Modern design kitchens by Scavolini for small and large spaces

small kitchen modern scavolini open living room gray wood

The Italian kitchen manufacturer Scavolini creates modern design kitchens for large and small spaces that are both visually appealing and functional. It does not matter if you are a huge one open kitchen with all the necessary appliances and accessories, or would like to have a small kitchen with breakfast bar and two bar stools, you would find a matching design in the Scavolini catalog.

Modern design kitchens and open space concepts

open kitchen modern wood fronts dining table integrated living room

A trend in the interior is the combination of the living and kitchen area in a room of the apartment. In this way, the chef can chat with his guests while he prepares the food. Another option is a cooking island, which is extended as a counter. That’s a compact one Solution for small rooms where there is no room for a large dining table.

Modern design kitchens for small spaces

Modern small kitchen Scavolini dining area counter khaki

This company has modern design kitchens that can be easily adapted to your needs and preferences. The designs have clean lines and are often equipped with a series of cabinets and open shelves on a wall. The geometric shapes and the combination of only two colors is the secret of modern kitchen furniture.

enough space for cooking and eating

modern open modern design kitchens white light wood kitchen island

High gloss kitchens are becoming increasingly popular

Modern kitchen small spaces beige glossy U-shape dining area

elegant combination of turquoise and black

Design kitchens Scavolini turquoise blue black dining area pendant lights

Living room and kitchen in one

Modern design kitchens Scavolini open living room beige bar counter

Wood cabinet fronts and open shelves

Modern kitchens Scavolini wood fronts drawers shelves dining area

light wood and cream glossy fronts

Modern Design Kitchens Scavolini bright wood high gloss glass top

clear lines and enough storage space

Modern design kitchen Scavolini large spaces white dining area functional

kitchenette units small cooking area dining area scavolini

kitchen modern white beige combination scavolini clear lines

bright kitchen design dining area cream white scavolini

large open kitchen white wood Modern Designs Scavolini

large kitchen dining area three colors wood white blue surfaces

Modern design kitchens scavolini large room wood black island

wood black kitchen industrieler style plants

Modern design kitchen Scavolini large room cooking island

large kitchen scavolini white gray wooden counter open shelves

large kitchen scavolini cooking island wood extractor fan

elegant modern kitchen black high gloss scavolini

Modern kitchen Scavolini white kitchen line black accent bar counter

Modern design kitchens scavolini white grass green accent theke

purple white kitchen small large scavolini rooms

The Moroccan style – 38 oriental living spaces with an exotic touch

the moroccan style living room idea yellow blue red romantic

In the changeable history of the North African nation of Morocco, different cultures, civilizations and religions have played important roles and left their mark on them. From the native Berbers to the Arabs and from the Romans and Spaniards, over many centuries the country welcomed many other visitors to its territory. It’s no wonder that Moroccan culture is so rich in many different nuances. Their architecture is rich, vibrant and inspired by very different sources. The Moroccan style Decorating embodies elements of many other cultures. Especially the Moroccan living spaces That’s why they look exciting, exuberant and very mystical.

The Moroccan style of textures and colors

The Moroccan Style Corner Sofa Olive Stone Tile Mirror

Filled with bright, magnetic colors, intricate geometric patterns, plush carpets, lanterns, lights and comfortable ottomans, the Moroccan style inspires you, courageous and extravagant even at your institution and decoration deal with it. Here is a collection of some amazing living spaces that showcase the timeless Moroccan spirit in different ways and show the world today. Enjoy this exciting picture gallery!

The Moroccan style with its modern interpretations

the moroccan style dining room interior red furniture carpet oriental arch

The Moroccan style For the classic living room, it seems like an undiminished celebration of life, with its bright colors and rich textures galore. But we will talk about it a little later. Most homeowners just want a touch of Moroccan charm in their rooms. At the same time they want to preserve the elegant, fresh, contemporary character of the house. This can be achieved by using the bright color accents that stand out in the living room wonderful against the cool, neutral background to advantage. Of course, there are many ways to add them to the ambience. Beautiful throw and floor cushions, ornate curtains, classic Moroccan carpets and cozy decoration in bright red, yellow and blue tones can be seen everywhere and these bold Moroccan elements conquer the scene!

Geometric patterns and garish accents

the moroccan style orange wall paint dark red couch oriental pattern

The use of intriguing geometric patterns and garish accents represents a popular current trend oriental Rooms are elegant and modern, and at the same time typically Moroccan! Large mirrors and sparkling surfaces can also accentuate this appeal without seeming out of place. In fact, we see the classic Hollywood Regency style and Moroccan style go hand in hand in a glamorous living room! Is not that surprising?

Colorful and classic!

the moroccan style romantic fireplace ornaments armchair ottoman

Do you want to deviate from the European style and bring an exotic touch to your interior? Then welcome the classic Moroccan style in the interior design! The first thing you need to do is select the background color for your living area. That’s the big difference between incorporating Moroccan elements into a modern interior and deciding on a specific Moroccan theme. The neutral background in white or cream is simply not good enough! Warm yellow and burnt oranges are often the preferred color choice. For those who want to have a “Mediterranean flair” in their Moroccan living rooms, Aqua, Turquoise or Teal are an appropriate alternative for this.

Luxury at home

Modern facility-Moroccan style

Do not hesitate to fill the room with luxurious decor in contrasting colors and heavy patterns if you want to achieve an authentic Moroccan look. Curtains inspired by life in the Middle East desert, such as natural greenery, arches and keyhole windows, and other elements of classic Middle Eastern architecture give the Moroccan living room an ornate appeal.

Lights, patterns and plush textures

classic style upholstered sofa decorating ideas

When decorating in the Moroccan style, you should rather forego side tables and other additional tables. Beautifully carved wood decorations, colored findings from the local flea market with an oriental flair and great stools are more likely to have their place in this ambience. And while you pay attention to decoration, textiles and colors, you should not forget the role of lights. Because these play a very important role in achieving the true Moroccan mood. Actually, lights, such as Moroccan-style lanterns, are just the detail most associated with this culture. If you see such a lamp, then you also determine the whole room as really Moroccan!

Pure light

Wooden table solid wood classic setup-African-Arab style

The extraordinary and inimitable Moroccan lights fulfill a dual function in the living space, they are brilliant sculptural additions, even if they are not turned on. Combine them with the other well-recognized features of vintage style, with Moroccan carpets, for example, and half of your work would already be done! Inspiring, inviting and sometimes simply majestic, the Moroccan living rooms are an expressive oasis of color and creativity.

Clean touch with Arabian flair

Living room with fireplace window with-rounded-Arab forms

Lucy Interior Design

Do you want to implement the oriental style in your modern living room, then you should work with colors. The oriental world of colors is rich in intense colors, which have great significance in the interior. These include above all yellow, red, orange, green and azure blue. It may be possible to combine the modern and Moroccan styles in the decor, but only if the right colors are used. Even if the walls and the ceiling are white, you can use the furnishing elements in the corresponding colors to give the living area an oriental flair.

Fairytale house

Living-door two-stories-typical-Moroccan

The Moroccan style gives every room a touch of exoticism. With rich colors, beautiful textiles and wooden furnishing elements, your apartment looks like a palace from “1001 Nights”. For a completely authentic look, each element plays an important role – from the wall design to the small stool in the living area. The ornaments of furniture and windows play an important role here and should definitely be part of the furnishings. Popular motifs are flowers, tendrils and, above all, motifs borrowed from nature.

Oriental modern

Vintage style with glass table and upholstered furniture

More and more interior designers are trying to implement the oriental interior design style in modern interior design. It creates a kind of style mix that speaks for a fancy interior design. Elements that are commonly used in such a facility are oriental carpets and pendant lights. They have a specific design and therefore point immediately to the Orient.

Basic elements for an oriental decor

Curtains-with-oriental figures-furnishing-home

Jason Dallas design

Like every style of living, the oriental and Moroccan styles have certain elements that are fundamental to them. These are mainly objects that are used in the decoration. The deco-basics for this interior style include comfortable floor cushions and poufs in the typical for the style colors, hanging lamps with fancy design, as well as various vessels of silver, copper and brass. Wooden screens are another popular decoration idea that can simultaneously serve as a room divider in a larger space.

Cozy sitting area with floor cushions

Tea and coffee corner-round Seat Cushion on carpet

KuDa Photography

If you want to furnish your apartment in the oriental style, then you can design a separate seating area. There is definitely a carpet with several floor cushions, as well as a low table in the middle. The area can be separated from the rest of the apartment with canopies made of organza. Continue to create a suitable lighting that conjures a warm light in this area. With such an oasis of calm and relaxation in your own home, you do not have to worry about stress.

Living room with Arabic flair

stylish shapes and spaces-Arab style

The Souq Lighting

In order to invite the Orient into your own four walls, you do not necessarily have to set up the whole room in Moroccan or Arabic style. Instead, from time to time, you can place different elements of the style in the room that only give an oriental flair. Whether a carpet, a beautiful chandelier made of glass or a sofa with a Moroccan pattern decide for yourself.

Wall color green for the living room in oriental style

Seat Crate with pillows and carpets-green window frames

Elad Gonen

The Moroccan style is characterized by vibrant colors and beautiful patterns. If you want to give your living room a touch of Moroccan flair, then you can opt for such a wall paint. Since the interior design style has a lot to do with nature, green is perfect for the walls and furnishings. Combine with bright yellow and orange to create a harmonious ambience.

Colorful decor in the style of the Orient

Round-sitting area-with-cushion and pillow-Arab-Art

ibrahim radwan

With a successful combination of different colors and patterns for the interior, you can invite the popular oriental style to your own home. The easiest way is with the appropriate textiles. The Moroccan style uses a lot of silk, organza, cotton as well as brocade. Upholstered furniture and beautiful curtains are therefore a must for a real oriental flair. Use as many colors as possible, which are well coordinated with each other. Gather inspiration for the Moroccan style from our picture gallery.

Red color colorful device-Classic and still full

Becky Harris

Retro Style Leather Sofa with metal chairs

Urso designs

Rattan Seat Cushion Oriental Carpet Curtains

Laura U

Pendant lamp-lantern-Moroccan Style colorful carpet

Duet Design Group

modern facility Fireplace with natural stone

Tom Stringer Design Partners

oriental carpet with pillows Colorful Plush

House & Homes Palm Springs Home Staging

Modern equipment-with-leather furniture Turquoise color

Tami Smight Interiors

High-ceiling-airy wooden floor

Cat wooden floor sofa with cushions

Rebecca Mitchell Interiors & Boutique

Arab-forms and figures Parlor in Turquoise

Moroccan Bazaar Interior designers

Fabulous facility squab-high-ceiling-oriental

Gordon Stone Design

House with veranda-living room with fireplace


Classic-wall decoration-cushion sofa with wooden table

Sunny K. Merry

Handwoven carpet cream white furniture with fireplace

Gordon Stone Design

Moroccan-style equipment Furniture living rooms

Colorful Cushion Leather Furniture Modern Outfit

Sarah Kidder design

Blue carpet with asymmetric-figures

Janet Paik

Trees-as Deco classic white furniture with metal tables

from Wisteria

Mirror on-the-Wall Art-upholstered sofa

Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Wanddeko-southern-style wooden tables

Classic Mosaic Moroccan facility

Sailboats Look at Coast Harbor porch-Moroccan style

Interior design ideas for small spaces – 11 apartments as inspiration

interior design ideas for small spaces dark wood paneling staircase

It is not uncommon that the first apartment, whether rented or condominium, is still quite small. At a young age you usually have to pay attention to the budget and therefore saves in terms of living space. This is not the case only with students. Nevertheless, to provide a pleasant living feeling, are practical space solutions and Interior design ideas for small spaces asked. These contribute to the small room to use the fullest without feeling restricted. We will introduce you to such ideas for multifunctional furniture today.

Furnishing ideas for small rooms – Attractive kitchen

furnishing ideas for small rooms high-gloss kitchen-white-recessed-light-bar

This small apartment is located on the last floor of a six-storey house. Since this area has only 40 square meters of living space, had to decorating ideas be searched for small rooms, with all living areas can be accommodated. For this purpose, the unusually high ceiling came to help with a height of 7 meters.

Furnishing ideas for small rooms with plenty of storage space

furnishing ideas for small rooms integrated-drawer-stairs-chair

This height was used for different interior design ideas for small spaces, to create different levels. So in the area of ​​the front door, the kitchen and on the next level, the living room. A staircase with built-in drawers and cupboards leads back to the sleeping area, which is a walk-through room on the way to the roof terrace.

Cozy bedroom

interior design ideas for small rooms bedroom bed indirect lighting

The windows let enough light flow into the big room. Nevertheless, the attractive, dark wood has been combined with white walls, ceilings and other accents to avoid a too dark atmosphere. This is always a risk in rooms with a high ceiling. There are also recessed lighting, as well as an indirect lighting above the bed.

To accommodate bathroom

furnishing ideas for small rooms bathroom-mirror-door-white-walls

The bathroom was cleverly hidden under the sleeping area in this apartment. It is small but perfectly accommodates everything necessary. At the door again a large mirror was attached. Incidentally, you can use such interior design ideas for small rooms everywhere. Because of this optical illusion, small rooms are more spacious.

Practical apartment idea

establishment of ideas small-space-loft-design-devin-keyes 3d project

A spacious living room and modern white-painted brick walls make the apartment look stylish and cozy. This attractive apartment is located in Manhattan, New York. The original and space-saving furnishing ideas for small spaces were again implemented by the company Specht Architects.

Domino Loft

establishment of ideas small-raeume-gaestebett-folding-practical

The Domino Loft was designed by Peter Suen and Charles Irby. The condominium the two have remodeled, located in the heart of San Francisco, incorporates a range of interior design ideas for small spaces to provide a comfortable living space. Again, the height of the room was used.

Idea with loft bed

establishment of ideas small-raeume-multifunctional-high bed-sitting area

A single piece of furniture combines different furnishing ideas for small rooms and actually represents several rooms in one. The seating area below is also the dining area and can be quickly transformed into a guest room with the help of a fold-out bed.

Ample storage space through shelves

establishment of ideas small-raeume-peter-to su-loft-design-gray accent wall

The integrated wall unit consists of many shelves, a cabinet and a small desk to stand. Storage space is also under the seat again, which is decorated with yellow sofa cushions. The base for the loft bed also has practical recessed lights. This kind of interior design for small spaces not only provides enough light, but also saves space in the seating area.

Set up a small apartment

establishment of ideas small-raeume-dining table-white-wardrobe-shelves

The design of these interior design ideas for small spaces is made of different materials. These include scaffolding of metal, concrete and wood. The purpose-built cabinet system was developed by Icosa Designs and later built directly in this apartment. Practically is the guest bed in the locked state. It can be used as a board for notes.

Mobile ladder

establishment of ideas small-raeume-shoe-shelf mobile-wire-design-metal

Behind the seat there is more storage space that can be used for shoes, clothes and other things. To maintain the practical interior design ideas for small spaces, a mobile ladder leading to the loft bed was chosen here. This can be pushed aside if necessary, so that each area of ​​the cabinet is easily accessible.

The Zurita Loft

establishment of ideas small-raeume-wood-design-stair-dining table

This friendly apartment is located in Madrid. The interior design ideas for small spaces were designed by Bernardini Arquitectos. The loft bed is accessed by a staircase instead of a ladder. That was the express wish of the customer. This wooden construction also serves as a room divider between the kitchen and the integrated cabinets under the stairs.

Hidden cabinets on every level

establishment of ideas small-raeume-fitted wardrobe-bin-practical-kitchen

The staircase is slightly diagonal to provide sufficient space for working in the kitchen, as well as for the small dining area, whose furniture is also made of wood. Planning the directions is therefore equally important when it comes to practical interior design ideas for small spaces. The kitchen cabinets are white, which, in combination with the light wood, creates the friendly atmosphere.

Workspace in the air

establishment of ideas small-raeume-desk-integrated-stair-sit-up bed

The desk, which is located at the top of the room and is an interesting part of the furnishing ideas for small rooms, also proves to be very original. To sit serves the last step of the wooden staircase. Also as a storage area, the white plate can be used. Behind a half-high wall, there is also the bed. With the help of sliding doors, either the sleeping area or the shelves can be closed.

A mix of materials

establishment of ideas small-raeume-kitchen-steel-Rueckwand-Recessed Light

The metal surfaces are also a modern accent as furnishing ideas for small rooms in the kitchen. The material is represented not only by the oven, the sink and the dishwasher, but also in the form of a back wall, which is particularly easy to clean. The wooden frame highlights the modern kitchen amidst the white walls.

Red Nest

furnishing ideas for small rooms red-glossy-bedroom-push

The name Red Nest is really perfect for this furniture design by Paul Coudamy. In the original sleeping area you feel really comfortable and protected, as you imagine a nest. The red color also makes the style of interior design for small spaces look especially trendy.

Mobile shelf for moving

furnishing ideas for small rooms shelf-adjustable-mirror-wall

In the apartment there were only 23 m² available, in which both the bedroom, the bathroom, a work area and space for clothes had to be accommodated. A U-shaped design with a mobile shelf was developed. The latter is intended to determine the opening to the bed. However, the sleeping area is not completely closed to guarantee a good ventilation.

Reflecting surfaces

furnishing ideas for small rooms private-fur-deko-chair-white-red

As interior design ideas for small rooms, mirrors are once again used wonderfully. Both on the side of the bed, as well as on the other side, these reach almost to the ceiling. Add to that the red gloss of the piece of furniture, which stands in contrast to the dull walls in white color and the gray floor.

Cozy bed

furnishing ideas for small rooms mynest-lamp-comfort-bed

In the area of ​​the bed lamps with attractive design provide a relaxing lighting. The bathroom on the lower floor is less colorful, but equally modern in gray color. Concrete was used. The bathroom is divided into two areas, with the toilet behind a pretty vintage door and privacy guaranteed.

Darlinghurst Apartment

establishment of ideas small-raeume-white-residential wall-design-modern-tv

The design of this apartment is an original wall in white color. Part of this wall unit are cabinets and shelves, including a wine rack as a complement to the kitchen. Two sliding doors, one for the bathroom and one for the bedroom, blend in beautifully with the design. Interior design ideas for small rooms in the form of a wall unit provide storage space and do not take up much space.

Original room divider

establishment of ideas small-raeume-weinregal-build residential-wall-design-shelf sliding door

The apartment, which was redesigned by Brad Swartz Architects, was originally a single room. However, since the owners wanted a private area, they were given it with the help of the room divider wall unit as interior design ideas for small rooms. The result was a separate public area, which accommodates the kitchen and a dining area and also represents the living room.

Bedroom design in white

establishment of ideas small-raeume-drawer-stage-shoe cabinet

The bedroom was conveniently raised. The pedestal thus offered the opportunity to integrate more drawers. For entertainment in the living room turn the built-in TV as part of the interior design ideas for small rooms with minimalist wall. A warm contrast to the white furniture and walls is the laminate floor in the living room.

Black kitchen

establishment of ideas small-raeume-bathroom-sliding door parquet-stool-black-kitchen

For the kitchen, a black color was chosen. The back wall is again light blue. It perfectly complements the modern interior, while the space-saving design leaves plenty of free space in the living area. Other pieces of furniture and decorations are omitted for the same reason.

Minimalist interior design ideas for small spaces

establishment of ideas small-raeume-wire-mobile-bed high-bicycle wanddeko-bin

This apartment provides, despite the few 13 m² for a comfortable living. This has been achieved by the team of Hanczar Studio with various practical interior design ideas for small spaces. In the apartment the designer lived for several years. During this time he did not need much: a place to sleep, storage space and a small kitchen.

Minimalist interior design ideas for small spaces

establishment of ideas small-raeume-living room-dining table-hammock-sideboard

The advantage of this small apartment was that the busy man did not have to invest a lot of time to clean up. That’s why she was the perfect place to live. Nevertheless, the apartment should not lose functionality. Planning the interior design ideas for small spaces was therefore a challenge for the designer.

Space-saving ideas

establishment of ideas small-raeume-cutting board-drawer-original-inspiration

As part of the interior design ideas for small spaces, a small kitchen with space-saving and functional features was created, such as this additional worktop in the form of a drawer, as well as a bedroom in the shape of a high bed, a living room and a bathroom. To relax, the cozy hammock seduces and a dining area takes place directly in front of it.

Wardrobe idea

establishment of ideas small-raeume-fitted wardrobe-kitchen-space-saving-model

In the closet not only the clothes are stowed. Also trays for the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine can be found there and are easily achieved by pushing the ladder. Really great interior design ideas for small spaces, right? The cabinet door hides the interior of the cabinet and makes the room look neat. Additional storage space is provided by a minimalist chest of drawers.

Bathroom in white

establishment of ideas small-raeume-tiles-white-plain-mosaic-flooring-sink-toilet

Small rooms should be as bright as possible. Therefore, the choice of white tiles for the bathroom is just the right choice. It houses both the toilet and a sink and an open shower, while the bright interior design ideas for smaller spaces make the bathroom more spacious.

Batipin apartment

establishment of ideas small-raeume-wood-wall tiling-foldout bed-planting

This practical apartment has a living space of only 28 m². This extremely small space should nevertheless provide the necessary living comfort and accommodate all important rooms. The StudioWOK also succeeded wonderfully. The interior design ideas for small rooms still offer enough free space and prevent a constricting atmosphere.

Simple furniture and design

establishment of ideas small-raeume sofa-gaesebett sofa cushion-side table-lamp

Simple surfaces for the walls were chosen for the living room. They are made of wood and are wall cladding, as well as cabinets. The large windows connect the living room with the balcony, which extends the living space. On the covered balcony namely a comfortable lounge was designed.

Mobile sofa bed

establishment of ideas small-raeume-bedded-raeder-mobile-cabinet-balcony-fensterfront

At the same time a sofa on wheels serves as a bed, which can be rolled on the cupboard for this purpose. Just darübr are the cabinets, as well as a built-in shelf, all of which are wonderfully adapted to the sloping roof. The radiator was not mounted as usual hprizontal, but vertically.

A fold-down bed

establishment of ideas small-raeume curtains-daylight-course-simply-interior

Another bed is hidden in the wall opposite. It is located between the kitchen and bathroom door and can be folded down if necessary. It stays closed during the day and equips the living area with more free space. Sliding doors, which are stored behind the bed when opened in the wall paneling, also prove to be space-saving.

Modern wall color

establishment of ideas small-raeume-kitchen-blue-wall-white-closets

A monochrome look is achieved in the kitchen thanks to the light blue walls, the floor and the modern, white kitchen cabinets. Instead of wall units built-in shelves serve as storage space for various things such as decorations. These are attractive interior design ideas for small rooms that repeat themselves in the bathroom.

Bathroom idea

establishment of ideas small-raeume-blue-bathroom-shower-open Decorations

Because even here, the blue color is predominantly and is complemented by white accents. The bathroom has a shower, toilet, bidet and sink and also has built-in shelves that should serve as a storage area and storage space.

Fitted wardrobes form a passage

establishment of ideas small-raeume-passage-kitchen-living room-color contrast

With all the interior design ideas for small spaces, the apartment looks bigger than it actually is and provides a perfect living space for bachelors or students who do not want to miss comfort, storage space and stylish decor, but still do not value a large living space, respectively they do not need it yet.

Carmel Place

establishment of ideas small-space-bedsitting-hell-ambiente-bedded-pablo-enriquez

A bed that quickly turns into a couch is perhaps the most practical piece of furniture in small-room interior design ideas in this apartment. This piece of furniture was integrated into a white built-in cupboard that radiates modernity. Right next to it, the nArchitects team built the kitchen.

Corner kitchen and dining area

establishment of ideas small-space-mirror-kitchen-dining area-steel-accents

The kitchen has a corner design, as well as an attractive light blue back wall. Once again, the many bright surfaces of the furniture and walls stand out as furnishing ideas for small rooms. In the small apartment even a dining table can accommodate up to 5 people can sit. Just behind the kitchen is a compact but big enough bathroom.

Simple hallway

establishment of ideas small-space-hallway-design-and-white wall color-front door-concrete

The bath is reached by crossing the corridor. This also represents the entrance area and is free of unnecessary pieces of furniture to save space. Only a mirror was set up. And this has, as you may already think, another practical use among all the other furnishing ideas for small spaces. And although he makes the hall look optically larger again.

Furnishing ideas for small rooms with sloping ceilings

establishment of ideas for small-space--robert-zakovi-rprag-green-deco

Surely you know that the area under the stairs can be perfectly used for additional storage space and have seen many different design ideas. In this apartment, the designers have taken advantage of this place again and used as cabinets for the kitchen. Place in it also finds the washing machine.

Box in the stage

establishment of ideas small-space-installing attic apartment-washing machine-

The staircase leads to the upper level, where there is a spacious room that is both sleeping and working area. The openings in the wall let in a lot of light, but can also be closed with the help of blinds and guarantee privacy. There is a hidden compartment in one of the steps of the stairs. Another example of how convenient stairs can be used for interior design ideas for small spaces.

Green accents

establishment of ideas small-space-dachschraege-round-carpet-beanbag-light blue

Although bright interior design ideas are the best for small spaces, that does not mean they just have to be made of neutral colors. Also color accents are a great idea. In this apartment green was used for this purpose and gives the small rooms a pleasant freshness.

Small kitchen with indirect lighting

establishment of ideas small-space-accent wall-green-indirect-lighting

Mooza Architecture has designed a stunning kitchen in addition to the interior design ideas for small spaces for the apartment in Prague. The back wall has been painted green and is illuminated very original. Striking are the many cabinets in the actually small kitchen. They are an extension of the stairs already shown. The light wood is additionally spiced up by an accent door in green high gloss.

Bedroom and work area

establishment of ideas small-space-skylight-sleeping area-workspace-desk

Here you can see the upper level with bed and desk as furnishing ideas for small rooms. The sympathetic sloping roof makes the room even more comfortable. Great skylights provide pleasant daylight, one above the desk and another above the bed. Working in daylight is also much more pleasant than with artificial light! And in the evening you can watch the stars from the bed.


establishment of ideas small-raeume-kitchen-black-white-blue dining table-chairs

Color accents are also part of the interior design ideas for small spaces in this apartment. This time, however, mainly yellow was chosen. There are also some light blue and red details, complemented by a white interior and some wood. In turn, the walls are made of white-painted brick.

Division of the bedrooms

establishment of ideas small-raeume-brick-wall design-white-ceiling-beams

Each bedroom has its own small bathroom, as well as two levels. On the floor are bed and table. At a higher level, which is achieved with a ladder, additional privacy can be resorted to. There are small cozy corners as furnishing ideas for small rooms as a retreat, which are equipped with comfortable bean bags, among other things.

Multifunctional storage space

establishment of ideas small-raeume-bedroom-cozy corner-wood-wire-lamp

These cozy corners are separated by half-height walls from the rest of the bedroom, so make a kind of railing dar. There are also integrated compartments that can be used for setting up decorations or as storage space. The small shower room consists partly of glass walls to let in natural light during the day. The interior design ideas for small spaces are also well thought out in this example.

Wall niche for dress cabinets

establishment of ideas small-raeume-wardrobe-wall niche-table-workspace

If you are looking for interior design ideas for small spaces, you should consider inconspicuous features and details at first glance. Wall niches, for example, are wonderfully suited for installing various furniture. Here the designers of MIEL Arquitectos used them for a wardrobe. But also writing or make-up tables can be perfectly integrated.

Interior design ideas for small rooms in HB6B

establishment of ideas for small-space-and-white-modern-karin-matz-high bed

This original apartment is located in Stockholm. After being used for years as a warehouse for old furniture, it came to an impressive renovation with great interior design ideas for small rooms, which was carried out by Karin Matz. And the result could not have been better. The 36 m² have everything you need: a spacious kitchen, a comfortable bunk bed and a walk-in closet.

Scandinavian flair

interior design ideas for small spaces kitchen design practical pendant lights

The Scandinavian, which is represented by IKEA furniture, is combined with the shabby-chic style. The latter can be found especially in the wall and ceiling design in much of the apartment again. Other interesting interior design ideas for small rooms are the glass wall separating the sleeping area from the kitchen and the many storage space solutions, including shelves.

Designs by: Specht Architects
Peter Suen
Bernardini Arquitectos
Brad Swartz Architects
Hanczar Studio
Mooza Architecture
MIEL Arquitectos
Karin Matz

DIY ideas for living and designing the living spaces

Living couch pallets diy idea dark brown vintage stool blue

To make your home pretty, you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money. You can save, if you simply make the decorations yourself. Some interesting DIY ideas for living that you can easily imitate for the decoration of your home, we present you in this article. There are great variants for shelves which can have an interesting shape and which allow you to highlight any wall and at the same time stow things or flaunt decorative items. Another great way to make a barren wall is to take photos or the pieces of fabric and shutters you’ll see in a moment.

DIY ideas for living – side table from a trunk

diy ideas fuers living bedroom side table wood rustic

You are welcome to make smaller decorations. For example, what do you think of some pretty vases of rope or flower wreath with felt roses, some new lamps for the side table in the living room or bedroom or an effective one wall clock ? You can even build furniture! But make yourself comfortable and take a look at our DIY Ideas for living at.

DIY ideas for living – A simple sitting swing

idea seat swing itself make pillow rope cloth close live

Idea for DIY candle holder as decoration with lace

idea living decoration candlestick lace crafts mantel romance

DIY idea for wall design with photos

idea wall deco photos make yourself living room couch

DIY shelf in the form of a spiral

idea spiral shelf square books decor living room

Decorative living with a DIY wall made of shutters

Ideas Living Wall Design Window Linen Colorful Vintage Chandelier Dining Table

A branching DIY shelf for living

idea diy shelf modern abstract design books wall

DIY ideas for living – attach baskets in the bathroom as shelves

idea deco wall bathroom bin basket picture mirror

DIY idea in the form of a mini rail for nail polish

diy living storage shelf nail polish ladies idea

diy vase shells live decor succulent candle holder

diy table idea hole wood succulent plant pot deco

diy idea wall clock beetle insects pointers decoration

diy ideas live rope vases decoration flowers

diy ideas for living vases bottles flowers wooden bench

diy ideas for living shelf hexagon chair cushion

diy ideas for housing frame picture paper flowers folding

diy ideas for living wreath flowers roses felt crafts

diy idea scratching tree bordeaux cat living

diy furnishing live lamps decor cutting idea

DIY decoration lamps whiskey bottle pink

DIY bed dog legs upholstery green idea

live ideas table shelf build office furniture

Living Idea DIY Shelf Green Tree Books Modern Design

Living decoration ideas diy fabric wall design

55 Room Dividers Ideas – Define spaces with unique decors

Room divider ideas glass wall filigree wood elements stars

Room dividers make a room more comfortable and much better organized and mark optimal walking paths between the different areas. The requirements for one room dividers are as different as the people in their homes themselves. New Room divider ideas anyone? The selection of elegant solutions is very diverse and creative – an overview can be found in our picture gallery.

Room divider Ideas for aesthetic spatial design with practical value

Room divider ideas-gas-fireplace-three-view side-glass

Before buying a room divider, the following questions help you make the right choice: Which housing do you need the partition for? Should she be a fancy piece, a classic model or a purist solution that fits the minimalist decor? Which materials do you like best? Will you room divider like to use in large rooms to create storage space and storage space? So think twice before choosing and buying one at random.

Room divider ideas – more storage space thanks to shelf elements

Room divider ideas solid wood shelf element storage bin

Room dividers can be used to save space. bookshelves as room dividers with different compartments or open shelves prove not only as a practical, but also as an optical highlight. Shelving systems provide space for books, utensils and folders and effectively stage favorite pieces. Meanwhile, there are also multifunctional and modular solutions, with which one can put together appropriate combinations that show modern entertainment technology just as decorative.

Proven classics

Room divider ideas-solid wood-planks-althotz

The subtle color design lets the room divider become a centerpiece of the apartment. Combined with classic timeless furniture, this room divider brings style into your own four walls.

Exclusive designs made of high quality materials

Room divider ideas-timeless-elegance-wired-steinchen

Modern room dividers bring variety into the room. They surprise with variety and possibilities, with room dividers to create comfortable sitting areas. If you, in turn, dream of a light-flooded room with lots of plants – with frosted glass panels you make the right choice.

Room divider Ideas in every style of living

room divider-ideas-living room-bamboo rods-ceiling high-boulders and natural-decor

Symmetry meets design

Living-dining area-separating element-metal-wood-block-carved-

Living environmentally friendly

environmentally-room dividers-vertical-garden-clean-the-air

Room divider ideas for mounting attached to the ceiling

push-partition-cover rail-living rooms-define-aesthetic

Freestanding room separation system

decorative-face protection walls-portable-bedroom-room trenner

Loft style apartment with partition wall

loft-style apartment-bedroom-partition-wood cladding-to-install chimney

Fancy design of recycled wooden sticks

partition-wood rod-recycled-ideas-raumdesign-modern

Stylish home decor with light

modern apartment-graphic-effective-living-room divider-system-creative

ideas and practical-partition-purist white bookshelves

bamboo rods-partition-en-suite bedroom sleeping area-wellness-bad

partition-with-open-shelves-best-use of space-to-Storage

Partition open-space design-minimalist-furniture biofireplaces

Space-defining decorative plate metal punched-decorative

greened-wall-sustainable-living decoration-face protection-wall

living room-partition-to-install-ethanol-fireplace-chair-gray upholstery

living room-decor-room-dividing-wall-glass-elements-metal construction

Wall design with wood bookcase-open as a room divider use


face protection-paravent-wood-laminate-house library-ideas

bathroom-partition-of-wood-practical and environmentally-shaggy carpet

sliding curtain-subtle-floral-pattern-decor-separating element-kitchen

paravent-plastic separating element-living room accessories

bathroom-stable-partition-with-mosaic tiles-thread-flower pattern

single-decors-separate-space-ideas-living-face protection

practical storage-furniture-partition-shelves-cabinet

room dividers-decorative-practical-shelf-tray area-by-decorations

wood-open-shelf-system-for-living-separation element ranges between

dining area-design-design light-room divider-system-undurchscheinend-wood

transparent-partition-blinds-wood-wohnideen-living room



living room solutions-space-separating-element-design-blickfang-practical

mobile-partition-living room-black-frame-material thread-porada

space partition-red high-gloss living room-design-inspirations

Wooden stairs climb partition-storage capabilities wood

mobile-partition-paravent-for-bedroom-dressing room-butterflies-pattern

mobile-partition-winding-ornaments wood wohnideen-space-saving

Scandinavian apartment-temporary partition-filled-with-pictures-light montage

spa-area-separate Partition-hinged doors of glass transparent


This residential interior design central element fire partition chimney-wood paneling


sliding doors-ground glass-kitchen-hide-space solutions

Partition wooden slat playfully designed modern-interior design-concrete-glass

Room divider ideas unique decors areas-defining highlights

papered-partition-room dividers-design-newspapers-through-put

room divider-system-ikea bookshelf-tray area-by-deco-utensils

practical-use of space-ideas-room dividing systems-bookshelves-living room

modular-partition-white-and-the-ceiling-mounted 3d surface-modern

Compact mini-kitchen design “Everything in one” concept for small spaces

Mini kitchen prototype project all in one concept

This innovative Mini kitchen design Project is designed to meet the needs of people living in an apartment with limited space. It radically changes the classic layout of a kitchen by combining several elements into a single multifunctional object. The Mini kitchen consists of two cooking systems, vegetable washing machine, dishwasher, oven, fridge and a small pantry.

Compact mini kitchen design

modern mini kitchen innoivatives look black stainless steel

The Mini kitchen design is designed to significantly reduce the cooking time and energy consumption of individual kitchen appliances. For example, the cleaning system in the redesigned dishwasher uses compressed air to some to degrease steam and sterilize UV ​​rays.

innovative concept for mini kitchen design

innovative mini kitchen worktop round shape

The design project was designed by three Italian designers Adriano Conti, Corrado Galzio and Alex Innamorati presented at the final exam of product design class at “La Sapienza” University in Rome.

multifunctional worktop

Mini kitchen concept compact round black white

versatile use

kitchen design prototype students product design rome

kitchen design round shape countertop

Vegetable washing machine

Mini kitchen design prototype vegetable washing machine

Drawers on both sides

Mini kitchen design pull-out drawer wine bottles glasses

with cakes

Mini kitchen project back-integrated compact

pull-out drawers

Mini kitchen design take off crockery bin

kitchen design prototype small apartment

with a small pantry

Mini kitchen design pantry downstairs project

innovative cleaning systems kitchen innovative technologies steam compressed air uv-rays product design graduation project rom uni minikitchen

Antique furniture in modern living spaces

antique furniture dresser sofa classic style

There has never been a time when so many different styles and styles have stood side by side. In addition to modern furniture trends, vintage and shabby chic have also made their way into the living rooms. Especially young people appreciate the charm of antique furniture and combine it boldly in a mix of styles. Here you will learn how to succeed with antiques and where to buy the pieces best.

Antique furniture – what is antique?

Living room look comfortable furnishing ideas

From a legal point of view, furniture over the age of 100 is considered antique. In the time when the antique furniture was created today, the elaborately manufactured furniture was considered a privilege of the well-heeled. At that time, the order books of the carpenters were full of custom-made products, which had to be produced exactly according to the client’s ideas.

Some of these ornate pieces of furniture have survived fires, world wars or civil unrest almost undamaged and are now considered to be silent contemporary witnesses with a high rarity value. Especially bookshelves, gaming tables, classic wingback chairs or secretaries from the 18th century to the circle of popular eras of sophisticated furniture collectors.

Also, pieces of furniture from the early 20th century as well as from the 60s are in high demand, especially for people with a penchant for unusual design and exciting shapes. They are not antique, but still have a retro charm that can be effectively used in the interior.

Modern and antique furniture combine

red chairs sofa chandelier classic

The home decor reflects the character and should of course contribute to your own well-being. Not to be underestimated in this context, that antique furniture is not only beautiful but also free of chemicals , A particularly individual note is given to the apartment, when modern furniture is elegantly combined with antique furniture. In order to find the ideal mixture, it is advisable to focus on each individual room. For example, if the planning falls in the eye of a more modern style with clearly structured forms, occasionally placed antiques, such as chests of drawers or secretaries, round off the overall visual impression perfectly.

Of course, this method can also be reversed, depending on your taste. Here the heaviness and darkness of the antiques are lightened with clear and minimalist designs. For example, if you place a beautiful walnut Biedermeier secretary amid high shelves, a simple leather sofa and a modern lighting concept in your living room, you will be able to breathe elegance and luxury into the room. In principle, both furnishing styles can therefore be linked to one another in a targeted manner. Whether modern or antique furniture is the focus, depends solely on personal taste.

Find and find antiques

Bathroom frames ideas pictures

Which one is the right way to find the perfect piece of furniture depends, on the one hand, on your personal preferences and, on the other hand, on your budget. For special rarities and valuable unique items, a visit to appropriate auctions is recommended, for example online at Auctionata , Here particularly well-preserved pieces can be bought.

Everywhere in Germany, however, individual collectors and antique dealers have specialized in the sale of antique pieces of furniture. In addition to true pieces of jewelery, there are also less well-preserved and therefore cheaper antiques which require a revision and are ideally suited for the modern shabby chic style. Alternatively, conversations in the circle of acquaintances could provide first clues for the search. In addition, the visit is recommended for classic buying and selling. Many of these establishments are involved in household releases and it is not uncommon for them to discover antiques in the attic.

47 Colors Walls Ideas – Color Palettes for Modern Home Spaces

Colors Walls Ideas elegant marble-optic-leather-sofa-black-recessed-ceiling-cushion-orange - Copy

What’s more beautiful and gorgeous in color variation, except Mother Nature. Plants, spices, amazing inspirations are responsible for the colors in the living room! Behold 47 colors walls ideas You’ll find that contrasts and playful rows and edges, fancy deco and colorful colors will make you even more attractive.

47 colors walls ideas-cool blue tones

Colors Walls Ideas modern-cobalt-blue-light-gray-carpet-sofa-orange-pillow-mural-wall-mounted-fireplace-stove

The cooler color palette is used as bedroom wall colors. The 47 colors walls ideas Invite you to sometimes bold and bright and sometimes calming rooms. Come in and be surprised how the interior design can create something original and unusual, even unique, with well-thought-out, colorful use of colors on the walls of a common room. The mighty water waves of the ocean or the dark gray clouds before the storm are inspiring ideas for Wall design with colors ,

47 colors walls ideas

Colors Walls Ideas inspirtion-wall-paint-cobalt-blue-dining-area-dining-chairs-wood-sideboard

The red and orange tones combine well with the cooler blue. If you are a fan of the fiery color palette their use is either in the dining area, where it contributes to the better and easier digestion, or in the bedroom as a symbol of passion and love. Have a lot of sunny and unforgettable moments and enjoy your spaces with every entry and stay. Take a look at ours 47 colors walls ideas from selected apartments and houses and seek your own interior inspiration.

Black-white harmony for the walls and ceiling of the bedroom

colors walls ideas modern bedroom photo wallpaper black and white carpet floor lamp quote

The simplicity of the exposed concrete heated by orange-colored accents

Colors Walls Ideas modern-sight-concrete-sofa-cream-mural-stove-stove

Bedroom with terracotta-red walls promises exotic dreams

Red Color Wall Solar duvet-with patterns

The natural color of the brick as a wall paint in the kitchen

Brick Wall as Deco kitchen

Roman blind with retro figures

Living-dining room-with-retro carpet and lighting-light wall color

Wood and eggshell color in use

white-walls-with-wood furniture kitchen bar stool

High gloss finish with glass walls

Waiting room-with-two-walls-of-glass eggshell color

Lots of light and use of the wood

warm brown color-with-clad columns

The cooler color palette

Wall Color with name-cooler tones

Wallpaper with pattern taupe color

lot wooden wall wallpaper-with-characters-eggshell ferns

Wall color brown with wood look

Paint wood trim wood table and stool

Green and yellow tones with taupe variations

Wallpaper Nature White-ceiling

Rauputz in the kitchen

rustic-style retro wood and metal

Color ideas wall gray tones

Velvet Curtains Dark Gray Wall Wooden Floor

Taupe color is a favorite in the contemporary living space

Penthouse-banister-gray walls and white wall paint

Wall colors corridor

Natural stone-gray-light-upholstery-modern apartment

Houseplants-yellow-green upholstered furniture Wall-ceiling with windows

Retro design too much ?!

red-green-and-blue tones

Color palette of fiery tones

gray-yellow-wall-lantern-wall with structure

Retro design wall Green Pink Refrigerator red chairs

Wall color Green wallpaper water wave-living room

cold and blue tones flower color palette

Pepper spice tones as wall paint

Retro design wooden floor wooden floor Deco ceiling

Penthouse apartment wall cladding-of-wood-light wall color

Kitchen of-dark-wood-light-walls-high cabinets

light-beige color with upholstered furniture and wood wall

Mosaic light brown-small format wall paint-in bath

Orange-Green color palette leaf

Leather sofa wooden floor classic setup wall paint green

bright-room-with-brick wall and-Hochglantboden

brown-color-bright tones wood column

long-narrow-floor concrete wall and-white trim

Purple-violet tones wall paint

Light gray-walls-living room-with-white-furniture

Bright-stone color terracotta gray wall

Gray-and-green color palette

Metal railings white walls-much-art and paintings

Eggshell color-classical contours and lines

Single bed with Dessert gray wall with structure

green-gray-blue color palette

A House with unplastered-slanted-ceiling-and-wall-of-concrete

3D effect bathroom tile-in-Gray

bright wall with patterns glossy tiles bath

Marble tiles in the bathroom-modern-luxury-design

Orange-red color as a pattern-by-the-wall color

brown-color-in-bedroom-lowered ceiling

high-ceiling and white-pronged wooden sticks

dark brown-wall-Hall-Wanddeko and wood ceiling

Indigo blue walls-in-bedroom-white-ceiling

Decorative Tile in Winter Garden with patterns and figures-in-Blue

Deco wall-to-haptic figures and white

Bathroom with-white-wall-and-haptic-optic

Dekowand-with-stone-eggshell color

Eggshell color-black-shower-bathtub bathroom furniture

Wood paneling-ceiling-light-art-in-the-home

Bedroom design for small spaces – 23 functional ideas

bedroom design small idea white interior installation red accents

If you do not have a large bedroom with lots of space, but still a modern one Bedroom design with great furniture, then you should consider the following design ideas for small bedrooms. A bedroom can be stylish, modern and lovable, even if it is housed in a small room. This is also important, because the bedroom should serve the rest and this is a cozy Facility in which one feels comfortable, important. For this purpose, care must also be taken with the choice and quantity of furniture. The practical thing is that you can also use the walls for more storage space by, for example, hanging up shelves.

Bedroom Design – Industrial accents

bedroom design white metal bed accent wall brick industrial

Here are 23 great design ideas in the bedroom that will delight you. They will help you to make your small bedroom more modern and comfortable. You will find that a small room with the right bedroom design and the appropriate furnishings does not have to look cramped. And also in terms of the style you have no limits. Take a look at the gallery and collect ideas for decorating your bedroom.

Bedroom design with sitting area

bedroom design gray bed sitting area armchair side table

Design in bright natural tones

bedroom design bright furnishing parquet carpet light gray wall paint

Elegant design

bedroom design beige bright wardrobe curtains elegant

Modern bedroom with sloping roof

furniture bedroom roof room roofing cabinet pillow pictures

Design idea for a small bedroom in white and purple

white furniture bedroom bed purple bedding wallpaper

Small bedroom in pretty green tones

room design small bedroom green wall pillow built-in wardrobe

Wooden bedroom

bedroom design small parquet bed recessed wall modern lamp

Bedroom design in country style with fireplace

bedroom design bed fireplace wood wall paneling

Idea for a design with built-in wall

furnishing bedroom living room bed parquet elegance

Modern bedroom decor in gray and brown

interior bedroom gray wood parquet modern style

Elegant bedroom with headboard and geometric patterns

idea bedroom design modern ladies bedspread yellow nightstand bed

The bedroom with upholstered headboard radiates elegance

high bed idea design bedroom beige headboard

A small, romantically designed bedroom

romantic bedroom design white small curtains wardrobe cream

Cozy, small bedroom with a large bed

elegant interior design bedroom gray white design idea

Bedroom in a rustic style

bedroom design rustic dresser bed chair

Design idea with a bed with headboard of untreated wood

colorful bedroom comfort small chest bed throw pillow

Small bedroom with large, upholstered headboard in white

headboard design modern white upholstered bed rug

Bedroom in white with built-in wall and built-in wardrobe

white bedroom set up wall parquet wall painting

Small, luxurious bedroom with effective lighting

bedroom design modern headboard upholstery bedside lamp

Romantic bedroom design in white and mint

romantic bedroom design armchair leather white mint

small bedroom set up bed wall pattern

54 ideas for laminate – Unlimited design variety for modern spaces

ideas about laminate dark pattern pretty decorative pillow green

Laminate is the choice for the modern family who want hardwood floors like these, but at the same time have the ability to withstand the stresses of everyday life. Laminate floors are quality products that benefit from the latest technological innovations. Their strong structure gives them high impact resistance, scratching and a noise absorbing layer enhances the Acoustics in the room , We offer you 54 ideas for laminate which include outstanding designs from famous manufacturers.

Ideas for laminate with beautiful wood look

ideas about laminate white interior furniture sofa flooring

All laminate flooring mimic the look of classic wood species. The decor variety with grooves, patina or grain genuine wood floors promises an unusual effect for all premises. White, gray and black are also popular tones for a modern living room or bedroom. In the kitchen, the warm wood such as oak and walnut remains the popular choice that comes as close as possible to the original.

Red brown laminate for a tropical flair

ideas about laminate reddish brown color bathroom tub inspiration

Corridor design with laminate

ideas about laminate hallway design wood optics staircase bench

Gray design idea

ideas about laminate gray design elegant living room dining area modern

Ideas for laminate from Alloc – oak honey

laminate ideas bedroom white furniture BERRYALLOC

Desert oak in the kitchen

laminate ideas kitchen bright white fronts BERRYALLOC

white nuance in the living room

laminate ideas bright white living room fireplace BERRYALLOC

Concrete optics

laminate ideas bright color grays simple BERRYALLOC

The wooden balcony floor – excellent appearance and weather resistance

gray nuances in the bedroom

laminate ideas gray palette BERRY collection ALLOC

Teak nature

laminate ideas commercial furnishings bar restaurant BERRYALLOC

like centuries old wood

laminate ideas dining room grain genuine wood look BERRYALLOC

PureLoc Collection

laminate-ideas-real-wood-Optic-sea-Woodco BerryAlloc

washed white

laminate floors pine light color berry alloc collection house

beautiful grain

laminate floor oak wood optics buddha statue candles alloc


bedroom laminate ideas light gray white plain LEGNOPAN

bedroom floor bright color real wood optic LEGNOPAN

modern apartment laminate floor gray white light LEGNOPAN

modern bedroom wood laminate floor LEGNOPAN

laminate bedroom patina wood look bedroom LEGNOPAN

ideas about laminate flooring modern flat gray color LEGNOPAN

laminate bright hallway living room ideas floor covering LEGNOPAN

laminate bright color idea bedroom manufacturer LEGNOPAN

Laminate floor ideas LEGNOPAN decor variety bedroom

laminate floor gray black barstool kitchen LEGNOPAN

laminate floor gray wood grain modern rooms LEGNOPAN

laminate floor gray palette modern living room LEGNOPAN

laminate floor white idea nursery deco floor cushions LEGNOPAN

laminate floor laying color decor variety nursery LEGNOPAN

laminate flooring ideas beautiful wood look flooring LEGNOPAN

laminate floor idea wood grain color patina decor LEGNOPAN

laminate flooring genuine wood grain dining area corner LEGNOPAN

laminate floor white gray patina flooring LEGNOPAN

laminate alternative parquet living room modern design LEGNOPAN

light laminate living room flooring idea cream tones LEGNOPAN

light laminate pleasant color maritime flair house LEGNOPAN

floorboards gray white wood grain furniture LEGNOPAN


Porcelanosa laminate ideas bedroom bright bathtub

Porcelanosa laminate floor stone wall paneling relax chair

PARKOVER LINE laminate floor collection beautiful grain bright NANNI GIANCARLO

Porcelanosa laminate design color grain patina variety

laminate ideas living room warm gray sofa Porcelanosa

ideas about laminate floor decor variety color Porcelanosa

Laminate floor dinette genuine wood look Porcelanosa

light laminate floor design porcelanosa white tones


laminate ideas pergo grain gray brown patina

ideas to laminate bright design living room leather sofa red pergo

laminate floor gray brown grain ideas pergo

laminate ideas alloc pine bright planks kitchen country style

laminate floorboards idea beautiful wood grain pergo

laminate floorboards decor bright living room pergo

laminate floor grain living room real wood pergo

Ideas about laminate floor kitchen white dining area decor pergo