Great kitchen designs and furniture combinations from Russia

round-Kronleuhcter-simple-beige-kitchen designs

Amazing kitchen designs and furniture combinations are waiting for you. A rich and fascinating portfolio and numerous collections are at home in a furniture store. Russian professionals in the field of design and furniture production have come together to come up with a new concept for the modern kitchen. Kitchen furniture, decorations and ideas are presented on your website and in your showrooms in Moscow. The team of Kitchen Interiors from Russia will accompany you step by step in choosing your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Designs – a new furniture store in Russia – mission and main activity

white-minimalist-kitchen island

The Russian team behind the relatively new company in the big world of design and interior focuses on the customers. The company tries all the great ones kitchen designs from Europe and to present a wide range of concepts, ideas and products. Among the world-famous brands they are presenting are Mobalpa, Light, Ewe, Varenna / Polyform, Zeyko, Sachsenkuchen, Intuop / Ewe, Rimadesio, Einholtz, Kff, Duvivier and many others.

Kitchen designs from world famous brands

dark gray-brown walls-wood kitchen

The above furniture manufacturers offer high quality, elegant and innovative kitchen designs at. In cooperation with some furniture manufacturers special portfolios are being developed with great ideas and suggestions. How will present you some interesting suggestions for kitchen furniture. For example, a company specializes in retro-style French kitchen furniture. But they attach great importance to modern and innovative production techniques

Modern or eccentric – kitchen designs for every taste

strong color-kitchen-red

Other kitchen designs Attract attention through eccentric concepts and avant-garde style. Exceptional color combinations and models contrast with elegant chandeliers and gray flooring. For all fans of the traditional wooden kitchen, many models of kitchen furniture are also available for classic interior design.

Elegant kitchens – models and designs

elegant glass chimney Kitchen

Of course, if you are more into something special and inviting, you can opt for an Italian brand, for example. They offer interesting design solutions such as glass furniture – from tables to eccentric decorations. Your German colleagues, on the other hand, value a consistent kitchen and perfect production. From the minimalist kitchen designs and high-tech concepts, from classic and traditional designs to gothic kitchens – in these showrooms of Kitchen Interiors you can find everything.

From Abigail

Modern Stiz bank in the kitchen

Modern Leather Stizbank kitchen glass shelves

Modern large white kitchen with granite floor

Modern-large-white-kitchen-granite floor

Beige brown kitchen bar

beige-brown-kitchen bar

Dark blue elegant classic kitchen

strong color-kitchen-blue

Dream Houses »Villa Design between Russia & Ukraine by SL Project

villa large exterior lighting effective garden

We want you a wonderful today Villa design from Crimea. Crimea is an area currently located between Ukraine and Russia. The Villa Design is again a work of the design company SL Project.

Villa design with refreshing pool to relax

villa design pool wood floor deck chairs windows

The villa is one of each houses, from which one simply can not leave the view. This applies to both the exterior and the interior. The Villa Design distinguishes itself from many others, because it is designed not only modern but also very cozy. This makes the actually very large house comfortable. An important contribution to this also makes the effectively used lighting both inside and outside.

Villa design with large window fronts for a lot of light

villa design living room garden terrace window front modern

The many windows This villa design brings two important benefits. On the one hand, they offer a great view of the garden and the pool area, on the other hand, the result is very bright rooms, as a large amount of light can penetrate.

Villa with modern kitchen and dining room and warm nuances

dining room kitchen kitchen elegant modern wood floor picture wall

Although the interior design of the villa is modern and characterized by clean lines, it does not seem too sterile through the use of warm natural tones for the furniture and accessories, and thanks to the wooden floor. This proves that a very modern interior can also be comfortable. The kitchen is large and spacious and radiates a warm ambience, which is enhanced by the adjoining dining and living room.

Stylish design for the bedroom – Freestanding bathtub

bed bedroom villa bathtub carpet fitness curtains

An effective villa design idea is the bedroom, which contains its own bathtub, which in turn is located directly at the window, from which opens a great view while bathing. Right next to it is a terrace with cozy rattan furniture. And on a hot summer’s day you can also refresh yourself in the pool, because you can also enter from the bedroom.

Bedroom design overlooking the pool

bedroom pool gray wood wall covering carpet white

The interplay of wood and modern lines can be found in the exterior of the Villa Design. What else is special about it, you can look at in the following.

Villa with extras – An intimate TV room

home cinema design fashion couch carpet villa

Design for the wall of stone tiles in natural tones

tv room sideboard coffee table black wood ceiling large carpet

The bright living room in the villa

living room white sofa stool seating area bright tv sideboard

… and another with a fireplace in a modern design

living room carpet sofa villa armchair fireplace television set

The room can be darkened by curtains

villa living room beige couch coffee table tv set window

Effective bathroom design with sliding doors and lots of wood

bathroom sliding door sink bathroom counter mirror lighting wood

Living and dining room overlooking the garden

living room dining table curtain white design villa elegant

Dining room lighting

dining room illuminated kitchen staircase atmosphere warm wood

terrace entrance relax deckchair living room stairs railing glass

pool infinity mosaic design tile wood paneling

pool area night lighting patio blue design mosaic

pool tree garden outdoor courtyard lounge chairs

house design modern entrance door terrace grill

lighting effectful night bedroom bed tub

outdoor design outdoor patio area parquet window

outdoor area lighting patio patio fireplace wood canopy

villa design crimea pool relax wood glass blue

terrace living room wooden floor pool tree garden

terrace villa rattan canopy modern design sofa

A design of SL PRoject ,

Celebrity News »Ex-President of Russia Putin the second richest person in the world

World famous tea drinking 75 billion oficial

The former President of Russia Vladimir Putin is on the 2nd place of the richest people in the world, with a fortune of $ 75 billion. According to the American magazine “The Richest” the only richer one is still Bill Gates with its 77.1 billion. Undoubtedly, we can expect the moment when he will take first place in the classification.

The former president of Russia – some facts about his finances

Russia former account makes rich man facts

Given that his assets are unknown and they can run on the names of others, it is quite possible that the sum of $ 75 billion will be far exceeded. It would be no wonder if his fortune actually amounts to hundreds of billions. Certainly, Vladimir Putin governs the huge state first as president and now as prime minister for 15 years now. The former president officially receives a salary of $ 187,000. By Russian standards, that’s not impressive. That makes an income of $ 15,583 a month, with a meal in a good four person restaurant costing at least $ 5,000. To be considered rich in Moscow, you have to earn at least 1 million a month. Every sum below belongs to the middle class. Unfortunately, the majority of citizens are very poor and the balance between rich and poor is becoming more balanced. In his tax return gives the former President of Russia even that he owns a bank account with 186 000 dollars, as well as three Russian car, a condominium with garage in Moscow and a piece of land in the outskirts of the city.

The former president of Russia – where do his billions come from?

President Russia 75 billion fortune financial information

Where do billions of Putins come from, when his salary is not that high?
Vladimir Putin, one of the world’s most influential people, has solid energy stocks, including 4.5% of Gazprom, 37% of Surgutneftegas and 50% of Gunvor, a Swiss fuel trading company. The energy giant’s revenues are $ 150 billion, $ 20 billion and $ 80 billion a year, respectively. How exactly he came to the shares and who officially represents him is not known. One can only guess in which other company he has his hands in the game. He wears a watch that has a modest value of $ 200,000, owns a private castle on the Black Sea coast, uses over 15 presidential helicopters and 40 airplanes, some of which have gold lavatories and other luxuries. Furthermore, it is known that the former President of Russia has a yacht, a spa center, a helicopter landing pad and much more. He is also granted access to over 20 highly luxurious properties around the world, including a medieval castle.

President second richest person in the world facts