Architecture »Wooden house with modern design serves as a retreat in the middle of the forest

Modern wooden house in the forest stairs

This modern one House made of wood was from the architecture studio combine designed and located in Novo Mesto, Slovenia The house spreads over 247.11 sq.m. and was built in 2012.

The modern wooden house – location and exterior design

modern wood house forest design

Despite the modern design, that is House made of wood on a slope in the middle of the forest and gives a sense of relaxation and tranquility. In front of the house is a huge meadow and behind it the forest stretches. No direct path leads to this building which reinforces the feeling of private space even more.

The wooden house was tuned with the landscape features

Modern wood house forest removed

Exactly the natural conditions are the reason that the House made of wood after North west is directed. The house design follows the landscape surface and separates the living and sleeping area in an unobtrusive way.

Spatial planning and interior design

modern wood house forest fireplace

The interior design of the house is characterized by large open spaces. The House made of wood has no corridors and all rooms can be reached from ground level. The roof design has been carefully designed so that the sunshine in the morning can illuminate the entrance, the bathroom and the living room. The facade with wood paneling makes this modern building look natural in this forest landscape.

Modern living room with sliding glass doors

modern wooden house in the forest living room

minimalist kitchen in white

modern wood house forest kitchen

Facade with wood paneling

modern wood house forest exterior

The modern villa at night

Modern wooden house in the forest at night

View from the outside in the evening

modern wood house forest facade

A house with geometric shapes

modern wood house forest kombinat

The architectural plan of the house

modern wood house forest architecture plan

minimalist wooden house on Lake Zurich with a simple interior

Architecture »The fantastically beautiful house – an island retreat in New Zealand


The talented designers from Fearon Hay Architects have this seductive nice house created in New Zealand. It is a fascinating collection of self-supporting structures that are easily linked by style and architecture. Above all, they are designed around a wonderful inner courtyard, similar to a warehouse. It is called “Island Retreat” – translated means “island retreat”. A name that could not be more appropriate. Each concrete section is fully equipped, with all the necessary amenities needed for dining, sleeping, relaxing and entertaining.

the beautiful house and its view

nice-promising-dream-island house

This beautiful house Every owner can be proud. It is beautiful, luxurious and very innovative. The structures are connected with beautiful glass windows that capture the sunlight and allow the entire living area to enjoy the light in a natural way. Each structure has its own mechanical system and has its own purpose.

the beautiful house in New Zealand – fantastic view


The beautiful house With great views, it has a living area and space for entertaining, bedrooms, a courtyard, a pool and a studio. Every part of the house is beautifully and tastefully decorated with quality materials and exquisite furniture. Although it is obvious that a lot of glass was used in the structures, the construction is very stable and safe. The beautiful house can withstand harsh weather conditions on the island in New Zealand. That’s just one of the reasons why this house is called “Island Retreat”.

beautiful house on the New Zealand island


This beautiful house is not just a building or a cluster of structures. It is a warm, beautiful home that offers a wonderful atmosphere, pleasing appearance and, above all, a real sense of livability. It is one of the best summer houses, which includes absolutely everything you could possibly want from an island retreat. The well-balanced aesthetics and natural elements are integrated into the structures, allowing the house to work harmoniously in its natural environment. The happy owners of this stunningly beautiful home will have the opportunity to rest, admire the epic views and live in a beautiful, charming atmosphere. Could life be more perfect?

Fearon Hay Architects

luxurious interior design from the island house

luxury-interior-design-island house

simple bathroom design


Sunset and beautiful house view


nice house – courtyard


Island Retreat by Fearon Hay Architects – Development Plan

Iceland-retreat-fearon-hay-architects-building plan house-zealand-fearon-hay-architects house-fearon-hay-architects-position-plan

Architecture »Narrabeen House – a beautiful retreat with minimalist architecture


If you are looking for a house with minimalist architecture The Narrabeen House could be a good example of this, which can be used as a beautiful and relaxing retreat. This amazing architecture is built under the wilderness of the Narrabeen lagoon and its original look could impress anyone who loves the unconventional and the extraordinary.

Narrabeen house with minimalist architecture


Narrabeen House is a nice retreat with minimalist architecture , The project is designed and realized by the team working at the Choi Ropiha Fighera architecture office. The Australians have succeeded in creating an atypical house that is both comfortable enough to get some rest from the big city and close enough to civilization and your workplace.

House with minimalist wooden architecture and glass elements

minimalist-wood architecture-glass

Like every other house minimalist architecture , Narrabeen House plays with the tension between the environment and the exterior elements that are used for creating an unusual exterior design. The magnificent refuge with minimalist architecture It is mostly made of wood-based materials, but the rooms inside are decorated with smooth and shiny ceramic and steel surfaces. The presence of a piano in the house of Choi Ropiha Fighera puts an artistic element under this harsh and raw environment.

Interior design in Narrabeen house


The construction of minimalist architecture, called Narrabeen House, creates the illusion of being in a labyrinth. The separate zones within the house are spacious and extended. The creative staircase divides the house into two areas – one vertical and one horizontal. The mosaic on the floor are simple shapes. The quiet retreat is guaranteed when you visit this house with minimalist architecture choose.


Piano in the refuge in the middle of the Narrabeen Lagoon

piano-refuge-Narrabeen lagoon

Interior in the Narrabeen House – wooden stairs and decorative elements

device-narrabeenhaus-wooden staircases-deco-elements

Bathroom in the house with minimalist architecture


House construction of Narrabeen House – Choi Ropiha Fighera

house building-narabeen-house-choi-ropiha-Fighera

Room layout of Narrabeen house

Narrabeen-house-room breakdown Modern house – architecture plan

Modern-house-architecture plan

Modern-house-building plan

Architecture »A mobile wooden house offers a retreat for the soul

mobile wooden house allergutendinge three-floor view window

This is neither a garden house nor a tree house. The project “Seelenkiste” by allergutendinge is a mobile wooden house that should above all be a retreat for the soul. More and more people are longing to emerge from everyday life temporarily and to be able to be completely at home with themselves. Namely, this longing inspired the German architects for this project. They also refer to the European cultural history and the poetic dreamland of Arcadia. What does a person really need to be happy?

Small mobile wooden house as a retreat

soul crate-inside-space-sitting-sleeping-stow-light-wood

The Soul Box can theoretically be set up anywhere and assembled on site. The small house has three floors. In the lower area it has a small kitchen, in the middle height a place to sleep with viewing window and at the top a viewing area with skylight. The entire box consists of several modules that are easy to transport. The equipment of the mobile wooden house is out Light wood and reduced to the essentials. But there is enough space for everything, because the greatly reduced design has a number of folding furniture and integrated storage compartments.

Mobile wooden house promotes self-reflection

soul box mobile wooden house interior view point roof hatch

The roof hatch and the viewing window provide good ventilation, but no heating is yet designed, which makes the box especially in summer usable. The lower wall can be opened completely and the result is a small terrace. Perfect for grilling outdoors. The small wooden house can be built not only in different places in nature, but also in the city. But the retreat and self-reflection would be much more intense in the middle of nature, do not you think?

Roof hatch for ventilation

mobile wooden house view hatch roof ventilation

folding wall as a front terrace

mobile wooden house allergutendinge exterior glass fiber reinforced plastic panels clad

Mini wooden house with three floors

mobile wooden house allergutending-easy-transport-dismantle

soul crate-allergutendinge-project-middle-nature-retreat

Dream Houses »A rural retreat surrounded by bamboo wings

vo-Trong-nghia-design-toll-outdoor area

Flamingo Dailai Resort, a resort located an hour from Hanoi, Vietnam, was planned as a project designed to meet the needs of city people for a relaxing spot back in nature. The complex, located in the woods near Dailai Lake and the mountains, consists of two contrast buildings designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects. The two buildings are called Dailai Conference Hall and Bamboo Wing rural retreat , away from the city noise.

Bamboo Wing – a rural retreat in the heart of nature

vo-trong-nghia-architect-bamboo-see garden

The Bamboo Wing, or the Bamboo Wing serves as a meeting place where you can relax in a clubhouse and cafe. For the guests to reach these wings, they should go through some stepping stones, which are placed in the lake. Then they walk into the U-shaped frame, which consists of many solid bamboo stems, bound together in a great construction.

A rural retreat in a stunning design with bamboo design


The construction has the shape of a semicircle, under the vaulted ceiling of which the seats are placed in line with the design. Arranged around a pool of still water, the 12-meter-wide construction enables a universal event spot in its rear, which is suitable for various activities purposes. Next to the bamboo structure there is a service building, where there is a kitchen, a wine bar, a VIP area, an office, a nursery and a toilet. The Dailai Bamboo Complex has been awarded by the ARCASIA Organization with a prize for architecture, a low-priced Asian Design Award.

This resort is located near Hanoi, Vietnam


A close connection with nature


Nice sight to the surrounding nature

nice-promising-sky-green-bamboo project

The bamboo ceiling of the elegant wings

bamboo ceiling-construction-project-beautiful

The semicircle with the bamboo ceiling


A look at the curvature of the construction


The crossing of the structure


The cafe, surrounded with water and plants




plan-drawing Wing bamboo project profile


Create and enjoy a cozy retreat in your own garden

garden design white-rattan-elegant-shade-tree-lounge

Spring is coming soon, the weather is getting warmer and more pleasant, inviting us to spend time outdoors. Whether you have a small or relatively large garden, the outdoor area can be personalized with small details and made comfortable. Who a comfortable retreat for creative breaks, dreams and confidential conversations framing in the garden would like to find useful ideas and tips here.

Creating a feel-good garden

garden shape romantic-plant-bench-metal

Who does not dream of letting the soul dangle into the green? Turning the garden into an oasis of well-being is, in contrast to popular belief, neither time-consuming nor money-consuming. Should you have a feel-good Landscaping the garden , you have to with the Gartenplanung to begin. It is mainly about a detailed design concept and own creativity.

Creating a garden to provide warmth, protection and security

garden design lounge-hearth-lighting-couch-rattan

At the Landscaping the garden is usually to think of planting first. An empty garden looks rather unfriendly. Flowerbeds, shrubs, shrubs and shady trees, on the other hand, contribute to an idyllic, friendly atmosphere. Flower pots are a nice visual eye-catcher on terraces. Garden fences provide privacy and complete the overall impression.

Retreat to private

garden-design-modern-day bed-metal moebel

The garden can be transformed into an oasis of happiness. It can be personalized and designed by small details and ideas. Water and water noise have a calming effect on the human psyche. Therefore, the garden fountains and ponds not only beautiful eye-catchers, but also important for the best balance of body, mind and soul.

The garden as a retreat

garden-design-pergola-idea-sitting area-pfanzkuebel

After remodeling, the outdoor area must convey a sense of protection and security. It is important to choose the appropriate garden furniture for a charming garden. Lounge seating made of high quality rattan is water resistant and very practical. They impress with great looks and comfort. Situated between the trees, the lounge furniture is inviting and creates a dreamy, mysterious atmosphere. In addition to the classic round tables, there are square or triangular tables in the market. Textiles enhance the feeling of security. Also, the hammock will be set in the spring again. There are different models, which look like a classic Hollywood swing from the frame. At the patio and Landscaping the garden you have to worry about sun protection options. Wooden pergolas are very suitable for this.

Pergola in the garden

Wooden pergola privacy shield shade garden ideas

Modern terrace with fire pit

Garden Ideas Fireplace Canopy

Flowers in the garden

Gardening Landscape Trees Setting Up Lawn Flowerpots

Wood terrace

Wooden terrace metal garden furniture cushions

Place flowers in flowerpots

Metal bucket Flowerpots Garden ideas

Retreat in the garden wooden terrace wooden rocking chair

Garden furniture Patio pergola Wood pool

Lush garden design ideas

Outdoor furniture wood -Black carpet for patio

Garden wall build upholstered furniture patio set coffee table

Garden Patio Fireplace Wooden deck Garden fountain

Wooden decking deck Desiger deckchairs

Comfortable oasis Feel-good garden Garden fence-build

Cozy design in the garden gravel path

Ideas for garden design-wood garden furniture

Holiday Home & Hotel Design »Luxury gazebos are the perfect retreat in the Himalayas foothills

Luxury pavilions in thailand. Wooden bridge

These Luxury pavilions belong to the resort Howie’s HomeStay and are located in Chieng Mai, Thailand. The luxury estate was built by Bensley Architects designed and contains seven pavilions, corresponding to each other, surrounded by exotic gardens, waterfalls and water gardens. You can rent the gazebos from $ 800 a night, and if you like the property so much you can buy it for $ 14.5.

Spectacular luxury pavilions impress with exclusivity and style

Luxury pavilions in Thailand water level

This spectacular Luxury pavilions are an example of extraordinary and extremely impressive architecture. The resort was voted into 2007 Architectural Digest April 2007 as a true masterpiece designated. This gorgeous collection of pavilions is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The designers have the perfect harmony between modern interior design and the typical Thai architecture for the facades.

Luxury pavilions with a fantastic location and modern interior design

luxury resort in thailand opulent living room

The Luxury pavilions were built from recycled teak. The individual pavilions were designed as separate living areas and furnished according to this principle. The high ceilings, the glass walls, as well as the pastel shades are a sign of the typical architecture in Thailand. Especially important is a sense of luxury and freedom to create and always to convey unforgettable memories. The individual villas have swimming pools as well as an exotic garden for more peace and comfort during the stay.

Huge infinity pool with natural stone floor

Luxury resort in Thailand swimming

Beautiful Zen garden for rest and relaxation

luxury pavilions in thailand zen garden

Elegant lighting creates a magical atmosphere

Luxury pavilions in Thailand water surface

Wooden pavilion over the water

Luxury pavilions in Thailand over water

Beautiful natural environment gives peace and tranquility

luxury resort in thailand teak

Spacious terrace with wooden furniture

Luxury resort in Thailand covered terrace

Massive columns of stone

Luxury resort in Thailand stone material

Glass walls for a modern exterior design

luxury resort in thailand glass walls

Beautiful garden with exotic plants

Luxury Resort in Thailand Retreat

Dining room overlooking the pool

luxury resort thailand round table

Living room with magnificent interior

luxury resort in thailand dining room

Bedroom with Asian decoration elements

luxury pavilions in thailand curtains

Luxury resort in Thailand spectacular

Luxury resort in thailand bedroom

Luxury resort in Thailand swimming pool luxury resort thailand plants

Luxury resort in thailand patio area luxury resort in thailand güne color Luxury resort in Thailand garden path

luxury resort in thailand garden decor

Luxury resort in Thailand exotic luxury resort in thailand relaxation Luxury resort in thailand bamboo

Luxury resort in Thailand asian

Pergola & Garden Arbor »Garden Pavilion in India as a retreat with a tropical flair

garden gazebo wood carry deckchair dressing table garden path

We would like to introduce you to an exotic landscape design. The idea was carried out on a land extension in India, which was unused until then. The result is a Garden gazebo made of wood, surrounded on one side by tropical and lush plants, creating the perfect retreat. Of the pavilion more precisely, it consists of wooden strips, which are recycled wood. Between the strips in the roof a distance was kept. In this way, the daylight is allowed to flow into the interior. To protect against rain, the roof was covered with a glass plate. This gives the garden pavilion an even more modern look.

Garden gazebo made of recycled wood

granite garden path bench gazebo plants house

On the other side of the pavilion steps were again formed, which are covered with turf and remind of the seats of an amphitheater. In the garden pavilion itself is enough space available to garden furniture set up. So are currently comfortable chairs available. But also sofas and armchairs with a coffee table can be accommodated here wonderfully. And if the garden pavilion is to serve as a stage on a family evening, it can simply be vacated.

Garden gazebo framed by tropical plants

garden path granite lighting wall plant tropical pavilion

The base plate for the garden pavilion was sunk into the ground and also the plane of the paths there was lowered. The latter were also given a wall as a framing of black granite. The wall in turn has small niches with lamps that illuminate the garden path in the evening wonderfully. In this way, a sound insulation is created to protect against the noise of the nearby road.

The pavilion consists of wooden boards and ledges

wooden pavilion modern india garden design granite

This Garden Pavilion can be your perfect inspiration if you would like to design a similar seating area in your garden and are currently looking for interesting ideas. As you can see, the pavilion even has a small storage room with shelves. This idea could also be useful to you. Take a look at other interesting photos of the pavilion below!

The garden gazebo from the upper level

pasture garden gazebo pergola idea landscaping

The roof of the pavilion made of glass

gazebo roof glass wooden boards tropical design

Pavilion with reading corner by the side

bench garden idea lawn reading corner plants pavilion

The garden path in front of the granite pavilion

lush plants exotic garden gazebo granite wood recycle

The construction of the pavilion

construction garden gazebo granite tool india

The location of the garden gazebo on the property

ground plan land garden gazebo garden idea

The steps in landscaping for the garden gazebo

steps construction garden grounds gazebo pergola

A design of Collective Project ,

Terraces »The pergola in the garden as a retreat with blooming walls

garden-wood pergola-creeper and white outside pool-mown-lawn

It is always a great feeling when you have found a new way to expand the house. But do not worry, you do not have to tear down any walls or build a new floor. There is also another possibility, provided you have a garden or at least a small yard. You may already suspect that this is an outdoor room where the whole family and friends can gather and escape the urban noise. The easiest way to achieve this is by using one Pergola in the garden to build. This garden element has a fairly simple structure and has no walls and no roof compared to the gazebos. Here are some great suggestions for you.

The pergola in the garden for rooms without walls and ceiling

picturesque-terrace-canopy-with-straw-designed, rustic-post

The pergola is seen as a construction or a bow, which is covered by climbing plants. It consists of side pillars and vertical beams, but has no walls and no roof. The Pergola in the garden can be both free standing and grown on the house and is mostly used to provide a shady place to relax. The construction of the pergola itself provides some protection from the hot summer sun without disturbing the sky. But it’s still effective enough to turn a corner in the garden into a veritable outdoor room.

Ideas for a romantic retreat in the garden

garden-flowers-metal chairs-tablecloth-flower pattern-covered-terrace

It is a retreat that is both closed and open enough to enjoy the view of the rest of the garden. You can also send a friendly greeting to the neighbor opposite. That is at least the case when the Pergola in the garden It is not surrounded by pretty, fragrant flowers that can turn the summer room into a real one by creating colorful walls and a pretty ceiling.

Screen with curtains

page grind for-pergola-floor length Blinds-to-face protection-

But if you do not have time and do not want to wait until the flowers have grown enough, they can be colorful curtains and a pretty canopy. They are sufficient to provide the necessary shade and for a cozy privacy.

Living room extension to the outside

Garden seating area-cozy-make-way-with-stone

The Pergola in the garden Of course, it can also play the role of a living room, if it is furnished with the appropriate furniture, such as benches, sofas, deck chairs or as a dining room with a dining table and chairs.

Peaceful place of relaxation

relax in the-garden-plant-hammock-for-pergola-

The Pergola in the garden but can also serve as a bedroom in the summer. Or you hang up hammocks. But the construction should be sufficiently stable.

white-painted-wood pergola-sitting area-green-upholstery-Throw

Traditionally, the Pergola in the garden made of wood. But there are also variants of metal. It all depends on the taste and the financial possibilities, whether they are built from finished materials that can be bought at the hardware store and in garden centers or from those that were made by hand. In the same way, you can have a pergola made to your specifications. The only downside to one Pergola in the garden is that it offers no protection against sudden rains in the summer. There is only hope that these do not last long.

garden-ideas-idyllic-water pond-pergola-face protection-curtain

A better variant in relation to the moody weather would be more like the gazebo. However, these do not offer a view of the sky and the stars at night.

If you are still looking for a convincing argument to build your house around you Pergola in the garden to expand, then look at the examples.

Garden pergola in an appealing design


garden terrace-laid-with-stone-canopy-pergola-wood

classic-wood pergola-teak-chairs-folding-stackable

wood pergola-roofing-for-terrace-sitting area-weather resistant

garden-pergola-with-rank lattice-for-creeper-nature pond

garden-pergola-wood-playground-climbing device for-children-swing-

garden-ideas-pergola-of-wood-floor sun-protection-stone

Privacy fence wooden garden pergola-sitting area-wood bench

The Kokoon hammock design by Royal Botania as a quiet retreat

white curtains cocoon hammock design by royal botania

This elegant Hammock design was named Kokoon and designed by Olivier Le Pensec for Royal Botania created. The soft fabric, the sturdy wood structure and the comfortable mat are only some of the advantages of this comfortable piece of furniture. The Kokoon hammock is perfect for the open deck or the wooden deck next to the pool.

The hammock design with the cocoon concept of Royal Botania

cocoon function kokoon designer hammock by royal botania

The Hammock design Royal Botania was built with the idea to serve as a cozy cocoon. The curtains take care of the environment and to find the perfect retreat for relaxation. The design not only impresses with its exceptional sense of comfort, but also with a classic and timeless elegance.

The Kokoon hammock – the perfect piece of furniture for the pool area

garden furniture modern kokoon designer hammock by royal botania

The white curtains in detail

fabric detail kokoon hammock design by royal botania

The Kokoon Hammock design by Royal Botania

wooden construction cocoon designer hammock by royal botania

The Kokoon Hammock design Royal Botania is the perfect piece of garden furniture for the pool area or for the open terrace in the garden. The stable cross structure, which serves as a basis, is made of natural wood and aluminum available. Royal Botania offers the hammock in two colors – gray and white. Enjoy the peace in the garden by relaxing in this comfortable hammock.

The Kokoon hammock in white

white textile cocoon hammock design by royal botania

The Kokoon hammock in gray

textile gray cocoon hammock design by royal botania

Foundations in cross shape of wood and metal

cross structure wood cocoon designer hammock by royal botania

metal construction cocoon designer hammock by royal botania