75 cool ideas for designer sofas with unique shapes and colors

deadgood capsule cool ideas for modern sofa design

These cool ideas for modern Designer sofas are the perfect device for an innovative and unusual interior , Look at these original designs with unusual combinations of shapes and colors and be inspired to furnish your modern living room.

The modern designer sofas from B & B Italia

bandb moon system cool ideas for modern sofa design

The cool one Designer sofas from the Italian furniture manufacturer B & B Italia are the perfect example of a modern and innovative living room interior. The aerodynamic shapes look simple and original at the same time and are available in different bright colors. Particularly striking are the Moon System series by Zaha Hadid, the yellow Serie Up Sofa and the Love Papilio Armchair.

The yellow Serie Up Sofa by BB Italia

bbitalia serieup cool ideas for modern sofa design

The chic Love Papilia designer armchair

bb italia love papilia cool ideas for modern sofa design

Original designer sofas by Felicerossi refresh the interior

felicerossi krysalis cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modern Designer sofas from the Italian furniture manufacturer Felice Rossi are another highlight in innovative furniture design. The wave lines and simple lines are typical of these elegant sofa designs. The black Krysalis design by Karim Rashid is suitable not only for the living room but also for the modern office. The Mumble Couch with its spacious seat brings comfort and elegance and the Panorama Sofa impresses with its tectonic motifs.

The modular Mumble Sofa by Felicerossi

felicerossi mumble cool ideas for modern sofa design

The panoramic sofa with tectonic pattern

felicerossi panorama cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modular sofascape design by Yamermalta

yamermalta sofascape cool ideas for designer sofas

Black sofa with wave shape by Walter Knoll

walter knoll circle cool ideas for designer sofas

Interesting couch design by Vivero

vivero hanabi cool ideas for designer sofas

The black honeycomb leather sofa by Versace

versace honeycomb cool ideas for designer sofas

Red sofa design by Vanden

vanden rustlust cool ideas for designer sofas

The Misterb design by Swan

swan misterb cool ideas for designer sofas

Modular sofa system from Steininger

steininger wohnhaus cool ideas for designer sofas

Beige leather sofa by Steiner

steiner rivol cool ideas for designer sofas

Corner sofa in green nuances by Steiner

steiner chromatique cool ideas for designer sofas

The colorful Hip Hop design by Caliaitalia

caliaitalia hiphop cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Offseat Sofa by Sphaus

sphaus offseat cool ideas for designer sofas

Pierce in blue and white from Softline

softline pierce cool ideas for designer sofas

The Whale Collection by Silverplana

silverplana whale cool ideas for modern sofa design

The landscape couch of Saporiti

saporiti landscape cool ideas for modern sofa design

Round swing design by Rulic

rulic swing cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Ora Ito design by Roche Bobois

Roche bobois ora ito cool ideas for modern sofa design

Geometric shapes of Quinze Milan

quinze milan sofa02 cool ideas for modern sofa design

Printed sofa by Purcell Living

purcell living cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Purple Satellite Design by PSM

psm satellite cool ideas for modern sofa design

The cool 002 sofa by Prooff

prooff 002 cool ideas for modern sofa design

Transparent design by Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau Ghostfield cool ideas for modern sofa design

The orange Evo sofa by Nolen Niu

nolen niu evo cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modular design of Moroso

moroso misfits cool ideas for modern sofa design

moroso dolorez cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Skin Design by Moltenic

moltenic skin cool ideas for modern sofa design

Sofa Designs by MMInterier

mminterier sss cool ideas for modern sofa design

miminterier amadeo cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Nuvolone series from Mimo

mimo nuvolone couch cool ideas for modern sofa design

mimo nuvolone cool ideas for modern sofa design

The luminous sofa by Meritalia

meriatalia via lattea cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Audrey design by Lucia Peixoto

lucia peixoto audrey cool ideas for modern sofa design

The rattan collection by Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue Rapunzel Cool Ideas for Modern Sofa Design

The Easy One Sofas by Ici Et La

ici et la easy one two cool ideas for modern sofa design

icietla easy one cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Summertime bench model

gufram summertime cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modular sofa design by Fredericia

fredericia seracs cool ideas for modern sofa design

Green Formoza sofa design

filippo ghezzani formoza cool ideas for modern sofa design

The unusual sofas by Feek

Feek sliced ​​cool ideas for modern sofa design

feek layer cool ideas for modern sofa design

Black sofa by Established and Sons

establishedandsons quilt cool ideas for modern sofa design

Red couch designs by Edra

edra tatlin cool ideas for modern sofa design

edra flap cool ideas for modern sofa design

Colorful Edra plush sofa

edra cipria cool ideas for modern sofa design

minimalist design by Driade

driade grandp pile cool ideas for modern sofa design

Futuristic sofa in metal look by Draenert

draenert europe cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modern sofas from Domodinamica

domodinamica scuba cool ideas for modern sofa design

domodinamica hotdog cool ideas for modern sofa design

Red leather sofa by Desfomia

desfomia amphora cool ideas for modern sofa design

Minimalist design in pink by Derin

Derin cut cool ideas for modern sofa design

The yellow hug sofa from De La Espada

dela espada hug cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Disfatto Design by D3CO

d3co disfatto cool ideas for modern sofa design

The brown peel sofa by Council Design

council design peel cool ideas for modern sofa design

Purple sofa of Colombo styles

colombo styles purple cool ideas for modern sofa design

The blue Odin sofa by Classicon

classicon odin cool ideas for modern sofa design

Origami couch in beige by Cattelan

cattelan origami cool ideas for modern sofa design

Interesting sofa by Cassina

cassina gaetano pesce cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modern interior by Capellini

capellini basket cool ideas for modern sofa design

The funky sofa of Calia

calia funky cool ideas for modern sofa design

Green sofa from Brühl

brühl mosspink cool ideas for modern sofa design

Geometric design in pink and white from Bruehl

brühl bridge cool ideas for modern sofa design

Couch by Bliard Creations

bliard creations couch cool ideas for modern sofa design

Elegant sofa design by Bizzotto

bizzotto 694 cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Carrera Sofa by BBB Emebonancina

bbb emebonancina carrera cool ideas for modern sofa design

The elegant private sofa collection

asnaghi private cool ideas for modern sofa design

Square sofa by Arflex

arflex square cool ideas for modern sofa design

Tukama Sofa by Antidiva

antidiva tukama cool ideas for modern sofa design

Sofa in dark purple by Alias

aka flexus cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Charming Design by Adele C

Adele C Charming cool ideas for designer sofas

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45 filigree tattoo motifs with geometric shapes by Dr. Ing. Woo

filigree tattoo-motive-man-upper arm-inside-geometrically

For many today, tattoos are the best way to express their individual style. Asterisk, claims And Chinese characters are not that creative, so tattoo artists supply new motives and techniques that turn the tattoo into a true work of art on the skin. It should not necessarily be noticeable and big. Filigree tattoo motifs They are gaining in popularity because they are a perfect match for petite women and captivate with their intricate details. Check out the extraordinary designs by the very famous tattoo artist dr. Woo and see for yourself!

Filigree tattoo motives by Brian Woo

filigree tattoo motives -delicate-lines-filigree-wrist

Brian Woo started at the age of 13 tattoos although he had to become a doctor in his father’s opinion. That’s where his name Doctor Woo comes from. The 33-year-old artist has beautified the skin of celebrities like Drake, Ellie Goulding and Cara Delevigne and is one of the most sought after tattoo artists in Los Angeles. Last December, The New York Times named him “Tattoo Artist for the Hollywood Set.” Who one Tattoo want to be stabbed with him, should wait from 6 months to 1 year.

Filigree tattoo motifs for every body spot

filigree tattoo-motive-breast-man-bird-geometric-lines

The geometric shapes that the gifted artist brings to his filigree tattoo motifs are his unique selling point. The tattoo which made him famous is a wolf composed of circles and lines. He looks like a complicated constellation.

535,000 people have fallen in love with his creations and follow him on Instagram. Take a look at a few of his most beautiful tattoos here and let yourself be inspired!

Filigree tattoo motifs related to nature

filigree tattoo-motive-moon phase-flowers-dr-woo

Because nature plays a vital role in our lives, nature-loving motifs and tattoo symbols are very popular. In addition to plants and animals often different natural phenomena are stung on the skin. Many filigree tattoo motifs by Dr. med. Woos are designed exactly with respect to nature and depict different natural elements. In this design, the artist has depicted the moon phases using different plants. The tattoo is rounded off with lines and circles of arrows typical of the works of this tattoo artist.

filigree tattoo-motive-birds-ast-dr-woo

The wildlife is an inseparable part of nature and is often found in the works of Doctor Woo. The birds also play a particularly important role. Tattoos with birds symbolize freedom and independence. They are well suited for all free spirits and can be tattooed with a filigree design. The different species of birds also have different meanings, which you can take into consideration in the selection.

filigree tattoo-motive-rose-arrows-upper arm-inside

Flowers are a timeless motif when it comes to tattoos. Among them, the queen of flowers differs as a favorite motif, which occurs in many different combinations. The roses can be portrayed as filigree tattoo motifs and the designs of Brian Woo have their own style.

filigree tattoo-motive-behind-ear rose

Subtle tattoos are often tattooed on hidden body parts, especially when working in the business world. A fitting place for the ladies is behind the ear, where the tattoo is visible only when the hair is pinned up. A filigree rose, for example, looks particularly elegant at this point.

filigree tattoo-motive-trauerweide-forearm-dr-woo

The tattoos with elements of the plant world should not always be flowers. On this forearm tattoo is a weeping willow shown, which has many small jewels instead of branches with leaves. The design is made according to the so-called dotwork method and like all other tattoos by Dr. med. Woo – with only one needle.

Filigree tattoo motifs as a very special jewelry for the skin

filigree tattoo-motive-origami-crane-forearm

The tattoo is often regarded as jewelry for the skin, which remains forever. Therefore, one should think before deciding on a motive. The tattoos of dr. Woo are discreet and do not stand out so much. Rather, they are a kind of tattoo that you probably would not regret in a few years.

The origami folding art enjoys a great popularity worldwide and is increasingly being chosen as a motive for a tattoo. The origami crane, for example, symbolizes happiness and longevity, so it is perfect for a permanent tattoo. Its design corresponds to the style of this artist, because it mainly consists of geometric shapes.

filigree tattoo-motive-micky-mouse-dr-woo

Adult Disney fans would definitely look forward to such a tattoo theme. Here is an abstract depiction of Mickey Mouse, consisting only of circles and lines. This filigree tattoo looks particularly elegant and is suitable for various parts of the body. Whether on the wrist, upper arm or shoulder blade, the tattoo will always remind you of your childhood.

filigree tattoo-motive-heart-cross-wrist

Some filigree tattoo motifs are so subtle that they can even go unnoticed. An example of this is this little cross-hearted heart that has been pricked on the wrist. Its design is minimalist but may have a very specific meaning for the wearer. In the same way other symbols can be tattooed, such as stars or little butterflies. Such a tattoo is again stung only with a needle and is considered less painful.

filigree tattoo-motive-woman-bracelets-dr-woo

Tattoos can also be designed in the real sense as jewelry. Instead of putting a few bracelets on your wrist every day, you can get some tattooed. These filigree tattoo motifs look elegant and offer a great alternative to traditional jewelry. In addition to bracelets, rings, various hand jewelery and even necklaces can be stung on the skin.

Inspiration for filigree tattoo motives by Dr. med. Woo

filigree tattoo-motive-hand jewelry-rings

Woos tattoos are characterized by fine lines and many details

filigree tattoo-motive-dr-woo-baer-wolf-eye

very detailed plumage of the birds

filigree tattoo motifs bird-arm-hand-fine-lines

Dragonfly with top wings and sleeping moon


Tattoo motifs in different styles

filigree tattoo-motive-tree-dragon-animals

Origami swans

filigree tattoo motifs -origami-schwaene-delicate-chains-hanging

Tattoo motifs for arm inside

filigree-tattoo-motive-arm-inside-fine-line points

Solar system tattoo motif

filigree tattoo-motive-planet-solar system

fine lines and shadows

filigree tattoo-motive-man arm-circles-shadow

filigree tattoo-motive Swallow-mandala-circle-landscape-mountains

filigree tattoo-motive-mandala-hand-eye

filigree-tattoo-motive-circles-fine lines

filigree-tattoo-motive-hand sign-geometric shapes

filigree tattoo-motive-dr-woo-palm-heart-triangle

filigree tattoo-motive-tree-window-neck-ruecken

filigree-tattoo-motive-arm-circles arrows fine lines

filigree-tattoo-motive-arm-inside-circle arrows

disappear dr-woo-tattoo-wood ladder-floor-

Make an Envelope in Different Sizes & Shapes – 12 DIY Ideas

envelope crafting ideas-instruction-shapes-diy-colorful-gift

Surely everyone is happy about a real letter, which was nicely packed in a pretty envelope. But envelopes are not just for letters. Also cards, photos, money and other things can be given away in it. And even better is this kind of packaging if she is also homemade. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to fold an envelope yourself. To prove it to you, we have put together some great instructions that you can use to make an envelope in different shapes and sizes. Find the perfect model for your purpose!

Small envelope tinker in the form of a flower

Envelope tinker-flower-print-template-cut-out-strip

You can fold this original envelope by using any type of paper. This can be simple craft paper, but also cardboard or wrapping paper. If you follow the link at the end of the article, you will find a template for making an envelope using this form. Depending on what kind of paper you want to use for the envelope, you can print the template on plain paper, cut it out and then transfer it to the envelope material or print directly onto the paper. The dashed lines show where to fold.

Envelope tinker shapes-interesting-template-printing

Even with geometric shapes you get original envelopes. Thus, even from a circular shape, a visually appealing envelope can be created. Its size was determined by the diameter of the circle, so that in principle you have no limits. Also for this you will find a template at the end. But even without a template, the idea is made quickly: draw a circle of any size with a compass, and use it to draw an equilateral triangle with rulers whose tips are at the edge of the circle. The sides of the triangle are the fold lines.

Envelope tinker triangle-circle-flower-rectangle-square

An irregular and abstract shape is also very attractive and can be considered if you want to package a particular gift in an interesting way. Simply fold the paper back where the dashed line dictates and the model is ready. Really original, right?

Letter envelopes fold out of circles

Envelope tinker circles-cut-paste-easy-tinkeranleitung

Cut out several equally sized circles of solid paper and you can fold such an interesting envelope. The individual circles overlap each other, but are folded once in the middle before gluing together. This fold line also serves as a guide to where the circles should overlap. In principle, the lines form a square. First, just put the circles together. Then fix it with some glue. The other halves of the circular shapes serve to close. Again, use glue or, better yet, a pretty ribbon that will tie you into a bow.

Make an envelope with a heart

briefumschlag-tinker-classical square-heart-stick-deco-colorful-handicraft paper

You start with a square piece of paper of any color for this envelope. The corners are folded inwards and should overlap a bit in the center of the square. The crease becomes particularly straight when you use a ruler. Now you can fill the envelope as you like. It is easily sealed with paper hearts that stick to the middle where the corners overlap. These are best obtained with a punch or with a homemade template. Of course, you can choose a different theme according to the occasion.

How do you make an envelope from a heart shape?

briefumschlag-craft-heart shape-romantic-friends-related-packaging-gift

An interesting heart envelope is also this one. Here, the envelope itself has a heart shape. If you want to make this envelope, you need a template. To do this, fold a piece of paper in the middle. Along the fold draw half a heart and cut it out. If you unfold it now, you will get a steady heart. Now use this template to transfer the heart to colored paper to make the envelope yourself. You can also use the stencil technique for the selected paper, provided it is not too tight to fold.

Then fold the heart again as shown in the instructions. Only when opening the gift recipient learns what interesting shape the pretty packaging actually has.

Crafting idea without glue


No less impressive is this idea, with which you can make an envelope. Would you like to make an envelope yourself without glue? Then this variant is perfect. He has a classic square shape. The special thing is the closure. And this is not just the upper tab glued to the envelope itself. Instead, the side corners are hooked into each other, forming a small heart in this way. To do this, print the following template, which you can also use as a template, and then cut it out.

briefumschlag-tinker-template-heart-hook-Simply-yourself-make original

The dashed lines are here again the areas where is folded. Fold the top first and the bottom corner inwards. Then simply fold the left corner to the right and the right to the left. The half heart shapes, which are provided with the left and right corner, get incisions, which you then simply hook into each other. And already the envelope well sealed.

Make a rectangular envelope


The interesting thing about this example is also the way the envelope is closed. And with the help of rivets knobs made of paper are tinkered, which are then tied together with colorful string. Use a firmer paper when tinkering with this envelope and cut out the shape shown. The tab for closing and the area of ​​the envelope underneath are then provided with the rivets. Instead of paper circles, you can also choose other shapes that you then attach with the rivets.

The flap with which you close the envelope does not necessarily have to be straight. You may like to create a wavy edge or a vintage style reminiscent of lace. He can also be designed with various decorative elements such as rhinestones, washi-tape, fabrics or stickers pretty. In principle, you can let your imagination run wild here.


Also, you can create something pretty with the string that you use for tying. This does not necessarily just have to be wrapped around the “buttons” (by the way, you can also sew real buttons on the cover instead of the rivets). You can design a cross pattern or other shapes. Just experiment.

Make an envelope – instructions for rectangular paper

briefumschlag-tinker-rectangular-blue pattern-diy idea

If you want to make an envelope of A4 size or another rectangular shape, this idea is a great way to use the paper without cutting. The four pages are simply interesting folded, as shown in the instructions. This envelope is a wonderful way to give away greeting cards or money, and present a stylish packaging instead of the ordinary and boring white envelope.

Make envelopes by redesigning

briefumschlag-tinker-craft idea-tie-office-gift-promotion

You do not necessarily have to start from scratch if you want to make an original envelope. Instead, you can also use a finished one that is easily redesigned to your liking. That’s how these unique tie-up envelopes were made. The envelopes that you have prepared are first sealed as usual. Then cut one of the short sides.

The same side is then cut slightly on the side of the envelope where the shutter is not on. Now flip the two tabs diagonally down to imitate the collar of a shirt. Finally, cut out of colored paper just a tie and stick it under the homemade collar. If you make an envelope for a card or other content that does not slip out so easily, you can easily make a model that will not be locked.

Original Origami – make an envelope out of paper

briefumschlag-craft-origami-video-manual-folding instruction

Origami folding instructions for different animals There are so many and maybe you have already tried some of them. But also other figures are possible with Japanese art and including such unique and pretty to look at origami envelopes. Glue is not necessary for these instructions. Everything is folded easily. How exactly can you look in the following video tutorial.

Idea of ​​leather

briefumschlag-tinker-monetary gift-wrap-idea-Card

Other materials besides paper can be used if you want to make an envelope. In addition to felt and even sponge rubber is especially leather very well. Faux leather is just as well suited and is available in different colors and even with patterns and motifs, so that quickly something suitable is found.


In addition to the leather or fabric you also need a rivet that is suitable for the thickness of the leather. A finished envelope is used again as a template. Unfold this and place it on the back of the leather. Draw the outline and then cut out the shape. Then fold the corners (except the top) back together, but this time with the leather. Put them together with the rivet and provide the upper corner with a hole. This hole is then placed on the rivet to close the envelope.

Template for flower envelope here ,
Template for envelope from a circle here ,
Template for abstract folding idea here ,

Modern garden design – Minimalist lines & shapes

Modern garden design -creeper-red-foliage

The modern garden design is especially different from other styles. Typical are clear lines and geometric shapes In which the individual elements such as plants, materials and decorations are emphasized and emphasized.

The trick with the modern garden design is to make this rather simple design yet homely. This is achieved by the appropriate distribution of plants, but also by different lighting effects that provide a warm atmosphere.

Modern garden design gravel stripe lawn surface

Various materials are suitable for decorating the garden. The modern one concrete For example, it can be wonderfully combined with glass or plastic. The same applies to architectural elements made of steel. Add to that the attractive wood, which suits every style, but also stone. These can be used for sculptures as well as for flower pots or benches.

Modern garden design -hochbeete-ornamental grass-wood terrace

As far as the plants are concerned, preference is given to green plants which should be planted over a wide area. Flowering, colorful flowers are rare and sparse. The keyword for a modern garden design is “monochrome”, which should be reflected accordingly in the choice of plants. Play with the sculptural forms of plants and combine bushes with grasses and evergreen trees.

We would also like to show you these characteristics with some examples of the modern garden design clarify.

1. Modern garden design with lush plants


The garden appears a bit more lush, partly because of the palm trees and tropical plants. But the rest of the garden is kept simple and consists of a terrace of white concrete with a large pool. A staircase leads to that part of the garden which is one level lower and consists of a green lawn. For the garden path tiles or concrete tiles are chosen.

2. Modern garden design with slope

modern-gartengestaltung-hang-terraced retaining wall-palms-pool-wood terrace

This garden extends over a slope divided into step-like terraces. Through this modern garden design it forms a great background to the terrace and the pool. The slope itself is also decorated with stone walls to form each step. To extend the garden but also a bit to the terrace, were in planters in palm trees minimalist style established.

3. Modern garden design on water

modern-gartengestaltung-water-floating-wood terrace

The impressive thing about this garden is that it actually represents a big pond. The terrace also seems to float in it and that is also true for the plants. These are in square flower pots. As objects of art clay pots are used for the modern garden design, while the water is bridged by square stones.

4. Modern garden design for the small garden

modern-gartengestaltung-small shallow-water play-race flat

The modern garden design in this example ensures that the garden looks visually larger. The plants only occupy the edges of the fences, creating a large lawn area. The plants themselves are varied. The main material is plastic, as well as concrete. The latter was even used to build flower boxes for the plants.

5. Geometry and a pond for modern garden design


In this example of modern garden design, the plantings are divided into individual square and rectangular areas. Low shrubs and shrubs were used for this purpose. Trees and carefully blossoming shrubs can also be found in this small and modern garden, which is visually divided by a pond in two parts and makes the garden even more lively. On a lawn is even completely omitted.

6. Modern garden design in striped design


On closer inspection, a kind of stripe pattern can be seen that is formed by the hedges, the pool and the wide garden path of gravel. The narrow garden is optimally used for a modern garden design. The minimalist designed pool area turns into a large lawn, which in turn is made more diverse by low trees.

7. Stone for a modern garden design

modern-gartengestaltung-face protection fence-slate-floor tiles

The dark stone tiles make a wonderful contrast to the bright green of the lawn. A wooden bench provides a place to rest and is framed by bamboo planted in long concrete planters. As you can see, the right lighting is also provided. This should emphasize especially the small trees in the dark.

8. Front yard design with stone

modern-gartengestaltung-vorgarten-stones-red-enters plates

Natural stones and ornamental grasses are an integral part of the modern garden. Natural stones are easy to maintain and can naturally be incorporated into any environment. Depending on whether the pieces of stone have been processed or polished, a distinction between splinters, gravel and gravel. In this beautiful front yard, for example, gray slate gravel was combined with red sandstone slabs. The green ornamental grasses are particularly good in gravel beds. The winter hardy ornamental grasses look good almost all year round, which makes them so special.

9. Foot plates in the lawn

modern-gartengestaltung-minimalist-architecture-flat roof-lawn-garden path-concrete tiles

Treadplates are functional, but also a strong means of landscaping. They can be laid with little effort in the lawn and create an exciting change between green and gray. Choose sturdy panels that are at least four inches thick and leave a space with turf to create an interesting look. Mostly a steady row of treads runs as a straight path from the garden gate to the house. But due to asymmetrically located plates, an interesting effect results. Such a loosening of the concrete and lawns is very modern and underlines the architecture of the flat roof house.

10. Artificial turf in the garden

modern-gartengestaltung-minimalist-architecture-house-futuristic racing-flat-wall tiling Tree

It is impossible to mow the lawn on such a steep slope. So that he always looks top green and well-groomed, offers an alternative: the lawn carpet. This is a carpet-like fabric made of synthetic fibers that is almost confusingly similar to real grass today. With the artificial turf in the garden you save time and effort on the lawn and always have a perfect picture of the lawn. Artificial turf can be cut into any desired shape and quickly installed in the garden. With artificial turf in the garden you can also realize unusual design ideas.

11. Terrace and lawn on different levels

modern-gartengestaltung-minimalist dining area-garden-planting-plaster-fence-baeume

A hillside plot is a challenge for any planner. But here presents a small paradise garden with exciting space. Terrace and lawn were created on different levels. Both are connected by two-three steps. The lower terrace has been designed as a glamorous outdoor dining room where the homeowner can enjoy the relaxing ambience.

12. Warm light in the outdoor area

modern-gartengestaltung-minimalist race-hearth-face protection-fence-greening

The garden lighting not only increases safety, but serves to complete the garden design. Modern luminaires open up endless design possibilities and immerse every corner of the garden in a whole new light. Not only dark stairs and outdoor walkways need to be well lit. Uplight floodlights under a tree put him effectively in scene. Recessed lights illuminate the edges and edges of the terrace. With LED strips you can accentuate a special feature of the garden.

13. Bubbling fountains and water features


A swimming pool is often something that definitely falls in the luxury field. But who wants to include the water element in the garden design, has several alternatives. A pond, a fountain or a stream not only enhances the garden visually but is also acoustically an asset. Natural, curved pond shapes find no place in the minimalist garden. Here again, clear lines and geometric shapes are used.

Garden design – 101 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

Swipe patterns on the wall – shapes and colors combinations

wall-paint-turquoise-gold-dining room-dining table chairs-nouveau

We show you simple instructions and tips on how to get original geometric Pattern on the wall and which colors are suitable for the designs. Be inspired by the creative ideas and follow suit. Preparation is of great importance if you have geometric patterns at the wall to brush want. Plan the patterns in details. These can be horizontal or vertical stripes, or other shapes / rectangles, triangles etc /.

Painting geometric patterns on the wall – materials and instructions

wall-emphasize sliding-deco-idea-design-upholstered chair and white

The designs are particularly impressive in two contrasting colors. To achieve this you need – tape, scissors, spray or paint, gloves and mask. You must first prepare a detailed sketch of how the wall will be painted. Measure the wall and use pencils to mark the points where the patterns should be painted. For patterns that repeat, you can make a stencil and then stick it to the wall. First, paint the wall in the light color and let it dry out. Then stick the tape over the wall and repaint the wall in the dark color. Finished! That’s how easy interesting designs can be. Which color combinations Find out below.

Painting patterns on the wall – what colors?


Of course, the color combination of black, white and gray looks perfect in a minimalist decor, but it pays to set the tone with exceptional color combinations. Green, orange or yellow are the perfect colors for Scandinavian institutions. Vintage or eclectic interiors demand strong, dark colors.

First determine a color scheme and then paint the wall

wall-stress-child room circles geometric forms dog-bed fensterbank

Paint the wall in two colors and stripes

wall-paint-kinde room-white-purple-striped-high bed-small

Paint interesting staggered elements on the wall

yellow wall color bedroom interior

Set wall design in neutral colors and accents

Wall color roof tiles living room combinations

Cool ideas how to paint your wall

Natural stone wall paint ideas pattern painting dining room

Wall pattern with 3D effect and shading

3D wall painting ideas on sketch

Contrast colors for the ceiling and the wall

Wall color blue green dining room set up

Orange yellow and green – color combinations for living room

Wall pattern paint rectangle three colors

Orange stripes on the wall

Stripes pattern wall painting ideas orange color

Green-gray nursery with geometric shapes on the wall

Nursery Ideas Wall Painting Tips

Nursery design – creative wall colors selection

gray green nursery wall deco ideas

Set up nursery – funny mural after a sketch

funny nursery wall paint ideas

Original hallway design with horizontal stripes

Hallway wall color stripes beige white classic style

Beige, brown and white color for the dining room

Wall color living room ideas beige brown

Original wall design in the bathroom

Wall color bathroom geometric motifs

Fast and easy wall color for bedrooms

original wall painting purple bedroom design idea

Eclectic perfect – pink and blue

pink blue wall color pattern living room eclectic style of living

Eclectic decor, yellow wall paint – the patterns are created by adhesive tape

Pattern wall mount yellow white design ideas

Azure blue wall with overflowing colors

Azure blue paint wall hallway

Creative blanket design

creative blankets stripes green blue black optical illusion

Paint wall pattern yourself

Geometric shapes and bright colors in the garden – A house in Mexico

Geometric shapes-garden-terrace-sliding-door-pool-tile-floor

A project by Studio Arquitectos – “Casa T” in Tulum, Mexico, conveys serene atmosphere through open space planning and exotic, geometric shapes from traditional inspect in bright colors, which provide for individual radiation and a living atmosphere. The house stretches over approximately 261 square meters and is pleased with its modern architecture.

Geometric shapes for modern design indoors and outdoors

Geometric shapes-color-modern-house-outdoor-garden-outdoor-pool

In the interior and exterior, the concrete, as a popular building material in modern architecture and design, equally well used, but varied interpreted. The different, geometric structures differentiate and unify areas, set accents and ensure a modern appearance. The bright colors and ornaments , inspired by folk art, provide exotic radiation and a sense of home. In the garden are the typical dry plants, as well as a rectangular, luxurious pool, partly shaded.

Geometric shapes and use of concrete in modern architecture

Geometric shapes-color-modern-house-garden-concrete-gravel-rockery

The house recreates several ideas for modern and individual design inside and out. Let them see through!

Modern garden design – concrete, gravel, drought-loving plants

Geometric shapes-color-modern-house-garden-roofing-gravel-trees-pavement-wall

Geometric shapes in the garden – rectangular turquoise-blue pool

geometric-shape-color modern house-pool-garden Canopy exotic

Geometric shapes for modern house facade made of concrete

geometric-shape-color modern house-pool Palm exotic plants

Beautiful, warm lighting in the modern outdoor area

geometric-shape-color modern-house-warm Lighting aussenebereich-pool

Exotic ornaments and bright colors in combination with concrete

geometrical forms Color Garden-beton ornaments-bench-walled light-

Seating and open small kitchen behind lifting-sliding doors

geometrical forms Color Garden ornaments-open seating

Concrete for floors, walls and furniture

geometrical forms Color Garden-open Kitchen concrete modern-mosaic

Bricked area for sitting or lying down

geometric-shape-color-modern-house-concrete-sitting-lying-light design

Masonry dining table and wooden stools in the garden

geometric-shape-color-terrace-garden Canopy wood concrete

Concrete and wood in combination for indoor and outdoor design

geometrical forms Color Garden-concrete stool Wood shadow Canopy

Roof terrace and concrete plant beds


Serene beanbags in fresh colors “shine” on the roof terrace

geometrical forms Color sitzsaecke-yellow modern-beton

Geometric shapes for terrace design in the shade of the trees


Exotic plant species and use of much concrete in the modern Mexican house

geometrical forms Color Garden Terrace-concrete roofing palms

Bright colors, concrete and wood in the modern kitchen


Ornaments of tiles and counter in yellow mosaic

geometric-shape-color-kitchen counter bright-yellow mosaic

Brick bed with geometric proportions and shape

geometrical forms Color Garden Canopy sitting-beton-bedded

Hallway with modular tiles and wood paneling

geometric-shape-color-floor wood concrete tiles ornaments

Brick concrete bed and direct access to the garden from the bedroom

geometrical forms Color Garden ACCESS scglafzimmer-glass-green

Stairs to the roof terrace and wall with square pattern

geometric-shape-color modern house-step concrete-geometric-pool

Bright colors in the bathroom – sky blue bath

geometric-shape-color-modern-house-blue-bathroom-tile mosaic rain shower

Bathroom laid entirely in red with mosaic tiles

geometric-shape-color red and bathroom mosaic tiles sink-walled

Minimalist bathroom with a built-in washbasin

geometric-shape-color modern-house-red bathroom-concrete mosaic tiles minimalist

Minimalist bathroom – brick concrete washbasin

geometrical forms Color Bathroom Mosaic white-concrete stool

Plans and floor plans of the modern house in Mexico

plan-floorplan-house-mexico-raumaufteilun living space-modern-architecture

plan-floorplan-cut-floors-living room


* Casa T in Tulum, Mexico from Studio Arquitectos

Modern interior – Simple shapes and soft lines

clear-lines-modern-interior furnishings-modular-coffee table

After the rule “less is more” we design our contemporary homes and modern interior , Like everything else, modern interior design also relies on simplicity and purity. The objects that we use to decorate a room must be carefully sorted. Her presence would give the room the finishing touch and complete its atmosphere.

Modern interior design – accentuation through attractive pieces of furniture

mirror frame-accentuation-attractive-piece of furniture

Modern interiors means a harmonious sense of geometry, color and material, everything in the pieces contains the space. Big and small objects alike have an impact on the whole perception. The modern interior consists of all these details in the room, which have a decorative function and their main purpose is to make the place even more beautiful, richer and more interesting. Some of them have mixed functions, such as carpets, curtains, vases, plants, while others have only aesthetic value – pictures, souvenirs, sculptures, figures. The furniture can also have a decorative function. You can imagine an unusual shape or pattern of what it signifies. In this way, the furniture has the influence of an accent piece. This is the most important task of most decorative objects. Colorful decoration used in bright neutral rooms adds vibrancy and energy to an otherwise cold and sterile location. And when used in rooms that have a lot of color in them, the decorative objects should be more neutral in order to soothe the ambience and to highlight their presence.

Modern interior design – bright furniture colorful accents

bright furniture shades accents colorful accessories-wohnzimmer

There are numerous types of contemporary decorative gems chosen from around the world to cater for every taste and preference. If you are looking for simple shapes and soft lines of modern interior design, you will see the different design ideas we have chosen for you and. Enjoy a journey of endless inspiration.

From K.H. Hristova

white furniture and decorative pillows

white-furniture-decorative pillows

black and white modern interior


beige living room accented by decorative pillows

beige living room decorative pillows-accentuation

Gas coffee table

accentuation-design elements-glass table pillows

natural materials

black-white-design-schema-accent pieces

Stone wall simple-form-soft-lines-device

Family photos on the wall

family photos-wall-yellow-wandfarbe-

gray and yellow

yellow-black-living room-interior decoration ideas

dark gray sofa

gray-farbgebung Colorful pillows-accent pieces

neutral-shades-akzentsetrung-furniture pieces

modern interior – bedroom with simple shapes

modern-interior furnishings-bedroom-simple-shape

Imaginative Sicis furniture with unusual shapes

Fancy furniture from Sicis - butterfly

True artists expand the boundaries of fantasy , Think of the genius of Spanish architect Gaudi. Everybody knows from his architectural masterpieces what we mean exactly. His works come from fairy tales. It’s more than just something sensual. It’s about visualization , You have to have a vision to work on such a large scale. But you should have the skills to be able to transform the vision into a real object. In other words, you should be talented. Sicis furniture is a perfect example of this.

modern masterpieces from Designer Carla Tolomeo – furniture by Sicis

Fancy furniture from Sicis - crescent moon

This is what we are definitely about Designer Carla Tolomeo can say. She has this wonderful collection designed – armchairs and sofas in limited edition, with Sicis mosaic encrusted. You see these modern masterpieces that break the boundaries between art and function and are so great. There are few people who are able to do it in such a precise manner. She interprets nature like this surreal that it turns a piece of furniture into an abstract butterfly or a rose into a blooming mountain of pillows. The attention to detail is so precise that it completely grabs our interest. Each of these great pieces offers Italian craftsmanship of the highest quality.

Rose transforms into a flowery mountain of cushions – Sicis furniture

Imaginative furniture by Sicis - roses

Sofa rose seating armrests

Sofa Rose backrest legs

Designer armchair Rose seating area

Rose armchair in black dark blue

SICIS – The Art Factory

5 designer lamps with unusual shapes and concepts

terra floor lamps pentalight transparent glass Gaia Bellavia

We present you 5 designer lamps that are very original and extravagant. If you like expressive shapes and unconventional colors, take a look at this extraordinary collection.

Designer lights in glass by Penthalight

designer lights hand blown glass lamp base terra pentalight

We love these oversized glass floor lamps from the Italian company PENTALIGHT , The Terra lamps are a great addition to your library or home office, in an elegant living room or a refined bedroom. These modern floor lamps were designed by Gaia Bellavia. The lamp feet are made of hand-blown glass. They are transparent, some colorless and others with light smoky gray or brown tones.

Designer lights like mushrooms made of chrome methacrylate

Martinelliluce lamps mushrooms mico collection methacrylate

martinelliluce mico table lamp mushroom shade chrome lamp base

martinelliluce mico table lamp mushroom shape chrome lamp base

This cute and funky table lamp is the Mico of Martinelliluce , It looks like a mushroom with a white mushroom umbrella made of methacrylate, but underneath it hides a colorful secret in red or blue. This unexpected feature adds a touch of color, which is reflected by the super shiny chrome lamp base.

Circle lamp by designer Monica Forster

circle lamp pa padova floor lamp yellow monica forster designer

circle de padova led floor lamp modern white modern floor lamps steel circle de padova designer floor lamps steel lamp base circle de padova

This elegant floor lamp was designed by designer Monica Forster for the Italian furniture company De Padova designed. These modern designer lamps have an unusual lampshade and a strongly curved lamp base made of steel. Available in fresh white and bright yellow.

Lady Smoon lamp by Beau et Bien

lady smoon designer light beaubien imitation leather

beaubien lamp lady smoon tailor doll imitation leather

The Lady Lampe, part of the Beau et Bien Smoon collection, is not only for fashion and couture enthusiasts, but also for those who want a unique floor lamp at home. This lamp is elegant and extravagant and combines an industrial aesthetic with modern lighting technology. The lamp radiates a certain luxury or wealth through the combination of imitation leather and lacquered paper and Inox.

Humanoid lamps by Bizzotto

designer floor lamps life size humanoid bizzotto

These surprising, human-like, life-size lamps from Bizzotto can be described as artistic elements with light function, which have been inspired by the surrealist art movement. These designer lamps are unusually decorative and would have a dramatic presence in a minimalist modern interior design. A lamp shows a life-size man sitting casually on two stacked suitcases. The other is in the form of a woman who radiates a certain confidence. Instead of heads, they are equipped with oversized lampshades.

bizzotto human-like lamps oversized lampshades

Lamps made of plywood strips with interesting shapes

pattern lattice lamps made of plywood afford benjamin spoth

This effective Lamps made of plywood strips , which we would like to introduce to you in this article, comes from the collection “Upcycle”. The five lamps are the work of designer Benjamin Spoth, based in Eindhoven. Each lamp consists of strips of remnants of plywood from birch. Using them as a material, lampshades with interesting patterns and shapes that fit into any interior design style have been created. For example, the light wood makes it perfect for Scandinavian interiors, but it can also be a nice accent to modern facilities and add a rustic touch to the rustic style.

Lamps made of plywood strips – lampshade with grid pattern

shade light effect plywood afford lampshade idea

The strips themselves are only a few millimeters thick. This facilitates the implementation of the designs for such lamps made of plywood strips, as they bend easily. In addition, however, some parts of the lamps Soaked in steam so that they can be easily formed on the one hand and on the other hand remain in the desired shape. For each lamp, the strips were mounted in different ways. So there are designs for the lamps made of plywood strips, with the bars straight down, while others have a screwed-shape or form a grid pattern.

Lamps made of plywood strips – Narrow lampshade with grid pattern

birch wood lamp lighting interior deco afford

Due to the cracks that form between the individual strips, interesting lighting effects on the walls, which gives the lamps made of plywood strips an extra charm and ensures a pleasant atmosphere in the lighted room. Below you can see more lampshade designs.

Lamp design made of plywood – The strips are attached to rings

Narrow design lamps made of plywood afford birch wood

Design for the lamps made of plywood straight strips

funnel shape lampshade plywood afford

Spiral-shaped strips for the plywood lamp

atmosphere afford lamps benjamin spoth design bulb

For the lamps is an ordinary bulb

Spiral shape lampshade afford design plywood lighting bulb

The thin strips of the lamps are easy to bend

birch plywood design lamps wood modern

Some plywood strips were bent with steam

just afford design lighting idea plywood birch

The plywood strips are made of birch wood

Plywood lamps afford straight design lampshade

Version of the lamps

socket lamp plywood design idea spoth decoration

The strips have a nice pattern

Lamps made of plywood afford pattern grid benjamin spoth

Lamps made of plywood strips for the lighting in the interior

design lampshade rhombus pattern frame plywood afford

The design of the lamps made of plywood strips comes from Benjamin Spoth

Plywood afford design lampshade lighting cable

Design of Benjamin Spoth ,