A recessed sitting area in the living room in a minimalist style

sitting area in the living room floor-embedded-lounge-high-gloss-white-large-windows

Sitting areas for the living room which are embedded in the ground, are very popular, because they emit a particularly comfortable atmosphere. In order to design the living room lounge in this way, a pedestal is usually built first of all, into which the respective seating area comes. The house we would like to introduce to you owns such a lounge. However, that’s not all that impresses. Take a look at the gallery below and collect inspirations for a recessed one Sitting area in the living room and other interior design ideas.

Sitting area in the living room, embedded in a pedestal

sitting area in the living room inlaid-front-minimalist-furnishing

The modern house is located in the Czech Republic and more precisely in Posázaví. It was designed by the company a69 Architekti in the midst of a forest landscape and near a pond. In order for the house to adapt to the natural environment, a façade made of weathered wood was chosen, which has a gray color. The house is a prototype.

Sitting area in the living room overlooking the kitchen

sitting area in the living room dining area with white nuance furniture living room

The sitting area in the living room is surrounded on the one hand by a large window front and on the other by two walls with built-in bookshelves. It also gives a view of the elegant kitchen and dining area. The lounge is equipped with gray cushions and cushions, which not only guarantee comfort but also a pleasant look.

White furniture for living room

sitting area in living room round-dining-table-white-chairs

The sitting area in the living room is also a contrast in the otherwise quite monochrome interior of the house dar. This is namely designed in different shades of white color. The open living area is optically divided into different areas, but all are well lit thanks to large windows. The decor is simple and minimalist.

Open living area

sitzecke-living room-to-install shelf-wall-monochrome color-interior

The dining area is, so to speak, in the center of the house, so where the paths intersect in the other areas. It is equipped with a modern stone dining table and white chairs. White walls and a cream-colored, glossy floor adorn the individual areas while creating a pleasant atmosphere. From the dining area you get a view of the sunken seating area in the living room and the kitchen.

Modern and environmentally friendly architecture

sitzecke-living room-entrance-window front-sliding doors-curtain-face protection

The modern house with built-in seating area in the living room was built on stones and very close to a pond. During construction, the environment was preserved. This means that none of the existing trees have been cut down. Not only the view of the lake was guaranteed thanks to the increased construction. The meadow, which is located in the middle of the forest, is reached quickly and easily from the house.

Green flat roof

sitzecke-living room-Bauhaus style-garden-minimalist-autumn-colors-baeume

The roof of the house with sitting area in the living room was flat and made of a solid structure. The flat design offers the possibility of greening, which was implemented immediately in this house. The gray wooden façade is combined with black window frames, which differ from the bright interior in the interior.

Big windows

sitzecke-living room-house-facade-wood-birch-garden

The comfortable connection between the interior and exterior of the house with sitting area in the living room is reached not only through this front door. Sliding-door windows are also available and lead directly to the staircase that connects the raised house with the garden, respectively, the forest meadow and the terrace, from which you can perfectly enjoy the natural environment.

House in nature

sitzecke-living-facility-interior design-ideas-simple, modern

The house is the perfect option for those who do not want to miss the outdoors and want to enjoy a secluded experience. The large windows, which are present in all public areas, allow the owners to be close to nature, even if they are inside the house. An extra that can be enjoyed, among other things, from the recessed sitting area in the living room.

House right on the shore

Czech Republic-see-modern-house-build sitzecke-living room-

The lake lies deep in the ground and is surrounded by rocks which at the same time form the shore. On one of these banks is also the house. Again, large windows guarantee a breathtaking view. And although the lake can be considered just by the comfortable, sunken sitting area in the living room.

House with sitting area in the living room – The floor plan

sitzecke-living room-floor plan ground floor-bungalow-design

Here you can see once again the layout of the house with sunken seating in the living room, as well as its location on the lake and on the property. Organic shapes characterize the interior of the house in the form of arched walls. In addition to the public living space and private, separate rooms are housed, including the bathroom and bedroom.

Design of a69 architect ,

Furnishing ideas for sitting area in the kitchen-space-saving and comfortable

sitting area in the kitchen comfort bench chairs tree trunk table round blue wall paint

The Sitting area in the kitchen is not only practical, but also really cozy alternative to dining room , Our interior design ideas will help you to create a sunny corner where the whole family can enjoy the food together, the children can tinker and you can read books or solve cross puzzles.

Sitting area in the kitchen – your new favorite place

sitting area in the kitchen rustic blackboard pizza oven wooden bench brick white

Even if your kitchen is big, it will only benefit from a sitting area. The Sitting area in the kitchen you should set up directly under the window so that the sunlight can be used completely. For more light on the table, you can opt for transparent curtains. The white color for small kitchens is recommended and can be refreshed by light green and light blue accents. Red and black are always included rustic style very much, while yellow fits the Scandinavian interior.

Sitting area in the kitchen – Bright, comfortable and homely

sitting area in the kitchen bright furnishing white gray marble table murals

The Sitting area in the kitchen consists of a corner seat – wood is the material that gives the kitchen a cozy look, and table. Take good care that there is enough room for free movement between the table and the bench. A good option is the table with a round shape that visually opens the corner. The bench should be upholstered with fabric / alternatively it can be leathered. Decoration can come in the form of curtains, colorful pillows or interesting chairs.

Sitting area in the kitchen for the whole family

sitting area in the kitchen modern round dining table stone wallpaper gray sofa

For smaller rooms you can use the Sitting area in the kitchen shape as follows – one Bench with storage space combine with a table with storage space. Above the bench, you can design a photo wall, or even hang your favorite pictures. Flowers at the table are a must and compliment the overall look. On further decoration you can do without. For more comfortable seating, you can put a rug under the table. Despite the sunlight, you need a pendant lamp above the table. We have collected some ideas for you as an incentive. Be creative – the work will pay off!

Warm colours

sitting area in the kitchen eckdesign red orange seat cushion country style

Sitting area with storage space

Seating Area Bin Kitchen yellow pillow

Green bench in the kitchen

green bench kitchen

Green kitchen in a classic style

green-kitchen-classical-style seating area

White-blue color scheme in the kitchen

White-kitchen-cozy sitting area- make blue

Leather beige seat

leathered-beige bench chairs kitchen

Yellow upholstered bench

yellow-padded bench kitchen

Small kitchen with sitting area

small-kitchen-sitting room

White kitchen with bench

white-kitchen-wooden table Stizecke

Cozy country kitchen

Country Kitchen Lanterne Tile sitting area

white-wood seating area table and blue cushion

Photo wall-sitting room-kitchen

rustic kitchen wood floor sitting area

orange sitting area- classic kitchen

The sitting area in the kitchen – 22 cozy furnishing ideas

sitzecke-kitchen-large-white-light-windowsill-dining-pillows-wooden floor

A Sitting area in the kitchen offers a multitude of advantages in terms of interior design. It is easy to enroll in your kitchen design in a variety of ways and has its secrets and benefits to discover. A table, small or large, is a great way to take full advantage of the free space and turn the forgotten corner into a cozy and practical space.

Seating area in the kitchen with U-shaped bench


This solution works well for kitchens which have a difficult layout, such as having a corner that is separate from the rest of the kitchen area. Turn this part into a cozy sitting area in the kitchen. Add a small, round table and a U-shaped bench. Then you will get a splendid dining area or your private niche for your coffee friends to your girlfriends!

Sitting area in the kitchen – Integrate the bench into the kitchen island

sitzecke-kitchen-kuechentheke-stool chairs-bench-functional-vintage

A corner table or bench does not necessarily have to stand against walls or windows. Here we also want to show you another arrangement for the sitting area in the kitchen, which looks like this. The kitchen island has an integrated extension with a comfortable bench. In front of it are a round table and two chairs. This is how the ideal dining area in the middle of the room was created.

Sitting area in the kitchen – Using the potential of the windows

sitzecke-kitchen-white-windowsill-dining-cushion-sprossenfenster pillows

If you are in the corner of the windows in your kitchen, you can be happy! This is the ideal location for a cozy sitting area in the kitchen! In this case, you can calmly equip the place with a corner table and matching seating. During the day you will have plenty of natural light here, which can freely enter the room through the windows and you can add a pendant lamp to complete the beautiful look. Does not the perfect dining area look exactly like this?

Bookshelves in the sitting area in the kitchen


A corner bench with a table and some chairs will not only help you create a cozy sitting area in the kitchen, it can also be a multipurpose space in the kitchen. Therefore, consider the possibility of adding one or more wall shelves there, because you will definitely need suitable reading. For example, you can place your favorite cookbooks or other things on top of it, you can read something in your dining room quietly, if there is nothing else to do in the meantime.

Two dining tables for more flexibility of the seating area in the kitchen

spacious sitting area kitchen design wood floor two tables

Two tables are better than one in some cases. This can be a handy option if you prefer a flexible and versatile kitchen seating design. Also you can put on two small tables instead of one big, and in this way you save some space in the dining area.

modern Seating area in the kitchen – functionality in minimalist style

floating bench wood modern furnishing kitchen green dining table

It is a well-known fact that modern and contemporary interior design is minimalist and the focus is on functionality. In the case of a corner-shaped kitchen island, it can be, for example, slender wall banks. In addition, a slender rectangular table in the center of this sitting area in the kitchen can fit very well and of course a few classic chairs that slightly soften the clear minimalist design.

Pleasant ambience in the traditional kitchen style for the sitting area in the kitchen

kitchen country style cooking island seating table round chairs wood

The traditional kitchen design is a bit beautified and robust here. Surely you can imagine a custom kitchen island here: a built-in bench on one side and a round wooden table surrounded by some high-backed dining chairs. The neutral color palette of earth tones is also a typical feature of this style. Everything in this sitting area in the kitchen is color coordinated and looks really impressive!

Sitting area in the kitchen – L-shaped bench

Rustic furnishing kitchen sitting area dining table chairs wood material

Small and round tables are perfect as Furniture for small corners, but if your kitchen is spacious and has a large open floor plan, then you can dedicate one of the corners to the dining area. A rectangular table can be wonderfully combined with an L-shaped bench on one side and of course with matching dining chairs on the other side. This results in the complete look of your sitting area in the kitchen!

Adjust the shape of the seating area in the kitchen to the available space

table custom kitchens design red bench white cabinets

When placed in the corner, a square table can be a bit awkward, because of its edges. But you can adapt the shape of the table to the space available and get something special in the form that perfectly suits your needs. Here you can decide for yourself whether you need additional seats or need more storage space in the corner. Important is the final result: you have a cozy and practical sitting area in the kitchen with comfortable seats and a space-saving design.

Sitting area in the kitchen with upholstered furniture

upholstered bench white kitchens furniture basket window sitting area

A cushioned bench in the dining area will give you the feeling of comfort and cosiness. Upholstered furniture for the sitting area in the kitchen makes the whole room inviting and comfortable. Add such a bench to one of your kitchen corners and complete the whole arrangement with a small table. You can also opt for an extendable table if you have enough space there.

Sitting area in the kitchen – Round kitchen table with interesting chandelier

vintage sitting area window armchair bench cushion throw pillow

A round table is a practical solution in the kitchen corner, but it’s not easy to integrate into the whole interior. To create a little symmetry by repeating the shapes, you can hang a chandelier or a round pendant over the table.

leather furniture sitting area in the kitchen carpet colorful stripes

sitting area modern u shape round table leather upholstery kitchen furnishing idea

country style kitchen sitting area modern gray kitchen parquet

sitting area in the kitchen bench chairs brown wood parquet

bookcase sitting area in the kitchen bench table square

modern interior seating corner in the kitchen colorful leather plastic chairs

kitchen island design seating area corner bench round table white cabinets

sitting area in the kitchen upholstered bench round dining table

modern seating kitchen large dining table brown design chairs

Terraces »Garden furniture and balcony furniture -100 ideas for cozy sitting area

Garden furniture and balcony furniture rattan-wicker-sand-color-sofa-armchair-wood-coffee table

Whether on the balcony or in the garden – a beautifully designed sitting area invites you to relax and makes for convivial hours with family and friends outdoors. We offer you 100 cool ideas for Garden furniture and balcony furniture made of wood, rattan and metal. Let yourself be inspired!

Garden furniture and balcony furniture made of rattan – practical and comfortable

garden furniture balcony furniture-rattan-brown-white-sitzkissen-ess-lounge area

Garden furniture and balcony furniture Made of rattan have many advantages – they are extremely durable and have a lightweight construction. Basically, they can defy snow and rain well and are usually protected from the storm with a special impregnation. In any case, the rattan furniture should not be directly exposed to the strong sun rays – otherwise they could fade and become brittle.

Garden furniture and balcony furniture made of metal – romantic or simply easy to clean

garden furniture balcony furniture-aluminum-metal-steel Weatherproof

The Garden furniture and balcony furniture made of metal bring a romantic touch. Traditionally, metal tables and chairs are made of metal, but you can also buy reclining chairs and side tables. The downside – under the warm sunshine, the metal frame quickly gets hot, so seat cushions are a must. Families with small children and animals would prefer to arrange the metal furniture under a parasol.

Garden furniture and balcony furniture made of wood – of course, beautiful

Garden furniture and balcony furniture teak-wood furniture-set-natural-covered-terrace

The Garden furniture and wooden furniture made of wood are absolute classics in the outdoor area. They are versatile, and if they are oiled regularly, you can last long. The lucky owners of an outdoor wooden set should pay only one attention – the wooden furniture, even if specially impregnated, should not be arranged next to the pool or garden pond. They are sensitive to air moisture and water.

Cozy sitting area in the garden – wooden furniture set

Furniture upholstery flagstones flooring wooden table elegantly stylish

Take a look at the beautiful garden furniture by Frontgate in the picture gallery

Teak furniture looks natural and invites you to relax outdoors

Rattan basket parasol lighting garden orange cushion

Small pool with comfortable garden furniture in white

Furniture design green white rattan wood day bed

Modular daybed with sunscreen

white color beige upholstery outdoor furniture design

Comfortable and stylish – arranging outdoor dining area

Free Ideas dining table dining table rattan chairs

Playful romance with wrought iron furniture

Garden Grass Green Carpet Upholstery Stripes Furniture Cushion Lantern Flowers

Rattan furniture in white, decorated with colorful cushions

design ideas images colonial style furniture maritime decoration

Liegesessel in the garden – so you really enjoy the summer

Recliner upholstery lawn garden design ideas

Space-saving design – balcony furniture wooden

high chairs round table wood rolls colonial style

Seating area in maritime style

Wood flooring exotic seating group maritime lanterns

Comfortable garden furniture made of mahogany

Mahogany wood outdoor furniture chalkboard celebrate Easter outdoors

The Secret Garden – Climbing plants shield the sitting area

Furniture romantic pillow floral pattern hedge plants vintage look

In the summer you like to be outdoors – a dining area in the garden is therefore practical

outdoors shape patio flooring bowl

Furniture uas rattan and wood

Wooden frame stripe cushion white blue cool deco

Garden accessories chairs table sand summer sun

Seating lawn carpet metal furniture design

Sunshade sunscreen sea sun summer

Seating arrange ideas garden open fireplace

space-saving seating group rattan sofa armchair day bed

Garden summer sun tall climbing plants roses

Ideas terrace sitting area dining place metal furniture

Parasol recliner blue white stripe pergola

Design ideas azure cushion poolside decorating ideas

Design ideas Ampelschirm maritime theme dining place

Wood Upholstered Parasol Coffee Table Tall Palm Trees

Seating chairs garden stool sofa house beach edge

Garden seating furniture lawn dark kitchens wood

Furniture garden sofa set arrange wooden table cross legs

Wickerwork technology balcony shape ideas holiday home

Furniture poolside relax atmosphere summer sun fresh air

Furniture wickerwork rattan choose shape ideas concrete floor

Seating pink seat cushion four chairs white round table

design ideas cozy sitting area free pool small

Design stool maritime Wohnaccessoures garden terrace

Seating set up pine wood gray patina sitting area

Sunscreen daybed lanterns upholstery red color

Furniture set comfortable metal seating group upholstery

free shape terrace ideas pictures wood floor

Sitting area in the garden furniture design ideas rattan colonial style

in the garden wrought iron parasol upholstered furniture

Lawn recliner hedge plants stone plates

Lounge set side table rattan awning wooden deck

Seating terrace shape sky sunshade

comfortably comfortable seating group dark blue white wood painted

Area Pool Garden chairs Upholstery Pool Vase Stone Table

Teak set chairs table nice view sea

green plants upholstery eclectic white color

Upholstered furniture vintage style terrace design

Ideas images design carpet armchair sofa

Shape patio glass railing stone flooring

Table sofa upholstery parasol stone slabs

Side table poolside beautiful deco ideas outdoor area

Design ideas wrought iron details lanterns

Parasol lounge seating design summer sun

Examples wrought iron furniture design ideas stone retaining wall fireplace

blue throw pillows maritime decoration ideas outdoor area

Flooring conservatory fashion glazed ideas pictures

Table free terrace sandstone look flooring

Privacy screen Coffee table Sofa Decorative cushion Outdoor area

Seating Design Ideas Tables Sofas Rattan

set up ideas round lounge day bed fabric upholstered outdoor area

in the garden wrought iron furniture stone plates flooring

blue seat cushions side table round table lounge seating set up

cozy sitting area in the garden garden furniture metal dining area

Balcony furniture garden shape pictures examples

Sunscreen dining place nice weather summer sun garden

Color long dining table chairs garden furniture design ideas

Ideas images round table metal rattan modular sofa

Armchair coffee table small glass top blue seat cushions comfortable

Furniture metal padding lawn area comfortable seating area

Sitting area in the garden open hearth table rattan furniture

Metal furniture black upholstery cushion lighting evening

Garden furniture group chairs table dining table

Upholstered furniture Sand color Seating arrange outdoor

Balcony furniture terrace make ideas beautiful

Patina Shabby Chic Garden Ideas Examples

green color sunset villa terrace

comfortable seating garden shape ideas blue color

white corner sofa decorative cushion carpet small table

Balcony furniture metal high chairs table parasol

Garden coffee table sofa two-seater vintage furniture

Seating area outdoors design cool design garden furniture

Furniture classic style flooring stone poolside

white metal furniture carpet design privacy screen garden

Garden furniture table chairs fresh flowers plate tableware

Table chairs rattan blue upholstery small coffee table

Ideas lounge exotic design pool recliner upholstery strips

Seating area allotments ideas furniture design rattan

Furniture flagstones upholstery coffee table low

Stone slabs upholstery cushion lantern furniture design

Furniture cushion deco pink summer sun garden

Garden design ideas metal seat cushion pink pattern

Rattan furniture design ceiling fresh flowers stone flooring

Gardening ideas fresh flowers table

Sunscreen pillow cozy sitting area design ideas

modern furniture design outdoor area romantic mood ocean sunset

Day bed round backrest orange upholstery decorative pillow pattern

MVS chaise: Relax Lounger by Vitra allows sitting or lying position

MVS Chaise-deck stainless steel base-lying positions-enables

MVS is a lightweight Relax couch with a timeless character that appears as a sculptural object. The deck chair, designed by Maarten Van Severen for Vitra in the year 2000 combines modern functionality with a first class appearance. Equipped with a head cushion, the MVS lounger can be adjusted in 2 positions. The construction of the self-supporting stainless steel undercarriage makes it possible to switch from sitting to lying posture by shifting the body weight.

Design lounger for inside and outside

MVS Chaise-longue-recumbent from polyurethane integral foam metal frame

Made of durable and durable plastic, MVS Relax Lounger adapts to the body shape and can also be used outdoors. Back and footrest have a shell made of polyurethane integral foam with upholstery effect. The pillow consists of leather and polyurethane foam. These are available in black or optionally in signal red and are characterized by softness and elasticity.

Relax lounger tiltable in 2 positions

Design-sun-2-position tilt-red-van-severen-mvs-chaise-vitra

To produce reliable, durable and environmentally friendly products for the office, home or public domain, the Virta brand is partnering with progressive designers like Maarten Van Severen. The famous architect and designer studied at the art school in Ghent and designed his first product designs in 1986. After an impressive career in interior design and furniture design, the collaboration between Van Severen and Vitra began in 1996. Until his death in 2005, Maarten Van Severen worked on a number of new designs for Vitra, which have since been gradually incorporated into series production.

The perfect piece of furniture for a quick nap

Design garden deck MVS Vitra-reliable-durable-environmentally friendly manner

Deck chair in trendy design for your balcony

Sunbed MVS Chaise-prepared from-robust langlebiden-plastic

A highlight on the terrace

MVS-relax-lie-Vitra furniture piece timeless sculptural object

A piece of furniture to relax

Design sun-black-shell polyurethane foam vitra-mvs-chaise

Cozy reading area with the MVS recliner

Modern deck chair design Maarten Van Severen-2000 Vitra

Complete Garden Amenities – Wooden Pavilion, Greenhouse and Sitting Area

Garden design wooden gazebo garden greenhouse open fire pit

“2611” is the name of this project for complete Garden facilities , designed by Good Design Collective, based in Montana, USA. With this design, the young team debuted in 2014 on the international architecture scene. The property where the multifunctional garden was built is located in the vicinity of a nature reserve with a reserve for wolves in Bozeman, Montana.

Multifunctional garden facilities

Since the project was to be realized on a tight budget, the architects paid attention to the technical aspects of design and manufacturing. The multifunctional design consists of 4 elements – a greenhouse, planters, a garden shed, an open hearth with seating area and an adjacent multifunctional garden bench. The material range includes Wood, concrete and steel.

Extensive garden equipment – Project “2611”

garden design hearth gazebo greenhouse seating

Both horticultural buildings are clad with wooden slats and equipped with steel elements, which are made on site. Also, the concrete foundation was cast on site. The walls of the greenhouse are covered with corrugated transparent plastic plates, which allows enough light to penetrate into the interior and thus a safe environment for the breeding of various plants such fruit and vegetables creates. In addition, the large tilt and turn windows provide plenty of light and good air intake, as well as beautiful views. The solid “barn door” is mounted on a bar and can be pushed sideways. When closed, this modern sliding door looks like a wall.

Garden design innovation: the multifunctional wooden pavilion

Greenhouse landscaped with gravel path. Glassed walls. Glass roof

On the low level of the terrain, a concrete retaining wall has been erected surrounding the open hearth. The outdoor space offers integrated outdoor seating. The multifunctional garden bench is designed with overlapping levels and with concrete foundation and provides storage space where equipment, garden accessories or harvest can be stored.

Wooden log cabin with sliding door and transparent roof

Garden shed equipped with sliding door design wood lamella trim

Garden shed equipped with sliding door

garden shed device house wooden slats good-design-collective

good design colective-2611 project garden equipment garden house

An old piano serves as a decor in the greenhouse

build garden shed old piano decor ideas good design collective

Stairs design

garden shed wood steps-shape gravel lane

Wooden staircases arrange steps on the side of the wall

The multifunctional bench with integrated storage space

multifunctional bench-garden good design-collective project outdoor

Bank with overlapping levels

Bench for garden with built-in storage ideas for outside

multifunctional garden equipment ideas good design collective

Storage space for the storage of wood for the fireplace

garden design-concrete shelf-integrated open hearth fuel storage

Creative garden design with seating area and wooden pavilion

design-seating area step-pieces-out of wood garden design

Garden design ideas pavilion greenhouse build bench project 2611

The terrain in Bozeman, Montana

garden design-multifunctional garden shed build

Multifunctional garden equipment bench concrete foundation bin

garden equipment greenhouse made of wood steel building equipment house

Wooden gazebo greenhouse outlined good design collective 2611 project

Garden wood shed gazebo with sliding door equipment good design collective

Sitting area in front of the fireplace – 43 homey interior design ideas

Sitting area in front of the fireplace complete white stool leather armchair acrylic side table

In the cold season, the lucky owners of a fireplace have an important advantage – they can create a cozy sitting area in front of the fireplace and enjoy the cozy warmth with a glass of coffee or tea. No matter if Relax After a long day at work, playing a chess game with your siblings, or just relaxing on a rainy day, the sitting area in front of the fireplace is simply functional and inviting. We show you 37 ideas and design examples in various styles – making the living room a retreat.

Set up seating area in front of the fireplace – tips and tricks

Sitting area in front of the fireplace Natural stone wall leather armchair shaggy rug

A cozy, functional and modern living room can be set up without much effort. Before you choose the furniture, you have to check with the local fire department / chimney sweep, which flooring you should choose right in front of the fireplace, and what is the minimum distance between fireplace and furniture. You should also have one spark protection think. Only then is the sitting area in front of the fireplace designed – if the living area is spacious, then you can arrange a corner sofa, coffee table and armchair. For small rooms, on the other hand, a set-up with comfortable armchairs and coffee tables makes more sense – so you stay flexible in case guests arrive.

Set seating area in front of the fireplace – Provide storage space

Sitting room fireplace-modern-white-wall shelves-chair Shaggy rug

When setting up a cozy reading corner you should definitely provide the necessary storage space – for books, magazines, but also for stylish decorations – with vases, statues and co. create a modern and homely ambience. Be inspired by the examples in the photo gallery below and choose your favorite design!

Modern living room with rattan stools and round coffee table in front of the fireplace

Sitting room fireplace rattan stool chair table glass plate

Living room simple, but very stylish

Sitting room fireplace-modern-design-ideas-style

Modern living room with fireplace with radio protection of glass

Make-sitting room fireplace-metal-glass modern

Living room furnished in modern country style – leather stool and leather sofa

Sitting room fireplace-modern-country style leather chair upholstery

Living room in modern country style – leather armchair and fireplace

Sitting room fireplace leather chair Roller table-white fireplace

Sitting area in front of the fireplace in the living room

Sitting room fireplace-modern-country style rug Ideas

Modern living room with floor lamp and brick fireplace

Sitting room fireplace-modern-white floor lamp Metal

Furnish modern living room in country style

Sitting room fireplace-modern-country style rattan stool upholstery

Small seating area next to the staircase set up

Sitting room fireplace-stone leather faux fur rug

Living room living ideas – two upholstered chairs in front of the fireplace

Sitting room fireplace-Polsterstuehle fireplace-white-marble table

Living room in modern country house style with deco on the wall

Sitting room fireplace Shaggy carpet-wood-chairs-white sofa

Modern living room with upholstered furniture and two sofas

Sitting room fireplace-Scandinavian style Deco sofa gray

Living Room Living Ideas – Rattan armchair and upholstered stool

Sitting room fireplace bamboo chairs-cowhide carpet modern-country style

Sitting room fireplace-Haengesessel Shaggy carpet bench

Sitting room fireplace bank window-traditional set

Sitting room fireplace-blue wall-bookshelves-Lederstuehle

Sitting room fireplace-furnishing ideas-cuddly-hot

Sitting room fireplace wood stool laminate flooring metal mantel

Sitting room fireplace wood chairs carpet sofa set

Sitting room fireplace ideas metal white chair

Sitting room fireplace ideas-modern-country style design

Sitting room fireplace ideas-modern-Klappstuehle two-seater sofa

Sitting room fireplace ideas-modern neutral colors-jacuzzi tube

Sitting room fireplace Idea Polstermoebel-modern-stone

Sitting room fireplace-classic Wall shelves beanbag

Sitting room fireplace leather stool-Karo-covering of-maritime-Wanddeko

Sitting room fireplace-modern-country style sofa white-Kilim

Sitting room fireplace-modern Sandstone Carpet

form sitting room fireplace-modern-chair-sitting

Sitting room fireplace-stone-wood-chairs-modern-colonial style

Sitting room fireplace-stone upholstery sofa laminate flooring

Sitting room fireplace-traditional Polstermoebel-chairs

Sitting room fireplace-traditional chairs upholstery

Sitting room-living room-Chesterfield armchair stool

Sitting room-living Stone Mantel Corner

sitzecke-fireplace-living room-glass window-gas-fireplace-white-sofa-wooden floor

sitzecke-fireplace-lounge-gray-wall color-glass-coffee table

sitzecke-fireplace-lounge-wood fireplace-real wood-coffee tables

sitzecke-fireplace-living room-wall panels metal-Optic-wooden floor-gray carpet-

Sitting area in front of the fireplace living-room-white-floor-tiles-gray-fireplace-panel

25 bedrooms living ideas – seating for comfortable sitting

Bedroom fireplace recessed design bench living ideas-cosiness d-for-design

The bedroom is in the first place a space where you can relax cuddly, but it is also suitable for reading, relaxing, watching TV, entertaining etc. In order for the dormitory to be used for this variety of activities, it is necessary to choose one according to your needs Room situation cozy lounge to design. Look at the following Bedroom living ideas for seating!

Bedroom Living ideas for more security

Four-poster bed for bedroom upholstery bed bench classic metallic look-kemp hall studio

In addition to wardrobes and dressing tables, seating is also crucial for your bedroom comfort. If you have enough space, you can have amazing Bedroom living ideas realize. Bedroom seating comes in a variety of shapes and colors, with soft and soft upholstery and foam fillings, or plain and simple puristic design ,

Simple and comfortable seating

Bedroom Interior Design Gray Linen Wall Paint Noble Look Michael Abrams

Bedroom furniture must be visually aligned with the bed and the entire facility. Leather-covered and upholstered benches are the classics though. They are always an appropriate solution for the different furnishing styles. A bedroom bench in antique look gives a touch of timeless elegance. Storage units with storage provide additional storage space, whether for bed linen or bedspreads. They provide enough space for clothes, as well as bathroom and bedroom textiles and allow space-saving use of space.

Bedroom with carefully chosen furniture

Bedroom design Trendy furnishing armchair sofa set khudson interiors-b-fine

Seating furniture for bedrooms are very trendy and are extremely practical. There are models that bribe you with exclusivity and extravagance. However, one must make no compromises with the quality.

The bedroom – a place to rest, sleep, read

Purism in the bedroom Furniture Bench Armchair john mcdonald

The alternative to the bed bank are the armchairs that make the room even more comfortable. Armchairs can be used universally – in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room and even on the terrace.

Bedroom living ideas inspired by the exotic

Exotic style furnishings glass wall bedroom floor to ceiling glazing armchair de-forest-architects

Bedroom benches combine quality and coziness

Bedroom bench Curtain Bed headboard Baroque look sater design-collection

Armchairs are popular seating also in the bedroom

Bedroom Living Ideas Lighting-parkwood Road Residence Martha o Hara-interiors

Bedroom with relaxing decoration

Bed bedroom natural stone wall fireplace fireplace floral motifs orange armchair michigan-lake house

Armchair and bedside table for bedroom

Living Ideas Bedroom Lighting Ideas Bench Design Chandelier Michael Abrams

Spend cozy evenings in the bedroom

Living ideas bedroom design reading corner cozy-framing Frederick + Frederick architects

Bench for bedroom where peace and serenity reign

Bench in the bedroom Living ideas Trends cary bernstein-architect

Make a cozy reading corner

Seating Sofa Bedding Bedroom-classic upholstered-christian gladu design

Upholstered bed bench

Bedroom colors green bench-upholstered wood frame-ceiling design ideas

The bed bench at the foot of the bed or sideways find a place

Bedroom curtains checkered armchair set ans window curtains su-casa designs

Designer benches in the sleeping area

Bedroom lighting design seat sofa armchair romanza-interior design-yellow wall paint

Bedroom ideas for more cosiness

Bedroom interior design living room suite blue upholstery -marion residenz-catalano-architects

Bedroom furniture in shabby chic style

Mediterranean interior bedroom shabby chic bench ernesto-garcia design

Pastel colors for a relaxed atmosphere

Ideas for seating cushions sleeping area armchair garrison-hullinger interior

Bedroom furniture in country style

Classic bedroom furniture ideas upholstered furniture fireplace armchairs crisp-architects

Classic style armchair for an idyllic ambience

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Practical side chairs and armchairs

Upholstered seat furniture bedroom daybed ceiling michael-abrams interior

Noble upholstered furniture and side table

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Warm chalet atmosphere

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Relaxing decorations

Interior design bedroom with sloping ceiling ideas pinkerton

Terraces »Sofa in the garden -42 Design ideas for cozy sitting areas outdoors

Sun Lantern Rattan Garden Furniture Plastic Armchair Stool

The warm weather invites you to relax in the open air – and if you like to relocate your life outside in the summer, it is worthwhile thinking about a cozy sitting area. Lounge chairs and small coffee tables are space efficient, but if you want to spend convivial evenings with family and friends, it’s worth it Sofa in the garden think.

The sofa in the garden – a practical piece of furniture

Round table flagstones pool decorative cushion vases flowerpots

The Sofa in the garden has become a popular piece of outdoor furniture in recent years. Above all, modular sets, which form a comfortable seating group, have successfully prevailed and are enjoying ever increasing popularity. And for a good reason – the sofa offers more seating space than a table with chairs, while being more comfortable than the bench. Whether in the corner or in the middle of the garden, whether a cuddly two-seater or a large semicircular model of several modules – everyone can find the right one. Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying outdoor furniture:

The sofa in the garden – what you have to consider when buying

Parasol terrace flooring coffee table metal

– Before buying it is worth measuring the seating area, create a garden sketch – so the seller can advise you better.

– The material plays a big role – if that Sofa in the garden is made of wood, it can not stay out in winter – so you should think about storage in advance. Furthermore, it is important if the wood is waterproofed by the manufacturer, or if the buyer himself has to complete this task at home. Metal furniture can rust and is often heavy – that is, they can not simply be moved in the garden when needed. The rattan furniture is winter-proof and needs no special care and wintering. But they are sensitive to sunlight and can become brittle – that’s why it pays to invest in sun protection.

Cozy seating area in the garden – Rattan sofa with orange throw pillows

Sets white sofa decorative cushion pool lantern

Rattan chairs and sofa with comfortable cushions

Metal Coffee Table Decorative Cushion Evergreen Perennials

Rattan sitting area in the garden

Decorative cushion glass table parasol high privacy wooden fence

Two seater rattan sofa under the shade of a tree

Garden two-seater sofa small wooden table colonial style lantern high tree

Furniture Garden Round Table Sofa round shelf

Garden dark wood furniture waterproof oil lantern table

dark rattan glass stainless steel railing stone tile throw pillows

purple decorative cushion stone tiles pool stool armchair

Wood upholstery allotment invest pebble stones

Rattan sofa lantern stool lighting villa river edge

small coffee table rug wood table pool white seat cushions

Stripes seat cushions curtains sunscreen leaves the terrace

Furniture Rustic Deco Cushion Strip Lanterns Candles Rattan

Wood comfortable sitting area exotic garden terrace stone tiles

Garden wooden table shelf decorative pillow colorful flower pattern

Garden beach lantern chairs decorative cushion lighting

Wood Metal Round Sofa Sandstone Tile Lantern Pool

Sofa two-seater pool lawn glass table decorative cushions red stripes

Balcony furniture practical space-saving design summer sea

Sofa set oak terrace lawn garden landscaping

design ideas coffee table sofa armchair stool ceiling

Carpet wood extendable blue stripes maritime look seat cushions

Cushion cool pool lounge furniture garden divide

Paving stones decorative cushion lawn area pool garden English style

Garden blue decorative cushion round table metal space saving

Wood Rope Rustic Maritime Deco Coffee Table Rattan Stool

Sofa set oak wood color pool stone tile flooring

Cushion Lantern Rattan Two-Seater Plastic Easy-care

Terrace furniture select two-seater sofa green cushions

Sofas sets fireplace free paving stones lawn

Garden sofa coffee table white pebble terrace flooring

low wooden table parasol comfortable sitting area garden terrace

Coffee table vases seat cushion garden classic style

Two-Seater Sofa Sunscreen Decorative Cushion Evergreen Plants

Porch set up summer sun happy mood

Vases coffee table small summer sun hedge plants

green gray pillows low coffee tables summer terrace

Garden furniture lounge sofa white seating terrace

Lawn small table orange decorative cushion sofa set