Fashion »Festive dresses for special occasions in spring / summer 2015

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-wedding-pastel-colors-Monique-Lhuillier

The trends for spring / summer 2015 also determine the fashion on special occasions, to which festive dresses belong. Summer is approaching and so is the wedding season. For this, every lady needs a fancy fashion dress so she will not go unnoticed. The designers offer different variants, materials and combinations. There are also similarities to the trend become. Get together with us a detailed overview of the latest fashion trends.

Festive dresses for special occasions in spring / summer 2015

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-white-suit-figurbetonnt-balmain-hugo-boss

White is the color of innocence and no summer is possible without this color. Best match bright red lips and nail polish , Of course, for the less courageous among them, more neutral colors are also suitable. The cut is clear and rather long.

Festive clothes in white

festive gown-spring-summer-white-len-simple, airy

festive dresses-spring-summer-white-airy-tender-pastel

The pastel colors are especially popular and fashionable in spring and summer. Pink, delicate violet, blue – white, khaki and tender green are just a small selection that emphasize the feminine silhouette. The delicate shades are also very good in combination with white garments.

Festive dresses for special occasions in pastel colors

festive gown-spring-summer-wedding-pastel-Monique Lhuillier-

Classic Schitt, elongated silhouette

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-pastel-khaki-blue-flowers

Flowing fabrics in soft colors

festive gown-spring-summer-pastel-blue-Emanuel Ungaro

Festive dresses with patterns and prints are very trendy this season. Vichy-Caro returns from the past. Tailored in blue, black and white, in pastel shades or combined with large statement necklaces, they make every lady look stylish and underline the feminine curves.

festive gown-spring-summer-vichy-caro-black-white

The men’s wardrobe suits with form-fitting cut do not eliminate femininity at all. On the contrary, the contrast between female figure and masculine clothing makes her even more present.

festive gown-spring-summer-suit-women-pink-vichy-caro.jpg

The typical 70s pattern with flowers, floral prints and folk culture elements

festive gown-spring-summer-jepenische-pattern-white-blue

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-long-70s-pattern-colorful

festive gown-spring-summer-prints-pattern-color

Lace, fringes, stitches in numerous combinations, where the elegance is not lost

festive gown-spring-summer pink lace-checkered-oscar-dela-renta

festive gown-spring-summer-black-net-mesh

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-floral-floral-Zuhair-Murad

festive dresses-spring-summer peak-floral-delicate flowers

festive dresses-spring-summer white-floral lace

Belly-free or two-piece suits that emphasize the body while creating an elegant outfit

festive gown-spring-summer suit, white and elegant Ralph Lauren

festive gown-spring-summer-midriff-zweitelig-pattern

Colors like orange and red stay announced

festive dresses-spring-summer suit figurbetont-patterned-Iceberg

festive gown-spring-summer-midriff-orange-70's Mugler

Architecture »A modern house and a special sense of freedom

Glen-2961-modern-house-brick-pillar lighting

The Cape Town based studio SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects has recently completed the Glen 2961 house – a project in collaboration with Three 14 Architects , This three-storey modern house is located in Oranjezicht, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.

A modern house and its true sense of freedom


Customers wanted to rebuild the house so that it could meet the needs of their family. Glen 2961 house is located on Glen Avenue in Higgovale in a northerly direction. Although the wind is hard, the slope allows the design to be designed in different garden levels and lounge areas.


The customer has commissioned SAOTA to complete a new modern home. The customers have bravely followed the advice of the architects to rebuild the house. The new house should react closely with the environment and garden to provide enough space for the family and their different needs. These include private spaces and cosiness when the seasonal strong winds blow. Customers have chosen Three14 Architects for design development and project management. The main goals were to show the heart of the house from the south side and to create large semi-enclosed gardens and terraces connected to the 2 lower floors of the house.

A modern house in Cape Town


SAOTA decided on robust clear surfaces of concrete for ceiling soffits and various walls, painted masonry, polished surfaces and oak cabinets and ceilings. To enhance the sense of openness in the spaces and the garden, the living spaces have large sliding aluminum doors – this openness is enhanced by glass railing to successfully blur the boundaries between inside and outside. The kitchen remains the focus on the first floor and the main, largest terrace with lounge and dining area. The upper floor of the house includes 4 en-suite bedrooms with beautiful views and a large reading area.



Glen-2961-modern-house-living room



modern-house-kitchen-wood-kitchen stool

Glen-2961-modern-house-wood elements-oak


Glen-2961-modern-house-kitchen-glass railing


Baroque wallpaper – sumptuous wall design for a special living experience

Wallpaper black white living room wall design ideas

The Baroque era stands for glamor, elegance and sumptuous furnishings. Even today, it is possible to reconstruct the opulent ambience in your own four walls – with one Baroque wallpaper will provide a special living feeling. This is mainly due to the attractive inspect and recognize the high-quality surfaces.

Baroque wallpaper creates a charming ambience

Baroque wallpaper gold brown pattern living room wall design

Tendrils, flowers or crowns – magnificent patterns create a charming ambience and simply will not let go of your eyes. More and more designers are picking up on the motifs of the Baroque epoch – the colorful wallpapers set accents in eclectic furnishings, and in modern, puristic interiors, they bring a romantic touch from the past. The expressive motifs and color combinations are the perfect addition to the interior in the same style of living.

Baroque wallpaper give character to the room

Wallpaper white silver pattern three-dimensional

Nowadays, the classic patterns and color combinations are reinterpreted – the Baroque wallpaper presents itself with detailed elements in 3D optics and appealing design. It is staged as an accent in the room – for example behind the bed headboard, in the hall or in the dining room. The elaborate motifs are also suitable for the living room – they automatically draw attention to each other and make the room appear more comfortable.

The Baroque wallpaper is offered in a large color palette – from the classic black and white wagon, over gold and pink, to the effective purple – everyone can find the right one.

Wallpapers with vegetable motifs on the accent wall in the living room

Baroque wallpaper pink black classic living room living ideas

Eklektisach furnished living room with stylish Baroque wallpaper in modern design

Wallpaper yellow white black tendrils

Magnificent motifs and glamorous colors – purple and gold form a sexy color duo

Wallpaper purple gold classic motifs living room wall decoration

Black and white are classic colors

Wallpaper living room living ideas carpet pattern

Noble restored vintage furniture and wallpaper with rose motifs

Wallpaper living room living room side table wood

Wall decoration with wallpaper in Baroque style for the classically furnished living room

Wallpaper gold pattern ideas classic wall design living room

Floral motifs decorate the wall in the bedroom

Wallpaper gold silver pattern wall mirror chair

Baroque wallpaper in the hallway

Baroque gold wallpaper motifs ideas dressing table

Wallpaper as an accent behind the bed – headboard

Baroque purple glamorous wall design bedroom

Stylishly furnished living room with vintage furniture

Baroque gray reading corner dresser armchair upholstery floor lamp

Wall design with wallpaper – three-dimensional patterns give the room a Baroque look

Baroque gold white shabby chic table vintage furniture

Baroque purple classic tendril motifs living room

Baroque purple white pattern living room living ideas

Baroque modern sofa white living room living ideas

Wallpaper orange pattern rattan armchair side table

Baroque pink white pattern large living room wall decoration

Baroque black classic pattern ideas bedroom wall

Baroque black gold mirror living room living ideas

Baroque black white pattern red armchair

Baroque black living room living ideas graham and brown

Baroque wallpaper living room wall design ideas

All wallpapers are from Graham and Brown

Pool design »Pool lighting – a special highlight in the outdoor area

Pool Lighting Modern-Pool-in-Shape-A-Violin-At-Night-Attractive-Lighted-Built-in

The lighting of swimming pools in our backyard or garden has become in recent years more a question of aesthetics and attraction than the functional requirements. The evening beauty of the outdoor space is mainly due to the decorative pool lighting. The installation of a complete audio-visual system creates a unique atmosphere around the pool.

Traditional pool lighting harmonizes with the clean lines of the design

Pool lighting wooden deck-with-recessed-pool-night-lighting-Led-attractive-framing

The lights are placed on the floor or on the sides of the pool. Decisive for their location are the type, shape and size of the plant, the location from which the play of light is observed and the desired end effect.

Pool Lighting – Stage the pool with light

exotic-pool-design-illuminated with light-blue-Fountain-wood pergola

The most common types of pool lighting are halogen, fiberglass and LED lamps. The halogen light sources are the traditional solution. But they have some disadvantages: high working power and mercury content. To get different light colors, use the halogen lamps with color filters (blue, green and red).

Pool lighting with fiberglass

Fiber optic backlighting-am Pool Ideas lighting effects-with-water

The glass fibers operate on the principle of total light reflection, they have the ability to hold the fallen light on them. They are preferred for their long life, low power consumption, high security and easy installation. The filter used after the light source determines the color and amount of light emitted by the glass fiber. There can be diffused or directed light, or it can also be combined. Fiberglass ribbons create a soft and soothing glowing poolside backdrop when under the pelvic edge water well or other water elements are hidden. Placed on the surface, they emphasize more strongly the pool shape. By special mounting on the ground or on the sides of the pool, you can reach the illusion of a starry sky at night.

Advantages of Led lighting for the pool

modern-swinging pools indoor fountains stainless steel ceiling lights leds

LED lighting has certain advantages, among which are the reduced power consumption and the long-term operation, and they are environmentally friendly. The lower current leads to an increase in the number of light sources. Remote control systems regulate the program to program the colors and effects, such as changing the flashing, reducing or increasing the luminous intensity. The LED technology allows a wide range of colors, from ultraviolet to infrared. Any desired color combination can be achieved.

Effect of the colors in the light design

spectacular-led-pool-lighting-design ideas-for-the-outdoor use

According to color therapy, different colors have different effects on the human mind, human psyche and moods. For example, green reduces our nervousness, provides balance and balance. Red stimulates and firms the vital processes in our body. Blue brings peace and quiet and encourages creativity. Contour light is used in cases where one wants to emphasize the shape of the pool. To emphasize the size and the pool circumference, underwater lights can be placed, usually they are still installed at the pool construction.

Lateral outdoor pool lighting

overflow pool-modern-form flower pots Decoration in the pool area

Lateral lighting is installed at least 20 cm below the water level. To determine the number of light sources, use the following rule: one square meter of water equals 25W of light intensity.

Decorative staged pool elements

pool-lighting-off-light-effects-fountain-Led lamps

Interesting eye-catchers in every pool are beautiful water features such as fountains and waterfalls. In these, the focus should always be the movement of the water. If you install lights in front of or behind the falling water, the effect is stunning.

Luminous spheres

outdoor use-with-light-bulb-stage ball-led indirect-lighting

An interesting option for the decoration of swimming pools are floating luminaires on the water surface in the form of spheres, water lilies, jellyfish, etc. The light they emit can be radial or directed to the environment or down to the volume of water. These lighting fixtures represent the core of a light source with batteries in a polymer shell. Photovoltaic cells are also needed for solar energy storage.

Pool lights in the form of jellyfish

on-the-surface-floating jellyfish-led lightening-body

Modern lighting technologies enable the screening of synchronized light effects and images on the water surface. There are basically two methods: projection on the linear area, water curtain, and projection on water mist with a three-dimensional effect of the image.
So, as you can see, the night lighting in the pool deserves special attention. Especially the light, which flows directly from the water surface, creates the best attraction in the pool. Do you want to achieve such an effect on your swimming pool?

Ideas Lighting Pool Water surface-floating-ledkörper water lilies

Pool Lighting ideas floating Led Lamp Table Lamp Shape

outside pool-curved-form modern-illuminated-led-light-magenta

outside pool-waterfall-ideas-spectacular-scenery-customize-light-

Lighting outdoor pool infinity pool spotlight lighting effects water surface

Decoration Swimming pool water surface light reflections-ideas

decorative Led Lighting beautiful Koi Pond Pool Garden Ideas

Design outdoor pool violin Shape LED technology illuminates ultraviolet

Fiberglass tapes Soft-calming-luminous background Pool

infinity-pool-bottom-light-mounted spotlights-design-Outside-ideas


Surface-artistically-stage-with-light-led-pool-design-wasserspiele Waterfall

Painting the bathroom – Is special color necessary in the bathroom?

color in bathroom green wall red interior modern

Painting a bath can be tricky. After all, it is a room with high humidity, where water and steam settle on the walls. This creates a risk for development of mold and color exfoliation. Conventional colors are often the cause of such problems. But there are special colors that can withstand the humidity. Choosing the right wet room color could help you avoid these unpleasant problems. Even the Cleaning the bath is much easier. Which Color in the bathroom use? Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

Waterproof color in the bathroom

color in the bathroom yellow wall mosaic tile white floor bathtub mirror

When painting with conventional paints, blistering and mildew can result in high humidity, but the colors with moisture repellency properties can withstand these adverse effects. Some companies sell special wet room colors for particularly problematic spaces. But in most bathrooms Also, an ordinary glossy paint might be enough moisture resistant. The moister the bath, the shinier the colors should be.

Mold-resistant paint in the bathroom

color in bathroom pastel warm cream dark furniture partition wall

Moisture can promote mildew, even in high gloss colors. Although it is easier to remove mold from high gloss finish, it would be better to avoid this problem early. Choose a wet room color with special chemical fungicides that kill spores of the fungus.

oil paints

Color in the bathroom dark blue washbasin toilet window

While these paints can cause air quality problems while they are drying, they provide a much more durable, moisture repellent finish than most water colors. Oil paints are less commonly used as latex and other water-based paints, but are still readily available and could be a good solution for damp rooms. They require the use of solvents for cleaning and may take a while to dry, so make sure the bath is well ventilated.

Several nuances of a color

color in the bathroom light blue dark blue bathtub vintage side table metal

A pretty and harmonious variant is to use different nuances of a particular hue for the design. Here, for example, two blue shades were chosen to make the walls. The rest is neutral. White decorates the moldings and gray tiles on the floor. The interior design fits all in all great for vintage tub.

Matt, high gloss or satin finish?


Modern and quite colorful is also this variant. The walls show an interesting stripe pattern of three colors, including a shiny with silver effect. The yellow stripes are great for the yellow washroom. Tiles are used in the small toilet only as a splash guard over the sink.

green wall paint in the bathroom

color-bathroom-green-wood-basin with cupboard-walk-in-shower

Green radiates freshness and makes you feel good. So that colored walls do not seem too intrusive, it is a good idea to combine them with a neutral color for the ceiling and floor. That is also the case with this bath. The mosaic tiles on the floor, the ceiling, moldings, window frames and tiles of the shower were chosen in white color and create a balance. But it is also suitable for other colors such as gray or beige.

Pastel blue color for the bathroom

bathroom-without-tiles-color-pastel blue wood-basin-vanity unit

You can just as well set subtle color accents. An accent wall or, as here, bright pastels are perfect for this purpose. The rest of the bathroom is decorated in white and a light shade of gray. The cabinet has a natural wood pattern.

Aqua and white

bathroom wall-color-baby-blue-aqua-bathtub-shelf

modern bathroom with white glossy bathroom furniture

bathroom-waterproof-color-black-white-high-gloss furniture

Natural stone elements in the bathroom

little-bad-mirror wall-marble vanity top Round-tower-sink-stone-optics

Lavender and cream

modern-bad-corner bath tub-beige-tile-lavender wall color

Bathroom with sloping roof

bad-dachschraege-orange accent wall-saulenwaschtisch-bath

wall color-bathroom-green-shelves-led-strip

bathroom-aubergine-color wall-beige wall tiles-bathtub-window

bathroom-color-red-raspberry-white-vanity unit

bathroom-without-tiles-white-sky blue-bin-double washbasin

bathroom wall-color-raspberry-mirrored-moebel

purple-color wall-bathroom-vintage-sink-towel rail

wall color-bathroom-wall accent-orange-holzmoebel-handle-less-fronts

Paint in bathroom-painting-orange-white-tile-mosaic



waterproof-color-bathroom-lilac Round-tank tower-wood-basin

waterproof-color-bad-moisture tolerant of small-basin Round-tank tower

color in bathroom-green-water-repellent-double-vanity

waterproof wall-color-bathroom-bathtub-mosaic-range

special-color-bad-purple-aubergine-white-wall mirror-bath

Wedding »20 ideas for wedding cakes for your special day

ideas-for-wedding cakes-multistory Bronze Decoration zigzag

The wedding cake is a very important element on every wedding. The choice of the cake and its decoration can prove to be a difficult task. The cake should be with the theme of wedding and be in season, so decorate them according to the season! Here are 20 beautiful ideas for wedding cakes that look so delicious and sweet that you’ll be hungry for it right away.

Amazing ideas for wedding cakes and decoration

ombre Multi-storey wedding cake-pastel-colored-crowning-heart

Sweeten the most beautiful day in your life with a masterpiece! You can customize your wedding cake and customize the colors. Also every floor of the wedding cake can be filled differently. We recommend that you discuss your wishes and ideas directly with a confectioner to make the right choice.

Images sources: .

Tower-shaped wedding cake with elaborate flower jewelry

tower-shaped wedding cakes-Purple Decoration Flower Blossom from Fondant

Fondant cake cakes enjoy great popularity and are often the centerpiece of the wedding. Delicate blossoms and filigree figures emerge from colorful mass of sugar, transforming even a simple cake into a piece of art. A fondant cake should not only look really great, but also taste good.

Real flowers

decoration wedding cake-delicate flower of Fondant masterpiece

Instead of elaborately modeled sugar flowers, more and more fresh flowers are used as decoration for wedding cakes. An advantage is that the real flowers used could fit perfectly into the overall picture of the wedding, especially if they are also to be seen in the table decoration and the bridal bouquet. But make sure that not every flower is suitable. Some varieties are even poisonous.

Flower blossoms, bows and lace create special accents

of ideas for wedding cakes decorations Lace Flower Blossom from Fondant

Simple decoration with red rose and white marsh calla flowers

tower-shaped cake Wedding-simple Ornament Calla Red Rose flowers

Modern wedding cake with feather as ornament

dream-wedding cake-white-edible Plating simple Ornament springs

Winter wedding cake in knit look

of ideas for wedding cakes Decoration Rustic Wedding knitting patterns

Etat cake with roses and peonies jewelry

ideas-for-wedding cakes-multistory Wedding Celebration Decoration flowers

Elegant multi-story wedding cake

ideas-for-wedding cakes-tower form Decoration Bloom Lace Look

Decoration with cake figures

Square wedding cakes-multistory Calla Decoration cake figures

More ideas for wedding cakes – romantic and playful

of ideas for wedding cakes Decoration Flower ombre cake figures

Loops of sugar mass modeled

of ideas for wedding cakes Decoration Loop flower blossom from Fondant

Ombre wedding cake in pastel colors

ideas-for-wedding cakes-tower form Decoration Ombre Pastel colors

Vintage look

romantic-wedding cake Flower decoration delicate rose blossoms

Wedding cake without coating in a rustic look

dream-wedding cakes-multistory wedding celebration decoration

Metal-look fondant pies and sugar paste blossoms

romantic-wedding cakes-the-American-style masterpiece

tower-shaped wedding cakes Dream Pie Ombre coating color

tower-shaped wedding cake-simple Ornament Ombre cake coating

ideas-for-wedding cakes-multistory Decoration simple Ornament

Architecture »The special charm of minimalist modern retail architecture

‘Inhotim’ is an extraordinary art exhibition in Brazil. The place displays a variety of artworks, with most of them lying outside, along with the rest in temporary and permanent galleries. The whole exhibition space is located in a botanical garden, which is admired for its rare beauty. Known worldwide for its fantastic modern art, draws ‘Inhotim’ the interest also due to its unique botanical collection on itself. The botanical shop in ‘ inhotim ‘ impressed many visitors with the plants that grow from the soil. The decision to exploit this interest had as a result the construction of this simple example of minimalist modern retail architecture ,

Modern retail architecture in the botanical shop

In keeping with the main features of the area, this building is wide open to the elements. A roof and two permanent walls protect the exhibition from particularly bad weather conditions. Otherwise, the worried minimalist modern retail architecture a stylish background for wonderful plants, impressive garden furniture and other desired items and accessories.

Freedom in the minimalist retail architecture

The simple angular design of the three wall surfaces and roof determine the space and bring forth structure of the plant and product exhibition. The floor is made of rough cut stones, but their organic quality is pleasant in contrast to the angular elements of the shop walls. The combination of warm-colored Natural stone paving and magnificent arrangement of plants is refreshing and uplifting.

Plant exhibition in the botanical shop

The informal charm of the minimalist modern retail architecture Invites visitors to the store. Garden furniture and plants are casually laid out, giving the impression of a natural arrangement , To prevent the authors from looking too messy, many of the large plants in planters are in the same color as the floor and walls of the stylish botanical store. Additional metal and glass structures add visual and material variety, creating an alternative, light and airy zone.

Product exhibition at minimalist retail architecture

At night, the botanical shop is illuminated by many circular lights hanging from the roof. As a result, the interior design looks as magical at night as it does during the day.

The botanical shop in ‘Inhotim’ in Brazil by Rizoma Architects

from Jaz

Architects: rizoma
Location: Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Nursery for special girls

sweet girl's room

On nursery setting up girls will undoubtedly give you a lot of pleasure. Take inspiration from your daughter – what does she like, what does she need. It’s easy to set up your own room. Many people automatically consider the pink color to be the right one, and it can often be the right decision – many girls like the pink color. But very often, when they grow up, they are no longer interested.

Nursery – an exciting task

pink room for girls

So, think about it – is she a little princess, does she rather like climbing or does she love horses over everything? The preferences and personality of each girl are different. Of course nobody knows them better than you. But to be on the safe side, ask the girl – which is her favorite color, what is she interested in at the moment – that’s the perfect basis for making you a fantastic one nursery shape. The ideas for children’s bedrooms in this article will help you with the difficult tasks. Maybe then you will come up with a new idea.

Ideas for girls – children’s room

modern design - yellow bed

The nursery Design should be flexible – you may choose a design that combines different color and pattern schemes. The walls should be free – the girl can decorate herself with pictures or posters. Large closet is a must, bookshelves are of great importance. With a little imagination and cooperation you will surely design a beautiful room.

from Jaz

Room for children - modern design

red chair and cupboard in the nursery red chair in the girl's room

classic room design for girls

Chandelier in the classic girl's room

pink sofa in the nursery

pink sofa in the girls room

colored furniture with a modern design

colored furniture - modern design

modern white chair and purple wardrobe

exciting design - girls room

sweet butterfly bed

sweet bed for girls room

29 original glass bottle vases for special occasions

vases from glass bottles garnish blueten mason jar shells

Weddings are very special occasions and in most cases something unique for two people. This can put pressure on the planners. Everything has to look special and outstanding, but that does not necessarily mean you have to use unconventional materials. The following Decoration ideas For Vases from glass bottles should prove just that. They are not only very suitable for weddings, but also for other, special occasions.

29 impressive vases made of glass bottles for special occasions

glass jars vases painted gold white turquoise stripes roses orange

You can wine and others bottles also paint. The color is best chosen according to the rest of your interior, so everything fits together. Add gold or silver for a more elegant look. Just let your imagination run wild!

Vases from glass bottles – Halve bottles

vases from glass bottles half colorful green brown deco idea

As vase can also serve the lower half of the bottle. If necessary, let yourself be helped while cutting, so that you do not cut yourself. Also keep in mind that after that, the edges should be sanded smooth.

Wall decoration made of glass bottles

vases from glass bottles wall decoration blue flowers artificial

With only a few items from the hardware store you can design such a wall decoration. All you have to do is attach the bottles to the wall and then periodically fill them with fresh, dried or artificial flowers.

Bottles decoration with colorful ornaments

vases from glass bottles ornaments colorful oriental diy idea

Are painterly gifted, you can paint a variety of designs and ornaments on the bottle. In this way, you will keep your home in a good mood and the bottle looks very attractive even without flowers.

Rustic, hanging vases


Simply wrapping yarn around a wine bottle, adding a few flowers and a tag can make all the difference. This design for Vases from glass bottles is easy to do and is very suitable for rustic-style weddings and other occasions.

Original vases from glass bottles – With wild flowers


This set of three Vases from glass bottles have a willow wreath, which is the detail by which they stand out. The flowers add a pleasant, rustic touch to the whole arrangement. As you will notice, wine bottles look best in pairs or groups.

Bottles with fabric decoration


These different types of designs for Vases from glass bottles have all the accents of yarn and are perfect for parties. Be creative and create your own collection. So that the vases attract more attention, you can also use bottles in different colors.



Another great and easy to implement idea is to turn wine bottles into lanterns. All you have to do is cut off the bottom of the bottle, put a tealight or other candle on a tile and then cover it with the bottle. But do not close the bottleneck with a cork to allow the heat and air to circulate.

candle holder

candle-holder-bottle-d laten-idea-table

For a more romantic table decoration you can also make candlesticks from wine bottles. To do this, cut off the upper part of the bottles in different sizes and combine them in different variants. This is a brilliant idea for weddings.

Just as easy to do are those Vases from glass bottles , which also serve as a blackboard. You need a blackboard spray to spray the bottle. Put some flowers in it and write the table number on the bottle with chalk. This decoration is pretty and practical at the same time.

The table bottles


The board color is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. In this example, it was avoided to stain the entire bottle and instead a template was used to make a heart shape on the bottle. And the size is enough to write table number.

With a little patience and careful work, you can also make such beautiful mini gardens for the table. For this purpose, the bottles must be cut with great care and placed horizontally on the table. The types of plants and succulents you choose depend entirely on your taste.

Succulent decoration

succulent pot-bottles-yourself-making idea

Wine bottles painted with blackboard paint are not only very well suited for writing down table numbers. If you decide to paint the entire bottle, you can get longer messages on the Vases from glass bottles write or even add drawings.

This is another example of a mini garden from a wine bottle. In this case, there is also a stopper made of a cork, which prevents the bottle from rolling back and forth on the table.

Mini garden

table-deco-wedding-Other occasions Idea

You can also paint or spray the bottles with a common color. You can choose any color to match the decor of the party or wedding. In addition to this, you can use the Vases from glass bottles with ribbons, fabrics, linen, etc. decorate. Use your imagination and see what remnants you have left.

Sometimes it’s not the bottle or the vase that matters, but what’s in it. This is a wonderful table decoration in the form of Vases from glass bottles for an autumn wedding and the colors are just adorable.


wedding-table-cover-idea-bottle vases

By coloring the wine bottles white, they emphasize their shapes and they get an interesting look. This is also a great way to look at the flowers in the Vases from glass bottles to guide themselves, who are flaunted by the vase.

If you do not feel like making each bottle individually, you can also make linen bags for them. Put the bottle in and tie it up with a nice bow. If you wish, you can also attach chalkboard labels to each bottle.

table number

menu Wine Bottle-design-table-fest

This variant for Vases from glass bottles is a little more unusual. The flowers and everything else that is put into the vase was tied around the bottle. This way you can use wine bottles that still contain real wine.

Also a really great idea is to use the reused wine bottle to present the menu. Print the menu on paper and stick it on the bottle or tie it up at the back.

Menu on the bottle

Inspiration wedding-idea-marry-deco-table

The bottleneck has the perfect diameter for inserting dinner candles. Thus, you can use the bottles very well as a candlestick.

If you prefer a more rustic and green décor for the party or the wedding, simple wine bottles are very good. Ask the Vases from glass bottles on a bed of moss and you will be amazed how great the whole thing will look like.

Rustic decoration

Decorated Wine Bottle-gift-idea-fest

easy Vases from glass bottles without labels, tags or color stand out for their minimalist style and look best in pairs or threes.

A great idea for occasions in the fall is to paint the bottles in bold colors that include orange, red and yellow. You can create a confluent design like this and use leaves and pumpkins to complete the decoration.



At a garden party you can do the Vases from glass bottles also for the garden fence use. Tie yarn around the bottleneck, put a rose in it and decorate the walls and fence with it.

Vases from glass bottles painted with blackboard paint are extremely attractive, and not just because they get a frosted look. Because they are also versatile and you can choose a self-chosen, fun, elegant or simple design for them.

The shield bottles


You can also use several of the above techniques for Vases from glass bottles combine with each other. Paint or spray the bottles, for example, with a colorful paint, add a piece of blackboard paint and decorate with yarn at the end.

This stunning idea is perfect for weddings in winter. These are Vases from glass bottles that look like you are covered in snow. To do this, apply a white paint as a base, then spray the bottles with glue and roll them into Epsom salt.

An idea for Christmas decoration





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Why lay laminate – special properties and advantages of the flooring

Photo via: Logocloc Exotic wood types laminate parquet floor laying pattern floorboards or tiles

The laminate floor is a popular alternative to solid wood floors. In addition to excellent optics, the coating is characterized by the best properties. Despite its increasing popularity, it is difficult for some to stand up for Lay laminate to decide. Here are a few facts and information that will help you out.

Introduction to the world of floor coverings: laying laminate

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Dark Wood Flooring Laminate Why Lay-Fireplace Interior Loft Studio

We offer laminate flooring in a variety of woods and shades. Floors made of walnut wood, oak wood, as well as some exotic types of wood, in planks or tile format are very popular for every taste. The modern laminate flooring with click system can be laid quickly without prior knowledge – without needles, glue, special sealing.

The laminate floor – natural coziness

Living room modern floor coverings wood laminate parquet laying Photo via: Logocloc

Laminate is flexible, durable and easy to put on. Cracked planks can easily be replaced with a new one. At the Lay laminate Please note: it is advisable to lay the laminate boards across the direction of movement and parallel to the natural light source, depending on whether you want to make a room look bigger or smaller. For the installation on the terrace, in the garage or in damp rooms, laminate is in principle not suitable, of course, outside state-of-the-art floor systems.

Why should you choose laminate?

Nursery Floor Laminate Advantages Master Manufacturers Flooring Modern Photo via: Master

Laminate floors have the following advantages:
– The flooring is practical, durable, durable and solid;
– Scratch-proof and impact-resistant, suitable for chair-wheels and insensitive to stains;
– chemically resistant and easy to clean;
– suitable for laying on underfloor heating;
– Laminate gets its color over the years, does not fade by the sun;
– high dirt resistance;
– fast assembly of planks;
– UV resistance and stain resistance;
– up to 20 years warranty.

Lay laminate flooring – perfect for the living area

Color plays wood tones flooring ideas authentic design

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The laminate floor combines the robustness of the Hozes with an aesthetic look and enhances the Feel-good factor in an apartment , Laminate can be integrated in different furnishing styles. With a laminate flooring, you always make the right choice.

Laminate stands for an authentic look

Laminate floor heating exotic woods Logoclic-producing coverings

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The beautiful laminate floor, no matter in which color, always makes a good impression. The deliberate color play of the hall emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood.

Rustic decor

Living Room Decking Ideas Tips Laminate Laying Vintage Chairs Beams Photo via: Master

perfect room acoustics through modern laminate system

Master Parquet Laminate Coverings Tips Ideas Laying Photo via: Master

Modern laminate floors offer integrated sound insulation

Bedroom laminate parquet floor-laying carpet furnishing ideas soundproofing Photo via: Logocloc

Laminate flooring creates a unique look

Natural wood effect Bedroom Laminate Parquet flooring Advantages Features Photo via: Logocloc

Selected decors for a country house atmosphere

Scandinavian decor ideas bright wood floors laminate-fur rug Photo via: Master

Natural look makes you want to live

Parquet floor laminate plank interior design wall paint poison green Photo via: Logocloc

Best resistance

Floor laminate parquet suitable for underfloor heating installation Photo via: Master

Timeless and fine look

Bright-laminate flooring laying chair-roll-resistant pattern home-office design Photo via: Master

Laminate tiles imitate fine stone

White laminate tile format design kitchen flooring innovations Photo via: Logocloc

Laminate parquet reflects the naturalness of the floor

Living Room Ideas Floors Floor Laminate Dark-home Timber Furnishings Photo via: Logocloc

Laminate flooring – durable and durable products

Logoclic laminate flooring-black natural-look kitchen furniture equipment Photo via: Logocloc

The flooring meets all requirements for modern living

Deck Floor Lay Laminate Classic Light Nuances Furnishings ideas Photo via: Logocloc

Fine wood texture

Light Laminate Parquet Floor Laying Advantages Features Logoclic Photo via: Logocloc

Laminate stands for environmental friendliness

Laminate flooring features laid-in plank format or tile format
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