Gardening »Gardening & Gardening – the garden in spring

garden-spring-gardening - bench-white-pflanzekuebel-flowers-plant-house

Spring symbolizes a new beginning. Of the Garden in the spring flowers and smells, attracts the birds and butterflies. If you want to enjoy a beautiful garden in May, you have to start gardening in March. Now is the time to think about garden design.

Garden in spring – gardening starts in March

garden-spring-gardening-flowers-plant-earth Pansies gloves-tool

The first tasks have to be done in March. Create a new garden path and flower beds, cut and fertilize the lawn in March. Now is the time to oil the wooden deck, prepare the pool for the summer and build a pergola / garden shed. As soon as it gets warmer / April, May / you can bring the house plants out and sow them.

Spring garden with all the beautiful spring flowers

beautiful garden-spring-gardening-tulip-daffodils-fence-white-earth-house-

If you have to plant a fruit or vegetable garden, you should already choose the desired varieties and inform yourself about the care. in the Garden in the spring flowering hyacinths, daffodils and tulips. Flower beds are arranged in a country-house style. So that a seamless transition between the spring flowers and the summer flowers is possible, plant the two species in the same bed.

Garden in spring – attracting birds

garden-spring-gardening-voegel-feed-ast-tree-hang up-schoen

What is a Garden in the spring without the happy bird chirping? Entice the birds in the garden – with a bird house, a feed house or nesting boxes. Anyway, this should not happen later than February. It is also a good idea to leave berries in the feed house. It is recommended to feed the birds throughout the year – often you do not find sufficient food in nature and need our help.

Get the useful tools for gardening in spring

garden-spring-gardening-tools plant-watering can-straw-basket-flowers-

Bird chirping in the spring garden

attract feed Spring bird house build

Plants and trees turn green again and flowering in spring

Garden spring tulips flower beds care tips

Nice, cozy sitting area in the shade

Seating bench mow lawn stone path

Plant a terrace or garden in spring with plants and flowers

Do spring important gardening

Tulips as an accent in the garden

Pergola design wood garden spring

Blooming trees attract the birds

Trees cherry pink flowers bench wood

Tulips for the allotment – the flowers frame the lawn

Spring Tips Tricks Ideas Tulips Yellow Red

Red tulips, purple hyacinth in flowerbeds

Garden design spring flowers tulips

Flowers for the patio area

Indoor plants flowers pink color planter

Recliner in the orchard – relax in the tree shadow

Create garden path Stone slab

In spring, you can arrange a cozy seat in the garden

Bench Flowers Bucket Concrete Wood Design

Privacy screen for the balcony – flower boxes

Do spring important gardening

Create garden Spring hobby gardener

Garden design figures Lawn create beautiful idea

Design Ideas Garden Grass Evergreen Plants

Design Ideas Lawn Water Care Tips

Naturlook pool country style patio area

Care Tips Scarify Evergreen Plants Steinweg

Indoor plants sowing balcony care tips ideas

Garden spring shrubs bench ideas

Palm trees tall trees garden path stone slabs

Design ideas roof terrace bench landscaping

Gardening »Gardening in spring – practical list for the gardeners

gardening spring checklist for gardener spring

Check out these useful tips for the Gardening in the spring , The simple and practical checklist will help you with your future gardening activities.
To be with the Gardening in the spring Start by checking for any growth signs first. Did you forget to plant snow crocus in autumn? If not, cut out magnolia branches for your house to get a taste of spring.

Gardening in spring – Prepare the plant beds

gardening spring checklist for gardeners new bed

Remove the winter Mulch, or if not the whole layer, then at least the upper level. Also take care of the leaves and fertilizer.

Cutting off the plants – gardening in spring

gardening spring checklist for gardener cropping

An essential part of the Gardening in the spring is the cutting off. Now is the time to cut off the fruit trees if you did not do that in the winter. Do that before the trees bloom.

Carry out basic care

gardening spring checklist for gardener equipment

Check the masonry for frost breaks. Clean the sun terrace and do any repairs.

Plant the seeds in the house. You spent the winter reading about gardening and sowing. Now you can try something.

Plant vegetables

gardening in spring checklist for gardener pot

Winter-proof vegetables such as onions, potatoes, artichokes and some kinds of salad should now be planted.

Separate the perennial plants. Before the plants have started to grow, it is a good time to separate the perennial plants.

Build new plant beds

gardening spring checklist for gardener plant bed

For the successful Gardening in the spring you should also build new plant beds. This year you can plant a groundcover with annuals and perennials.

You can stop feeding the birds. Remove the feeders and store them until autumn.

Enjoy the spring landscape

gardening spring checklist for gardener flowers

Decide to plant more spring flower bulbs from flowering plants in the fall.

Remove the withered blossoms from the spring flower bulbs. Drop the leaves and do not remove them.

Go shopping

gardening spring checklist for gardeners horticulture

Buy seeds and plant species. Choose those that have not blossomed yet.

Cut off the spring flower bushes

gardening in spring checklist for gardener care

Remove the fallen flowers and sick branches to refresh the bushes.

Plant winter-proof annual plants

gardening spring checklist for gardener planting

Put the seeds outside in the garden or peat them.

Put more mulch

gardening in spring checklist for gardener tulips

This advice is important for the Gardening in the spring because you will have less weeds in the summer.

Craft ideas with fresh flowers in spring: real mood lifts!

tinker-fresh-flowers-bird cage Decoration

When flowers start to bloom in spring and summer, most people’s hearts are thirsty: finally! Because the scent and the splendor of color raise the mood. So why do not we get these mood lifters into our own four walls? Our craft ideas combine the joy of fresh flowers with creativity.

Procurement of the flowers

Before the tinkering can start, first flowers must be worried. In the personal purchase should be paid to the quality of the petals and the location of the flowers to be sold. If the leaves hang limp and slowly turn brown, this is a sign of lack of quality. The same is true of the location: standing the flowers in dirty water or in the blazing sun, that hurts the durability. Also online, you can easily order fresh cut flowers, such as the online florist Bloomy Days ,

craft ideas


tinker-real-flowers-flowers ball-plug swam

You need that :

  • A ball of sticking mass
  • florists wire
  • silk ribbon
  • Flowers with a stalk
  • bucket of water

That’s how it’s done :

The plug-in compound must first be soaked with water. For this place the mass in the bucket. Wait for the ball to sink to the floor. Then bend the florist wire so that it takes a U-shape. With the loop upwards, insert the wire into the plug-in material. The two ends that look out are bent so that they fit snugly against the mating mass. Now trim the flowers so that only one centimeter of the stalk remains. Starting in the middle, insert the flowers into the plug. Continue until half of the ball is obscured. Now the silk ribbon is pulled through the loop, shortened and knotted with the wire. Finally, the other flowers are attached – ready! A video tutorial can be found again here ,

Mini-gardens in the eggshell


You need that :

  • An XL egg
  • eggs color
  • muggy egg cup
  • Potting soil and miniature early flowering or small crocus species or daisies

That’s how it’s done :

First, the eggs are gently blown out and then painted with egg color. Now you start carefully at the blowout hole to break off the shell. Continue until approximately one third of the peel has been removed. Now the egg is filled with a thin layer of soil and the desired flower or onion used. Finally, the egg is in the Egg cup, which is also an eye catcher with creative craft ideas , stuck.

Another nice idea is that Drying and pressing flowers ,



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Nice decoration for the spring with children tinker – 15 simple ideas

with children tinkering spring idea butterflies flowers colorful

Tinker with children is really fun. You do not need a lot of money or time to invest in the following spring decorations. Some of them are true works of art, but still very easy to imitate.

Tinker with children – Make pretty picture frames

tinker with children picture frame idea blueten paper wall design

Spring offers you a good opportunity to experiment with colors and fabrics. Lovely Decorations and accessories for the spring you can fast to tinker with children , Whether fabric, paper or wood – these ideas will delight the little girls and boys in the same way.

Craft Idea for Spring – Bird garland of shells

tinker with children garland voegel clams coat hooks

Spring brings an incredible number of diverse treasures, with which an infinite number of craft ideas can be realized. Flower door wreaths, floral garlands and wall decorations can be easily made to tinker with children , At 5, a child is already capable of sticking, painting, decorating and cutting contours. little one Children make very much and have very interesting craft ideas , But they need your support and hints. Always tell your child that you are proud of him / her. Of course, you must make sure that the craft work is the same age as the child. If you collected shells last summer, you can now turn them into a happy spring decoration. From the shells are created in a few simple steps birds with colorful feathers that bring the spring in your apartment. Have your children cut out the birds’ feathers from colored craft paper. Natural materials such as leaves and thin branches can also be used in the design. Attach a string to each home-made bird for hanging. Thread the birds through a satin ribbon or yarn and knot the string on each bird so they will not slip. All you have to do now is find a nice place to hang your garland.

Make flowers with children

with children tinker lavender paper paper green flower fingerprints
With some tips and tricks you turn unnecessary stuff into fun toys or beautiful ones Deco Highlights for the appartment. You can also give away the children’s works, for example for Mother’s Day. A box to tinker with children is a practical and great idea that you can easily implement. It is suitable for storing children’s things, small toys or maybe everything that the little ones have created by hand. For example, a storage box can house anything that creates chaos in the nursery. The box for your little ones can be made of wood, cardboard or old boxes depending on the effort. Let your children decorate the box to their heart’s content.

Gifts for Mother’s Day to tinker with children

Craft Ideas Springtime Pillow-Kids Crafting

Unique and very personal gifts let you tinker with children on various occasions. A bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day is always a nice gift idea, especially if instead of flowers, adorn the colorful handprints of your own children’s gift for Mom. For example, help the children decorate a great throw pillow or decorate a dish towel with their hand prints. Paint your child’s palms with a brush and fabric color and gently print your hand on the pillow. The leaves and stems of the flowers can be painted with a textile marker. Let the fabric dry well. Depending on the material used, the decoration can be glued on or painted with paint.

Build a children’s box yourself – make wood with wood

Children's box-crafting with wood

Ideas for crafting in spring – decorate flower pots

Deco flower pots-tinker with children

Another great craft idea with children for spring would be to make cheerful flowerpots. Vivid colors create a positive and sunny atmosphere and emphasize the natural beauty of potted plants. The great design from the picture above can easily be copied from ice stalks. Your child can color the stalks and glue them on the flower pot in any order. If you have fabric leftovers at home, you can also use them for decorating the plant pots. Coat the flower pot with glue and wrap the flower pot with one piece of fabric or several colorful scraps of fabric. Old newspaper pages or any other paper can be used in the same way.

Tinkering with children’s bird food houses is great fun

Bird Feeders Can Crafts

Making a bird feeder house with children is always an excellent idea, which makes the children happy. A free-hanging bird feeder in the garden will lure the native songbirds and your children can watch them feeding. When installing the house outside, make sure the cats do not come right up. You can build birdhouses yourself from different materials.

DIY in the spring with children – bird food

Birdseed house decoration ideas garden design

So an empty box with a little paint and a ribbon can be transformed into a great, colorful birdhouse for hanging up. Empty PET bottles can also be converted in a few simple steps. Make holes in the plastic bottle through which you stick a stick where the birds can land. Your children will be fascinated by it. From a clay pot, you can also make a food bell and have them painted or glued by your children. To do this you must attach a dumpling to a string and then pull the string through the hole on the clay pot bottom.

Deko Highlights – table decoration with candles

Candles Decorating with children's decoration Spring

In spring, you can also make beautiful decorations for the tea pot holder with children. Paper is a suitable craft material, with which even the little children can let off steam creatively. You are welcome to make stencils for or with your children, which you then transfer to the colored paper and cut out. Cut flowers with beautifully rounded or pointed, narrow or broad leaves. The color combination is entirely up to you. The finished pieces of paper can be wrapped around the tealight holder so that they look like magnificent flowers on the table. A fast and creative deco idea for spring.

Make spring decoration with children – jewelry for flower pots

Tinker with children's spring decoration idea

Make colorful door wreath with children

Spring decoration-door wreath wind chimes

Handicrafts in spring – plastic bouquet

Bouquet paper flowers craft ideas

Spring tinkering with children – wind kite

Wind dragons craft deco spring-crafting ideas

Tinker fabric bag with children

Children bag craft ideas spring

Cut petals out of paper

Paper flowers tinker with kids

Spring butterfly crafts ideas deco with children

Wedding »Table decoration for the spring wedding – 16 fantastic ideas

wedding decorating garden table roses bouquets spring flowers

Are you planning a spring wedding? Have you already selected the theme and the colors? Have you decided how yours Table decoration for the wedding in spring should be arranged and what the centerpiece is on it? Today we have a number of Spring wedding ideas for decorating your festive table. All spring table top wedding ideas are so fresh and special, and can do a lot to make your wedding party truly spring-like and memorable!

Table decoration for spring wedding – Dreamlike floral arrangement in yellow and purple

romantic floral arrangement table decoration for wedding in spring

Below you will find out that the color scheme for the table decoration is important for the spring wedding, and the hottest colors in the spring are mint, lavender, orchid and bright yellow. All you have to do is choose these colors correctly and combine them together! And you do not want to forget green, right? Because that’s the right spring color, and if you combine them well, your table decoration will look fabulous and fresh for the spring wedding. For me, spring is a glorious season, everything is blooming, nature is awakening to a new life!

Table decoration for the wedding in spring – Arrangement with driftwood

decoration wedding table spring teibholz table number green white

I think wedding tables decorated with flowers are amazing this season. Succulents are still at the top because they do not wither and are easy to combine. Yes, here you can be flexible and creative and add a stylish touch to the theme you have chosen. That’s probably the final touch – a linen table runner , some candles, even tree stumps or tin cans as vases. Would you like to draw further inspiration for the table decoration for the spring wedding below from our picture gallery?

Simple table decoration for the wedding in white and natural green

romantic table decoration for wedding in spring white lilac

Spring table decoration with purple accents

garden wedding spring vase glass purple flowers white

Spring flowers for the wedding table decoration

spring flowers table decoration wedding elegant dish glass guests

Table top idea for the wedding – Meadow flower in combination with linen fabric

spring decoration wedding table plate flower linen tulip

Table decoration in gold and pink with a beautiful bouquet of roses

elegant table decoration for wedding in spring gold pink roses

Meadow flowers and cupcake as a table decoration for the spring wedding

cupcake table deco plate noble tableware spring flowers vintage

Colorful bouquet as a table decoration for the wedding in spring

colorful flowers spring arrange wedding table decoration idea

table decoration for wedding in spring roses crockery cutlery

table decoration for wedding in spring mint white plain

table decoration for wedding in spring gold pink roses

simple deco meadow flower spring wedding white silver

round table floral arrangements spring branches silver

wedding table decorate spring lanterns pink flowers

Wedding »Flowers Table Decoration – 30 ideas for spring wedding

Flower table decoration-white-pink-Rose Lace Tablerunner

Spring is the time when everything is flourishing and it is the best season to fall in love. If yours Wedding in the spring You can expect a perfect atmosphere and just add a few details to underline the look.

Flowers table decoration of pretty roses and anemones

Flower table decoration and romantic Rose pink and white moss

An important part is among other things the table decoration for every table and the best idea for spring is one Floral table decoration , After all, what is more typical of spring than flowers? Choose flowers that match the color scheme of your wedding decor to suit your tastes and add a few accessories, such as feathers, jewelry, ribbons or even fruit , Take a look at the following examples for the Floral table decoration in photos and find something suitable for your own big day.

Flowers table decoration from meadow flowers

Flower table decoration Rose Meadow Flower Wedding-Fruehling

Meadow flowers make the wedding table twice as charming. The beautiful floral arrangements loosen strictly formal table decoration and make the restaurant look comfortable in no time. The flowers are also very suitable for weddings in the countryside and will give the final touch of the vintage wedding decoration.

Vintage wedding plan – matching table decoration with beautiful floral arrangements

Flower table decoration tree trunk vase-romantic

Vintage table decoration with apples and white hyacinths

Flower table decoration apple and white flowers Hyacinths

bouquet lilac roses peonies purple romantic

Lilac, peonies and roses in beautiful purple shades

green vases dots roses pink white flowers

Floral table decoration in pink with green vases

spring decoration tulips red pink spring wedding

Tulips are typical for spring

spring flowers pink wedding decoration chalkboard orange ideas

A great effect is the lily in the glass

spring decoration table flowers red branches white

Branches as a table decoration for the wedding

spring flowers decorating wedding reception guests table

Bouquet with combination of the colors blue and yellow

floral table decoration wedding spring long blackboard

Floral table decoration for a long wedding table

floral table decoration spring pink nuances wedding

A lush bouquet of flowers as a table decoration in pink nuances

flowers table decoration spring wedding yellow freshness

A simple, yet pretty table decoration made of flowers

flowers bouquet dream wedding white roses

This delicate table decoration consists of roses and tulips

flowers purple moss vase birch trunk

An effective vase for the purple birchwood flowers

white table decoration marry reception pretty

An effective table decoration

vases flowers spring table decoration wedding romantic

Several vases with different flowers form the table decoration here

table decoration flowers spring marry romantic florets

Also a high bowl is suitable for the spring table decoration

table decoration apples spring marry green

table decoration wedding spring blooming branches pink

table decoration wedding spring apple grapes purple green

simple table decoration wedding spring tulips white

romantic table decoration pink white roses candles

peonies white pink small bouquet pretty

peonies flowers wedding decoration table florets

wedding decoration branches buds leaves green

large table decoration roses colorful round table wedding

flowers table decoration colorful romantic anemone spring

meadow flowers table decorate white yellow

Wedding »Wedding in spring – 57 ideas for a fantastic table decoration

wedding in spring white flowers driftwood flowerpot table number

It is spring , Flowering for nature outside, time for great events, for romantic, radiantly beautiful wedding celebrations! A Wedding in the spring should be special, green and fresh. For this reason, we have looked at the growing grass as a decorative element, on green apples and napkins. Green is the most natural spring color and brings with it the refreshing touch of this season.

Table decoration for the wedding in spring

wedding in spring lush flowers arrangement tulips roses purple glaeser

If you like more traditional Table decoration You may want to have some flowers like daffodils, roses, anemones, gerberas, lilies of the valley or other flowers of any color that you prefer, put them in colorful bottles, so you will definitely refresh the look of your table. Take a look at some ideas and color schemes below and choose what you like best!

Wedding in spring – splendid flowering time

wedding in spring gray tablecloth elegant roses bouquet vase

Meadow flowers for the wedding

wedding in spring yellow meadow flowers mason jar linen vintage rustic

Simple wedding table decoration in pink

wedding in spring plain pink tablecloth flower pot

Metal lanterns with vintage flair

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-vintage-flair-metal candle lantern-white-flowers

Idea for the table number

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-vintage-chic table number-book

a different cake stand

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-rustic wooden disc-tortenstaender-flowers-imitating

Floral arrangements with rustic flair

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko rustic-flair-purple hydrangea

Mirror under the lantern


pink and purple tulips

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-pink-purple-tulip-shrouded vase

pink tones


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-pink flowers tableware and gold-table runner


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-mint-green-yellow-Vassen-Gerbera flowers

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-metal vases-and-white hydrangeas

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-blue-roses-pearl candlestick

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-table number-picture frame-pearl vase


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko Long-table golden-white-floral akzente

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko Long-table individual vases and blue glasses

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko Long-table floral arrangement candleholder

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-kirschenblueten-branches-high vases-rose flower arrangements

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-hydrangea-roses Candles


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-fuchsia-white-blumenkraenze-vogelkaefig blunt candle

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-single vase-roses-peonies




wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-vogelkaefig Rose perlenkette-wrapped


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-vintage-voegelkaefig-veil herb-filled


garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-vintage-flair-white-flowers-candles-books-wood box

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko vases and gold-nuanced-white-flowers

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko wooden box-table number-idea-Nail

wedding in spring table decoration-vintage-flair-books-flower-table-number

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-table number-wood disc-grazing flower vases

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-table runner-from-flowers-candles

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko chairs-wood-signs-heart shape

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-black-white-family photos Flowers

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-rustic wooden table-floral arrangement

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-pink-peach-colored-lumen arrangements

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-peach-color, white and mint green

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-jam sheen-cut flowers

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-purple floral arrangements

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-wood-candle lanterns and white-flowers

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-green-yellow-long tables

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-gruenes-leaf-place card

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko decorative-tree-crystal chain-clove-gesteck


garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-floral arrangement-hydrangea-roses-aqua-white

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-white-grzen-yellow zigzag pattern-tablecloth

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-white-green-branches-Blum sink plug


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-white-dull candles-roses-floral arrangements

Fashion »Festive dresses for special occasions in spring / summer 2015

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-wedding-pastel-colors-Monique-Lhuillier

The trends for spring / summer 2015 also determine the fashion on special occasions, to which festive dresses belong. Summer is approaching and so is the wedding season. For this, every lady needs a fancy fashion dress so she will not go unnoticed. The designers offer different variants, materials and combinations. There are also similarities to the trend become. Get together with us a detailed overview of the latest fashion trends.

Festive dresses for special occasions in spring / summer 2015

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-white-suit-figurbetonnt-balmain-hugo-boss

White is the color of innocence and no summer is possible without this color. Best match bright red lips and nail polish , Of course, for the less courageous among them, more neutral colors are also suitable. The cut is clear and rather long.

Festive clothes in white

festive gown-spring-summer-white-len-simple, airy

festive dresses-spring-summer-white-airy-tender-pastel

The pastel colors are especially popular and fashionable in spring and summer. Pink, delicate violet, blue – white, khaki and tender green are just a small selection that emphasize the feminine silhouette. The delicate shades are also very good in combination with white garments.

Festive dresses for special occasions in pastel colors

festive gown-spring-summer-wedding-pastel-Monique Lhuillier-

Classic Schitt, elongated silhouette

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-pastel-khaki-blue-flowers

Flowing fabrics in soft colors

festive gown-spring-summer-pastel-blue-Emanuel Ungaro

Festive dresses with patterns and prints are very trendy this season. Vichy-Caro returns from the past. Tailored in blue, black and white, in pastel shades or combined with large statement necklaces, they make every lady look stylish and underline the feminine curves.

festive gown-spring-summer-vichy-caro-black-white

The men’s wardrobe suits with form-fitting cut do not eliminate femininity at all. On the contrary, the contrast between female figure and masculine clothing makes her even more present.

festive gown-spring-summer-suit-women-pink-vichy-caro.jpg

The typical 70s pattern with flowers, floral prints and folk culture elements

festive gown-spring-summer-jepenische-pattern-white-blue

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-long-70s-pattern-colorful

festive gown-spring-summer-prints-pattern-color

Lace, fringes, stitches in numerous combinations, where the elegance is not lost

festive gown-spring-summer pink lace-checkered-oscar-dela-renta

festive gown-spring-summer-black-net-mesh

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-floral-floral-Zuhair-Murad

festive dresses-spring-summer peak-floral-delicate flowers

festive dresses-spring-summer white-floral lace

Belly-free or two-piece suits that emphasize the body while creating an elegant outfit

festive gown-spring-summer suit, white and elegant Ralph Lauren

festive gown-spring-summer-midriff-zweitelig-pattern

Colors like orange and red stay announced

festive dresses-spring-summer suit figurbetont-patterned-Iceberg

festive gown-spring-summer-midriff-orange-70's Mugler

Easter & Spring »Easter presents with children make – 19 sweet ideas and inspirations

easter presents with children crafting easter basket crafts paper flowers

Children are looking forward to Easter – bags full of sweets, colorful Easter eggs , Easter baskets filled with flowers and of course gifts! Not only for themselves, but also for their grandparents and friends in elementary school. If you Tinker Easter presents with children we would like to have some nice inspirations for you. These creative projects are very easy, fun and keep the kids busy for hours. Everything should of course be done under adult supervision. Even the whole family can be involved. These ideas provide endless possibilities for children’s creativity and can be changed to other details as desired.

Tinker Easter presents with children – easy tasks

easter presents with children crafts paper cups bunny ears felt pompoms

Choose easy tasks for the kids like scissoring, gluing and painting. Use colorful paper, Rabbits figures, buttons and decorative stones that are easy to stick. Very important are the Easter symbols. And what is Easter without an adorable Easter Bunny? You can decorate picture frames, jam jars and cupcakes with cute bunny ears just like bunny masks do. A carrot filled with sweets would make every child happy. Look at the ideas below and start the Crafting fun with the children still today!

Easter chicks tinker with children

easter gifts with children tinker bobble chick deco plueschdraht wigelaugen

Here you see one Idea for crafting Easter presents with children, which is really easy to do. Obtain yellow pompoms or make them yourself. On the pompom stick then Wackelaugen to make the face of the Easter chick. You make your legs and beak out of orange plush wire again. The chicks can then be set up as figures or adorn the actual gift. You get as a decoration that is versatile.

Make chicks from wool

ostegeschenke-thread-chick-eggs form-girl-young

In simple steps and with little effort, children can also make wonderful Easter eggs from wool and paste and decorate them as chicks. First, balloons must be inflated to the correct size. Then pull the wool through the paste and wrap it all around the balloon. Let it dry and decorate if desired.

Decorate Easter baskets

Easter gifts for children-tinker-easter körbchen-Jute ribbon-flowers-Cakepops

Children love to get sweets and small presents for Easter. With a homemade Easter basket you can pack them really great and present to the children. Juteband is perfectly suited as a material, because it contrasts beautifully with the other colorful Easter decorations.

Easter present for the window decoration

easter gifts with children tinker window decoration idea tinker paper bunny

Do not forget to decorate the windows to suit the occasion and to give others that opportunity by giving away the decorations. There are no special materials necessary for beautiful window pictures. With simple coffee filters and paper, you can make beautiful Easter gifts with children. The filter is designed with colorful colors, where the little ones can come up with something themselves. From paper then you still tinker Hasenkopf and feet.

Easter bunny out of a towel

Easter gifts with children crafting soap towel idea bunny shape

Especially cute is also such a rabbit out of a towel, which may also contain some small items such as cream, soap or other hygiene products inside. How exactly you can fold an Easter bunny, learn this items , Make it to the little ones first, so that you can tinker the Easter presents with children. They’ll be quick to get the hang of it and will be a great help in creating gifts that will be even fun for them.

tinker little Easter presents with children

easter gifts children tinkering ideas bags sweets carrots

Very simple and yet original is also such a funnel. Easter is associated with sweets, so why not give some away. To make sure that this gift does not look boring, pack it nicely and you can do that with homemade paper funnels. Prepare rectangular pieces of paper, which can then be formed into funnels by the offspring.

Easter gifts for children to tinker paper carrots sweets

These funnels are filled with candies, chocolate or biscuits. Use the protruding corner of the funnel to close the opening at the top. And with some carrot green paper, the whole is still beautifully laminated. If your children can already write, they may also like to label the gift ideas.

Bunny figures on the glass lid

easter gifts kids crafts ideas glasses cover decorate bunny

Vessels that are a great gift idea both when empty and when filled are glasses with Easter figures. Not only rabbits, but also sheep, chickens, chicks or easter eggs, which you use around figures when you make these Easter presents with children. Also, prepare various jam and mason jars.

easter gifts kids crafting ideas jam jar figurines

The figures are first sprayed with any spray paint. This should be done by an adult and not by the children. Alternatively, the little ones can paint the figures with brush and acrylic paint. The same is repeated with the lids. Once the paint has dried, the figures can be glued to the lids. Fill the glasses with baking mixes, Easter eggs, tea, cocoa mix, sweets or whatever else you like.

easter gifts kids ideas popcorns glasses bunny sticking

You can see a different idea for mason jars here. And also with this project, the children can easily help. Easter bunnies or other Easter motives are cut out of paper and glued to the glasses. The edges of the lids are covered with ribbons, fringes, bobble ribbons or other decorative elements that you have at your fingertips or extra.

beautiful picture frame with Easter theme

gifts children tinker ideas picture frame colorful egg paper strip

This pretty picture consists of two parts. Draw one egg of the same size on each of two leaves. The whole thing becomes easier if you simply print an eggshell twice. Furthermore, you need a frame and many strips of paper in different colors. Once you have prepared that, the children can get started.

easter gifts with children tinkering ideas card grandparents colorful egg

Spread the paper strips on a template in such a way that they overlap the egg. If you are satisfied with the distribution, you can stick it on. The irregular border is not a problem, because he will not be seen later. From the other template cut out the egg. You do not need this and can pick it up for another craft project. Place the frame so obtained on the strips and stick it firmly. You can now place the finished picture in a picture frame. It’s best to make several of these Easter egg pictures and give them to friends and relatives. Guaranteed everyone will be happy! You are welcome to use strips of different colors for each picture, so that not all are the same.

Make masks for the kids

easter gifts children tinkering ideas bunny sheep masks

Paint egg cartons

easter gifts children tinker egg cartons paint sweets

Cupcakes with rabbit ears

easter gifts kids ideas cupcakes ears bunny

easter gifts with children tinkering ideas paper plate candy bag bunny

easter gifts children tinkering ideas photo bunny waders

easter gifts children tinker ideas candy bags bunny envelope

easter gifts children tinkering ideas blouse sewing colorful buttons

making easter ideas children making ideas paper plate bunny ears

easter presents with children tinkering wrapping white bunny ears

easter gifts children's craft ideas muffin flower baskets

Easter & Spring »Making Easter eggs out of papier-mâché – as easy as a breeze

Easter eggs made of papier mache polka dot paper colorful colors

This is an absolutely gorgeous Easter decoration idea. The Easter eggs made of papier mache are original and absolutely unusual. We all first think of colored and decorated chocolate eggs or eggs, but this is completely new. These paper mache eggs are absolutely amazing. In the Use of paper mache , you can not only make eggs in different sizes and colors, but also fill with treats. With some embellishments in bright, beautiful colors and small glittering gems on it, you can design a beautiful Easter decoration.

Easter eggs made of papier mache – crafting instructions

easter-papier-mache vase-hang up-ombre-gradient

Find the craft shops for paper mache eggs or make them yourself at home. You can decorate them to your own taste and adapt them to your overall color scheme for Easter. Arrange the Easter eggs made of papier mache in a white bowl and or a white Easter basket and you would achieve a stunning decorative effect.

Crafting ideas for Easter eggs made of papier mache

easter-papier-mache craft-yourself-making instructions Balloon

Blow up balloons to reach the desired size of Easter eggs. If you plan to fill the eggs with sweets and trifles, make sure the balloons are big enough to withstand them. Prepare your glue by mixing 2 parts white glue to 1 part water. Cut or tear strips of newspaper about 10 inches long and 5 inches wide.

Great DIY gift ideas with Papmache eggs

Tinker-manual-Balloon itself-make eggs-mache

Dip the strips of newspaper in the glue and stick them on the balloon. Leave a hole big enough for the sweets. Cover the entire surface of the balloon and then apply a second coat. Let it dry for at least 6 hours or best overnight.

Paint and decorate Easter eggs made of paper

easter-papier-mache craft-paper-yourself-make-decorate

Break up the balloons. Fill the egg with sweets. Place tape over the opening and apply another layer of paper mache over the entire balloon. Let it dry again. Now you can do that Easter eggs made of papier mache decorate. You can paint the egg like a traditional egg, or use glitter, ribbon and other ornaments.

Pappmache making Easter eggs followers themselves

Easter eggs made of papier mache -lightly hanging-easter tree

The decorative Easter eggs made of papier-mache can also be produced smaller. Therefore, you need to take smaller round balloons and of course only inflate a little. Cover the resulting opening with very small pieces of paper and strengthen the area with several layers of paper. Let it dry well and prepare an eyebolts screw for each egg the next day. Carefully turn them into the top of the ice to hang it up afterwards.

Wonderful Gift Idea for Easter – Large papier mache Easter egg filled with surprises

easter-mache candy-filled-children

The self-made paper Easter eggs can be treated after complete drying with any kind of watercolors. Optionally, they can be primed in white or other light color and then decorated colorfully with the napkin technique. For a perfect finish, we recommend applying a coat of lacquer, preferably water-based.

Decorate decorative paper mache dolls for Easter

easter-papier-mache craft-color-paint

Decorating easter eggs from paper mache decorating ideas easter decoration

Easter eggs made of papier mache craft Easter sweets

Easter eggs papier mache candy making sweets

Easter eggs made of papier mache filled with sweets

Chicks and easter bunnies

Decorate Easter eggs papier mache decorate paint

Easter eggs papier mache chick in it

Make Easter eggs yourself decorate blue

Easter tree with Easter eggs made of papier mache

Easter eggs paper mache tree decoration

Loop around the eggs

paper mache eggs white lace

Easter eggs papier mache newspapers tinker yourself
Decorate your Easter paper mache yourself