The super cool kitchens by Mobalpa

green-orange-super-cool kitchens

Nowadays, the modern homes are practical, inviting and elegantly furnished, so that the interior exudes a real zest for life and creates a cozy atmosphere. The super cool kitchens by Mobalpa have an advantageous design – are you ready for new inspirations?

Mobalpa – the masters of super cool kitchen interior design ideas

Australia Kitchen Design

If you still have not heard of the French furniture company Mobalpa, you can now take a look at your catalogs and products. The talented designer team behind the brand has done an excellent job of completely transforming the ordinary, even boring kitchen. These super cool kitchens Provide an ambience where the whole family can cook, eat and have fun together. Mobalpa specializes in creating a space of positive emotions without leaving the style in the background.

The super cool kitchen ideas for the whole family

rustic-corner kitchen-classical style

When browsing through a Mobalpa catalog, you will surely be impressed by the glossy surfaces and perfect designs of the modular kitchens. The combination of comfort and cosiness, the luxury elements and the versatile use of kitchen cabinets make life much easier.

Kitchen designs combine comfort and comfort

lighter pink Kitchen Design

And not only that – the cool Mobalpa kitchens are spacious and comfortable. Good organization of the available space and the many possibilities to redesign the individual panels according to the room decorate the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa. Even the corner kitchen is newly designed.

Color schemes and material selection

Modern Kitchen Designs Mobalpa

The super cool kitchens Mobalpa offers many color options that customers can choose from. Gentle nuances are definitely preferred by the designers. The materials used are also different depending on the style – you can opt for a completely white shiny minimalist kitchen, as well as for a rustic wood kitchen. Eclectic decoration, innovative chandeliers and stainless steel furniture compliment the kitchens.

Extraordinary, daring and interesting – the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa

Cozy-Perinne Kitchen blue tablecloth

Mobalpa are a French furniture company that has redesigned the kitchen. It offers a large number of exclusive kitchen interior ideas from high quality materials such as plastic, oak, stainless steel and with a beautiful finish.

From Abigail

White-green Niobe kitchen

white-green-Niobe kitchen

Super cool kitchen-white

super-cool Kitchen white

Practical wooden kitchen interior

practical wood kitchen interiors

Shiny gray kitchen cabinets

shiny-gray kitchen cabinets

minimalist panel kitchen with black bar stools


Interesting pendant light over the kitchen counter

interesting pendant lamp Kitchen Bar

Dark contrasts in the kitchen

Wood kitchen Oak dark contrasts

Elios-modern kitchen

Elios Modern Kitchen dark kitchen counters

Interior design of the new super Google headquarters

Creativity has a new home


Can your workplace become your dream world? For some happy people, yes! Google’s new home is being developed by one of the top architecture and interior design studios in Europe – PENSON. The place sits on 160 000 sq. Ft. Of epic grandeur in Saint Giles, Covent Garden, London. In addition to the innovative reception, this wonderful office includes a high school, a town hall, a lala library, great restaurants and cafes, stunning views of amazing London and other whims and gadgets that can be described as simply “heavenly”. In other words, “It’s absolutely epic.”

Interior design in the new Google headquarters in London


This amazing interior design Designed specifically for the new Google headquarters, the company can bring its sales department and other departments closer to the customer, as well as providing its employees with a warm atmosphere and creative environment. PENSON has this Interior design designed to stand out completely from the Google Engineering Department headquarters. Although the two headquarters are designed by the same interior design studio, they are in absolute contrast. The Google Engineering department is captivating with its visual decors of “Starship Enterprise” and “Space Odyssey,” while the other looks more like a cozy, warm, traditional English-style townhouse, blending living room like grandma, gardens with a spirit of trade, and a sketchy workspace including, of course, “only” 1250 conference chairs and 1250 desks.

Attractive Interior Design – Lounge area in the new Google Central

lounge area-new-google-central-london

It’s no surprise that that Interior design the new headquarters fully designed taking into account the “Google’s Red List” – that means removing all non-environmentally friendly materials and hazardous ingredients. They are replaced with innovative eco and water based materials.

Some of the most amazing workplace corners and relaxation zones are the Grandma’s Apartment, The Secret Google Garden, Google Green and the Park.

Could it be even more incredible than that? Obviously, it can! Because of the clever and practical use of eco-friendly materials, this place is very economical.

epic lounge sofa in the new Google headquarters in London


Beautifully designed, creative and huge, Google’s new headquarters is an amazing combination of creativity and practicality. Maybe it’s high time to shake your head and say the old adage – “There is no other place like home” because we all know there is no other place like Google.

Blue conference room in the new Google Central

blue-conference hall-new-google-central

green interior design – new Google headquarters in London


Landscape Design – Roof Terrace by Google Headquarters in London

landscape-design-roof terrace-google-central-london

comfortable corner seat on the roof terrace

comfortable corner bench-roof terrace-google-central-london

The beanbag – trendy and super comfortable

leather bean-bag group

Some people think that beanbag looks outdated in the living room and was often neglected and used only in the nursery for games. But now they are always there, with new, attractive designs and make a real splash in every room.

attractive beanbag sofa

attractive bean-bag sofa

Beanbags are designed to be light and flexible. Their small footprint allows us to put them all over our house, even outdoors. If you have furnished your room with lounge furniture, the beanbag ideally fit there. Even if the furniture is made of leather and the whole decor looks rather fancier, there is no problem – the new leather designs of the bean bags look amazing. Besides, one is beanbag mega comfortable, you can spend hours reading a book or watching a movie.

black leather bean bags

black-leather-seat bags

Beanbags are also popular with children. Their shapes are also not much higher for them than a normal chair. Their designs are funny and soft, which is especially important because children tend to jump on the furniture.

modern living room design with brown leather beanbag

modern-living room design-brown-leather beanbag

your beanbag Choosing a beanbag comes in a variety of sizes, designs, colors and sometimes different shapes, so you’ll feel the ultimate in comfort.

brown leather bean bag chair with footstool

brown leather bean-bag chair-stool

Bean bag perfect for relaxing

Bean-bag chair-perfect-relaxation

cool furry beanbag

cool-furry bean bag A lounge chair offers everything – chair, armchair and bed, all in one

cool bean-bag chair-kids games

large beanbag armchair in the living room

big-bean bag-chair-living room

comfortable beanbag collection – sofa and armchair

comfortable bean bag collection

cool outdoor bean bags

cool-outdoor-seat bags

Beanbag armchair – brown leather

Bean bag-leather

Architecture »Italian House Architecture – Super Minimalist House Design

Italian house architecture - minimalist house design

What do you see in the first picture? What does it tell you? When I saw it for the first time, I could not decide, but it definitely teased me. I wanted to see more … And after that, when I saw the rest of it, I was stunned. This house is really amazing. What an original idea – an Italian house that is so uniquely unique and futuristic, yet so comfortable, stylish and inviting that I immediately fell in love.

minimalist house design from the outside

Italian house architecture - minimalist

This modern, minimalist, Italian house architecture by Andrea Oliva from Citta Architettura is one of the most incredible architectural ideas of the year. The modern house is perfect and unique in such a unique way that it is almost breathtaking. It is flat, has a simple rectangular shape, a flat roofline and is designed in a neutral white-gray palette. There are also some fashionable features like the speckled staircase, for example. Fits the beautiful House Interior Design are the stylish furniture. They are modern, incredibly lightweight and compatible. They make the atmosphere even more comfortable. A house like this is suitable for a village or for the suburbs of a city. It’s great for weekend or summer eviction, but it’s also great for living.

minimalist house design – lighting

House architecture minimalist house design - side view
Another interesting thing about this house is that it is actually one Eco-house is. Today, more and more European architects believe that nature is the future. That’s why they are developing modern homes that can be economical and efficient at the same time. You might wonder how this big house can be fully supplied with energy. The flat roof is equipped with solar panels. They supply the eco-house with hot water and electricity.

Italian house architecture minimalistic - side view

Italian house architecture minimalist house design - outlook

House architecture minimalist house design

Italian house architecture interior design

Italian house architecture minimalist interior design

Cars »The Audi RS7 Sportback 2014 – A super runabout for adults

Audi RS7 Sportback 2014 black front side

Of the Audi RS7 Sportback 2014 embodies a variety of conflicting feelings of the modern car buyer. It occupies the exclusive area of ​​the market where the means of transport is chosen according to the idea of ​​the brand, the quality of construction and others. And why not?

Audi RS7 Sportback 2014

audi rs7 sportback 2014 sports car front

If you are a statistician you will get the numbers for Audi RS7 Sportback 2014 suffice. The four-second acceleration from zero to 100 km / h and the top speed, which is no longer regulated, from 305 km / h are impressive. The whole thing can be doubled again if you consider the size and weight of the car. Competitors are the four-door Porsche Panamera and BMW M6 Grand Coupe, both of which have what it takes to entice buyers who are crazy about high speeds and do not want an ordinary sports car.

Audi RS7 Sportback 2014

audi rs7 sportback 2014 gray matt side view four-door

If you are not such a big fan of high speeds, the Audi RS7 Sportback 2014 be harder to sell. Because Audi uses the designation “RS” for its fastest cars, as a kind of reserve variant, so to speak. Not every Audi has its own equivalent with “RS” designation, and it usually only takes one to two years for it to “go out,” keeping demand and reputation high. Still, the dangers of such a speedster are not difficult to guess. There may not be many RS7ers, but you still buy something that many refer to as ubiquitous at Audi. There are many of them, in all sizes and shapes.

audi rs7 sportback test drive side view

The Audi brand is still highly regarded. So if you assume that, you can probably indicate with the brand. If the Audi RS7 Sportback 2014 anyone appeals to anyone, then those who do not want to make a conventional statement. He has a certain aggressive charm – that of a Bond car.

audi rs7 sportback 2014 side rear view

Both inside, as well as outside is the Audi RS7 Sportback 2014 the best looking car so far and that although it consists of a little more body kit. This makes him look more aggressive and less elegant and is needed to keep this impressive top speed. The entry-level A7 looks better on the whole and costs in addition to half less, but there you lose the right to specify and the impressive Turbo V8.

audi rs7 sportback year 2014 matt black lacquer

Of the Audi RS7 Sportback 2014 is luxurious without being particularly comfortable. It’s no secret that the fast Audis are quite relentless on poor road conditions and the RS7 is no exception. He is also full of new technologies. Driving is a real pleasure, provided you have the seat and you do not disturb the bills at the gas stations. Those of you who want to fly below radar level can assume that there are hardly any other such cars out there.

audi rs7 sportback 2014 black matte side view

audi rs7 sportback 2014 black matte color

audi rs7 sportback 2014 parking house

Audi RS7 Sportback 2014 Flitzer Adult

audi rs7 sportback 2014 front view grille

audi rs7 sportback 2014 rear view turn signal

audi rs7 sportback 2014 ride test rear view

Audi RS7 2014 steering wheel gear knob

audi rs7 2014 interior black deisgn

audi rs7 2014 interior black

audi rs7 2014 inside leather seats black

The Audi RS7 Sportback 2014 now even sportier

Cars »The BMW M5 2014 – The best super sedan ever built

M5 2014 driving fun sport car

A look at the properties of the BMW M5 2014 It is enough to realize that this car will be fun. With its 400 hp, 487 Nm, six-speed manual and 18-inch wheels, it only takes a test drive to convince someone that this is the best sedan BMW has ever produced.

The BMW M5 2014 – the best sedan so far

BMW 2014 right side fast

And that’s a brave claim, bearing in mind that we live in a world full of Bentley Continental Ts, Mercedes E55 AMG and Jaguar XJR. All these extraordinarily powerful superlifters will have already influenced your idea of ​​a sporty luxury sedan, but the BMW M5 2014 takes this driving art to a whole new level. Impressive when BMW M5 2014 is how much the luxury sedans have changed in terms of their performance. All you need to do is look back five years. In 1995, the last generation of the BMW 540i was king on the streets. With its 4.0-liter V8 engine and 282 hp and its first six-speed gearbox in the US, the car made it from zero to 100 km / h in 6.4 seconds.

BMW M5 2014 equipped with fuel injection system

BMW M5 left side improved

The fans of the M models already know about the M5 decision. Just as the M-Sport engineers managed to turn an ordinary 328i into an M3 that can go from zero to 100km / h in 5.6 seconds, they can tune a 540i to make it into the headlines. The engine is a 5.0-liter version of the DOHC V-8 made of aluminum and based on the 4.4-liter engine of the 540i, only that it is equipped so that it is much faster. Under the carbon cover of the engine of the BMW M5 2014 you find the fuel injection system. The drive-by-wire throttle system is connected to a “sport” button located in the car and causes a direct throttle response. The sport setting does not affect the engine, so the overall performance stays the same. The Servotronic steering system is also connected to the Sport knob, which improves steering performance and increases responsiveness for more control and road feel in more extreme maneuvers.

BMW M5 2014 – with smart wheels

M5 2014 front design new beautiful

Further upgrades of the BMW M5 2014 are an improved cooling system, a dry sump oil system (with sensors that direct the oil back to the cylinders) and a free-flowing double exhaust system with stainless steel tips. The reinforced six-speed gearbox is the only one offered. Externally, the M5 differs from the 540i with a unique front bumper, round fog lamps and headlight washers. Rear there is a special rear apron, sensors for the Park Distance Control with beeping warning system, a tiny spoiler lip and the M5 emblem. Under the car are a higher spring rate, the shock absorbers and large extra large, ventilated brake discs to notice. Experts of M-Sport will also notice the aggressive angle of the camber of the rear wheels and that the BMW M5 2014 generally lower. The average user will simply see him as an average 5 Series BMW with smart wheels.

BMW M5 2014 – The brakes impress

BMW M5 interior steering wheel

From zero to 100 km / h creates the BMW M5 2014 it in 4.8 seconds. The brakes also impress. At full braking at a speed of 96 km / h, it has a braking distance of 35 meters, at 160 km / h 100 meters. As far as the top speed is concerned, it can only stop the maximum speed allowed, the length of the route and the premature speed limiters (it is stopped at 250 km / h).

M5 2014 new car interior design

BMW M5 2014 rear new

Cars »Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé – Get to know the new super car

Benz S Class Coupé front3

Learn the latest car Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe know! This is one of the most beautiful creations of the Mercedes – Benz company. The world premiere of the Mercedes S Class Coupe will take place in Geneva, next month. The car will come on the market in the second half of 2014. The two-door automobile will first feature a V8 engine, with 2 turbines and a cubic capacity of 4,633 cubic centimeters. The engine has 335kW or 455 hp and maximum torque of 700 Nm.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé – MAGIC BODY CONTROL

Mercedes S Class Coupé interior design1

The special feature of this car is called MAGIC BODY CONTROL. This function allows the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe to behave in the curves as a motorcyclist or skier. The influence of the lateral acceleration on the passengers in the banked curves is substantially reduced and they sit firmly in their place. This new feature allows more comfort and more fun from the ride – especially in the city. The goal is not to be able to develop a greater speed, but more comfort. The Mercedes S Class Coupé has several innovative systems that make driving more enjoyable and safer. “Intelligent Drive” systems include PRE-SAFE® braking system. This is a system that can detect pedestrians and stop the car. DISTRONIC PLUS with the Assistant Stop and Go Pilot, BAS PLUS – Brake Program, Light Assistant “Plus”, these are just some of the innovations in this car. COLLISION PREVENTION PLUS is also one of these assistants offering protection in an accident at speeds above 7 km / h. At the risk of a collision with speed above 105 km / h, the assistant can stop the car himself or lower the speed, because of the slower reaction of the driver. Above 50 km / h, the car can stop itself, if it drives against immovable objects, over 40 km / h – to avoid a collision with other cars.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe – Nice and safe

Mercedes Benz Coupe above

Another protection system Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe is PRE SAFE PLUS. There can be a danger behind the car and intense signals to catch the attention of the other driver. In the event of permanent danger, the car itself may brake to avoid injury from possible collision. The new S Class is much more comfortable and luxurious than its ancestors. The Mercedes has AIR BALANCE system, which ionizes and aromatizes the air. The middle armrest is heatable, ENERGIZING is a mass function and is offered when the comfort package is ordered. The wheelbase is 2945 mm, the car is 5027 long, 1899mm wide and 1411mm high. The headlamps have a semi-circular transverse shape in combination with the series LED Intelligent Light System with exclusive 47 Swarovski crystals. 17 crystals adorn the daylight and 30 such – the turn signals. Mercedes S Class Coupé has a glass roof that stretches over 2/3 of the roof. It has a size of 1.32 square meters, optically about 150% larger than the roof of the predecessor. MAGYC SKY CONTROL makes the color darker – just with the push of a button. In normal condition the glass roof is transparent and allows an open air experience. In addition, there is an opaque Venetian blind that can make the roof totally black.

Finally, the engineers from Stuttgart created a unique sound of the exhaust. The car sounds totally sporty. You could hear and enjoy it right away when you start the car.

Mercedes Benz S class front2

S Class Coupé front1

Mercedes Benz Coupé left side1

Mercedes Benz S class right side

S Class Coupe interior design2 Mercedes S Class Coupé light unit

Mercedes Benz Coupé light unit1 Mercedes Benz S class rear