Recipes »Light summer recipes – 25 quick salads with fruits and vegetables

Gentle summer recipes salad-fish-fillet-taco-mango-avocado

When it gets hot outside again, it’s time for pleasant lukewarm or even cool meals. You spend more time in the countryside, is more on the way and so has simply no time or even desire to elaborate food. There is a great variety on the market right now fruit and vegetables to find what the perfect ingredients for light summer recipes and fast salads are. Try our 10 vitamin-rich salad recipes and give your body more energy for numerous summer activities.

Light summer recipes – 3 vegan salads: salad with celery and cucumbers

light-summer recipes -vegan-celery-lemon-olive-mint.jpg

  • 250 grams of lemons
  • Juice of a lemon
  • 1 red onion
  • 150 g cherry tomatoes
  • 300 g of celery
  • 3 spring onions
  • 5 stems mint
  • 5 stems of coriander
  • 5 stems of parsley
  • 1 Romaine Shallow
  • 100 g of olives
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt and pepper

Light Summer Recipes – Healthy Asian Vegan Salad with Miso Paste

Light summer recipes -vegan-salad-crispy-asian-miso-paste-radish-cucumber

  • 3 tbsp light miso paste from the Asia shop
  • 5 tablespoons of Panko breadcrumbs from the Asia shop
  • chilli flakes
  • 2 teaspoons sesame seeds
  • 6 radishes
  • 1.5 cucumbers
  • 2 green salads or algae
  • 2 spring onions
  • 4 tablespoons white wine vinegar
  • Salt, sugar and pepper
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Boil the Miso paste, allow to cool and season with the vinegar. In the pan, toast the crumbs and chili flakes with sesame oil. Clean the vegetables, wash and chop them and finally season with the paste and the oil mixture.

Vegan salad with roasted vegetables

Light summer recipes -vegan-grilled-grilled-vegetables-zucchini-olive-rukola

  • 2 small zucchinis
  • 100 g of olives
  • 250 g cherry tomatoes
  • 1 red pepper
  • 400 g of green salad or rukkola / romaine lettuce
  • 5 tbsp olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 pinch of sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

Fry the zucchini in the pan until light brown, then add the cherry tomatoes and the peppers for 5 minutes and season. Spread the salad on the plate, season and add the warm vegetables.

Light summer recipes with fruit – fruit salad with strawberries, mango and bacon easy-summer-recipes-obstsalat-colorful-strawberry-mango-avocado lettuce nuts-bacon

  • colorful fruit salad
  • 1 lettuce
  • 225 g fresh strawberries, chopped
  • 1 mango
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 cup of halved cherry tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • ¼ cup of stuffed almonds or other nuts
  • ¼ cup chopped red onion
  • 4 slices of bacon

Apple salad with cabbage and mayonnaise

easy-summer-recipes-obstsalat-apple salad-herb-mazonnaise-karote

  • 3 cups of chopped cabbage
  • 2 apples – unpeeled and diced
  • 1 grated carrot
  • ½ cup chopped red pepper
  • 2 spring onions
  • 1/3 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar

Salads with meat – Beef salad

easy-summer-recipe salad Beef-roasted-meat marinade Lettuce

  • 340 g of beef
    For the marinade:
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 2 teaspoons fish sauce
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1 garlic clove, minced


  • 1 lettuce
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1/2 yellow pepper, cut into thin rings
  • 2 carrots, peeled and minced with a vegetable peeler
  • 1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
  • 1/2 cup of mint, chopped
  • 1/4 cup of basil, chopped
  • 1/3 cup roasted peanuts, chopped

Salad with poultry

Gentle summer recipes-salad-chicken-edamame-beans-sesame-soja sauce

For the dressing:

  • 1 teaspoon garlic paste
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of vinegar
  • 1 1/2 tbsp of honey
  • 1 pinch of ground ginger

Gentle summer recipes-salad-chicken-chicken-breast-edamame-beans-paprika-carrot-sesame

For the salad:

  • 1 cup cooked chicken breast, chopped
  • 1 cup peeled edamame, prepared according to package instructions and cooled
  • 2 medium sized peppers, diced
  • 1 cup of grated carrots
  • 4 cups of coleslaw mix
  • 1/2 cup chopped cilantro
  • 3 spring onions, chopped
  • 1/4 cup almonds
  • 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds

Salads with fish – taco fish salad

Light Summer Recipes -salad-fish-clove-taco-mango-avocado-lime-herb

For a portion

  • 35-45 g plaice fillet
  • Olive oil or coconut oil
  • 1 handful of cabbage, thinly sliced
  • 1 handful of red cabbage, thinly sliced
  • ¼ fennel tuber, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons red onion, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons coriander, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons of mint or basil, chopped
  • ½ avocado, diced
  • ¼ cup mango, diced
  • ½ lime, juiced
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt and pepper to season

Oven roasted plaice fillet

Light summer recipes -fish-roasted-fillet-lemon-spices

Pasta salad with soy sauce and sesame

Light summer recipes -noodle salad-spaghetti-sesame-oil

  • 450 g spaghetti
  • 450 g mango pods
  • 2 red peppers cut into thin slices
  • 4 spring onions, sliced ​​diagonally
  • 3 tablespoons chopped, fresh parsley
  • salt

For the dressing:

  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar
  • 1/3 cup soy sauce
  • 3 tablespoons of dark sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
  • 3 tablespoons of roasted white sesame
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter

First boil the spaghetti according to the instructions, drain and set aside. Boil the mangetouts in boiling salted water for 3-5 minutes. Then place with a slotted spoon in cold water and let cool. Prepare the dressing and combine all the ingredients with the dressing.

Salad with rainbow potatoes

Lightweight summer recipes-Potato salad-rainbow-potato-sesame-arugula-peppers-olives

  • 1 800 g of small potatoes in different colors
  • 1 red pepper, diced
  • 2-4 celery, chopped
  • ⅔ cup of Kalamata olives, roughly chopped
  • ½ cup of raw sunflower seeds, roasted
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • 450 g baby arugula
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Light summer recipes-Potato salad-rainbow-small-clean-cook-prepare

Wedding »Wedding ideas for the summer party & tips for the perfect mood

wedding ideas for celebration summer tips location decoration flowers

The many warm and sunny summer Days are the perfect way to create unusual wedding ideas that will make your big day a better one. Especially during the celebration, when the wedding is finally celebrated and the especially fun part begins, you can come up with interesting decorations and games, which are also implemented in a unique outdoor location. So everyone is guaranteed to enjoy the day perfectly. What wedding ideas for the celebration in the summer can be considered, we would like to introduce today. We have put together some interesting suggestions.

Wedding ideas for the celebration – the perfect location

wedding ideas-celebration-summer-beach-beach wedding-romantic and summery flower-wedding altar

In good weather, the selection of interesting locations is pretty big. Especially great ideas for the wedding are of course those outdoors. That a wedding on the beach here is the dream of many newlyweds or at least many brides, is nothing new and considering that there is often a pleasant wind prevails, this place is undoubtedly a great idea. But if you do not have the beach in the immediate vicinity and do not want to let all guests travel far, you should come up with something different and even if the question arises, what is there for possibilities, the choice is greater than you maybe believe. Here are some wedding ideas for the celebration:

A meadow

wedding ideas for the celebration summer-meadow-bow-rose-wedding-blossoms

A simple meadow is perfect for implementing various wedding ideas for the celebration and for organizing a memorable celebration. If it is big enough, all the necessary tables and chairs or benches, including the buffet, dessert table and all the other things can be set up there. Whether you prefer it rather elegant and modern, or rather casual summer you decide yourself. It is important that sufficient shade is available. For this purpose, existing trees can be used, but also many large umbrellas or one or more large tents, which are available in various forms. To be preferred is a white or beige color, as these do not absorb the heat of the sun. Roofs like tents also have the advantage of protecting them from rain in case the weather changes suddenly.

Even more cozy and original is the whole, although a barn is available. At the same time it offers the perfect roofing and creates a unique atmosphere. You can organize the celebration indoors, while the way serves as a dance floor or vice versa. The possibilities are different. Even a meadow directly on the lake or on a river is more than perfect. Nearby water also guarantees a more airy and cooler environment.

Wedding ideas for the celebration in the forest

wedding ideas-celebration-summer-forest-shadow-romantic-atmosphere-rustic wood

A forest area guarantees that there is plenty of natural shade. Of course, there should also be enough free space for the seats. Otherwise, the place is wonderful for a romantic or mystical theme and can therefore be designed with many fabrics and matching decorations. This location should be well considered. Most of the time they are pretty wet, especially on the ground. Therefore, no rainy days should have been before the wedding day or the place should at least get enough sun to dry for your party in time. Since this does not depend on the planning, but on the vagaries of the weather, many do not dare to go to the forest. Nevertheless, we present it as a wedding idea for the celebration, so that you can also think about this location.

In the garden at home

wedding ideas-celebration-summer-garden flower girl small-wedding-guest-end Bride

If you have a small wedding planned that will not be attended by too many guests, your own gardens are just as creative wedding ideas for the celebration. The mood is so cozy, because where does one finally feel most comfortable, as in their own home? Even the wedding can take place in your own garden and there are no big ways to get to the location of the wedding party. While the guests make themselves comfortable, the bridal couple can take beautiful souvenir photos.

In the garden of a hotel or restaurant

wedding ideas for the celebration marry-summer-planning-roses-wreath-pink

However, if many guests are expected or you just feel that his garden is unsuitable, you can also search for offers of hotels and restaurants. Some even have a beautifully maintained outdoor area, which is wonderful for such occasions. Not infrequently, apart from the wedding menu, the decoration is offered, but of course you can also implement your own wedding ideas for the decoration. In any case, this variant is less cumbersome than wedding ideas for the celebration in your own garden, where you start planning with garden design itself.

The decoration and design – What do you need for a summer wedding?

wedding ideas-celebration-summer-decoration-inspiration-colored pink-red dessert

As wedding ideas for the celebration, many variants are suitable, which of course depend mainly on the wedding theme. In general, it can be said that colorful and strong colors are very suitable and create a summery ambience. Pink, orange, yellow, blue and green are just a small selection and can be found in the upholstery, fabrics, rugs, and lanterns flowers be represented.

wedding ideas-celebration-summer-fruits-decorate-fruit-lemon-orange-yellow

A beach wedding can of course also be designed in these colors, but is usually preferred to resort to typical maritime colors. Such are turquoise, beige and sand tones, marine blue, but also white and coral. Also, the flowers should match color and can be combined with real coral or other decorations from the sea and driftwood.

wedding ideas-celebration-summer-decorating ideas-flowers-roses-sunflower-vintage-modern

In the forest and in the meadow there is a free choice of colors, which is determined at most by the theme of the wedding. Vintage weddings use a lot of white, natural green or pastel colors. Modern weddings can again be designed in elegant and noble or in upbeat colors. In principle, a variety of wedding ideas for the celebration can be implemented. It’s best to use seasonal flowers to save money. These are cheaper than exotic specimens. You can inquire with a florist, because the flowers also depend on what month the wedding takes place. So poppies can be used, but also roses, daisies and dahlias, cornflowers and sunflowers and many more.

You can also use candles, fairy lights, lanterns, floral arrangements, fruits, crystal dishes or porcelain. A variety of items can be used for decoration, including frames with photos, umbrellas, the desserts themselves, the gifts, tablecloths and table runners, mosquito nets, lampignon, certain fabrics and much more.

Original wedding games

wedding ideas-celebration-summer-games-adult-guests-kids-can-

In order to keep the mood at the wedding and keep the guests busy, it is also fun Wedding Games planned and organized. So you create variety and improve the mood of the guests at regular intervals. Take advantage of the many outdoor spaces you have. The games can be intended for newlyweds as well as for the guests. However, they are best combined. But keep in mind that not every guest feels like participating in such games. Some prefer to be silent or laughing observers. So be sure in advance who you are calling to play in order not to provoke the opposite, and clouded mood, to someone.

Original vehicles

wedding ideas-celebration-summer-just-married-vehicle retro motorcycle original

When you leave the wedding party, you can also choose an original vehicle as an alternative to the classic car with tins. In fine weather, this can be a motorcycle or even a quad or a tricycle. These vehicles can be borrowed and are also available in retro variations, which could be particularly well received at a vintage wedding. Even a horse that can pull a carriage is a great idea. If the weather is rather questionable, is also a convertible, which is best even a vintage car. Do not forget that your wedding dress should be adapted to the vehicle. With a hoop skirt, for example, it can not sit on a motorcycle or quad. In any case, make an interesting departure so either way, so you can consider these wedding ideas for the celebration or the end of the celebration.

Fashion »Boho Chic Fashion in White for the Late Summer – 61 inspirations

Boho Chic Fashion White Outfits Ethnic Top Blouse Women

The summer passes slowly and the early autumn getting closer. The days are still warm and sunny. Only in the evening you would need something to coat. Nevertheless, it is not too late for Boho Chic Fashion and if your color is white, then we have prepared something suitable for you. Just read on and take a look at the specially selected pictures in the picture gallery below. Surely you will find something appealing there for you!

Boho chic fashion in white with fringes in every shape

Boho Chic Fashion White-fringe-pocket-cardigan-street-style-modern

Boho chic Fashion just does not work without fringes. In every possible variant becomes one accessory or make a difference in your outfit. A clutch or a fancy bag made of velor or leather with many fringes are perfect. Ankle boots and sandals with or without a heel with beautiful fringes will give your look a certain hippie charm. It is important to keep the other parts of the clothing a bit simpler. So the overall picture comes over particularly stylishly.

Boho chic fashion in white with the right accessories for an individual look

Boho Chic Fashion -White-accessories-pattern-motif-motif-jewelry

The accessories play an important role in boho fashion and should not be missed. Jeans and a white T-shirt can transform you into an impressive Bohemian outfit with several long chains, rings or a beautifully embroidered belt. Ethno motifs and floral patterns are a perfect match for the casual look you seek. Experiment and assemble pieces of jewelery that have a similar shape, pattern or color. Just follow one rule: a simple outfit and effective jewelry or vice versa – subtle accessories and a more interesting clothing.

Casual jeans, knitwear and lace for boho chic fashion in white for the late summer

Boho Chic Fashion-white-lace-fringe-knit-jeans-simple

A harmonious and at the same time not at all impersonal effect can be created with the boho fashion in white, if you combine different structures of fabrics. Another option would be filigree lace parts, which in themselves are a masterpiece. These are mainly made by hand and made very precisely. That’s why they usually cost a little more, but they never go out of fashion.

Boho fashion with elegant maxi dresses in white lace

Boho Chic Fashion White Lace Maxi Dress Ornaments Romantic Transparent

Colored, varied accessories and jewelry

Boho Chic Fashion accessories-dress-bag-color-brown-colorful

Multiple rings and bracelets for the right look

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray jewelry jewelry kimono-rings Bracelets

High heels with fringes in brownish tones go perfectly with white boho fashion

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-high-heels sandals-sales-hose-denim shorts

Styling for the early autumn with kimono or leather jacket

Boho-Chic Fashion White leather jacket-black kimono-shorts-accessories-capsule

White pants with a wide leg

Boho-Chic Fashion White white-long-leg-bag-accessories-hippy-top

Chic outfit with casual white dress and overknee boots

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-accessories-over-knee boots-fedora-hat

Fancy jumper, short skirt and overknee boots in black velor – street style and boho fashion

Boho-Chic Fashion White pullover-fray over knee-boots-black-street-style look

Tops, tunics and blouses in flowing fabrics for boho chic fashion in white

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-shell-rock-ancleboots sunglasses

Youthful look with short pleated skirt in brown imitation leather and ankle boots

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-rock-brown ankle-boots Teen

Off shoulder tops and dresses are particularly timely

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-topless-jeans-pocket-ankle-boots-black-fringed

Longer parts made of lace with a transparent effect are perfect for the end of the summer

Boho-Chic Fashion white pants-shell-pointed-transparent-effect-roman sandals

Boho chic fashion for the slightly cooler season with kimono

Boho-Chic Fashion white fedora-Ankle-oots Leoprint-kimonoexotisch decorations

Casual street style look in a sporty version

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans tunka-sneakers-street-style-modern

Boho fashion with kimonos and parts in white

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-fray-beach-look pattern-summer

Boho-Chic Fashion White lace knitting-fedora-ankle-boots-dog

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-black zigzag-angkle-boots-sunglasses-Accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-fray-jeans-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White coat-cream white-jeans-pants-blouse sandals

Boho Chic Fashion with Ankle or Cowboy Boots

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-kunterbunt-pocket-cowboy-boots-blue feather

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-ankle-boots-cowboy hat and black-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-dog-headband-sunglasses-mirror-bag Strip

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-boots-brown-ornaments-flowing-material

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-tunic-ankle-boots-brown bicycle basket

Tunic or blouse in flowing fabric with jeans for stylish boho outfit

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans topless sandals leather-brown lace headband

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans-tunic-blouse-top-brown-wedge-heel-shoes-velor

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans torn-fray-boot-lace bodice

Boho-Chic Fashion white tunic jeans tulle-sandals-ethno-pearl-colored

Maxi dresses made of flowing white fabric or decorated with lace and embroidery

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-maxi-pattern sandals brown leather sunglasses

Boho-Chic Fashion white dress sleeves-long-flowing-material-roman-sandlaen

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-jeans-jacket-pointed-pearl accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion White maxi-rock-net-jacket-sacrament-color-pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion White everyday-look lace fringe-Accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-rock-parka-jacket-lassiger-look modern

Combine Roman sandals with maxi dress in white

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-fringed sandals-pocket-mirrored-glasses-embroidered

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-lace transparent-effect-roman sandals Hat

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-lace transparent-effect-boots-roman sandals-pocket-flower pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion White kleod-roman sandals-sales-black flowing-material-clutch-bag

Boho fashion in white and leather or velor jacket for early autumn

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-maxi-leather jacket-black-hat-bag-guertel

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-velor jacket-fedora-hat-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White velor jacket-brown-rock-patterned-paisley-chain

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-schorts-cropped jacket-pocket-sunglasses-black

Boho-Chic Fashion white black-leather-pants-Jaske-Accessories

Boho fashion with white jumpsuit

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit comfortable outfit-great-practically-strauss-hopping

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit lace keel heel shoes sandals-hair-styling

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit lace transparent-effect-keel Heel shoes-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion Accessories White-pants-blouse-laessig-street-style look

Boho-Chic Fashion white shorts-pattern-ankle-boots-cowboy hat-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion Accessories White-pocket-ankle-boots-chain-pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion white pants-top-headband-colorful-pattern-headband-sunglasses-large

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-ankle-bott-velor-brown hat-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans-tunic-blouse-blue-embroidered-pocket-ethno

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-tunic-topless-Accesssoires decorations

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-blue-accessories-mirrored sunglasses-embroidered

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-lace romantsich-long

Boho-Chic Fashion white lace long-sleeve short-dress-romantic

Boho-Chic Fashion white lace transparent dress-ankle-boots-beach

Fashion »Hippie chic in fashion – 50 ideas in boho style for the summer & autumn

Hippie Chic-fashion-boho-bike-dog-hairband-blazer-short-pants-casual

The Hippie chic Fashion comes originally from the 60s and 70s with the youth movements, which fought against the wars and propagated a humane, peaceful lifestyle. There was no exactly differentiated fashion flow at that time. A large part of the clothes were made by the young people themselves from composite pieces and parts or from old clothes. So actually the so-called patchwork , The music also exerted a great influence on the wardrobe of the people and especially the personal style of the singers and artists was imitated by the fans. Above all, the hippie chic is characterized by a comfortable and casual fashion with free silhouettes, airy fabrics and colorful motifs.

Modern with hippie chic apparel in the summer and fall

Hippie Chic-fashion-jacket-jacket-fedora-hat-pocket-sunglasses-short-black-jeans

The typical garments of hippie fashion include the large hats made of fabric, which are also called Fedora. Short leather jackets with fringes and denim pants, combined with casual velor ankle boots, are just part of the outfit of the Boho style Fans too. Hippie Chic stands for the free way of life and for comfortable, functional fashion, which is why he is often preferred by young people in the big cities.

Hippie Chic and Boho Style in Fashion for Summer and Fall 2015

Hippie chic-fashion-boho-herbs-outfits-high-waist-jeans-pants-blouse

Hippie Chic works equally well as summery and autumnal clothing and refers to some basic principles – the free cut, accessories and color. Loose-fitting shirts and blouses are worn with high-waisted pants and wide leg jeans. It should not be missing belt, band or any decorative elements at the waist. Of course, do not forget the big sunglasses.

Stylish styling create with the matching accessories

Hippie Chic-fashion-boho-autumn-accessories-leather-bag-gold-blouse-pattern-ocher-color-denim

As far as the accessories are concerned, one can simply say – the more, the better. Pearls, gold, bright colors and handmade work best when put together. For a stylish outfit, we recommend choosing several pieces made of the same material and with a similar look or texture. Combine it courageously and do not leave a piece away. Choose warm, natural colors for leather bags, jackets or shoes for an authentic and comfortable summer and fall look.

Casual and modern

Hippie chic-fashion-boho-velor-shorts-tassels-colorful-tshirt

The hippies love the colors and in fashion this preference can be noticed at first glance. No matter if it’s accessories, shoes or clothing, the colorful atmosphere should not be missed. Folk motifs, floral patterns or embroidery decorate clothing pieces in hippie chic and create a casual mood for the wearer.

The flat sandals with colorful motifs of beads or embroidery are typical of the summer hippie chic

Hippie chic fashion boho flat sandals pearl colored leather

City outfit with classic blazer and female dress

Hippie Chic Fashion Boho Dress Mustard Yellow Blazer Cream White Bag City

It’s just not possible without big Fedora hats!

hippie-chic-mode boho-fedora-blouse Green embroidery kimono-white-peak

Overalls are totally comfortable and comfortable in summer

hippie-chic-mode bohooverall-hats-black-summer-chain-pearl

Medium-length, patterned coat with a straight cut

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-autumn-black-hat-coat-dress-flat shoes

Elegant look with several parts in the same color combination – Bordeaux, Black and Dark Blue


Blazer made of velvet and Soffhut for a great boho look in autumn


Casual and comfortable in summer with knit, denim and lace

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-sweater-top lace jeans-short-hat

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-lace kimono-hat-big-white-blue-bag

Airy fabrics and playful folk motifs are characteristic features of the style


hippie-chic-mode boho-leggings-multi-pattern-blouse Fringe flat-velor-ankle-boots


hippie-chic boho-mode-kimono-short-jeans-torn-beach-summer

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-autumn-vogue-msuter-velvet pants-brown blouse

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-shorts-stripes-colorful-airy sunglasses

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-rock-short-top leather-bag-sandals-high-heels-just-cavalli

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-light-pink-pattern-chain-pocket-violet

hippie-chic boho-mode-kimono-outfit-black-blouse-sunglasses-large


Elegant maxi dresses


hippie-chic-fashion-boho-autumn-long rock-pink-velor-pullover-stripe guertel

Combine airy clothes with leather boots

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-boots-velor-pattern-bag-brown-orange

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-light-colored-watercolor effect-leather boots-velor

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-blue-white-lang-airy-leather boots-chain-cross

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-leather boots-kimono-dress-yellow-fringed-chain-armbaender_b

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-autumn-pattern-dress-leather boots-orange

hippie-chic fashion boho dress satin light gray pattern scarf-leather boots

Pants and jeans with wide leg and high waist

hippie-chic boho-mode-jeans-shorts-denim-shirt-guertel-wide-leg

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-hose-high-waist-green brown blouse and black-durchischtig sandals

hippie-chic-mode boho-hose-blouse-pattern-sunglasses hair band flat sandals Valentino

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-hose-blue wide-leg-coat-pattern-colorful-shirt

Casual outfit with torn jeans

hippie-chic-mode boho Autumn kimono-hat-Jens-torn-flat-ankle-boots

hippie-chic-mode boho Long-dress-pattern-orient pink-Jens-hat

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-jeans-pattern-folk motifs-blouse

Fringes in every way and shape

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-fedora-hat-blouse-pattern-folk motifs-pocket-fray


hippie-chic-fashion-boho-scharz-rock-franzen-blouse-pattern-red-white sunglasses

Patterned midi skirts and dresses are typical of the fashion style

hippie-chic boho-fashion-dress-green-black-pattern-short jacket-colorful-folk motifs

hippie-chic boho-mode-flower-power-outfit-autumn-boots

hippie-chic-fashion-boho-autumn-pattern-mustard yellow-white-midi dress-leather jacket


Ponchos and cardigans for a casual fall look

hippie-chic boho-mode-jeans-poncho-zigzag-pattern-black-white-city-urban

hippie-chic boho-fashion-hats-black-hose-scarf ceiling


Fashion »Shoe trends for the summer – these are the current designs for 2017

Shoe trends for the summer flat-sandals-blue-white-straps

Whether sandals with playful heel jewelery, kitten heels with detailed straps, sneakers in trend color silver or platform sandals with through soles – this season’s selection of trendy designs is bigger than ever. The only thing the designers agreed on during fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, New York and Berlin – the Shoes for the upcoming season are a convenient addition to the airy summer outfit. We summarize the top shoe trends for the summer of 2017.

Shoe trends for the summer – chic kitten heels and pumps with laces for an elegant appearance

Shoe trends for the summer Kitten-heels-glittering-loop

Tailor Swift, Olivia Palermo, Reese Witherspoon and Alexa Chung make it happen – the stars combine the trendy summer shoes with a knee-length skirt or a figure-hugging pants ,

The traditionally high pumps also present themselves in a new light – ankle straps and laces attract attention and emphasize the legs. The chic designs / as seen at Gucci, Charlotte Olimpia, Saint Laurent, Santoni / are worn to mini dress and round off the evening outfit. The Sandals with rhinestones add the finishing touches to the cocktail dress and are therefore ideally suited for special occasions.

Shoe trends for the summer – comfortable flatforms, mules and platform sandals celebrate a comeback

Shoe Trends summer platform sandals fabric

In 2017, three models known from the nineties are celebrating a comeback – who Flatforms, mules or platform sandals is wearing, is very trendy.

Mules let the true trendsetters “Sex and the City” – nostalgia feelings come up. In the 90s, the charming women’s shoes were an eye-catcher, which was worn both to the elegant trouser suit, and to jeans. Nowadays, the comfortable shoe design is worn by fashion icons like Gigi Hadid, Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston.

Flatforms made a splash on the catwalks of Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci and Marc Jacobs – the flat shoes presented themselves with elaborate decorations in a new light – and conquered the hearts of the street style bloggers worldwide.

Platform shoes with a full-length sole and sophisticated lacing have long adorned the feet of fashionistas behind the ocean. Whether charming with floral motifs, or elegant leather, in bright colors such as red and green, or subtly in nude shades – the sandals have successfully prevailed in the US.

Shoe trends for the summer – sneakers for trendsetters

Shoe Trends Summer Sneakers Silver Trend Color

Not only in the shoes, the thick sole has successfully enforced – it is also current in sports shoe design. And as far as the colors are concerned, subtle pastel nuances bring a romantic touch from the nineties. However, dark sneakers with glittering details are also absolutely trendy, especially sparkling silver surfaces look great.

Shoe trends for the summer – filigree bridal shoes

Shoe Trends Summer Wedding Bridal Shoes

Whether it’s romantic with rhinestones, playful with wavy edges or timelessly elegant satin – the bridal shoes attract attention and make the wedding dress stand out better. Gone are the days when pumps and high-heeled sandals were worn – in 2017, the half-high and the flat sandals are also trendy.

Shoe Trends Summer Pumps azure-paint

Images:, © CC0

Floor Cushions for Garden or Terrace – 55 Summer Ideas

floor cushion for garden terrace mediterranean blue design lantern trellis climbing plant

To relax you need two things – a little free time and something cozy to lie down or sit down on. This “something” should definitely be comfortable and provide the best comfort. The seating also is welcome flexible or mobile, so you can change it at will and when needed. Good for this purpose are among others Floor cushions for garden or terrace , which are weatherproof due to their special upholstery fabric but can also be used indoors.

Decorate with floor cushions for garden or terrace

floor cushion for garden terrace exotic pink seat cushion swing privacy

Floor cushions for the garden and terrace are simply a practical solution and offer several possibilities for use and design. They serve as a great colorful and varied decoration in the outdoor area and are a special highlight at garden parties. For one Summer wedding Especially colored floor cushions with oriental patterns, which replace the classic seating options, are wonderfully suited to an exotic flair. They are available in numerous, imaginative designs and differ in shape and size and in their fabric and color. The seat cushions create an atmospheric atmosphere. The covers of the cushions are usually removable and can be washed in the washing machine. This property makes it very easy to care for and especially suitable for outdoor use.

Colorful floor cushions for the garden or terrace ensure a good mood

floor cushions for garden tassels blue zigzag outdoor seating popcorn

It may seem unusual for cushions and upholstery to be used outdoors. However, the floor cushions are often much more comfortable than a day bed or sofa bed, as they adapt to the body shape and posture and allow any position. You determine the shape and application of the floor cushion or beanbag. Whether barbecues, sunbathing or a party – for outdoor use, the floor cushions for garden or terrace are wonderful and create a cozy area for chatting and chatting.

Floor cushion with patchwork design

floor cushion for garden patchwork green design comfort

Fun for kids with floor cushions

floor cushion for garden kids fun red design furniture idea

Colorful cushions are used on every occasion

Floor cushion for garden or patio-pink-flower-pattern-lawn-picnic-bag

Ideal for the lounge area in different colors and sizes

Floor cushions for garden or terrace -pool-man-dog-colorful-pattern-lounge

Water-repellent upholstery allows use at the swimming area

Floor cushions for garden or patio -pool-party-lounge-pattern-gray-white-wood floor

Floor cushions are the ideal solution when many people come to visit

Floor cushions for garden or terrace-luxury-lounge-pool-white-cushion-lawn

Exotic garden party with different seating possibilities

Floor cushions for garden or patio party-exotic-colorful-fuchsia-color-tent

Practical floor cushions for the picnic

Floor cushions for garden or patio-picnic-blanket-party-ground-earth

Cushion for sitting next to the pool

Floor cushions for garden or terrace -pool-palm-trees-summer-blue-lie-plants

Beautiful, varied design of the garden

Floor cushions for garden or terrace -deko-gravel-hearth-lawn-armchair-cushion-cover-pattern

Ideal for parties and outdoor trips

Floor cushions for garden or terrace-lawn-picnic-party-folding-chair-summer-nice-weather

Garden party in the tent with floor cushions

Floor cushions for garden or terrace e-orange-summer-tent-party-garden-pink

Beautiful romantic decoration – ideal for the wedding party

Floor cushions for garden or terrace-party-dinner-dinner-lights-chain

Large cushions with water-repellent cover

Floor cushions for garden or terrace -party-garden-large-green-grass-people

The huge floor cushions for lounge and outdoor area of lujo

floor pillow-garden-terrace-lujo-cushion-big-black-wine-woman-beach

floor pillow-garden-terrace-lujo-huge-black-cushion-women-entertainment-leisure

floor pillow-garden-terrace-lujo-lounge-gray pillow-outside-woman-man

floor pillow-garden-swimming pool-liege-grass-dog-bedded-stripes-colorful

floor pillow-garden-plant-bench-flowers-baeume-sneakers-cushion-summer

floor pillow-for-garden-ratan-chair-stool-garden-roses-house-hof

floor pillow-garden-hammock-lantern-tree-lounge-summer-mat-pad


floor pillow-garden-terrace-haengestuhl-lounge-flowers-plant-baeume

floor pillow-garden-terrace-attic-outlook-carpet-ceiling-plant-deco-getraenke

floor pillow-garden-terrace-wood-pillows-modern lounge-plant-baeume

floor pillow-garden-terrace-wood-table-small-blouse-summer-baeume-screen

floor pillow-garden-terrace-lounge-boho-deco carpet-oriental pattern-tile-terracotta

floor pillow-garden-terrace-yard rush-wood-garden furniture-plant-

floor pillow-garden-terrace-lounge-red-white-Moroccan-bank-Shisha

floor pillow-garden-terrace-lounge-green-pattern-urlaum-atmosphere-plant

floor pillow-garden-terrace-lounge-beach-sea-candle-lantern-romance-sunset

floor pillow-garden-terrace-mat-bench-candlestick-lounge-ceiling gray

floor pillow-garden-terrace-planting Moroccan-ornaments-pattern-pink-

floor pillow-garden-terrace-seat cushion leather-Moroccan-pattern-colorful-round

Bodenkissen Garden lawn outside flower pattern-white-pink-soda baby blue-

Floor cushions for garden or terrace -party-colorful-open-air-cinema-lichterkette-schoen

floor pillow-garden-terrace-pouf-beanbag-stripes-green-lounge-turquoise-pad-moebel

floor pillow-garden-terrace-seat cushion-pattern-purple-white-flower-vase-plant-ceiling

floor pillow-garden-terrace-pool-racing-black-white-pattern-coffee-mugs

floor pillow-garden-terrace-orange-yellow-warm terracotta pattern Flowers

Floor cushions for garden or patio - colorful-pink-pink-pattern-grass-lantern-book-blanket

Floor cushions for garden or patio - colorful-patchwork-reading-book-summer-grass-green

floor pillow-garden-terrace-pattern-palm-plant-ceiling carpet

floor pillow-garden-terrace-orange-pattern-gravel-hearth-plant-concrete

Bodenkissen-garden-terrace-orange-table beverage carpet-ceiling-pad-relative

floor pillow-garden-terrace-vacation-mat-liege-lounge-exotic-summer

floor pillow-garden-cushion-gross-park-publicly-baeume-lawn-human

floor pillow-garden-terrace-seat cushion Pattern-round-getraenke-busche-wood floor

floor pillow-terrace-sitzsaecke-deco-cushion-pattern-orient-table

floor pillow-garden-lounge-pool-Moroccan-cushion-leather seat cushion-orange-flower-sun

floor pillow-for-garden-terrace-colorful-oriental-buddha-pink-blue

Spice Up Sandals – 25 Simple Summer DIY Projects

Spangle sandals-leather-stones-big-glitter-silver-straset-diy-idea

It is finally summer and you can already put on the beloved summer sandals. Maybe they already have signs of use from the last one summer and small defects such as spots or missing stones. If you have such old sandals or just can not find any matching ones in the new collection then you can use your old ones Spice up your sandals ,

Spice up plain leather sandals

Spice up your sandals - brown-leather-stones-rhinestones-gold-silder-diy

With some aids such as rhinestones, capsules, colorful threads, beads And of course with some tools like scissors, utility knife and all-purpose glue you can make wonderful new ones out of boring, simple sandals.

Ready for the summer? Then you should spice up your sandals!

Spice up sandals -brown-leather-rhinestones-glitter-big-diy

Real eye-catchers this summer are the classic leather sandals with rhinestones. Decorating is easy. Either you stick the stones with a transparent glue or you sew them tight. Whether colorful or glittering, these sandals are perfect for everyday wear and one thing is certain – your feet will not go unnoticed. So paint your toes nicely in your favorite summer nail polish. You look simple and classic when you combine such self-decorated sandals with washed out tube jeans or with a delicate knee-length dress.

Simple, white sandals with a wide band can be decorated with colorful stones

Spice up sandals -white-stones-colorful-stick-on-summer-diy


Particularly attractive for parties on the beach or in a club look shiny, reflective, silver or golden surfaces. Why not on your feet? Just pick a matching plain pair of sandals and get some inspirations from our picture gallery for your next DIY summer project to spice up your sandals! Get started right away!

25 summer DIY projects

Spice up sandals -silver-thread-scissors-black-pink-loecher-diy

Spangle Sandals -silver-thread-aunaehen-black-pink-summer-diy-idea

Neon colors are especially relevant this summer

Spice up sandals -blue-neon-yellow-capsules-stick-on-scissors-diy-idea-make yourself

Spice up your sandals -blue-neon-yellow-capsules-glue-on-your-hands-yourself-summer

sandal-spice-blue-neon yellow-capsule-decorate-stick-messelaenge-scissors-diy

sandal-spice-blue-neon yellow-capsule-chain-decorate-diy

Spice up your sandals -blue-neon-yellow-capsules-decorate-diy-summer-yourself

Spice up sandals - blue-neon-gelab-capsules-stick-decorate + -diy-idee-sommer

Decorate with colorful threads and bows

sandal-spice-thread-colored pink-diy-summer-scissors


Flower Power – Decorate leather sandals with colorful flowers


It’s easy – stick on brown sandals rhinestones

sandal-spice-brown-leather-adhesive-stones-glittering silver-stick-diy


Decorate Roman sandals with capsules

sandal-spice-roman-brown tinker-leatherette-encapsulate-decorate-DIY-idea-

Old summer sandals miss a new look

sandal-spice-chain-gross-old gold-brown-leather-sewing-diy

sandal-spice-flip-flops-thread-multi-decorate-diy do it yourself-hippie


sandal-spice-black-and-loop-rose-pearl stick-diy epoxy-summer

sandal-spice-black chain-gold-diy-summer-idea-tinker

sandal-spice-black high-heels-stones-encapsulate-elegant gold

sandal-spice-black high-heels-stones-encapsulate-elegant

Fashion »25 Summer Outfits with Shorts – Practical and elegant

Summer outfits with shorts -black-white-stripes-blouse-pattern-print-yellow-elegant

It’s summer and fashion should be practical, airy and comfortable. What is more practical than the shorts? Summer outfits with shorts There is something for every taste. Whether it’s fancy, sporty or in the form of denim pants that fit in any travel bag or elegant, with a feminine cut and a high waist, suitable for the business look , the shorts are multi-faceted with all sorts of lengths and designs. In this 2015 season, they are casually cut and put the focus on the waist.

Summer Outfits with Shorts – Casual with a feminine cut

Summer outfits with shorts-high-waist-black-white-espadrilles

Short pants with a high waistline emphasize the female contours of the woman with a slim waist and round hips. Although they are trousers, they look very feminine and make the legs look longer. Combined with high heels or heeled sandals, these shorts are sure to make you look elegant. As top It’s best to choose a silhouette and airy fabrics. Not too short pants and blazers in restrained tones or in the same color make up a tasteful, feminine suit.

Summer outfits with shorts made of jeans, fabric or leather

25 summer outfits with shorts -miranda-kerr-daily-jeans-pattern-ballerinas-blouse

Celebrities like Rihanna, Miranda Kerr and Beyoncè like the shorts and dress them at every opportunity. The looks are different depending on your mood and occasion. It makes it clear how many combinations are possible with other parts and shoes, ultimately creating very versatile looks.

Beyoncè with short high waisted leather pants in pink

Summer outfits with shorts -beyonce-pink-leather-highheels-pocket-green

Kate Upton – High waist with embellishments accentuates the curves of the female body

25 summer outfits with shorts-high-waist-kate-upton-blouse-stripe-black-white

Rihanna is always attracted especially attractive – Here with ultra short, torn jeans and jacquard coat

Summer outfits with shorts -rihanna-jeans-trousers-torn-coat-sandals-heels

Taylor Swift with ensemble of shorts and blazer in black and white

Summer outfits with shorts -taylor-swift-elegant-suit-blazer-black-white

Cool, everyday look with white airy shorts

Summer outfits with shorts -white-short-blouse-airy-back-espadrilles

A further cut conjures visually feminine curves

25 summer outfits with shorts -sede-gray-elegant-fashion-show-blouse-gray

Black and white patterns always stay trendy

summer outfits shorts-black-white-checkered-points-sandal-heels

Casual beach look with shorts and coat in airy fabric – Black with floral pattern

summer outfits shorts-black-white-silk-flower-pattern

Summer Outfits with Shorts – Experiment with fabrics, patterns and colors

summer outfits shorts-black-white-checkered-jeans-jacket-shirt

summer outfits shorts-black-white-modern-high-heels-blouse-white-wide

summer outfits shorts-pink-coral-color-blouse-blue-light-everyday

summer outfits shorts-red-top-colorful-pocket-sandallen-background-blue-green

summer outfits shorts-pink-pattern-ornaments-black blouse-and-white sandals and white

Summer outfits with shorts-pattern-ornaments-fabric-airy-light-boho

summer outfits shorts-modern-knee-long-short-elegant highheels-wide-upper part

summer outfits shorts-short-shorts-lace pink-pumps-delicately elegant

summer outfits-shortst-short white-jeans-high-waist-blouse-blue

summer outfits-shortst-knee-length yellow-sporty blouse-stripes-blue-white-black

summer outfits-shortst-jeans-torn blouse-and-white-sandals-highheels

summer outfits shorts-colored blouse-leather shoes-black-white

summer outfits-shortst-wide-baby blue-white-blouse-sandals-hair-short

summer outfits shorts-colorful-floral-pattern-tshirt-black chanel bag

summer outfits shorts-brown-beige-fray-dog-sandals-leather-jacket

summer outfits-shortst-blue blazer sandals suit elegant blond

Fashion »Outfits Summer 2015 – 85 trendy ideas for men and women

Outfits Summer 2015 -2015-spring-summer-collection-color-pattern

The fashionable ones Outfits Summer 2015 are very varied for women, but also for men – androgynous elements, flowing fabrics, pastel colors and 60s hippie silhouettes characterize the fashion trends this year. The starting points and ideas of the designers could hardly be more contradictory. The fashion trends this season are moving into and influenced by our eclectic time. High tech, gypsy, street style, colors, minimalism – a whole range of inspirations of contemporary society. The most important fashion trends we present you with the help of different models from the latest designer Collections in 85 great ideas and combinations for women and men.

Outfits Summer 2015 – the fashion of our time

Skirt and Sandals – Amuse, Top and Bag – D & G, Hat – Me Dulce Zacarias

The colors that should be present in every outfit this summer are orange and red. Whether small details, motifs, patterns, prints or fashion accessories in one color, in spring and summer, warm and cheerful colors are required.

Outfits Summer 2015 – Orange, Red and Pattern

Dress and sunglasses by D & G, sandals with Absaty – Camilla Elphick, Fedora – Armani, bag – Givenchy

A new lightness gives femininity through gentle silhouettes and flowing fabrics. Fresh pastel shades such as baby blue, mint green and rose in different shades are very popular. The fashion has to be comfortable and you should not feel like disguised. Uncomplicated cuts in pleasant tones convey breezy and casual feelings. A special piece of clothing is a must-have this season, namely the pants with a wide leg.

Wide-leg pants – Emporio Armani, T-shirt – Gem, Sandals – Jimmy Choo, glasses – Givenchy, Michael Kors bag

Outfits Summer 2015 trousers-armani-t-shirt-sandals-jimmychoo-glasses-givenchy-pocket-michaelkors

Bird and floral prints have become a huge fashion trend and will accompany us in the summer of 2015. The past times return again and again through numerous forms in the latest designer collections. A colorful, varied mix between the 50s and 60s, rebellious spirits and ethnic street art elements express the multicultural diversity of our time. Playful floral patterns and t-shirts with trendy statement fonts interpret Donna Karan, Prada, Marchesa, especially youthful and feminine.

Folkor motifs for a feminine, trendy look

Forehead Chain – Deepa Gurnani, Dress – Valentino, Roman Sandals -Nicholas Kirkwood, Bag – Michael Kors

Outfits Summer 2015-necklaces-deepagurnani-dress-valentino-sandals-nicholaskirkwood-bag-michaelkors

Inspired by folklore, historicism and retro style, Dolche & Gabanna, Valentino and Roberto Cavalli create sumptuous luxurious fabrics for clothing, shoes and accessories. Many motifs are combined and move on the border between kitsch and fashionable. Ornaments, roses and eclectic patterns adorn round retro sunglasses, classic-style bags and velor or leather espadrillas. All this can be combined together in one outfit and in this case applies – more is not too much.

Combine prints and patterns in an outfit

Overall by Roberto Cavalli, ring – Daniela Villegas, sandals with fur – Simone Rocha, glasses – Stella McCartney

Outfits summer 2015 -all-robertocavalli-ring-danielavillegas-sandals-simonerocha-glasses-stellamccartney-bag-givenchy

Rock and street styles always stay in – skulls and ripped jeans by Philipp Plein, uniforms and flat sandals with coarse shoe profile by Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Givenchy are best representatives. Ultra-short denim pants and overalls with holes, patent or leather pants with glitter and gold present the freedom that is also cited by the music scene.

Outfits Summer 2015 – Streetstyle and minimalism

Givenchy leather pants, top and bag, Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, chain – Katie Rowland, earrings – YSL

Outfits Summer 2015 - leather trousers-top-pocket-givenchy-sandals-giuseppezanotti-chain-katierowland-earrings-ysl

Minimalist and high-tech are the other two trends in summer 2015 outfits. These are not contradictory. It shows a new aesthetic – modified ambiguity from androgynous to feminine. This is particularly noticeable in Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Balmain, Alexander Wang and Karl Lagerfeld, who refer to a futuristic vision of man and woman.

Outfits Summer 2015 – 85 trendy ideas for men and women

T-shirt – C`N`C, pants – Marcus Lupfer, shoes – Dsquared, glasses – Kuboraum Berlin

Outfits summer 2015-t-shirt-c'n'c-shoes-dsquared-pants-marcuslupfer-glasses-kuboraumberlin

Androgynous Fashion for Man and Woman – Outfit – Nico Panda, Shoes – Rick Owens

Outfits summer 2015-outfit-man-woman-nicopanda-shoes-rickowens

Combine high tech with plaids and stripes

Dress – Edun, Peaked Cap – Star, Bag – Givenchy, Glasses – Cast, Shoes – D & G

Delicate pink can be combined with dark blue tastefully

Shorts – Stella McCartney, Peplum Top – Balmain, Bag – Blumarine, Sandals – Tory Burch, Chain – Marni

Outfits Summer 2015-pants-stellamccartney-top-peplum-balmain-bag-blumarine-sandals-toryburch-salene-chain-marni

Street Style – assemble different prints in one outfit

T-shirt by DKNY by Cara Delevingne, ring – Cristina Ortiz, mini skirt – MRZ, glasses – Stella McCartney, sandals – Casadei

Outfits Summer 2015 -sirt-dkny-caradelevingne-ring-cristinaortiz-miniskirt-march-goggles-stellamccarney-shoes-casadei

Fashion Trends Summer 2015 – Black and white and playful

Top with Peplum – Maria Lucia Hohan, Skirt – Michael Michael, Clutch – Maison Margiela, Sandals – Stuart Weitzman

Outfits Summer 2015 -top-marialuciahohan-rock-michaelmichael-clutch-maisonmargiela-sandals-stuartweitzman

Trendy are the bold combinations – sandals – Sam Edelman, skirt – Jil Sander, bag – Cavalli, blouse D & G

Transparency is announced in summer 2015 – transparent skirt – Wanda nylon, T-shirt – Yangali, shoes – Valentino, bag – Blumarine

Outfits Summer 2015-skirt-wall-nylon-t-shirt-yangli-shoes-valentino-bag-blumarine

Animal Prints and Colored Accessories – Skirt – Tsumori Chisato, Zebra Top – Saint Laurent, Sandals – Strategia, Bag – Valentino

Outfits Summer 2015 -rock-tsumorichisato-top-saintlaurent-sandals-strategia-bag-valentino

Floral pattern and midi dresses in summer 2015 – skirt – Simone Rocha, sandals – Elena Iachi, blouse – Tsumori Chisato, clutch – Alexander Wang

Outfits summer 2015-skirt-simonerocha-sandals-elenaiachi-blouse-tsumorichisato-clutch-alexanderwang

Playful variation of classic outfits – midi skirt, shoes and bag by Dagger & Gabanna, top – Armani, headband – Rosantica

Short patterned pants by Dagger & Gabanna, T-shirt by Red Valentino and YSL bag

outfits-summer-2015-rock-shoes-d-g-tees REDValentino earrings-dsquared-pocket-ysl ring-elle condensing

Feminine and delicate – you will not go unnoticed with details in bright colors – Midi Skirt, Shoes – Blugirl, Blouse – Faith Connexion, Chain – Marni, Bag – MCM

outfits-summer-2015-rock-shoes-blugirl-blouse-faith connexion-chain-marni-pocket-mcm

Midi dresses are also hot in street style fashion – skirt and sandals by Marni, T-shirt – Moschino, earrings – Maria Francesca Pepe, bag – Alexander Wang

outfits-summer-2015-rock-sandals-marni-tshirt-moschino-earrings-mariafrancescapepe-pocket-Alexander McQueen

Matching different patterns – Mini skirt – Marni, Collar – Vivetta, T-shirt – Luisa Via Roma, Bag – Blumarine, Shoes – Dr. med. Martines

outfits-summer-2015-rock-marni-neck collar-Vivetta-tshirt-LUISAVIAROMA-pocket-blumarine-shoes-dr.martines

Folklore motifs and pleasant fabrics – outfits summer 2015

Skirt and Chain – Isabel Marant, Blouse – Mes De Moiselles, Espadrilles – Chloé

outfits-summer-2015-rock-chain-Isabel Marant-blouse-mesdemoiselles-espadrilles-chloe

Only a colored detail is enough for a fashionable outfit

Skirt – Isabel Marant, Hat – Eugenia Kim, T-shirt – Anti Pitagora, Bag – Alberta Feretti, Espadrilles – D & G

Pick individual parts to put together your outfit

Rock – Farah Khan, Chain – Giuseppe Zanotti, Top – Mama`s, Bag – Dsquared, Sandals – Golden goose deluxe brand

outfits-summer-2015-rock-farahkhan-chain-giuseppezanotti-top Mama`s-pocket-dsquared sandals-gold goose deluxe brand

Skirt – Aviu, T-shirt – Mary Kataranzou, Sandals – MSGM, Glasses – Saint Laurent, Ring – Iznav Oruam

outfits-summer-2015-rock-AVIU-tshirt-marykatranzou sandals MSGM-glasses-saint laurent-ring-iznavoruam

Overall – Le coq Sportif, Watch – Casio, Chain – Jmes Banks, Sneakers – Adidas, Stella McCartney

outfits-summer-2015-overall-lecoqsportif watch-casio-chain-james banks-sneakers-adidas Stella McCartney

Mini Skirt – Simonetta Ravizza, T-Shirt – MSGM, Sandals – Janet & Janet, Glasses – Saturino Eyewear, Backpack – MCM

Maxi Skirt – Yangli, Blouse – Trendt, Sandals – Ras, Haarif – Rosantica, Bag – Design Inverso

outfits-summer-2015-maxi-skirt-blouse-YANGLI Trendt-sandals-ras hairband-Rosantica-pocket-DESIGNINVERSO

Maxi Skirt and Top – MSGM, Sandals – Isabel Marant, Clock – Christian Koban

outfits-summer-2015-maxi skirt-top MSGM sandal-Isabel Marant watch-christiankoban

Leggings and Top – Adidas by Stella McCartney, Sandals – Givenchy, Chain – Marc Jacobs, Suunto Watch

outfits-summer-2015-leggings-top Adidas stellamaccartney-sandals-givenchy-chain-marc jacobs watch-suunto

Leather pants, T-shirt and glasses – Saint Laurent, sandals – Sophia Webster, bag – White in

outfits-summer-2015-lederhosen-tshirt-glasses-saint laurent sandals-sophiawebster-pocket-whitein

Maxi Dress – Mes Demoiselles, Sandals – KG Kurt Geiger, Bag – Stella McCartney, Glasses – D & G, Ring – Dolphin Adelettrez

Dress – Mary Katarantzou, Givenchy bag, Ring – Bib Vandervelden, Sandals – MM6 by Maison Margiela

outfits-summer-2015-dress-marykatrantzou-bag-givenchy-ring-bibvandervelden-sandals-mm6-Maison Margiela

Dress – Farah Khan, bag and sandals – Marni, glasses – Oakley


Maxi Dress by Dsquared, Sandals – Givenchy, Earrings – Lito, Bracelet – Guiseppe Zanotti, Bag – D & G

Outfit – Chloe, bag – YSL, earrings – Dori Csengeri, hat – Borsalino, shoes – Gianvito Rossi

outfits-summer-2015-dress-chloe bag YSL-earrings-doricsengeri-hat-borsalino-shoes-gianvitorossi

Dress – Adidas, By Jeremy Scott, Chain – Marni, Espadrilles – D & G, Bag Saint Laurent

Denim Pants – Different, T-Shirt – Frankie Morelo, Shoes – Tod`s, Chain – Dori Csengeri, Clutch – 8

outfits-summer-2015-jean shorts-different-tshirt-frankiemorelo-shoes-tod-chain-doricsengeri-clutch-8

Jeans and shoes – J Brand, blouse – M Missoni, hat – Maison Michel, bag – Valentino

outfits-summer-2015-jeans-shoes-JBrand-blouse-mmissoni-hat-maison michel-bag-valentino

Jeans – Reverse, Blazer – Armani, Bag – Marni, Sandals – Birkenstock

outfits-summer-2015-jeans-reverse-blazer-armani bag-marni sandals-birkenstock

Jeans – Philipp Plein, Top – Balmain, Watch – Parmigiani Fleurier, Bag – Miu Miu, Shoes – Simone Rocha

outfits-summer-2015-jeans-philipp plein-top Balmain watch-Parmigiani Fleurier-pocket-miumiu-shoes-simonerocha

Hat – Eugenia Kim, top and pants – A.F. Vandevorst, Cloth – Jane Carr, Bag – Barbara Bonner

outfits-summer-2015-hat-eugeniakim-shell-hose-a.f.vandevorst scarf-janecarr-pocket-barbara bonner

Pants, bag and shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo, Top – Red Valentino, PM – Parminiani Fleurier

outfits-summer-2015-hose-bag-SalvatoreFerragamo-tshirt-REDValentino watch-Parmigiani Fleurier

Shorts – One Teaspoon, Blouse – D & G, Fedora – Patrizia Fabri, Sneakers – Valentino

outfits-summer-2015-hose-oneteaspoon-blouse-d-g-fedora patriziafabri-sneakers Valentino

Pants – Missoni, Blouse – Adidas by Stella McCartney, Sandals – Maison Margiela, Hat – Eugenia Kim, Bag – Givenchy

outfits-summer-2015-hose-Missoni-blouse-adidas Stella McCartney sandals-Maison Margiela-hat-eugeniakim-bag-givenchy

Trousers – Mes Demoiselles, Blouse – Isabel Marant, Sandals – Ancient Greek Sandals, Bag – Just Cavalli, Hat – Faith Connexion

outfits-summer-2015-hose-mesdemoiselles-blouse-Isabel Marant sandals-ancientgreeksandals-pocket-JustCavalli-hat-faith connexion

Pants – Marni, Chain – Salvatore Ferragamo, Top – Sansovino, Bag – Fendi, Espadrilles – Manebi

outfits-summer-2015-hose-marni-chain-SalvatoreFerragamo-top sansovino-bag-fendi-espadrilles-manebi

Pants – D & G, Top – Chloe, Shoes – Fratelli Rosseti, Bag – Tory Break, Chain – Borsalino

Pants – Balmain, Bag – Anya Hindmarch, T-shirt – Anna K., Glasses – Conservatiore International, Ring – Elise Dry

outfits-summer-2015-hose-balmain bag-anyahindmarch-tshirt-annak.-glasses-conservatoireinternationaldelunetts-ring-elisedray

Blouse, Earrings – Isabel Marant, Pants – Chloe, Bag – Moschino, Shoes – D & G, Glasses – L.G.R.

Blouse – Gem, Skirt – One teaspoon, Chain – Marni, Watch – U-Boat, Bag – Mischino, Sandals – Tory Break

outfits-summer-2015-blouse-gem-rock-oneteaspoon-chain-marni watch-uboat-bag-moschino-sandals-torybruch

Overall and Top – Faith Connexion, Watch – Ziiiro, Cap – Stella McCartney, Sandals – N 21

outfits-summer-2015-overall-top-faith connexion watch-ziiiro-peaked cap-Stella McCartney sandals-n21

Men’s fashion – prints and playful colored details are also announced

T-shirt – Armani, pants and sneakers – Givenchy, glasses – MyKita


Men Fashion – Imaginative, Casual Outfits Summer 2015

Watch – Ziiiro, Pants – Berna, Shoes – Pierre Hardy

outfits-summer-2015uhr-ziiiro-tshirt-MSGM-hose-berna-shoes-pierre hardy

Cool patterns and colors in the fashion trends for men

T-shirt – Tsumori Chisato, Trousers -Armani, Hat – The Honorable Shirt Company, Sandals – Au jour le jour

outfits-summer-2015-tshirt-tsumorichisato-hose-armani hat-thehonourableshirtcompany-sandals-aujourlejour

High-tech fabrics guarantee comfort in the summer

Sneakers – Nike Air, Watch – Tendence, Pants – Versus, T-shirt – Underarmour, Skateboard – Globe

outfits-summer-2015-sneaker-nikeair watch-tendence-hose-versus-tshirt-UnderArmour-skateboard-globe

Prints provide a change in the men’s fashion

T-shirt and glasses – Markus Lupfer, pants – Paolo Pecora, sandals – Tsumori Chisato


T-shirt – Balmain, sandals – Philipp Plein, trousers – Brooksfield, ring – Maison Margiela, belt – Manuel Bozzi

outfits-summer-2015-tshirt-balmain sandals-philipp plein-hose-brooks field-ring-Maison Margiela-guertel-manuelbozzi

T-shirt – Balenciaga, pants – 50 Carat, bracelet – AMCQ, cap – Atelier Visco

outfits-summer-2015-tshirt-balenciaga-hose-50carat-bracelet amcq-cap-ateliervlisco

T-shirt – Andrea Incontri, trousers – Tsumori Chisato, watch – Ziiiro, shoes – Prada

outfits-summer-2015-tshirt-andreaincontri-hose-tsumorichisato watch-ziiiro-Shoes-prada

T-shirt – J. Saunders, pants – Oakley, cap – Dsquared, glasses – L.G.R., sneaker – Undercover


Everything from Givenchy


T-shirt – Dsquared, pants – Justa Cavalli, glasses – Oakley, belt – Moschino, shoes – Armani


T-shirt and Sneaker – Dsquared, Denim Pants – Manuel Ritz, Glasses – Cast, Keychain – Salvatore Ferragamo

outfits-summer-2015-sneaker-tshirt-dsquared-jeans-manuel ritz-glasses-cast schluesselanhaenger-SalvatoreFerragamo

Overall – Marc Jacobs, Cap – Kenzo, T-shirt – Bybelos, Glasses – L.G.R., Sneakers – Nike Fly

outfits-summer-2015-overall-marcjacobs cap-kenzo-tshirt-byblos-glasses-l.g.r.-sneakers-nikeflyknit

Cap – Armani, T-shirt – Krisa Vanasse, Pants – Shaft, Sneakers- Dsquared

outfits-summer-2015-cap-armani tshirt-krisvanasse-hose-shaft-sneakers-dsquared

T-shirt – Les Hommes, Trousers – M.Griffoni, Hat – Super Duper, Flip Flops – Givenchy


Jeans and T-shirt – Just Cavalli, Watch – Casio, G-Shock, Glasses – Kenzo


Jeans – G-Star, T-Shirt – Dsquared, Cap – Buscemi, Sneaker – Carven


Denim shirt – Dsquared, pants and backpack – Kenzo, glasses – Oakley

outfits-summer-2015-jean shirt-dsquared-hose-ruecksack-kenzo-glasses-oakley

Jeans – 2Men, Cap – Dsquared, Shirt – Kenzo, Sneakers – Tsumori Chisato


Hat – Yohji Yamamoto, T-shirt – Mischino, Pants – Ji Jil, Sandals – Peter Non


Hat – Dsquared, T-shirt – Neil Barret, Pants – Dsquared, Sneaker – Bruno Bordese

outfits-summer-2015-hat-dsquared-tshirt-neilbarret-hose-dsquared sneaker-brunobordese

Hat – Burberry, T-shirt – D & G, Pants – M. Griffoni, Watch – Suunto, Bandana – Bob

Pants – Valentino, Sandals – MSGM, Glasses – Saint Laurent, T-shirt – Adidas

outfits-summer-2015-hose-valentino sandals MSGM-glasses-saint laurent-tshirt-adidas

Pants – Tombolini, shoes and T-shirt – D & G, watch – Ziiiro

Pants and shoes – Dirk Bikkembergs, hat – Lardini, T-shirt – D & G

Pants – Paul & Joe, T-shirt – Dsquared, Sandals – Valentino

Pants – MSGM, T-shirt – M. Griffoni, hat – Paul & Joe, Shoes – Mobi

Pants – MSGM, Sandals – Pollini, watch – Bell Ross, T-shirt – Paola Pecora

Outfits summer 2015-pants-msgm-sandals-poliini-watch-bellross-tshirt-paolopecora

Pants – Hydrogen, Sandals – Gerutti, Bow Tie – Christian Correti, T-shirt – Y-3

Outfits Summer 2015-pants-sandals-gerutti-fly-christiancorrenti-tshirt-y-3

Pants and shoes – Givenchy, T-shirt – Alexander McQueen, backpack – Eastpack, watch with GPRS – Garmin

Outfits summer 2015-pants-givenchy-tshirt-almcqeen-ruecksack-eastpack-clock-garmin-

Pants – Au jour le jour, Sneakers – Dsquared, Hat and Shirt – Tsumori Chisato

Outfits summer 2015-pants-aujourlejour-sneaker-dsquared-hat-shirt-tsumorichisato

Glasses – Super, T-shirt – D & G, Pants – M.Griffoni, Sandals – Dimissianos & Miller

Wooden garden furniture – 25 current inspirations for summer 2015

Wooden garden furniture -wonder-beautiful-armchair-upholstery-white-pond-lounge-drinks

The latest outdoor trends convince with colors and natural looks and materials. Wooden garden furniture are classics and an adequate investment. This year, they are even simpler and made of high-quality wood species such as teak, eucalyptus or Sapelli. They are elaborately processed to withstand the natural weather conditions. Nevertheless, wooden furniture needs regular care such as impregnation, painting and the like.

Wooden Garden Furniture – Let yourself be inspired by the latest offers for the summer of 2015

Wooden garden furniture-holiday-island-white-wood-elements-table-fig-sea-schioen-landscape

A new trend can be observed in recent years – the living area flows into the lounge and garden and the upholstery makes this a visually pleasant transition. Many cushions and beanbags, cushioned loungers, chairs and couches bring comfort and a sense of living in the modern garden design. Manufacturers use durable and water-repellent materials and fillings. Therefore, wooden garden furniture can stay out even in bad weather. The upholstery is practical, replaceable and thanks to the dirt and moisture-repellent materials you save the whole back and forth. With cushions and upholstered seats, the garden can be made colorful or harmonized in terms of color. Whether lounge furniture, folding chairs, small side tables or wicker stools, there is a corresponding variant for the outdoor area for every living style.

Wood Garden Furniture – Summery combinations of materials and colors

wood-garden furniture-arik-levy-emu-shine-yellow-sea-holidays-blue-stranholzboden-window

It is already summer time and your garden, the terrace or the balcony is ready for the transformation. Find out about the latest furniture trends in garden design with our tips and photos in the picture gallery below.

Braids create an oriental ambience – Balou-Kenneth-Cobonpue

Wooden garden furniture -Balou-Kenneth-Cobonpue-braided-blue-wall-pillow-turquoise

dream catcher as side tables or low stools

Wood garden furniture -Dreamcatcher-Kenneth-Cobonpue-water-sea-woman-beautiful-view-up

Diuna Collection – 2015 by Oasiq- simple functional teak furniture

Wood garden furniture-teak-armchair-chair-lounger-oasiq-diuna

Solid wood frame and upholstery in the garden furniture

wood-garden furniture-wooden structure-upholstery-chair-cushion-beautiful-untergestel-pool

Wooden slats create simple and spacious lounge furniture

Wooden garden furniture -modern summer-pale-white-upholstering-modern-decor

Wooden structures and comfortable upholstered seating cushions – by Kenneth Cobonpue

wood-garden furniture-Kenneth Cobonpue-construction-upholstery-modern-2015 trend

Wooden furniture and beautiful upholstery in natural colors

Wooden garden furniture -Oasiq-upholstery-gray-cushions-outdoor-terrace-garden

Wooden feet and base combined with plastic rattan

wood-garden furniture-collection-ENTRADA arc Point-and-white plastic ratan-holzfuesse

wood-garden furniture-sabi-paola-lenti-holzkostruktion-ratan-braid-natural-colored pillows

wood-garden furniture-wood-swing-lounge-couch-ratan-pillow-paola lenti

wood-garden furniture-klappstuehle-Skargaarden-vacation-sea-garden-terrace-breakfast:

wood-garden furniture-design award-2015-outdoor-LAP-BENCH-BLUX-DAvid-Abad

Wood garden furniture grinda teak chair skargaarden sea sunset

wood-garden furniture-H55-Skargaarden-folding lawn-cotton-wood wall

wood-garden furniture-holzfuesse-white-simple and modern-outside-balcony terrace-view

wood-garden furniture-dedon-swing-swing-rest haengestuhl-are-cushion-nest

wood-garden furniture-lying solid wood beach-sea-sand-adjustable system

wood-garden furniture-liege-solid wood-vacation-sea-island-relax-blue

wood-garden furniture-Nozib-Skargaarden-sea-wood slats-next-table morocco

wood-garden furniture-oasiq-collection-chair-liege-upholstery-hell-sea-water-vacation-relax

wood-garden furniture-teak-night-candle-lanterns-romantic-garden-tree-out

wood-garden furniture-teak-party-receiving-mood-lamps-evening-abngenehm-atmosphaere

wood-garden furniture-oasiq-Diuna-teak-d appelt-store-practical-tree-garden

wood-garden furniture-longue-chair-Branca Schoenhuber-arena-protocols tion-cushion-rip