Shades of brown and gray characterize a modern apartment in Bratislava

modern apartment open living area wooden furniture gray corner sofa

We all know that the subtle neutral colors can affect our mood. After a hectic day in the office, we seek peace and relaxation at home – in a comfortable environment where we can keep the stress away. This modern apartment in Bratislava is distinguished by the subtle nuances of Brown and dark gray marked, which means a lasting relaxation for the senses.

A modern apartment with stylish furnishings

flat beef interior decoration gray beige wood furniture

The interior designers of BEEF from Slovakia have designed this stunning apartment called Riverpark. The concept for the whole interior is simple. They have replaced the superfluous shine with stylish matt surfaces, creating the feeling of a relaxed natural environment.

A modern apartment with a relaxed atmosphere

flat interior design wood floor wood furniture open kitchen

The modern apartment shows a certain elegance, but also a touch of roughness, as a result of the abundant use of wood. If you take a closer look at the entire interior design, you would find that the warm “café au lait” accents and wooden furniture create a bright, serene atmosphere. All textures, colors and materials are combined in an absolute harmony. The kitchen, dining area and living room are united in an open spacious space. This enhances the feeling of lightheartedness, openness and relaxation.

open kitchen with white fronts

townhouse open kitchen white fronts wood bar counter

The kitchen cabinets are minimalist and chosen in a white finish, with no upper cabinets. The cooking island has an additional wooden plate that can be used as a counter. An attractive wooden floor with concrete-look walls will be combined to give the modern interior the finishing touch.

beige wall panels for the kitchen back wall

townhouse kitchen wall panels beige white countertop

large dining table in solid wood

modern dinning dining table solid wood black chairs

Details in the kitchen

Apartment furniture wood floor beige white cabinets

open kitchen, dining area and living room

beef architects bratislava open living area living room kitchen

black bar stools and chairs as color accents

modern townhouse shades of brown black accent chairs

Bedroom Designs

modern apartment bratislava small bedroom furnishing eclectic

riverpark beef interior architect-bratislava floating tv cabinet

Modern flat bedroom design dark gray colors

abundant use of wood in the bathroom

Modern apartment bathroom design wood floor wooden shelves

bathroom design beige wall tiles wood floor cabinet

Panoramic view on Danube river

modern apartment - bratislava outlook danube

modern apartment bratislava terrace view danube river

Apartment Bratislava outlook river bedroom

apartment beef architects bratislava floor plan

Neutral colors characterize an apartment in Moscow

Minimalist interior design in Bucharest

Glamorous interior ideas

New York apartment with chic decor and decoration

Living room furniture ideas – shades of brown are modern

Living room interior ideas cream couch brown carpet accent friendly

Trends come and go. For example, “Radiant Orchid” was declared the color of the year 2014. But who can afford to redesign his living room every time after the last color trends? Yet brown is considered a timeless classic when it comes to decoration. The brown tones range from chocolate brown, cocoa to dark, bittersweet truffles. Look at our 31 modern ones Living room furniture ideas which particularly successfully bring out the warmth of the brown color.

modern Living room furniture ideas in Brown

Living room furniture ideas rustic modern style leather couch brown window front

If you are a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere in the living room, without giving up modern elegance, then paint the walls brown. This is an excellent way to add the colors of nature to your decor. Choose furniture and flooring from a light wood species such as oak, pine or maple, so that the room does not look gloomy. Another option would be to combine the brown walls with white furniture. In this way, the furniture will stand out properly. The color combinations Brown Turquoise , Brown-cream and brown-orange are totally hip. Brown can also be paired nicely with gray, because both are cool and neutral, which is especially popular with modern furnishing style.

Wall cladding made of wood for the living room furniture

living room ideas ideas wood dark wall covering fireplace marble white

So that the brown living room does not look too dark, decorate it with bright home accessories. Cream and taupe are two pleasant shades that will harmonize with both the brown walls and add brightness to the room. Bring vibrant colors into play by choosing colorful sofa cushions, rugs, and other decorative items. Yellow, green, red and orange are perfect for this. Fill the room with green houseplants to set an intense accent and to emphasize the natural flair.

Gray living room furniture with brown carpet

living room furniture ideas beige gray furnishing accent carpet brown modern

Brown wood as a living room idea

living room ideas ideas wall unit idea brown wood shelves black leather sofa

dark wooden floor and light wooden shelves

living room-modern-wooden floor-drab-sofa-coffee table

cream-colored furniture

Living room furniture ideas brown wall paint cream furniture white accessories

Beige corner sofa with integrated wooden shelves

living room device-ideas-brown corner sofa-integrated-wood-shelves

Living room furniture ideas – brown, turquoise and white combine

small-living-facility-chocolate brown wall paint and white-moebel light blue-accents

cream sofa and chocolate accent wall

living room furniture ideas brown-accent-wall-cream-corner-sofa-wood-shelves

Brown and cream nicely paired

living room device-ideas-brown-cream-living kitchen-dining area

brown shaggy rug and warm, yellow light

living room device-ideas-brown-cream-white-wall-tv-indirect-lighting

Fireplace cladding with stone

living room device-ideas-beige walls-stone-fireplace coverings-dark-wood floor-coffered ceiling

decorative accents made of brass

living room device-brown-brass-akzente wanddeko-cochtisch-velvet sofa respect

living room-device-brown-gray-cream rustic-accessories

modern-living facility-ideas-brown-under-lighting effects-sofa-coffee table

modern living room furniture ideas brown-cream-wood-furniture-wall-niche-shelves

modern-living room kaminofen-taupe-brown-combination-natural-stone wall

modern-living-red-brown-beige combination-moebel-deco

modern-living-brown wooden floor-fireplace-white-sofa-glass-wall shelves

modern-living-brown leather sofa-lower-wood-coffee table

living room ideas brown-white-cream-off-the-wall-ceiling-wall

eclectic living room-brown walls and white-afford-red sofa

small-living-establishment ideas-brown-beige-wooden floor-living wall downlights-ceiling

living room-wall color with dining area-Dark-wood floor-cream

living room-bedroom furniture cream-chocolate-brown-accent wall

Living room furniture ideas brown-sofa-chocolate-color-walls

living room device-brown-white-kaminofen-built-shelves

modern-living-wall brown-wood-tv-wall-mounted

luxurious-living facility-brown-moebel-wall color-tuerkisgruenes sofa-accent

modern-living room-cozy-brown-wall-sitting area

Dreamhouses »Warm shades characterize the design of a private luxury villa

Luxury Villa-landscape Pond vertical-graten Palm input

This private luxury villa is located in Nova Lima – 22 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, Brazil away. It is a project of the architectural office Saraiva + Associados and was completed in 2011. The private house can be described in two words – Pure luxury and exuberance , Warm shades and exotic materials characterize the design of the indoor and outdoor areas.

Warm shades thanks to the special kind of stone Canga de Minérios

private-luxury villa-landscape-book baume-wood-blinds

The project was by Saraiva + Associados under the direction of the architect Marcelo Montoro and in collaboration with piantina Architecture, responsible for interior design, created. The house is in four different Divided by a special, coated with reflective glass steel material connected to each other. you are about a big one Garden with pool arranged.

Warm shades inside and out

terrace-wooden floor-pool-area-sunbeds

Block 1 comprises eight suites, a studio and a toilet. In block 2, the social area consists of a home theater and a heated swimming pool. Block 3 is made up of a kitchen, a spa and a games room. Block 4 is for the employees Reserved who take care of the house. Outside there is a swimming pool, a tennis court and a children’s playground. The outer walls are decorated with a native stone (Canga de Minérios) handmade , This stone has an intense red color that looks even more beautiful under sunlight.

the house at sunset


Wood and shades emphasized with effective lighting

luxury villa-stone wall-floor light-wood-bench

Warm shades for the living room

warm shades living room indirect lighting wall decoration

interesting three-dimensional wall design with decorative wall panels

luxury villa-device-stairs-wanddeko-mosaic 3d look

Room for relaxation

warm shades-candlelight-relax chair-stool Orchids

Lounge area by the pool

terrace lounge area-pool lighting

pool night lighting lounge area-roofed-terrace

pool-area-luxury villa-lighting glass facade

Photos by Rafael Carrieri

Wall design with color – 35 shades of blue

wall design with color office desk dark blue wood modern dressing table

When it comes to choosing wall paint, many people are scared of the blue nuances. The room seems too cold and not very inviting, the color is very sophisticated and can not be combined with anything – these prejudices belong to the past. Nowadays, more and more interior designers prove the opposite – the color blue is not only trendy, it is perfect for every room in the house. We show you 35 excellent examples of Wall design with color Blue in different shades that will surely convince you!

Wall Decor with Blue Color – Choose Light or Darker Nuance?

wall design with color bedroom idea white wardrobe bed carpet

The choice of the right blue nuance should be tailored to the style of furnishing and room conditions. South-facing rooms flooded with sunlight can be painted in dark shades such as petrol blue or mixtures of blue and gray, while dark rooms will benefit from a bright and rich shade of turquoise or aquamarine.

Also a big role in the search for suitable shades plays the Einrichtungsstil. Classic interiors will be more effective with walls in sky blue, dark blue wall paint gives the modern Facility additional whistle.

Wall design with color – With which other colors can you combine blue?

wall design with color royal blue bathroom white tiles cabinet tub

Blue and gray are the absolute classic combination – but if you also want to spice up the interior, you can put white and black accents in the limelight / white sofa and chairs, white curtains, etc./

Also beautiful see combinations between azure and orange – they make the room look cheerful and comfortable.

turquoise brings out the beautiful wood color of the furniture better, while petrol blue and red form an irresistible combination for the minimalist apartment.

Blue-gray wall design

wall design with color petrol blue youth room boys bed closet

Dining room in dark blue color

wall design with color dining room dark blue elegant glass table

Petrol blue and similar nuances …

Wall Petrol Blue paint ideas beautiful design

Can be perfectly combined with orange and brown

Choose wall color petrol blue white furniture brown carpet

And go perfectly with the eclectic decor

Walls Living room interior design eclectic

Blue wall paint – corridor design

Design Color Blue Photo Wall Furniture Design Ideas

Painting modern patterns in blue, gray and red on the wall

Wall design gray red blue pattern swipe

Wall modern decor ideas stylish stylish

Color sky blue light gray sofa pallet table white

Ideas blue color wall design examples

Living Room Living Ideas Wall Paint Blue Accent

Wall paint blue accent ideas paint white bed frame

Home Decor Wall Paint Furniture Design Decorative Cushion

set up wall paint dark blue

Dining room dark blue wall paint yellow pictures

Aqua nuances

Living Room Wall Paint Ideas Aqua Blue Bright Nuance

Wall paint blue aqua bright white seating upholstered furniture

Color aqua modern decor wooden bed carpet

Design Select wall color Auqa shades

Sky blue

Living room blue wall orange fireplace paneling

Wall shelf wood sky blue wall orange armchair

Wall design ideas color aquamarine

set up picture wall round table orange

Living room Sky blue wall accent floral pattern roller blinds

two sharing white edge dining room set up ideas

Decor blue wall color Ideas Nuance select

Sky Blue Nuances Living Room Wall Paint Ideas Furnishing

Wall Living Room Ideas Beige Furniture Sofa Petrol Blue Armchair Decorative Cushion

Wall blue bright black furniture wall shelf white


Wall ceiling turquoise color pictures design ideas

Turquoise wall accent delete ideas classic decor

Wall turquoise modern furnish carpet green day bed

Wall living room living ideas strong colors

Make-Up »Make-up lips – Tips, make-up techniques and shades

make-up lips tips make-up brush light pink

The smile is the main part of the charm. Therefore, ladies can only make their lips to your advantage. The color of the lipstick can reveal their personality or help them experiment with a new bold look. A variety of make-up techniques are available here – you can mix colors, change the shape of the lips or emphasize. If yours Make-up lips properly want, there is a lot to note.

Make-up lips – the lipstick colors

lips make up tips colors matching skin type

There is a wide range of lipstick colors, so it is often difficult to find the right shade for you. The glitter lipsticks make the lips tempting and thick, but the textures are not the most durable. The transparent lip gloss emphasize the mouth and give the makeup a natural, discreet look. The dull lipsticks last longer and bring sophistication and elegance. The lipsticks with pearl shine makes our smile even more tempting. The perfect lipstick color for you is this one that stands well on your face if you do not wear any other make-up. The natural shades similar to the lip color fit best – light pink, brown, beige.

Make-up lips correctly – balance between eyes and lips

Apply lips properly make up tips Brush Apply

The balance between eyes and lips is the key to good make-up. You do not have to fight each other for attention. Heavy eyeshadow needs almost natural lips and vice versa. The texture of the lipstick is also important. It should not dry out the lips. If you feel your lips dry for two hours after use, change the lipstick. To prevent dryness, apply some lip balm in front of the lipstick. The shine would make your lips look juicy. Their only downside is that they are very sticky. To fix the shine, put some powder on the lips as a foundation.

the right make-up technique

red lips make-up tips brush gold

Many women wonder if it is better to apply the lipstick with a brush. The truth is that it is only necessary if you use colors like purple or dark red. When applying lipstick follow the contour of the lips. The lip contour pencil should be the same color or a shade darker than the lipstick. After applying lipstick, press with a towel to remove the excess. This will prevent smearing.

make-up lips tips lip brush apply pink pearl shine

Four tips:
1. Dark lipsticks make your lips look smaller than they actually are. If you want to visually enlarge them, use pink or beige with pearl luster.
2. If your lips are too big, you can choose natural shades. Use classic matte instead of shiny lipsticks.
3. For most women, the upper lip is thinner than the lower one. With a lipstick in a color similar to that of your lips, mark the contour of the upper lip without trying to increase it. Do not apply lip contour pencil on the underside. Then lipstick.
4. To keep the lipstick longer, you can apply lip contour pencil of the same color on it.

lips make up tips optically magnify pink

lips properly make up tips lipstick colors fitting

make up lips properly make up tips red color

Make-Up »Tom Ford Lipsticks – 50 shades for every taste

Tom Ford Lips-and-Boys

The famous designer with a new line of cosmetics – Tom Ford lipsticks as a provocative look! This has already become an epitome of the fashion industry. The famous designer sticks to his guidelines in his creative work in his new cosmetics line , He reveals the secret of the legendary full lips here.

Tom Ford lipsticks as inspiration from the life story

the Noble-box-of-shades-of-Tom-Ford

The collection “Lips & Boys” contains 50 mini-lipstick nuances placed in small packages in “clutch” versions. Behind each name of the collection is a life story, linked to the most important men in the life of Tom Ford. Addison , the first love, Rory – the best friend and Richard – the husband. Through these life stories, the Tom Ford lipsticks with the rich color nuances are a pure inspiration for every woman. Let it inspire you too. The best of the collection “Lips & Boys” by Tom Ford you can see in our gallery!

The 50 Tom Ford lipsticks

Tom Ford lipstick collection

A total of 50 Tom Ford lipsticks with shades are available, of which 36 are brand new and 14 are from previous or current collections. The colors range from purple and aubergine to metallic to pearl-pink shades. They contain ingredients from Soma seed oil, Brazilian Muru Muru butter and chamomile for the protection and hydration of the lips.

Every Tom Ford lipstick is tested by the designer himself

the shades-of-lipsticks-by Tom Ford

The durability of the fashion house cosmetic products is typical of this brand, and the saturated color tones add to the fact that Tom Ford lipsticks become the binding trend of the season. The list of personal names is listed:

1. Holden
2nd Pavlos
3. Stavros
4th Sebastian
5. Flynn
6. James
7. Alexander
8. Michael
9. Giacomo
10. Justin 11. Luca 12. Rafael 13. Luciano 14. Pablo 15. Cary 16. Beau 17. Casey 18. Alasdhair 19. Omar 20. Cooper 21. Matthew 22. Rory 23. Leonardo 24. Xavier 25. Didier 26. Henry 27. Orlando 28. Kyril 29. Blake 30. Jack 31. Adriano 32. Diego 33. Olivier 34. Liam 35. Guillermo 36. Gustavo 37. Peter 38. William 39. Ian 40. Addison 41. Richard 42. Patrick 43. John 44. Preston 45. Francesco 46. Tomas 47. Alejandro 48. Julian 49. Collin 50. Wes

Inspiration lipstick – my lipstick

the-new-series-lipsticks-by Tom Ford

Nude-look of Tom Ford

Lipstick Revolution theme

Lip with Tom Ford lipsticks

Lipsticks von Tom Ford Collection Mini

full lip with Tom Ford Rosa

Wall design with blue color and shades of blue

Blue is one of the most popular color when it comes to Wall design with color goes. Even outside the boys’ room, blue is increasingly being chosen as the dominant room color. Many artists and other creative people use the shades of blue in their living spaces to create a calm, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. This may help them to escape reality and escape into the illusory world of fantasy. Enjoy the endless expanse of the sky and the sea in your own home! Here is a lot of inspiration!

Wall design with color: blue for a cooling effect

wohnideen-wall design-with-color-light blue-dining-chairs-turquoise

Blue captivates with subtle nuances – sky blue, bright blue, cobalt blue or turquoise. In an apartment, they look very dignified and can reduce the nervousness and stress. Small, narrow and low rooms appear larger with a light blue paint.

Spatial effect of the different blue shades

cobalt blue-bedroom-walls-underline-white-linen

Blue as a whole has a positive, calming effect on the human psyche as a whole. Turquoise or cyan has a protective effect and supports self-confidence. This cool and fresh color conveys freedom and spiritual openness. Turquoise walls are always special and extravagant.

Blue is used for optical magnification

light blue appeased, Atmosphere and sleeping supportive properties facility Ideas

Light blue soothes the atmosphere and has sleep-supporting features. The color of the sky relaxes the eyes and gives peace, harmony and confidence, but it can also have a somewhat melancholy effect – so use them best in combination with other colors like sun yellow or ocher.

Wall design with color contributes to cooling

modern-living-open-interior design-blue-walls-cooling-effect

Blue is often used in rooms that are not just for relaxation. For rooms with high levels of sunlight, blue shades will be used for cooling in hot areas. Blue as room color spreads a feeling of clarity and freshness in the bathroom and wellness or in kitchens that are only suitable for cooking.

Blue as wall paint promote a deeper relaxation

blue-painted-bedroom wall-guaranteed-dignified-sleeping comfort

Darker shades of blue, especially when applied over a large area, can create a dramatic atmosphere.

Color combinations – Blue with other colors

living room-with-color-design-blue-subtly-nuanced-chandelier-gold

Blue and blue nuances harmonize perfectly with white, yellow and coral , Pastel tones, Beige, Gold and are enhanced by the complementary orange color.

The infinite vastness of the sky and sea

light blue-wall-design-apartment-maritime-deco-beach style

Blue gives the room coolness

white-kitchen fronts-back wall-with-tiles-laid-glasurierte-surface-blue

Blue and its varied nuances

interior design-with-color-cobalt-blue-turquoise-living room-coffee table-wood

Bright or white blue broken in the bathroom

Blue-bedroom optical-cool-black-white-tile floor-bad

Color design in your own four walls with the color turquoise

living room-colored, white and turquoise colorway-for-relaxing-atmosphere

Blues are cool and soothing

extravagant-ambiente-to-wall color blue-cover strip carpet

Blue spaces are cool but personal, meditative and clean

living room-wall-with-chilling-effect-blue-painting-nuanced-moden

blue gives a room clarity and lightness

home-office-desk-solid wood walls-blue-green-painting

wall design-with-color-blue-dark-furniture-art-deco-inspired-interior

exotic-color-interior-turquoise-blue-wall design-dining-solid wood furniture

living-wall design-with-color-blue-blue nuance and elegant-deco

living room-walls-blue-painting-eclectic-möbelmix


kitchen-cum-dining table-walls-in-blue-turquoise-painted modern-optics

Bad-spa-blue-white wall color-soothing-effective


Inground wall design-with-color-shades of blue-gleaming-white

industrial-chic-living room-open-wall design-bright-blue-eclectic

bedroom-wall design-with-color-bright-blue-wood bed-frame


The color shades of the bamboo parquet bring more exoticism into the house

Unconventional solutions for flooring bring exotic bamboo wood

One of the well-known exotic soil types is that Bamboo flooring. It remains as modern and popular as it was decades ago, while the bamboo parquet is a fast, convenient and affordable solution for those looking for an unusual look and exoticism in their interiors. The main advantages of the bamboo floor are the interesting patterns and its unique appearance.

Bamboo parquet in a rich range of color combinations

Shades of color Bamboo parquet floor wood flooring brings exoticism

Light yellow and brown – these are the two colors in which the bamboo parquet can usually be found. But there are already other toned options that offer you a rich palette of interior color combinations. You can do it in white, Coffee, Honey, mahogany and other shades of color. In this way unusual and unconventional solutions for floor coverings with an exotic flair can arise.

Floor provided with parquet from bamboo wood

sustainable flooring bamboo wood panels features and benefits

Another feature of this type of flooring is its production method, which also determines the structure of the bamboo parquet. Here again, two types are distinguished: the most common is the natural one Bamboo flooring but asked is the so-called charred bamboo floor. He certainly has some very good qualities. First and foremost is the higher hardness and strength of the pressed bamboo floor. The charred bamboo panels are heavy and dense, transforming them directly into sustainable flooring. And the sustainability is an important advantage of every parquet type.

Enjoy exoticism in your own home

modern flat design modern furniture wooden floor made of bamboo boards

We already mentioned that Bamboo flooring has a special exotic vision. If you choose this type of flooring in your interior, then you must also plan well the entire interior design and think through the placement of matching furniture properly. Another advantage of exotic floors is that they are often delivered ready to install, so home installation is really easy. In this case, no sanding and polishing after installation is necessary.

Installation of bamboo parquet

Wooden floor flooring ideas bamboo panels bring -Exotic

The installation of bamboo parquet flooring resembles that of laminate flooring. The bamboo boards are glued to the floor surface, you also need suitable documents. Currently, high-quality adhesives are used, so you do not have to wait days until the smell is away from the room. There is a wide variety of bamboo flooring for the bamboo parquet on the market, so you can easily choose something suitable for your bamboo floor.

Design living spaces to feel good

Flooring installation simple-structure bamboo parquet inside

We will be very pleased if you then look satisfied in your room and feel well. Yes, now we can say it together: A bamboo parquet floor gives every home a warm aura, provides a healthy ambience, is easy to care for and visually combines easily with all other objects. The bamboo floor is simply the perfect solution for every home!

Interior design with sustainable wood species

natural wood floor bamboo wood ready for installation-to-home

The bamboo floor – easy care and modern

Covering ideas from bamboo wood sustainable floor living space

Living trends with an exotic touch

Bamboo slab floor surface lacquer finish color shades

Flooring made of sustainable bamboo wood

Bamboo ground features high hardness and strength

heavy dense bamboo floor coverings shades interior design

Bamboo parquet flooring easy to lay and easy to install

Room design ideas ideas Furniture design leather sofa bamboo floor

Bamboo parquet flooring radiating natural wood flooring inside

sustainable solution for floor bamboo for interior design apartment

bamboo parquet soil-healthy atmosphere easy to clean

Types Flooring Natural wood parquet floor bamboo shades

Floor panels made of charred bamboo tightly ready for installation

Architect House in warm shades of Lopez Duplan Arquitectos

trendy interior design picture gallery hallway red wood bright flooring

Lopez Duplan Arquitectos present their new design. The Architect house Located in Polanco, Mexico, directly across from a park, it offers several views of lush tree tops. The house has a living area with a practical layout of the rooms. The warm and informal atmosphere allows comfortable and pleasant living and promotes positive emotions.

Architects house in Polanco – fascinating interior design

living architect house trendy design neutral color scale

The Architect house is decorated in rich tones and raw wood, which gives a sense of connection between all rooms in the house. The building includes one bedroom, guest room, living room, bath . kitchen and a library with enough privacy, which can also be an extra room if needed. Due to its location, the entrance hall lacks natural light. Lamps were installed on the ceiling according to the principle of the ceiling paintings and the walls were painted in an itensive red color. All floors, except those in the kitchen and bathroom, are laid with light wood.

Exclusive interior in the architect’s house in Polanco

modern interior design architect house mexico accent furniture

The intensity of the colors and spaciousness of the entrance visually connects it with the other living areas. In the living room a neutral color was selected, so that the strong red of the individual pieces of furniture stands out as a color accent. Some furniture in the house has accent lighting that should accentuate the modern interior design. Suspended lights are set as a decorative element. Pictures and book collections refresh the interior. With this addition, that sees Architect house from Lopez Duplan Arquitectos in full splendor and creates a generous living environment for its owners.

Wall design in the bathroom with neutral colors

corridor architects house design trendy color contrasts red

Wood accents in the bedroom

Renovated bedroom neutral colors architects house design trendy

Warm shades in the living room of the architect’s house

living room trendy accent lighting interior design neutral colors upholstered furniture

Design the corridor in strong red

corridor strong red architect house interior design mexico warm shades

Elegant bathroom design with wooden elements

bathroom shower enclosure closed glass walls trendy wood light surface

Accent lighting in the guestroom underlines the interior

architects house design trendy neutral colors wall design bright

Wooden furniture complements the decoration

interior architect house mexico design wood elements bright floor modern

Baby room set up – 14 deco ideas in warm shades of brown

cute brown and blue nursery design idea

We’ll show you some ideas, like you Set up baby room can. Warm brown shades are suitable for boys as well as girls and can be combined with a wide range of colors – green, pink, blue, yellow, orange refresh the design. Opt for a brown wall paint, or set accents with dark wood furniture.

Brown baby room set up – color combinations

cute baby room cot-green blue

If you are a brown one Set up baby room , you can divide the wall in two – the first part – painted in brown – extends to the cot, the second part – painted in a light color – reaches to the ceiling. This produces interesting color combinations of pink and brown, light blue and brown, green and brown. Or you can make a wall Another option is to paint stripes on the wall – this variant is particularly suitable for narrow and small spaces. A children’s room completely in brown looks dark and should therefore be refreshed by bright wall tattoos, deck color and carpet.

Brown accents – set up baby room

Baby room decoration ideas brown wall

Anyone who wonders whether brown as a wall paint in the nursery is appropriate, can set brown accents in the room. Thus, a cot with chocolate-colored curtains can be combined great. Plush animals in brown color or a lamp in brown are further options for decoration in the nursery. Chest of drawers with changing accessories also in the brown color will compliment the design. Wall stickers in brown color stand perfectly on a beige wall, for example. Cute decoration for girls – paint the wall in brown, put a white cot in front of the wall and decorate it with red ribbons. Be careful that the baby can not reach you.

nursery in green and brown and with interesting wall stickers

Nursery Ideas wall

Green wall tattoos in the Baby room

Nursery interesting wall design

Orange color refreshes the brown design

Nursery decoration ideas wall stickers tree

Baby room in a rustic style

rustic baby room wood wall decoration

Green chest of drawers with changing attachment

Nursery strip wall

Blue-brown vertical stripes

Boys nursery-chocolate color

Wall stickers with circular motifs

interesting wall design baby room nursery wallsticker circles

Baby room with pink accents

Girl's room dark brown-pink color

Tender pink color in combination with chocolate shades

brown pink girl baby room

Bedspread pink pattern

pink brown nursery girl