach the individual boxes together with a few wood screws.

Bedside table made of wine boxes for the bedroom

table-wine crate-bedroom-nightstand-practical

The nightstand made of wine boxes is a practical and inexpensive idea for the bedroom, which does not take too much time and still looks really stylish. The resulting surface is perfect for your personal items such as jewelery and mobile phone, and there is still room for the table lamp and or for decoration.

Build bedside table with shelf yourself

table-wine crate-bedside-own-build-creative-idea

Even from just one wine box, you can conjure up roomy wonder for the apartment. For this bedside table you need a single wine box with lid, four small table legs made of steel, a cordless screwdriver, screws and mounting brackets.

Polish table from wine boxes

table-wine crate-own-build-wooden box-paint

First, the wine box is polished with a matching wax, so that the wood gets the popular aged look. If desired, the inner back can be decorated with fabric or wrapping paper of any pattern. The exact design you choose yourself.

Install shelf

table-wine crate-bedside-regal-own-build-guide

From the lid of the wine box then a shelf and a lower table top are built for more storage space. To fix the shelf in the box, you can either use screws or the mounting brackets. So you get a bedside table, which has two tabletops and two shelves – enough space for books, the tablet and everything you want to have at hand.

Tighten table legs

table-wine crate-bedside-build-legs-screw

The last step is to fasten the legs of the bedside table. It is best to use table legs with screws, as they are easily mounted. If you want to give the room a natural flair, you can also attach wooden legs and create a uniform look in this way. A wine box you can also put on stilt tents and use as a practical chest of drawers. When you have all four table legs screwed in, the bedside table is finished from a wine box.

Build a side table with legs

table-wine crate-build-guide-side table-legs

In a similar way, a side table made of wine box can be built. The box can also be individually and creatively decorated to bring it into harmony with the decor. For wine boxes with handles, you can, for example, use some yarn in a suitable color and wrap the handles with it. The color selection is of course up to you. A great design comes when you paint the Handmade Side Table only from the outside in a color of your choice. A white coat gives your creation a modern and elegant touch, while the unprocessed inside of the wine box exudes a natural charm. Great color pattern is also created by stroking the table legs and the wine box in contrasting colors. Let your creativity run wild!

DIY furniture from wine boxes for a nice interior

table-wine crate-wood crate-side table-bin-legs

The finished wine box table can be used as a shelf and side table and is perfect for stowing various items. For example, you can use the inside of the box as a small bookshelf and decorate the table top with beautiful indoor plants and decorations.

DIY table made of wine boxes – side table

table-wine crate-build-storage space-frame-tube-weinkiste

As another creative and affordable idea for a side table made of wooden boxes, we present the following DIY project. For this purpose, again, only a single wooden box is used, from which one can build the side table with storage space itself. However, in this case, the table legs are also built themselves and that of copper tubes.

Side table made of wine boxes and tubes

table-wine crate-side table-own-build-tube

From copper tubes of various sizes, a frame for the side table is built. For a pipe cutter, pipe angle, T-tube angle and screws are still necessary. To harmonize with the wood type of the wine box, the tubes can be dyed with a suitable spray paint. The finished wine box table is perfect for a rustic interior and becomes a real eye-catcher in every room.

From fruit or wine boxes, you can design a practical and very stylish desk. So you will save money and have a unique eye-catcher in the room. For the timeless design you need a total of eight boxes. The legs of the original desk are made from two wine boxes each. They just have to be screwed together. The boxes are a convenient storage space where you can store books, important documents and various office supplies. Plus, you have everything you need within reach. Then attach a wooden board and finally place two boxes on each side of the table top. Her wine box table turns into a multifunctional piece of furniture. The fruit boxes on your self-made desk can be used as practical shelves that provide sufficient space for office supplies, documents and, of course, unanimous decoration.

Such a table is suitable for both the interior and the exterior. For example, if you are a passionate gardener you can use this attractive and comfortable table as a practical planting table. For hobby gardeners, this table is a great helper. There is storage space for garden utensils, tools, work gloves and rubber boots. The potting of your plants, as well as the pruning or watering can also be done comfortably on the wide table top. Let your creativity run free and decorate the gardening table according to your own imagination. For example, put flowering and fragrant plants on the table and turn it into a unique flower exhibition. A new coat of paint gives your plant table a fresh touch and sets colorful accents in the garden. Small decorative ceramic towers or lanterns will also find their place there.

Fashion »25 Summer Outfits with Shorts – Practical and elegant

Summer outfits with shorts -black-white-stripes-blouse-pattern-print-yellow-elegant

It’s summer and fashion should be practical, airy and comfortable. What is more practical than the shorts? Summer outfits with shorts There is something for every taste. Whether it’s fancy, sporty or in the form of denim pants that fit in any travel bag or elegant, with a feminine cut and a high waist, suitable for the business look , the shorts are multi-faceted with all sorts of lengths and designs. In this 2015 season, they are casually cut and put the focus on the waist.

Summer Outfits with Shorts – Casual with a feminine cut

Summer outfits with shorts-high-waist-black-white-espadrilles

Short pants with a high waistline emphasize the female contours of the woman with a slim waist and round hips. Although they are trousers, they look very feminine and make the legs look longer. Combined with high heels or heeled sandals, these shorts are sure to make you look elegant. As top It’s best to choose a silhouette and airy fabrics. Not too short pants and blazers in restrained tones or in the same color make up a tasteful, feminine suit.

Summer outfits with shorts made of jeans, fabric or leather

25 summer outfits with shorts -miranda-kerr-daily-jeans-pattern-ballerinas-blouse

Celebrities like Rihanna, Miranda Kerr and Beyoncè like the shorts and dress them at every opportunity. The looks are different depending on your mood and occasion. It makes it clear how many combinations are possible with other parts and shoes, ultimately creating very versatile looks.

Beyoncè with short high waisted leather pants in pink

Summer outfits with shorts -beyonce-pink-leather-highheels-pocket-green

Kate Upton – High waist with embellishments accentuates the curves of the female body

25 summer outfits with shorts-high-waist-kate-upton-blouse-stripe-black-white

Rihanna is always attracted especially attractive – Here with ultra short, torn jeans and jacquard coat

Summer outfits with shorts -rihanna-jeans-trousers-torn-coat-sandals-heels

Taylor Swift with ensemble of shorts and blazer in black and white

Summer outfits with shorts -taylor-swift-elegant-suit-blazer-black-white

Cool, everyday look with white airy shorts

Summer outfits with shorts -white-short-blouse-airy-back-espadrilles

A further cut conjures visually feminine curves

25 summer outfits with shorts -sede-gray-elegant-fashion-show-blouse-gray

Black and white patterns always stay trendy

summer outfits shorts-black-white-checkered-points-sandal-heels

Casual beach look with shorts and coat in airy fabric – Black with floral pattern

summer outfits shorts-black-white-silk-flower-pattern

Summer Outfits with Shorts – Experiment with fabrics, patterns and colors

summer outfits shorts-black-white-checkered-jeans-jacket-shirt

summer outfits shorts-black-white-modern-high-heels-blouse-white-wide

summer outfits shorts-pink-coral-color-blouse-blue-light-everyday

summer outfits shorts-red-top-colorful-pocket-sandallen-background-blue-green

summer outfits shorts-pink-pattern-ornaments-black blouse-and-white sandals and white

Summer outfits with shorts-pattern-ornaments-fabric-airy-light-boho

summer outfits shorts-modern-knee-long-short-elegant highheels-wide-upper part

summer outfits shorts-short-shorts-lace pink-pumps-delicately elegant

summer outfits-shortst-short white-jeans-high-waist-blouse-blue

summer outfits-shortst-knee-length yellow-sporty blouse-stripes-blue-white-black

summer outfits-shortst-jeans-torn blouse-and-white-sandals-highheels

summer outfits shorts-colored blouse-leather shoes-black-white

summer outfits-shortst-wide-baby blue-white-blouse-sandals-hair-short

summer outfits shorts-colorful-floral-pattern-tshirt-black chanel bag

summer outfits shorts-brown-beige-fray-dog-sandals-leather-jacket

summer outfits-shortst-blue blazer sandals suit elegant blond

Country style chest of drawers – Practical and multifaceted

Country style chest of drawers -white-bedroom-bedside-table-drapes-rustic-flower-vase-bed-linen

The dresser is a very practical piece of furniture that provides ample storage space for useful and decorative things while saving space. Functionally and multifaceted, it is used in every room, in every area. An old or intentionally outdated Country style chest of drawers looks very romantic and is considered a decorative, but also as an attention-oriented piece of furniture.

Country style chest of drawers – Practical and multifaceted

Country style chest of drawers -white-baby-room-changing-table-birlder-frame-letter-wall-color-green

On the shelf of a chest of drawers find many home accessories place. Often it is used as a side table in the living room, changing table in the baby room or, if it is smaller, used as bedside table next to the bed in the bedroom. It is simply comfortable, makes life easier and is an indispensable storage element in every home.

Country style chest of drawers – rustic and cozy

Country style dresser -white-terracotta-tone-amphora-pot-deco

Chests of drawers have been known to people since the 18th century, and their origins can be found in the former chests or cabinet cabinets. Today, the dresser is used as storage space in each area. He is often used for a niche in the hall, for the area under the stairs, for the kitchen for storing crockery, cutlery and tablecloths and also in the bathroom cabinet or used as a space-saving piece of furniture for towels and cosmetics.

The dresser is multi-faceted and can be found today in every shape, color and every budget. In our picture gallery you will find 25 uses and design ideas for the chest of drawers in country style.

25 design ideas

Country style dresser - living room mirror fronts-mirror-table-lamp-tea-picture

Dressers fit wonderfully in niches and save space

Country style chest of drawers - living room-black-style-mix-plank-floor-lamp-armchair-carpet

On a dresser many home accessories find space

Country style chest of drawers -white-living room-dining-table-chairs-wooden-floor-plank floor

Chest of drawers in the dining room for the storage of crockery, cutlery and tablecloths

Country style dresser -white-dining-table-chairs-window-lame-cozy

The wooden chest of drawers is easy to work on, renovate and repaint

Country style chest of drawers - blue-gray-living-room-table-lamp-sesel-dog-shoes-pictures

Old country chest of drawers in the bedroom

Country style chest of drawers -white-bedroom-obsolete-picture-baetwash-blanket-book-decor

Many variants of dressers in a room

Country style chest of drawers -white bedroom-furniture-bed-window-curtains-curtains

Wooden chest of drawers with rattan fronts

Country-style chest of drawers-wood-bedroom-mirror-bed-window-shutters

Rustic solid wood chest of drawers in the bedroom

Country style chest of drawers -wood-bedroom-bed-and-bedroom-floor-old-hotel-room

Renovated cabinet becomes a baby dresser and changing table

Country style chest of drawers -white-gray-babyroom-drawer-table-drawer-wood-floor-white-slant

White, simple chest of drawers with interesting handles in the baby room

Country style dresser -white-kids-room-handles-interesting-toys-changing-table

commode-country style-white-baby-changing table room-blue-chair-lamp

commode-country style-white-baby-room-maedchenzimmer wickeltisch-window-drawers-wall color pink

commode-country style-white-baby-room kiderbett-yellow-green-window-curtains

commode-country style-white-hallway-window-table lamp-sun-protection window roller blind

commode-country style-white-corridor-painted-decoration-flowers-wase-lichterkette-mirror

commode-country style-wood-and-white-floor-decoration Cage crown-flowers

corridor-figran-ornaments-decoration-wall color gray wallpaper chest-country style-turquoise-

commode-country style-wooden-floor-mirror-deco-drawers-numbered-typewriter

commode-country style-wooden-floor-Decoration-image-plant-old

commode-country style-bathroom-wess-double sink-mirror-ground-honeycomb structure

commode-country style-bathroom-under-cabinet basin-double sink-mirror-armature

Practical baby furniture design – creative idea of ​​Stokke and permafrost

System design different age baby toddler

The best Baby furniture design can greatly facilitate child care. Check out this creative idea for seating system that is suitable for both babies and toddlers.

Baby furniture design – Imaginative ideas are useful

Baby furniture stokke steps living room lounger baby dog

Children are growing so fast. Constantly you need to buy new baby and children’s accessories. In order to spare the parents all these difficulties, the Norwegian baby brand Stokke has come up with the original idea for an adjustable seating system. To secure both your own and the Comfort Your child from birth yet. The designer permafrost realized this idea and so came a strange masterpiece on the market. It is already available to customers. The upholstery is available in different colors. Sexy and practical – that’s the way to get the new one Baby furniture design describe. Modern high quality materials and intuitive operation are only a part of the proven advantages. Safety and comfort – exactly what your child needs right now.

Baby furniture design provides comfort and safety

Design kitchen adjustable functional furniture piece blue color

The new Baby furniture design contains the following – a baby bed that can become a reclining seat. If you attach the seat module to a chair, then you have a comfortable high chair for your toddler. The seating system can be placed anywhere – in living room or in the kitchen, so that you can do your job faster by observing the baby or child and having fun with it. The versatile design allows for the best sitting position depending on the age of the little one. The new design will help you care for the children. It turns out to be a worthwhile investment that would also save you a lot of money. Compact, practical and easy to use – functionality of the module impressed.

You can place the module anywhere

Design dining room base table chairs sitting together

The versatile construction is inspiring

versatile use blue padding beuem four variants

Baby goat in blue for boys

Baby furniture design practical baby couch comfort soft comfortable

The best seating for your child

Color children care practical sitting possibility easy

The model is available in many colors

tips design baby bed famous manufacturer idea permafrost

The most modern, highest quality materials are used

Baby furniture design diversity colors choice red girl

This baby furniture design provides comfort and safety

Design chair module toy tray wooden legs

So the care for the little ones is much easier

Baby furniture white wood material stable safe comfort

rear stokke norwegian baby brand designer permafrost

Baby furniture design details white high quality safety

seat system design adjustable age child construction ideas

Baby furniture tips idea designer material detail plan sitting

Baby furniture design many models colors adjustable variant

Landscaping »Building a garden wall – Practical ideas for individual garden design

garden wall build stone beige pebbles plant

Garden walls are definitely an asset to the garden. Who one Build garden wall wants, should first inform about the possible variants. There is something for every taste. Whether brick, concrete, natural stone, Drywall or Gabions, you have to choose a practical variant, depending on the specific function that you want to fulfill.

Building garden wall – garden design and garden architecture

garden wall build tall gray original shape hedge terrace flowerpots

Before yours Build garden wall You must first make a careful plan and be clear about the purpose for which it is being built. Garden walls fulfill several functions. They provide visibility and wind protection, serve as delimitation of the garden or enclosure for raised beds and can also stabilize a slope. A high wall not only ensures order, but also stores the heat.

How do you have to build a garden wall?

garden wall build terraces shape beets stone roses

In the garden can be a very individual Relaxing place shape. Garden walls do not work hard when they are planted. The Build garden wall takes place after the preparation of the subsoil and the creation of a foundation.

Dry Walls – Practical and easy to build

garden wall build terraces step shape house romantic plants

A drywall is also built as a retaining wall. So how do you have one? Build garden wall ? After the foundation is finished, it goes stone on stone to the desired height (the stones must be placed offset), whereby the joints are not filled with mortar. You can also be planted with forest vines, for example.

Natural stone wall are always modern

garden wall build slope design stone flowers beet stairs

Garden Design – 100 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

Would you like an attractive one? Build garden wall ? Then natural stone is the ideal building material that would underline your style. Natural stone is also good for patio floors and garden paths , Through a natural stone wall, you can create Mediterranean flair in your own garden.

Alternative to the classic garden wall

Brick wall garden retaining wall flower bed gathering

One brick Build garden wall ? Bricks are well suited for a retaining wall and are connected and secured with mortar. The construction of a wall of plant rings and plant stones is relatively easier and can serve as a slope attachment.

Gabions – ideas for wall in the garden

Gabions garden wall ideas design

Who one Build garden wall wants, may be interested in the trends. Gabions, or in other words wire baskets filled with stones, are a modern variant that replaces the classic garden wall and fence. Walls can also be placed in the middle of the garden and so different areas – Seating area, barbecue and flower garden from each other.

Create a herb garden through the garden wall

Retaining wall garden flowerbed ideas

Detached drywall

Natural stone garden wall shapes tips

In the private garden you can create southern flair

Dry stone wall of garden design ideas

Drywall serves as slope attachment

Wall slope attachment garden design

Retaining wall made of concrete blocks

Concrete retaining wall garden design flowerbed

Natural stone retaining wall

Retaining wall garden design ideas

Stones for retaining wall

Drywall Build Garden Ideas Landscape

Retaining walls in the garden

Garden retaining walls build-landscape design

Stones for retaining wall in the garden

Garden walls build Natustein-sunny terrace

Drywall horticulture design tips

Garden wall slope mount terrace waterfall

Slope attachment from concrete horticulture

Practical accessories for picnics and sociable alfresco barbecues

ideas for accessories picnic blanket classic caring red-white

Arm yourself for a stylish summer. With this accessory for picnics and barbecues, the barbecue parties are even more stress-free and fun. Here is what you need:

1. A high-tech meat thermometer

High tech meat thermometer utensils modern picnics and excursions

Everyone knows that a meat thermometer is a must for perfectly cooked meat. The iGrill ($ 80) outperforms the standard meat thermometer with its Bluetooth feature and an app that helps you maintain the right temperature for different types of meat.

2. Accessories for picnic : A wine bag for two

Practical accessory for picnic wine bag for two bottles of fabric

At a picnic You never know how long you will enjoy the outdoors. That’s why this two-part wine bag is an advantage. It has space for two wine bottles, which are well insulated and protected by them, and the pleasant handle makes it easier to carry. The wine bag is as Accessories for the picnic to find. Price: about 18 euros.

3. Accessories for picnics and barbecues: An attractive bottle cooler

Picnic Barbecues more attractive-Flschenkühler metal legs

This bottle cooler is particularly attractive due to its interesting legs. Make your favorite drinks cool in this portable, ice-filled, container. Price: about 70 euros.

4. A hand roller for hot dogs

Handroller for Hot-Dogs Accessories-Grilling tools

With this hand roller for your grill, you can prepare perfect hot dogs. With just a few turns you get delicious hot dogs, as you know them from the store. Delight your guests and children.

5. A 2 in 1 picnic bag – the practical accessory for picnics

2-in-1 design picnic bag accessory-for picnic-barbecue evenings outdoors

Transport yours Accessories for the picnic with this nice bag, which transforms into a small blanket. There is this practical bag in different colors and stylish and modern design. Price: about 50 euros.

6. A solar music player

picnic trips in nature hi tech solar cell music player

What is a barbecue afternoon without the right music. This music player ensures that you can forget about batteries because it is powered by solar energy. It plays music from any device that has Bluetooth. Interesting and beneficial is that this music player can charge your devices. Price: 100 euros.

7. Naturally-friendly cutlery as an accessory for the picnic

Bamboo wood environmentally friendly cutlery accessories for picnics

Who would like to take their fine silver cutlery out there for a picnic? This cutlery from nature-friendly plastic is the solution. It is 100% recyclable and can be rinsed hundreds of times even in the dishwasher. 24 pieces cost about 6 euros.

8. A rust for ribs

A grate for ribbed garden accessories barbecue stainless steel grill

Not every piece of meat can be put on the grill. Some people need specific accessories to succeed. This grill especially for ribs ensures the right height, so even beginners get it juicy and tender. Price: about 18 euros.

practical barbecue accessories ideas during a picnic

Practical ideas for storing in baskets – 30 inspirations

Ideas for storage -coins-open-shelves-storage-kitchen

Look at this practical one Ideas for storage , Where wicker baskets be used as a storage room. This simple organization system allows a well-organized storage area to be easily and conveniently located. The wicker baskets are very cheap and can be bought everywhere. With these beautiful ideas, you’ll be able to quickly and practically organize your items in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Storage Ideas – Wicker baskets with different designs

Ideas for storage -koerbe-wall-deco-stowage-kitchen-food

The Ideas for storage are very easy to implement if you use wicker baskets. Whether it’s normal round picnic baskets or those with rectangular shapes as shelf baskets, these simple but practical designs are always a good solution for classification system , You can buy baskets in the typical neutral colors. These are also available in different colors, so that you can match the color of your interior.

Ideas for storage in baskets – suitable for any area

Ideas for storage -koerbe-home-office-vintage-cozy

The Ideas for storage are useful for all living areas. In the entrance area, you can use the wicker baskets as a shoe rack or just hang them up and put down various small items inside. This filing system works especially well in the living room, if you have many wall shelves. There you can put down the wicker baskets or the shelf baskets and create so much more space for different things. In the kitchen, the baskets for spices, bread, various foods or towels to use. Also in the bathroom fit the Wicker baskets on the shelf it. Use these for shedding cosmetics, towels or laundry.

30 Practical Ideas for Storage in Baskets

ideas-storage baskets-wall-hang up-and-white deco

Ideas for storage in baskets – ideal for small items and home accessories

ideas-storage baskets hang up-Small-zubehoer-care products

Ideas for storage – creatively use wine box in the bathroom

ideas-storage baskets-holzkiste-weinkiste-bathroom-creative

Ideas for additional storage space in the bathroom – small baskets on the wall

ideas-storage baskets-bathroom-black-gray-modern-rod

Wardrobe in vintage style – storage in wicker baskets

ideas for keeping basket as a stock of wicker box

Using baskets in the hall for storage creatively

ideas for storing basket as a storage under bench

Baskets serve as drawers and provide a cozy atmosphere

ideas storage basket as stock storage system

Chic touch with wicker home accessories – baskets

ideas for storage basket as a storage shoe cabinet

Small baskets accommodate little things and accessories

ideas storage basket as stock decoration pink

Baskets or boxes under the bench in the hallway

ideas storage basket as storage storage box

Wicker baskets fit beautifully with the country house or vintage style

ideas for storage basket as a shelf wall shelf

Hanging baskets on the wall wardrobe

store ideas basket as a stock sundries

Creative ideas for storage in boxes and baskets

ideas storage basket as a shelf attach shelf

ideas storage basket as a stock of food kitchen

ideas storage basket as a storage kitchen cabinet

ideas storage basket as storage kitchen storage

ideas storage basket as a tray towels

ideas storage basket as stock spices store

ideas storage basket as a stock vegetable fruits

ideas storage basket as a stock bread tray

ideas storage basket as a stock bedroom box

ideas for keeping basket as a storage under the bed

ideas storage basket as a storage bedside table

ideas storage basket as a storage wooden shelf

ideas for storage basket as a storage wall ideas for storage basket as storage cabinet bathroom ideas storage basket as a stock bathroom

Set up baby room – practical ideas for small apartment

babyroom-vintage-shabby-metal-bedded-decorations-yellow fur

However, that is Baby room Facility for the future parents a complicated task. A baby needs safe and cozy environment. Although setting up costs a lot of effort, be sure it’s worth it.

Color accents in the baby room

babyroom white-furniture-green-accent-toys-wallcovering-wood

The Baby room is the first impression the child gets from our colorful world. The natural light is very important. Paint the walls in bright color. White looks clean and is always up to date. If the walls are painted white, you could get some colorful ones Set accents , Hang up posters or interesting pictures and leave funny toys on the shelves. These would amaze your little sweetheart and attract his attention.

Baby room design ideas

babyroom-gray-wall design-cot-white-laminate-idee

The atmosphere in one Baby room should be cozy, happy and friendly. This is the room where your baby would spend a lot of time and where it should have sweet dreams. Remember your childhood by what you had at that time nursery lacked or liked the most. You could then add a small personal scrap of your childhood to your baby’s room.

Matching lighting for baby room

nursery modern-lighting-string-changing-table-scandinavian

Subdued light has a relaxing and calming effect. Table lamps or LED recessed lights are for the Baby room very suitable. Instead of a door would be good to use curtains, on the one hand so that the little child does not feel isolated, on the other hand, because the curtains allow easier access.

Furniture and storage ideas

babyroom-practical moebel-wickeltisch-bin-chair-mint green-wall

It is very important to make the room as practical as possible, especially if you have limited space. As a storage space, you could use the space under the bed, integrate built-in wardrobes or a shelving system or attach, for example, nets and bags to the walls. Do not put a lot of furniture in the room, so that there is enough space to play. Floor heating would also be a good idea. Central to the furniture is the changing table. Storage space is important, but the fewer items in the Baby room , the less dust in the air.

Setup tips for the baby room

Baby Room Shaping Storage Shelves

The cot is at the heart of the Baby room Interiors. For smaller children, it would be better to avoid a blanket as it could slip over the baby’s face. You’d better use a sleeping bag. And try to spend as much time as possible with the children.

Design ideas for girls room

Girl baby room ideas

Interesting wall design

Ideas Furnishing Room Baby Wall Decal

Beautiful wall decoration – butterflies and picture

cute baby room-set up ideas

Children’s room in white and beige

elegant baby room design asterisk wall decal

Baby basket room design ideas

Young baby room design

Baby basket armchair nursery original design

cute interior baby room ideas

Blue Walls Baby Basket Round Window