43 Designer Sofas – ideas for your new favorite place in the living room

contemporary sofa DO LO REZ designer ron arad moroso

Large comfortable sofas or small modular sofas with simple shapes. These Designer sofas could be the new favorite place in your modern living room. A modern designer sofa is more than a creative idea. New materials are tested and designed in various forms. These models provoke feelings, thoughts and turn into real eye-catchers in the room. In addition to familiar forms, we find new ones unusual looks that impress with their simplicity. Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Patricia Urquiola and Zaha Hadid are just a few of the recognized designers who designed these precious pieces.

Designer sofas – play with colors and shapes

sofa black linear modern VICTORY Cory Big estel

Large, soft, feather-filled seats, ergonomic backrests and plenty of cushions give you the comfort you want. The choice of shapes and modules is so great that the decision would be difficult. The modular sofas can be combined in many ways, as the middle and side panels with or without armrests are very versatile. Monochromatic colors that the interesting shapes highlight, or colorful fabrics that attract attention immediately?

Designer sofas for the modern furnishing style

sofa design modular sofa TUFTY TOO patricia urquiola bb italia

FLEX by René Šulc & Daria Podboj

sofa design side tables wood FLEKS Rene sulc Daria Podboj mminterier

large upholstered sofa by Roche Bobois


Private from Asnaghi

armchair sofa high backrest privacy table asnaghi

PIXEL by Sergio Bicego

upholstered sofa modern living room PIXEL Sergio Bicego saba

EXTRASOFT by Piero Lissoni

upholstery sofa white EXTRASOFT Piero Lissoni living divani

Nomade sofa by Mantelassi

nomade sofa modern living room cream color coat

Kivas by Karim Rashid

modular sofa pink color KIVAS karim rachid valdicienti


modular sofa orange green ZITELEMENTEN modu

CHROMATIQUE Sofa by Kwok Hoa Chan

modular sofa modern living CHROMATIQUE 1970 steiner-paris

Sofa by Ferruccio Laviani for Molteni

modular sofa modern white modern living room Ferruccio Laviani molteni

modular sofa modern design TUFTY TIME patricia bb italia

modular sofa colorful backrest living room gama furniture nomada

modular sofa gray JOE Lievore Altherr Molina verzelloni

modular sofa linear modern BORA BORA Cazzaniga Munteanu

modular sofa gray PASSEPARTOUT Arc en ciel adele c

modular sofa cream modular erba ALTROVE

modern sofa pillow modern design slim belta

modern sofa cushion gray Antonio Citterio flexform modern designer sofas white upholstered ds 600 de sede

modern sofa design Noe Duchaufour Lawranceo ottoman

contemporary modular sofa PEANUT Mauro Lipparini bonaldo

ligne roset contemporary sofa black MALHOUN Didier Gomez

Designer sofas leather white Jean Nouvel molteni skin

leather sofa capitular modular TUFTY TIME patricia bb italia

HUGO leather sofa modular sofa brown gamma international

HIGHLANDS sofa design back rest red Patricia Urquiola moroso

large sofa upholstered brown cushion desiree divani GLOW iN Marc Sadler

corner sofa shelf white PLAT Manzoni Tapinassi arketipo

Corner sofa modern lean white INSULA Luca Scacchetti mariani

corner sofa cream living room MALHOUN Didier Gomez ligne roset

designer sofas fur padding colorful Fernando Humberto Campana cipria edra

designer sofas modular sofa white ANYWAY bodema

designer sofas modular elements COCOON Mauro Lipparini arflex

designer sofas interesting form ZEPHYR zaha hadid cassina

designer sofas ideas modern FADO Wim Segers indera

designer sofa corner sofa orange ADN Ramón Esteve joquer

designer sofa gray big ALLNEW Francesco Rota paola lenti

designer sofa shape red KOOCHY Karim Rashid zanotta

modular sofa design ZLIQ ISLAND marcel wanders moooi designer sofa shape blue white PIERCE Karim Rashid soft line designer sofa ideas SLICED Frederik Van Heereveld feek

75 cool ideas for designer sofas with unique shapes and colors

deadgood capsule cool ideas for modern sofa design

These cool ideas for modern Designer sofas are the perfect device for an innovative and unusual interior , Look at these original designs with unusual combinations of shapes and colors and be inspired to furnish your modern living room.

The modern designer sofas from B & B Italia

bandb moon system cool ideas for modern sofa design

The cool one Designer sofas from the Italian furniture manufacturer B & B Italia are the perfect example of a modern and innovative living room interior. The aerodynamic shapes look simple and original at the same time and are available in different bright colors. Particularly striking are the Moon System series by Zaha Hadid, the yellow Serie Up Sofa and the Love Papilio Armchair.

The yellow Serie Up Sofa by BB Italia

bbitalia serieup cool ideas for modern sofa design

The chic Love Papilia designer armchair

bb italia love papilia cool ideas for modern sofa design

Original designer sofas by Felicerossi refresh the interior

felicerossi krysalis cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modern Designer sofas from the Italian furniture manufacturer Felice Rossi are another highlight in innovative furniture design. The wave lines and simple lines are typical of these elegant sofa designs. The black Krysalis design by Karim Rashid is suitable not only for the living room but also for the modern office. The Mumble Couch with its spacious seat brings comfort and elegance and the Panorama Sofa impresses with its tectonic motifs.

The modular Mumble Sofa by Felicerossi

felicerossi mumble cool ideas for modern sofa design

The panoramic sofa with tectonic pattern

felicerossi panorama cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modular sofascape design by Yamermalta

yamermalta sofascape cool ideas for designer sofas

Black sofa with wave shape by Walter Knoll

walter knoll circle cool ideas for designer sofas

Interesting couch design by Vivero

vivero hanabi cool ideas for designer sofas

The black honeycomb leather sofa by Versace

versace honeycomb cool ideas for designer sofas

Red sofa design by Vanden

vanden rustlust cool ideas for designer sofas

The Misterb design by Swan

swan misterb cool ideas for designer sofas

Modular sofa system from Steininger

steininger wohnhaus cool ideas for designer sofas

Beige leather sofa by Steiner

steiner rivol cool ideas for designer sofas

Corner sofa in green nuances by Steiner

steiner chromatique cool ideas for designer sofas

The colorful Hip Hop design by Caliaitalia

caliaitalia hiphop cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Offseat Sofa by Sphaus

sphaus offseat cool ideas for designer sofas

Pierce in blue and white from Softline

softline pierce cool ideas for designer sofas

The Whale Collection by Silverplana

silverplana whale cool ideas for modern sofa design

The landscape couch of Saporiti

saporiti landscape cool ideas for modern sofa design

Round swing design by Rulic

rulic swing cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Ora Ito design by Roche Bobois

Roche bobois ora ito cool ideas for modern sofa design

Geometric shapes of Quinze Milan

quinze milan sofa02 cool ideas for modern sofa design

Printed sofa by Purcell Living

purcell living cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Purple Satellite Design by PSM

psm satellite cool ideas for modern sofa design

The cool 002 sofa by Prooff

prooff 002 cool ideas for modern sofa design

Transparent design by Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau Ghostfield cool ideas for modern sofa design

The orange Evo sofa by Nolen Niu

nolen niu evo cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modular design of Moroso

moroso misfits cool ideas for modern sofa design

moroso dolorez cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Skin Design by Moltenic

moltenic skin cool ideas for modern sofa design

Sofa Designs by MMInterier

mminterier sss cool ideas for modern sofa design

miminterier amadeo cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Nuvolone series from Mimo

mimo nuvolone couch cool ideas for modern sofa design

mimo nuvolone cool ideas for modern sofa design

The luminous sofa by Meritalia

meriatalia via lattea cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Audrey design by Lucia Peixoto

lucia peixoto audrey cool ideas for modern sofa design

The rattan collection by Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue Rapunzel Cool Ideas for Modern Sofa Design

The Easy One Sofas by Ici Et La

ici et la easy one two cool ideas for modern sofa design

icietla easy one cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Summertime bench model

gufram summertime cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modular sofa design by Fredericia

fredericia seracs cool ideas for modern sofa design

Green Formoza sofa design

filippo ghezzani formoza cool ideas for modern sofa design

The unusual sofas by Feek

Feek sliced ​​cool ideas for modern sofa design

feek layer cool ideas for modern sofa design

Black sofa by Established and Sons

establishedandsons quilt cool ideas for modern sofa design

Red couch designs by Edra

edra tatlin cool ideas for modern sofa design

edra flap cool ideas for modern sofa design

Colorful Edra plush sofa

edra cipria cool ideas for modern sofa design

minimalist design by Driade

driade grandp pile cool ideas for modern sofa design

Futuristic sofa in metal look by Draenert

draenert europe cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modern sofas from Domodinamica

domodinamica scuba cool ideas for modern sofa design

domodinamica hotdog cool ideas for modern sofa design

Red leather sofa by Desfomia

desfomia amphora cool ideas for modern sofa design

Minimalist design in pink by Derin

Derin cut cool ideas for modern sofa design

The yellow hug sofa from De La Espada

dela espada hug cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Disfatto Design by D3CO

d3co disfatto cool ideas for modern sofa design

The brown peel sofa by Council Design

council design peel cool ideas for modern sofa design

Purple sofa of Colombo styles

colombo styles purple cool ideas for modern sofa design

The blue Odin sofa by Classicon

classicon odin cool ideas for modern sofa design

Origami couch in beige by Cattelan

cattelan origami cool ideas for modern sofa design

Interesting sofa by Cassina

cassina gaetano pesce cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modern interior by Capellini

capellini basket cool ideas for modern sofa design

The funky sofa of Calia

calia funky cool ideas for modern sofa design

Green sofa from Brühl

brühl mosspink cool ideas for modern sofa design

Geometric design in pink and white from Bruehl

brühl bridge cool ideas for modern sofa design

Couch by Bliard Creations

bliard creations couch cool ideas for modern sofa design

Elegant sofa design by Bizzotto

bizzotto 694 cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Carrera Sofa by BBB Emebonancina

bbb emebonancina carrera cool ideas for modern sofa design

The elegant private sofa collection

asnaghi private cool ideas for modern sofa design

Square sofa by Arflex

arflex square cool ideas for modern sofa design

Tukama Sofa by Antidiva

antidiva tukama cool ideas for modern sofa design

Sofa in dark purple by Alias

aka flexus cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Charming Design by Adele C

Adele C Charming cool ideas for designer sofas

Via www.archiexpo.com

Cool design upholstered sofas from Oruga – Lightweight, versatile and comfortable

modern upholstered furniture white corner sofa modular green carpet

The cool Design upholstered sofas from Oruga are characterized by a modern and ergonomic design and are designed to provide the highest level of comfort to the customer. The Oruga team wanted to solve two problems – to reduce the weight of the sofa and to maintain a clean aesthetics. without storing loose pillows.

Design upholstered sofas with a light construction

oruga concept lighter standard 3 seater sofa

In the manufacturing process, materials were chosen that greatly reduce the weight of the sofa. An Oruga sofa weighs only 36 kg compared to a standard 3-seater 95 kg sofa. Neither wood nor metal was used for the collection, only soft padding with high-density foam, silicone and acrylic fibers. These fabrics also require easy cleaning. The customizable backrests and sizes also cater for the required comfort. The Oruga sofas do without the decorative pillows and keep their clean, neat look.

Design upholstered sofas – modern and ergonomic

corner sofa white modular white upholstery oruga

You can customize your sofa individually, with countless design options available to you. Hundreds of dimensions, a wide range of textures and colors, decorative buttons, stitching and zippers – you can customize all the elements exclusively to your needs. On request, you can also have your name or a nice saying embroidered.

Upholstered armchair with footstool

armchair stool upholstery orange modern design

Upholstery with graffiti pattern

corner sofa upholstery graffiti drawings modern living room

Oruga Outdoor Collection

design upholstery oruga white cafe del mar girona spain

soft and easy-care upholstery

upholstered sofa oruga concept corner sofa light blue jade

a wide range of colors and fabrics

pouf armchair upholstery red oruga concept easily

High Density Foam

armchair white modern esign oruga concept

3-seater upholstered sofa

design upholstered sofas oruga comfort modern orange

oruga sofa 2-seater black upholstered modern

3 seater sofa green comfortably upholstery without pillows

design upholstered sofas oruga white decor pillow colorful

modern sofa sets oruga upholstery brown beige modular

outdoor sofas oruga concept roll mattresses

3 seater upholstered sofa modern brown cream fabrics

2-seater upholstered sofa oruga purple orange comfortably light

upholstered sofa-oruga-coconut-cream-green-design

upholstered sofa three-seat patchwork colorful popperisimo Upholstery sofa set modular colorful oruga concept upholstered sofa modular comfortable easily oruga xxl timeout design corner sofa upholstery set armchair lime green oruga design upholstered sofa large modular oruga blue green

The modular leather sofas from DITRE Italia

modular leather sofa by Ditre

If you are looking for “flexible” furniture that fits together as a large group due to its modular design elements, then you can be very interested in these furniture. You have made a decision about a great inner open concept for your home, where they are able to create functionality and style. It’s one of those special design ideas that allow us to arrange things with just a few steps.

Close look

modular leather sofa from Ditre -detail

The best part is that you actually Your modular leather sofas best positioned on your seat by positioning the elements. It’s really easy to fit your seating areas with these new, beautiful ones modular leather sofas from DITRE Italia delineate. They are perfect especially for open spaces that need a little direction. The modular elements of this asymmetric sofa include two- and three-seater sofas, a square and a triangular stool and a central, left and right-handed seat. The oblique cushions allow you to place in any combination in any size groups with the same comfort and style accommodate. They are dressed in supple leather and look ultra-luxurious, so they will make a mesmerizing impression on your guests and visitors.

modular leather sofa

modular leather sofa by Ditre in black

Detail from the modular leather sofa

Big cuddly sofas – “Corbeille” sofa by Edra

Big cuddly sofas - Corbeille by Edra

The sofas are important pieces of furniture in our house. It is the ideal place to chat with some friends in the living room or just relax while watching TV. You can now change the functionality and look of your living room. You can vary from minimalist modern design to a classic design, but here is something special.

The cuddly sofas are by Francesco Binfaré for Edra designed. These comfortable sofas will surely grab your attention. ” Corbeille ‘ is a soft sofa with a design that offers more comfort through some extra large sofa cushions. The frame consists of a mesh of metal pipes. This metal fabric forms a basket shape that enhances the flexibility of the elegant piece. The frame and the cushions are in the same color and you can choose if you want fabric or leather.

Corbeille sofa by Edra in black

Big cuddly sofas - Corbeille by Edra - black

The great cuddly sofa “Corbeille” Guaranteed comfort and classic style in your home, so this choice sounds like a good decision. Fabrics and leather underline the contrast between the unusual rigid frame and the cozy upholstery. The “Corbeille” sofa is offered in 4 widths, from the compact 118cm to the massive 305cm.

Cozy sofa Corbeille

Big cuddly sofa by Edra

Native oasis of well-being through XXL sofas – Cozy, soft and cuddly

XXL Sofas taupe-gray-living-room-wall-design-led-light-niche

Nothing says nice “welcome home” than the feeling of falling on a cozy couch and relaxing. The trend is towards the largest possible sofa landscape, the XXL sofas. What makes the huge reclining and seating furniture so attractive and what must be considered when purchasing?

The living room as a haven and oasis of well-being through XXL sofas

XXL Sofas light gray-l-shape chaise longue-soft-padded

The living room has always been the center of attention for the whole family. Everyone meets here to watch movies, watch TV, play video games, or play together reading corner to enjoy a good book. The furnishings of this oasis in the middle of the apartment or in the house has changed over time over and over again. Where just a few years ago the massive extension wall had its place, now hangs the smart TV. And the upholstered furniture also goes with the times. The seating area from armchairs and couch has now become obsolete. The latest trend is the XXL sofas.

Bigger is better – dreamlike XXL sofas for the living room

XXL sofas imitation leather-gray-l-shape-chaise-longue-blue-accents

XXL sofas take up a lot of space and are therefore particularly suitable for larger living areas. They are extremely comfortable and offer space for all who want to sit down. Whether it’s a women’s evening with friends, champagne and favorite series, or sports evening with beer and chips. Even for children, the huge seating landscapes are ideal. They can move freely, climb, lie or sit between the adults. The special feature of the XXL sofas Of course, that’s their size and often the depth. With a width of 3 to 5 meters and up to three meters long side parts with a seat depth of up to one and a half meters, the pieces of furniture seem imposing and invite you to settle down. The advantage of size is above all that everyone finds space , No more stowing of stools and chairs to expand the round. And even heavier visitors do not have to worry about settling on the soft but very sturdy XXL sofa. Giant sofas with a sleeping function provide planned or spontaneous overnight guests additional space for a restful sleep.

Purchase of a large XXL sofa

xxl sofas-soft dark gray-l-form chaiselongue-wood furniture white-walls

A great deal of XXL sofas with or without sleeping function can be found at the online retailer www.lifestyle4living.de , However, if you want to put a big sofa in the living area, you should keep in mind that the XXL couch often occupies an entire wall and, once set up, can be difficult to move. Therefore, before ordering the sofa, take not only the dimensions of the living room but also the dimensions of the door frames and the house door. So that the couch can also be delivered to the living area without any problems during delivery. When measuring the living room, please do not forget to include a little more space so that you can comfortably walk around the sofa or clean the floors and furniture all around. Associated coffee tables should also be slightly larger than conventional sofas to make everyone happy. Lighting concepts should be planned in such a way that nobody has to sit in the dark, so ideally mounted above the sofa landscape. Then that is Living area ready for cozy family evenings and great parties with friends.

XXL sofa with bed function

XXL Sofas sleeping function-bed function-dark blue-upholstered

XXL sofa bed with bed box

XXL Sofas bed-box-l-shape-chaise-longue-black

Luxury designer sofas for the living room from Italy

luxury designer sofas from italy stripe motif

In this items it’s about the fabulous Designer sofas designed by Italian manufacturer B & B. The different pictures of the fantastic designs show how well all sofa models fit different interior design. Whether super modern, minimalist or traditional, every luxury sofa fits the appropriate style of furnishing.

The color characteristics of the designer sofas

luxury sofas from italy mutually

All these models and combinations of Designer sofas are in a great environment. The preferred background colors are mainly in neutral tones. That gives that room a feeling for width and more space. So the sofas are actually the accents in this interior. They are color coordinated with the room decor, but are also of great importance for the good interior appearance. Every designer sofa stands out for different reasons.

Designer sofa with black and white stripes

luxury designer sofas from Italy stripes

The color of the sofa is the main reason for its conspicuousness. This is an example, as the subtle collision between the radiant sofa colors and the neutral furnishing colors creates a vibrancy and vitality and a connection between forms, quantity and space. Red corresponds to gray or white to black. In another room, the neutral furnishing colors are enlivened by the black and white stripes of the sofa.

Luxury designer sofas in different groupings

luxury sofas from Italy l shape

Most of these modern sofa facilities are modular. This feature allows more flexibility in interior design. The Designer sofas look especially inviting when they are designed in L shape. This creates a nice cozy atmosphere and a cozy corner after coming home from a long day at work.

Sofa grouping in gray tones

luxury sofas from italy gray tones

On the pictures is also a upholstered stool to see, which can also be a part of the sofa grouping, or can be regarded as a beautiful individual device. You can also traditionally set up your sofa along the wall with separate seating around it to avoid formality.

Purple colored designer sofa with upholstered stool

luxury sofas from italy purple color

The advantage of this modern Designer sofas This is because it can be refurbished several times, so your living room interior is never boring.

White sofa with black and white motifs

luxury designer sofas from italy black white

Sofa in dark red with modern design

luxury sofas from italy dark red

Cool designer sofas in vibrant colors by Bretz Brothers and Riva

Showcase modern round sofas – 50 examples

Round sofas modern-living-room-anthracite-white-round-coffee-table

According to the Feng Shui doctrine, circular shapes in a house are a symbol of wealth and well-being. Follow this philosophy and continue with the theme ” Round shapes “Continue by placing a round sofa in your living room. Semicircles and round sofas are not only comfortable, but would also create a harmonious mood in the room. Learn how to set up and decorate a modern living room with a round sofa.

Round sofas for the modern living room

Round sofas modern-white-carpet-black-white-round-glass-coffee-table

Furniture selection and furnishings

1. Select furniture that follows the lines of the sofa. For example, chairs with curved arms and backrests and round or oval coffee tables.

2. First, find the perfect place for your sofa and arrange the rest of the furniture around it. Although it would fit nicely in the corner of the room, do not be afraid to put the furniture off the wall if you want to set up a room with a round sofa. Put the sofa in front of a fireplace or a large TV.

3. Place the coffee table, side tables and chairs around the couch to create a comfortable sitting area. Follow the curve of the sofa.

Round sofas available in many colors

round-sofas-modern taupe leather upholstery and natural stone wall-high-gloss sideboard

Carpets and art

1. Choose round carpets to positively influence the Feng Shui energy for prosperity. With rugs you can also bring color and texture into the room.

2. Frame works of art or family pictures in round rather than rectangular picture frames. Round wall mirrors with decorative frames are another great idea for living room decor.

Home accessories and accents

Round sofas modern-light-gray-white-coffee-table-round-pillow-silver-gloss

1. Buy home accessories in round shapes. For example, round rather than straight vases and round baskets, where you can store remote controls and other small items.

2. Change the hardware of all pieces of furniture that have straight lines. Buy round buttons and handles to match these furniture to the theme.

semicircular sofa with matching armchair and stool

Round sofas modern-white-coffee-tables-metal-gloss-purple-pillows

modern living room in natural colors

Round sofas modern-light-gray-metal-feet-green-pillow-round-coffee-table

white semicircular sofa and two round side tables from each side

Round sofas modern-white-metal-side-table-standing-light

modular sofa placed around a rug

Round sofas modern cream modular round shaggy carpet white coffee table

Combine brown and green in the living room

Round sofas-modern-brown-green-round-rug

Console table with wooden top behind the sofa

round-sofas-modern-brown-console-table-wood board-coffee table-glass plate

white semicircular sofa and red round rug

round-sofas-modern-white-round-red carpet-

beige semicircular sofa

round-sofas-modern-beige-rectangular-brown carpet-

gray carpet and cylindrical side table

round-sofas-modern-black-metal coffee table-around

gray is announced in the modern living room

round-sofas-modern-gray-fireplace wall-wood floor

Luxury living room in black and white


semicircular sofa by Roche Bobois

round-sofas-modern-white-roche-bobois-low-round-coffee tables-glass

two low asymmetric coffee tables in wood look

round-sofas-modern-white-low-wood-coffee tables

round sofa with spiral backrest

round-sofas-modern-red-spiral-TATLIN Mario Cananzi

Tatlin Sofa designed by Mario Cananzi

round-sofas-modern-spiral-backrest-red TATLIN Mario Cananzi

Sofa FLY by G. Gualtierotti

round-sofas-modern-white-FLY-G Gualtierotti

semicircular sofa on the terrace

round-sofas-modern-terrace-white-yellow pillows

round-sofas-modern-terrace-rattan round-hearth-travertine tiles

round-sofa-rattan-terrace-modular-beige-seat cushion

round-sofas-modern-taupe-purple carpet-kaminofen-flower pattern

round-sofas-modern-taupe-FLY-G Gualtierotti quota-Div-della-Dema

round-sofas-modern-taupe-gray-FLY-G Gualtierotti

round-sofas-modern beige shaggy carpet-glass-side tables

round-sofas-modern-roche-bobois-white-taupe-purple pillows

round-sofas-modern-white-living room-kitchen-wood-wet bar

round-sofas-modern-rose-gray-shaggy carpet-

round-sofas-modern-orange-oval-gray-carpet-white-coffee table

round-sofas-modern-orange-frame-behind illuminated Round carpet-

round-sofas-modern modular-cream pillow-pastel-round-coffee tables-marble-optics

round-sofas-modern-purple-purple-wall design-concrete-optics


round-sofas-modern-leather upholstery-ottoman-coffee table

round-sofas-modern-leather-ecru-dark-wood floor Round-coffee table-white-orchid

round-sofas-modern-light gray Round-coffee table-padded

round-sofas-modern-light gray-gray-carpet-black-side table

round-sofas-modern-light gray-upholstery-emerald-green carpet

round-sofas-modern-light gray-dark blue carpet-round-glass-wood-coffee table

round-sofas-modern-green-coffee table-wood-mural-deep

Round sofas modern-gray-round-wall-mirror-metal-deco

round-sofas-modern-black-round-carpet-wood-coffee table

round-sofas-modern-black-green-pillows-wooden-coffee table-fireplace wall

round-sofas-modern bay-window-Oval-coffee table

round-sofas-modern ecru-residential wall-wood-Gray-fronts

round-sofas-modern ecru-regal-round-glass-coffee table

round-sofas-modern-cream-dark-parquet floor-wall mirror-around

round-sofas-modern-beige-blue-carpet-round-coffee table-hangesessel-wall-mounting

Sofas and carpets bring coziness in the winter

Leather sofa with a round-carpet

Sofas and carpets – a tandem that is immediately associated with comfort during the winter months. The sofas are soft and comfortable, carpets again with classic motifs. The sofa is one of the largest pieces of furniture in the interior. If you do not have enough space in the living room, then it falls sofa – Selection certainly difficult. But it is quite realistic to combine the requirements of ample seating and compact size, through appropriate design in the room. The side and back of the sofa can be reduced at the expense of the seat. So you see sofa more elegant. The color is also important for the visual impression, monochrome, bright colors create a feeling of lightness.

Sofas and carpets – the size

Upholstered sofa-Square-and-large

Sofas and carpets w earth suitable and individually made and ordered. But if we have a large seat of the sofa, the couch can reach an oversized size. Its functions are then multiplied, turning it from a place for recreation and social contacts into a comfortable place to work, eat and sleep. Such sofa Models have a large backrest, they also have additional accessories such as a place for books and drinks, folding mechanisms, etc. The quality depends on the couch filling and construction. Typically, the upholstery of the seat is filled with foam. However, this material has various properties such as density, elasticity and sustainability. That depends on the good look of your sofa.

Wood is the most commonly used material in furniture making, including sofas. In addition, a variety of other possible materials come into question – plywood, OSB boards, chipboard and plywood, whose durability is also very good.

Sofas and carpets – cover fabrics for sofas

Top floor living room with upholstered furniture and carpet

The cover materials are extremely diverse. If you choose leather, you need to know in advance that it takes more care against aging and scratching, but its cleaning is much easier and easier. Upholstery fabrics are easy to care for. For many, it is possible that they are removed and washed. Certain types of textiles are additionally processed before burns and stains. High quality cover fabrics can Sofas and carpets make it look natural and keep it for a long time.

brown-upholstered sofa with wooden coffee table and rug-Orient

Carpets with ethnic patterns are in

Of the carpet should usually fit directly to the sofa, depending on the color and texture, so one of the two must be in a relaxed tone. Either with the carpet or with the sofa you put an accent in the room. It usually requires sophisticated color shades that are unexpectedly combined. Geometric patterns are not very popular at the moment, but the ethnic patterns are in. However, they can not be related to a particular culture or concrete historical period, and have a universal stylization and, of course, inscribe themselves into a modern interior. Handwoven and Persian carpets are up to date again, showing new colors and a new look at the typical patterns. As a rule, they can be used as an accent in a very clean, monochromatic interior.

red accents-in-living room

Wool as the preferred material for the carpets

The wool is the preferred material for the carpets. It has the property of absorbing almost no pollution and the texture ages very slowly, which is nice. But there are new synthetic materials of good quality, they are also excellent functional and aesthetic choice for your interior!

Retro Pattern Purple carpet cushion sofa

Colorful upholstery pillows and purple wool rug

Oriental Carpet minimalist living room

modern-living zipper with carpet

Leather sofa in brown living room

classic accents-in-living-room sofa with squab

classic rugs and furniture-in-living room

XXL Sofas – Modern designer upholstered furniture in XXL format

XXL Sofas upholstery-tuftytime-gray-green-living-room-modern

An XXL sofa, still called Big Sofa, is wider, deeper and larger than conventional two- and three-seater seats and can accommodate six or more people. This casual XXL sofas are ideal for people who use their sofa in the first place to relax. There you can even put your legs up and watch TV in a reclining position, read or cuddle. The Big sofa is also ideal for large families, because it can find any family member space. An XXL sofa with bed function would be a good option even for those who often get guests, but do not have a guest room. An important argument, however, is the space requirement, but who owns a large living room should definitely consider the purchase of a XXL Big Sofa.

XXL Sofas – More coziness and seating comfort

XXL Sofas upholstery-ON-THE-ROCKs-Francesco-Binfaré-Edra

The giant sofas are not only cozy and comfortable, but can also be an eye-catcher in the living room. In modern colors and with trendy design elements Bigsofas are available in different versions. Whether with soft fabric upholstery or leather upholstery, these opulent chairs form the center of the living room and transform into an oasis of relaxation. If an XXL sofa consists of several modular elements, the design possibilities are numerous. Usually they are arranged in an L or U shape.

Take a look at these beautiful XXL sofas with feel-good character and let us dream of cuddling and relaxing.

XXL sofas to dream and relax

xxl-sofa-Polstermoebel-NONSTOP Ruud Ekstrand-Desiree-Divani

Scott Big Sofa by Ludivica and Roberto Palomba for Zanotta

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-living room SCOTT Ludovica-Roberto Palomba--Zanotta

Tufty Too sofa in anthracite color

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-living room-tufty-too-anthracite-color

Freestyle sofa by Molteni & C

xxl sofas-Polstermoebel-FREESTYLE-Molteni-C

Scott Sofa in L shape by Zanotta

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel beige SCOTT Ludovica-Roberto Palomba--Zanotta

Domino Big L-shaped Sofa by Doimo Salotti

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel anthracite Domino Doimo Salotti-

Blo Sofa by Roberto Gobbo for Desiree Divani

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-BLO Roberto Gobbo-Desiree Divani

Tufty Time Living Landscape in XXL format

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-living room-living landscape-tufty-time

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-living room-tufty-time-bb-iitalia

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-living room-RAY-Beb-Italia


xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-taupe-melt Bonaldo

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-PEANUT-Mauro Lipparini-Bonaldo



xxl sofas-Polstermoebel-MASTER-G-G-Vegni Gualtierotti-Casadesús

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-l-form-beige-long play casadesus



xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-steel-padded JAMES David Casadesús

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-CUBA-25 Cappellini


xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-beige-l-form Quattro casadesus

xxl-sofa-Polstermoebel-NONSTOP Ruud Ekstrand--Skandiform