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Foaporte sliding glass door black writings

The Glass doors in the interior are a new trend in modern interior design and offer many opportunities to complement style and elegance indoors. The inner doors made of glass open up the small rooms, provide more brightness and make them look bigger. A variety of designs are in the trade, so we have put together some choices.

Glass doors in the interior – Satin glass by Vitrealspecchi

madras sliding glass doors inside

If you are looking for beautiful etched and beautiful satined glass doors are for the interior, then have Vitrealspecchi the ideal design for you. They began their work as specialists in mirrors, but in the 1960s they broadened their focus to special glass working techniques and have Madras® patented – a chemical process for glass satin and decorate. This process is used on these beautiful doors. These glass interior doors look super-sleek and modern, while the sleek metal rail gives them an industrial look. Wonderfully detailed and silky to the touch, this etched satined Glass doors in the interior They are the perfect solution for maximizing light while separating rooms while protecting privacy.

The Madras® glass doors in the interior

satin glass sliding door Vitrealspecchi

Etched and satined glass

etched glass doors in the interior madras Vitrealspecchi

the madras technology

madras glass door etched satin Vitrealspecchi

This decorative glass door from Bartels Doors certainly has style! The Culinaria series Doors for the kitchen and dining room will add a little “seasoning” to your interior. The multilingual inscriptions such as “Souffle”, “Salt & Pepper”, “Balsamico” and “Herbs de Provence” adorn the glass! The text is not an adhesive film, but is artfully sandblasted into the glass. This design is perfect for small spaces. You can opt for frosted or clear glass. These decorative glass doors come with customizable handles, hinges, frames and sizes that adapt to any space.

Glass decor for the kitchen

decorative glass door kitchen bartels culinaria collection

Milk glass with decoration

frosted glass sliding door glass decor culinaria bartels doors

Inscription glass decor inside door kitchen

Really outstanding colored Glass interior doors for your home – the glass sliding doors from Foaporte. These unusual milk and opaque glass doors are functional and fabulous! They glide along a glazed stainless steel rod. The Italian company offers many different decoration options, with a range of beautiful sandblasted patterns, but our focus is on the doors made of colored glass. If you prefer your privacy, choose the coated colored glass or a door with two-sided mirror!

Mirror doors from Foaporte – Mirrorsong

Sliding door mirror door foa porte collection

black glass door in the interior

black glass sliding door foa porte

Glass decor on black surface

black glass interior door design foaporte

modern black glass inner door

modern glass doors in the interior black floral motifs

Decoration possibilities of FoaPorte

glass material doors colored foa porte coated mirrored glass

yellow sliding door made of frosted glass yellow glass door living room sliding door frosted glass

Internal doors in comparison sliding door made of glass or door with frame?

Home & Garden »Satin glass for inside and outside – Madras® Nuvola

Satin glass-inside-bathroom-modern-glass wall

The softly nuanced glass in the interior plays the role of a partition, which prevents unwanted glances and at the same time does not obscure the room in addition. A major disadvantage, which achieves only a purely visual effect, is the clear distinction between the satin finish and the complete clarity of the glass. Satin glass new generation creates a gradual transition between the two areas of the glass surface and achieves effective effect.

Satin glass for inside and outside by chemical Satiniereung

Satin glass-inside-balcony-glass-minimalist

The satin Glass Madras® Nuvola from the Italian manufacturer Vitrealspecchi, specialized in the processing of flat glass, achieves the perfect gradation from the satin finish to complete transparency. The datenierte range can be centered or only in the lower or upper edge and makes it pleasant to see through.

Satin glass for smooth transition from the inside out

satin-glass-inner-outer-glasgelaender Belkon-terrace

Special chemical processing achieves the effect of very fine porosity in the glass surface. It feels very fine when touched, providing protection against scratches and fingerprints. In addition, the cleaning is much easier.

Satin glass for inside and outside – Madras® Nuvola by Vitrealspecchi

satin-glass-inside-outside balcony terrace-glasgelaender

The satin glass by Vitrealspecchi provides a natural transition from the inside to the outside and thus the impression of an optical illusion, a mirage for weightless place. It seems as if part of the glass surface is in the fog and the other is completely clear. This perfect gradation appears as a new solution for partition and glass walls in the interior or for glass railing outside, harmonious with contemporary architecture.

Satin glass passes gently and evenly to transparency


The frosted area is designed to be opaque where visibility is to be denied and then becomes uniformly completely transparent where the view should be free. The review is completely prevented at these specific locations in a very natural-looking way. This is a distinct advantage over the conventional satin finish in clear stripes.

Satin glass for partitions and glass railings, for inside and outside

satin-glass-inside-outside-partition sliding-rail-modern-design

Satin glass Madras® Nuvola protects the private sphere and provides brightness

satin-glass-inside-outside glass wall-partition-bathroom-spa

Modern partitions off satined area of ​​new type


Modern design solutions for every area – s Atiniertes glass by chemical processing of the flat glass

satin-glass-interior-exterior bathroom-state-glass wall-shower

Madras® Nuvola – ideal for partition in the working environment

satin-glass-inside-outside partition Office office

Satin glass in the office – ensuring privacy and not preventing daylight

satin-glass-inside-outside buero glazing partition

Luxury bedding by Kylie Minogue – satin, sequins and noble patterns

safia truffle satin polyester gray sequins bedding kylie minogue

Kylie Minogue was not content to be just a world-renowned, multi-award winning singer, fashion icon and actress. That’s why Kylie launched its own range of household goods five years ago. As you might expect, the Luxury linen from Kylie Minogue combines elegant design with fine fabrics for a sophisticated and luxurious finish. We have selected 33 ideas to give you an idea of ​​how stunning your collection is.

Luxury bed linen with fine patterns

Stella Truffle noble pattern bedding kylie minogue

“Kylie Minogue at Home” is the name of the bedding collection from Home Couture for bedrooms. Their captivating style shapes every piece from the duvet to the pillows. They reflect the glamor and sophistication that brings them to the stage. Opulent fabrics of shimmering organza, silky taffeta and satin are complemented by exquisite details. The Kylie Minogue bedding collection consists of duvet covers, pillowcases, decorative pillows and duvets. All can also be ordered separately. A glamorous collection that presents truly inspirational designs.

Luxury bedding made of rich fabrics and embellished with sequins

satin bedding sequins kylie minogue leopard silver

Sparkling sequins, diamonds and embroidery beautify the fabrics. Every woman loves a bit of sparkle here and there. You will be enchanted by this luxurious bedding collection. Treat yourself to the luxury and not only give true sleeping comfort, but also an ultra modern look.

noble patterns and textiles

satin bedding kylie minogue noble pattern Edessa Truffle

extravagant pattern in black and gray

astoria bedding kylie minogue extravagant pattern gray black

glittering silver sequins

satin polyester linen white paileten kylie minogue

Velvet, satin and crystals and a feeling of luxury

satin bedding kylie minogue brown crystals pillow

extravagant animal patterns

Sika wool satin bedding animal pattern kylie minogue

delicate lace motifs

satin polyester luxu bedding kylie home purple nuance lace motifs

fascinating colors

polyester satin theon luxury pattern black luxury bedding kylie minogue

subtle accents

polyester satin linen white kylie minogue felicity

Champagne and golden sequins

misha luxury bedding sequins champagne color kylie minogue

elegant decorations

luxury bedding kylie minogue satin silk ivory pillow

luxury bedding kylie minogue safia dark gray sequin pillow

luxury bedding kylie minogue polyester satin Champagne

luxury bedding kylie minogue crystal ornament satin

luxury bedding kylie minogue light gray vintage lace

luxury bedding kylie minogue gray satin paillette pillow

bedding kylie minogue quilted bedspread pillow white

bedding kylie minogue ivory zylia pillow silver wings

luxury bedding kylie minogue ivory yarona

luxury bedding kylie minogue amethyst light dark

bedding gray satin paillette bedspread kylie minogue

leopard ivory paillten luxury bedding kylie minogue

labyrinth paillette bedspread noble pattern gray pillow

Ionia luxury bedding kylie minogue gray ruffled bedspread

gianna luxury bedding kylie minogue ruffles light gray

brava satin luxury bedding kylie minogue sequin bedspread

bedding black noble pattern pillow bedspread kylie minogue

bedding satin ivory crystal kylie minogue

bedding kylie minogue collection ivory pillow

satin bedding kylie minogue silver noble pattern pillow

luxury bedding kylie minogue satin polyester feathers dark blue