Modern loft apartment in Scandinavian style with beautiful decoration

living area fireplace fire warmth coziness gray colors

The Scandinavian style enjoys great popularity. It radiates both elegance and warmth. This beautiful Loft apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is a true example of this.

Loft apartment – interesting living ideas at a glance

loft apartment natural colors neutral white gray

These Loft apartment represents a peculiar combination between clean lines and rustic elements. It impresses with interior design and optimal use of the area. Living area, dining room and cooking island are in one room. On the one hand, this is particularly practical and functional. On the other hand, this spatial planning brings to the homelike atmosphere of the apartment. Simple furniture and subtle home accessories emphasize its elegant structure. Rustic elements are intentionally added to it, so that the device does not seem too boring. These ensure a warm and pleasant ambience. Mild wood tones we associate with the idea for a cozy and relaxing apartment. Exposed ceiling beams and wall beams give an incomparable charm and give the inhabitants a feeling of peace and harmony. The fireplace in the corner and the burning fire are warm and soothing.

Loft apartment and Scandinavian influence

loft apartment style mix clear lines rustic

Natural materials and neutral shades achieve a connection with nature. Plant pots are visible in every room. Green accents delight the eye and bring a breath of fresh air. Mixed subtle lighting attracts attention and radiates even more feel-good atmosphere. Modern and minimalist – such a style can surprisingly also be comfortable and cozy. Let yourself be inspired by the interesting ones Decorating tips that gives you this elegant Loft apartment introduces, inspires! Set value neutral earth tones by putting mild colored accents. These can be different materials or plants. Colorful paintings also bring some variety and make the interior design look fresh and interesting. There is hardly any style that better reflects people’s current preferences in terms of decor and interior design. Modern and natural, elegant and a little rough, impressive and inviting … It’s worth it!

fireplace flowers decor pillow magazine roomy wood

loft cooking island modern new appliances furniture appartement

badhusgatan göteborg sweden plant pot bright wood material

loft kitchen onion wood cabinet shoes coat

a lot of free space cooking island plants products rugs

white table rug exposed ceiling beam design

Flat cook area bright white design ideas

Flat room design practically effective design lighting

loft apartment fireplace exposed wood ceiling beams contrasts

loft open concept carpet rug hanging lightbulb

flat open plan dining room living area a room

loft flat bedroom neutral unobtrusive furnishing balcony

loft flat gray blanket plants green fresh

loft apartment bedroom bed rustic elements combine

laundry room washing machine bathroom spacious shower cabin basket laundry loft flat bathroom towel holder alluminium black

loft apartment native gray white surfaces white

apartment 2009 construction new balcony white furniture

loft apartment modern scandinavian furnishing style balcony

loft apartment plan sketch construction 2009 room

Oyster lounge chair in contemporary style by Italy Dream Design

Lounge Relax Chair Armrests Cowhide Upholstery-italy dream design-Oyster

The Lounge chair The Oyster series, designed with attention to detail by Mauto Lipparini for the Italian company Italy Dream Design, are a true invitation to relaxation. The shape of the seat is very original concave shaped to ensure the best sitting comfort.

Lounge chair in Italian style

Oyster armchair backrest ergonomic cowhide look attractive design

Comfort is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the Lounge chair sees for the first time. In German, his name is “Oyster” and is actually similar in shape. The contemporary design language emphasizes the individuality and is stylishly used in very different equipped rooms.

Comfortable piece of furniture with steel frame

Oyster armchair modern-lines concave-seat white leather upholstery

Oyster forms the heart of a room, be it home office, hotel foyer, lounge area or living room. The armchair impresses with its strands. At the same time, the leather is so pleasantly soft and enveloping that a desire to relax instantly is aroused. On this chair can be best lazy and unwind.

Feel-good furniture Oyster – a pure luxury

Oyster lounge chair trendy design-Italy Dream-Mauro Lipparini

The Cowhide Variation gives you a feeling of security, intimacy and tranquility. If you place it next to the fireplace, you immediately create an island of peace and warmth. The furniture fits perfectly with a reading corner or luxury chalet. The design evokes memories of the good old days.

Subtle-elegant silhouette

Relax Furniture Italy Dream Design Footstool Footrest White Upholstery

Solid steel frame with swivel mechanism allows to swivel the seat as desired with a handle. Oyster has dimensions 89x84x96cm and is available with chromed or painted frame in 9 colors: ruby ​​red, maroon, sapphire blue, anthracite, agate gray, pebble gray, traffic white, gray-brown or raven black. One can customize it especially when mixing the colors and fabrics and leather.

Monochrome color scheme in the living room

Oyster lounge chair-raven black leather upholstery

designer Mauro Lipparini, a leading innovator in design, graduated in 1980 from the University of Florence, Department of Architecture, where he was also a faculty member. His style is described as “natural minimalism”. His extensive work in the field of industrial design includes home-office furniture, living room furniture and textiles.

Gentle and smooth surface

Relax armchair Leather upholstery-Modern Form-seat armrests floor lamp

Execution in black

Lounge chair with stool leather Design Italian Trendy rug

The lounge chair upholstered in soft upholstery

Upholstery-for warmth Coziness at home-armchair Fluffy fur rug

Ergonomically curved line

Ergonomic armchair seat Upholstery Italy Dream Design Mauro Lipparini

Leather-covered furniture for relaxation

Armchair Design Italian-Style White Design Dream Upholstery

Color variants for every taste

Designer Italy armchair-honeybrown armrests Mauro-Lipparini

A recessed sitting area in the living room in a minimalist style

sitting area in the living room floor-embedded-lounge-high-gloss-white-large-windows

Sitting areas for the living room which are embedded in the ground, are very popular, because they emit a particularly comfortable atmosphere. In order to design the living room lounge in this way, a pedestal is usually built first of all, into which the respective seating area comes. The house we would like to introduce to you owns such a lounge. However, that’s not all that impresses. Take a look at the gallery below and collect inspirations for a recessed one Sitting area in the living room and other interior design ideas.

Sitting area in the living room, embedded in a pedestal

sitting area in the living room inlaid-front-minimalist-furnishing

The modern house is located in the Czech Republic and more precisely in Posázaví. It was designed by the company a69 Architekti in the midst of a forest landscape and near a pond. In order for the house to adapt to the natural environment, a façade made of weathered wood was chosen, which has a gray color. The house is a prototype.

Sitting area in the living room overlooking the kitchen

sitting area in the living room dining area with white nuance furniture living room

The sitting area in the living room is surrounded on the one hand by a large window front and on the other by two walls with built-in bookshelves. It also gives a view of the elegant kitchen and dining area. The lounge is equipped with gray cushions and cushions, which not only guarantee comfort but also a pleasant look.

White furniture for living room

sitting area in living room round-dining-table-white-chairs

The sitting area in the living room is also a contrast in the otherwise quite monochrome interior of the house dar. This is namely designed in different shades of white color. The open living area is optically divided into different areas, but all are well lit thanks to large windows. The decor is simple and minimalist.

Open living area

sitzecke-living room-to-install shelf-wall-monochrome color-interior

The dining area is, so to speak, in the center of the house, so where the paths intersect in the other areas. It is equipped with a modern stone dining table and white chairs. White walls and a cream-colored, glossy floor adorn the individual areas while creating a pleasant atmosphere. From the dining area you get a view of the sunken seating area in the living room and the kitchen.

Modern and environmentally friendly architecture

sitzecke-living room-entrance-window front-sliding doors-curtain-face protection

The modern house with built-in seating area in the living room was built on stones and very close to a pond. During construction, the environment was preserved. This means that none of the existing trees have been cut down. Not only the view of the lake was guaranteed thanks to the increased construction. The meadow, which is located in the middle of the forest, is reached quickly and easily from the house.

Green flat roof

sitzecke-living room-Bauhaus style-garden-minimalist-autumn-colors-baeume

The roof of the house with sitting area in the living room was flat and made of a solid structure. The flat design offers the possibility of greening, which was implemented immediately in this house. The gray wooden façade is combined with black window frames, which differ from the bright interior in the interior.

Big windows

sitzecke-living room-house-facade-wood-birch-garden

The comfortable connection between the interior and exterior of the house with sitting area in the living room is reached not only through this front door. Sliding-door windows are also available and lead directly to the staircase that connects the raised house with the garden, respectively, the forest meadow and the terrace, from which you can perfectly enjoy the natural environment.

House in nature

sitzecke-living-facility-interior design-ideas-simple, modern

The house is the perfect option for those who do not want to miss the outdoors and want to enjoy a secluded experience. The large windows, which are present in all public areas, allow the owners to be close to nature, even if they are inside the house. An extra that can be enjoyed, among other things, from the recessed sitting area in the living room.

House right on the shore

Czech Republic-see-modern-house-build sitzecke-living room-

The lake lies deep in the ground and is surrounded by rocks which at the same time form the shore. On one of these banks is also the house. Again, large windows guarantee a breathtaking view. And although the lake can be considered just by the comfortable, sunken sitting area in the living room.

House with sitting area in the living room – The floor plan

sitzecke-living room-floor plan ground floor-bungalow-design

Here you can see once again the layout of the house with sunken seating in the living room, as well as its location on the lake and on the property. Organic shapes characterize the interior of the house in the form of arched walls. In addition to the public living space and private, separate rooms are housed, including the bathroom and bedroom.

Design of a69 architect ,

Furnishing ideas in country style – combining furniture and lighting

Apartment country style wall panels leather sofa

We present you Set up ideas in the Country-style – and take you on a virtual journey through a beautiful house with a rustic look in Italy.

Furnishing ideas in country style – furniture

Dining room wall panels wood vase table decoration

If you want a cozy and comfortable interior, they will be yours Set up ideas certainly liked in the country house style. The interior designer Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo has made on customer request an interior made entirely of recycled wood. Wood was first used as a wall covering. The wooden panels are a connecting element in the whole apartment – theirs warm color is emphasized by matching paint. So that the one-room apartment looks optically larger, the architect has opted for white ceilings. Wooden bookcases – this time in black color provide ample storage space for books in the living room and cooking utensils in the kitchen. They also serve as room dividers and visually separate the living area into several functional rooms. Black sofa in the living room sets accents. The apartment has been decorated with old vases and statues. Golden accents add glamor to the interior. The acrylic chairs in the dining room make the decor look eclectic.

Furnishing ideas in country style – lighting

Bathroom shower cabin LED lighting blue color

The lighting plays a big role in the interior in the country house style. In the living area, sunlight comes through the windows, which protect with white curtains from the curious eyes of neighbors. Luminaires are mounted on the walls and create a combination with the fireplace romantic mood in the evening. The bathroom is integrated with LED lighting that sets accents. The blue light chain in the shower cubicle creates an oasis in the bathroom and contributes to relaxation and recovery of the senses.

Studio tastefully decorated – wood floor

Dining room kitchen country style decor ideas

Kitchen island with a rustic style

rustic kitchen interior furniture design

Acrylic chairs in the dining room

Wooden table cottage interior ideas

Shelves in the kitchen

multifunctional cooking island shelf vases metal

Small apartment with rustic interior

Country style furnishings recycled wood table

Bedroom with bed of recycled wood

House forest bedroom rustic bed design

Country-style bedroom

Bedroom country style ceiling lamps design ideas

Creative wall decoration – with old weapons

Wall deco idea country style design idea

Bathroom design ideas

Original chair rabbit ears wool upholstery

Bathroom design idea – white sink

Bathroom country style white washbasin design

Wooden panels in the toilet

Toilet bidet country style heating

Italian kitchen systems from Valcucine combine style and ergonomics

Ergonomic Cuisine Valcucine-Italian New-Logica System white

Italian kitchens Valcucine is considered worldwide synonym for quality, ergonomics and style. The kitchen systems are a result of detailed planning and a good sense for design. After Valcucine introduced its revolutionary Logica system with the accessory channel in 1996, the tendency today is to integrate complementary kitchen design technologies and features into one product.

Italian cuisine of the highest quality

Ergonomic kitchen design Modern lighting pendant lights glue green wall

Italian kitchens Systems of Valcucine develop the interaction between Human and technology , Improvements are being introduced incessantly. The New Logica system with a depth of 80 cm in the base units and the accessory channel conveys a feeling of coziness and livability. With the help of the outfitted rear wall, the room can be planned and organized in such a way that you can optimally enjoy the preparation of the food.

New Logica – Italian kitchen system by Valcucine

Designer Kitchen Italian Kitchen Island-Modern Equipment Design

The modern accessory channel allows for more clarity. It can be used along the back wall or at the cooking island. In this area can be stowed various useful kitchen accessories. Inside there is enough space for gas and water connections. The sink and hob can thus be positioned flexibly and independently of the connections and adapted to constructional changes.

Modern kitchen with unmistakable style elements

Modern kitchen systems-italian designer kitchen furniture ideas

The accessory channel is made of aluminum or stainless steel. The new equipment element of the New Logica system is also available as island version. It creates a spatial separation of kitchen, dining and living area ,

Ergonomic Italian kitchens allow more order and clarity

Kitchen cooking island accessories channel modern equipment

Ergonomically designed kitchen furniture – e.g. generous removable drawers with quiet and light running – make cooking fun. Kitchen fronts are made of thin laminate panels and are moisture and heat resistant. At its high-quality production aspires Valcucine on functionality, sustainability and durability. The aesthetic appearance is not overlooked.

Cooking island with accessory channel

Kitchen ergonomic-accessory channel-modern design Innovative

Italian kitchens of the new generation

Kitchen cooking island accessory channel New Logica system green

Combine craftsmanship and innovation together to make them shine

KITCHEN FITTING FITTINGS open shelves modern

Future-oriented kitchen systems New Logica

Designer kitchen Modern Italian black kitchen plate Valcucine

New Logica System accessory channel is also available as island version

Valcucine system kitchen interior ideas ideas channel

25 home decor Ideas – living room in Scandinavian style

Pendant light Dining table Wood furniture Dresser

We offer you 25 Home decor ideas for living rooms in Scandinavian style – let yourself be inspired!

Home decorating ideas for living room furniture

Living room colorful decorative cushion pink orange white linen fabric upholstery three seater sofa

The furnishing principles of the Scandinavian living style are very simple – the interior should be practical and the Home decor ideas should work naturally. The walls are painted in white – the perfect background for the colorful furniture. The wooden floor creates a modern and at the same time homely ambience and creates a visual connection between the individual rooms. The furniture is mainly made of natural materials such as wood. The absolute highlight in the living room is the wall shelf system where the favorite books and various decoration pieces are arranged. the wall shelf There is usually a two-seater sofa with linen upholstery. Decorated with cushions with faux fur and leather covers and colorful drawings. A carpet with blue and white stripes gives the interior the finishing touch.

Home Decor Ideas for Scandinavian Living Room – Color Design

Upholstery sofa wall decor Ideas colorful books

The color scheme of the Scandinavian living style consists mainly of three shades – white characterizes the interior and is present in each room while blue and yellow are set as accents in the room. Natural shades such as brown and beige complete the color palette and contribute to a homely and inviting atmosphere.

The Scandinavian style of living was developed especially for small apartments – the goal is clear – even on limited living space it is possible to create a cozy and at the same time modern ambience. One of the basic principles of furnishing style is order – no wonder that many practical and space-saving shelving systems are exactly invented by the northern neighbors.

Colorful decorative cushions set color accents in the interior

Colorful Throw Pillow Ideas Sofa Spice Up

Neutral color palette in the living room – beige and gray

Flat upholstered sofa Wooden table Dining table oak

Home decor ideas – scandinavian interior in bright blue

light blue plank floor beige white walls pendant lamp

Living room with furniture made of natural materials

Wooden table leather chair upholstered sofa faux fur

Space-saving ideas on limited living space

Living room living room small apartment Scandinavian style of living

Neutral color palette makes the room visually more comfortable and spacious

Wooden chairs gray sofa coffee table glass table fitted kitchen

Carpet with white and blue stripes creates a homely atmosphere

scandinavian style carpet stripe sofa coffee table dining space frame

Original wall decoration next to the comfortable seating area

Flat home decor rustic wooden furniture Ideas coffee table stool

Wall shelf serves as a room divider

Double wall shelf system cabinet room divider

Wooden door wooden floor wooden table pendant lamp living room Wohnideen

Ideas Scandinavian style wall shelf books neutral colors

Floorboards white kitchen cabinets wallpaper pattern two armchairs gray color shaggy rug

Wooden table wall shelf system concrete floor white door

spacious living room sofa dresser dining area carpet mustard yellow

Home decor Scandinavian style dining place white modern artwork walls

Kitchen gray upholstered sofa chairs fur wooden table

Colors sofa gray black table white kitchen ideas design

Home decor ideas living room wall shelf room divider

Ideas Bedroom White Kitchen Cabinets Wooden Table Sofa Set Blue Throw Pillow

Leather sofa round glass table dining wall shelf system retro style TV cabinet

Pattern kitchen built-in glass kitchen back wall

Home decor cool ideas penthouse dark laminate floor white walls sloping roof

Urban Style – Living and fashion influenced by life in the big city

Urban style -Home trends-fashion-urban-style-new-york

Nothing is missed in the city. A mixture of cultures that add a new value to the individual style of clothing. Coolness, laxity and fashion awareness exude the urban style of today and are not indifferent to the comfort. Unusual accents and distinctive combinations give the big-city style its typical face. This can be both monochrome and in colorful, creative designs be held. The symbol of the idiosyncratic spirit of the inhabitants of the metropolis is reflected not only in their clothing, but also in their style of living.

Urban Style – trends from fashion and interior influence each other

Urban style -Home trends-monochrome-white-gray-fashion

In the big cities, fashion is taken for granted as part of the culture. As an expression of individual freedom of thought, but also the freedom of women, fashion is a sensual and rapid reaction to Now. German fashion designer Gabriele Strehle shares in an interview for Süddeutsche Zeitung Having to deal with fashion means to say ‘yes’ to life. As an expert, she means that loving, studying, and cultivating surfaces is a very profound business. In this sense, all arts reflect society. Design, whether product design or fashion design, express even more clearly. The exhibits are not in museums or on shelves, we see them everywhere in everyday life on the street. And like a real art scene, a metropolis like New York or Berlin has a unique power of suggestion. This is where international life and style go hand in hand, resulting in urban style living.

Urban Style Living in the big city – accents for an unforgettable look

Urban style-home trends-color accents-white-Scandinavian-simple

In the German capital, the art scene influences fashion and fashion on the art scene. Many designers live and draw there and they do not remain indifferent to the unmistakable character of the city. For the well-known as fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, who lives there himself, Berlin means desire for a modern, urban, young interior and he calls it the German New York. Fascinated by the urban style mix with influences from all over the world, he adds another facet of his own – ‘the pure desire for living’. GMK reveals its passion for furnishing and lifestyle and trusts its proven tips for a stylish interior. Discover his absolute interior favorites and Guido Maria Kretschmer Trends at OTTO ,

Urban Style Living by the motto: Show me how you live and I’ll tell you who you are

Urban style -Home trends-black and white accentuations

The acknowledged designer informs himself that fashion and living are matters of the heart for him, which are closely related because both express one’s own personality. Then according to the motto: Show me how you live and I tell you who you are, belongs to the urban style the desire for modern, young interior. Bold combinations with structures and accents as well as in the clothing, as well as in the interior design betray the self-confidence and the attention to detail.

Urban Style – The combination of rough industrial charm, inspiring art and a cozy big city flair

Urban style-home trends-brown-leather-loft-clinker

Fashion scene is based on industrial chic and interior design as well. The so-called used design is characterized by extremely robust, high-quality materials and a timeless, simple design. Brown-red materials such as structural steel, clinker and cow leather look superficially porous or used.

Urban style is the sense of time that everyone in the big city can experience

Urban style-home trends-color-loft-style-extravagant

Velvet lends majestic shine and reflects surrounding colors and lights in a striking way. The fabric itself looks very chic and is without assistance to the highlight. If it is contrasted with a rough surface, it is more effective and serves as a balanced centerpiece in the overall picture.

Urban Style – Refined mixture of original things from yesterday and today

urban-style residential trends-neutral-color-pastel-bright

In fashion and in the ambience, it is often a reference to the past. Details of today combine to give a fresh new look and the style stays constant. Contemporary design strives for simplicity for the sake of human beings and gives free space for the important ones. Neutral colors always go, they also look very stylish.

Reduced urban style mix with influences from all over the world

urban-style residential trends trend colors-pink-neutral Scandinavian

A mix of structures – contrarian materials and surfaces, creates tension in the design. Bright pastel shades, which still call themselves sorbet tones in the department, are one of the trendy trends currently. Rough structures, metallic and shimmering surfaces combine to create a cool yet fresh aesthetic. A balanced mix is ​​achieved through stylish accents typical of different styles – Scandic Design, Mid-Century and Modern.

Urban style and classic elegance in old Berlin apartment

urban-style residential trends-mode-black-white-monochrome

Retro is part of the urban style and it fits a sexy structural mix. Remembering the past can be leitmotifs from an epoch, a color or style elements. Optical harmony is created by the skilful use of minimalist pieces of furniture and nostalgic stucco elements loosen up the simple austerity. Just as the two different black and white uneven patterns make the ensemble simple, but not boring at all.

Urban Style meets City Chic – When comfort is paramount

urban-style residential trends-modern-city-chick-and-white elegant

Geometric shapes and filigree straightforward contours seem stable, but graceful. Grid-style textiles are based on geometric honeycombs and the selection of neutral colors underlines the three-dimensional effect. Color accents attract attention and direct the gaze in a certain direction.

Interior design and fashion are very closely linked and shaped above all by the lifestyle of contemporary people. It’s not surprising that designers like Guido Maria Kretschmer are not just fashion.

Neo Traditional Tattoo as a modern interpretation of timeless style

neo traditional tattoo wiking-back-man-colorful

Tattoos are not just a fad, for some they are a very special confession on some skin. There are almost infinitely many templates and motifs that become more and more beautiful, more detailed, more elaborate and extravagant over time. Even the tattoo artist unfolds your imagination more and more, creating new ones again and again Tattoo directions and style arise. Below we will introduce you to the modern style Neo Traditional Tattoo make known and present great motives for inspiration.

What is Neo Traditional Tattoo?

poor-woman-gray-black-blue butterflies

Neo Traditional Tattoo is a style of tattooing that represents a modern and successful blend of other tattoo styles. Neo Traditional is a kind of realistic with clear influences from the Old and New School. To give you an idea of ​​what the new style of tattooing is, we will briefly introduce you to the other three styles that make up the Neo Traditional Tattoo.

Fascinating intertwining of styles – the old school tattoo style

black-gray-yellow-woman-moon-neo-traditional tattoo

The tattoo style Oldschool, also known as Traditional, is one of the ten main directions that includes the 1920 to 1960 modern sailor tattoo motifs. The typical motifs are anchors, sailing ships, cannon and sailors. Among the sailors, the maori and tribal motifs that brought with them from the Asian countries were very topical. The motifs, which were initially influenced by the passage of the equator, lighthouse and sailing ships, were increasingly geared to the wishes and desires of the sailors.

one-upper arm tattoo neo-elefante

Motifs such as Palm Island, a heart with flame or dagger, or cross came to enrich the style. From this time are also the motives Schwalbe with a love letter, roses, hands, tiger and panterhead, as well as the pin-up girls. All of these motifs are rather minimalist in simple structures. The old school tattoo style is characterized by thick, striking, black outline lines and strong filling colors such as blue, red or green. Characteristic of the traditional are also rough color transitions

Newschool tattoo style

woman-lion head-striking-upper arm-neo

The style Newschool is a continuation of the Oldschool and is seen as a modern Oldschool. The difference between the two styles of tattoo is the way in which the tattoo motifs are depicted. They look modern, detailed and expressive. This style uses the same tattooing method as the old school tattoos. The pictures are even more colorful and new color gradients and shades are introduced.

Realistic tattoos


Of all styles, Realistic is certainly the supreme discipline. Realistic tattoos look and feel similar to reality and impress with their richness of detail. Portraits, nature motifs and many other subjects are often tattooed in this style. The pictures can either be displayed monochrome in black and gray or presented as lifelike and colorful pictures.

neo-hand grenade-modern-zitronenscheibe Leaves

Through the intertwining of these tattoo directions, the Neo Traditional Tattoo is a modern adaptation of the classic and timeless style. Virtually all motifs can be used and presented in a “traditional” modern way thanks to the unique imagery. The neo traditional tattoo is constantly evolving as more and more tattoo silences affect the art scene. Even if the motifs remain the same, they will look differently interpreted due to the ways they are developed.

The motifs in the Neo Traditional and their meaning

neo-traditional tattoo-woman-smoking-upper arm

As far as the symbolism of the pictures is concerned, it is no longer so important to know the meaning of the selected motif. The symbolic meaning of course remains more essential to its wearer, but the accent is nowadays on the execution of which colors and patterns. You can have any image and symbol as a Neo Traditional Tattoo, provided you can make friends with the distinctive outlines and detailed images achieved through color and space. The tattoos in this style have a strong texture and shades. The images are anything but blurry and the message they convey is clear.

The compass motif

compass-rose-red lettering Rope

One of the most famous motifs in the Neo Traditional Tattoo is the compass. Originally, this tattoo motif is a classic old school tattoo, which can be expanded in various ways and qualified as Neo Traditional. One way to do this is to paint a detailed and colorful flower in the background. The compass tattoo symbolizes purposeful action and the right way, or the right direction. On the other hand, the compass can stand for hope and protection. The compass should always remind its wearer where he actually came from and where his path leads.

The portrait in neo traditional tattoo style

upper arm-woman-butterfly-colorful

In the Neo Traditional culture, the portrait of the latest trend , The portrait tattoos are difficult to implement and are certainly among the most difficult tattoos ever. For this reason it is important to choose a qualified and really talented artist, so that you also get a perfect result. If you want to immortalize a person you love on your skin, the Portrait Tattoo is a good choice.

Varied floral motifs


Although people are increasingly embellishing their bodies with flower motifs, a single colored rose is a popular neo traditional tattoo. It simply stands out among the countless varieties of flowers and is presented in this style much larger, more detailed and colorful. The rose is the most engraved tattoo flower motif and is absolutely timeless and full of meaning, which is actually no stranger. as a sign of love, affection and worship, the rose is a recurrent motif of the lovers. The beautiful flower not only stands for love and beauty, the thorns of the rose symbolize the dark side of life.

The motif mermaid

back tattoo-smoke-animals-man-neo-traditional

The mermaids have always been fascinated by their whole being. They are a great tattoo motif, drawn by artist hands, looks very beautiful. If you want to give the mermaid Neo Traditional Touch, make the mythical creature look like a modern woman and use a lot of color in tattooing. The Mermaid Tattoo is a vintage marime symbol that was originally considered a male tattoo. Over time, it also represents femininity and can be seen more in women. The mermaid is happy to be linked to other symbols. This motif symbolizes emotion, intuition, freedom and independence.

The hourglass

tiger head-upper-arm-man-color-texture

Another popular motif in neo traditional tattoos is the hourglass. It has a deeply symbolic value and its meaning may vary depending on the personality and the wearer of the perception. In general, the hourglass stands for balance, time and transience of life. This motif can be a source of inspiration so that we can get the most out of every day and appreciate the time.

Indian symbols

neo-traditional tattoo-motive-indian-upper arm-color

The Indians symbol are an important part of the culture. The Native American motifs are often used in the Neo Traditional Tattoo and made into a fabulous neo symbol by adding more details. In order for the many details of an Indian tattoo to really come into its own, the tattoo should not support a certain size. The Indian portraits are among the most impressive tattoos that can be stung on the skin. As a motif, Indians symbolize the urge for freedom, inner strength, valor and attachment to nature.

Body parts for Neo Traditional Tattoos – arms

modern fairy-house-girl-fox-natural

The tattoos in this style need enough space to make them look attractive and even the smallest detail can unfold its splendor. One of the best places on the body where the Neo Traditional Tattoo really works is the arms. They have always been one of the preferred places to tattoo. The arms offer enough space for medium and large pictures. Even the shape of the arms allows the detailed presentation of the motifs.



If you would like to have a colorful and large tattoo sting or you have opted for a lavish neo traditional motif, the back offers more than enough space for body art. In addition, the back is one of the least painful places when tattooing.


man-breast tattoo neo mandala Leaves

The breast tattoos also look very attractive and are the right place to sting if you want to see your neo traditional tattoo panting in the mirror. Whether you only want to have the pictures on one side of the chest or on the collarbone, the tattoos just look great there.

Full body tattoo

neo-colored-man Full body dragon-eye

The whole body tattoos are now a widespread phenomenon. Neo Traditional Tattoos on the whole body are a new trend and look very stylish. Of course, more time is needed for such large body ornaments, but the final result is all the more fascinating.


leg tattoo thigh-abstract-colorful-neo-traditional

Getting a tattoo on your leg is painful, but if you put up with the pain, you’ll be rewarded with excellent neo-drawings. Whether you get a thigh, lower leg or ankle joint depends on your personal preference.

What makes the Neo Traditional Tattoo unique?

teapot-flower-woman-upper arm-bunt

The Neo Traditional Tattoo is undoubtedly a very attractive type of body jewelry. But what makes it unique is the fact that tattoos in this style are absolutely trendy. The bold outlines, rich colors and the fact that only a few tattoo styles match this perfect detailing makes these tattoos unique and enchanting. So, if you are looking for something modern that still has the traditional characteristics of American tattoos, this is probably the style for you.

Modern penthouse in Scandinavian style

Modern penthouse in Scandinavian style

Loft-modern-Scandinavian interiors

These modern penthouse in Sweden is a great example of how trendy decor in the Scandinavian Sti l looks like. Lots of light, interesting furniture, stoves and the obligatory stripes – a design that is luxurious, practical and comfortable.

Modern penthouse with a freestanding fireplace in the living room

modern penthouse-Bookshelf Wall

The modern penthouse covers an area of ​​152 square meters and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious living area. Great skylights let in plenty of light in the spacious living area and a large terrace offers views of the surroundings. The building was built in 1882 – the interior is completely modernized and renovated. The living area is logically divided into kitchen and living room. The glossy black surfaces of the kitchen contrast with the white walls and light wood flooring. A freestanding modern fireplace is central to the staircase that leads to the bedrooms. The living / dining room consists of a large wooden table, a rug in blue and white stripes and a large bookshelf.

Modern penthouse with great views

Scandinavian furniture wood dining table

Elegant little white armchairs are in the other part of the living area and benefit from the sunlight coming through the skylights. Blue-gray color scheme is present everywhere and creates a connection between the different parts of the room. Interesting sculptures and candle holders are the only decoration that needs this design. The preference of the owner for elegant works of art is everywhere in the modern penthouse to feel. The Scandinavian style is characterized by simple and cozy furniture, which are skilfully combined – and this apartment fully utilizes the advantageous location. In the children’s room, the blue duvet creates similarities in design with the rest of the apartment.

Modern penthouse with elegant interior

Bedroom attic-modern furniture

The modern penthouse is an excellent example of the functional Scandinavian institution. So that the interior is illuminated as much as possible, luminaires were installed on the ceiling. Elegant pendant lights hang over the dining table and in the nursery. Functionality and aesthetics were skilfully combined in the interior design.

Scandinavian attic apartment

Scandinavian furniture Nursery

Scandinavian furniture lighting

Scandinavian furniture lighting

Round blue carpet

round-blue-carpeted living room

Small black fitted kitchen


Small white armchair

small white armchair penthouse

Modern freestanding fireplace

modern-freestanding fireplace

Modern white bathroom




Apartment in Scandinavian style – 10 apartments

flat design bright furnishings living area light gray sofa

Design of Render Taxi.

Of the Scandinavian style is increasingly being chosen for the modern interior. And although this style is governed by certain rules, a variety of variants for the implementation are possible, so you can always achieve a certain individuality. On the one hand, the decor can represent the classic Ikea style. This means furniture in white and natural wood color, skilfully combined. But if that is too monotonous for you, if you are the one Design apartment in Scandinavian style, also color accents allowed.

Design apartment – Scandinavian thanks to decorative items

make apartment kitchens-design-idea-light-wood-dining area-dining table

If you would like to have a Scandinavian facility, but do not think much about redesigning it, you will be pleased to know that you are using style and smaller things as well decorations can shape. We have put together a selection of 10 apartments that can serve as inspiration for your apartment if you want to reach a Nordic interior.

Flat design with bright premises

make-apartment-vaulted ceiling and white-living-wall shelf-lowboard

The idea for this attractive apartment comes from Render Taxi. It was later realized by Anna & Eugeni Bach. This living room is undoubtedly a real highlight, which was achieved thanks to various means. On the one hand, the impressive wave-effect ceiling and, on the other, the authentic floor tiles that were discovered and reused during the renovation. Typically Scandinavian is the use of white surfaces, combined with a natural, light wood tone.

Color accents in the apartment

make-apartment-minimalist-kitchen-white-Scandinavian accents-round-coffee table

Design by Duan.

Here’s how to design the apartment by adding color to the Scandinavian interior. Combine them with natural tones such as beige, gray, cream or brown.

Storage space ideas

make-apartment-bedsitting-set-pedestal-sleeping area-living room

Also typical of the Scandinavian style is plenty of storage space. Try to integrate them into the interior with the help of multifunctional furniture when designing your home. Also built-in pieces of furniture are a great way. A great example is the pedestal in this apartment, which forms the sleeping area of ​​the one-room apartment.

Decorations from all over the world

flat-make-atmosphaere-hell-living room-blue-sofa

The decorations for the Scandinavian style do not necessarily have to come from Scandinavia. Here you can see, for example, a mirror by French designer Jacques Adnet. To design the apartment stools were also used by Fabio Bortolani.

Plants in the apartment


Original wall design with newspaper

make-house-wall design-idea-newspaper-paper-regal-heimbuero

Apartment design with Scandinavian kitchen


Retro fridge

make-apartment-red-pattern carpet-marble-kitchen-retro-kuehlschrank

Decoration with cactus

make-apartment-accents-cactus-yellow-flower pot-living room-design

Monochrome apartment

make-apartment-dark gray couch-living room-monochrome metal moebel

Design by Duan.

You can also design the apartment for the Nordic style with less wood. Here you can see the unique effect that arises when only shades of gray and white are used. There are also accents of black metal in the form of side table and coffee table. The latter shows a chessboard of the Bauhaus school.

make-apartment-Grautoene-interior design-chair-comfortable carpet-honeycomb pattern

make-apartment-coffee table-metal-round-modern couch sofa cushion

make-apartment-warm-ambiente-establishment curtains-hell-raumgestaltung

make-apartment-dining table-idea-Eames chairs-white-wood

Eames chairs are more than welcome in the Scandinavian interior. Here they were combined with two wooden chairs, creating an interesting patchwork design. Fittingly, such a design was also chosen for the kitchen back wall. In addition to the design of the apartment color accents were used, including the E27 pendant lights by Mattias Ståhlbom.

make-apartment-wanddeko wallpaper idea-pendant lights-colored-colored

make-apartment-sideboard-dining area-table lamp-gross-mural


Flat design in blue and yellow

flat design accents-colorful-living-room-carpet-geometric-pattern-yellow-blue

Design by Duan.

This apartment looks very sunny. Among other things, the use of the yellow color here and there ensures. The holiday mood is also achieved by the blue color, because it is reminiscent of the sea. In order not to exaggerate with the colors, furniture in neutral colors was again chosen for the design of the apartment. The many plants provide a lively and natural atmosphere.

make-apartment-naturtoene-moebel-color-lamp-side table

make-house-wall design-yellow-attractive-Scandinavian-deco-elements-shelf

make-apartment-blinds-gray-moebel-vintage-flair-color accents

make-apartment-to-install shelf-wood-lamps-design-coffee table

Take a look at the stunning 3 Dots Collective lamps. The models from the Pot-Pourri collection consist partly of concrete and partly of basket design in yellow, blue and green. The multistage side table also has similar colors.

flat design decorations-inspiration-scandinavian-simple-colors

make-apartment-deco-idea-picture frame-Scandinavian-bedroom

flat design white-bedroom-idea-nordic-bed

make-apartment-night cabinet-red sheep bedroom deco-white-nordic

flat design home-office-idea-scandinavian-white-furniture

Flat design with red accents

make-apartment-gray interior decoration-red accents-panoramic image-wanddeko

Design by Duan.

The cozy furniture in this apartment is combined with a barely noticeable glass coffee table. This makes the room look more spacious. You are welcome to combine the Scandinavian style with another. Here, for example, serves a shelf made of metal and wood for apartment design with an industrial accent.

make-flat-glass table-hexagon-puff-green-gray-pastelltoene


make-apartment-hexagon-corridor-tiles-wood-frame mirror

make-apartment-clothes stand-nordic-design-balcony-living room-commode-tv

make-house photo-deco-wall-white-brick-television cupboard-yellow

Design chic and minimalist apartment


Design by Duan.

Minimalist interiors do not have to be cold. Especially not if you care for a Scandinavian flair. Warmth is provided by the many wooden elements that can be found in the floor and in the wooden furniture, as well as the striking, red accent wall in brick look.

make-apartment-brick-wall accent, red and shelf-gross-books-loft-style-nordic

flat design classic-furniture-chair-white-metal-shabby-fur

Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner

make-apartment-concrete brick-wall design-idea-modern-kuecheninsel

make-apartment-unique chairs-kitchen-counter-natural materials


make-apartment-kitchen-lighting-mirror tiles and white-stone-countertop

Colorful apartment design

make-apartment-colorful-device-clinker stone-wall-modern-stool

Design by Koj Design.

It gets really nice colorful in this apartment. This proves that the Scandinavian style apartment design can not be just neutral or with few color accents. In this way, the rooms emit a pleasant energy.

make-apartment-nautical-Nordic-blue accents-light-wood-coffee table pallets sofa

In addition to a coffee table made of unprocessed wood, which, among other things, provides for the Nordic flair, many decorations with nautical theme are used to design the apartment. Incidentally, the wooden chair next to the coffee table below is a design by Eames and therefore a perfect fit for a Scandinavian decor.

make-flat-pattern-colored carpet-sideboard-modern

flat design brick wall dining area blue chair

Black lamp left by designer Paolo Rizzatto.

make-apartment-rustic image-holzstuehle-maritime-decoration

flat design kitchen-light blue-nordic-style

flat design checkerboard-tile-kitchen-blue-white

flat design bedroom wall-color-light blue-yellow-bedspread-dresser-modern

make-flat-pleated-bedroom-stripes-Optic-chair-skanidnavisch-style shelves

Acapulco chair and side table by Thomas Bentzen.

make-apartment-Nordic-style-bedroom-theme-love-heart-murals-dressing table

Flat design bedroom-bird-theme-wardrobe-yellow-accent

make-apartment-wood-device-dark-black-bed-leather living wall


make-apartment-walk-wardrobe-storage space-ideas-wire-Corner

Flat design bathroom geometric tile design patchwork shower




Flat design with accents in light blue

make-apartment-easy-renovate-Scandinavian-design-open living area

Design by Kevin.

Here you can see a nice apartment consisting of an open plan living area with kitchen, a small bedroom and a living room. The blue shade used as an accent in the decor is called Robin Egg. There are also green colors in the form of plants.

Flat design monochrome blue color accents furniture sideboard

Eclectic furniture adds a finishing touch to the interior, and although a black and white theme is not common in the Scandinavian style, we find it just makes it wonderful.

flat design sideboard-light blue-flowers-pink-plants-deco-idea

make-apartment-chair-design-relaxation-living room radiator-gray floor lamp

make-flat-black-moebel-mirror-Scandinavian interior-wood-table


flat design black-white-kitchen-scandinavian-idea

Side tables by the Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko.

make apartment-style plain-rug-oval-bedded-wood-white-bettwaesche

make-house-modern-bad-Nordic-tiles-wet cell-black-glass wall

Creating a home – A mix of the Bauhaus and Scandinavian styles

make-apartment-leather bench-black-mirror-metal-regal-skadinavisch

Design by ReFL Studio

An industrial Bauhaus design with various color accents was combined here with the popular Nordic style and the result is simply breathtaking. An example of this is the dining table with the different chairs.

make-apartment-decor-white-yellow-black-leather-bench-coffee table-metal

make-apartment-eclectic chairs-bright-kitchen-open design

make-apartment-simple-kitchen-Rueckwand-mosaic tile-gray

Pendant light “Rock” by Foscarini and Diesel.


Classically Scandinavian and modern at the same time

make-house-color-cream corner sofa-parquet-shelf

Design by N-Gon Archviz.

Classic Scandinavian-style furniture is combined in this apartment with various modern details. The interior is bright and has only a few dark accents.

make-apartment-lighting-original-pendant lights-black chair

make-apartment-minimalist Scandinavian dining table-dining chairs-kuecheninsel

Smooth Coco Flip Pendant Lights

make-apartment-light-wood-laminate-Scandinavian-kitchen-contemporary, modern,

Designs by: Render taxi
Koj design
ReFL Studio
N-Gon Archviz