Halloween »Crafts with Pumpkins – Great ideas for autumn and Halloween decorations

Make-up with pumpkins -yellow-painted-smileys-different-emotions

Carved or decorated pumpkins provide the ideal autumn and Halloween mood on the coffee table or as a charming room decoration. Tinker with pumpkins always provides a lot of fun for young and old. Here you will find great ideas on how to create the perfect decoration for inside and outside.

Decorate table decorations with pumpkins

Crafts with pumpkins candlesticks vampire-teeth

When crafting with pumpkins you have to let your imagination run wild to achieve a worth seeing result. A hollowed out pumpkin serves as a tealight on the garden table. With filigree carvings can decorate a pumpkin bowl effectively.

Luminous lanterns with unusual carving patterns

Crafts with pumpkins - carvings-different-patterns

With a little imagination and skill manages to create an extraordinary fall and Halloween decoration. In addition to spooky Halloween grimaces, geometric carving patterns are particularly topical.

artificial vampire teeth

Crafting with pumpkins carving vampire teeth pin eyes

Creepy grimaces are supposed to be on Halloween ghosts and deter evil spirits. The perfect pumpkin for a lantern must be ripe and big. You must wash it well in advance, then record the grotesque or matching patterns with a felt-tip pen, remove a lid with a knife and hollow out the pumpkin with a spoon. But if you want a bigger effect with less carving, then artificial vampire teeth and paper eyes will help you to stick it on!

Create different patterns with stencils and color

Tinker-with-pumpkins color-zigzag-pattern-points

perfect for succulent arrangement

Tinker-with-pumpkins pflanzgefaess-succulent

Spooky face with artificial teeth

Pumpkin Grief Creepy-Craft Teeth-Vampire Halloween Ideas Table Decoration

To make a ghastly pumpkin lantern

Pumpkin Decoration Deco Craft-Spooky Halloween Party

Sexy decorations for the fall

Loving halloween decoration with pumpkins self-tinkering tricks and tips

Pumpkins are artful autumn decorations. Polka dots, stripes or a spiraling spiral over the pumpkin make it a great eye-catcher. In addition, they are made very quickly.

Decorate pumpkins with felt polka dots

Pumpkins white dyed spotted-with felt-decorate deco ideas

Decoration with lace gives a rural flair

Deco rustic autumn halloween pumpkin with lace decorate

When crafting with pumpkins, metal wire is good

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas with Wire Spiral Garden Halloween

Pumpkin decoration for a scary celebration

Pumpkin Decoration Craft Bats Paper Black Halloween Ideas

Autumn decoration ideas with pumpkins for the table

Chalkboard decoration in the fall-self-make-up pumpkin-with-brocade stripes

Mysterious glittering lanterns

Decoration For Pumpkins Ideas Wind Lanterns Craft Brocade Gold Effect

Decorating pumpkin with colorful brocade

Gitzer Brocade Colorful Gourds Sparkly Decorate Fall Decorations

Decorative pumpkins made from paper

Paper pumpkins make autumn decorate atmosphere for little money

Colorful painted pumpkins for a lively atmosphere

Craft Ideas Halloween Autumn pumpkins colorful paint-table decoration ideas to make yourself

Achieve autumn mood through a gold effect

Decorate Spray Color Gold Effect Black Mini Pumpkins Fall

Vintage decoration with pumpkins

Vintage decor Living room-Fall jewelry with pumpkin-silver-colored flower vases

Effective decoration in black and white

Stylish black white decoration with pumpkins-to-make-yourself candlestick decorate

Decorate white colored pumpkins with floral patterns

Mini pumpkins grace with floral pattern deco ideas Fall Halloween

To achieve a romantic effect with mini pumpkins

Mini pumpkins with paint decorating name tags

Beautiful paintings with natural motifs

Pumpkin peel as a canvas Decorative ideas for painting floral motifs

Tinker with black yarn

Halloween pumpkins decoration with yarn thread Black and white letter making

The creepy decoration belongs to Halloween – sticking pumpkins with photos

Pumpkin with photos-sticking decorate in autumn-ideas crafts

Autumn mood spread in the living room

Autumn decoration ideas halloween do it yourself pumpkin bowl

Fallparty Dekoideen – Tinker table name tags

Pumpkin Signs Table Decoration Party Decorations - Halloween Party

Festive table decoration with pumpkins

Autumn Festival Party Garden Table Decoration pumpkins painting

Mini pumpkin with sequins

Autumn jewelry made with pumpkin ideas with sequins

Filigree decoration with lace

Halloween crafts mini pumpkins lace filigree white-black

Pumpkins with yarn

Autumn craft ideas with pumpkins and yarn colorful halloween

Pretty garden decoration for hanging

Garden decoration for hanging-tinkering with pumpkins ideas

Autumn decoration with pumpkins painting flower vase pattern

Squirting Pumpkin Fall Decorating Garden Table Porch Ideas Halloween-2013

Pumpkin carving tips ideas untraditional-fall decoration jewelry making

Halloween »Halloween pumpkins inspired by traditional folk art

Halloween pumpkins-carving-leuuchten-aushohlen-mask

Pumpkins provide a beautiful Halloween atmosphere and must not be missing in the shop window on this day. Whether as a decoration on the windowsill, on the stairs or as a table set, with the cozy-orange autumn fruits you are always pretty accents. The Halloween pumpkins, The ones we are showing here are projects by Matthew Mead, inspired by traditional folk art, and perfect for a vintage interior.

Decorate Halloween pumpkins with self-adhesive tattoos

Halloween pumpkins-decorate-ornaments-tatoo-beautiful-artificially

With different decorative elements can be pretty in a jiffy faces make -z.B with crochet lace. Irish textile art is well known. Cut out eyes, nose and mouth from cup pads and attach with pins. Only with pins you can create effective wavy patterns. Quickly create a retro atmosphere with simple, colonial-themed paintings. These can be painted with acrylic paint, or use a sponge or dab technique and stencil set.

Decoration with mini pumpkins in silver and gold

Halloween pumpkins-decorate-silver-gold-color

An absolute must for the Halloween decoration are the pumpkin lanterns – a real eye-catcher in the shop window. For example, if you are carving a pumpkin for the first time, you could choose simple geometric motifs, as straight cuts must be made. For floral motifs as in the picture, use a template. You can find them on the internet, print out a few of them, strip them and place them on the pumpkin with tape. After the mold is carved, you can fill it with a waterproof pen.

Decorate and make pumpkins for Halloween

Halloween pumpkins-glittering-grind-gold-black decoration

Be inspired by old Halloween illustrations. Cut out floral retro patterns from black cardboard and place them in pumpkin holes. Now all you have to do is put a candle in the middle. But if you have used flammable materials, choose an electronic candle.

Paint Halloween pumpkins with scenes from the folk tales

Halloween pumpkins-decorate-paint-desh Cities News arbe

Make a hat for pumpkins – make a hole for the style and decorate it with loops or pom-poms.

Paint witches silhouettes with black acrylic paint
Witch Silhouette Paint Showcase Decorating Carving Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins with lace adorn

Decorative halloween pumpkins needle lace traditional folk art

Carvings of every kind are possible in the design of Halloween pumpkins

Pumpkin lantern floral motifs-carve topper make yourself

Use paper stencil for precise results

Craft Ideas Pumpkins Halloween felt pen Decorations to tinker

Beautiful wall decoration with small decorative pumpkins

Mini Pumpkins Geometric Motifs Wall Decorations Ideas Pinpoint Felt Paintings

Use different materials from the household for decorating

Decoration in colonial Halloween pumpkins painting wavy motifs pins

Halloween »28 Halloween decoration and autumn craft ideas with pumpkins

halloween decoration ideas net flower pot gold color floral motifs carve

Prepare a ghostly Halloween decoration – carve pumpkins, paint them with original designs or decorate them with ribbons or fabric. These craft ideas are very simple and will certainly give you and the children pleasure.

Halloween decoration for the table with pumpkins and candles

halloween decoration table box leaves autumn candles

With smaller pumpkins you can dreamlike table decorations design, with which you can also bring autumnal mood into the room. A particularly elegant variant are the white pumpkins. If you are not so scared, then you can easily create an elegant Halloween decoration.

Halloween decoration – Elegant idea of ​​white pumpkins for the banquet table

halloween deco white bouquets garland autumnal candles festive board

For this Halloween decoration, for example, white pumpkins were wrapped with pretty wire garlands that mimic berries, giving the fruits a haunting vibe. The idea is perfect as a decoration of the banquet table and can also be used on other occasions in the fall season.

Pumpkin decoration in the form of a flowerpot

halloween decoration ribbon kuerbis flowerpot idea flowers

You can also use an oiled pumpkin for the Halloween decoration as a flower pot. Add a ribbon of paper or cloth to make the pumpkin look a little more upbeat and the decoration is ready. Really sympathetic, do not you think?

White decoration idea for Halloween with butterfly motifs

halloween deco white kuerbis butterfly strauss herbstblaetter

Pumpkins last a long time and can defy bad weather well – they are therefore super suitable as a Halloween decoration for the garden and the entrance to the house. The possibilities of using them as part of the ghostly decoration are practically endless. You can hollow out and carve the pumpkins, or just paint. Carved pumpkins can be used as a lantern for the garden. Painted pumpkins are an original crafting idea that guarantees a pleasant time with the kids.

Decoration staircase bats pumpkins

First, prepare a template. Animals like black cats, bats or spiders are suitable for Halloween. Cut out the template and place it on the pumpkin. Our tip – paint white pumpkins with black paint and orange pumpkins with golden paint. Mark the contours of the template on the pumpkin – the rest can take over your children. To connect you can decorate the design with rhinestones. Quick idea for all craft beginners – buy adhesive tapes in different colors and simply stick the pumpkin on it. Fast and very effective!

Halloween decoration black cat mice

Lantern for the garden as a Halloween decoration

Idea Halloween lantern bottle

In order to use pumpkins as a lantern, you must first erase them first. First, remove the lid, then remove the fiber and cores. Prepare the cut template, and use a pencil with dotted line to mark the areas on the pumpkin that you need to cut out. Cut out the motif with a knife. The lantern is almost finished – now only to put lantern in the pumpkin. Never leave burning candles without supervision. Optionally, you can use an LED candle – this way you avoid a fire hazard. The finished lantern can be placed in the garden or hung above the entrance. Finished!

Halloween decoration – plastic mice

Idea pumpkin mice garden

Lantern made of pumpkin

Pumpkin lantern candles lighting

Pumpkin with LED lights

cool house deco fall idea

Mini pumpkins and autumn leaves

Door wreath pumpkins autumn tree leaves

Label the design

Ornamental gourds ideas old furniture

Bat – motive

white pumpkins painted bats

Ornamental gourds with ornaments

Pumpkins are snapping autumn mood

Newsprint as part of autumn decoration

Wrap Newsprint Make Decoration yourself

Decoration for the entrance

Label Halloween Entrance Thanksgiving Ideas

Exotic animal patterns

Deco idea pumpkin stick design

Original house number

Idea pumpkins number digit decoration

Tree leaves motifs

make your own home decoration idea

Pumpkins in several colors

Pumpkins painted white orange yellow

Halloween decoration ideas

Craft Ideas Halloween celebration pumpkins

Carving pumpkin – key as motif and pirate treasure map as decoration

Skeleton garden deco idea autumn

Autumn decoration made of natural materials

Decorative mini pumpkins design

Lantern for the garden

Pumpkins house decorating ideas

Funny spiders

Garden Figurines Halloween Design

Label the pumpkins with the surname

Halloween rhinestones decorate garden decoration idea

Garden decoration in the style “Alice in Wonderland”

Deco garden autumn flowers

Autumn »Autumn and Halloween decoration – make a door wreath with mini pumpkins yourself

autumn and halloween decorations turquoise bow moss

This door wreath is such a great idea for Autumn and Halloween decoration , The mini pumpkins on a wreath add a beautiful Halloween touch to your front door. This is one of the simplest Fall wreaths for do-it-yourself. Just follow the step-by-step instructions.

Fall and Halloween decoration for the front door

autumn and halloween deco fabric flowers yellow red front door

Note: If you use fresh mini pumpkins, they will disintegrate after a week or two. That’s why you can make this wreath with artificial materials. The miniature pumpkins used here have a fine, sparkling coating.

Required materials: a wreath blank, mini pumpkins, hot glue gun, flower wire, plastic spiders, black satin ribbon.

1. Start with an 18-inch wreath blank. This size allows us to stick about 13 pumpkins on it.
2. Once your arrangement is done, start to glue each pumpkin in place and let it dry. Stick them close together, but leave room for our bow at the top.
3. The small plastic spiders are a fun addition. Attach this to one of the pumpkins with a bit of hot glue for a spooky Halloween touch.
4th Finally, you need a loop to the accent of Autumn and Halloween decoration to put.
5. Use flower wire or black pipe cleaner to attach to the wreath or if you want you can use hot glue on the front. Happy Halloween!

use different pumpkin varieties

autumn wreath pumpkins pinecone craft idea

Halloween door wreath Halloween turquoise black orange mini pumpkins

other version with pine cones and flowers

dekokranz mini gourds pine cones flowers

autumn wreath deco gourds varieties fall foliage

lush wreath of flowers and foliage

autumn wreath mini pumpkins foliage rosehip front door

autumn decoration door orange grind mini pumpkins

Moss wreath blank

autumn wreath itself make loop moss tubing

with sweets

halloween turquoise mini pumpkins sweets

Autumn »Tinker with children in autumn – Decorate pumpkins without carving

tinker with children decoration design bakery garland sideboard

All love autumn decoration, but often the decoration ideas are complex and can not be done by children. But this may change from now on – learn some quick and very simple tricks that the Tinker with children be possible. Decorate Pumpkins without carving with imaginative decoration.

Crafts with children – Interesting dot pattern

tinker with children colors mix loecher white orange green

For an effective decoration you buy several pumpkins in different colors – white, orange, green. Use fruit cores to make holes in the pumpkins. Then take out the round pieces of pumpkin. These can be designed in a different color if you feel like it. Then put the pieces back. This super simple idea is for Tinker with children between 6-12 years. Let the children dye the pieces and do the rest themselves. If you hollow out the pumpkin in advance, you can drill several holes with fruit cores and create an original headline. Even if you want to make Jack O ‘Lantern, you can use the fruit kernel for the eyes.

Tinker with children – Use a drill

tinker with children drill machine design idea autumn

At the Tinker with children You can also use a drill to decorate the pumpkin. But this should definitely be an adult. You have the opportunity to create a variety of patterns that are especially highlighted at night by the candlelight. Here are a few inspirations for the pattern:

Pattern as inspiration for the children

tinker with children pattern idea halloween lamp

Make a fancy decoration for Halloween with children

tinker with children lantern lantern idea candlelight

Craft idea – cut and color dots

carve idea kids funny crafting simple idea

Crafting with children – cut out beautiful patterns

Lantern itself make idea

Save yourself carving – it needs an experienced and safe hand, and there is always a risk of injury. Instead, get yourself a modeling loop for clay and cut interesting motives from the pumpkin. Flower patterns, stars, and everything the kids want can be easily made with the modeling loop. And of course the simplest version – buy white ones pumpkins and pencils, and let the kids paint them. This idea for Tinker with children is suitable for toddlers.

Crafts with children – Quick ideas without carving

Carving decorate flowers pattern

Prepare the decoration for the autumn with the children

Crafting ideas decorate autumnal pumpkins

Make holes in the pumpkin with the fruit kernel

Deco craft instructions simple idea

Cut out original patterns with a modeling loop

Crafting ideas kids flowers pattern pumpkin

Buy pumpkins in different colors – and create colorful decoration

Carving pumpkins decorate original ideas autumn

Modeling loop for clay is used

Cut flowers pattern autumn decoration

The children enjoy crafting

Autumn pumpkins decoration ideas

The end result lantern

decorate autumnal make lantern

Creepy title from several pumpkins – Buh!

Autumn creepy lantern heading Buh

Autumn »Autumn decoration with pumpkins: 55 inspirations to imitate

Autumn decoration with pumpkins-make-over-cut-kuerbisvase

Although pumpkins are popular throughout the fall season, they are not only an ingredient in various delicious recipes, but also as home decoration. They are available in different colors and shapes and make colorful splash of color in every room. Look at our beautiful ideas for Autumn decoration with pumpkins and try one of these pumpkin decorations for Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Make autumn decoration with pumpkins yourself

Autumn decoration with pumpkins homemade flower sponge flower arrangement

Get a few pumpkins in different shapes and colors, remove flesh and seeds and fill it with all that nature has to offer in the fall – moss, twigs, cones, berries, chestnuts and cut flowers. The imagination knows no limits.

Autumn decoration with pumpkins and flowers

Autumn decoration with pumpkins homemade make-up moss chrysanthemums

You need: sharp knife and spoon, medium sized pumpkins, floral foam, chrysanthemums and plants, chestnuts and cones, glue.

Hollow out the pumpkin, remove meat and seeds. Cut the floral foam according to the shape of the hole and immerse in water. Then put floral foam in the pumpkin. Put cut flowers in the floral foam. Fill gaps with chestnuts.

autumn floral arrangement

Autumn decoration with pumpkins - make-yourself-cut-yellow-chrysanthemums-chestnuts

Shy mini pumpkins

Autumn decoration with pumpkins - same-make-up-ornamental-biscuit-china-dishes-wiggle-eyes

Required materials: 3-5 gourds, 3-5 porcelain bowls and bowls with lid (from flea markets or thrift stores), spray primer and spray paint (if you want to paint the dishes), shaking eyes and craft glue.

Autumn decoration with pumpkins self-made-instruction-porcelain-dishes

Paint bowl and bowls in black or white. First apply the spray primer, allow to dry, then spray with the spray paint. Let dry. Put the pumpkins in the bowls so that their tips reach a little above the rim. Stick loose eyes on the pumpkins.

Pumpkin with witch face

Autumn decoration with pumpkins self-make-witch-kuerbis-paint

Required materials: a pumpkin (real or artificial), black marker, a small bowl, adhesive foil for crafting in black, glasses template, glitter paper, light green spray paint, garland of artificial autumn leaves, aluminum foil, scissors, hot glue gun, witch hat.

Herbstdeko-pumpkins-yourself-making instructions-green-witch

Stick the pumpkin on a small bowl so that it does not roll when placed on a flat surface. The stalk should point to the front. Crumple aluminum foil and form a small cone. Attach to the pumpkin stalk with hot glue. Cover the bowl with a plastic bag and paint the pumpkin with green spray paint. Best outside or in a well-ventilated room. Cut out glasses from the adhesive film and glue over the nose. Draw the mouth and eyes with the black marker. Glue garland on the pumpkin so that they form the hair of the witch. Attach hat at the end.

Paint pumpkins like black cats

Autumn decoration with pumpkins self-make-black-painted-cat

You need: pumpkins in different shapes and sizes, hot glue gun, black paint (if you want to exhibit it outside in the garden, then better choose a special color for outdoor use), foam brush, scissors, craft foam in black, white marker, pipe cleaner and felt pieces in gray , red and brown.

Cut out ears from craft foam

Autumn decoration with pumpkins homemade cat-crafts-ears

Paint pumpkins with the black paint. At least three coats of lacquer, allowing the lacquer between the coats to dry completely. Use scissors to cut two arrow-shaped ears out of a sheet of craft foam. Make two small slits in the pumpkin where the ears should be fastened. Apply a dab of hot glue and secure ears in the slots.

Eyes, nose and whiskers

Herbstdeko-pumpkins-yourself-making instructions-black-cat

Use a white marker to draw cat’s eyes as shown in the picture above. Cut out a triangle (slightly bent on one side) of felt. Apply a dab of hot glue in the middle of the felt piece and glue it under the eyes. Cut three pipe cleaners in half and attach each piece under the piece of felt with hot glue.

Making turkey out of two pumpkins and simple materials


Make the owl yourself – Decorate with muffin cups and sunflower seeds

Herbstdeko-kurbissen-ideas-Owl muffinfoermchen-sunflower seeds

Carving or just decorating pumpkins?

Herbstdeko-pumpkins-carve-dots pattern Rice purposes

Jack-o-lantern on the table

Herbstdeko-pumpkins-table-lantern-making itself-

Hollow out pumpkins serve as bottle coolers

Autumn decoration with pumpkins. Idea-hollowed-bottle-ice

Smiling pumpkin beside an Erika plant


Wrap pumpkin in old fishnet tights

Herbstdeko-kurbissen ideas network tights-wrapped table

small decorative pumpkins as vase filler

Herbstdeko-kurbissen-ideas-glass vase-vaseblueller-orange flowers

carved pumpkins illuminate the walkway to the house

Herbstdeko-kurbisslaternen-carved pumpkins-garden

Tealight holder from a Hokkaido pumpkin

Herbstdeko-Hokkaido pumpkin-carving-teelichthalter

gold painted decorative pumpkins as tealight holder


Spider web made of pins and thread on the pumpkin pose


gold painted decorative pumpkins as place cards

paint Herbstdeko-table-zierkuerbisse-gold

gray painted pumpkins as a vase for dahlias and roses

Herbstdeko-pumpkins-hauseingang-stairs-pastel vases-dahlias-roses

hollowed out pumpkin with candles or flowers

Herbstdeko-pumpkins-ideas-vases-stump candle

Make pumpkin vases yourself

Herbstdeko-kurbissvasen-table-chrysanthemums-autumn flowers

Pumpkins embroidered with flowers


Herbstdeko-pumpkins-table-zierkuerbisse-teller vase


Herbstdeko-kurbissen-colored metal-gold-white-modern-deco

Herbstdeko-kurbissen-Idee front door-painted-halved

Herbstdeko-pumpkins-decorate Rice purposes-stripes-black-white

Herbstdeko-kurbissen-tower-different-size species

Herbstdeko-pumpkins-decorate-washi-tape-traveling purposes

Halloween Pumpkin decorating-black-sequins-stilettos

Halloween Pumpkin polymer clay-modeling-Gesichtszuege

Herbstdeko-table pumpkins-gold color

autumn Pumpkin Carving-halloween-bast-hair

pumpkins autumn-thanksgiving-different-shapes sizes

kurbislaterne-yourself-making teelichter

autumn decoration with pumpkins halloween gray color Pflanzkuebel

autumn decoration with pumpkins vases idea flowers autumn colors cake stands

autumn decoration with pumpkins arrangement pinecone succulent nuts table

autumn decoration with pumpkins table decoration vase bouquet sunflower

autumn decoration with pumpkins green arrangement nature apples pine cones

Autumn »Decorate pumpkins – 36 ideas with color & other things

pumpkin decorate ideas triangles dots colorful mummy

Now is the right time to find a suitable one Herbstdeko to think. The pumpkin is automatically associated with this season. But carving requires a lot of time and skill and is tedious. Who with the children Decorate pumpkins wants, needs quick and easier ideas. With a bit of paint, rhinestones and fabric you can make creative designs.

Pumpkins decorate with black rhinestones

pumpkin decorate glittering stones black crockery idea halloween

Painting is a favorite activity of children. If you Decorate pumpkins you can use their creativity – get colorful pens and To dye , print different motifs on paper or draw a motive yourself, cut out the coloring sheet and mark the borders on the pumpkin. To make it easier, you can tape the template. After drawing the borders, remove the template and paint the figure. Finished! Craft novices can buy glitter sprays and paint the whole pumpkin. Golden and silver pumpkins make the interior appear noble.

Pumpkins decorate with artificial flowers

pumpkin decorate flowers stick ornament orange white

A bit of lace and interesting fabrics can suit everyone pumpkin give an individual look. Beautiful bow makes the pumpkin look like a gift. Who can not resist the rustic charm, and in this style Decorate pumpkins wants, can tie a mini gourd with string. For maximum effect, arrange the pumpkin with cones, autumn flowers and rosehip.

Decoration made of wire for the pumpkin

pumpkin decorate wire spiral idea original halloween

Playful and scary decoration ideas for the pumpkin

pumpkin decorate halloween idea white cobweb beetle dots

Pumpkin with colorful rectangles

Tinkering with children colorful design color

Decorate pumpkins – craft ideas for the kids

Pumpkins paint ideas designs

Decorating pumpkins – ideas with lace and fabric

Stones stick blue white

Paint pumpkin – witch face

Witches face crafting ideas children

For novice craftsmen – a simple design

Pumpkins colorful colors black pink

Ornamental squash as autumn decoration

Cup of black taffel autumn

White pumpkins with golden pünkten

golden dots table decoration

Cool deco with glitter spray

white pumpkins glitter spray

Rustic table decoration with autumn leaves

Pumpkin stone column rosehip leaves

Pumpkin made of linen fabric

Decoration itself make fabric

Crafting ideas with tape and paint

Deco idea kids autumn

Pumpkin with a bow

white dots label ideas

Cut out small cardboard dots and stick to the pumpkin

Pumpkin decorate cardboard golden

Linen fabric and lace as decoration

decouple loop lace twine

Effective design in white

Pumpkins lace paste white puristic

Golden pumpkin

decorate color white gray silver

Knitted mini pumpkins and straw

knitted pumpkins rustic straw

Decoupage technique as an ornament for the pumpkins

Pumpkins decorate painted green orange

Decoration for the entrance

autumnal decorate loop brick wall

Table decoration with mini pumpkins

Dining pumpkins decorate chandelier

Designs for Halloween

Cool Autumn Balstel Ideas

Colorful pumpkins with floral designs

appropriately decorate green yellow orange

Small ribbon as a decoration

Pumpkins mini ribbon decorate

Carving pumpkin – owl

carve owl cool deco idea

Yellow and green as accents

Gourds yellow in green

Cool idea with vintage keys

Pumpkins label autumn decoration idea

Pumpkin with grape

decorate Halloween scary ideas poison bottle

Colorful design decorated with rhinestones

Glitterstones decorate colorful ideas home decor

Pink, white and bright purple

Color pumpkins table autumn arrangement

Autumn »Autumn decoration ideas – Arrangements with pumpkins for outside

Autumn Deco Ideas kisses out of doors vintage candle lantern metal

We show you 25 creative Autumn decoration ideas with pumpkins – this is how you can create beautiful and effective arrangements for your entrance in just a few minutes. And for the pumpkins to last a long time is just the right time to start. Be inspired by the suggestions – you will find a detailed crafting tutorial below.

Necessary materials – three pumpkins , dry autumn leaves, rosehip, possibly autumn blossoms, nuts and deco ribbon in red / brown / gold. On request, two different glitter sprays – for example, wine red / gold, straw dolls, bird shy, glue, flower tub / big enough, so that the largest pumpkin fits in /, possibly LED string lights.

Herbst Deko Ideen – Crafting instructions for arrangements with pumpkins

autumn-deco-ideas-pumpkins-out side-kuerbis-tower

Buy the three pumpkins first – one big, one medium and one smaller. They do not have to be the same variety – just the opposite, they can combine different types of pumpkin. Leave the pumpkins in a dry room for at least 2 weeks. Then you can continue to work the pumpkins. Also let the autumn leaves dry for a week.

Fall Deko Ideas kisses-out-olaf-ice queen-movie

First, the three pumpkins are hollowed out and carved on request. Then the three pumpkins may be sprinkled with glitter spray or glued with rhinestones / and decorated with the ribbon. The three pumpkins are then put together and glued with glue. In the end, they are arranged in the flower tub. When you are done with this task, you can decorate your decoration with the autumn leaves, rosehip and the flowers decorate further. So that the decoration can also be used in the evening, you can wrap the LED fairy lights around the pumpkins. Finished!

autumn-deco-ideas-pumpkins-out side-green-painted-kuerbis-green-hat

autumn-deco-ideas-pumpkins-out side-mailbox-arrangement

autumn-deco-ideas-pumpkins-out side Laughing Faces

Autumn decoration ideas – arrangement with three white pumpkins and fresh plants

Pumpkin label bow linen ribbon

Pumpkins gold colored autumn leaves door decoration

Pumpkins White autumn leaves make decoration by themselves

Also for home – pumpkins made of plastic in a bird’s nest

Natural materials three white pumpkins fruit bird nest arrange

Autumn deco for beginners – this design may look elaborate, is indeed very easy to tinker

Deco autumn leaves arrange by yourself instructions

Also effective – two pumpkins decorated with straw, rosehip and willow branches

Decorative ideas rose hip straw willow branches

And this decoration looks super natural – just to match the blooming garden

Ideas two pumpkins willow branches garden autumn

Pumpkins Birdhouse Scarecrow Gasertoor straw

Pumpkins fabric decorative paper wrap colorfully original

Pumpkins house number house entrance decorate

Autumn deco autumn leaves cool deco house entrance

Decorative pumpkin witches figut hat broom

three pumpkins on each other decorate spider web

Paint Deco Tape Craft Ideas Jack o Lantern

Scarecrow pumpkins white label autumn leaves garland

Pumpkins Autumn Flowers Craft Weekend Project

Decoration entrance pumpkins scarecrow design

Pumpkins Autumn leaves Craft ideas beginners

fresh flowers flowerpots three carved pumpkins

Ideas house number gold color house entrance

Pumpkins lantern LED lights evening

Color darkness shines yellow green blue

Decorative lantern turrets make ideas table

Ideas autumn house entrance autumn leaves gold colored

Halloween »Decorate Halloween pumpkins with original techniques

halloween pumpkins colors paint zigzag pink blue purple yellow

The traditional fall colors are orange, red, yellow, chocolate brown and burgundy. But how can you decorate your home if you do not like those colors or if these nuances do not look good with your decor? Do not worry, because there are so many ideas and shades that you can use – from radiant pink to deep black! The most important elements for your Autumn and Halloween decoration are the Halloween pumpkins, which you can quickly paint in any color you want.

Decorate Halloween pumpkins with decoupage

halloween gourds decoupage idea romantic motives bird flowers

If you want to try something new this year, the Decoupage technique perfect for you. Choose a popular pattern and it can easily and quickly wrap your pumpkin. You can use different materials in decoupage – napkins, textile, printed images, etc.

Halloween pumpkins – decoupage with sequins and other things

halloween gourds white sequins technique black spider web spider

Alternatively, you can not just dress your Halloween pumpkins in fabric, but paint and decorate with an interesting accent – like this black tip. Sanding, beads, decorative stones, even old buttons and paper – they are all perfect for pumpkin decoration. Do not be afraid to experiment with new fabrics and unusual colors.

Pumpkin with rhinestones

halloween pumpkins glitter stones pink silver glamor

Idea for the pumpkin with ribbons

halloween pumpkins baender dots pattern original idea

For this idea of ​​designing Halloween pumpkins, bands were simply used. Of course, you can choose these in any color and with a variety of patterns. Simply wrap it around the pumpkin and tie or glue it to the stem.

Paint and decorate Halloween pumpkins

Pumpkins decorate bright white floral lace

Blue is a cool and soothing color that contrasts perfectly with the red autumn leaves or berry branches. Here, this sweet light blue pumpkin is decorated with lace flowers and looks very elegant and shabby chic.

Decoupage pumpkin with photos

Halloween pumpkins decoupage technique black white photos

Pumpkins in metallic

silver halloween pumpkins decoration house

Pumpkin with wallpaper

Halloween pumpkin blue white floral decoupage

White pumpkins and black top

Halloween pumpkins decorate white black lace

Zig-zag pattern in yellow and white

Gourds paper stick on white yellow zigzag pattern

Stick buttons on paper

pumpkin decorate painted pink zig zag pattern buttons

blue pumpkins and berries

Halloween pumpkins untraditional colors blue white

silver pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins silver painted cockroaches spinning

spray with glitter spray

Halloween pumpkins glitter spray paint red gold glass cake stand

black pumpkin and raven silhouette

halloween decoration black pumpkin book raven

light blue and orange

deco pumpkins porch light blue orange grind

Decorative Pumpkins unusual pattern colors use ideas

white gourds countertop arranged kitchen decor

unusual pumpkins pink black painted halloween

door deco picture frame mini pumpkins hanging pink pumpkins decorate house decorate Pumpkins pink purple paint porch deco pumpkins painted halloween decoration house silver gold copper

autumn decoration table covered garden green white candles

Halloween table decoration gold black pumpkins plate Halloween pumpkins light pink not traditional color

Halloween pumpkins painted blue not traditional

Halloween pumpkins painted zigzag pattern white black orange

Pumpkins painted on pink different patterns

decorated pumpkin decoupage flowers vintage pattern

decorating blue pumpkins painted house

blue painted pumpkin autumn leaves berries decoration

Halloween pumpkins black white checkered golden stalk

mini deco pumpkins pink painted candlestick

Paint pumpkins decorate light pink white

Stick on Halloween pumpkins tissue paper circles

Halloween pumpkins painted gold leaf blue mantel

deco pumpkins white blue mantel leaves vases

Halloween pumpkins crack candlestick delicate pattern

Halloween »Halloween decoration with pumpkins – original and scary ideas

halloween decor wallpaper sticking kuerbis design pinecone blackboard

The summer is almost over. But no reason to be sad – autumn also has a lot to offer. One of the funniest festivals in autumn, for both children and adults Halloween , Celebrate with full power and scary Halloween decoration – we show you some extraordinary ideas with pumpkins for the house and the garden.

Halloween decoration with metallic effect for pumpkins

halloween deko glamor kuerbis metallic look cake stand

Choose a medium size pumpkin and glue this with rhinestones. You can write a scary message to your guests this way. For maximum effect, glue a loop / or fly /. Finished! Express the letter F in different fonts. Cut the letters and use them as templates. Mark the letter outlines on the pumpkins and carve them.

Halloween decoration – painting and sticking pumpkins

halloween deco original blaetter motifs white orange gold bites

If you are looking for a job for the kids in the bad weather, this crafting idea can certainly be of use – paint pumpkins together. Cobwebs with artificial spider, faces or autumn motifs are very appropriate. A white pumpkin decorated with lace looks noble and effective. Our tip – for this design you can buy a pair of tights with lace. You are vintage style fans? No problem, collect old keys and small door knockers / or other vintage deco elements / and stick them to the pumpkins.

Tinker with children on Halloween

halloween deco tree paint buttons flower kuerbis

Experiment with shapes and designs – hollow out a pumpkin and turn it into a car. Paint the pumpkin and select animal figures for the “drivers”. In this case, the drivers were raven and mouse. If you have toddlers, there is always the possibility that they will be scared of spooky designs. To avoid this, make sweet owls out of buttons and metal parts instead. Cut out the eyes and the mouth – and then it’s theirs Halloween decoration complete!

Decoration idea for the entrance area

halloween decor baubles stack image black tree moon

White pumpkins with rhinestones and rivets as decoration

Pumpkin rhinestones decorate art spider

Crafting ideas for the weekend – prepare Halloween decoration

Loop decoration Halloween terrifying

Effective Halloween decoration for craft enthusiasts

carve ideas owl letters

Creepy lantern for the garden

Decorative pumpkins raven figure scary faces

In combination with raven and mouse figures

Raven mouse pumpkin lantern

This idea will surely please the children

Paint child spider pumpkin

The pumpkin becomes zombi

Design scary ideas Halloween

Exceptional idea with lace

Pumpkin Halloween Decoration idea Spider web

Flowerpots and lantern

Flower Pots Jack OLantern Faces


Balcony Halloween pumpkins scarecrow