Modern design kitchens by Scavolini for small and large spaces

small kitchen modern scavolini open living room gray wood

The Italian kitchen manufacturer Scavolini creates modern design kitchens for large and small spaces that are both visually appealing and functional. It does not matter if you are a huge one open kitchen with all the necessary appliances and accessories, or would like to have a small kitchen with breakfast bar and two bar stools, you would find a matching design in the Scavolini catalog.

Modern design kitchens and open space concepts

open kitchen modern wood fronts dining table integrated living room

A trend in the interior is the combination of the living and kitchen area in a room of the apartment. In this way, the chef can chat with his guests while he prepares the food. Another option is a cooking island, which is extended as a counter. That’s a compact one Solution for small rooms where there is no room for a large dining table.

Modern design kitchens for small spaces

Modern small kitchen Scavolini dining area counter khaki

This company has modern design kitchens that can be easily adapted to your needs and preferences. The designs have clean lines and are often equipped with a series of cabinets and open shelves on a wall. The geometric shapes and the combination of only two colors is the secret of modern kitchen furniture.

enough space for cooking and eating

modern open modern design kitchens white light wood kitchen island

High gloss kitchens are becoming increasingly popular

Modern kitchen small spaces beige glossy U-shape dining area

elegant combination of turquoise and black

Design kitchens Scavolini turquoise blue black dining area pendant lights

Living room and kitchen in one

Modern design kitchens Scavolini open living room beige bar counter

Wood cabinet fronts and open shelves

Modern kitchens Scavolini wood fronts drawers shelves dining area

light wood and cream glossy fronts

Modern Design Kitchens Scavolini bright wood high gloss glass top

clear lines and enough storage space

Modern design kitchen Scavolini large spaces white dining area functional

kitchenette units small cooking area dining area scavolini

kitchen modern white beige combination scavolini clear lines

bright kitchen design dining area cream white scavolini

large open kitchen white wood Modern Designs Scavolini

large kitchen dining area three colors wood white blue surfaces

Modern design kitchens scavolini large room wood black island

wood black kitchen industrieler style plants

Modern design kitchen Scavolini large room cooking island

large kitchen scavolini white gray wooden counter open shelves

large kitchen scavolini cooking island wood extractor fan

elegant modern kitchen black high gloss scavolini

Modern kitchen Scavolini white kitchen line black accent bar counter

Modern design kitchens scavolini white grass green accent theke

purple white kitchen small large scavolini rooms

Holiday Home & Hotel Design »Small Designer Hotel Deseo in Mexico offers relaxation and fun

exterior facade boutique hotel deseo in mexico

This Designer hotel was designed by the architectural studio Central de Arquitectura and is located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The hotel was also thought of as a retreat and party destination. The simple architectural style combines modern aluminum construction with rustic-looking wood structures. The hotel has a courtyard with pool and bar.

The designer hotel with a cozy courtyard and pool area

wooden constructions boutique hotel deseo in mexico

The heart of the Deseo Designer hotel is undoubtedly the cozy courtyard with a cool pool and comfortable daybeds. The wooden furniture and the comfortable beds create an exotic ambience. The pool was built on an upscale wooden platform. The architects have worked with a local artist to create the interesting pool design. In the courtyard there is also a bar where you can have fun in the evening.

The courtyard of the hotel with reclining beds and wooden furniture

wooden stairs pool boutique hotel deseo in mexico

garden furniture wood boutique hotel deseo in mexico

sunbathing divan bed designer hotel deseo in mexico

Sofa bed covered boutique hotel deseo in mexico

legesofa pool area designer hotel deseo in mexico

swimming pool boutique hotel deseo in mexico

The cool pool design designed together with an artist

wooden chairs foldable boutique hotel deseo in mexico

pool area overview designer hotel deseo in mexico

cuntswerk pool designer hotel deseo in mexico

Wooden structures for a natural look

wooden porch swimming pool boutique hotel deseo in mexico

Corridor wooden floor designer hotel deseo in mexico

Relaxation area under the stairs

Courtyard stairs designer hotel deseo in mexico

wooden porch courtyard boutique hotel deseo in mexico

bedside wooden floor designer hotel deseo in mexico

The Deseo Hotel in the evening

wooden tables deck chairs boutique hotel deseo in mexico

pool area evening designer hotel deseo in mexico

pool in the evening designer hotel deseo in mexico

The Deseo Designer Hotel has a simple yet stylish interior

hotel room simple boutique hotel deseo in mexico

The hotel rooms in Deseo Designer hotel are simple but quite comfortable and stylish. The architects have set a minimalist style with a rustic touch. The bathroom is open and is right in the bedroom. Large windows ensure a beautiful view of the courtyard and the surrounding area. On the small terrace you can enjoy the morning coffee quietly. The hotel also has a spa area.

The simple hotel room interior

double room overview boutique hotel deseo in mexico bathtub hotel room boutique hotel deseo in mexico

Spa area with wood paneling in the interior

spa area designer hotel deseo in mexico

sauna wood paneling designer hotel deseo in mexico

More designer hotels: Back to nature with the modern Parkroyal Designer Hotel in Singapore

Practical multifunctional interior ideas for a small apartment

stool table setting up ideas for small apartment

If you have a limited living space, that puts some creative Interior ideas With dual function ahead. Look at these suggestions on how to use a living space or a piece of furniture in the small apartment multifunctional. The limited living space features some creative ideas and designer solutions. Release your imagination and make the most of your small apartment.

Interior ideas for living room and guestroom combination

Room double function interior ideas for small apartment

The multifunctional Interior ideas can be a good one application If you want to transform the small living room into a guest room. Make a pullout couch. This will save you the need for a bed. A coffee table with metal frame construction looks chic and saves a lot of space. Small stools and throw pillows can replace the chairs successfully. In this way, you will not only save a lot of space, but also decorate the room nicely.

Interior ideas for a well-organized storage room

TV hiding furnishing ideas for small apartment

The Interior ideas for a small room presupposed a well-organized storage room. Buy a practical shelving system with many drawers and cabinets, where you can turn off all the items you want. It would be particularly convenient if the TV fits on the shelf and can hide the screen by means of a sliding door.

Use the jewelry box for TV operation

stock box furnishing ideas for small apartment

CD deposition system installed in the drawer

cd drawer cabinet furnishing ideas for small apartment

Combine living room and dining room

Dining room living room furnishing ideas for small apartment

Multifunctional living room for the small house

Living room coffee table interior ideas for small apartment

Use the upholstered stool as a coffee table

orange nuances furnishing ideas for small apartment

Blue furniture furnishing ideas for small apartment

Room divider shelf interior ideas for small apartment

A practical shelf in the bedroom

shelf bedroom interior ideas for small apartment

Combine bedroom and study

bedroom study interiors ideas for small apartment

Practical and elegant turntable with round shape

Rotary bathroom furnishing ideas for small apartment

Design »Small house rent and simple living – A student project

Small house-holiday-camping-outdoor-grill-firewood-forest-nature

Design graduates from Harvard University designed small house made of wood that you can rent. The project is called GetAway and as the name suggests, the idea behind it is stress of everyday life and city life “to escape”.

Small house for rent and simple living near the city

Small house-forest-nature-bike-firewood-gravel-outdoor-camping-mobile-outside

It’s mostly for camping and short holidays in nature thought. It is pulled like a trailer and placed on flat ground. In the mini house everything is useful to find: A comfortable double bed, a toilet, shower, cooker and classic books and board games. The furniture and the design are characterized by reduced forms, were made exclusively of wood and convey a simple and natural living in a small space.

Small house for camping on vacation

small-house-outdoor hearth-firewood-storage-propelled raeder-camping-holiday-natural-forest

You can rent a small house like this and after two hours drive you can enjoy the tranquility and nature far away from the city. Lands in the forest are rented by local landowners and the miniature Houses placed there. This also supports the regional agriculture and you get in a short time, not far from your own home relaxing holidays in the countryside, to recharge your batteries. No matter for what reason you are looking for peace and quiet – to spend a day away from the office and all digital equipment, a romantic weekend or to enjoy short hiking holidays – you can easily book your relaxed holiday with just one click while taking care of everything else becomes. You will find out about the location of the nearest small house in your area, drive there comfortably, enter your personal access code and quickly escape everyday life.

Wooden cottage for inside and outside

small-house-interior-wood-floor bed-table-window-shelves-bin-design

Functional furniture offers comfort in a small space

small-house-interior-interior-romantic bed-kitchenette sink-shelves-bin-cook

Kitchenette with everything useful

small-house-kitchenette sink-shelves-bin-almost-functional

Sleeping places for several persons

small-house-single bed-shelves-bin-books-gesellschaftsspiele-window-leselampe

With two residential floors

small-house-stairs-second living area-table-wood-wall wardrobe-window-simple-design

Shower and toilet in the small house


Large windows provide enough daylight

small-house-window-exterior-wood-design-simple-mobile house

Container house similar to placing a trailer or caravan


Assembly and location are taken care of

small-house-outdoor installation-place-location-natural-forest-space

Transport a mobile home with a suitable car


Mobile home for holidays and camping in nature

small-house-anhaenger-mobile house-place montage-location

* a project of getaway

Set up small rooms – Minimalist design made of wood

Set up small rooms - one-room-closet-mirror-fronts-mansard-laminate-floor

Wood radiates warmth and can be combined in a modern way beautifully with other, rather cool-looking materials such as metal and glass. Set up small rooms is not an easy task and in most cases become monochrome bright colors like white and light gray used. Here we present a beautiful result for a successful and stylish design of a one-room apartment for a young couple. The project is by Bulgarian designers from Edo Design Studio.

Small rooms also set up with wood

Small rooms set up-steel spiral staircase-wood-garret design

The different areas of an apartment like kitchen, bedroom, living area with TV, Workplace and enough storage space for the belongings of two people, must not be missing. The only solution is to use the whole height of the apartment optimally and intelligently. This allows in this case a very light and airy spiral staircase made of sturdy, black steel and steel cable. It is placed in the center of the room and is a real highlight. For the color design, the designers have chosen the natural color of the light wood. Open shelves are almost completely missing. The entire storeroom hides behind simple cupboard doors without handles. However, this does not make the small room seem smaller and more restless. The quiet atmosphere in the small room is conveyed by the uniformity between the floor covering and the walls. The wooden surfaces flow seamlessly into each other.

Set up small rooms and use the high ceiling

Small rooms set up -spiraltreppe-black-steel-rope-laminate-floor-wood-wardrobes-bed

The spiral staircase has no constricting effect due to its free construction. It lacks heavy, massive elements. Instead of railings steel cables are used and the individual steps are flat and narrow. Wood and steel harmonize perfectly with each other. This well thought out combination is the ideal solution for constructions and if you want to set up small rooms.

Sleeping area made of steel construction on the second level

Set up small rooms -bed-bed-sleeping-area-space-optimize

Edo Design Studio deals with architectural projects and detailed interior design in collaboration with European furniture manufacturers.

Mirrored surfaces make the room seem less narrow

Small rooms -modern-minimalist-wardrobe-mirror-fronts-laminate-floor-area

Uniformity of the materials used and reasonable proportions for a functional result

Set up small rooms-laminate floor staircase-spiral staircase-steel-metal

Set up small rooms and optimize the space

Small rooms set up -spiraltreppe-wood-cabinet fronts-one-room-roof windows

Custom made kitchen

Small rooms furnish -white-bright-wood-fronts-armatur-kitchen-modern-open-planning

Steel ropes as a method of attachment to the steel staircase

Small rooms set up -spiraltreppe-black-steel-steel-rope-white-ceiling

Make optimum use of the entire height of the room

Small rooms set up -spiraltreppe-holzboden-laminate-steel-rope-window-dinette-mansard

small-raeume-set-laminate flooring-stair-spiral staircase-black-steel wire-skylight-laminatt

small-raeume-set-laminate flooring-dining table-spiral staircase-steel wire-metal

small-raeume-set-kitchen-laminate flooring-closets-handles-light-minimalist simple




small-raeume-set dining table-chairs-books-hell-wood

small-raeume-set-sleeping area mattress bed-grid-mansard-studio

small-raeume-set-laminate-plane-two-bedded-grid-metal skylight-chair

small-raeume-set-studio-wood-laminate flooring-bed-flat-workplace

small-raeume-set-spiral staircase-steel wire-metal-black-studio-flat

small-raeume-set-steel wire-fixing-stair-steel powder coated

small-raeume-set-floorplan-bedroom plan nung-open-before and after

* You can find this and other projects from Edo Design Studio here ,

Crafts with sand and paste for big and small – 15 crafting tips

Tinker with sand and paste children's toy modeling clay

in the Play sand makes children especially in nursery and kindergarten fun. It promotes the fine motor skills of the hands and fingers, the creativity and also has a calming effect. The fine sand is usually associated positively with the sea and holidays, which is why it ensures a good mood in adults. In addition, sand is a good and inexpensive crafting material. When crafting sand and paste, small works of art and beautiful decorative elements are created that simply serve as a perfect souvenir.

Crafts with sand and paste makes fun for both adults and children

Tinker with sand and paste -children-modeling-mass-children-play

If you spend your vacation on the beach, you will often find beautiful treasures such as shells, sand or other flotsam. Once you’ve taken home all your carefully collected treasures, you might wonder what to do with them. Of course there is always the option to put everything in a bowl and use it as decoration or you can make something nice with your collection. We have put together a few ideas for crafting with sand and paste in the following.

Tinker with sand and paste

Tinker with sand and paste idea-chain-recipe

Sand quickly becomes dimensionally stable when mixed with a little bit of paste. Depending on what should arise from it, a thick or thin liquid consistency is needed. To make beautiful shapes and figures, the sand-paste mixture should look like a modeling clay. Picture frames, signs and boards can be beautifully maritime decorate, if you previously brushed it with paste thin and sprinkled with fine sand over it. With the appropriate technology, you can make a picture with a hand and footprint in the sand and thus capture the beautiful holiday time in memory. There are no limits to your imagination when working with sand and paste.

Crafting with sand and paste – making sand-clay yourself

Tinkering with sand and paste modeling clay kneading recipe

The first experiences with the sand make almost all children on the playgrounds and in the sandboxes. They build up sand molds and sandcastles. They also know the disappointment when their creatures are not resistant enough and are quickly destroyed when the sand is dry. But that does not have to be the case and a little trick will help. It can be made a mixture of sand and paste. Thus, every sand structure and shape keeps even after the sand is completely dry. The only disadvantage of the self-made sand modeling clay is that the children are allowed to play with it only under supervision. Often they put everything in the mouth and this mass is not suitable for consumption.

For self-production of clay modeling clay, first mix four cups of sand with two cups of cornstarch and four teaspoons of alum in a bucket or large saucepan. For this purpose, three cups of hot water are added. The mixture should always be stirred, as long as a homogeneous mass is formed. To thicken them, they are brought to a boil over medium heat. Alternatively to alum can be used tartar, which is poisonous. Here’s the recipe:

  • 4 cups of sand
  • 2 cups of cornstarch
  • 4 tsp alum or optional tartar (toxic)
  • 3 cups of hot water

tinker-sand-no glue-modeling-knead-children

Many children find playing with sand really fun and amusing. As a result, they unconsciously train their motor skills and their perception is encouraged. If no sandbox is available or the weather does not allow you to play outside, you should consider something for indoor use. For this there is the so-called Kinetic sand or therapy sand called. It looks like a wet natural sand, is just as easy to shape and its ingredients are considered completely harmless. It consists of 98% natural quartz sand, is bacteria-free and contains no toxic binders. Even if it is inadvertently consumed, it does not continue to be tragic. In addition, the clay is one of the therapy options for children and adults. The self-production of this is also relatively easy.

Recipe for play-do-it-yourself

  • 1 1/2 cup sand (bird or quartz sand)
  • 1/3 cup cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup of hot water
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons baby or cooking oil
  • Food coloring – on request

tinker-sand-no glue-handprints-children

Depending on what you have exactly before crafting, one or the other variant is better suited for the sand-crafting mass. Also, the production of this is a lot of fun for many children and adults. Why not get the good memories through creative craftsmanship with sand and paste? A really great idea for small children is to make funny handprints of sand modeling clay every year after the summer vacation. So you can see exactly how big the hand has become for a year. Below are some inspiration with helpful tips summarized.

tinker-sand-no glue-heart-chain-making itself-

A heart chain is a symbol of the love that unites two. If you make yourself, you show his affection. It’s also a nice touch because you just spend more time and love crafting. If you have brought a bit of sand from the romantic holiday with you, it can be a great heart chain tinker. So the beautiful time spent together better remembered.

tinker-sand-no glue-chain-yourself-make-heart

Each beach is characterized by an exceptional sand color and sand consistency. So the sand in the Maldives is very light and powdery, on the other hand, Tenerife is famous for its black lava-sand beaches. In the Canary Islands, on the other hand, the sand is black or Sahara-yellow. Above all, it is a nice way to bring the positive memories of the holiday with it. This great craft project is also very inexpensive. To make a unique heart pendant yourself, you must first mix the sand with some paste. The sand-paste mass is filled into a small heart shape and before it dries completely, you insert a trailer connector. This serves as a connector between the chain and the trailer.

Beautiful pastries tinker with sand and paste

tinker-sand-no glue-molded-biscuits-shells

Young children like to play with sand toys and create creative sand castles and playful characters. They can have the same fun at home if they are provided with indoor sand. Anyone can do this easily and cost-effectively. Above you will find the recipe for the clay-clay. Instead of sand molds come here all kinds of bakeware or other things with interesting shape well used.

A sand bowl tinker with sand and paste

tinker-sand-any paste

From sand can make a beautiful shell, which would perfectly complement the atmospheric summer decoration in the apartment. Not much is needed for this. Sufficient sand and paste, a bowl to submission, a cling film and a bit of oil should actually be enough.

tinker-sand-paste-sand shell-yourself-making idea

First, the sand is sifted. For this you should only use the very fine sand. This is mixed with the paste and it creates a thick mixture of sand. The bowl must first wrap with cling film and then pour over the sand porridge. So that the template dissolves better from the sand, you should first rub them with a little oil.

tinker-sand-no glue-diy-guide-shell

The sand mixture is applied to the bowl in three to four layers. Each layer should be relatively dry before giving the next one. The best thing is to let the first coat dry for a day, so that the shell is finally dimensionally stable.

tinker-yourself-make sand-no glue-Cup-

A great decoration idea – signs and pictures tinker with sand and paste

tinker-sand-no glue-shield-table-monogram

Creative signs and pictures can easily be made with sand and paste. First, the fine sand should be very well sieved and placed in a shallow container. Then spread the paste well on the surface, sprinkle the sand over it and then remove the excess sand. Finally, the sand should stick evenly to give a nice structure.

tinker-sand-no glue-diy craft idea-sand wallpaper shield

The sand-covered surface can be used to attach other maritime elements such as shells or other flotsam. In addition, this serves as a textured background on which a monogram or image can be applied.

Decorate candles with sand and paste

tinker-sand-no glue-candles-decorate-do it yourself-

Candles always spread a cozy mood. In no time, the simple, white candles get a maritime touch and complement the summery decoration in the apartment creatively. For this you just have to apply a bit of glue to the respective candle and then roll it in the sand.

Small apartment set up – design in white and natural wood

Small apartment-furnishing-kitchen-cupboard-staircase-floor-wood-white

A small apartment Setting up and making the most of every space so that the space does not look even narrower is a real challenge even for designers. Is it even possible to accommodate all the necessary living areas on 21 square meters? The Berlin Design Studio Sapmroom creates in cooperation with fashion designer John Paul Coss a living concept for a micro-apartment in the center of the city Capital Germany. On two levels, hall, bathroom, kitchen with space for couch and sleeping area are optimally distributed.

Small apartment in white and decorated with light natural wood

Small apartment-furnishing-hallway-hallway-light-sanded-wood-white-staircase-rectangular

A one-bedroom apartment in the old building is modern renovated and remodeled. The old floorboards was sanded and discreetly provided with white paint. The walls are in turn in white painted and cabinet and kitchenette designed in a very light wood look. Bright colors and straight lines in rectangular proportions and shapes visually enlarge small spaces and make them look more spacious and free. The right dimensions of the living areas have been given great attention and adapted to the dynamic life of contemporary people, so that every single centimeter is optimally used.

Optimize small apartment in Berlin

Small apartment -furnish-bathroom-tile-accent-blue-heater-mirror-loo

The only colorful accent in this small apartment is the handcrafted blue-glazed Art Nouveau tiles in the bathroom. This small apartment offers ample storage space for all the useful things a person needs in their everyday lives. They are housed in plain, rectangular wardrobes or hidden compartments without handles.

On 21 square meters and two levels integrate all the useful areas

Small apartment -furniture-floor-wood-white-simple-chandelier-berlin-rectangular

Practical kitchen unit in white and kitchen cabinets with light natural wood look

Small apartment-furnishing-kitchen-cook-stove-tile-wood-closets-window-heaters

Do without cabinet handles, additional parts and decoration

small-apartment-set-kitchen-sink-stove wood optics-hell-knows-oven-tiles

Rectangular furniture in bright colors visually enlarge a small room

small-apartment-set-hallway floor-white-closets-kitchen-tiles

Sharing high rooms in two levels

small-apartment-set-hallway floor-chandelier-white-wood cabinet-stair-level

Simple, modern staircase leads to the sleeping area

small-apartment-set-hallway floor-hallway-entrance-wood-cabinet-design-white

Built-in wardrobe and hidden compartments optimize the space in the small apartment

small-apartment-set-wood-stairs-and-white hallway floor-mirror-socket

small-apartment-set-wood-floor hallway-stair-cases-cabinet-Freezer units

In the sleeping area, a mattress can be set up

small-apartment-set-sleeping area-white-square-ceiling-light-design-white

View from the second level with sleeping area

small-apartment-set-second-level-wood-floor hallway-white-stairs-window-chandelier-cabinet

The only color accent – Glazed ceramic tiles in the bathroom


Small bathroom with shower cabin in white

small-apartment-set-bad-shower shower enclosure-window radiator

Reflecting and reflecting surfaces visually enlarge the space


Plan with room layout and dimensions of the Berlin apartment

small-apartment-set-one-bedroom apartment-plan-cut-grundriss

small-apartment-set-cut-on layout-plan-mass-details-architecture

small-apartment-set-plan-cut architecture-render-cut-stairs

30 interior design ideas for bedrooms – make the most of the small space

furnishing ideas for bedroom pedestal bed drawers steps wood panel wall

Ideally, an apartment or a house is extremely spacious and offers sufficient living space. But in fact it often looks completely different – lots of furniture, little space. Everyone certainly knows the problem with the small bedroom, or the one-room apartment – no matter how the furniture is rearranged, somehow it always looks crowded. Only one thing can help here – multifunctional pieces of furniture save space and make the room tidy and inviting. We have 30 for you Furnishing ideas for bedrooms and sleeping areas that you can put into your own home.

Interior design ideas for bedrooms – With these tips you save space and money

furnishing ideas for bedroom four beds high bed ladder day bed

If you do not have your own apartment / house then you may know the problem of moving house. Something that used to fit in the bedroom somehow does not fit inside anymore. A practical solution would be to opt for multifunctional furniture – it’s worth it in a loft bed with built-in bookcases, wardrobe or even Furnishing ideas for bedrooms Investing desk. The design is not only functional, it usually has easy assembly and you can transport the bed in parts. In the picture gallery you will find more with one loft bed ,

Bedroom Decorations – The folding Murphy bed is perfect for the one bedroom apartment

furnishing ideas for bedroom sofa bed carpet white shelf fold-out

The Murphy bed has become an increasingly popular piece of furniture in recent years. The functionality of the foldable bed is undisputed, but also in the area of ​​design scores the piece of furniture. The clear lines of the wall beds make them look more like a wall decoration. Other cool alternative is the extendable sofa / here you should pay particular attention to the quality, because this piece of furniture is used namely day and night and must be extremely resistant.

Bedroom and living room furniture in one

furnishing ideas for bedroom wohwand idea folding bed white modern

In the one-room apartment, where the kitchen, living room and bedroom are in one room, a good Murphy bed can be extremely handy. It combines the functions of bedroom and living room furniture in a compact, space-saving design. In addition to the pull-out bed are usually several shelves with or without closet doors, which have plenty of storage space. However, bedrooms and living rooms share a common area with a foldaway bed and there is no distinction between the two.

Set up a small bedroom

interior design ideas for bedroom nursery design modern ladder

Small bedrooms are often transformed into cozy children’s rooms, because the little ones do not need as much space as the adults. Even with several children, you can practically set up the small bedroom if it has a high ceiling. The beds can be designed in this case in two floors, which are connected by a ladder. This second level in the room can also be set up as a play area if it is too small for whole beds.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms – sleeping area in a small family home

Furnishing ideas for bedroom pull-out sofa staircase living room sleeping

For a small apartment practical interior design ideas are of central importance. With good planning and suitable furniture, even the small room can be made multifunctional. On the picture you can see an example of a living room furnished with a pull-out bed. After the bed is removed, the room is transformed into a bright bedroom.

Furnishing ideas for bedroom – folding bed

Youth room set up space-saving designer furniture

Multifunctional furniture is extremely practical because it combines different pieces of furniture in one design. The folding bed can not only be combined with a closet, but can also include a folding desk. This space-saving furnishing idea is perfect for a youth or student room.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms – the moving bed

Bedroom in a design original idea 3D project

Another way to hide the bed in the living room is in the ceiling. With an electric mechanism, the bed can be lowered in the evening and then put back in the ceiling in the morning. The ceiling is then designed so that even during the day, it can not be assumed that there is a bed there.

TV wall or Murphy bed? cozy sleeping area in the living room

space-saving interior design bookcase wall unit

Space-saving furniture is very popular, especially in big cities. There is often only a small living space and can benefit from multifunctional furniture. If the bedroom and living area are to share a room, the folding bed can also be hidden in a wall unit.

Exceptional, but very original Murphy bed

Furniture design bedroom wall shelf system laminate floor

Murphy beds are not always designed with a folding bed. Here’s another functional idea for space-saving design, where the bed can be stowed behind the inside of the cabinet. The bed can be taken off in the evening and then inserted again, just like a drawer.

Apartment – the bedroom is located under the roof

Cottage in the mountains space-saving designer solutions pitched roof gable roof

Penthouses are also characterized by a small living space and therefore require a space-saving facility. Since an attic usually has a high ceiling, the sleeping area can be designed on a second level. So the bed is located directly under the roof. In this case, however, you also need a ladder that leads to the sleeping area.

Modern and space-saving – loft bed with integrated cupboard

Kitchen set up ideas space saving designer ideas loft bed built-in wardrobe

Here you can see an example of a small apartment on two levels. The sleeping area is directly above the kitchen and has a built-in cupboard. Although all living areas in this apartment are in one room, there is a clear demarcation in between.

Furnishing ideas for bedroom above the living room

Bedroom bed super original sliding upwards

In this example, the bedroom and living room are again designed in a room with the sleeping area above the living area. However, in this case, the living room furniture is placed on a lower level so that the bed completely covers it. The different colors for the furniture and the lighting create a completely different atmosphere in both areas, even though they are in the same room.

Bedroom design in the loft apartment

set up ideas loft bed metal frame armchair armchair stool

The interior design ideas for bedroom in an attic are simply endless. If the ceiling is high enough, it is recommended to arrange the sleeping area on a second level to keep the privacy. Be inspired by our other ideas for space-saving bedroom furnishings!

Sofa modern designer furniture ideas wall shelf built-in

Bedside table cool design real wood furniture mattress gray

Furnishing ideas Sleeping area Wardrobe minimalist studio set up

set up four siblings bunk beds storage box

Design sofa Murphy bed small room set up limited living space

Designer furniture white wall shelf system modern stylish

pull-out sofa design gray color natural fabrics upholstery

Ideas small studio high ceiling pink decoration pieces

Wardrobe below wood bed frame washbasin design ideas

cool design bed high above entrance bookshelves system

Staircase ideas incorporated space-saving functional

set up ideas flooring wooden girl pink curtains pattern

Ideas space saving bed closet folding boys

Carpet two beds cupboard desk shelf

Wall design bookshelves desk nursery design

Set up a small apartment – 30 ideas for optimal use of space

Small apartment set up - one-room apartment-turntable -tv

In metropolises and student cities it often happens that only 15 to 35 m2 of living space are available to accommodate everything you need to live or study. Skilful room planning and flexible furniture allow optimal use of the narrow spaces. You can use your tips set up a small apartment and improve your living comfort.

Small apartment set up – flexible, practical, smart

Small apartment furnish -hell-folding bed-one-room apartment

Investing in multi-functional, flexible furniture is the first thing you can do with the Establishment of a small apartment must think. Large furniture stores offer clever furniture that brings together multiple functions in one and will certainly save you a lot of space. Folding tables, chairs and even beds can be converted in no time. With a bit of manual skill and a certain amount of creativity, you can build a lot yourself.

Small apartment set up – light and lighting

Small apartment set up -grey-schlciht-reflective-surface

Natural light should be the first priority, especially in small spaces. Large, floor to ceiling windows with curtains in light color, if necessary also opaque, visually enlarge the room. Combined with light nuances such as white, light gray or beige, this creates a fresh, inviting atmosphere and the small room looks more friendly and tempting.

Set up a small apartment – Reflective surfaces

Small apartment furnish -reflecting-surface-mirror-modern

When looking for a suitable furnishing for the small apartment you should refrain from dark colors and contrasting designs. Choose a color palette and use small accents of wood, glass, metal or in contrasting colors. The simple, practical design is best suited for the furniture in this case, with reflective, glossy surfaces that reflect the light and make the room look brighter.

Small apartment set up – lighting

Set up small apartment -visual-separation-area-terracotta-tiles

Each apartment has a different lighting requirement. For example, a subtle lighting is desired in the bedroom. Thus, mostly night lights and perhaps a harmonious, indirect lighting next to the wardrobe from. On the other hand, in the kitchen much more light is needed – above the work surface, above the dining table, etc. This allows the apartment to be separated in an unobtrusive way.

Small apartment set up – Separate bedroom and living room design

Small apartment furnish -wood wallcovering-bed-futon bed

If possible, try to completely or partially remove the partitions to allow for direct light. Several small areas or niches together form a large whole. In many cases, however, a division is desired, but can be made possible by the Einrichtungsschema or the color design. Another option would be to separate the apartment with room dividers or flexible partitions.

Small apartment set up – built-in furniture and sliding doors

small-apartment-set-sliding door-functional-indirect-lighting

In a one-room apartment you basically do all the activities in the same room. In order to make optimum use of the available space, functional, custom-made built-in furniture is the optimal solution. This does not waste a centimeter. The sliding doors also help to gain a few centimeters.

Small apartment – No room for a real bed – A folding bed is the solution

small-apartment-set-folding bed-modern-simple

The living room works as a bedroom and guest room at the same time. Often there are also worked. To bring everything under one roof, clever and quickly convertible furniture is announced. Folding beds, sofa beds and bookshelves that can easily be converted into a desk not only save space but also provide better living comfort.

Small apartment set up – high ceiling


If there is little living space, but a high ceiling is available, then you just have to take advantage of the height. Customized designs that divide the space horizontally and create a usable second level are perfect solutions for any small apartment.

Small apartment set up – Modern one-room house

small-apartment-set-house-thiny-modern bay window

Just as there are one-room apartments, there are also one-room houses – never heard of it? A two-storey house, where there are no separate rooms and a glass wall is made entirely of glass, can be quickly built according to the principle of prefabricated and container houses.

Small apartment set up – white tones

small-apartment-set-and-white picture windows-hell-house-container

The small one-room house ensures a high level of living comfort. Kitchen, living area and bathroom are located on the ground floor and merge into each other. The upper floor is much lower and there is a sleeping bed, and a built-in wardrobe on one side lengths.

Small apartment set up – white shades and glass


The interior is completely decorated in white shades. Elements made of glass and metal set chic accents. Reflective surfaces such as glass, chrome and high gloss visually increase the space.

Set up a small apartment – reduce furniture


Small rooms are more chaotic and cluttered when personal items are lying around. While it is true that deco and all home accessories revive the living space, but even large rooms are quickly filled, if you put the usual furnishings inside. Fresh green plants have a very positive and invigorating effect without attracting attention and also improve the room atmosphere.

Small apartment set up – vintage flair and white walls

small-apartment-set-and-white vintage Scandinavian chic

Although not quite typical, old-style apartments can be cut very narrow. You can not do much, but you can do a lot. The walls, and if possible the furniture, must be white. Bright, neutral shades of gray and beige are also allowed. Let the flooring be the same in all areas. This little trick divides the space into two horizontal levels.

Small apartment set up – Simple, modern Scandinavian


In the small apartment only such furniture should find a place that is functional and very reduced designed. Fitted wardrobes with a simple design in light colors, preferably in white, and cabinet fronts without handles seem to be a good solution.

Set up a small apartment – cleverly use wall motifs

small-apartment-set-wallpaper-fitted wardrobe-doors sliding-wall pattern

Built-in wardrobes or built-in wardrobes with sliding doors are the best choice for storage in small homes. From a design point of view, it is advisable to use the entire room height so that an almost invisible storage space can be created. Pastel-colored wallpaper or a simple wallcovering are ideal for attractive wall decoration.

Small apartment set up – spiral staircase leads to the bedroom and bathroom


If height differences are to be compensated, a spiral staircase is the possible solution. This optimizes the available space and the individual areas can be reached without detours. Thus, the modern and functional spiral staircase made of stainless steel becomes a designer accent in the home.

Small apartment set up – shadow play with light and dark

small-apartment-set-bedroom-bathroom-glass railing Dark

The upper level is intended for the bedroom and bathroom. The glass railing provides a view of the lower living area.

Set up a small apartment – no space for stairs, then use a ladder

small-apartment-set-modern-skandinaviosch-white-high bed

When setting up a small apartment, you should be aware that compromises must be made. If there is not enough room for an internal staircase or if it is not included in the blueprint, it can be replaced by a ladder.

Set up a small apartment – Simply build a loft bed or a full second floor

small-apartment-set-optimize-space-low high-ceiling-wire

Wooden ladders have a wide variety of designs. You do not even have to be new. The old ladder from the farm barn can be transformed very smartly and creatively, when the wood prevails in the rest of the facility. Otherwise, this ladder can serve as an independent accent in the home.

Set up a small apartment – make the best use of the sloping roof


Sloping ceilings are certainly not so popular with tall people, but they can be wonderfully exploited. The space under the slope quickly becomes a wonderful way to store clothes and other items. Depending on the degree of angle, even the sleeping bed can be accommodated there.

Set up a small apartment – every niche can be used


Embedded in the wall niches and projections provide elegant for the autonomy of the living areas. In addition, they can be perfectly converted into built-in wardrobes. This is also possible with a curtain or a sliding door.

Small apartment set up – Filigrane spiral staircase

small-apartment-set-vintage-white-stairs-spiral staircase

A filigree spiral staircase like this one can also be installed afterwards. Color-matched to the wall behind it, it is a subtle implementation of the idea of ​​a small apartment on two levels.

Small apartment set up – Problem number 1 .: The lack of storage space

small-apartment-set-Storage-clever-high bed-wood

You can build a full second level and place a normal low double bed there. The space underneath can be cleverly designed as a wardrobe or, if room height permits, even the bathroom can be accommodated.

Clever ideas for setting up a small apartment

small-apartment-set-save space-clever-wood

Drawer compartments integrated in the second level steps create additional storage space. Multifunctional furniture optimizes the limited space and leaves the chaos behind closed doors.

Small apartment set up – multiple functions in one


Open shelves are not recommended in the small apartment. Airy curtains can also be used in place of sliding doors in addition to their usual dimming function. Thus, the wardrobe is not visible in the bedroom, if this is also used as a workplace.

Small apartment set up – idea for a housing conversion


To separate the only available space without wasting valuable space, large pieces of furniture such as sideboards, shelves or living walls can be used as partitions. In addition, they provide ample storage space.

Small apartment set up – optimize one-room apartment


In order not to obscure the small apartment with less light, the room planners have opted for a rather unconventional solution. In the middle of the room a kitchen and bath are accommodated in one unit. The construction extends the length of the room and can be reached from both sides.

Set up a small apartment – Movable modular system

small-apartment-set-sliding door system-wood-easy-module

Studio apartments have always been a challenge for interior designers and architects. The subject occupies the professionals and they develop amazing multifunctional built-in furniture that rearranges the living zones in no time. Combinations and compilations fascinate with their practical use and offer unlimited possibilities of use.

Small apartment set up – all-in-one system

small-apartment-set-sliding door system-wood-bedsitting

Here, the living areas are arranged vertically by an all-in-one system and can be made larger or smaller as needed. The individual modules can be moved like moving walls, partially folded or unfolded and used appropriately. On both sides of the room are the bathroom and the fitted kitchen.

Modern bathroom design – tile for small bathroom

modern bathroom design-tile-small-bathroom-gray-white-window-plain

For the modern bathroom design There are some tricks and tips that can visually increase a smaller bathroom. It’s about optimizing the space as much as possible so that no space is lost. Some ideas can be without modification or achieve great effort. Above all, you have to plan well in advance and put some money into the renovation of the bathroom.

Modern bathroom design – tile for small bathroom

modern bathroom design -tile-small-bathroom-bamboo-floor-bathtub

The natural light is an important prerequisite, so that the bathroom appears nicely spacious. Remove all this from the window, which limits the natural lighting and darkens the room unnecessarily. Reflective surfaces such as mirrors or shiny tiles with a shimmer effect reflect the light and are also easy to clean. Glass doors of the shower cubicle and generous mirrored walls or cabinet doors with mirrors deceive the eye and the exact idea of ​​where the beginning and the end of the room are.

Modern bathroom design – a spacious little bathroom

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-gold-mirror-silver mosaic

The modern bathroom design is characterized by bright colors that visually stretch the room. Bright and natural pastel colors visually enlarge the bathroom. It is best to paint the walls in white or tone on tone with the basic color of the tiles. Smaller, white rooms, which are poor in light, only look gray and do not look pleasant. Bring more cosiness and a sense of life in the interior design by integrating some green. Small plants, towels or a bath mat in pistachio green are well suited.

Mirrored walls and shelves in the niches optimize the small space

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-cabinet-shelves-concrete-gray

The tiles do not necessarily have to be monochrome. Vertical lines in a different color or lagged details stretch the bathroom visually. Avoid the sharp contrasts and pay attention to the right direction. Rather longer and narrower spaces require finer and elongated details and patterns. For square bathrooms or those that have girders, niches and more than just the typical four corners, the patterns should be avoided. Instead, optically separate the floor from the walls with tiles of a darker color, such as gray. Take advantage of every niche and place in it a small cabinet or open shelves.

Sliding glass doors make for a dry and spacious bathroom

modern bathroom design -tile-small-bathroom-glass-sliding-door-light-white

Place the pattern next to the light source

modern bathroom design tile small bathroom mosaic blue gray window light

Reflective surfaces and tiles deceive the eye and visually enlarge the bathroom

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-mirror-puzzled-glass-surfaces

Look for smaller and smaller bathroom accessories

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-beige-sink-narrow-white

Shades of gray for the floor and clear, simple bathroom furniture

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-gray-small-white

Choose natural colors for your bathroom

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-hollow space-optimize-Badewane

Plants bring life into any room

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-coffee-tulip-color-plant

Colored details such as towels and bath rugs refresh the white bathroom

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-green-plain-white-straight-lines

Well combined contrasts can also work in the small bathroom

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-pattern-mirror-black-reflective

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-sliding-door-and-white scwarz

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-plain-mirror-glass-komode

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-hatch-shower-glass-bright

modern bathroom design tiles-small-bathroom-black-white-optics

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-mirror-green-mosaic

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-batulpe-beige-sand-color-glass

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-white-washing-machine-glass-doors

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-cherish hold-retro look

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-closets-and-white curtain

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-mirror-in-mirrors-vouchers

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-black-yellow-mullioned window