Christmas Decorations ideas »Advent calendar ideas and suggestions, sweet seduction

advent calendar ideas wood reindeer idea red push toys

December time- beautiful advent season! The children in the Christian families are waiting for this moment every year when theirs Advent calendar as a gift and count the days before Christmas with chocolate chocolates and other sweets and wait and see. But it is time not only for the children, but also a sweet seduction for the adults and plenty Advent calendar ideas bake yourself as a home-made decoration to make your own or chocolates.

Advent calendar ideas and suggestions

advent calendar ideas round boxes metal purple nuances kitchen fir-tree

The well-known chocolate manufacturers like Milka and Lindt are in the Christmas time a nice and delicious surprise for children and adults. Advent calendar ideas are with famous scenes of the Nativity or with Santa and his reindeer. Christmas ball, Christmas trees, snowflakes, packed Gifts are traditionally presented in sometimes unusual ways.

Paper bags for the advent calendar

advent calendar ideas paper doors fireplace sims deco candles succulents

For dark chocolate and dark chocolate, milk chocolate or chocolates in the most beautiful Advent calendar versions for adults. In this article you will get some original as well as traditional ideas for an advent calendar.

Advent Calendar Ideas- DIY Artworks

advent calendar ideas christmas tree wood toy idea tree ornaments

The above advent calendar is convenient, as the wooden toy, which is located behind each door, can be attached to the Christmas tree right away. They are not only for playing, but can also be used as Christmas tree decorations.
Even with empty cans, you can implement great Advent calendar ideas. All you need is a pretty paint job and the numbers from 1 to 24. Then fill them with candy or toys, depending on who the calendar is for.

Idea for a calendar of cans

advent calendar ideas can paint red idea rustic

Advent calendar ideas as DIY projects will mostly surprise family and friends, visitors. On a wall of wood or solid cardboard with the shape of a Christmas tree, you can attach light, small metal buckets, such as those for flowers. Paint them all in white, write down the 24 days, fill them with sweets, small gifts, prosecco or champagne, a bottle of good wine and Voilá!

Advent calendar from buckets

Wall made of wood or cardboard with cup-and-advent gifts

Another idea would be to fill the muffin plate with chocolates, small candies or other sweets and to close them with cut paper lids. It’s simple and offers more variety of sweet things than the usual advent calendars. Made of fabric, you can sew a gingerbread male and provided with small 24 pockets. Vintage Christmas Calendar is also made of red rope and on which are printed black and white printed and cut out retro paper figures. In three four rows, for example one Singer Slicer, porcelain teapot or royal crown hung.

Mini bucket in red and white

advent calendar ideas wooden ladder-string lights-mini-bucket-red-white

Muffin baking dish

adventskalender-ideas-muffin-back form-scrapbook-paper

Pyramid of mini buckets


Sew pockets from old shirts


Small house – trailer


Santa Claus idea made of fleece

Santa Claus Head-to-Advent days

Made of felt fabric to tinker an advent calendar

Vintage Adventskaender Paper Topics

Retro vintage advent calendar

Snowman Advent calendar with-pockets

Cotton or wool fabric with small pockets

Retro-leaf book with Advent-candy

Scandinavian Advent Calendar

black-chocolate-gray with winter landscape

Christmas advent calendar from fabric

Truffle homemade Chocolate heart

Milka Advent Calendar for Friends

to-first Advent Advent

Chocolate Praline in advent calendar

Chocolate Seduction

Castle Advent calendar with farm-and-handle

Nutcracker tradition-than-Advent

Gingerbread Männchenmit-pockets

Plastic stones Advent calendar book

small boost box Advent Calendar

small Christmas Tree with wooden shelves-advent

House Advent Calendar with thrust box

Owl Advent-an-der-Pinntafel

DIY Advent calendar with gifts

Edelbitter advent calendar-of-Lindt

beautiful advent calendar Chocolate rectangular

DIY Advent in muffin form

Advent of-Leggo

Advent shaft elk-to-wood panel

Beutelchen Advent days Candies Ideas

Advent calendar with-shelves-from-wood

Advent calendar with gouged-job-by-the-candy

3D Chocolate Advent Calendar Reindeer

40 suggestions for short tattoo sayings in Latin and Greek

Tattoo sayings short-wrist-everything-flows-life-death

No matter if Hebrew, Japanese or Sanskrit – old languages ​​and unknown characters always seem mysterious and give each tattoo a touch of mystique, charm and originality. So who is looking for a new one Idea for his next tattoo is, will find it here. We have put together some of the best Latin and Greek sayings. They are ideal as a short tattoo sayings, because they usually consist of 2, 3 and 4 words. Many of the quotes convey a message intended for eternity, and make one think.

Latin tattoo sayings

Tattoo sayings -latin-ancient greek meaning

“Carpe Diem” (“Aprovecha el día” in Spanish) translated means in English: “Enjoy the day”, or literally “pick the day”. This saying was used by the Roman poet Horace in one of his odes. It is strange how many different meanings have been attributed to him over the centuries. In the Middle Ages, for example, he stood for: “One should enjoy life, because death will come soon.” In the Renaissance, the quotation was more associated with the ideals of beauty and was to be understood as: “One should enjoy life while one still is young. “Today it can be interpreted quite differently and can also be combined well with” You only live once “. But few know that “Carpe diem” has a sequel in the original. The whole quote is: Carpe diem, velut unda fugit. (Use the day that runs like a wave.)

tattoo-claims-short-Latin-death-life-memento mori vivere

The expressions “Memento Vivere / Memento Mori” (“Acuérdate de vivir / de que vas a morir” in Spanish) originate from the medieval monk’s Latin and means “commemoration of life / remembrance of death”. It could also be translated as “Remember that you will die”. The quote is a symbol of earthly transience.

Tempus fugit (“El tiempo huye” in Spanish) stands for “Time flees / fades away” and refers to the irretrievably tearing time. The Latin phrase comes from the work of Georgica by the Roman poet Virgil. As a proverb, the term is also combined with the words “amor manet” (love remains).


“Hoc non pereo habebo, fortior me” (What does not kill me, makes me stronger). Of course you know the quote from Friedrich Nietzsche. In Latin, the sentence looks quite different as a tattoo.

“Dum spiro, spero” (As long as I breathe, I hope.) The quote comes from the Roman politician, writer and philosopher Marcus Cicero and proves itself today as a motto with many facets.

“Alis volat propriis” (She flies with her own wings). This Latin phrase is actually the motto of the US state of Oregon, which refers to the independence of the settlers in the region. That could be used well as a tattoo towards freedom / independence.


“Si vis amari, ama” (If you want to be loved, then love!) The quote comes from Seneca’s book “Letters to Lucilius” and refers to the argument that love and friendship want reciprocity.

“Omnia vincit amor” (Love defeats everything.) The complete quote is actually: “Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori!” Love conquers everything, let us also yield to love. But it is better for larger tattoos.

“Si vis pacem para bellum” (If you want peace, prepare for war.)


“Semper fidelis” (Always faithful / always loyal) is the motto of the Swiss Grenadiers, the English city of Exeter, the Ukrainian city of Lviv and a march of the United States Marine Corps.

“Per aspera ad astra” is a Latin phrase originating in Seneca. Literally translated, the phrase means “through the rough to the stars”.

“Ars longa, vita brevis” (The art is long, life is short.) Hippocrates


More tattoo sayings in Latin:

Amicitia vincit horas. (Friendship overcomes time.)
Caelum mea regula. (The sky is my measure.)
Cita mors ruit. (Quick hurries death.)
This is the docet. (Every day gives new lessons.)
Ex umbra in solem. (From the darkness to the light. / From the shade to the sun.)
Faber est suae quisque fortunae. (Everyone is his luck smith.)
Festina lente. (Haste makes waste.)
Fortes fortuna adiuvat. (Luck helps the brave.) Fortune favors the brave.
Nihil fit sine causa. (Everything happens for a reason.)

tattoo-saying-latin-Faber est-suae-quisque-fortunae

Hora fugit, facta manent. (The hour escapes, the deeds remain.)
Horas non numero nisi serenas. (I count only the merry hours.)
In sole solum solamen. (In the sun alone is comfort.)
Mors certa, sed hora incerta. (Death is certain, the hour uncertain.)
Omne principium grave. (Every beginning is difficult.)
Qui vivra, ver. (The future will show.)
Tempora mutantur. (Everything changes.)
Tota vita, this is unus est. (Life is like a day.)
Ubi amicitia ibi opes. (Where friendship is, wealth is.)
Vita somnium breve. (Life is a short dream.)

Greek tattoo sayings

tattoo-claims-Latin-Greek nosce-te-ipsum

Greek is the language of antiquity. The Latin alphabet has evolved from the Greek letters. In Greek, European literature, philosophy and science begins. Important works of world literature, the writings of philosophers like Plato and Aristotle and even the New Testament were first written in Greek. The Greek script exists since about 3400 years and exudes a mysterious charm.

The inscription γνῶθι σεαυτόν (Know yourself, know yourself) stood beside Μηδὲν ἄγαν (Nothing in excess) at a pillar of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. Chilon is considered by Sparta, one of the “Seven Wise Men”, as its author. In ancient times, it was considered an invitation to human self-knowledge. The saying was taken in Latin as “Nosce te ipsum”.


πάντα ῥεῖ is pronounced Panta rhei and is due to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Very popular for a tattoo is also the whole sentence: πάντα ρεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει (Everything flows and nothing remains.)

Kállio argá pará poté (Better late than not / Better late than never) is also a cool idiom, which is also excellent as a life motto.

tattoo-claims-Greek love-couple

ἀγάπη Agape means “love” in the sense of perfect-divine love. The term is used in the New Testament and differs significantly in meaning from Eros, Stoika and Philia, the other Greek words for love. Agape is selflessly giving love and can also refer to the feelings of the parents for their children or the love of the spouses. Also very popular is the combination of the three words Faith, Love, Hope: “πίστις αγάπη ἐλπίς”.

tattoo-claims-Greek short-love-hope-friendly

Even a single word in Greek can be very delicate and decorative on the skin. But you can also incorporate several words that have a special meaning for you into the tattoo design.

ἐλεύθερία (Freedom), Οικογένεια (Family), φιλία (Friendship), φοινιξ (Phoenix), αδελφή (Sister), for example, are beautiful Greek words.

However, if you want to get a Greek tattoo but do not speak Greek, be sure not to rely on Google translators. It is best to ask someone for exact translation.

30 decor suggestions for living room with dining area

Decoration examples Parlor dining-maritime blue-curtains

It is often difficult to decorate different purposes. Each area should be clearly defined and visually appealing. Otherwise, your home might seem chaotic and not uniform. To decorate a small living room with dining area as two separate rooms, but with common elements such as colors, fabrics and patterns, would be the ideal solution. Today we give you a few tips and Decor suggestions for living room with dining area in perfect harmony. Let yourself be inspired!

Decor suggestions for living room and dinette in perfect harmony

Dekovorschäge-living-dining-table-solid wood

Swipe all walls in one color , Decide on a color that is suitable for both areas. If the open plan living area is small, choose a neutral color such as pastel yellow or sage green. Lay rugs on the floor. Arrange them so that they visually define the living space as two separate areas. Place a rug under the dining room table and another under the coffee table. Both must have a similar pattern. In this way a smooth transition is guaranteed and both areas appear to be visually connected. You can also create a common line with lamps.

Decor suggestions for living room with dining area

Decoration examples Parlor dining pictures Wall

Use the same fabrics in the living and dining areas, such as the upholstery of the couch and the dining chairs, or for the cushions and chair covers. Use these elements as a splash of orange or red. Hang a pendant over the dining table. Place your living room furniture around the coffee table to define the seating area. Basically, the living area is the optical guide, as it occupies a larger part of the room. The dining area has to fit in with the style, but should in a way stand out visually from the rest of the room.

Decor suggestions for living room with dining area – Modern art as a decoration on the wall in the living area

Decoration examples Parlor dining Modern Art Wall

Although the design of a separate dining room or living room is freer and easier than with an integrated dining area, there are also many decor suggestions for living rooms with dining areas that can be easily converted. Just think about how the room should look and feel, so that you are completely satisfied with the final result. Ultimately, it depends on the personal preferences of how a room is decorated and decorated. Through the wall design you can achieve a special room feeling and set decorative accents. If you want to visually distinguish both areas, you can use different wall colors in each one. On the other hand, if you want to give the room a uniform look, you have to choose a color or similar shades. If the living area or the dining area is more effective, you can visually differentiate the wall surface of one of the areas from the rest.

small-living-dining area-black-white-wallpaper-floral-motive

With a particular wall paint or wallpaper that harmonize with the rest of the room, you can achieve the desired ambience easily. In the picture above, the dining area is decorated in light pastel and cream colors. The simple and straightforward furniture, and the dynamic wall design in the living area create a successful contrast, which provides more energy in the room. The dark wallpaper with gorgeous ornaments in cream color are reflected throughout the room, creating a uniform picture. The dark brown can also be found in the throw pillows and in part of the chairs. The color choice should be based primarily on your personal taste and color perception. The spatial conditions and the incidence of light are also to be considered in the color choice.

Decor suggestions for the small living room – carpet as an accent

Decoration examples Parlor dining rattan chair-carpet strips

Basically, lighter colors make a dark room feel more comfortable and inviting. The color wall design depends on the desired effect. If you want to decorate and refresh the living room with dining area, you must always keep in mind the atmosphere you want to create and how best to harmonize the individual areas. The right wall color in the dining area is just as important as in any other room in your home. There you also spend a long time with family or friends. The color orange, for example, is very well suited for this area, because this color promotes a warm and sociable atmosphere. If a sunny and happy mood is to enter the room, the bright yellow is a good choice. The walls in this color are a real eye-catcher and set great colorful accents that bring a fresh touch in the living room and in the dining area.

Cream wall paint and fuchsia accents

deco suggestions for living-dining-area-cream-beige-fuchsia-white-dining-tables

Probably the most uncomplicated way of decorating the apartment are the murals. Images significantly influence the mood in the room and give the interior an individual touch. Even a single picture on the wall can do a lot. Take a look at the living room in the picture above. The living room has been decorated in warm cream, brown and beige. For a modern space feeling here Lila and Fuchsia was used. Purple, violet and the other shades of this color palette combine with light wood furniture to create a modern and captivating contrast. The vivid color was used in this room on different levels, which separated the living area in an original way from the rest of the room. On the wooden floor you will see a soft, comfortable pouf. Throw pillows in a lighter shade set great accents on the bright sofa. The picture on the wall picks up the color of the rest of the decoration. With all these colored decorative elements, a unique optical partition is created.

Gray upholstered furniture and red decorations

Decorations for living-dining-area-gray-furniture-red-accents-both-areas

Muted colors for a modern look

dekovorschlage-living room-dining area-gray-sofa-wall color-solid wood dining table and black chairs

Purple and silver nuances in both areas

Decorations for living room dining area-purple-upholstery-sofa-wallpaper-floral-white-kitchenette-dining-room-furniture

deco suggestions for living room dining area-black-accent-wall-gray-sofa-blue-cushion-pendant-lights

White, slate gray and black

dekovorschlage-living room-dining area, white and cream-white-moebel-gray-accents

Airy and harmonious

deco suggestions for living room dining area white-leather-sofas-wood-dining-table-wall-shelves

White and brown in the living area

small-living-dining area-brown-upholstered sofa-wood-esszimmermoebel-kitchenette

Cozy, open living area

small-living-dining area-kitchen-open Designer Find-gray sofa

Essthecke behind the sofa

small-living-dining area-kitchen-red-light-gray-modern

small-living-dining area-landhausstul-white-ecru-moebel

small-living-dining area-a partition wall-wall-neutral-color-holztoene-open-live

small-living-dining area-slate-gray-upholstered sofas and white-kitchenette-black-chairs-light-coffee table

small-living-dining area-chocolate brown wall-color-cream-sofa-white-shelves

small-living-dining area-black-white-wood-innentuere

living-dining-open beige-brown furniture glossy blue-oberschraenke

living room-dining area-open corner sofa-Rueckwand-eating bar

living room-dining area-open-green-carpet-real wood-dining table-white-wohnzimmermoebel

living room-dining area-open-fireplace-visual-border

living room-kitchen-dining area-open-live-neutral-colors-modern-device

living room-kitchen-dining area-white-gray-open-living room

Decorations for living-dining-kitchen-living-room-wall-wood-white

Decorations for living room dining area-black-kitchen-line-green-accents-gray-sofa-white-coffee table

small-living-dining area-beige-brown-africa-wanddeko-lighting-ideas

Wedding »Wedding dress with accent in the back – 69 fantastic suggestions

beaded chains back jewelry wedding dress design updo

Today it’s about one of the most important days in your life – your wedding. Special we would like to address in this article the complex topic of the wedding dresses. The styles of Wedding dresses are varied and therefore lead to the problem of finding the right one. Usually all attention is paid to the front part of the dress. But that does not have to be the case with you. A special feature that you can consider for your future wedding dress is namely Wedding dress with accent in the back , Here it can be a backless model that is simply plain or highlighted in different ways or you can choose a variant in which the back area is gorgeous with apex or Embroidery of pearls and rhinestones is decorated.

Wedding dress with accent in the back – bow that overflows into a train

bridal wear sweep embroidery backless design wedding dress

A back-accented wedding dress is perfect for the warmer seasons, because you want yours decorated back flaunt. Furthermore, with such models, you can be sure that you are always in vogue, because they are just too stunning to be disliked. If you have chosen a backless wedding dress that does not have any special ornaments, you can still accentuate the back by wearing a chain whose main feature is at the back. For the vintage look especially models with lace are very good. Furthermore, loops are very often used as an accent. These can make the dress look elegant or cute depending on the overall design. The same applies to the keyhole wedding dresses, which are an important trend in bridal fashion and can be additionally emphasized by the various ornaments in the back. But just have a look at the gallery below with examples of a back-accented wedding dress to get an idea of ​​the effect it has.

Wedding dress with accent in the back – lace with rhinestones and sequins

wedding dress with accent in the back lace button vintage design

Simple wedding dress with keyhole back

wedding dress with accent in the back simple keylock design

Deep neckline in the back with lace details

wedding dress with accent in the back design alessandra rinaudo wedding

Backless bridal gown with lace and belt as accent

accented wedding dress berta bridal lace white

Wedding dress with accent in the back made of rhinestones and pearls

wedding dress deco lace aermel updo ladies fashion

Fantastically designed back in the net look and with flowers and pearls

flowers net details back accent bridal gown idea white wedding

Wedding dress with neckline in the back and bow as an accent

blueten design transparent fabric bridal gown idea bow gray

Wedding dress with accent in the back from wonderful embroidery

neckline back dress neck accent lace gloss wedding dress

Embroidery and lace as an accent in this wedding dress

traeger romantic lace gloves ladies elegant wedding dress wedding

Wedding dress with thin straps and lace as decoration in the back

Traeger wedding dress train white fabric bride fashion

Back decorated by belt with rhinestones

fabric gloss elegant backless wedding dress belt accent

Wedding dress with accent in the back – embroidery in the shape of a butterfly

embroidery back bridal gown beads butterfly motif idea

Keyhole brewing dress with pearl and stone embroidery

embroidery beads stones earrings wedding wedding dress fashion keyhole

Fantastic pattern for the back of embroidery and buttons made of stones

Embroidery wedding dress with accent in the back beads transparent

Wedding dress with accent in the back – Draped model with lace

lace back design white design wedding dress idea elegant

Interesting lace design as an accent in the back

lace details back wedding dress vintage bridal wear

Very delicate lace for the back and sleeves

lace chantilly wedding dress with accent in the back aermel design

Pearl necklace as an accent in the back of this wedding dress

lace bridal dress backless beaded necklaces accent mermaid staircase

Strapless wedding dress with lace and half-length sleeves

strapless bridal gown lace design tight mid-length sleeveless

Wedding dress with accent in the back – Floral motifs and stones

jewelry back mermaid stones white champagne wedding dress aermel

Decorate the back to the wedding with a necklace

jewelry back glitter stones silver elegance wedding dress bangle hair clip

Keyhole design, framed by lace

Keyhole back design fabric lace wedding dress waist

Wedding dress with keyhole back and bow as an accent in the back

bow waist gray wedding dress with accent in the back lace

Wedding dress with accent in the back – low neckline in the back and belt

loop waist wedding dress romantic aermel lace updo

Delicate lace and bow as an accent back

Bow cute design wedding dress waist sleeveless back lace

back jewelery necklaces decoration bridal dress backless vintage

backless bridal gown lace collar design aermel

back design wedding dress lace aermel updo

roses bow green lace aermel bridal dress back

romantic dress wedding transparent fabric lace back

skirt wide traeger transparent net wedding dress luxury wedding party

retro look wedding dress with accent in the back vintage lace belt

pearl buttons back nude look wedding dress lace

nude wedding dress back design button elegant wedding

Cute design back keyhole continue skirt hairband

long aermel wedding dress with accent in the back white romance

elegant elegant lace glitterstones belt wedding dress back

wedding dress roman style nude look embroidery crystals wreath

heart design keyhole back wedding dress lace aermel

hair jewelry flowers bridal gown long sleeves back lace

gray bow waist wedding dress with accent in back haul

glitterstones beads lace back romance tight fitting wedding dress

vintage wedding dress design romantic accent backless

Glitter Wedding Dress Lace Tieback Hair Jewelry Updo Bride

tight bridal dress with accent in the back loop lace thin straps

elegance retro look wedding dress embroidery back button bun

thin traeger design accent back embroidery beads stones wedding dress

draped wedding dress elegant flowers hair accessories net traeger accent

draped jerking detail fabric wedding dress idea elegant design

details back beads glittering stones embroidery wedding dress bow

design attractive lace wedding dress mermaid hair ornaments hairstyle

decoration back wedding dress accent flowers lace wreath hair

decoration wedding dress lace loop back fabric transparent

deco armel design lace bridal bouquet marriage backless

chiffon idea short bridal dress back design original

chiffon wedding dress design fashion backless traeger accent

chantilly lace design french wedding dress with accent in the back

bridal bouquet hairdressing updo wedding dress no smoking traeger

bride fashion idea back accent lace hippie wedding dress

wedding dress backless wreath flowers lace design

pattern stones glitter glamor wedding bridal gown transparent fabric

Dress-accent-jerk rueckenfrei-elegant drag-pointed-noble

wedding dress-accent-jerk-rueckenfrei elegant Lace Pearl gloves-figurbetont

Dresses-accent-jerk-rueckenfrei Ruffles-knoepfe tulle and white elegant

Dresses-accent-jerk-rueckenfrei satin color-schampanja

Dresses-accent-jerk-rueckenfrei jewelry jewelry pearl vintage artfully

Dresses-accent-jerk-rueckenfrei-beautiful-and-white bouquet-spring flowers and natural

Mediterranean Living Ideas 22 suggestions for an ambience to fall in love with

Villa-Mediterranean wallpaper-with-trees Pattern LED TV

Feel the light breeze on the warm summer evenings? The pleasant rays of the sun stroke your face, go through your hair, touch your heart. It is life in the warmer parts of the world where we are almost always accompanied by this summer feeling. That includes the Mediterranean living ideas for your apartment or house. This famous and world-famous interior design style makes a world tour from west to east and back, presenting the signs of home decor from every warm corner of the earth.

Mediterranean living ideas of InteriorPik

Wohnideen-Meditteran-with-style town homes-striped furniture

Mediterranean living ideas from InteriorPik A blue residential lagoon with an oriental touch and taste. Wooden panels cover walls and ceilings, the blue tones are in the foreground, upholstered furniture with small patterns or checkered and the typical decorations such as steering wheel, anchor or ceramic plate, hand-painted, complete the profile of the Mediterranean bedroom. Modern furnishing ideas are created by the playful use of color walls in aquamarine, brownish-yellow or artistically designed wall paneling with blue elements in the brick shape.

Mediterranean living idea – Sun catcher

warm-yellow-brown-colored tones pattern chandelier iron

Thoughts wander back and forth, becoming more systematic and drawing our attention to the classic lines and contours of the Mediterranean style of living. He reminds us of the retro furniture Vintage Flair. Subtle figures on the upholstery and Zigzag as well as thick stripes pattern covers covers of throw pillows, rugs and comforters. The tables and buffets with arched legs and the chandeliers made of iron and metal are all that Mediterranean living ideas , The white color is perfect for a sunny house on the beach, the warm brown tones are the sunscreens in your own four walls. Immerse yourself in this warm world of cooler blue tones and inviting brown colors with luxury furniture and marine decorations.

Zigzag pattern Tepich ceramic Wanddeko plate-to-the-wall

Wall design Mediterranean

Living room-dining room-in-a-blue ornaments

Implementation of blue wood elements as a decoration

Drapery with Pattern Retro-chair carpet and brown tones

Armchair with flowers pattern wooden floor

Terracotta tiles and white-cupboard-from-wood upholstered furniture

Reading nooks, terracotta tiles

Seat-of-wood-with-pillow-Dekokoffer and patterns

Bright navy colors with creamy white accents

Partitions wooden wall living room with tile

Trendy room divider and floor decoration

Cushions decor-to-the-wall-Stool-with-zigzag reference

Rough wall plaster and use of three primary colors

Eastern-Mediterranean-style white furniture-Dekosteine-Wandverlkeidung

Mediterranean living with modern accents

modern-living-room-with-wood furniture and upholstery

Arched passage dome

modern-Mediterranean apartment-with-white-wood-and-ceiling

Metal-iron chandelier upholstered furniture brick wall

lowered-ceiling-striped furniture fireplace

Marble floor tiles aquamarine blue color-upholstered furniture with patterns

Wood panels-Wandverleidung-striped furniture Wanddeko

checkered-patterned furniture Carpet Color Blue

yellow-walls-of-home living room-with-high-ceiling

blue-walls-fireplace-upholstered furniture Classic

blue living room-living-Mediterranean

Table-of-wood pendant light-as-light lantern

Making cat toys yourself – ideas and suggestions for great toys

Make your own cat toy bag-cat-hide-food

Passionate cat lovers and owners know that cats like to be busy and enjoy variety in everyday life. For a tiger, playing is a substitute for hunting outdoors. Also, playing with your own cat is an exciting activity not just for her domestic animal , Playing strengthens the connection to the velvet paws. You do not always have to buy expensive toys from the pet shop for your animal roommate. Make cat toys yourself It’s an excellent idea, not just because it’s cheaper, but because it can meet the needs and preferences of your cat. In the following we give you suggestions, tips and great craft ideas for homemade cat toys.

Making cat toys yourself – make sure you have enough boredom against enough game stimuli

cat angel-pillow-sewing-do it yourself

In addition to the species-appropriate food and a lot of movement, the demanding four-legged friends need some challenges, so that they are satisfied and not bored. No doubt, your cat is a small personality with its own character. For example, there are playful cats who see a potential toy in almost every item. Sufficient game stimuli you need in any case. Make your cat different game offers. For example, make a string game. Does your kitty love feather or do you prefer different small objects? When designing fishing, you can respond to the taste of your cat.

Making cat toys yourself – cat fishing according to your cat’s preferences

spring-cat angel-balls-cat

Take a cord or a ribbon for the cat’s rod and knot it at one end of a rod. If you want, you can also fix the band with some tape. The haberdashery department has a huge selection of cords. Just try what your cat likes. Some find the light, very flexible cords very much, others rely on heavy cords that meander over the floor. Feathers of all kinds, big buttons and pearls, surprise eggs, which you fill with chattering objects, and small stuffed animals, are an attractive prey for your cat, which they like to hunt. With the selection you may let off steam really creative! Do not forget that your domestic cat always has to win the game. If she does not prey, she quickly loses the fun of playing.

Making cat toys yourself with valerian and catnip

mint-dose-cat-cat toy-tinkering

Another type of cat is the cuddly cats. They need extensive cuddles and appreciate fluffy plush toys and cuddly blankets. You are also welcome to offer such a cat a valerian or mint bag. The fragrant toy has a slightly intoxicating effect that enhances your cat’s interest in play and activity. The Catnip makes with its magic power your Stubentiger again. Simply get dried catnip or valerian root and mix the herbs with sheep’s wool, spelled chaff or rice. Put the fragrant mixture in an organza sack or an old sock that knots well. If you like, you are welcome to make a combined cat toy yourself. In the picture above you can see a simple and great craft project. Fill an empty plastic box with catnip and put one end of a tape in the tin. Then seal the container with adhesive tape. Now you can make a toy of your choice at the other end of the rope.

Make mouse loot yourself as a cat toy


Make a typical prey for your animal friend, such as a mouse or a bird. Every cat will try to hunt such prey. To make a mouse, you need two large pompoms that you glue together with a non-toxic glue. Take a piece of gray cloth, fold it up and cut out a teardrop shape. Place the glued pompom on the fabric and fold it shut. A bow or thin string serves as a tail. Now all you have to do is stick the fabric together from all sides and paint the mouse’s eyes. Empty toilet paper rolls can be used to design a variety of toys.

pompom-material-cat angel-tinker

For example, you can press an empty roll of toilet paper on one side between your fingers to create a sharp shape. Pick up a thicker thread and firmly wrap the roll of paper. You can also make great cat toys yourself out of cardboard. From cardboard, cut out five equally sized circles in four different sizes. Take a thread and knot a wooden bead. Then thread all 5 circles of each size starting with the smallest. Due to the different sizes with a small size difference, the desired mouse shape is created. You are also welcome to cut out the ears of a cardboard circle. At the end, mark another wooden bead.

Offer treats in a playful way

wooden box-holes-cat-booty-rope

There is another type of cat that tends to move rather loosely and does not really like moving from its cozy spot until something is offered to eat. But not only the so-called Garfield cat loves treats. Who wants to animate his animal roommate to move, does not give the dry food just like that, but challenges the cat a bit. The animal has to work hard to get to the treats. From many household items you can tinker perfect cat toys easily and effortlessly. From an empty paper roll or from an empty chip box with a lid you can create a snack roll for your pet.

Kause-mouse hole-carton-paper rope

Cut a few holes in the paper roll. Make the slots so big that the treats fit through but do not fall out too easily. Glue roll with wrapping paper and prick carefully into small openings. The edges of the slots can be reinforced with Tesafilm. Put the lid on the roll and fill the homemade toy with dry food. Lay the roll on the floor and move it slightly so your cat hears something inside. If your cat plays with the roll, she will nudge her over and over again, causing the treats to drop gradually. If you can not find time to tinker, you can fill a small, empty plastic bottle with dry food for the same purpose and leave it open without a lid.


For “Pföteln” are also empty shoebox or handkerchief boxes. The handkerchief boxes practically only have to be embellished. The dimensions of the elongated slit fit perfectly with the treats and the little cat’s paws. If you want to make a bigger box out of a shoebox you have to glue the box first and cut several holes into the lids and the sides of the box. The holes must be paw-sized so that your cat can easily get to the food. You are welcome to cut several rolls of toilet paper or paper towels in different lengths and glue them over one another. Fill the individual tubes with a coveted treat and let your kitty fish the reward himself. You can provide a larger box with several openings and hide toys there.

Making cat toys yourself – cat scratching post


If your cat tends to hold back and likes to crawl, you can offer her a great retreat. Use a larger box where the cat can go inside. Attach a hanging toy to the top of the box. So your little roommate can hide and play. If you are a cat keeper who likes to extend your claws, a scratching post or a scratching board is just the thing for you. Of course, you can design a cat tree in different shapes and sizes and provide him with other interesting elements, such as hanging toys or a hammock.

Make cat toys yourself – make attractive Fummelbrett for cats themselves

toilet paper roll-egg cartons-fummel board-cat

The self-made cat games not only demand the general well-being of your favorite pet, but also their intelligence. One of the toys that makes the cat think is the cat’s fiddle board invented in Switzerland by Helena Dbalý. Even without manual skills, you can make a unique Katzenfummelbrett for your kitty. Your roommate on four paws likes to fumble naturally. The animals in nature do not get their food directly on the plate. With various budget resources and with a little skill, you can conjure up such a Fummelbrett home, where your cat can really let off steam.


For this great craft project you need a wooden board, on which you stick different “Fummelaufsätze” firmly. Use an adhesive without solvent for bonding. There are no limits to creativity here. Attach empty toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, tea packs or empty yogurt cups. Both the cat’s wrinkle board and the cardboard parts can be treated with saliva-resistant varnish, which makes them long-lasting. The empty, yellow eggs of the Kinderraschraschung, the inner life of candy boxes, as well as parts of unused tubes from the sanitary area are suitable as building blocks for the Fummelbrett.


Ideal modules are curtain rods and rings. If you would like to equip the home-made Fummel board with a rooting module, pine cones, big acorns, shells, snail shells, stones and branches will serve you well. Coconut shells, as well as bamboo pipes are a perfect building material. If you happen to have old and unusable toys at home, you can enrich further modules with Lego blocks, wooden blocks or large game marbles. Arrange all objects at the necessary distance from each other so that the cat does not pinch with his paws. Soon you will be surprised what unimagined abilities your cute cat will achieve only through little practice.

Make cat toys yourself – pay attention to the safety of your pet

cats, Toy-roll-box-carton

When making cat toys yourself, the most important thing is that your pet does not get hurt. Make sure that you use natural and non-toxic materials and recognize injury traps right from the start. Unsuitable materials are glass, rubber, plastic bags, cotton wool and brittle plastic parts. Be careful not to let your baby tiger slip or swallow parts from the toy.

Nailart design »Nail art design with trim – 30 ideas and suggestions

Nail art design with stripes silver-glitter-yourself-make

Almost every fashion-conscious young woman today is inspired by nail design, because she knows that well-maintained nails artfully designed are a great eye-catcher and can emphasize the beauty of women’s hands. The nail design Can be adapted to any situation, so that it harmonizes with different outfits and other accessories. In terms of color, nail art can also pick up on different topics and even express the mood of the wearer. If you want to turn your hands into total artworks without visiting the nail salon, then check out these great ideas here. The Nail design with decorative stripes is something new that you should definitely try!

Make nail design with decorative stripes itself

Nail design frieze colorful and white nail polish

The decorative strips about 0.5 or 1 cm wide, are sold in rolls and can then be cut to the desired length. They are self-adhesive and can be easily fixed on the nails. You do not need any additional adhesive for it, just cover it with Topcoat. With the Stripes you can give the French Nails the finishing touch or create intricate patterns with multiple nail polish colors. They are also available in different colors and have one outstanding metallic effect , Decorative stripes are used on artificial and natural fingernails.

Nail design with decorative stripes in many colors

Nail art design with decorative stripes colorful design ideas

The trims are offered in a wide variety of colors and nuances – so you can conjure up creative and original nail designs. Optionally, you can match the color of the stripe to the clothing – with yellow, pink and blue you can form a summery ensemble, with gold or silver – make a nail art for the winter. Try different variations and combine the decorative stripes with a subtle nail polish in pastel nuance.

Subtle and stylish – Nail art design with decorative stripes for the wedding

Nail design frieze Conservative-wedding manicure

Nail art design with confetti stripes – perfect for the summer season

Nail design frieze confetti pink-pink-yellow-blue

Apply trim strips with tweezers to desired location


Use decorative stripes as accents

nageldesign-zierstreifen-ideas-pink-nuances and gold-striped

With adhesive tape, you can create clean lines


Glitter paint on the tips

nageldesign-zierstreifen-ideas-peach color-glitter paint-tip

two parallel stripes

nageldesign-zierstreifen-ideas-purple nail polish glittering particles and gold-striped

perfect for the summer


nageldesign-zierstreifen-ideas-stripe color combinations


nageldesign-zierstreifen-ideas-black-nail polish neon yellow-striped


nageldesign-zierstreifen-ideas-pink nail polish silver-stripe

nageldesign-zierstreifen-ideas-plum purple nail polish

nageldesign-zierstreifen-ideas-orange nail polish and gold-striped


Nail art design with stripe ideas pattern gold black

nageldesign-zierstreifen-ideas-navy blue nail polish and gold-striped






Nail art design with stripes-ideas-pink-black-glitter



Table decoration for baptism – 19 ideas and suggestions for festive decoration

table decoration to baptism flower pie pigeon macarons party favors

The baptism of a child is a special emotional moment for the family and a good reason to celebrate. In this first, larger, more family event with the little earthlings, the Table decoration for baptism accordingly festive fail. One wishes a unique one Tischschmuck which optimally underlines the special occasion. In the following article we present you great ideas for a lovely table decoration, which will make this festival a great and lasting memory.

Create unique table decoration for baptism and create unforgettable atmosphere for a special occasion

angel wing-pink-gold-pie

For a successful table decoration for baptism, it is worth considering how the overall color concept will look like. Before you get the individual decorative elements for the festive table or do it yourself, you should think about it. what color would you like best for baptism. The decisive factor in the color choice is not only the gender of your child, but perhaps also the meaning of each color. It goes without saying that everything you like and what you think is appropriate. For a classically decorated table, for example, subtle colors, such as delicate pink for girls or light blue for boys are suitable.


White and cream are also popular colors for baptism, as well as green and purple. The white color, for example, stands for purity, innocence and wisdom, which makes them so popular on this special occasion. For hope and confidence, the color is green. The beautiful combination of white and a green shade creates a particularly fresh table decoration for baptism. Also, the color of love, red, is very suitable for decoration. A unique festive table decoration results from the white-red combination. Suitable for the church occasion is a table decoration for the christening in the color purple, which stands for the spirituality and the spirit.

Basic elements for table decoration for baptism in charming designs

baptize baptizing-places-candy-favors

For a unanimous and wonderful table decoration you need some basic elements that make a successful table decoration. Matching cloth napkins and table ribbon must not be missing. Choose a table or table runner made of organza, satin or sizoflor and lay a nice foundation for the remaining elements of the decoration. In the trade you will also find motivic table ribbons, which are provided with flowers, writings or various Christian symbols and are very suitable.


If you like to tinker, be skilled in craftsmanship and want to be active yourself, you can, for example, even conjure up printed table bands in the twinkling of an eye. To do this you simply need to make templates from the designs you want to use on the table cloth with fabric paint. What do you think about a table decoration for the baptism with the tiny and cute hand or foot prints of your baby?

young-christening-teddy-tischdeko-napkin holder

Your imagination is in the choice of napkins also all ways open. If other babies and toddlers are involved in addition to the christening, colorful and patterned napkins are a good choice. Bring your little guests with teddy bears, small ducks, fish, pacifiers or colorful baby boobs to smile. Effective table decoration for baptism can also be achieved with self-folded napkins made of fabric or paper. A popular motif for table decoration for baptism, communion or confirmation is the cross. For the festive folding of the napkins you need a 50 cm by 50 cm cloth napkin. To avoid inaccurate wrinkles, the napkin must lie straight.

engel-pastry products-Dekofigur-deaf

If you want to fold a napkin in the shape of a cross, you have to unfold it for the first time and lead all four corners to the center. Carefully apply the cloth napkin and fold the corners back to the middle. Carefully apply it again and fold all corners to the middle for the third time. Apply the cloth napkin and pull the lower right and upper left corners outward. Then pull the other corners outward. If you turn now the folded napkin the desired motive is clearly visible. Matching the festive occasion, you can fold other figures out of napkins. A fish symbol made of patterned fabric, for example, looks great and also carries a special symbolic meaning.

Floral Deco table-christening-tischläufer

For a cheerful and fresh overall impression, the flowers on the festive table may not be missing. Regardless of whether you decide in favor of a floral arrangement by florists or you want to design the floral decoration yourself, a floral table decoration for baptism is indispensable. The flowers can symbolically be seen as a sign of new life and joie de vivre, making them the perfect decoration for any celebration.

baptizing places-pink-girl-flower arrangements

You are welcome to take any kind of flower and arrange the flowers in a few simple steps. For example, place short cut freesias, roses or lilies in small round or square glass vases. If you want more shine, you can decorate the glasses with small beads or lace. The simpler the jewelry is, the better the natural beauty of the flowers will be shown. Other flowers with large flowers such as peonies, chrysanthemums and gerberas can also be presented to you. The hydrangeas look very subtle, noble and festive.

baptize-tischdeko Flowers Candle photo

At a christening the baptismal candle is certainly the most striking symbol. The design of the christening candle itself is usually very individual. Not only the symbolism, but also the loving adornments of the candle make it especially suitable for the table decoration for baptism. The christening candles are usually thick enough to be integrated into the decoration without special candle holders.


Place the christening candle in the center of the table and perhaps distribute some lanterns in soft colors on the banquet table. If you want to create original candlesticks, you can use old CD’s, which you put down with the label on the table and put wide pillar candles in the desired color on it. With the homemade candle holders you reach a great effect, because the candlelight brings the CD surface to sparkle. You are welcome to choose figures and motifs with religious significance.


Color-coordinated scattered decoration, which harmonizes with the table ribbons, takes up the topic of baptism again. The range of gifts for girls and boys is almost endless. Streudeko as confetti in the form of baby bottles, footprints or pacifiers transforms a festive table decoration for baptism into a special eye-catcher. The topic of baptism for girls also reflects tiny decorative items such as stick shoes and little jackets or hearts and flowers. Little ones in blue, stroller or baby lettering are a suitable streudeko to baptize a boy.


At the baptism ceremony, small place cards help your guests quickly find a seat where they can sit together with those guests they can talk to. Creatively designed place cards can also be part of the table decoration for baptism. Design the cards with the guest stars to your taste and unanimously to the rest of the decoration. Obtain a more noble construction paper and design the place cards as a double card or in the form of a baby figure or a cradle. Let your imagination run free and revive the homemade table cards with a personal reference to the respective guest.


In addition to the name, you can depict something that distinguishes the person or what makes them happy. Tiny cards with envelopes, for example, look very nice. If you want to make the place cards yourself, you can also design them as napkin rings. So the cards do not take away any additional table space. Many of your guests will pick up the pretty place cards as souvenirs. After all, it is a great pleasure for each of your guests to enjoy participating in such a unique event.

sugar almonds-bag-peak taufe

If you want to surprise your guests and offer something nice, you can think about small gifts. This tradition continues and is a nice opportunity to thank the guests for the beautiful celebration and for the gifts for your child. These are very small gifts that are more of a symbolic nature. You can prepare fortune cookies with sayings for each guest, get keychains or small angel figurines, or perhaps give away something handmade.


Blue sweets for the boys and pink for the girls are especially popular as party favors. Pack the famous Taufmandeln in organza bags or small Bonbonieren and decorate with small labels or stickers with their words of thanks. The nice gifts give the whole table decoration that certain something and leave with your friends and relatives a great memory.

cross-deco-organza bag-cross-candy

Sweet delicacies that are lovingly and colorfully decorated, are ideal for table decoration for baptism. Small snacks such as mini muffins, cake pops or macarons are delicious finger food that can be beautifully presented. Your guests can always access and treat themselves to the sweet seduction. Floors with several floors make a good figure on the festive table and present a great selection of pastries. For example, you can serve the macarons on narrow slabs or build a colorful turret with them. Who wants to present the small delicious cake balls on the stem refined, can use a special popcake stand or dish the treats in decorative mason jars.


Would you like to give the table decoration for christening a very personal touch, you can record a very personal decorative element in the decoration. For example, a wish tree for the baptized child is a great way for the guests to present their personal wishes to the child. Let your creativity run free and design a wish tree according to your own imagination.


A beautiful plant, where guests can attach notes with their wishes, is a great idea for table decoration for baptism. An original idea is also to conjure a wish tree directly on the tablecloth. Just paint a tree on it and leave your guests and let all your guests write their wishes to the branches of the creative wish tree.

55 outstanding ideas for terrace design – pictures and suggestions

Ideas for terrace design picture-rattan-furniture-purple-cushion-ethanol-fireplace-table-integrated

We often spend a lot of time and energy to keep our homes clean, inviting and glamorous. But take a little time to make the outdoor space beautiful. The terrace should really be designed as a harmonious extension of your home. It deserves just as much attention as the interior. We have 55 beautiful ones for you Ideas for terrace design compiled.

Ideas for terrace design – 3D chessboard

Ideas for terrace design picture-chess-steinplatten-lawn

This unique chessboard is so creative that it will keep your guests and you entertained for hours! Imagine the excitement when your friends and family play a game of chess there. And if there’s nobody to play with, you’ll still enjoy the game of chess, just by looking at it like a deco. An eye-catcher, the idea is all!

Ideas for terrace design and flooring

Ideas for terrace design image-essbereich-outdoor-kitchen-flagstone-lawn-pieces

This beautiful design creates an elongated courtyard with colorful paving stones and grass. The stone walls, which were built for a garden kitchen, beautifully enrich the ambience, while the large floor panels in combination with lawn joints create a minimalist flair. The terrace is a great example of how multiple styles can be combined.

Space saving seating

Ideas for terrace design-pictures-round-wood-dining-table-half-round-wood-garden-bench-bricked-raised-bed-bamboo-plants

When wood meets concrete, the end result is such a beautiful modern terrace. Warm and inviting, this spacious terrace is perfect for entertaining your guests. The bespoke wooden bench can accommodate multiple people and the two mirrors in the flowerbed provide great visual effects. On the one hand you make the outdoor area appear larger and on the other hand the planting lush.

Stone slabs and gravel

Ideas for terrace design bilder-holz-sichtschutzzaun-Betonplatte-Zierkies

Another great idea for terrace design uses large concrete slabs and pebbles to fill in the joints. Once you have placed the panels, fill in the gaps with pebbles to complete the look. You can relax the gray look by using warm colors for privacy screens, fences or furniture. The natural wood color is ideal. This terrace is another example of how wonderful concrete and wood harmonize.

Wood and concrete in harmony

Ideas for terrace design picture-bricked-raised-bed-bench-corner

The deep gray tone of the outer wall emphasizes the softer tones of wood and the green of the cultivated flowerbeds. With precise lines and little space, you can create this wonderful sitting area in your garden. An interplay of light and dark colors, as well as of contrasting colors, can make the outdoor area look livelier.

freestanding awning in red

Ideas for terrace design picture-wood-bench-bin-red-sunsails

If you want to create a sunscreen while maintaining a modern look, an awning is the perfect option. In addition, the sail barely noticeable and thus even smaller outdoor areas do not appear visually narrower. You can equip walls and screens with tall plants, be it in beds that you create in front of the wall or in pots. The seat made of wood, which also serves as storage space, is particularly original.

Lavender plants and purple seat cushion

ideas-terrace design wallpaper wood-bench-lavender-high beets-creeper

You can also color-match plants and textile colors. This was also done on this terrace, where raised beds flaunt romantic lavender, while the bench was outfitted with upholstery in similar color. Climbing plants can also enhance a terrace and beautify bare walls, making it perfect ideas for terrace design.

different levels

ideas-terrace design wallpaper wood-bench-brick-high beets

Especially with small terraces, it is helpful to use the different levels in order to be able to use the small space as efficiently as possible. Tall planters, raised beds, vertical gardens or wall and ceiling flower boxes are great for this purpose, as this example proves. Decorations can be displayed on wall shelves.

patterned floor tiles as decking

ideas-terrace design wallpaper patterned-floor tiles-gray-blue-terrace furniture

The right choice of tiles or patio tiles can determine the style or underline. They can also take care of color. These patterned tiles are reminiscent of the oriental style, but are used for a modern terrace design, and they undoubtedly do a great job. The terrace looks stylish and elegant, modern and cozy!

large terrace with lounge and dining area

ideas-terrace design wallpaper fire bowl-hammock-different-flat

Great ideas for terrace design are again the use of different levels here. While the dining area is further up, a bench seating area has been set up on the lower level, which has also been equipped with a fire bowl. If different areas are designed – as space permits – you can also decide where to build a canopy and where you do not want it.

bright red accents

ideas-terrace design wallpaper Free Standing Canopy red-moebel

Bright colors provide pep and can spice up neutral facilities and ideas for terrace design – and that’s right! Red, for example, is a modern color that can be wonderfully combined with the equally modern gray. Of course, that also applies to other shades. Particularly popular is turquoise, yellow and berry colors.

Betontische and white patio furniture

ideas-terrace design wallpaper wood-floor hallway-face protection fence-white-gray-moebel-tables-concrete

Would you like to stay more neutral for the modern design of the terrace with the color combination of gray and white, which also looks very elegant. The whole thing is a little more upbeat if you choose beautiful patterns for upholstery and throw pillows. Strips, for example, underline the elegance of the decor but are still positive.

nice mood with candle lanterns on the floor

ideas-terrace design wallpaper wood flooring-terrace-night lighting

Create a pleasant atmosphere for your evening evenings in your seating area by providing it with beautiful lighting. In addition to electric lamps, candles can also be placed in lanterns. Fairy lights and other small filaments are romantic and less intrusive and make the terrace a cozy place to rest.

orange painted accent wall for Mediterranean touch

ideas-terrace design wallpaper Mediterranean-orange accent wall-awnings-fire shell

Here are two different styles compared. While strong and warm wall or façade colors are well suited for a Mediterranean design, which can quickly turn into oriental with ornamental furniture and richly patterned textiles, simple furniture and neutral colors, with at most a few color accents, are sufficient to set up a modern terrace.

stripes ideas-terrace design wallpaper whirlpool stone-terraced plates gras

ideas-terrace design wallpaper over-covered sitting area Fountain-corten steel-deco

ideas-terrace design wallpaper over-covered dining area

ideas-terrace design wallpaper high beets-creeper-wood-face protection fence

ideas-terrace design wallpaper bricked-up beets-bench-green-blue-accents ideas-terrace design wallpaper hallway floor-wood-SITZMOEBEL-gray-pflanzgefaesse

ideas-terrace design wallpaper corten steel-hearth-bioethanol-l-form

ideas-terrace design wallpaper and flooring-stone tiles-decorative gravel gray

ideas-terrace design wallpaper concrete slabs-ornamental gravel-dining area-hearth

excellent ideas for terrace design

terrace design-modern pictures ideas

terrace design modern-garden-ideas

terrace-pool design

terrace design-modern ideas

terrace design modern wallpaper ideas

terrace design-modern wallpaper ideas

terrace design-modern-pool ideas

terrace design-modern-garden-ideen.jpg

terrace design-modern wallpaper ideas

Outdoor kitchen terrace design outdoor kitchen bar counter stone slabs

another version of the 3D chessboard checkerboard garden shape gravel plates figures

terrace design pool sofa sunbed side tables

Ideas terrace design roofing creepers

ideas terrace design stone hearth iron furniture grass

terrace design hearth wrought iron furniture upholstery

ideas for terrace design dining area canopy corner sofa pool

ideas for terraces large-format slabs pebbles roofing

ideas for terrace design brick pavilion rattan patio furniture

Ideas for terrace design floor grass between tiles terrace design flooring stone plates iron furniture

Ideas terrace design - gray floor tiles wood furniture

terrace design grass flagstones chessboard garden

ideas terrace design brick pavement round hearth

Ideas terrace design - vertical wall greening sofa brick white

idea terrace design flagstones gravel grass between

Ideas for terrace design - outdoor kitchen wood paneling rattan

ethno ideas terrace design hearth concrete sofa

ideas for patio flagstones wood furniture

100 design ideas for terraces, roof terraces and balconies

Asian Garden Decoration – Suggestions and Symbolism of Far East

Asian garden decoration garden-arbor-relaxecke-pool-palm-exotic-plants

The Asian gardens are characterized by harmonious interaction of the various decorative elements such as plants, stones and exotic statuary , The Asian-style garden design is associated with the idea of ​​the balance between the five elements – water, fire, earth, metal, and wood, which comes from the philosophy of the peoples of the Far East. What kind of Asian garden decoration You need to have a garden in the exotic southeastern Style down, see below.

Asian garden decoration – Japanese water games in the garden

Asian garden decoration bamboo-fountain-water-games-round-stone-lighthouse-ferns

There is nothing else that brings greater relaxation to the senses than the gentle sound of water. Bamboo fountain is a typical element in the Japanese garden. Do not give up the pleasant splashing of the water and think about where you can install a water feature in the garden.

Typical Asian garden decoration – water features

Asian garden decoration bamboo-fountain-water-games-black-bowl-stone-garden

Bamboo fountains do not take much space and therefore fit smaller gardens. If you opt for bamboo fountains with moving parts, then you can also enjoy the funny knocking of the bamboo.

The bamboo water feature can do that Asian round off the character of your garden

Asian garden decoration bamboo fountain water feature rock gardening bonsai tree

Water is a very important element in Asian garden design. Set one or more bamboo fountains in the Japanese garden. If you have more space, the pond is an alternative that you can plant with water lilies.

Asian garden decoration lighthouses symbolize the fire

Asian garden decoration pond lighthouse-metal-greens-grass

Bring irresistible atmosphere with some lighthouses in the Asian garden. The usual place is near the pond so that the water can reflect the gentle light.

Beautiful Asian garden decoration – lighthouses made of stone and metal


Be careful with the lighthouses and other decorative elements – Asian gardens are characterized by a clear simple design and natural shapes. The stone figures must emphasize the Asian look only and not exaggerated.

Asian Garden Decoration – The Buddha cult in garden design

Asian-Gartendeko-buddha-statue-gold palm-colorful-tuple-bamboo

An exotic Buddha statue symbolizes serenity, wisdom, enlightenment and peacefulness and works wonderfully relaxing. Put them where you can always enjoy the extraordinary radiance of this garden accessory.

Buddha statues for more harmony and inner balance


In the Asian world, one has to follow special rules to properly position a Buddha statue. Above all, in the Far East, the Buddha head statues are disrespectful. If you are not a Buddhist and still want to find a good place for the Buddha statue, then you can focus on your inner feeling of what Buddha means to you personally.

Plan Asian Garden Decoration – Find a place for the Buddha statue according to the Feng Shui philosophy


When choosing a suitable place for your Buddha in the garden, think as if it were a living person. Position the statue in a sheltered place where it will be protected from heavy rain, snow and sun.

Asian Garden Decor – Gardening Your Own Exotic Buddha Altar

Asian-Gartendeko-pond-water-roses Buddha statue Stones Lighthouse

One more thing you need to keep in mind when positioning the Buddha statue is that it would be best if the back of the statue remains protected. So put your Buddha on a wall, a tree or a shrub.

Effect of the Buddha statue after Feng Shui

Asian-Gartendeko-buddha-statue-terracotta rock garden-boulder

Because of the strong Yin energy, the Buddha statue can bring much peace in problematic areas. To support this energy, arrange fresh flowers, candles or fruit around your Buddha in an aesthetic composition.

Asian garden decoration – gates in the garden that remind of the southeastern countries

Asian-Gartendeko-Japanese-torii-red lattice-wood maple-rock garden

Another typical example of Asian garden décor is the gate in Chinese or Japanese style. Chinese garden gates have a round shape and typical ornamentation. The round shape gives harmony to the Chinese art Feng Shui, whose goal is to recognize the natural laws and bring them into harmony with our environment.

Round Chinese goals for a balance between ying and yang energy


In contrast, it is believed that the rectangular shapes expel negative energy. They are therefore to be avoided or if that is not possible, one can compensate for the bad effect with other harmonic elements.

Japanese gates (Torii) as an Asian garden decoration that shows the way to enlightenment


The Torii are a typical element of Japanese architecture that can often be seen near the entrance to the Buddhist and Shinto shrines in Japan. The character means “bird’s seat”, it is not known where the name comes from. The Japanese gates are mostly made of wood or stone and mark the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Zen rockery designed for inner balance and more peace

Asian-Gartendeko-zen stone-garden-boulder-green-moss

Zen is the art of simply enjoying life without inner effort. Zen rock gardens, or “Karesansui” in Japanese, are a special case of the Japanese garden, consisting of sand, gravel, stones and boulders. In Zen garden design almost no other plants except moss are used.

Aesthetic Asian Garden Decoration – Zen Garden

Asian-Gartendeko-stone garden-zen-boulder-sand

Water is also missing in the Zen garden and is replaced by wavy structures in the gravel or sand. To rake and look at the Zen garden has a soothing effect on the mind and a meditative state is easily achieved.

Create a Zen garden and rake properly

Asian-Gartendeko-stone garden-boulder-lighthouse-stones

Creating a Zen garden is easy. You need gravel, sand, some larger stones, moss and other Asian garden decorations and plants. The large boulders do not have to form correct geometric shapes. Rake the lines so that they merge. So where is the beginning and the end is not necessary to notice.

Asian garden deco bridge in rock garden frame

Asian-Gartendeko-Japanese-stone garden-bamboo-wood-bridge-lighthouse-stone

Bridges with harmonious shapes over the small ponds are still a typical feature of the Asian garden. When it comes to rock garden, you can also make a path of wood or bamboo, which acts like a bridge.

Relax corner in the garden for real relaxation in the fresh air

Asian-Gartendeko-hanging bed-striped red-pond-lily

To enjoy the beauty of the garden you need a cozy, comfortable corner. Design your own Asian-style retreat. With a comfortable hanging bed and Asian garden décor you can reach the look.

Asian garden decoration and the gazebo

Asian-Gartendeko-rock garden, red and sitting-lantern-terrace-green-vase-tatami

Decorate the gazebo with decoration in Asian style. Bring the full look of your Asian garden with red lanterns, porcelain vases and tatami mats.

Asian garden decoration – typical plants in the garden

Asian-artendeko-bonsai-tree-lighthouse-terracotta pot-stone

Thankfully, many plants that are typical of Asian countries are also adapted to the European climate. Pine, ornamental cherries, rhododendron species, magnolia, bamboo are among the best-known Asian plants. The famous Bonsai trees also have a nice accent and typical Asian garden décor.

Asian Garden Decoration – complete the overall picture of your garden with the right plants

Asian-Gartendeko-Japanese maple, red and landscaping

Be sure to choose hardy species of plants, as they will have to survive in your garden all year round. First, think about the concept of your garden and create a harmonious combination and order of the plants.

The Japanese maple is a tree with which you can give your garden the Asian look


Think of the aesthetics and also the positioning of the other elements in the garden space. Choose the best place for each plant so that you have a fairy-tale view throughout the year in the garden.

Asian Garden Decor – Create an oasis of relaxation

Asian-Gartendeko-Buddha statue-garden-Japanese-maple-grass