Solid wood furniture completes the minimalist interior -22 wooden benches

Garden bench suite Solid wood side table Pedra model

A maximum of comfort and security for inside and outside, however, offer Solid wood furniture , Rustic wooden benches are not only up to date. They come into their own on a minimalistic background. Their specific coloring, grain and texture completes the overall picture. Wooden benches made of heavy high quality solid wood from Rotsen Furniture are available in a traditional design as well as in a modern design. With the bench, a coffee table, side table and a few stools you can quickly create a cozy sitting area in the garden, on the terrace or inside.

Solid wood furniture in exclusive look

Luxury Bank Brazilian-Itaúba Wooden Bench-Rotsen Furniture

Made by skilled craftsmen, provided with striking stainless steel inserts, the Rotsen Solid wood furniture are real eye-catchers in every living space. The seating material used is solid and textured old wood, Brazilian peroba, elm, mango, oak, cherry, black walnut and other woods that give a more natural look.

Rustic solid wood furniture for inside and outside

Solid Wood Walnut Bench Acrylic Frame Rotsen Furniture Furniture

After appropriate surface treatment with oil, the Solid wood furniture weather-resistant, easy-care and shiny. They are often combined with aluminum elements, powder-coated steel, glass or Plexiglas contemporary look.

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

Handmade wooden bench designer metal foot L Bench

The exclusive wooden benches blend harmoniously into the living landscape of leather furniture and metal chairs. These match equally well with seating areas in country house style. Rotsen Furniture produces furniture that can be compared to works of art and is distinguished by its specific, clear, modern aesthetics.

Benches made of different types of wood crafted by hand

Garden furniture Benches Tamburil-Mango Oak-Black Walnut steel construction

Multifunctional garden bench solid wood

Bank recycled solid wood multifunctional model modern

Salvaged from hardwood bench

Garden bench solid wood Pinus log model modern Cachepôt Bank with Opening for sexy flowerpots or magazines

Bench wood solid garden furniture Indoor cachepot

Solid wood bench for garden and terrace

Modern Benchdesign Macico-Bench Rotsen-Furniture- oiled surface easy to clean
Onda bench in recycled walnut and tamburil wood

Walnut wood garden furniture bench Onda grain

Onda in dark brown finish

Onda garden bench-modern elm walnut-wood texture

Wooden bench in reddish-brown color warms up the room

Rustic garden bench-Contemporary design-Massive wood oil Solid wood furniture creates modern material and color contrasts

Metal leg design garden bench Constellation solid wood furniture

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

Stainless Steel Metal Solid Wood Bench Garden Design Mango Wood Handmade

Retalho bench made of different types of wood

Rustic garden bench Retalho Rotsen-Furniture Design

Rustic garden bench “Bridge”

Rustic Garden Patio Furniture Bench Dark Solid Wood Bridge Model

“Fazenda” impresses with modern bench design

Rustic garden wooden bench fazenda oil treatment finish

Designer Bank “Pedra”

Designer solid wood seat Pedra seat Outdoor furniture

“Tanumbuca” bench in a rustic look

Bench rectangular Tanumbuca wood massive modern

“Tatajuba” old wood bench

Tatajuba wooden bench oil treatment-rustic design

Handmade rustic bench

Eco-furniture garden bench-Imbúia wood-metal frame

Recycled wood furniture by Rotsen Furniture

Indoor Bench Design Rustic-Durable Solid Wood Furniture

Dreamhouses »Modern solid house with a cozy courtyard

modern solid house garden

On modern massive house with a cozy courtyard – that’s the best way to describe Casa Reforma. The solid stone units are extended horizontally. With geometric shapes and no curves, the house has been built in a minimalist style. In front of the entrance is a small pond, which reflects the volume of construction. A pebbled path leads to the cozy patio area with upholstered seating. A pool is within reach and invites you to cool off from the hot sun.

Modern solid house with geometric shapes

Garden pebble path shelter

On modern massive house with geometric shapes attracts attention. The project was from Central de Aruqitectura designed and built, which developed a concept for a city villa. Generously glazed facade opens the ground floor to the garden – and leaves plenty of sunlight in the house. A pergola casts shadows on the living area. The interior design impresses with tasteful color and fabric combinations – black and gray were used extensively, and burgundy and orange set accents. The bright walls and floor provide the perfect backdrop for the family’s photo collection. A photo wall sets accents and ensures cosiness.

Modern solid house with elegant interior

Sofa chairs-glass coffee table

The modern massive house connects the interior with the exterior. Similar to the façade design, the natural materials were preferred – stone, wood, leather, marble were used in the furniture. The lighting was installed in the walls, which sets interesting accents in the bathroom. In the living room a table lamp scattered soft light. Cozy sitting areas have been set up everywhere – the black and white sofa sets look particularly chic. On modern massive house , with comfortable and luxurious interior design – this is how Casa Reforma describes itself.

Black and white furniture in the living room

Table lamp marble table living room

Large living room with hi-tech video system

upholstered sofa-gray small coffee table

Interesting flooring in the library

Library wall shelf sofa set decor

Sofa with plush upholstery

minimalist wall unit-orange sofa

Fitted kitchen and small bar

small bar bar stools

Beige-brown bathroom

Bathroom design idea bathroom furniture

Garden with planted wall and pond

modern garden landscaping grass

Pool in the garden

Garden massive house pool

Solid house with garden pond

Massive house pond garden

Construction sketch of the modern massive house

Modern city villa -Bauplan

Construction plan of Casa Reforma

Massive House Bauskizze floor plan

House blueprint

House blueprint in the bleed

Danish solid wood furniture handmade from Douglas fir

Danish solid wood furniture -wood-annual-rings-coffee-table-side-detail

Danish solid wood furniture with organic aesthetics or functional sculptures – this is the way to describe WoodnWonder products. It is handmade furniture made of a certain type of wood, the Douglas fir. The Furniture are stable and durable and carry the typical characteristics of each tree. Each piece of furniture was given a certain soul and personality during the manufacturing process.

Danish solid wood furniture handmade from native, certified Douglas fir

Danish solid wood furniture-tree-wood-weaving-saw-douglasie

The Douglas fir is one conifer and is originally from North America. In the 19th century, it was brought to Europe by a plant collector and named after him. This type of wood is characterized by broader annual rings in the younger years and fine in the later. It is also known for its resistance to fungi, insects and external influences. The wood is elastic and strong and is mostly used for ceiling and wall coverings. It is particularly decorative for the production of furniture.

Danish solid wood furniture with a unique, organic design

Danish solid wood furniture-log-stamped-unique-design-wood-douglasie

The wood is sawn with a chainsaw, then shaped and worked by hand. Danish solid wood furniture such as tables, stools and functional brackets or shelves are made exclusively from Danish woods and of course PEFC and FSC certified. For shaping, the natural characteristics of each individual piece play an important role. Cracks and saw marks, but also branches and surfaces are incorporated in the final design. The surfaces are only oiled and treated only with environmentally friendly means. Each piece of furniture is provided with the logo of the company. These Danish solid wood furniture are characterized by a unique design with a balance between raw and shaped, firm and fragile and rustic and abstract.

Danish solid wood furniture inspired by nature with natural shape

Danish solid wood furniture-table-round-oval-flussstones-integrated-table-top

Round table, decorated with boulders

Danish solid wood furniture-natural-materials-boulders-wood-wood-panel-table

Each boulder has its own bed and space

Danish solid wood furniture -ovale-flussstones-details-center-table-top

Furniture made of natural, local materials

Danish solid wood furniture-boulders-foot-table-bed-hollowed out

In harmony with nature

danish Designer Find-table-stool-outdoor-cooking-natural-products-camera

Rectangular table and stool with special foot

danish Designer Find-table-rectangular-one-foot stool and natural field

Functional design

danish Designer Find - tabletop-douglas-lemon-zinkbox

Table with functional zinc boxes centered on table

danish Designer Find-desktop-crack-zinkbox-aepfel

Functional design for practical use

danish Designer Find-arbeitsplats-desk table-crack-functional feet-organic-design

Great table for the home or office

danish Designer Find-dining table-large-solid-wood chairs-concrete floor-conference table

danish Designer Find-long-table dining table conference table feet Tear centrally

danish Designer Find-round-a-fuss-zinc-part

danish Designer Find rustic-Side-rounded-organic-design

danish Designer Find-side table chairs-modern-deesign-functional and organic

danish Designer Find-side table-kafeetisch-chair-concrete floor-organic-design-form

danish Designer Find-side table next-table-solid wood-candle-deco-design

danish Designer Find-stool-side table-pin-mount-jahresringe-tree-aepfel

danish Designer Find-wood day bed mat Cushion pad-practically-functional sculpture

danish Designer Find-shelves-halter-wood-sawing-organic-design

danish Designer Find-shelves-halter-organic-design-functional sculpture

danish Designer Find Tree-aeste-wall hook-cards-course

danish Designer Find-wall hook-aeste-wall mounting-course-

* they find out here more about the manufacturer and the design

Solid wood coffee tables in the living room – 50 current ideas

Solid wood coffee tables - living room log-flat-central-black-white-minimalist

The couch often stays in the background and is underestimated. But without them, the living room is not complete and the space next to or in front of the couch is simply bare. You need a convenient storage nearby, where you can relax or watch TV, the remote control, a book, a Glass or you can easily turn off the bowl of popcorn. Coffee tables made of solid wood are the ideal solution, suitable for every style of living.

Coffee tables made of solid wood in the living room, because wood is homely

Wood is a popular material especially for the production of furniture. It is easy to work with and you usually already know how to care for it. In addition, solid wood coffee tables offer a timelessly modern design and, if they are right with the color of the floor or combined with the other furniture in the room, creates a beautiful, cozy and at the same time stylishly furnished ambience.

Coffee tables made of solid wood – care and tips

Solid wood coffee tables - living room-rectangular-matellgestell-round-day-bed-floor-lamp-books

Wood is a material that radiates heat, and to ensure that it looks and looks attractive for a long time, it needs proper and regular care. Lacquered and glazed surfaces are best maintained with suitable furniture polish and a soft cloth. So the shine lasts longer. When applying the care product even some superficial scratches are polished away. Unprocessed or just oiled coffee tables made of solid wood should be treated differently. They should be protected from too much moisture and re-oiled regularly. As a rule, almost every edible oil is suitable for this purpose, and there are also special products available in lavender or orange fragrance on the market.

Nice material from sustainable forestry

Solid wood coffee tables - living room-upholstered-laminate-laminate-indirect-lighting-tv-wall

The need for wood as a raw material for the construction and furniture industry is very high, which is why many primeval forests around the world are ruthlessly cut down. To ensure a sustainable origin, the woods are FSC certified. In recent years, it has become particularly fashionable to produce furniture from used materials. So it is 100% sure that no other trees had to be cut down for your coffee table.

Rectangular solid wood coffee table with magazine rack

Bright spacious living room with a color accent – A red sideboard

Flat cut logs

Solid wood coffee tables - livingroom-tree-trunks-couch-oval-yellow-gray-soft-carpet

White leather corner sofa and solid wood coffee tables made from large tree trunks

Solid wood coffee tables-living room-tree-trunks-corner-couch-white-view-antique

A modern variant with a white side

Solid wood coffee tables - wohnzimmerbaustamm-weiss-dielenboden-industriedesign-concrete wall-couch-black

It is modern, with solid wood furnishings

Solid wood coffee tables - living room-cover-covering-wood-couch-armchair-tree-trunk-woodbloecke

Combine solid wood tables with those made of a different material

Solid wood coffee tables - living room-triangle-rounded-lights-wallcovering-armchair-mirror

Simple design and natural materials fit in every interior

Solid wood coffee tables - living room-vegas-kff.Design-modern-graffiti-art-armchair-concrete-floor

Contemporary design and sustainable materials for a timeless interior

Solid wood coffee tables - living room-vintage-industriestil-lamp-label-ingo-mason

Wooden tables bring warmth to the room

Solid wood coffee tables-living room-oak-oliver-emaf-progetti-metalframe

Combine wood look with the colors of the floor and other upholstery in the room

Solid wood coffee tables-living room-fell carpet-couch-wood floor-storage-coffee

Wood provides a cozy atmosphere with monochrome interior design

Solid wood coffee tables-living room-gray-dining-table-chairs-television-window-wall

Low design with metal feet is always hip

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-black-white-black-window wall-floor hallway-chair-leather-couch

A fireplace in the living room for a cozy ambience

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-juteteppich-square-chair-leather-vintage-corner-fireplace-glass walls

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-kitchen-open small apartment-couch-black

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-modern-indirect-lighting-tvwand-chair-vintage-pad-blue

coffee tables solid wood-living modern-rectangular wallcovering Tv-couch

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-wall covering-blanket-wooden floor-couch-modern-decorative-fireplace

coffee tables-solid wood-living-organic-form-leaf-plant-corner sofa-beige-upholstered pillows

coffee tables-solid wood-living-organic-from-leaf-carpet-white-yellow-green pattern-couch

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-modern leather couch-beige bright carpet-fensterwaende-betonwaende

coffee tables solid wood living-indirect-lighting-rectangular table carpet leather couch-beigep

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-zigzag-magazines for filing room-couch-pastel green

coffee tables-solid wood-lounge-around-hell-corner sofa-light gray-open-plan planning

coffee tables-solid wood-lounge-around-metal frame-laminate flooring-plant-couch-black-window

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-Scandinavian-design-white-industrial design-couch-laessig-image-dog

coffee tables-Products Designer living room carpet-poster-black-white-sofa-black-cat

coffee tables-Products Designer living room carpet-armchair-Polstermoebel-white-orange-driftwood-window

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-tobi-Ischi-couch-carpet-light gray-black wall

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-vintage-juteteppich-stool-sideboard-plain-white

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-vintage-wall covering carpet-colorful-Polstermoebel-gray-terrace window

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-vintage brick wall-couch-gray-blue-sideboard

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-walnut-mosaico-besana-modern upholstered chairs-candlestick

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-wood-to-the-city-home F.LLI-MIRANDOLA SAS carpet-pattern

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-daybed-pad-light gray-pillow-wall tiling

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-driftwood-wood slats-style industrial-corner sofa-black-pad-white-modern

coffee tables solid wood living Driftwood wooden slats lacquer-rectangular-couch-pad-gray

coffee table solid wood living room vintage jute carpet couch upholstery flower pattern interesting

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-juteteppich-Polstermoebel-vintage-antique-Window Blinds

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-Polstermoebel-cushion-artistic-open-fireplace-pillows-colorful-orient carpet

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-square-juteteppich-couch-mirror pillows

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-indus trede sign-aplageraum-chair-and-white deco-books Candles

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-flooring-beige-Polstermoebel-chair-cushion-hell-frame

coffee tables-solid wood-living room-holzbloecke-frame-carpet-SITZMOEBEL-pad-pastellfarben

coffee tables-Products Designer living room rustic carpet-couch-cushion-orchid-window

coffee tables solid wood living-teelichthalter carpet-soft-couch-white-pillow

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – well-being in a natural ambience

Setting Designer Find dining table ash-Polsterstuehle

With wood, nature is brought into its own four walls – the material forms a homely ambience, gives the interior warmth and cosiness and ensures a healthy indoor climate. Perhaps that is why in recent years, the setting with solid wood furniture in the strong trend , But beware – not every wooden piece of furniture is considered massive. What is behind the term actually and what high-quality furniture without pollutants can be seen in the article.

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – what does the term “solid wood” actually stand for?

Setting Designer Find dining table ideas

The term “solid wood furniture” / still solid wood furniture called / is expressly regulated in the DIN standard 68871. Furniture items that are not veneered and except for drawer bottoms and back are made entirely of solid wood are considered solid wood furniture. Here, individual, non-visible construction parts may be made of softwood.
Solid wood / solid wood / itself is worked out of the cross-section of a tree trunk – the milled lamellas and bars are first stored and dried and then further processed into laminated wood panels. Both a chemical and a mechanical treatment are excluded. The most important advantage of this processing is that the natural material proves its properties.
In contrast, plywood, MDF boards and fibreboards are made from shredded pieces of wood. The natural material therefore changes its properties – therefore these are marked as wood-based materials and not as solid wood.

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – the advantages of solid wood at a glance:

Setting Designer Find-oak kitchen cabinets

– Solid wood breathes and regulates the humidity in the room;
– Solid wood contains no pollutants, repels dust and is therefore a good choice for allergy sufferers;
– Solid wood furniture is extremely robust and durable;
– Some solid woods such as pine have a very pleasant resin smell;

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – what should be considered when buying?

Setting Designer Find a wall shelf Living

Even if the furniture is manufactured in accordance with DIN standard 68871, this does not automatically mean that it complies with other quality standards and sustainability principles. These criteria should therefore play a role in the choice of furniture:
– Sustainability – does the wood come from certified forestry? At renowned dealers like Allnatura great emphasis is placed on it.
– Pollutant-free – are the furniture / including accessories such as mattresses and upholstery / really tested and without pollutants?
– How is the wood surface treated – Is it provided with a seal or advise the manufacturer to a treatment with wax and oil / the second variant is actually beneficial, because then the wood can breathe /

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – the right care

Setting Designer Find a bed-side tables

Solid wood furniture can serve lifelong care with proper care. And this should start from the first day – first the furniture must be placed in a dry, well ventilated room for 24 hours. Then arrange the furniture in the living area / sleeping area so that each piece of furniture is evenly exposed to the sun’s rays – so it can not come to irregular discoloration. Cleaning in everyday life is extremely easy – wipe the furniture with a dry cloth, remove stains with wood soap.

Architecture »An energy efficient house clad in solid wood and stone

energy-efficient house casel germany wood facade gable roof

On energy efficient house was recently built in the wine-growing village of Kasel, Ruwer in the valley, Germany and repeats the architecture of the other houses in the village – two floors and a pitched roof. Currently it will House as an office used, but it can be converted at any time into a residential building. The Plus Energy House of Architects Stein Hemmes Wirtz has an elongated construction and was built with solid wood construction on a concrete slab. All structural and partition walls are made of solid wood panels and remain unprocessed to reveal the beautiful wood look.

An energy efficient house in Kasel, Germany

energy efficient house facade wood panel stone hemmes economic project

A 30 to 40 cm thick insulating layer covers walls, roof and floor. The good insulation is one of the basic principles of a passive house. The house has a ventilation system with heat recovery, the air is introduced via ground collectors. Local materials would be used for the construction – oak for the facade and slate , The resource-saving and CO2-neutral building materials such as wood and slate were extracted from Ruwertal, allowing the building to merge seamlessly into the landscape and the rural environment.

An energy efficient house clad in wood and slate

energy efficient house solid wood facade stone glass

The roof surfaces are treated according to the cardinal directions – the north facade with elements made of copper, the entire south facade with integrated photovoltaic modules. The interior design is visually separated not only by the different materials – wood and slate – but also by the open floor plan and open space between the two floors in the entrance area. The interior and exterior spaces are closely connected. The wooden windows with triple glazing on the second floor and the floor-to-ceiling glazing on the ground floor allow enough daylight to flow into the house.

Wood paneling and pitched roof

energy efficient house casel stein hemmes wirtz facade glass wood

seamlessly blend into the environment

energy efficient house casel solid wood west view


plus energy house office architects stone hemmes wirtz

Contrast between stone and wood

energy efficient house stone wall gray wooden floorboard

currently serves as an office but can also be converted into a residential home

energy efficient house casel architects stone hemmes economic office

energy efficient house architecture office stone hemmes economic east

house architecture office stone hemmes wirtz west plan illustration

energy efficient house architecture casel stein hemmes wirtz south-plan

plus energy house casel architects stone hemmes wirtz north

energy efficient house architect stone hemmes economic plan cross section

energy efficient house casel architect stone hemmes wirtz landscape

house casel germany stone hemmes environment environment plan

The solid surface material HI-MACS ® in the Doble Dueto apartment

Solid Surface material HI-MACS Doble Dueto apartment

The interior design studio Cuartopensante from Spain recently completed the Doble Dueto apartment in Albaida. The architects have the interior of this 1,400 square meter apartment with extensive use of solid surface material Hi-MACS ®.

Solid Surface material HI-MACS ® with extensive use

Solid Surface material HI-MACS Doble Dueto-apartment

The owner wanted an apartment that was functional as well as personality. His roles as a businessman and family man were the starting point for the project. The owner spends much of his time traveling, so he needs an apartment that has a special character: an oasis that retains aspects of comfort and coziness.

Wall unit made of solid surface material HI-MACS ®

Doble-Dueto-apartment-dining area-hanging lamp gold leaf

Inspired by the city, this Doble Dueto apartment blends four main colors: gold leaf, oak, white and black. Without losing sight of the goal, the design was inspired by the owner’s emotions. Black and white were used for basic elements of furniture and then complemented with the simplicity of wood and the richness of golden tones.


One material that prevails over the others is its aesthetic aspects and its quality – the solid surface material HI-MACS ® that has been used in large parts of the home. From the kitchen worktop and some toppings to various elements in the bathroom. In the opinion of the project manager, this material has a number of advantages, including the pure cleanliness of the acrylic stone, its technical properties, and the chance to work with a thickness of 9 millimeters.

Solid Surface material HI-MACS-kitchen-countertops

Furniture separates the dining room from the living room, which contains a large table and six chairs in black leather, as well as a large-sized lamp covered with gold leaf.

kitchen-wall tiling-oak

White dominates in the kitchen, with color accents and light installations on one of the side walls, such as oak paneling, which provides continuity with the flooring.

The living areas in the Doble Dueto apartment have a fluid relationship. Proof of this is the tree behind four glass walls. The glass is a visual separator and contains the trunk of a centuries-old olive trees.


The bedroom contains a bed with an oak construction like a canopy in the middle of the room. The cloakroom is separated from the bedroom by a glass bathroom, with both areas illuminated by built-in ceiling lights.

Doble-Dueto-apartment-kitchen-oak-wood floor

Thanks to the thermal properties of solid surface material HI-MACS ®, the material can be adapted to many shapes and can be combined with other materials such as wood or glass to give a result that is elegant, original and unique. For these reasons the solid surface material HI-MACS ® has been used in the bathroom for the sinks, the shower, both walls and the floor.


Doble-Dueto-light installation-behind-the-bedded



bath-glass walls-bedroom

Doble-Dueto-badezimmerHI-MACS material



Modern solid walnut furniture by Spazio RT Milano

roko solid wood dining table acrylic chairs spazio rt milano

Spazio RT specialize in antiques, interior design and old materials. And wood is the preferred material for this Milanese company. It produces tables, sideboards, shelves, benches, stools and others modern furniture made of solid walnut. In 2009, Spazio RT presented its first collection of modern furniture, designed by “Tuna”. This collection includes new, contemporary and modern forms and concepts of solid wood – a durable and timelessly beautiful material. The traditional manufacturing techniques have been modernized through the use of modern machinery. We present you two beautiful pieces of solid walnut furniture that each embody an interesting idea.

Solid walnut furniture by Spazio RT Milano

Solid walnut furniture sideboard freestanding

This sideboard was inspired by Scandinavian design from the 1950s and 60s. The 45 ° edge contour forms a compartment on the top where you can stably arrange books and various trifles. The modern opening mechanisms and the handleless cabinet fronts are examples of extremely refined and typically Italian craftsmanship. The warm look of walnut and the beautiful wood grain are particularly fascinating.

Solid walnut furniture with an elegant design

sideboard wood spazio rt milano storage freestanding sideboard solid walnut furniture freestanding spazio rt sideboard design spazio rt walnut freestanding storage

sideboard solid walnut furniture spazio rt

sideboard design walnut solid doors handleless

Maria Theresa wooden bench

Maria Theresa bench walnut wood bin Italian design

Maria-Theresia-bank-solid-walnut wood-spazio-rt-cases

The Maria Theresa bench is made up of four rectangular wooden boxes. Each of the individual components can also be used as stools, side tables, bedside tables or storage boxes. They can be easily separated and reassembled in endless compositions, emphasizing their versatility. The perfect example of Solid walnut furniture, that can be adapted to our modern lifestyle.

used as a stool

Maria Theresa bench design wood trapezium

Bookshelf or storage box

Maria Theresia bench wooden box flexible walnut wood

as a side table wooden bench four rectangular boxes Solid walnut furniture

Solid wood tables conquer the living space again – Giuseppe Pruneri Design

Classic wood furniture Table La Tenacia skin material Italy

The Italian furniture manufacturer Hautematerial offers classic and modern solid wood furniture in an unusual ambience. They arise as a result of the detailed work of famous designers. We present you the Solid wood tables in highest quality by Guiseppe Pruneri. The series will surely become the burning heart of your living room, dining room or home office.

Classic solid wood tables

Wooden table larch-spruce design skin material Italy

Solid wood tables of skin material impress with first-class workmanship. Each model by Giuseppe Pruneri offers an enrichment to the home. The wooden tables are an important furnishing element in many rooms – whether in the kitchen, in the dining room or living room. But they have a very special effect on a minimalistic background.

Solid wood tables combine with minimalist chairs

Classic wooden table massive umilta design chair black

Are you looking for your new dining room table? Solid wood tables by Giuseppe Pruneri are even suitable for people who like to be with modern design surround. The furniture pieces are made of different woods in different colors – from black-brown, grayish-brown to reddish-brown. Oiled and painted surfaces can be selected as needed. Some models tables have been provided with a glass plate.

Dining room table for a cozy atmosphere

Italian dining table wood oak larch fir La Saggezza

As is known Solid wood furniture especially high quality and durable. To the Solid wood tables The company also offers matching chairs and stools. In addition to the standard sizes offered, wooden tables are also manufactured according to the customer’s wishes.

Classic dining table from Giuseppe Pruneri for a noble ambience

Genesi spruce stainless steel table Giuseppe Pruneri Renato Geraci design

Rustic desk – home furnishing ideas

Home office furnishings-wood table-solid-white interior

Wooden table for several occasions – table decoration in gold look

Wooden table intasien golden optic-modern design trends

Designer dining tables get a timeless design

L-Affinita designer table solid wood-Guiseppe Pruneri Haute material

minimalist wooden tables of different heights

Haute material furniture table oak orgoglio model

Solid wood table of the highest quality – the grain as a stylish accent

Wooden table orgoglio design larch oak houseplants

Wood and glass combine to form a trendy outfit

Solid wood furniture table design glass plate modern

Solid wood table with one foot and frosted glass plate

Modern table wood base glass table top design
Individual furniture made of solid wood

Living room furniture design spruce wood table

Table in glossy lacquer

Italian Designer Furniture Wooden Table Giuseppe Pruneri Concept

Designer table in wood in fine finish

Controverso fir wood solid table Italian furniture

Furniture classic in solid wood dining table

Wooden table indoor outdoor design modern Giuseppe Pruneri Italy

6 Beautiful and luxurious solid wood kitchens by MINACCIOLO

luxury solid wood kitchen MINACCIOLO-silver-white

MINACCIOLO Design Studio is well known on the European continent with its amazing portfolio of luxury solid wood kitchen furniture. They symbolize the centuries-old traditions in interior design and the contemporary approach in the way we organize and shape our homes. Like all other Italian kitchen designs, these six Solid wood kitchens from MINACCIOLO are cozy and comfortable, warm and original with their individual atmosphere.

luxurious solid wood kitchens by MINACCIOLO – white kitchen island and stainless steel

luxury solid wood kitchen MINACCIOLO-white-kitchen island

All of these six luxurious solid wood kitchens are fresh and creative. They speak of aesthetics and flair of the best Italian kitchen designers. The projects create a retro, but very nice and lovely English mood – the mood of aristocracy and having a rich family breakfast. The authenticity is emphasized with retro dining tables that combine perfectly with modern, multi-functional kitchen cabinets and impressive tables with beautiful decorations.

Combination of white and stainless steel in solid wood kitchen design

gray stainless steel solid wood kitchen-design

The color scheme at the luxurious solid wood kitchens from MINACCIOLO are classic – beige, gold, silver, gray and white. These nuances are a perfect match, so that the whole environment looks perfect, even if the decoration is really little. The materials used on the other hand are mainly made of wood – bamboo and teak, oak and fabrics that imitate the wood surface. Italian kitchen designs usually come with a great claim to high quality of furnishing.

luxurious Italian wood kitchen with stainless steel kitchen appliances

luxurious wood-kitchen-stainless steel kitchen appliances


Upon entering one of these six luxurious solid wood kitchens from MINACCIOLO Enter a noble, refined and extremely elegant environment, where luxury and coziness live together and depend on each other. The Italian kitchen designs are too beautiful or too compact to be called uncomfortable or crude. MINACCIOLO creates an original portfolio of such strange Solid wood kitchens Designs that are popular with a large part of the European audience.


light blue country kitchen – storage room solution

light blue-villa kitchen-storage room

light blue-beige wood kitchen-Minacciolo

delicious kitchen design made of light wood


light-wood kitchen-Minacciolo

Wood kitchen in country style and beige color scheme

country house kitchen-beige color scheme


Country kitchen made of solid wood and rustic decorations

country house kitchen-solid wood-rural Decorations

country house kitchen-deisgn-gold-cream-land

luxurious solid wood kitchens by MINACCIOLO – blue and yellow wall tiles

luxury solid wood kitchen blue-yellow-tiled-MINACCIOLO white-beige-design-schema-wood kitchen