Balcony »Bamboo as a balcony screen – ideas with plants, mats and poles

bamboo as a balcony sight large plants idea sun sails spacious lounge

If you have rented a city apartment and like to have breakfast on the balcony, then you certainly know the feeling of constant observation. Do not worry because there are several ways you can protect your privacy. Bamboo as a balcony screen to use is just one of them. Bamboo in flower pots , Bamboo mats on the railing or bamboo poles in the form of a screen and much more. Take a look at the ideas below and get creative with this versatile, natural material.

Bamboo as balcony screen – bamboo mats

bamboo as a balcony privacy white gel vertical modern

The bamboo mats look very exotic and are easily available at the hardware store. As a natural material, it is also very flexible and water repellent. They do not provide an opaque screen, but they create beautiful lighting effects when the sun shines through. The only downside is that they weather quickly and need to be replaced after about five-six years.

Bamboo as a balcony screen – In the bucket alive

bamboo as balcony sight protection plant zen pebbles flower pots

Bamboo can also be planted in a tub. These tall plants offer both visibility and wind protection. The main criterion for choosing different types of bamboo is their height. With a stature height of 2-3 meters, the variety Fargesia rufa is particularly well suited for a container planting. It likes sunny to partially shaded locations and does not form root shoots. For extra Zen feel you can place large pebbles and a small water feature here and there.

Modern self-protection idea

bamboo as a balcony sight protection herbal idea modern design ivy

Bamboo mats in front of the glass railing

bamboo as a balcony privacy sunbathing floor seating table table chairs

to create a nice Zen feeling

bamboo rods balcony privacy ideas zen water feature

thin bamboo sticks

bamboo rods privacy balcony idea water feature

dense vegetation

terrace balcony wood floor tiles plants eating area

thin green bamboo stems

bamboo plants bucket balcony privacy ideas iron railing

modern flower tub in black

Bamboo as a balcony privacy screen planter balcony vision protection ideas

combined with small trees

bamboo plants bucket balcony privacy furniture

fine bamboo mat

bamboo mats privacy sunshade balcony plants

bamboo mats privacy balcony wood floor tiles

bamboo mats plant tubs palette idea

Bamboo as a balcony screen protector plants ideas Geranien flat

Bamboo as a balcony privacy railing paneling flower tub

Bamboo as balcony privacy bamboo mat ideas railing roses

bamboo mats balcony cover flower box privacy

bamboo balcony cladding plants mats sunshade

Planting bamboo as a balcony privacy wood flower box

bamboo plants ideas balcony privacy wood flooring tiles

small balcony bamboo mats trellis table wood

Bamboo as balcony privacy bamboo mats natural materials idea

bamboo plants balcony privacy protection tub idea terrace

bamboo balcony privacy ideas bamboo poles sun protection wood floor tiles

bamboo mats balcony privacy blinds flower box railings

Balcony »Balcony Screen with Vertical Garden – Cheap & Effective

balcony privacy vertical garden idea exotic bench chairs

A vertical garden looks chic in every room! Especially green walls are more effective Balcony privacy screen can be used to neighbors. From a small garden with herbs, over vertical green wall with vegetables, to magnificent botanical compositions – the variety of planting possibilities is fascinatingly large.

Balcony Screening – ideas with plants

balcony privacy hedge idea modern rattan sofa feuestelle stuehle

Vertical gardens and green walls are an expression of a new urban living culture and sustainable life philosophy. Balcony plants provide the necessary shade and have a calming effect on people. In addition to the recreational effect, green walls improve the urban microclimate. The green one Balcony privacy screen also fulfills a safety and wind protection function.

Balcony privacy provides an intimate environment on the terrace and balcony

balcony privacy bamboo idea planter wood floor

Green walls are suitable for balcony, as well as for terraces or garden as delimitation. Of the Balcony privacy screen should of course also correspond to the taste of the owner and last but not least ideally suited to the style of living. One would rather like a haven of peace with flowering plants, another would like more climbing plants. On a small footprint, which is the case with the balcony, the space should be used as efficiently as possible. By vertical garden cultivation, the space can be optimized.

Use plant bags for privacy

balcony sight protection plant bags flowers yellow bloeten

A green wall is the perfect one Balcony privacy screen and windbreak. The aromatic scents provide a familiar relaxed feel-good atmosphere in the fresh air. These provide good protection against drafts and wind.

Modern balcony with tropical plants as privacy

balcony visual protection artificial grass floor glassware plant flower box

Balcony privacy protection idea

Vertical gardens windbreak terrace balcony design

Climbers and hedge as a screen

Wooden patio furniture plants for balcony wind screen

Green wall for a nature experience on the balcony

Vertical Garden Privacy Screen Terrace Windscreen

Protect yourself with plants on the balcony from view

Green wall. Idea wind. Privacy. Patio

A green wall that looks slightly exotic, embellished garden and balcony

Gardening roof balcony roof terrace green wall

Blinds Ideas – Feeling Closer To Nature

Balcony Screening Ideas Vertical Greening

The natural fence has excellent visual quality

Balcony railing glass greening visual protection

Vertical living wall – enjoy light and shadow changes

Climbing roses plants balcony Idea screens

Green walls improve the air quality

Vertical garden on balcony privacy fence. Balcony garden

Urban gardens – a green lung in the city

Greening roof balcony screen IDen

Lively green screen as a balcony Screen

Terrace planting ideas windbreak demarcation

Green wall is ideal for the intimate design of the balconies and terraces

Balcony Blind Windbreak Ideas Vertical Garden

Green wall as a balcony privacy screen

Roof Terrace Covering Flowerpots Wood Decking Screening Idea

Ideas for balcony light protection – vertical gardens and green walls

Balcony Terrace Screen Protector Green Wall

Screening for the balcony – balcony railing fence

Balcony screened garden terrace

Balcony railing screen fence

Balcony railing Green wall privacy balcony

Sunscreen and Build privacy screen yourself

Climbers garden on the balcony terrace

Urban gardens – green wall

Privacy screen green wall balcony and terrace

Garden Design – 100 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

34 ideas for privacy in the garden with decorative bamboo fence

21 ideas for balcony screen protection Various screen protection options

Balcony »Balcony Make privacy screen and protect privacy on the balcony

balcony sight protection climbing plants wood painting green romantic trellis

Protecting privacy on the balcony can be difficult as most solutions often shield only small areas. However, there are some ideas that can help you Balcony privacy screen to do it yourself. It is not easy to place a large pot of plants in front of the unsightly view. Some strategies to this problem to solve are:

Make your own balcony screen – ideas and tips

balcony privacy bamboo pipes lanterns fairy lights idea

deflection – If it is not possible to completely obscure the view, then consider an eye-catcher in another place to distract everyone’s attention. If the railings are a bit higher, the low ones can balcony furniture hide. You can also add height to the low balcony railings if you place many planters on top.

Balcony screen and balcony cover

balcony privacy pvc plane blue white stripes armchair rattan side table

Feeling of privacy – If you have a large balcony or roof terrace, create a central seating area surrounded by tall trees or bamboo hedges. Sitting in this area with your back to the wall would make you feel better, even if not fully screened.

Room divider as privacy screen

balcony privacy wood partition wall armchair coffee table ceiling cushion

balance between the screen with other plants. For example, if you have three large pots at one end of your balcony to provide the necessary shielding, then place something similar at the other end of the balcony. You do not have to be the same size, maybe just the same pot in a smaller size and with lower plant if you want to have a nice view in this area.

Trellis on the balcony

balcony Sichtschutz trellis brown white flowers kaesten gelaender

Wooden railing railing

Privacy screen for balcony white wooden lattice high planter

high wooden fence protects privacy

Balcony screen itself make wooden fence high

large flower tubs on the railing

Balcony privacy ivy wooden lattice white flower tub on the railing

White lattice with hanging plant

Screen protection for balcony itself make lattice ivy wood railing

colored fabric panels and balcony cover

Balcony screen protection itself make fabric panels pink furniture flowers

Parasol on the balcony

Balcony screen protection itself make umbrella wooden furniture

Balcony partition wall and hanging plants

Balcony screen protection itself make deck chair hanging plants

Venetian blinds and fabric panels on the balcony

Balcony screen protection itself make blinds plant wall

dense balcony railing

Balcony screen itself make dense balcony balcony white

Balcony screen creepers pelagonie lanterns

Balcony ideas railing metal grill wood furniture

privacy balcony wood high railing flowers blooming trees

Balcony railing planting flower pots attaching small balcony

Balcony screen itself make umbrella white metal chairs

Balcony screen protection itself make railing metal net ivy flowerpots

Screening for balcony balcony planting

Balcony Screen Protector white wooden lattice planter corner sofa cushions

Balcony blinds awning flowers along railing

21 ideas for balcony screen protection Various screen protection options

Balcony »Living Tips for Balcony Design – Screen Protector and Decoration for Patio

Balcony Design-rattan-corner-sofa-candlelight-orange-flower-pot

We offer you useful living tips and Balcony design Ideas that will help you combine decoration and privacy in one.

Living Tips for Balcony Design – Arrange Plants and Furniture

Balcony design -rattan-sofa-black-white-flowerpots-black-boards

The Balcony design Basically it is similar to garden design, with one major difference – they have a very limited space and need to find a balance between greening and decoration so that there is enough room for the free movement and furniture. Our tip – work with volume. Choose evergreen plants – shrubs or decorative trees can do the trick. On the one hand, tall plants will provide privacy, on the other hand, you can place a table or chairs and feel like you’re in a green paradise. Of course, the matching furniture should not be missing – but the furniture should not take more than 40% of the total balcony area. If you have a small balcony, you can buy folding chairs. Owners of larger roof terraces – may look forward to a complete seating area – and can enjoy a nice seating area for evenings with friends. Of course, there is no lack of barbecue – nowadays many practical grill designs that can be attached to the railings are offered.

Living tips for balcony design – fresh decoration ideas

Balcony Design bamboo mat-view-protection-wood-bed-hinged-wood-plant-shelves

Decorate sparingly, but imaginatively – hang lantern as lighting, or place small figures on the floor. Colorful furniture will create a happy mood. Throw pillows can refresh simple furniture – and provide the necessary seating comfort for you and your guests. Decorate the flower pots or buy flower pots in bright colors. A carpet can also set accents. Be inspired by these lifestyle tips and create a practical, cozy and beautiful Balcony design !

Colorful decoration ideas – small table and flowerpots in neon colors

balcony-design-wooden floor-side table-Pots-bunt

Balcony decoration bird cage colorful neon

Pink and yellow color create a happy mood

pink carpet wood tiles balcony bamboo

Zen garden on the balcony – living tips and decoration ideas in Asian style

white petunia palm trees balcony living tips rattan wood furniture

Wooden table and planters – roof terrace frame

Balcony privacy roof terrace planter

Large balcony with sofa – sofa and coffee table

Balcony tiles patio furniture plants roof terrace

Rattan furniture – lounge set on the balcony

Rattan furniture pebbles balcony living tips sitting area

Garden on the balcony with evergreen plants

Garden balcony planter shape ideas

Garden privacy screen made of natural materials – wood, bamboo, plants

Bamboo Balcony Screening – Designing Ideas for Feng Shui Style

Screen for garden – shield with flowers and plants

Rattan furniture, pergola and many flowers on the balcony

Garden balcony design tips for living rattan

Nice view from the balcony to enjoy

Balcony living tips wood railing fought furniture design ideas

Make your own balcony and protect privacy on the balcony

5 tips for the sight protection in the garden – fence and hedge plants

Privacy screen for the balcony – variants of wood, plants and awnings

Flower pots and planters provide privacy

small balcony flower box metal railing

Climbers on balcony and terraces – screens and greenery

Privacy screen for the balcony with bamboo plants and reed mats

Pergola garden gate – 12 ideas for privacy and cosiness

Pure romance – lighting on the balcony

Lighting balcony lantern decoration ideas

Small balcony shape plants purple color lounge furniture

Balcony furniture blue color planter blue table

colorful eclectic balcony furniture living tips neon colors

21 ideas for balcony screen protection Various screen protection options

Terraces »Screen Protector – 38 ideas for your privacy in the garden

face protection-terraces and white-lounge-scale lawn-and-white-schoen

Of the Screening for terraces plays an important role in terrace design, so you have to choose different ones possibilities consider. Especially on the terrace you do not want to feel disturbed to really relax and enjoy the sun. Protection against prying eyes is therefore of great importance here. Take a look at our ideas to find the perfect model for yourself and protect your privacy in the garden.

The soothing sound of the water use – Screen protection for terraces

face protection-terraces-palms-exotic ecolegno-saimex-pool-water

The background noise of a busy street can be as disturbing as seeing your neighbors in the backyard. Solve this problem with slightly higher privacy screens and enjoy relaxing moments at the pool. The gentle trickling of the water can make a big difference, especially when beautiful exotic plants cast a natural shadow next to it. Green trees and bushes are prime choices for the privacy for terraces. They block every view and provide a lush, green backdrop. The plants also serve as filters for the sounds. A variety in which even in winter your garden would look pretty would be the evergreen plant species. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes – including columnar types that do not grow more than 2 meters.

Awning fabric pergola – why not

face protection-terraces-shangrila-april-furniture-mountains-promising-wooden floor-liege

A pergola is the perfect screen for terraces and can also protect from the sun. It makes your outdoor area more comfortable, creates a pleasant shade. A particularly attractive idea would be a mobile pergola with a sturdy construction and high-quality awning fabric. There’s no such thing, it’s not a fantasy – Shangrila by April Furniture, available in several colors.

Use natural resources such as trees and shrubs to protect the terraces

face protection-terraces-fabric curtains-practical and easy-flowers-plant-garden furniture-baeume-plant

The gardeners in the warm climate know how tropical plants can create the desired privacy almost immediately. Even gardeners in the north enjoy these fast-growing plants with their large leaves. Use them either as indoor plants and, as soon as it gets warmer outside, set them up as protection on the patio or use them as exotic annuals that you will buy again after winter. The plants will thank for the many time outdoors with a lush growth.

A very simple and not at all expensive alternative for a sight protection for terraces would be also a curtain of material. Our tip: Only use natural fabrics in bright colors that do not hinder the draft. After all, you do not want it to get stuffy on the patio. It does not have to be an expensive model right away. In most cases, the color will fade over the years due to the sun, so the curtains need replacing. A white color is an alternative.

Screen protection for terraces made of wooden panels

face protection-terraces-garden-barbecue-pflanzenkuebel-tree-natural stone-house

Instead of tidying up the ground for terraced construction, use what’s already there. This old tree is not only a great addition to the yard – it protects the privacy of its inhabitants by creating a soft, natural canopy. Lush plantings around the edge of the deck also contribute to the feeling of security. So even the neighbors in the higher floors of the adjoining houses can no longer tug in your garden.

Sun protection in red or other colors – Siro von Stobag

face protection-terraces-STOBAG siro-red-house-palm-sunscreen privacy

Such awnings have become very popular as protection from view. The reason for this is that they are attached to a wall and pulled out of a cassette box as needed and stowed away like a roller blind. The side awnings have different heights and can even protect against wind and sunlight, so you get several advantages out of it. You can also combine with a suitable awning as extendable canopy.

face protection-terraces-red-siro-stobaggartenmoebel-table-chairs lawn-bushes

The traditional awning offers both protection from the hot summer sun and from the neighbors looking out the second-floor window. Awnings come in a variety of styles and colors, including retractable types. But beware! If a stronger wind is coming, you should definitely stow it in its box, so that it is not destroyed by the wind.

face protection-terraces-pool-liege-water-relax-burger-choko

A fence is one of the most common ways to block unwanted glances. Here you can see a simple fence framing the terrace and providing the perfect retreat. A number of plant containers beautify the garden and make it more inviting. Plants, whether in the bed or in pots, make a bald screen fence visually equally interesting.

Screening for terraces made of awning fabric – Sicura of Ke, Italy

face protection-terraces-orange-peach-color-garden furniture-palms-sicura-ke-italy

If the privacy of the entire terrace is not possible, then focus only on a part of it. Here creates a beautiful colored side awning, which shields the eye from the visible terraces behind it. This is for apartments that are located at the end of a block of flats and have one-sided neighbor balconies. You may also have two areas on the patio (for example, dining and seating areas) and you just want to shield one of them.

Plant climbing plants

face protection-terraces-wood-bench-table-garden-grass-creeper-tiles

Climbing plants are the ultimate plant for the privacy of terraces. Glorious shrubs form a nice privacy on the side of the terrace. On the other hand, a protective wall made of wood is placed. So if you want a privacy screen for terraces that looks particularly natural, consider one or more trellises, which you can then plant freely. There are both fast-growing variants that provide sufficient protection already in the first season, as well as those in which you have to be patient. The wait is worth in any case.

Domed wooden form of Deeswat

face protection-terraces-Deesawat-wood-paneel-sea-wall shelves

An interesting construction, more like a partition or wall shelf for interiors, creates discreet protection without taking up too much space in your yard. Add some green plants in pots or other decorations and get a unique atmosphere with practical use. Learn more about this product Deeswat ,

face protection-terraces-wood-plant-Deesawat-wall shelf-garden-plant

The model is also available in other shapes and sizes. The special thing is that this visual protection model does not completely block the view into your garden, but offers mysterious views through the open segments. You decide for yourself how opaque you want the shelf by choosing the number of decorations yourself. You can also close only one part and leave the other one open.

View and sun shade for terraces – mobile pergola Shangrila from April Furniture

face protection-terraces-ShangriLa April-Furniture-sea view Canopy awning fabric

Take a look at the variety of outdoor-friendly fabrics to create a perfect protective wall. Fabric panels with beautiful, cheerful colors can be put together quickly and easily. Plus, they are inexpensive – you can have a few different options depending on your mood. April Furniture models are available in different colors.

face protection-terraces-black-ShangriLa April-Furniture-seascape-liege

The modern pergola-like constructions can serve both as a shelter and sun protection from above, as well as close the sides. They can be used freestanding or placed directly on a wall. In this way, you get a perfect model for the terrace in front of the house or at another seating area, for example, near the pool.

face protection-terraces-ShangriLa April-Furniture-white-gray-modern-awning fabric

Whether in beige, purple or any other color, the garden constructions will be real eye-catchers and, in addition to their useful function, bring with them the advantage of attracting everyone’s attention. Its modern, understated scaffolding creates a minimalist accent in any outdoor area. With the movable fabrics, you will always get visual and sun protection wherever you need it.

Garden furniture and privacy protection in color – Sicura von Ke, Italy

face protection-terraces-sicura-ke-italy-garden furniture-steel-seat cushion-orange-red

If you would like a side awning you can also consider the model “Sicura” by Ke. Whether on the terrace or the balcony, it is guaranteed to meet all your needs. Side awnings are also very space-saving and quite discreet. It is best to choose a color that adapts to the garden furniture, the house facade or other elements on the terrace.

Durable and modern visual protection panels made of steel and wood – SOTOMON by Carsten Gollnick for Conmoto

face protection-terraces-SOTOMON-Carsten Gollnick-conmoto-couch-garden furniture-wooden floor-steel

face protection-terraces-SOTOMON-Carsten Gollnick-garden-lawn-modern steel-wood

Optimum privacy protection with wood panels Choko by Burger

face protection-terraces-wood-plant Kübel panels burger-choko

Screen protection for terraces and outdoor areas made of plastic material – Kubi by Skyline

face protection-terraces-are-seat cushion-kubi Skyline-design-pool

face protection-terraces-kubi Skyline-design-braid-kunststoffratan

face protection-terraces-wood-promising-sun-shade-wood slats

face protection-terraces-roof terrace-garden furniture-braid-and-white seat cushions

face protection-terraces-palm-roof-terrace-SITZMOEBEL-cushion-rush

face protection-terraces-whirlpool-cloth-curtain-almost-easy-lounge

garden privacy protection block

privacy protection for terraces wells water games reduce road noise

garden furniture wooden terrace privacy

Build a wooden pergola

Screen protection for patio wood pergola rocking chairs

, Create a lush greenery as a privacy screen for terraces

Screening patio tropical plants lush

Take advantage of the location of the house

Screening patio veranda climbing plants

Build a protective wall

outdoor fireplace deck wooden grate

Integrate a tree

Evergreen trees around build wooden deck

Add an awning or other canopy on

Awning terrace privacy neighbor

Build a big fence

privacy protection garden privacy protect wooden fence build

Divide the view

Screening terrace Hinoki cypress

Grow climbing plants and vines

Screening terrace climbing plants canopy

planting trees

Screen protection planting terrace trees

Add fabrics with beautiful patterns

colored fabric curtains veranda

Home & Garden »Use masonry as a screen and for the construction of modern houses

masonry as privacy stone-privacy-glass-fronts

In a residential area of ​​several houses, every homeowner is anxious to find a suitable one privacy to maintain sufficient privacy, without restricting the property and also to make it look stylish. At the Staab Residence, an attractive one was created for this purpose Masonry as privacy partly completely closed and on other sides again a half-open design in a mesh look. In this way, the connection to the nature surrounding the house remains.

Masonry as privacy screen and metal fence

masonry as privacy staab-driveway-design-modern-metal-fence

The masonry as privacy is further continued for the construction of the house. The stone-on-stone construction ensures a solid construction, which guarantees an attractive wall design in gray concrete look indoors. This design is combined with modern, minimalist furniture for kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. In addition, the floor has a gray color both inside and outside, creating a monochrome interior. Add to that an impressive steel kitchen that adapts to the shiny floor.

Masonry as a screen in mesh look

masonry as visual protection stone-mesh-optics-modern-planting

While the masonry was used as a screen in the lower floor and for the outdoor area with terrace and pool, the second floor of the modern house aims to take advantage of the impressive view. Large window fronts create bright spaces from which to enjoy the attractive surroundings. We have put together a gallery to give you a better overview of the house design. The property is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was designed and completed by Chen + Suchart Studio in 2013.

Gray brickwork

masonry-face protection-terrace-lighting-fensterfront-white-stuhk-table

Modern wall and floor design

masonry-face protection-open-living room-stair-metal-black

Steel kitchen

masonry-face protection-steel-design-kitchen-monochrome interior

Monochrome design

masonry-face protection-device-kitchen-blue-closets-kuecheninsel

Window fronts for the living spaces

masonry-face protection-bedroom-balcony-glasgelaender-sliding window

Bright bathroom

masonry-face protection-bathroom-white-wash-basin console-mirror

Narrow room with bathtub

masonry-face protection-and-white wall color-bad-bathtub-glass front

Attractive masonry

masonry-than-face protection-corridor-gartenweg Canopy concrete slabs

Garden Shower in Corridor Shape

masonry-face protection-chen-suchart-studio-bathroom-shower-open gray-wall design

Gray walls and recessed lights

masonry-face protection-garden shower-idea-concrete-monochrome

Stone-on-stone construction for the modern house

masonry-face protection-input-glass-door downlights

High wall for privacy

masonry as privacy wall design minimalist house architecture

Outdoor area with pool

masonry-face protection-facade-pool-two-floors-garden

Balcony with glass railing

masonry-face protection-blinds-balcony-private sector-house-design-inspiration

Masonry as privacy screen and minimalist garden

masonry-face protection-minimalist-garden-design-residential-arizona

Original architecture

masonry-face protection downlights-canopy Canopy Outdoor activities

House design by Chen + Suchart Studio

masonry privacy-minimalist outdoor area pool

Design of Chen + search style studio ,

Landscaping »Corten steel screen for garden – 30 ideas and examples

cortenstahl privacy latten terrace modern lawn buesche

The garden is referred to as an outdoor living room. A place where you can rest in the middle of the noisy city. With the right privacy, the noise and bustle remain outside. Look at these great examples of Corten steel privacy screen at! These beautifully designed screens and fences not only protect your privacy green oasis from the prying eyes of neighbors and street passers-by, but are a real eye-catcher thanks to their noble patina and laser-cut decorations.

Corten steel screen with special appeal

cortenstahl privacy balcony idea edelrost house modern design

The Corten steel screen can be used in the garden with particular flexibility. Be it as an addition to an existing garden wall or in combination with hedges and gabions, the screens made of corten steel are a great way to make your garden, patio or house individually and modern. When making the Corten steel plates the surface is still bright as a mill. The rusty patina is formed only by natural weather conditions and the change of damp and dry weather. This process is only complete after about 1.5 to 3 years.

Corten steel privacy screen with individual motif

corten steel privacy chinese sign vertical gaerten fence

The lightweight Corten steel plates usually have a low dead weight and can be easily mounted on wooden posts, granite columns and gabion systems. They are with various lasered-out motifs such as grasses, bamboo and flowers, which can also be customized as desired. The solid, opaque garden fences made of Corten steel usually come without a motif. Particularly attractive are the Cortenstahlwände with back-Led lighting, which can create an atmospheric atmosphere on the terrace in the evening. The lasered motifs are first deposited with Plexiglas and then backlit with LED technology.

Opaque and permeable protection

cortenstahl visual protection beet idea pebbles plant tile fence

Decorate brick wall with Cortensteel

corten steel privacy protection ornaments black parquet terrace raised bed

Garden decor with practical benefits

corten steel-face protection-garden-accent-wood-bench

opaque fence and gate in corten steel

corten steel-sichtschutzaun-opaque-front yard-garden gate

Privacy screens available with different designs

corten steel-face protection wande-individual-motive

Maple leaf motifs

corten steel-face protection-garden-balcony-maple-blatter-motif

perfect for houses with large glass front

corten steel-face protection-garden-house glazing

lightweight construction

corten steel-face protection-garden-laser cut-motive-blatter Tree

embellished with climbing plants Seraphin | Tendril motif stele 150 x 50 (HxW), Corten steel

corten steel-face protection-gartenzaun-creeper-ornamental graser

Garden fence with corten steel filling

corten steel-face protection-gartenzaun-gray-post

corten steel-face protection-garden-panels-circle-motif

corten steel-face protection-glass stones-dynamic design

corten steel-face protection-gartentor-massive blocks

CorTen privacy-garden-lotus flower-succulent vertically-planted

corten steel-face protection-garden-combination-Plant

Corten steel privacy garden fence-laser-cut-decorative

corten steel-face protection wall-deco-hearth

corten steel-face protection-garden-floral-motif

corten steel-face protection-garden-tree-motif-laser cut

corten steel-face protection-garden-segregation

corten steel-face protection-deco-garden-panels-each other-routed

corten steel-face protection wall-perforated plate-glass door

Corten steel privacy garden-bamboo-motif-led-lighting

Corten steel privacy garden-laser-cut-corten-steel-plate-decorative

corten steel-fireplace-face protection-garden-wood-tray

FABER terrace fireplace “theMOOD” Cortensteel pebbles

corten steel-face protection fence-opaque-gartentor

corten steel-face protection fence-opaque-raised bed-ornamental graser

Cars »Audi carbon e-bike with touch screen computer

audi electric bicycle carbon tire design tips

The German automaker Audi has completed a particularly interesting product and will be premiered next week during the Wörthersee Tour in Austria. However, this is not about a car, as you may believe, but about one bicycle With electric motor , To that Audi electric bicycle Also, to make it perfect, the company came to the assistance of racing driver Julien Dupont, who regularly conducted test drives and shared his opinion.

Audi electric bicycle with modern design

Audi bike electric motor e tron ​​carbon handlebar

The design of the bike is very impressive. This is how the frame is made Karbon , The same applies to the 26-inch tires and the rear swingarm. But despite this ultralight material, the Audi electric bicycle weighs a whopping 26 kilograms. The reason for this is especially the electric motor. This has an output of 3 hp and 2.3 kW. But with this impressive facts of the bike it is not enough. In addition, there is a computer with touch screen, which can be connected via W-LAN with the smartphone. In this way, recorded videos can be published. How to turn videos while driving, are you asking yourself now? Well, quite simply with the Audi electric bicycle associated helmet with built-in camera!

Audi electric bicycle – adjustable by a button saddle

Audi electric bicycle saddle button carbon design

The Audi electric bike provides comfort and the right seat height with a saddle that can be easily adjusted to any desired height at the touch of a button. So you can set the saddle simply to the height of the frame for art biking and bring back to the desired height if necessary. And while biking a wheelie mode also helps. With its help, even beginners can perform stunts for the advanced.

Audi electric bicycle in gray

Electric bicycle idea tire 26 inch gray metal audi design

Electric bicycle manufacturing in collaboration with Julien Dupont

electric bicycle design idea tire tips black frame pedals

Construction of the Audi bicycle frame

Electric bike construction frame item black sketch audi model

Audi bike in the planning

audi electric bike sketch planning design idea modern

Sketch of the electric bicycle from Audi

Audi electric bicycle frame sketch idea design

E-bike from Audi ,

Glass shower screen with sliding doors – 4 modern shower cabins

Glass shower screen -shower-shower-cabinet-modern-design-armature-white-beige-bath

The latest trends in bathroom design tend towards spacious, open spaces, often seamlessly connected to the living / sleeping area. Accessories and furniture are characterized by clear design language, close to minimalism. Shower screen made of glass is the optimal solution around the shower area to separate and to eliminate the water splashes in the whole bathroom. This looks very simple, almost invisible and gives a light look to the small premises.

Shower screen made of glass with sliding doors – ideal solution for modern bathroom design

Glass shower screen -shower-shower-tile-marble-optic-mosaic-stone-armature

Shower screen made of glass with sliding doors is one of the last innovations in the Bathroom design , Sliding systems offer high stability, save space and can be used in almost any room situation. The load-bearing construction consists of metal rails on the rollers shower doors be moved out of glass easily and cleanly. The screw connection is concealed to ensure trouble-free cleaning of the glass surface. It is made of special tempered glass – safety glass that meets all required safety regulations.

Glass shower enclosure with sliding doors – modern design and innovative sliding systems from Bartels, USA

Shower screen made of glass -shower-shower-cabin-modern-design-minimalist-white-bathroom

The sliding glass sliding system is still referred to as “frameless”. It lacks a defined framework, the physical barrier and thus does not guarantee a 100-percent waterproofing. If this is a high priority, there are suitable suitable shower trays and floor profiles.

Glass shower screen with sliding doors – Gliding system for shower cubicle “Miami” by Bartels

Glass shower screen -shower-shower-bathroom-bright-fresh-colors-gray-yellow

The American manufacturer Bartels Inc. offers outstanding design with German quality of doors of all kinds. The product line sliding systems for shower doors convinces with high sustainability of materials and design. How do you present an overview of the whole collection of frameless roll mechanisms? Miami, Luna, Claro and Aqua ,

Shower screen made of glass with sliding doors – aesthetics and function in one

Glass shower screen -shower-shower-bathroom-modern-design-fresh-light

The track system for shower enclosure model “Miami” is characterized by particularly easy installation and stability. It is suitable for safety glass up to 12.7 millimeters thick.

Innovative sliding system for glass shower doors

Glass shower screen -shower-shower-sliding-system-modern-stainless steel-white

This shower partition optimizes the space in the bathroom and provides a real highlight in the shower area. The rail lengths can be adjusted to the desired dimensions and spatial conditions – mounted between two walls, in “L” or “U” form.

Detail view – Sliding system “Miami” by Bartels

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-detail view-sliding-mechanism-design

With the stainless steel rails one can choose among several designs and optics. Carbon, bronze, gold or brushed stainless steel look would be the most sophisticated ambience. A maximum load capacity of up to 60 kilograms is guaranteed.

Minimalist and practical – shower screen made of glass

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-bathroom-modern-bathtub-white-brown

Shower placed in a niche does not look cramped or styleless. The small space or unusual place in the wet room is optimized and aesthetically perfected by this glass shower screen.

Functional sliding system for sliding doors in the bathroom

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-bathroom-armature-sliding-detail

Minimalist bathroom design is achieved through a combination of details and accents of harmonic or similar materials. In that sense, it would be best to opt for just one look at all the metal elements – gold, bronze, stainless steel brushed or polished.

Glass shower screen with sliding doors – Sliding system for shower cubicle “Luna” by Bartels

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-minimalist-design-bathroom-gray-beige

Sliding system for shower cabin “Luna” looks extremely impressive and sets an aesthetic accent in the modern bathroom. It is particularly suitable for corner shower and ensures high stability of the system with a solid metal frame.

Glass sliding door for walk-in corner shower

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-bathroom-modern-design-anthracite-beige

This sliding system is not completely frameless, but consists of a solid stainless steel frame with slot in which the rollers of the glass pane are guided. All fasteners remain invisible behind beautiful matte metal look.

Sliding system “Luna” for shower door – stainless steel frame with rails and castors

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-detail view-stainless steel sliding-minimalist-design

The excellent projected rollers promise quiet, easy and smooth shifting.

Detail view – Stainless steel profile with mechanism for the sliding door

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-mechanism-metal sliding-show details

The model is made of high quality stainless steel and comes in several variants – brushed or polished optics, carbon, bronze and gold.

Glass shower screen with sliding doors – Sliding system for shower cubicle “Claro” by Bartels

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-ground glass-clear glass-modern-bathroom

The gliding system for glass shower doors “Claro” can be described as the minimalist one. The rails are edgy and flat, simply designed. The only additional element is the small rolls, which are equally purist designed.

Almost invisible sliding system for glass shower doors – “frameless” sliding door

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-ground glass-mechanism-design-modern

Despite the minimalist design, this sliding door system is very resilient – holds up to 135 kg at maximum strength of the applied glasses to 12.7 millimeters. It can be mounted in a niche from wall to wall or designed as a walk-in shower in “L” or “U” shape.

Elegant, reduced design for shower screen made of glass

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-elegant brown-gray bathroom

As with the other models, here you can choose between different metal optics. Several variants for glasses are also offered as options – frosted glass or in combination with clear, as well as cut to order – with rounded corners or accents.

Minimalist design for sliding door with stainless steel profile

Shower enclosure sliding glass shower enclosure structures mechanism detail view rounded-

In addition, there are still handles and holders with the appropriate design and appearance.

Sliding glass door with rounded corners as an accent for the Dischkamine

Shower enclosure sliding glass shower enclosure structures mechanism-rounded metal Bartels

Glass shower screen with sliding doors – Gliding system for shower cubicle “Aqua” by Bartels

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-mosaic-beige-cream white-AQUA bartels

The sliding system “Aqua”, like the others from the product line, consists of a rail on which the rollers are guided and thereby the glass door is moved. It is characterized by the typical for Bartels reduced design and simple look.

Shower screen made of glass for corner shower

shower enclosure-glass-sliding structures shower enclosure-mechanism-technology-

It is important to know in all track systems of the American supplier, that they need at least one load-bearing, stable wall to ensure the correct installation.

* find out about the entire Bartes product line here

Windows & Doors »More privacy through a window film as a privacy screen

Window film as a privacy screen self-adhesive

Windows are known to be the gateway to the world in a home, but there are always situations in which unwanted insights are to be avoided. With a window film as a privacy you create an elegant window decoration and at the same time privacy in your premises.

Window film as privacy in the kitchen

window film-face protection-kitchen-circle pattern-milk-opaque

Mounted on windows and other glass surfaces, protects a privacy screen against unwanted insights and sets visual accents in the living area. Most are self-adhesive, so easy to install, and are made of high quality polyester. Because it is resistant to humidity, condensation and UV rays, it fulfills several requirements in one. Since most window films are finished with a scratch-resistant coating, they require little maintenance or care and can not be so easily damaged even in general household activities such as window cleaning.

Window film as a privacy screen and accent in the living area

Window film as privacy screen sunscreen-balcony patterned

Basically, a window film is a good option to protect yourself from foreign insights and thus provide privacy despite generous windows in your rooms. Because most foils offer this for both day and night and are largely frosted to minimize the impact of daylight. You also have a great selection in terms of optics, which of course also depends on your demand for privacy. While a frosted glass foil almost completely preserves daylight, you can create visual highlights with colored transparent variants, but the opacity is less.

Spy mirror still called one-way mirror

Privacy film-reflective-way mirror-outside-inside

A special variant of window films is the so-called spy mirror. This prevents foreign glances mainly in daylight and provides privacy from outside to inside. The effect always occurs when it is brighter outside than inside. This effect is reversed when it is darker outside than in the rooms.

colorful window foil with motif

window film-face protection-colorful-blue-view-terrace

A good window film for your home fulfills privacy as well as other important aspects. For example, security is supported and effectively leveraged. If direct insights into your premises are prevented, it is not always immediately obvious from the outside whether and when you are at home.

Privacy in the bathroom

window film-face protection-bathroom-ground glass-adhesive