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The French specialists in airplane painting by Happy Design Studio have covered the surface of a private plane with stripes that are fading towards the cockpit. Of the striped private jet Bombardier Global 5000 has been redesigned by the Livery Project, which is based on a detail of the jet’s luxury ceramic harness. Five color lines were taken from the image and transferred to the aircraft so that 150 vertical stripes now decorate its surface. These become paler in the front until they disappear completely.

Of the striped private jet – so you come to your destination relaxed

Private jet fly attractive color stripes orange

The engines have the same pattern, except that the stripes are arranged horizontally there. The irregular shape of the engines required high precision in attaching the strips on the slope. The tailor-made design of the aircraft body can only be seen at the start in detail. Of the striped private jet With its original design brings the luxurious travel to a new level.

A series of 150 stripes covering almost the entire surface of the aircraft.

Dyed stripes luxury private jet arrive at destination

The colors of the stripes increase from white to strong nuances.

first class fly attractive color stripe pattern

The design is only visible when you board.

The striped private jet got horizontal, paler stripes on the engines.

Style modern stylish exterior design private jet spring mood

The striped private jet – A view from above.

Luxury travel private jet stripe design ideas

The increasingly brighter stripes were applied by hand without the use of computer data or calculations.

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The stripes begin at the front door and extend beyond the last window.

modern airplane design private jet luxury life fly

The strips were arranged by laser and by attaching, covering and removing masking tapes came the five different colors.

Stripe pattern new design idea cool original

Each strip had to be attached individually.

Strip pattern window openings private jet color

The pylons of the engine and the last part of the body took a whole team and several days.

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