Modern wooden bookcases -Private exhibition on the living room wall

trendy bookcases living room variants collection design inspirational

The Wooden bookcases are practical and aesthetic storage furniture for the living room. Your private exhibition of books will be very good at the modern day shelves displayed. We present a few attractive ideas that you can implement to add a classic, urban or romantic touch to your bookshelves.

The wooden bookshelves – popular pieces of furniture in the living room

living bookshelves wood modern proposals interiors design urbanistic

Your book collection can be displayed with the right furniture. You need a high quality piece of furniture where you can store your books for a long time. The latest models bookcases give you the opportunity to bring aesthetics and elegance into the living room. rustic Wooden bookcases You can use it as a decoration accent living room put. If a shelf does not stand out, use light wood for it. But you can also choose wooden shelves in dark colors that stand in stylish contrast with the bright wall paint, and thus make your private exhibition on the living room wall more attractive.

More storage space for things – wooden bookcases in trendy styles

livingroom bookshelves trendy ideas design color scale vielvalt interior

You have put your whole Bücker collection in order and you have left room on the bookshelf? You can use the extra space on the shelf for decorations. Our suggestion: massive Wooden bookcases fit well for larger living rooms. Of course, you can separate each part of a modular shelving system to create a playful bookshelf system for the living room. These furniture characterized by a flexible design and can be integrated into the urban, classic, or rural-romantic style. Make your private book collection clearly visible from all sides!

Practical design of the living room

living room bookshelves wood modern drawers cabinets design proposals

The living room is an eye-catcher with aesthetic decorations

living room trendy suggestions interior design style library interior

Extensive storage space and private exhibition of books on the living room wall

living room trendy wardrobes bookshelves wood proposals interior design interiors

Decor in dark colors with bookshelf wall

living room bookshelves modern interior design interior ideas decor stylish

Strong contrast accents in eclectic style

color accents living room bookshelves modern design ideas drawers

Wellness & Spa »Private gym, spa and lounge in the middle of the forest

private gym terrace glass roofing alu

Today we present to you a fascinating private gym located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg located and extends over a total area of ​​113 m2. Behind the project, which was realized in 2015, are the architects Olga Vetosheva and Eduard Zakharov of Horomystudio. Their task was to create a fully equipped sports complex with swimming pool and spa area, but seamlessly integrated into the environment.

Private gym in nature

private-gym-design-terrace-sun are

The lack of open space and the forest landscape presented a real challenge. Finally, a 30 m2 plot of land was devoted to building land, preserving all the trees and integrating them into the architecture of the sports center. For this reason, the use of construction machinery was not possible. All excavation work in the project was done manually. So the basement was built according to the TOP-DOWN technology: from top to bottom.


The private fitness center is spread over several floors: a basement with fitness machines for strength and muscle training, cardio machines on the ground floor and yoga on the upper floor. The façade, which is located to the north, is made of glass and this one to the south has been covered with wood. The adjoining terrace is on several levels and offers a pleasant stay in good weather. The terrace on the north side connects the fitness center to an existing sauna complex.

Private gym professionally furnished

private-gym-cardio training-device-glazing

The private gym integrates harmoniously into the natural environment. Thanks to the ample glazing, the natural light is used optimally. The hall on the ground floor has sliding glass doors that open completely when needed and allow the boundary between inside and outside to merge. The steps also have excellent accents, such as LED strips and integrated flower boxes.

private-gym-boxing-mirror-behind lighting

A spiral staircase with copper sheet railing connects the three floors. Polymer coatings on the steps provide extra security. The interior design and equipment of the gym satisfies the high demands of a professional sports facility. SPORTEC® style safety flooring and sports parquet made of Canadian maple MIRAGE) were laid. Special emphasis was also placed on the technical solution for natural room ventilation. A real highlight are also the figures of famous boxers, which were made of mirrors specifically for the project.


private-gym-stair-led strips

private-gym-design elements


private-gym-spiral staircase-copper sheet railings

private-gym-glass roof-balcony

private-gym-glass roof-light ring

private-gym-night lighting-pool


Project and realization of HOROMYSTUDIO

Architecture »Modern private house in the forest of Patagonia -” Techos “by Mathias Klotz

flat roof house argentina winter landscape mathias log

This modern one Private house in the woods was founded in 2006 by Mathias Klotz designed. The house covers an area of ​​650 m2 and is located in Patagonia, Argentina. It is conveniently located in a picturesque area landscape on a beautiful lake shore and surrounded by a two-century old forest.

Techos House – Private home in the woods

private house in the forest flat roof Argentina

The House with flat roof Looks minimalist when viewed from the outside, but the interior design style is more like a rustic winter house. Visible rafters made of steel, brown leather sofa, low coffee table made of solid wood – these elements of the interior harmoniously combine to create a cozy ambience for the winter house.

Facade from the private house in the forest

Techos private house in the forest of Argentina facade

This Private house in the woods combines different materials such as wood, natural stone, steel and concrete with a classic design. The large floor to ceiling glass windows allow the owner to enjoy the winter landscape with family or friends from the inside.

private house in the forest winter landscape balcony holzidelen

Winter landscape – view from the balcony

private house in the forest floor to ceiling window winter house

Living area in the winter house

private house in forest residential area mathias klotz

Metal rafters

modern house in forest rustic interior of metal rafters


modern house in forest techos stairway natural stone floor

Indoor swimming pool

Winter house in the forest Badhalle indoor natural stone wall

Pool lighting

house techos of mathias klotz pool lighting

Facade of the winter house

winter house in the forest argentina facade

building plans House Techos mathias klotz cross section House techos architecture plan mathias klotz

Noble floor marble tiles in a modern private residence in Taiwan

floor marble tiles floor-tiles-natural-tile-grain-corridor-transition-pot-plants-picture-1

In this article we present you a modern, spacious private residence, designed by the architect Vattier Design. The residence is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan and stick with the shiny ones Floor marble tiles and chic, simple decor style. The apartment stretches over three levels and offers plenty of space and light thanks to the noble, rather minimalist furnishings.

Floor marble tiles in a modern decor

floor marble tile living-area-flooring-stair-dining-area-chouch-floor-lamp-carpet-wall-tile-2

The apartment impresses with an appealing mix of modernity and cosiness. Clean lines in the decor are skilfully combined with natural colors and a few colored objects and pieces of furniture. The pieces of furniture are characterized by bright, warm nuances and colored, blue-toned contrast elements. The residence intentionally did without decorative elements and accessories, creating a simple yet inviting and tranquil ambience. The large and free surfaces skilfully highlight the shiny and noble marble floor. The floor marble tiles are unique in their individual grain and undoubtedly exude elegance and radiant fate.

Floor marble tiles and marble wall cladding

floor marble tile wall tiles-black-armchair-leather-chouch-gray-table-decoration-carpet-floor-lamp-4

The exclusive lifestyle is emphasized by the natural stone floor, which conjures up a luxurious environment by its nature. There are hardly any wall decorations on the walls, but in some rooms color accents have been added to individual walls. The walls are partly covered with marble, which is an atypical decision with an outstanding and unique effect. The black color of the marble tiles on the wall can also be found in the decor.

Light-filled living area with wall and floor marble cover

floor marble tile living room area-ceiling-light-carpet-staircase-wall-tile-throws-childrens-vehicle-5

Dining area with elegant chairs and exotic ceiling lights

floor marble table-chairs-blue-ceiling-lights-metal-stairs-glass-railing-pot-plant-6

Dining table with noble marble table top and blue chairs

Floor-Mamorfliesen dining table-dining-pendant lights-Moroccan metal obstschale glass bottle glasses-7

Small kitchenette with white gloss furniture

ground-Mamorfliesen-kitchen area-cooking island-cupboards-picture-hanging lamp wall-color-blue-flooring-natural color-8

Colored accents in the blue color palette

ground-Mamorfliesen-dining area-dining table-stairs-support-chairs-ceiling fixtures-kitchenette-cabinets-flooring

Staircase with shiny marble flooring and glass railing

Floor-Mamorfliesen-staircase stair marble covering-glass partition guardrail glass-louvre-pendant lights-9

Hanging lamps for soft light in the staircase

Floor-Mamorfliesen Staircase wall tiles ceiling lights wall tiles marble dark guardrail glass marble-13

Long corridor with floor marble tiles

Floor-Mamorfliesen corridor Stairway railing kitchen--Glass Image deckenlapen wardrobe-10

Large cabinets and wall shelves offer plenty of storage space

Floor-Mamorfliesen wall shelf wardrobe wood kitchen cabinet of drawers cookbooks Decoration fruit peel-11

Transition to private area

ground-Mamorfliesen-corridor-door-passage-commode-side table-orchid-marble plaque-wall tiles-image-12

Bedroom decorated in natural colors

ground-Mamorfliesen-bedroom wallpaper bed-duvets-bedding sofa-leather-carpet-wall lighting-window-curtain-14

Bedroom with wooden wall paneling and modern wall lights

ground-Mamorfliesen-sleeping area bed-pillows-bedside-orchid-bird-wall light-curtain-wall tiling-15

Nursery with creative wall and ceiling design

Floor-Mamorfliesen Nursery bedrooms carpet bed stehlampe wall shelf-potted plant window wallcovering-wood-16

Blue leather sofa as a color accent in the room

ground-Mamorfliesen-bedroom bed-houseplant-sofa-leather-black-table-orchid-carpet-window-parkettboden-17

Wall covering with elephant pattern

ground-Mamorfliesen-bedroom sofa-black-leather-side table-wandverkleiding-wood-pattern-bedside-books-orchid-18

Work area with beige marble floor tiles and black marble office desk top

ground-Mamorfliesen-workspace-chair-computer-book-cover Lamp sconce-cabinets-mirror-carpet-19

* a project of Vattier design

Dreamhouses »Modern flat roof house in Villeta – Open and private at the same time

modern flat roof house concrete entrance lighting sliding door

Casa 7A is a modern flat roof house in Viletta, Colombia and is from Arquitectura in Estudio and Natalia Heredia designed. The house is located at the top of the hills about an hour or two drive from Bogota and boasts a high degree of sustainability and a lot of luxury. Casa 7A still boasts a modern wooden façade made up of sliding and folding doors that appeal to the residents of the house openness and provides privacy when needed.

Modern flat roof house made of concrete and wood

modern flat roof house concrete wall wood entrance door led bars

The modern flat roof house was realized at the beginning of this year and covers an area of ​​550 m². The villa was built with the help of local workers and using materials such as concrete, sandstone, wood for the folding doors and sustainably grown teak wood built for the furniture and flooring. The favorable location and orientation from north to south helps to reduce energy transmission while the sun shines over the pool during the day. A solar thermal heat recovery system is available for warming up the pool water. The house also has a rainwater collection system for irrigation.

Modern flat roof house, where inside and outside merge

flat roof-terrace house-concrete Canopy cutout

The house is divided into two parts – open external spaces and private interiors. Private areas include four bedrooms (each with private bath) and a kitchen with dining area. The living space, which is partly outdoors, is very interesting. There grows a small tree under the open sky. If the house is not needed or if you want more privacy, the wooden doors and windows can be folded. The concept is by no means unique, but the Wood facade is a nice idea, which has been designed very cleverly. It ensures the privacy of the residents and helps to reduce energy costs in a mostly hot and dry climate.

decorative garden wall made of concrete

landscaping-modern concrete wall-cuttings-holzwand-gravel-flooring



when the house is closed

modern-flat roof house-wood-terrace-klapptueren-closed

and when open

storey-house-modern-wood-terrace-pool-sun beds

a little transparent are the wooden doors

storey-modern-house-pool-terraces-sliding partition-wood

Sun terrace by the pool

modern flat-roofed house pool-sun terrace-wood-sliding-door-closed

beautiful views of the surroundings

flat roof house-pool-concrete Canopy klapptueren-opened

sliding doors flat roof house-huegel-pool-terrace-wood-

modern-house-colombia-living room-open corner sofa

dining area-kitchen-wood-cabinet fronts-built-lit ceiling lights

bedroom-open folding-outlook-huegel


bathroom-outdoor shower-pflanzkuebel-ambuentbeleuchtung


terrace-pool-night lighting-rattan sun beds

pool-night lighting-modern-house-water level

nightlight-pool-wood-terrace-concrete canopy

modern-flat roof house-backyard-concrete wall-decoration

ceiling lights under-Wi-sky-tree-wood terrace-

wood-solarium-rattan moebel-ground lights

storey-house-flat roof-concrete-wood-floor lights

storey-house-colombia-architecture plan

flat roof house-colombia-huegel-pool

modern-house-flat roof-storey-architecture plan

Casa 7A Arquitectura en Estudio Natalia Heredia facades




Dreamhouses »Warm shades characterize the design of a private luxury villa

Luxury Villa-landscape Pond vertical-graten Palm input

This private luxury villa is located in Nova Lima – 22 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, Brazil away. It is a project of the architectural office Saraiva + Associados and was completed in 2011. The private house can be described in two words – Pure luxury and exuberance , Warm shades and exotic materials characterize the design of the indoor and outdoor areas.

Warm shades thanks to the special kind of stone Canga de Minérios

private-luxury villa-landscape-book baume-wood-blinds

The project was by Saraiva + Associados under the direction of the architect Marcelo Montoro and in collaboration with piantina Architecture, responsible for interior design, created. The house is in four different Divided by a special, coated with reflective glass steel material connected to each other. you are about a big one Garden with pool arranged.

Warm shades inside and out

terrace-wooden floor-pool-area-sunbeds

Block 1 comprises eight suites, a studio and a toilet. In block 2, the social area consists of a home theater and a heated swimming pool. Block 3 is made up of a kitchen, a spa and a games room. Block 4 is for the employees Reserved who take care of the house. Outside there is a swimming pool, a tennis court and a children’s playground. The outer walls are decorated with a native stone (Canga de Minérios) handmade , This stone has an intense red color that looks even more beautiful under sunlight.

the house at sunset


Wood and shades emphasized with effective lighting

luxury villa-stone wall-floor light-wood-bench

Warm shades for the living room

warm shades living room indirect lighting wall decoration

interesting three-dimensional wall design with decorative wall panels

luxury villa-device-stairs-wanddeko-mosaic 3d look

Room for relaxation

warm shades-candlelight-relax chair-stool Orchids

Lounge area by the pool

terrace lounge area-pool lighting

pool night lighting lounge area-roofed-terrace

pool-area-luxury villa-lighting glass facade

Photos by Rafael Carrieri

Architecture »Private domicile with male accents of at26

Windows wooden floor dining table curtains

Man’s Choice 2 is a private residence that is in the Slovak Piestany located. The three architects of AT26 have a modern apartment designed with set male accents. Completed this year, we dive into meter-long, soft upholstered sofa and enjoy bright, spacious rooms. Luxurious but also comfortably furnished, with certain corners for dining, relaxing, drinks counter and sharing moments with friends.

Private domicile – Retro style meets modernity

wall covering-from-wood living room

On private residence where we find a lot of retro accents colliding with the wave of modernity. wall covering made of wood, white wooden doors, lacquered and simply polished and a lowered ceiling made of plaster plaster, which like the frame with lighting stylishly envelop the living room. Retro decoration like a covered turntable, metal figure of Capricorn and the classic curtains complete the retro profile. The heart of the living room beats through the huge sofa made of soft velvet materials. Colorful cushions in selected colors, coordinated with the rest of the decoration bring cozy feelings to the living scene.

Private domicile with inserted male accents

Dekotisch sideboard-Raumteie wood wall tiling

Gold, copper and silver statues and figures with male accents and contours, a woman without clothing on canvas, all that speaks for itself private residence designed and fitted by men for men. The dominant colors are black, white, gray and white, wood and tiles cover the floor, on walls is usually waiver, since room divider made of dark wood take over this mission.

Shower and sink area-with-partition-of-glass wall covering-from-wood

Shower and washing-up area with glass cabin

Symmetrical 3D wall and floor tiles, as well as brick walls in black determine the interior of the modern apartment.

Poster bed-with-black frame and white linens

Canopy bed in black frame with shelf system on the side of the headboard

Buddha bust-3D effect Tile in black and white

Side lighting on brick wall

Table-Dekotisch-of-wood-for-books and decorative elements

Sideboard table in dark wood

Workspace Kleiderscrank-with-bench-made leather

Retro swivel chair, modern curtains made of fine fringes

futuristic-line bar stools Kitchen Island Trolley-made solid wood dark

Hollywood faces-on-pillow-carpet made of artificial fur-Deco on floor

U-shaped sofa upholstered velvet quilted-in-Royal

LED TV wall cladding turntable

Poster on Canvas Painting naked woman

Copper color statue Deco entrance-living room-kitchen

-lowered ceiling-to-triangle pattern brick wall in Black

Sink-toilet-to-wall mirror-wood look

Toilet-with-window Tile with Pattern geometric figures

Shower-with-3D tile-effect black frame

Technology »The Striped Private Jet – A design by Happy Design Studio

Modern stripes fly with style happy design

The French specialists in airplane painting by Happy Design Studio have covered the surface of a private plane with stripes that are fading towards the cockpit. Of the striped private jet Bombardier Global 5000 has been redesigned by the Livery Project, which is based on a detail of the jet’s luxury ceramic harness. Five color lines were taken from the image and transferred to the aircraft so that 150 vertical stripes now decorate its surface. These become paler in the front until they disappear completely.

Of the striped private jet – so you come to your destination relaxed

Private jet fly attractive color stripes orange

The engines have the same pattern, except that the stripes are arranged horizontally there. The irregular shape of the engines required high precision in attaching the strips on the slope. The tailor-made design of the aircraft body can only be seen at the start in detail. Of the striped private jet With its original design brings the luxurious travel to a new level.

A series of 150 stripes covering almost the entire surface of the aircraft.

Dyed stripes luxury private jet arrive at destination

The colors of the stripes increase from white to strong nuances.

first class fly attractive color stripe pattern

The design is only visible when you board.

The striped private jet got horizontal, paler stripes on the engines.

Style modern stylish exterior design private jet spring mood

The striped private jet – A view from above.

Luxury travel private jet stripe design ideas

The increasingly brighter stripes were applied by hand without the use of computer data or calculations.

first class private jet dyed not afraid of flying children overcome

The stripes begin at the front door and extend beyond the last window.

modern airplane design private jet luxury life fly

The strips were arranged by laser and by attaching, covering and removing masking tapes came the five different colors.

Stripe pattern new design idea cool original

Each strip had to be attached individually.

Strip pattern window openings private jet color

The pylons of the engine and the last part of the body took a whole team and several days.

decorate cheerful mood stripes pattern effectively

A private apartment with eclectic interior in warm colors

eclectic-private apartment-brown-color palette-spiral staircase-white solid

Santiago Castillo is the name of the private apartment owned by designer and decorator Lorenzo Castillo, located in the heart of the Spanish capital Madrid and was designed by him in 2010. It is characterized by an eclectic interior in warm colors and an antique, colonial flair. Massive pieces of furniture, lavishly decorated walls and unusual decorative objects convey the charm of a bygone era. Let’s take a virtual tour of this remarkable designer apartment.

Interior in warm colors characterizes the individual style

Kitchen eclectic interior-in-warm-color-Ancient Greek Art wall decor

Lorenzo Castillo enjoys an international reputation and his projects can be seen throughout the continent, from Florence to Rotterdam, as well as in Shanghai, NYC, and the Dominican Republic.

In his private apartment in Madrid he has staged contrasting living environments where old and new meet. Cared for in every detail, the décor represents an eclectic mix of neoclassicism and modernity. Attentive restoration and skilful use of decorative pieces has allowed Castillo to create an elegant living environment with a historic flair.

Interior in warm colors and with an antique flair


At the set up both in the kitchen, and in the bedroom has Lorenzo Castillo Great emphasis is placed on reconciling the new furnishings with the antique look of furniture and decorations. The pictures taken with black and white and sepia color filters contain personal moments and architectural works and create a fluid transition between all the rooms.

The living areas – a reminiscence of the old times

Private apartment-dining-eclectic decoration pieces-of-antiquarian value

Living room decoration objects of antiquarian value

Private apartment-eclectic interior-in-warm-color lounge chair wall art

A refined atmosphere to feel good

retro-chair-wall light-straw-design-lampshade-wall-in-gray-blue-emphasize

Decorated in every detail

Santiago Castillo-Spanish-apartment-design-interior-warm-color photographs

Private city apartment with a historical flair

living room wall-color-blue-grayish leather upholstered sofa-cognac-color-Holzdeko

Stairway wall with wall decoration

Santiago Castillo-private residence Staircase-design-white-spiral staircase-black-step

Similar murals on the bedroom wall

Santiago Castillo-eclectic apartment-black-white-bedroom-design-decoration

eclectic-bedroom-interior-black-white-poster bed-lush-ornamented walls

bedroom-corner-design-ideas-white-armchair-pictures wall-private photographs

Santiago Castillo-private apartment-wall design-black-white-photographs

warm-color bedrooms-design-himmelbett backplane-material-patterned metal table lamp

Santiago Castillo-private apartment-Madrid-white walls Doormat oriental

bathroom-eclectic-interior-warm-colored fleece-wallpaper-sink-natural stone

bathroom-eclectic-warm-colors-walk-shower-wallpaper-wall design

Luxury penthouse apartment with private roof terrace and view of Moscow

Loft Apartment Penthouse Panoramic View Luxury Furniture Lighting Marble

The unusual design by Oxana Yuryeva of Y & S Architectur is characterized by unique style and understated luxury. The Penthouse in Gilyarovskogo street in Moscow is a digital project realized with the help of modern visualization software and rendering technique. Designed for a family of 4 family members, the exclusive two-storey apartment brings the term “modern comfort” to life.

Penthouse apartment in Gilyarovskogo street in Moscow

Penthouse apartment moscow kitchen-luxury furnishing-marble picture window

The exclusive Penthouse represents the ultimate sanctuary in the metropolis of millions. Oxana Yuryeva created a stylish and unique digital environment. Luxuriously furnished, the apartment design is a successful blend of minimalism and art deco. Marble ceilings convey minimalist elegance, while lavishly decorated tricks add a touch of extravagance. The interior walls are characterized by decorative wall plasters and fleece fabric and are completed by wooden panels, according to sketches of the designers.

Super realistic 3d architectural visualizations of penthouse apartment

Spiral staircase metal railing Design penthouse flat luxury interior design moscow

The two-storey penthouse in loft style offers exclusive living space of 675.59 m2. It comprises open-plan living rooms, 4 bedrooms each with a deluxe bathroom, baby room, dressing room, dining room, laundry, home office, sauna and 2 spacious terraces (one of which is a roof terrace). When designing the Penthouse The latest trends in the design world have been taken into account. The digital luxury version combines personal details with unusual interior solutions. The bathrooms fascinate with porcelain stoneware porcelanosa and marble, Bathrooms from the brands Effegibi, Antonio Lupi, Gama Décor. Chandeliers by Oluce, Flou, Carlesso, Vibia, Delta Light, Facon, Boyd et al. are a real eye candy. Not only the kitchen Eggersmann is a highlight. Furniture from the collections of Moda, B & B Italia, Donghia, Longhi, Promemoria and others. testify to strikingly good taste and style.

Penthouse architecture

Luxury bedroom bed design chandelier-purple penthouse-Moscow-Gilyarovskogo street

Y & S Architecture set themselves the goal to design modern and cozy premises in which also living, relaxing and working takes place. The young Russian architect duo has a unique sense of design and individual touch.

Decorative ceiling plaster in the luxury bathroom

Deluxe bathroom marble bathroom furniture design porcelain tile-penthouse Gilyarovskogo-moscow

Art Deco furniture artfully designed in a modern ambinete

feel-good bathroom tub tile non-woven wallpaper penthouse 3d visualization-realistic

Bedroom with stunning city views

3d architecture visualization digital bedroom view moscow-penthouse-on-gilyarovskogo

Suspended ceiling design

Ceiling design luxury bedroom light staging-penthouse flat-digital

Ceiling and wall plasters emphasize the exquisiteness of the rooms

Bedroom decorating ideas-deluxe rug red chandelier penthouse-apartment-moscow

Deluxe bathroom with marble floor

3d visualization interior design bathroom tiles fine stone penthouse Gilyarovskogo street-indirect light

The premises are exquisite, bright and glamorous

set up Deluxe bedroom-black white-crystal chandelier penthouse y-s-architectur

Exclusive bathroom design with glass front

Bathroom design exquisit-wall design penthouse in Gilyarovskogo street-3d

Artful Lichtinszenietung in the hallway

Corridor room design light 3d visualization penthouse flat

Luxury spa at home – sauna and feel-good bath

Penthouse apartment sauna at home marble floor wall coverings 3d project Gilyarovskogo street

Furnished roof terrace

Rooftop penthouse flat modern Moscow 3d architcture visualization

Wooden tiles are modern flooring for roof terrace

View Moscow rooftop wooden tile laying-digital project-penthouse apartment

Photos of Ilyin A, Lobanov N.

two-storey penthouse apartment modern moscow floor plan floor plan roof terrace

y-s-architectur moscow duplex room layout Gilyarovskogo street