How to properly approach the apartment moving into your own four walls!

Flat move redecoration red sofa blue wall

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Judging by the Apartment move-in the living area accordingly, is the beautiful home, in which one feels completely comfortable, nothing in the way! Whether you move into your own apartment for the first time or from one to the other apartment – you want to set up your own apartment as comfortable and beautiful as possible. But that is often not possible from the beginning. If you have a suitable apartment, for example First of all, repairs often occur that have to be done before painting.

Apartment move in – painting © salendron

Apartment feeder renovation red color

Are all the necessary repairs before the Apartment move-in done by the landlord or the future tenant himself, the individual rooms can be deleted. There are no limits to creativity, unless the landlord refuses. However, most landlords have nothing against a little paint on the walls, if you sweep them in another extract again in white paint. Therefore, you should probably take care not to paint the walls too dark. In the best case, you can still paint the apartment before any furniture in it.

Apartment feeder – wall decoration

Apartment walls painting renovation work

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Although the finishing touches in terms of decoration is only possible if all pieces of furniture have found a suitable place. But the wall decoration can usually be done when the walls have been painted. In this way you know in advance, which furniture is best. This then facilitates the actual move.

The last step – the move

Apartment Moving Furniture Transport Flooring ©

Is in the new Apartment move-in Everything can be prepared move take place. Organization is the alpha and omega. If the belongings are already stashed in boxes, the moving company or even the family and friends only have to transport the boxes from one to the other flat. The furniture should at best be dismantled and prepared for transport. In a big move, a company that is moving can pay off. Because that means less stress and usually a faster move. Such a company is experienced in moves and knows exactly how to do it.

Apartment move-in – the bottom line

set up cozy apartment move living room

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Moving to a new apartment is always associated with stress. But at the same time there is also a lot of anticipation. A new apartment is a new beginning for many people and thus usually something positive. If you adjust your own four walls according to your own taste, nothing stands in the way of the beautiful home in which you feel completely well!

Keep tools properly sorted and maintained

Tools-really-store tool bag ideas

Over time, smaller and larger repairs are required in every household – and with a little manual skill, they can often be done quickly without professional help. That a suitable Basic tool Of course, what belongs in the tool case and how are the hammers, drills, screwdrivers and Co. clearly sorted, maintained and stored? We like to help the hobby craftsmen and give useful tips for storage.

Maintaining and sorting tools properly – this is part of the basic equipment

Tools-right-keep-sort-care ideas

Hobby craftsmen often find a tool case tempting – but actually less than half of its range is needed in a household. Instead of buying a complete set, it pays to invest more in individual high quality tools. This basic equipment has an easy handling and must not be missing in any household:

– Spirit level, Taschenbandmaß and carpenter pencil;

– Multifunction knives, multi-purpose scissors and cable cutters;

– sledge hammer;

– Phillips screwdriver, ring spanner, wrench, possibly to – a cordless screwdriver

– pliers : Pliers and side cutters or a combination pliers, flat-nose pliers;

– drill with right-left rotation;

– Sawing: for wood – Japanese saw, for metal parts – Puk saw, for the garden – pruning saw;

– Voltage tester

All listed tools can be found at the hardware store or online, for example at Engelbert Strauss.

Store and sort tools correctly – different variants for organization


At the latest when the basic equipment is purchased, the question arises storage , Tools are stored in cool, dry rooms – frost and moisture do not tolerate metal parts very well. The batteries of the electrical appliances are sensitive to frost. Depending on your own circumstances, the hobby craftsmen have two options to choose from :

Who owns a garden house or has access to the cellar, can at one Wall the tools Attach. This ensures a sensible sorting – for example, by function / measurement, cutting, drilling / or by application area / house or garden / – for order.

Another option is the tool case – it can be extremely space-saving and clearly arranged at the same time. The high quality metal version is suitable for storage in cold rooms / garage, garden shed, cellar / better than the cheaper option made of plastic. The plastic tool bag can instead be stored in a closet in the house / apartment.

Helpful Hint – Always keep a first aid kit near the tool kit.

Keep tools properly – helpful care tips

Tools-right-Store Wall mount Ideas

Those who do not want to buy new tools every year, keep their basic equipment in good condition. The right care is especially important for the longevity of the metal details. That means – equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use with a brush and stored only dry. To avoid rust, they should be lubricated at least once a year. Scissors and knives can be sharpened with whetstone as needed. To keep the devices and tools really long, they should never be used improperly!

Gardening »Create a raised bed: Tips for filling and planting properly

Create a raised bed vegetable-mixed-culture-good-neighbor

A raised bed is an asset to any garden. Not only does it look beautiful, it also promises best crops. Hobby gardeners use it more and more often to grow vegetables, because it will reach two to three times high yields than on a flat bed of the same size. Thanks to the increased heat within the raised bed, fruits and vegetables ripen faster and can be harvested more quickly. Anyone who is convinced of the advantages of the raised bed does not hesitate long and immediately sets to work. No matter if finished as a kit or bought self made As soon as the frame construction is finished, the question arises: How to fill and plant the raised bed properly? What should be considered in the raised bed and how to properly coat the raised bed, you will learn in this article.

When should you create a raised bed?

Create raised bed - low-salad-marigold

Autumn and spring are generally the best seasons to lay a raised bed. For this you need many different organic materials. They contain many nutrients that stimulate plant growth. Since the garden waste is usually available in the fall, this season is also the best time to fill a raised bed. It is best to set up a raised bed in autumn for the following year. So the layers have enough time to sit down. Not quite optimal, but still possible is a plant in the spring, when the garden is brought up to scratch.

How high a raised bed create?

Create a raised bed high salad leek

Determine the right size and height for your needs. Raised beds vary in height depending on the planting – from 25 cm to one meter. For potatoes, for example, a low bed with a height of 30 cm is sufficient. Those who suffer from back pain and prefer to work standing up should build their raised bed at a comfortable height of 80 – 100 cm.

The ideal size for a raised bed is a width of 0.80 cm and a length of 2 meters. The length depends of course on the available space, but the width must not be more than 130 centimeters, so that the plants remain easily accessible.

raised bed Create-corten steel-spring-

Ideally, the raised bed should be laid out in a north-south direction, as this way the sun can best be used. The short sides of the raised bed should point to the west and east.

Take into account enough space to walk around the entire raised bed without any obstacles and easy access with large garden tools such as garden furniture. a wheelbarrow. If you want, you can put several raised beds side by side.

Create a raised bed – Which layers and what to fill?

Raised bed-create-beflanzen-carrots-frühlingszwiebel

Before you fill the raised bed, you should consider whether you want to use this as a bed for ornamental plants or useful plants. Flowers are not as demanding as crops, but filling the vegetable bed properly is the most important step for a successful harvest.

The advantage of a raised bed is, among other things, that it is independent of the soil quality of the garden. The flexibility in compiling the filling allows the best possible soil conditions to be specifically tailored to the requirements of the plants. All layers should be about the same height. In general, the contents are getting finer at the top.

Raised bed-create-underground-terrace

underground does not necessarily have to consist of fertile topsoil, but can also be paved. That’s why Urban Gardening friends can look forward to home-grown vegetables, herbs and fruits. However, the additional excavation of mother earth in the garden can sustainably stabilize the raised bed. To avoid any problems with rodents, you should lay out the floor of your raised bed with a wire mesh before filling.

Raised bed-create-vegetable-30-cm

Raised beds made of wood are used to protect against rot foil lined from the inside. For example, this is not necessary with a raised bed of natural stone. The film prevents liquid from penetrating through the sheath, so pond liners are a logical choice. However, you can also use other slides. If you want to use the raised bed to grow vegetables, make sure that contaminants from the material of the foil do not migrate into the soil in the raised bed.

Raised bed-fill-layers-vegetables

Layer number 1: drainage layer

This layer consists of branches, twigs, bark mulch, wood chips, potsherds, large pebbles, expanded clay. The drainage prevents water from accumulating in the raised bed. Mix the trimmings with some soil to fill large holes.

2nd layer – grass sod with the vegetation down

Next is a layer of garden waste or grass cuttings so that smaller components of upper layers can not trickle down. Alternatively, you can also use cardboard box.

Raised bed-create-fill and herb vegetables

3rd layer – foliage, straw & coarse compost

Now follows a layer of collected leaves, horse manure and coarsely decomposed compost. This layer contains the micro-organisms that support the rotting process and provide the essential nutrients. Beneficiaries such as earthworms are also welcome to enrich the soil.

4th layer – planting layer

The last layer in the raised bed is the planting layer. It consists of high-quality potting soil for planting. Use special humus soil or ready-made compost soil for this purpose. Who fires his chimney with wood, can use the resulting ash as fertilizer in the raised bed.

Raised bed-create-fill-planting-lauch

Life of a raised bed

The raised bed decreases with time by about 10 to 15 centimeters. This is a natural process because the material rots inside and loses volume. For perennial cultivation, the raised bed must be repeatedly filled with mulch, compost or soil. The nutrient content of the soil is exhausted after 5 to 7 years and it should be completely renewed.

Which plants in the raised bed?

Raised bed-create-plant-mixed cultural and vegetables Flowers

In principle, all plants can be placed in the raised bed. In order to achieve a good harvest, you should first know well which plants can be put into the raised bed. Different types of vegetables, for example, have different nutritional requirements. There is a distinction between strong, medium and weak. You can also benefit from certain plant combinations, while some varieties should never be planted next to each other.

Raised bed-create-low-wood salad

Create a raised bed for vegetables

In the first year you should grow particularly nutrient-hungry vegetables (so-called starvationers) due to increased nitrate levels. For example, tomatoes, eggplants, cabbage, potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, onions, carrots.

From the second year you can grow more nitrate-storing plants, because the nitrate load of the nutrient-rich soil is already significantly reduced. The middle earners include fennel, garlic, lettuce, onions, peppers. In the second year radish, beetroot, Chinese cabbage and spinach can be planted.

Only from the third year you can also plant low-consuming herbs and lettuce. Poor people include peas, beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kohlrabi.

Raised bed-create mixed-culture-carbon-flowers

When planting, it makes sense to create mixed cultures in the raised bed. So a combination of different plants that thrive well next to each other and can even positively influence each other. This also prevents one-sided nutrient extraction. Another advantage is that the plants can protect each other from pests. Cutlets, for example, protect cabbage crops from caterpillars and ground fleas.

Especially good together grow cucumbers with dill or carrots with onions. Potatoes become particularly tasty when caraway or coriander stand next to it. Cress can make radishes even spicier. In addition, a mixture of flowers and vegetables can promote insect invasion and thus increase the harvest. This is especially true with tomatoes, squash and Co.

Raised bed-create-height-vary

Good neighbors in the bed: spinach next to lettuce, cabbage with celery, parsley next to strawberries, basil next to cucumber and zucchini

High-growing varieties come in the middle and low-growing varieties are used at the edge of the raised bed. This avoids one-sided shadowing. The selected plants should have a maximum final height of one arm’s length so that you can still reach comfortably.

Raised bed-create-stone and herb rindenmulch

Create a raised bed for herbs

Lovage, dill, rosemary, chives, parsley, thyme, sage, basil, savory, tarragon and lemon balm are all suitable for the raised bed. Consider the height of herbs in herbs: tall herbs such as rosemary and sage should be placed in the north-facing area of ​​the raised bed.

For Mediterranean herbs, the soil must not be too nutritious, sonds they lose flavor and fragrance. Rosemary, lavender, sage, thyme and marjoram thrive best on lean soil. For these varieties, you can mix soil with a third of sand.

Raised bed-create-plant-nutrient rich

Create a raised bed for strawberries

When strawberries are planted in the raised bed, harvesting is easier. In addition, the berries are not on the ground, where they easily get dirty or rotten.

Strawberries are heavy eaters and can be grown in a fresh raised bed. The best planting date is March / April. It is recommended to mulch the bed with bark mulch, pine needles or straw. Strawberries are excellent with a variety of neighbors such as lettuce, garlic, radishes, onions.

After three years, the strawberry Hochbeet should be completely rebuilt.

flowerbed-flower-ornamental-garden-layers 1

Create a raised bed for flowers

Raised beds are also increasingly used in the ornamental garden. For the planting almost all shrubs and small trees are suitable. Unlike the herb and vegetable raised bed you can do without the complex layer system of the bed. Here it depends on the light. Concentrate on a good drainage layer and then fill the bed with compost and potting soil. Here you choose the potting soil that is best suited for the desired planting.

Raised bed-create-plant-mixed cultures

In the first year, you can put starfish in the raised bed, such as chrysanthemums, geraniums and tulips. In the second year, dahlias, gloxinia and snapdragons thrive. In the third year you plant flowers that love a nutrient-poor soil such as azaleas, petunias, primroses, pansies, begonias.

Raised bed-create-small-deep

Decorate decorative shelves as interior design properly

shelves interior-storage-functional-aesthetics

A shelf is no longer a simple commodity today. How to set up shelves properly, you learn here. Beautiful sideboards with top, buffet shelves not only provide ample storage space, but are as an accessory in rooms an imaginary eye-catcher. Whether in the kitchen for everyday porcelain or as a decoration and storage cabinet, for example in the living room, all kinds of shelves in different colors and shapes are versatile. Thus, the noble design of porcelain must not just be stowed in a shelf. That would be too bad. By emphasizing a shelf, the fine design of porcelain behind glass doors or on the shelf becomes an eye-catcher. Everyone can imagine what effect beautiful pieces on the right shelf to have. In a buffet cabinet / buffet shelf mostly porcelain pieces are decorated, which are rarely used. The decorative shelf has taken on a function in our lives that has the purpose of keeping utensils handy in storage. It may also look appealing.

Decorative shelves offer functional aesthetics

shelves wood-dark-white-décor-article-organize

A cabinet, which includes a shelf in principle, adapted to the need can be easily converted. For example, a sideboard can be easily converted into an open buffet cabinet with an additional shelf. Thus, more storage space can be gained and it looks chic. With color can be played to set personal accents. Depending on the nature of the material, the shelf can easily be repainted at any time. The advantage of a plastic shelf is the smooth surfaces of the shelves, which can easily be put into perspective with furniture foil. Even in stable wood look, such as from La Redoute , Heavy, stacked cabinets are often no longer necessary today. They take far too much space away from the living space and also obstruct the view of the essentials. Shelves are light, decorative and offer just as much storage space, especially since they can be arranged more homely. It is also possible to remove all floor panels from a shelf, to cover the side walls by brushing over them or covering them with furniture foil and attaching two glass doors to make the shelf usable as a showcase. If left open, even a representative plant would have the effect of obtaining a much higher estimate. Porcelain, vases, cognac glasses, etc., find their place in a bar shelf properly positioned. It is important that the ambience in living rooms remains consistent.

Open shelves as a stylish storage space

shelves wooden compartments-books-decorative-objects

Open shelves are practical and chic. They can be used in any room. Nevertheless, the dusting should not be seen as a vice. Devices with adjustable air pressure simply blow away the dust. So you should not take the joy of a stylish living with open shelves. Set up in the kitchen for the storage jars with a pretty curtain or pleated, in the living room with displayable porcelain / china and for the office with books and magazines, the shelf is invaluable.

wall shelves-wood-white-give-books-deco

Shelves are a favorite piece of furniture in every home decor. They are diverse in their way and incidentally also fulfill their practical purpose. Hanging on the wall or standing in a room does not matter. A kitchen with shelves for spices, for example, is a great eye-catcher. The beautiful spice containers whet your appetite for healthy. The eye is known to eat. Even in every small hallway still fits a shelf that welcomes the visitor warmly. Designed as a screen and coat shelf with whistle or for shoes made opaque with an attractive roller blind. The same game in the bathroom, it does not cost much.


Hang pictures properly – tips and ideas for a harmonious wall design

Hang pictures properly wall-and-wall-furniture-size-note

When it comes to buying wall decoration, not only does aesthetics play an important role. There are some basic rules that should be followed to create an overall harmonious home environment. We give you 5 useful tips on how to properly hang, arrange and stage pictures.

Hang pictures correctly – if possible at eye level

Hang pictures properly wall-to-wall-living-room-panorama-picture-sunset

The optimal space for each picture can be easily determined. The correct height for hanging the pictures is the average eye height, which is at 1.60 meters. In transit areas, where pictures are mainly viewed standing, they are hung at standing height. However, if you usually look at your pictures sitting down, for example from the sofa in the living room, you can lower them slightly.

Note the size of the furniture

wallpaper right-hang up-ideas-wall design-zen-motive-colored

Orient yourself to the corners and edges of the room, such as door and window frames, and notice the size of the furniture. Make sure that large pictures in addition to small furniture and vice versa can disturb the harmonious spatial effect.

Hang pictures correctly – picture arrangement on the wall

wallpaper right-hang up-ideas-wall design-zen-motive-living room

When arranging the pictures on the wall, there are different variants. Make your walls look wider by hanging multiple photos side by side, or group pictures of different sizes in a collage. Make sure that the distance between the pictures is always the same. About 2 to 10 centimeters should be enough.

Hang pictures properly wallpapers-beach-motives-side by side

If you just go for a big picture, use it to add depth to the room. For example, frameless masterpieces in panorama format create the impression of spaciousness. Wide landscapes, sky and beach are motifs that let us automatically look into the depths.

Sunlight is poison for every picture

wallpaper right-hang up-ideas-wall design-sunlight-harm

Whether graphics, watercolors or photographs, images should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The heat radiation and short-wave UV radiation contained in sunlight can cause damage to images and accelerate the aging process. But you do not have to worry about the latest digital printing technology. With the UV direct printing from BilligBanner24 For example, photos and graphics are displayed on UV and up to 80 degrees temperature-resistant panels, which can also be used outdoors. You can also enjoy beautiful pictures on the balcony!

Style and color choice of the picture

Hang pictures correctly -design-wall-design-multiple-pictures-cat-colors

Pictures should be adapted to your interior. An oil painting in a heavy picture frame does not fit in a modern home decor. Not only the style is important, but also the colors of the picture. The overall picture is more harmonious if the picture contains a color that repeats itself in the room. With white walls, you can not go wrong, but with wallpapers with eye-catching patterns, pictures should be framed to accentuate the design.

Apply lipstick properly – the tricks of makeup consultants

properly apply dark red color

It was like this: I did not wear lipstick until I got married. Before, it was always just a lip gloss. It was light with lip gloss, it does not have all your teeth! Is it true? Well, I did not know what to do with my make-up on my wedding day.

But my make-up consultant has changed everything completely, and I finally understood why women around the world are obsessed with these little “pigment pens”. I am now also a lipstick fanatic!

I honestly believe in your new one Apply lipstick properly , you can do yours face completely change. The color you choose can accentuate or destroy your entire look. Too dark? They will look vampy. Too pink? You will look immature. Precisely? You look fantastic!

Apply lipstick properly – The tips of the professionals

Nuance select ideas nuances

  • Bright lipsticks make your lips look full.

  • Darker lipstick shades make the lips look thin.

  • Bright lipsticks attract attention to your teeth. You must have your teeth bleached before the wedding.

  • Glossy lipsticks can not last as long! For this reason, remove dull or creamy lipsticks!

  • Pearl lip colors add a subtle glow and make your lips striking.

  • Paint applied with a brush lasts longer. Drinking through a straw helps too!

  • Lip Liner is a Got to ! Choose a color that is lighter and fits your lipstick well.

  • Do you want to go to the wedding party without make-up? Then just choose the lipstick in a color that is deeper than your natural tint of your lips. That looks really adorable!

  • A lipstick can also be bad. If it has a bad smell or a bitter taste – just throw it away!

And if you want irresistibly beautiful lips, then you will certainly find something suitable Dior , Overview only some suggestions of the noble brand:

Apply lipstick correctly – select a nuance from the table below:

Match skin color Apply correctly Select nuance

Dior latest collection Lipstick Naturnuance

Pink lipstick

Apply Make Up to choose pink lipstick

Naturally beautiful pink nuances

Nuance lipstick apply ideas eyeshadow

Make-up for everyday life

Apply lipstick ideas pictures

Apply pink lipstick

Apply lipstick to emphasize ideas cheeks

Lipstick beautiful make up everyday

Lipstick apply ideas pictures irresistibly

Color lipstick select skin color

Apply lipstick to emphasize beautiful lips

Architecture »Restyling the house – properly financing extensive renovations

house renovation finance-finance-tips

When it comes to mortgage lending, most consumers think of buying or building a property. However, anyone who has looked at his interior or garden, perhaps plays with the idea of ​​a major renovation or redevelopment. In both cases, five-digit amounts quickly accumulate. This also applies if only the garden is to be rearranged. Depending on the scope of the planned measures, the idea of ​​a new mortgage loan really plays into the planning.

Construction Financing for Renovation – Upsizing, Umschulden or subordinate endeavor?

house renovation mortgage loan agreement

Should the Redesign of the property or the grounds are financed through a mortgage, the question remains whether the existing loan can be increased. However, if the interest rate at the time of renovation is lower, this option makes little sense from a financial point of view. In this case, a new subordinated loan is recommended, provided that the surcharge for subordination is not so high that the interest exceeds the original condition. A rescheduling would be in question, if the existing financing is nearing the end of the fixed interest rate and a reorganization with generally more favorable terms is planned. Of course, this topic does not apply when it comes only to invest in new furniture or a new kitchen. In this case, no classic mortgage lending comes into play. However, some banks offer so-called residential loans. These move in the interest rate between mortgage and installment loan interest. Prerequisite is existing property ownership and residential use. No mortgages are due for these residential loans.

However, it will be more critical if the home is to be embellished on the one hand, but the bank can not provide loans for reasons of creditworthiness. This requires an alternative solution.

The financing from Switzerland for renovation

house-renovation-wood-make-modern new-facade-

Loans from Switzerland, also known as loans without Schufa, are an option if you want to avoid a Schufa entry or get in the way of renewed lending. On the page of the comparison portal from For example, there are appropriate providers. A loan without Schufa does not mean, however, that no requirements are made by the lenders to the borrower.


Of course, the prerequisite for such a loan is first of all the age of majority. This requires a residence in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as an account with a German bank. As a security is primarily a salary assignment. Self-employed persons, who in Germany have always had greater problems obtaining a loan than an employee, however, receive significantly easier loans in Switzerland. This also applies to mortgages.

house-renovation-financing-resident credit-tips

The Swiss institutions do not necessarily insist on a salary assignment, but also consider other collateral. Especially with the introduction of Residential Credit Directive , which leaves out the value of the object as security completely out, could win this form of the building financing without Schufa at importance. After all, the number of approved loans in Germany has fallen by 20 percent since the directive was introduced in March. There are therefore quite some reasons why one or the other real estate owner or prospective owner will turn his gaze over the border into the Alpine republic in search of a suitable loan. The days in which loans without Schufa a dodgy stable smell attached, are long gone. They establish themselves as a regular financing instrument.


Balcony »Tillandsien and other air plants properly set in scene

tillandsien and other air plants staender-holz-spiral

We love Tillandsia and other aerial plants , We’ve already posted a lot of articles here on our website, but there’s still something you can learn about taking care of them. Today we want to take another look at the plants in hanging containers. Yes, right, you know, they do not need soil to grow. Give them plenty of room for flexibility! Maybe you have a suitable place for it, for example on your terrace, right?

Hang Tillandsien and other air plants

tillandsien and other air plants icicle-optic-sand-idea

Tillandsia and other aerial plants can be placed in many different types of vessels. That’s why you have a lot of options to choose from. What do you have to pay particular attention to? You need to choose a type of display that best suits your style. Hanging pods are undoubtedly one of the most popular solutions.

Attach Tillandsia and other aerial plants to the wall

tillandsien and other air plants decorative wall wood boards metal

The containers come in different shades. We love these from CorPottery. They are made by hand. They are not glazed, but they charm with their earthy character. They absorb perfectly the liquid and thus you can be sure that they will not rot after casting!

Original container for the wall

Tillandsia and-other-air-plant wanddeko-inspiration-garden-interior

You can find many different flowerpots with a super interesting design. They hang on ropes and are designed in eye-catching colors. We can hardly imagine a more festive combination of colors and patterns than those of macrame hanging plant containers. This was painted by hand and you can place Tillandsien or other plants of your choice.

Glass balls as a terrarium for aerial plants

Tillandsia and-other-air plants hang-glass-ball-terrarium-

Why do you have to confine yourself to a flowerpot, if you can have three? The trio of hanging Air plants – Container is covered with a distinctive pink coating and comes with a wealth of natural hemp cords for hanging. This solution is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. She also stands out because of the trendy pastel color.

Tillandsia and other aerial plants – Plant containers made of metal

Metal pot of cool design ideas

The Geo planters are in great demand and the Himmeli Art takes a distinctive place in their world through their special character. Do you know what Himmeli is? These are traditional Finnish ornaments. They are usually made of straw and used as a Christmas decoration to decorate the Christmas tree. In the modern version, they are often made of metal and used to hold air systems. These motifs can be recognized by the plant containers made of brass, wire and leather. The result is so geo and so fabulous!

The unique shape is just one of the many features that you can love about Himmeli Plant Containers. You can choose a specific material, for example brass, aluminum or copper. However, with regard to Tillandsia care, you should know that for some varieties the copper is poisonous. Therefore you should handle it carefully.

The next example symbolizes the character of modern hanging plant containers. These models offer a very good ventilation. That’s why you can the flowers Pour lightly without rotting.

Tillandsia and other aerial plants – Planters hanging on chains

Air plants terrarium cultivate tips ideas

In search of the perfect plant holder, have you come across such planters on chains? We are just crazy about them! These hanging metal plant bowls from INSEKDESIGN have a charming vintage look. Made of copper or brass with century-old metal spinning techniques, the shells are hand-made and hung with chains!

Here we see mini two-stage models made of colored glass. These hanging plant pots were created by SNL Crations. The advantages of such a flower container are many. On the one hand he holds the plants in style, then he captures the sun and supplies the interior with splendor and shine.

Unique plant container for aerial plants

Plant pot original idea design

We end up with two hanging air systems that are unforgettable. They look like modern pendant lights that steal the show. These are made of yarn with non-toxic binders. They show great endurance and are water resistant. They bring a lot of creativity and color into the ambience.

Do you want to assign a central role to your air plant? Then put them in a hanging container. Let the plant enjoy the limelight!

The example here of Peacocktaco can be described as an “aerial plant ball”. Little “babies” will grow out of it. They will grow bigger, bloom and give your room more color.

At the end of our article today we want to give you a few tips. Make sure you choose a location for your aerial plant where it will get enough light.

Whether you’re holding your air plant indoors or out, remember, indirect light is often the best. If you want to know more about the specifics of aerial plants and their ideal growing conditions, including lighting and temperature, we recommend that you search our previous posts. We wish you many pleasant hours with your air plants at home!

The air plants are easy to clean and therefore well suited for beginners

Pots Tillandsien stick ideas fixing care

They can be arranged both indoors and outdoors

hanging plants pots ceramic beautiful idea

Tillandsia and other aerial plants – Hanging pods

Wooden pot design ideas beautiful stylish original

They are a cool gift idea for the new apartment

Air plants hanging pots of flowers

They take up little space and therefore fit even in the smallest living room

Plant pot hang up pink twine

Cool designs for innovative plant pots

Plant Pots Tillandsien pink color nice design

Tillandsia cultivate beautiful air plants cultivate

Flower Pots Ideas Metal Design Display

Set up aerial plants properly

hanging flower pots small metal glass

properly flowerpots care tips ideas

Store firewood properly – 26 ideas for inside and outside

Firewood storage properly living room-interior-jacketed-niche

If you want to crackle and crack your fireplace in the winter, you have to Store firewood properly , A dry and airy storage location is the base for the fire to blaze properly. What else is important, you will learn in the following article. We also give you a few examples of how designers and interior designers deal with this topic.

Firewood properly store outside

Firewood stored properly outside fireplace-niche-terrace

Dry storage space and stable storage structure are the most important points in firewood storage. Moist wood has a significantly lower calorific value. For the air to circulate, the firewood should not be stored directly on the ground. Between the wood pile and the wall you should also plan a distance of 5 to 10 centimeters. If the firewood is stored outside, it should also be protected against rain and snow.

Fire wood stored properly in the house

Firewood stored properly in the house-living room-niche-stacked

More and more interior designers are developing creative solutions that put firewood in the foreground. Whether on a stand, shelf or stacked in a niche, firewood can become an eye-catcher in the room. This is perfect for rooms designed in a rustic or industrial style where great value is placed on natural materials and their charisma. In modern rooms, firewood forms an interesting knockout to smooth surfaces such as high gloss panels. Take a look at the excellent examples below and see for yourself!

modern wall unit in black and gray

firewood-store-wall niche-gray-marble

Fireplace wall covered with slate stones

Firewood store living room slate veneer wall

integrated in an outer wall

firewood-store-outside-terrace-slate wall

Included in the design of the fireplace

firewood-store-outside-hearth-bamboo rods Fence

modern living room with open wood fireplace

Firewood store living room-niche-situated

Properly storing firewood -novel-veneer-slate-color

Firewood storage properly living room-white-wall-niche

firewood-store-inside-stone shelf-wood floor

firewood-store-living room-wood-bench-bin

firewood-store-living room-open-fireplace

firewood-store-living room-African-stacked

firewood-store-living room-modern-device-bright-colored

firewood-store-wall-stacked-glass window-fireplace insert

firewood-store-bench-bin-reading corner

firewood-store-living room-wall niche-fireplace insert


firewood-store-bedroom stone-fireplace-American

firewood-store-room dividers-fireplace insert and white-panels

firewood-store-inside-living room-stacked

firewood-store-wood-residential wall-stacked shelves

Home & Garden »A practical terrace design – Plan the roof terrace properly

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Daniel Keeley is founder and director of DK Design in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Just recently he has for practical Terrace design redesigned two adjacent roof terraces of Fayetteville Square that characterize the urban outdoor life. Roof areas give a great atmosphere for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family. There are also a number of unique conditions that influence the process of designing and building a roof terrace.

Practical terrace design – The delivery options

terrace design modern simple simple design blue

Below, Keeley shares a few tips for a practical terrace design to help those who plan to turn their roof area into a luxurious living space. For a practical Terrace design On the roof you should not forget that a precise planning and organization are of great importance. The biggest problem for Keeley of DK design and his people was the delivery. The luxury condominiums are located two floors above a store floor, so the delivery of materials, tools and furniture required a bit more creativity. For heavier things a crane was used. For the plants and their accessories, however, the elevator was used. “Be prepared to spend more than the same design for an area on the ground floor,” warns Keeley. The work on the roof is more expensive, especially because of the access problems mentioned above. “Also, keep in mind that workers will be constantly walking through your living area during construction,” he adds.

Practical terrace design – protection against various weather conditions

Terrace design roof fresh colors pink purple orange

On the ground, trees and various constructions provide shelter from the sun and from winds. They can become unbearable on the roof. Therefore, proper protection from them is one of the priorities for a practical terrace design on the roof. At one of the two terraces, Keeley has built a Jardon de Ville pavilion over the seating area. “Since the winds can reach a speed of up to 100 km / h, we have anchored the structure to the beams of the ground with a steel reinforcement,” he explains. Shadow is also given by the already existing canopy, which is attached to the apartment. For a practical Terrace design Keeley also recommends adding built-in pad and cushion storage options that can easily be thrown around in a stronger gust of wind. One of its terraces has, for example, steel fans installed in the wall.

Practical terrace design – Ensure enough privacy

Terrace design pavilion black contrast white furniture

Since the roof terraces are usually located in cities, it is normal that they are surrounded by tall buildings and unwanted views. And while these apartments are not in the center of Manhattan, Keeley had to find a way to protect the terrace from neighboring neighborhoods and the view of a parking lot and a lot of satellite dishes from the television tower. “These terraces share a railing and have little privacy,” he explains. To separate the two terraces, he used for the practical Terrace design Screen walls and a Buxbaum hedge. The same hedge was also used to prevent unwanted glances and to focus on the view of the Ozark Plateau.

Cosiness for a practical terrace design

Beautiful decoration flowers center table designer ideas

“We knew from the beginning that these terraces would become an extension of the interior with garden elements,” says Keeley. Upholstered furniture was chosen on both terraces to soften the design a little. Likewise, a rooftop has been integrated into each of the two rooftop terraces to guarantee the cozy atmosphere during a football match that the owners can watch thanks to the outdoor televisions. Cosiness also played an important role in the choice of the floor for the beautiful Terrace design , “They both had a hardwood floor, but I wanted something better when walking barefoot,” says Keeley. For one of the terraces, recycled Trex flooring was used, which retains the wooden look but requires less care and eliminates the risk of the owners’ grandchildren trapping splinters. On the other, quartzite tiles provide a smooth, elegant finish.

Practical terrace design under consideration of its purpose

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When planning your roof terrace, you should also be careful to live up to your lifestyle. In the sample terraces, the main purpose is family reunions and meeting friends. Both roof terraces have a dining area, seating area for relaxing and an outdoor kitchen. Both families also have other apartments where they spend their time. Therefore, the terraces should require as little care. For this reason, Keeley limited for a practical Terrace design keep the plants to a minimum and installed an automatic irrigation system. “The automatic irrigation system also prevents the plants from drying out too quickly,” he explains.

Other examples of the practical terrace design of the two roof terraces are the chaises, which can serve as benches when not being used for sunbathing. A swivel arm mounted on the wall allows you to rotate the TV for optimum field of vision, depending on your seating position.

terrace evening light suitable wood plants relaxing

practically relaxation party large area lounge furniture fire

terrace design roof sea modern table browse lots of space several people beautiful view city