Timeless living room living ideas – cool realistic 3d visualizations

Visualized by: Visual Studio

Luxury Apartment Interior Design Ceiling Design Visual Studio 3d Project Realistic Visualization

Since a living room is used for a wide variety of activities, it leaves a huge space for creative experimentation and creativity. Depending on the room situation, comfortable seating areas, cozy reading corners, a home office area or playground for children and adults can be set up. Not infrequently, the living room reflects the character of its inhabitants. Here’s how you can get an overview of the great ones 3d visualizations of timeless Living room living ideas, Created by experienced visualizers from all over the world.

3d-visualized living room living ideas

visualized by: Anole Arc

Furnishing apartment French-style 3d visualization-Anhle Arc

With the help of graphic ideas designers can be from classic to futuristic Living room living ideas realize. Visual Studio (on the first picture) offers a classic open-plan space concept. The furniture is reminiscent of the design of the 80s, but the entire ambience is particularly chic and fully in the spirit of the times. The modern outfit is completed by skilful lighting design and ceiling panel design. The design by Anhle Arc Design (in the second picture) deals with the topic of effective use of space.

Classic living room concept

3d realistic visualization design loft studio glass wall leather sofa Paolo Longoni visualized by: Paolo Longoni

Gray walls, room-high glazing, low coffee table in neutral color, soft textiles and carpets on hardwood floor are the perfect conditions for a cozy interior.

Facebook inspired interior design

Facebook Logo Room Interior Design theme Andrej Šenveter visualized by: Andrej Šenveter

Here is a furnishing concept offered, so the family can gather. The family was supposed to be a big Facebook fan.

Modern loft apartment reflects the sunlight

City apartment 3d furniture design pouf wall decoration Angelo Fernandes

visualized by: Angelo Fernandes

Classic corner sofa and wall design with graphics

Chic and cozy living room-living ideas 3d NW interior design studio

visualized by: NW-interior

Clear lines

Small Apartment Room Decorator Relief Wall Decoration Ideas Maria-Yangolenko 3d visualized by: Maria Yangolenko

Relaxed atmosphere in the Scandinavian style

Loft apartment White design 3d visualization-Realistic rendering jay3design

visualized by: jay3design

Cozy settlement decorated with works of art

Home design-Asian-style floor-to-ceiling coffee table Andrey Sokruta-Interior floor lamp visualized by: Andrey Sokruta Interior Design

A place for entertaining in front of the indoor fireplace

Penthouse flat minimalism interior design modern indoor fireplace glazing-3d ando-studio visualized by: Ando Studio

Swarz-White games

Majid Kiyanfar Ultra Modern Interior Design 3d Pendant Lamp Chair Design visualized by: Majid Kiyanfar

The chandelier – a noble note in the interior

3d living room classic beige sofa set chandelier Roma Romanov visualized by: Roma Romanov

Living room ideas for men

Male decorating living room furniture design 3d creation Vic Nguyen visualized by: Vic Nguyen

Light flooded apartment with cozy accents

Cozy living room furniture cowhide rug Arcasso pendant light wood floor visualized by: Arcasso

Interior design in pop art style

Yury Rybak-Interior Design Bauhaus Furniture Retro Chic Beam Wall Shelves visualized by: Yury Rybak

Design »Modern sculptures with realistic human faces

Modern Sculptures human faces-matchstickmen-match-wood-art-work

The German artist Wolfgang Stiller has a collection modern sculptures created as part of the art installation “Matchstickmen”. These came from leftover forms of film production and wooden blocks that were then charred. It is known from the match, how the ashes of the head stick and hardly visible relief forms. From similar woods, but in large format is the Art installation ,

Modern sculptures with realistic human faces – matchstickmen

modern sculptures-people faces-Matchstickmen-wood-kunstinstalation-burned-art

From a distance, the big matches look very similar to those we have known for around 150 years and set off every day. But when you come closer you can see the realistic shaped human faces with closed eyes. Whether there is a philosophical ulterior motive in this work, we can only guess.

Modern wooden sculptures by Wolfgang Stiller

modern sculptures-people faces-Matchstickmen-burned-face-wood-streichholz

Just as additional information: every second around 200,000 matches are lit. And how many people will or will feel like burned down?

Realistic sculptures part of an art installation in Berlin

modern sculptures-people faces-Matchstickmen-wood-matchstick-kunstinstalation

Sculptures with realistic human faces

modern sculptures-people faces-Matchstickmen-matchstick-kunstinstalation-human-art

Modern sculptures by Wolfgang Stiller

modern sculptures-people faces-Matchstickmen-kunstinstalation-gallery-berlin-wood

Modern art installation by German artist Wolfgang Stiller in Berlin

modern sculptures-people faces-Matchstickmen-kunstinstalation-gallery-Berlich-space

Wooden sculptures in public spaces

modern sculptures-people faces-Matchstickmen-head-black-wood-art-open-space

modern sculptures-people faces-Matchstickmen-kunstinstalation-realistic and natural-open-space

modern sculptures-people faces-Matchstickmen-kunstinstalation-open-space-natural-see

modern sculptures-people faces-Matchstickmen-kunstinstalation-wood-open-space-natural

* Learn more about the artist and his works here

Photo-realistic 3d wall stickers “Wallflower” bring walls to life

Photo wall design wall sticker 3d self-adhesive

Wallflower is a series of self-adhesive 3d wall stickers for any clean and smooth surface. The murals are high-quality photographs and allow an individual room decoration that until recently could only be realized through artistic talent. Be sure to check out these uplifting wall decorations!

Adhesive Large Format 3d Wall Stickers

Wall pictures tulip yellow wall design ideas laminate floor

These spectacular high-resolution 3D color images have been enlarged into giant wall stickers to be wall-mounted. The Wallflower range includes a variety of images – from flowers and animals, to abstract play of colors, to household items. The playful color patterns set the wall in motion. Sympathetic insects in vibrante and intense colors stand for environmental sustainability and proximity to nature.

Current 3d wall stickers for kitchen

Wall Sticker Photorealistic Spoon Fork Kitchen Knife Cutlery

self-adhesive 3d wall stickers have several advantages and therefore enjoy a large and loyal fan community in recent years. Compared to wallpapers, wall stickers can be easily attached to the wall and change as desired or remove it.

Pictures in wall decoration at the highest level transformed

Wall Decal Sticker Goldfish Wallflowers Dining Room

With 3d wall stickers you put cheerful accents on the wall. They come out particularly well on a simple purist background. The wall is given structure. With the wall sticker, your four walls become the absolute “highlight” for friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Wallflower Wall Sticker

Large Format Wall design Wallflowers Daisy Gerber

3d wall stickers from Wallflower are super durable and will neither fade nor rip. Funny and elegant at the same time, the wall stickers conquer even work rooms, corridors, bathrooms, room corners, ceilings and make the life of the Art Fantasy ,

Set dramatic and dramatic accents with dynamic colors

swirling wall sticker bold colors wallflowers design

Slightly iridescent blue-green tones

3d Photorealistic Murals High Resolution Blue Green Neon

One of Wallflower’s most famous patterns – swirling dyes

Colors Games Virbeln-WF Swirling-Dyes Wansticker self-adhesive

Abstract composition

Wall stickers large-modern combination colors dynamic movement

Photorealistic mural with yellow butterfly

3d wall sticker Tattoos-colorful yellow photo-realistic

Wall design inspired by the marine world with agony

3d wall stickers modern torments iridescent blue-neon colors

Fluorescent torments floating on the wall

Self Adhesive Wall Sticker Torment Ideas Wall Decoration

Supple shiny red lips – Wall stickers for people with extravagant taste

WallFlowers Lipstifft Duckface-red large format wall decoration

Wall sticker depicts popsicle

Popsicle Orange Wall Sticker Ideas Deco

Colorful and atmospheric decorations for the corridor wall

Wall decal Self-adhesive corridor design ideas Photos-Popsicles

High quality color images – neon butterfly

Indigo Blue Wall Sticker Butterfly Black Wall

Inviting Nature Home – Beetle Wall Sticker

Beetle color images-high quality-high resolution sticker photo wall

Nice living ideas for walls with decorative acoustic panels

Playful table design in a highly realistic look by GRAFT

GRAFT design furniture-modern fabrics mix

The idea for the extraordinary Table design with the appropriate name “Phantom” is based on the fact that the table gathers the family and is actually the most important piece in our home. Around the table you spend your most pleasant moments. On behalf of the limited edition design gallery in Hamburg, which was opened in 2010, Berlin interior designers GRAFT tried to reinterpret this theme.

Exceptional table design for art lovers

Designer table hovering over ground phantom

Phantom is one of the contemporary products, who move on the border between art and design. The model was produced in a limited edition of only 9 copies, which participated in several art exhibitions. The special Table design even a prominent design lover has chosen – for the Hollywood star Brad Pitt copy was. No.1 reserved.

Table design on the border with pure art

Phantom Designer Furniture Tables Modern Fabrics Use

The “flying” Table design in the look of snow-white tablecloth is inspired by the Italian sculptor, painter and Futurism theorist Umberto Boccioni and the shot of Marilyn Monroe in high-waisted dress. The playful design creates the illusion that Phantom is floating above the ground.

The dining table considered as a design object

Table Design Optic Fiberglass Composite Mix

The material used was the high-strength carbon fiberglass composite. The extremely light and thin fibers allow great freedom in shaping. The glossy surface looks as if the tablecloth was frozen when lifted. Phantom is 5-6 cm thick, 3 meters long and weighs about 100 kg.

Dining table design by GRAFT – robust and stable enough

Phantom GRAFT design table by Brad Pitt

The surface is high glossy

High gloss surface white rounded shapes

Table design with motion effect

Furniture design graft modern solutions playful design

Dining table in white porcelain optics

Table Design White Tablecloth Floating Optic-GRAFT

Table in the form of a wind-blown tablecloth

Phantom modern designer table-white high gloss

phantom the invisible table

Table motion-effect exhibition-limited edition copies

A levitating tablecloth

GRAFT designer table furniture exhibition

Fancy furniture design

Table design material mix floating tablecloth

Brick wallpaper – wall design with realistic effect

brick-wall paper wall design-industrial-design-industry lamp-cable-city-silhouette-socket

The rough look of the bricks used in wall design in industrial or rustic style look extremely comfortable and this style of furnishing is becoming more and more popular, but not every house or apartment has real bricks under the plaster. Creating new panels costs not a little, and renting a flat is almost unthinkable. The best possible solution is the Brick wallpaper , This can be found in all possible designs and colors, preferably as non-woven wallpaper or photo wallpaper to the size of the wall.

Brick wallpaper – realistic looking alternative to real brick

brick-wall paper wall design-wallpaper roll-red-course-realistic-look

In the trade offer themselves fleece fabric with realistic picture of almost every stone type – brick, natural stone, limestone, wall and others. Using the latest technologies in color printing, these look almost too authentic. They are also easy to be attached to the wall – like the normal non-woven wallpapers directly on the pasted wall. You should really pay attention only at the transitions between the paths of the wallpaper, so no confusing results. The beauty of the brick wallpaper is in the typical structure of the order of the individual bricks. If this looks somehow wrong, the realistic effect fails.

Brick wallpaper in in impress realistic designs and different colors

brick-wall paper wall design-natural stone-imitation-white and light-roll wallpaper

Many great ideas and inspirations for interior design with brick Wallpaper can be found in the picture gallery!

Brick wallpaper in minimalist white

brick-wall paper wall design-and-white wall color-sjandinavisches-design-side table-chair-leather seat cushion

Brick wallpaper in a realistic outdated look

brick-wall paper wall design-and-white Scandinavian minimalist-alt-rough-out union-realistic

Brick wallpaper all in white

brick-wall paper wall design-white-gray couch-pillows-hallway floor-whitened-vintage-minimalist Scandinavian

Brick wallpaper in white with vintage furniture made of natural wood

brick-wall paper wall design-vintage-white-floor hallway-couch-wood-deko

Modern kitchen with minimalist design and brick wallpaper with a rough look

brick-wall paper wall design-kitchen-modern-effect-white-faded-red

Impressively realistic brick wallpaper with a rough look

brick-wall paper wall design-rough-gray corner sofa-living-standard lamp-window-cushion-modern

Vintage flair with brick wallpaper and upholstered armchairs

brick-wall paper wall design-chair-cushion-red-blue vintage deco

Brick wallpaper for the modern bedroom

brick-wall paper wall design-bedroom-modern-wardrobe-mirror-schranktueren-wood floor

Modern small kitchen in black and white with brick wallpaper and dinette with chairs in bright colors

brick-wall paper wall design-kitchen-small-modern-dining table-polsterstuehle-yellow-orange

Brick wallpaper in restrained sandy nuances for the elegant living room

brick-wall paper wall design-hell-beige couch-chair-and-white leather coffee table-glass plate

Graphical representation of Brick wallpaper in gray for the modern ambience

brick-wall paper wall design-blue-graphic-presentation-bedroom-modern-bedside-design-schwarzz

Typical brick wallpaper or what with natural stone look?

brick-wall paper wall design-natural stone-sideboard-deco-vintage-gray-blue

brick-wall paper wall design-natural stone-Optic-bedroom bed-window-lit

brick-wall paper wall design-bedroom-simple-hallway floor-stand lamps-window

brick-wall paper wall design-bedroom-elegant fur carpet-bed blanket-pillow-deco

brick-wall paper wall design-sofa-black-stehlampe-floor-tiles-gray

brick-wallpaper-wall design and silver-gray wanddeko-plant-fresh-green

brick-wall paper wall design-red-realistic outdated-couch-seat cushion-garu-industrial-style

brick-wall paper wall design-dining room-dining table chairs-pendelleuchte carpet-black-white

brick-wall paper wall design-red-dining room-dining table-modern chairs-shell

brick-wall paper wall design-vintage rustic-dresser-bedside-holzkisete-deco

brick-wall paper wall design-kitchen-modern-edelstahö-countertop-extractor-holztraeger

brick-wall paper wall design-cozy-sitting area-vintage-bouquet

brick-wall paper wall design-corridor-modern-white-lighting spots

brick-wall paper wall design-chesterfield-sofa-tufted-black-wooden floor-vintage

brick-wall design wallpaper-bar flat-holztraeger-light-industrial-style stool

brick-wall paper wall design-living-daybed-tv-fireplace-loft-motrrad

Brick wallpaper -wall-design-living-room-sofa-dark-brown-leather-tv-wall

Brick wallpaper -wall-design-living-room-high-ceiling-mullion-windows-pictures-artistic

Brick wallpaper -wall-design-living-room-color-furniture-carpet-extravagant

Brick wallpaper -wall-design-living-room-modern-brown-furniture-elegant-modern

Brick wallpaper -wall-design-living-room-brown-sofa-furniture-plants

Original bed design for children – Realistic hut in the nursery

bed design for kids bedding tartan gray wood

When it comes to the interior of the nursery, the imagination should be no limits. Everything is allowed that stimulates your children to play and their own imagination. Since children love tree houses as well as other types of huts and stalls, this is a great idea for one Bed design for children that you can use in the nursery.

Bed design for children to sleep and play

crib spruce wood gray design idea imaginative

Fittingly, Restoration Hardware has an interesting and realistic look Bed design for children into which your child will instantly fall in love. It looks like one on the outside Waldhütte and can be used not only for sleeping but also for playing. It consists of oven-dried spruce wood and is handmade. But to get a real hiding place, the most effective blinds In Roman style, which are located above the windows and the door, lowered and rolled back up when needed. The door leads to the Bed design for children by the way, a playful ladder, but comfortably has only one step and consists of the same pretty gray as the rest of the hut bed. This color and the roof make the cottage look incredibly realistic.

Bed design for children in gray spruce wood

bed design for children hut forest wood spruce

The Bed design for children can also be spiced up in a variety of ways. For example, you can put on a pretty string of lights or use playful sheets. For example, we like the idea with the bedding in the Schottenmuster very well. Either way, your child will be one Bed design for kids, but also friends who stay with him, always feel like a camping trip and go to bed every night with the greatest pleasure.

Bed design for children with roof made of wooden boards

bed design for children ladder ladder spruce wood

The children’s bed with lockable Roman-style blinds

bed design for children wood blinds Roman

Bed design decorated as a hut with fairy lights

bed children log cabin bude hide bedding checkered

Bed design by Restoration Hardware ,