Sustainable natural wood furniture by Tora Brasil – A piece of forest in the house

Sustainable solid wood furniture Tora Brasil organic shapes

Torah Brasil , the Brazilian brand that has made the nature of their land the cornerstone of their entire production. This year she is celebrating her 10th birthday and introduces us to a new, breathtaking collection. Tora Brasil was founded in 2003 with the intention of becoming the leading certified manufacturer wood furniture to be. The agronomist Cristiano Ribeiro Valle has lived in the Amazon rainforest for a long time and has begun to see the forest differently and recognize the potential in its natural state. So Tora Brasil was founded to sustainable natural wood furniture to produce from Brazil.

Sustainable natural wood furniture for every room

Sustainable natural wood furniture office conference table Tora Brasil

Their products stand for sustainability and respect nature and the environment by selecting each tree according to specific criteria that monitor the development and growth of trees in plantations in different parts of the world. In furniture production, the impact on flora and fauna in the forests is reduced. Tora Brasil offers unique coffee tables, dining tables, sideboards and solid wood benches combined with materials such as acrylic, glass and metal. The excellent textures and organic shapes are suitable for any modern living area. The difference here is that all pieces of wood are used, even if they are broken. These traces of insects, animals or the weather tell of exciting stories and therefore each piece is unique. Sustainable natural wood furniture with original designs that embody the splendor of Brazil – this is what Tora Brasil offers us.

Sustainable natural wood furniture tells exciting stories

Sustainable natural wood furniture Tora Brasil dining table glass top wood base

Solid wood is combined with acrylic, glass and metal

Sustainable natural wood furniture Tora Brasil coffee table glass solid wood

low living room table

solid natural wood coffee table log slice Tora Brasil

amazingly beautiful dining table top made of solid wood

Sustainable solid wood furniture Tora Brasil dining table organic shape

Defects serve as accents

Solid natural wood furniture Tora Brasil living room leather chair

Natural wood furniture Tora Brasil coffee table deformation office design

Natural wood furniture Tora Brasil solid coffee table modern furniture

bench solid wood piece tora brasil design

Tora Brasil living room table round solid wood glass top

design solid wood furniture Tora Brasil glass element

coffee table round solid wood natural shapes low

patio furniture solid wood bench colorful chairs

blue chairs round coffee table wood pergola

side tables solid wood pieces terrace blue terrace canopy

side tables tree trunks terrace Natural wood furniture Tora Brasil

patio furniture coffee table round solid wood colorful chairs

coffee table natural wood round tora brasil 10 years

Architecture »Wooden house with modern design conveys sustainable thinking

house wood with modern design facade street view

This modern one House made of wood is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was built by the architectural studio Altius Architectire designed. The house has been built and furnished in a minimalist style and the wood is the main material for indoor and outdoor use. The property is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Toronto and has peaceful and pleasant surroundings. The project has a modern home with sustainable design aiming to ensure comfort and quiet atmosphere.

The wooden house was built efficiently and sustainably to save costs

house wood with modern design roof window dining room

The House made of wood was built entirely environmentally friendly and sustainable. Spatial planning and interior design have been deliberately designed to optimally use the position of the sun during all seasons. The window setting allows natural ventilation and cooling during the summer and the Sunbeams secure more light and warmth in winter. In this way, the heating costs are significantly reduced. Efficient LED lighting helps to keep electricity costs low.

Wooden house with minimalist decor and welcoming atmosphere

house wood with modern design dining table marble look

The foundation of the house was built of bricks, so that the building to the general appearance fits in the district. The rest of the facade was covered with wood. In the interior, the wood was also quite abundantly used and mainly the cedar wood. Although that House made of wood This material gives the interior a feeling of warmth and coziness. It creates an inviting atmosphere that is in perfect harmony with the quiet surroundings in the neighborhood.

Cozy dining room with a simple design

wooden house with modern design wall covering wood

Roof window secures natural light

house wood with modern design window ceiling

Kitchen counter in marble look

wooden house with modern design kitchen worktop

Cedar wood is the main material in the kitchen

house wood with modern design interior decoration wood

minimalist decor in the living room

wooden house with modern design minimalist interior

Wooden stairs

wooden house with modern design staircase wood

Massive railing made of cedar wood

house wood with modern design railing wood

Simple bathroom in white

house wood with modern design bathroom in white

Architectural plan of the house

house wood modern design gundstücksplan

Ground plan of the ground floor

house wood with modern design ground floor

Plan from the upper floor

wooden house with modern design upstairs

Floor plan front

house wood with modern design floor plan

Floor plan backside

House wood with modern design facade

minimalist wooden house on Lake Zurich with a simple interior

Environmentally friendly »Go for customer catching with sustainable giveaways

Promotional gifts -sustainable-ideas-enterprises-young plants

The Gesamtverband der Werbeartikel-Wirtschaft e.V. (GWW for short) has been conducting research in recent years (2011, 2013) and in 2017 on the popularity and scope of promotional products. The result was not new, in fact it only confirmed the trend of recent years: The German population loves gifts – especially if they are both free and completely relaxed. Whether pens, shopping chips or notepads, about 91 percent of respondents said they own these and other giveaways and, for the most part, even use them for more than a year. Obviously, it is obvious that companies want to take advantage of this fact and look for new customers with these advertising materials. However, it is not just quality that is important here, now as much importance is attached to sustainability.

Promotional items – is that good or can it go away?

werbeartikel-gifts company

Of course, there are many freebies whose meaning is not always immediately apparent. Of course, the question arises for one or the other, whether, for example, it really should have been a plastic flower. Nonetheless, promotional items are becoming increasingly popular as long as they meet the following criteria:

1. They should be high quality. Nobody finds items that break after a single use.

2. You must provide the customer with added value or benefit. Back to the example with the plastic flower: You may like it, but most will not do it. Unnecessary gifts are thrown out money.

3. Sustainability is the keyword! More and more consumers are not only sustainable materials, but also fair working conditions in the production very important!

As they say? If the customer is satisfied, then so is the company. What this statistic clearly shows:


So, if you’re wondering who the giveaways are for, you’ll find the answer here: for both the consumer and the company. Because consumers get an article that they can use in the long term. The manufacturer, however, can with a positive feedback count, which will certainly bring some new customers.

The advantages of give-aways are obvious:

Advantages for customers Benefits for companies
• Practically • Customer loyalty
• Original • Promotion of awareness
• From simple to luxurious • Remain longer in the memory of potential new customers through longevity and frequent use
• Unlike banner ads on the Internet, TV ads or spam emails, these products are not “annoying”. • Communicate the message of the company
• Offer added value • Are attentions both for existing customers and for business partners
• longevity

Sustaining the ravages of time with sustainability

sustainable freebies -wood-pencils-colorful

More and more people, it is important that the gifts are sustainable articles. This is completely understandable, considering that more and more garbage pollutes not only the soil, but also the oceans. Only materials like plastic take over 450 years before they decompose by themselves. Companies therefore have a role model and should refrain from absolute cheap products. For the sake of the environment, promotional products made from renewable raw materials should be used. And it’s not hard to produce sustainable giveaways. Specialists like Reidinger For example, you do not make your colored pencils from plastic, but from wood. They have made it their mission to leave a positive footprint. Also cotton or reusable bags or tote Bags Recycled PET bottles are absolutely trendy. Even shopping chips are no longer made of plastic, but of wood.

These are the most popular freebies


Companies in particular swear by so-called “litter articles” because they can not only be produced cost-effectively, but also in large quantities. They are just as well suited for trade fair appearances, at a company stand on the street as a small gift in the stationary trade. The good thing about litter articles is that on the one hand they can be distributed individually, but on the other hand they represent a good supplement in goody bags.

These gifts are scattered goods Advantages at a glance
• pencils and colored pencils, ballpoint pens
• Notebooks
• Calendar
• Shopping Chips
• Bottle opener
• Gift cards
• Keychain
• Very popular with consumers
• Cost
• Great coverage
• Producible in large quantities
• Promotional Image
• Customizable
• High memorability

Especially writing utensils, shopping chips and notebooks enjoy great popularity with customers and are very popular at events.


In addition to the classics of promotional items, there are always more unusual giveaways, with which companies want to score with consumers. More and more often, companies are choosing industry-specific gifts that should reflect their business even more clearly. But also topic-specific articles are often used. So there was a time when blood donation from the German Red Cross stickers or a ball in drop form. The electronics industry uses protective films or cases for smartphones or power banks to turn existing customers into existing customers.

business business
Health industry pill box
First Aid Kits
textile industry Shirts
cotton bags
food industry Sweets
tea samples
Handicraft industry Folding rules
Carpenter pencils
Electrical industry Power Banks
Protective cover for the smartphone

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Sustainable wood wall and floor tiles by Mafi – Fresco collection

Hard-wood planks Modern flooring-Mafi Fresco series ecological

We present you the Fresco collection from the Austrian manufacturer Mafi. This sustainable and exclusive Wall and floor coverings combine high quality and sustainability in a modern first-class design. Wood is one of the most popular materials because of its unique properties. In the Fresco collection, wood is artistically staged in a new way. Its perfect beauty is combined with a functional design.

Sustainable wall and floor coverings – a unique experience for the feet

Design floor-high quality wood wallcovering ideas-Fresco made in Austria

The innovative production technology, developed by Mafi especially for Wall and floor coverings, combines the advantages of a special feel with the functionality and design freedom of contemporary floor systems. It is achieved to develop and preserve the positive properties of the wood.

Modern wall and floor coverings with 3d structure

Floor wall covering Vulcano wood Thermally-treated interior design

The hardwood gives just the modern interior the right dose Country house charm , The beech has many manifestations. Its characterful surface exudes balance and warmth. Hardwoods and Vulcano woods are mainly used in Mafi rubbers. The Vulcano woods are thermally treated in a high drying process. So they get a darker and warm color without chemical additives and provide a sustainable alternative to tropical timber The oils used for surface finishing are based entirely on natural raw materials.

High quality wood flooring – suitable for use outdoors

Outdoor floor ideas decking wood environmentally friendly sustainable mafi design

The Austrian company mafi specializes in woodworking and strives for the integration of wood in the living space of man. Mafo produces traditional and innovative natural wood floors with decades of know-how and a fine sense of design. A trademark for the company meanwhile are the extremely large dimensions of the wooden floorboards – up to 5 meters long and 30cm wide.

Naturally oiled surface

Wall covering modern wood design sustainable fresco Duna-treated with oil

Mafi offers private solutions for the highest demands with ecological responsibility

Wood flooring floor warm tone traditional-modern wavy white-simple sofa

Completely paint-free floors

Surface oil treated mafi fresco rombo natural flooring ideas

Artistic wavy floor coverings with vials and single dot branches

Wooden floor covering ideas textures 3d structure coverings wooden floorboards surface-treated

Surface treatment with specially developed oils

Home Furnishings Wall Flooring wood maximum quality ecological responsibility mafi

Striking 3d structure of the rubbers

Floor wall coverings ecologically perfect-lacquer-free floors living room furniture

Subtle wood nuances

Wooden floor covering wavy pattern Hell-Mafi sustainable ecological solution

Ecological wall and floor coverings

Wooden floor covering modern surface finishing oils specially

Dark coloring in warm shades of brown

Wood shades rich in wood tones through complex thermo-treatment-dark floor

Wood coloring texture design dark thermal treatment

Wood and wall covering sustainably curled stairs wooden staircase metal railing

Solution floor ideas modern paneling-wooden planks-lasting fresco

home gym set up floor decking ideas mafi wood flooring wavy pattern

Sustainable wall and floor coverings Wood Mafi Fresco Series Modern Solution

Artistic Wavy Modern Flooring With Flad Single Spot Boxes

Sustainable living room ideas curled wall and floor wood

Floor Covering Beech Curled Texture Ideas Mafi Fresco-Vulcano Series Paneling

Architecture »Award-winning sustainable architecture

Award-winning sustainable-architecture-facade

A good location means you use it to a maximum and achieve maximum impact when designing a specific architectural style, in this case – the sustainable architecture , Such a house may well offer all the comforts of a modern home, magnificent views and many interesting designer choices. Because of all these characteristics, a team from Singapore designers won the Design Award 2011. This project of futuristic architecture is combined with a beautiful view of Siglap Hill Mountain.

Award-winning sustainable architecture – open spaces and terraces

Award-winning sustainable-architecture-terrace

These sustainable architecture has several levels. Cabana style bedrooms with large balconies are on the ground floor. They have a beautiful, picturesque view of the surrounding area and have direct access to the swimming pool. There are also some service points at this level. On the second floor are the living and dining room, along with some rooms for leisure activities. The living areas can be fully opened so that the natural light flows freely. It also provides good ventilation without disturbing the comfort of the residents. A bent roof allows the circulation of the breeze throughout the house and it also creates a good shade. Although it is a question of state-of-the-art architecture based on the ideas of the urban environment, nature has already given a good deal of attention. The sustainable architecture itself should give the chance for more planting. An outer terrace is present, to which the windows of the house orient and from which the trees look, as if they look inward. In this way, the connection with the outside world is maintained and the house is completely pictured in the environment. These sustainable architecture v melted in an interesting way with the model of futuristic architecture.

Award Winning Sustainable Architecture – Pool Area

Award-winning sustainable-architecture-pool area

The collaboration between architect and owner must be considered. The house not only because of the futuristic architecture noticeable, but also because of the idea that he radiates. The jury of the competition has considered this sustainable architecture that renews the general outlook of the neighborhood with its presence.

B. Angelov

Designed by Aamer

Award-winning-sustainable architecture exteriors

night lighting

Award-winning sustainable-architecture-night lighting

Spiral terraces forms

Award-winning sustainable-architecture-terraces-forme

white facade

Award-winning sustainable architecture-and-white-facade

Suspended ceiling

Award-winning sustainable-architecture-suspended-ceiling

Wellness room

Award-winning sustainable-architecture-wellness-space

Bathroom design

Award-winning-sustainable architecture bathroom

wooden stairs

Award-winning sustainable-architecture-stairs-wood cladding

Award-winning-sustainable architecture corridor gang

Award-winning sustainable-architecture-interior-exterior areas

Award-winning sustainable-architecture-input-terraces

Sustainable kitchen design by Ernestomeda


Ernestomeda is an Italian company for Kitchen design that his project “Icon” at the international kitchen furniture fair Eurocucina 2012. The core of the project is to introduce a modern and sustainable cuisine, which refers to the minimalism and the promotion of healthy lifestyle. The most important ideas of the kitchen “Icon” achieve functionality, aesthetics and performance. These three important design features are combined to create a different and innovative product for the modern home.

Sustainable kitchen “Icon” – wood, glass and concrete


The sustainable kitchen design combines a variety of materials such as wood, glass and concrete, more like an actual building than a kitchenette. The use of own innovative materials called ICONcrete distinguishes the design and makes the kitchen unique. The austere appearance of the concrete is softened by wooden cabinets, but it is not the soft presence that the designers pursue here. This sustainable kitchen design revolves around the concise contemporary feel of regular geometric shape and modern materials. The design is for customers with refined tastes, who enjoy rationality as well as a little innovation and individuality. But the luxurious appearance of sustainable kitchen design It is just an expression of the aesthetic side of the project. Apart from that, the “Icon” kitchen contains technology inserts that make the design functional and original. The functions include special door mechanisms and pull-out worktops. These functions present a different side to the kitchen design concept – the tendency to create a healthy sanitary environment. This sustainable kitchen design is created through various mechanisms that conserve food and keep it fresh and sealed. The environment is clean and sets an appropriate atmosphere for cooking, eating or just enjoying a pure healthy lifestyle in the middle of your home.

By K.H.Hristova

Innovative kitchen design by Ernestomeda


Architecture »Modern hut with sustainable design

Design by Fabio Galeazzo

Modern-sustainable Hut

The designer Fabio Galeazzo has transformed a vacant old cottage into a modern artistic home. Located in sunny Sao Paulo, Brazil, this small cozy house offers a unique atmosphere thanks to the new interior and exterior. The roof is covered with green thermo tiles, which protect against the heat. The old building could not stand the extra weight, so a new construction made of bamboo was built.

Artistic facade – hut with sustainable design in Brazil

modern artistic facade

The Hut with sustainable design is small and the wooden structure let them fit into the environment. So that the design is not lacking in individuality, the architect Fabio Galeazzo has decided to turn the façade and the walls in the interior into a curious art exhibition. The walls are painted with many geometric figures in different colors, and contribute to a cheerful and cozy atmosphere. Inspired by the artist Tarsila do Amaral, this modern façade with bold colors inspires with its innovative design.

Exciting design – hut with sustainable design

round-bookshelves living room

The Hut with sustainable design also has a backyard with comfortable sitting areas. There, natural materials were used to create a tranquil environment suitable for relaxing. The kitchen is connected to the outdoor grill, which promises many pleasant dinners with family and friends. But even if this modern lodge looks like an art gallery from the outside, the interior impresses even more – it is similar to the outdoor area furnished, but adds some extra accents. The interior consists of a single room, characterized by original wooden furniture and bold colors. Most of the furniture has strange shapes and was richly decorated. The Hut with sustainable design is an example of how creativity and imagination can transform even smaller buildings completely.

By K.H.Hristova

Exciting design idea – wall clock as decoration

modern interior wall clock

modern colored dining room

sustainable design dining table

colored wall decoration

colored wall living room

Modern wall painting

strong Color Living

Modern hut with garden

modern cottage-garden furniture

Small bathroom with minimalist design

Small Bathroom Design

modern hut with glass facade

Modern-wooden wall hut

elegant coffee table

artful Coffee Table

modern lighting and colored chairs in the living area

modern lighting chandelier

Architecture »Modular Sustainable Architecture by Campos Leckie Studio

“Laneway Housing” – flexible artist’s studio in Vancouver


As part of an attempt by the City of Vancouver to develop sustainable architecture and affordable rental housing, they introduced the Laneway Housing Initiative in July 2009. This resulted in permission to build “Laneway Housing” in certain residential areas of Vancouver. A ‘Laneway’ house is a detached house located in the garage area of ​​the family house. These must be opposite the lane or street and have sufficient backyard space. The city of Vancouver states that there must be ample parking for at least one vehicle in front of a “laneway” house, in fact many “Laneway” homes incorporate a closed garage. Importantly, the traditional and modern designs are allowed, either in one- or two-storey construction.

Modular sustainable architecture – Exterior


This attractive artist’s studio has been developed in conjunction with the “Laneway” initiative. For this reason, the architects had very specific criteria to consider. They had to plan according to customer requirements a spacious, 800 square meter artist’s studio. The same building is simply converted into a one-room house, with garage space integrated into the design.

Modular Sustainable Architecture – Laneway Housing


This artist’s studio is a good example of modular sustainable architecture , It is strikingly modern and essential minimalist in the conception. The main area in the studio is bright, airy and provides unencumbered and flexible work space for the artists. The whole construction is based on a simple one modular sustainable system of linear forms and shapes. There are a variety of surfaces that are combined to add stimulating visual and tactile qualities. As with any artist’s studio, the quality and quantity of light in the room comes first. In this case, a large glass wall maximizes the natural light source and offers inspiring views outside. A simple but effective planting complements and extends it modular sustainable architecture and gives a sense of permanence and connection with the earth. It is important that these modular sustainable architecture It can easily be transformed into a one bedroom apartment with a bedroom if the need arises.

Landscape design in the artist studio

modular-sustainable-architecture-land-stick design

The following letter of intent from the architects summarizes the company’s commitment to the development and delivery of forms of modern sustainable residential building in an international capacity. They provide an inspirational example of how good design can be combined with practical, affordable and sustainable housing to ensure the future well-being of our overcrowded urban areas.

Sustainable architecture – landscape design


Campos Leckie Studio is dedicated to the 2030 Challenge, which is committed to the goal of developing and implementing sustainable design strategies. The company has environmental agenda and works both locally and internationally. In addition to donating a percentage of net sales to sustainable aid organizations, clients also spend time and energy on various charitable projects and organizations worldwide. ”

from Jaz

Modular sustainable architecture interior

modular-sustainable-architecture-interior decoration

Interior design in the artist’s studio


Architecture »Sustainable house design – a modern” barn “

sustainable house - modern facade

This innovative house design , which was called the Hidden Barn / Stealth Barn /, was completed in 2011 by CTA. It represents the transformation of a barn into a modern studio. One of the main advantages of this studio is its versatility and flexibility – it can easily be converted into a weekend house, office building, or guest house. This sustainable house design can serve different purposes.

Sustainable house design – this is what a modern barn looks like

Minimalist exterior design - facade

The innovative idea itself – to redesign a barn, and to arrange a spacious interior modern and practical – belongs to the architect of Carl Turner. Some decorative elements in the interior and, of course, the façade are reminiscent of a barn, but they remain in the background and bring the new interior design to advantage. The living area has been split over two to make it more comfortable and warm.

Practical and innovative – sustainable house design

modern wooden living room

The interior of sustainable house design characterized by its openness – each room resembles a ‘bag’. The rooms are suitable for different uses – the bedroom could also be used as office space, the dining room could be converted into a studio. There are no limits in this sustainable home design – everything can be combined, depending on what you need. It offers a warm atmosphere, comfort and beautiful views – really a dream home.

Rebecca T.

minimalist architecture - detail window

modern innovatve kitchen with wood

modern minimalist interior design - living room

minimalist white bath with wood decoration

the barn - house - modern architecture - at night

Architecture »Sustainable Modern Homes – Passive Solar House in Texas

Passive Solar House in Texas - Modern House Design

Thanks to this house, the architectural future has a new name – Passive solar house , This amazing contemporary home is one of the best architectural designs of the year. If you are looking for something special, beautiful and modern, then this house is the perfect one for you. This beautiful, modern house, from Dick Clark architecture designed, is a sustainable one passive solar design in Austin, Texas. It gives us very interesting and innovative solution ideas for a house.

the Passive solar house – side view

Passive Solar House in Texas - Modern House Design - Side View

One of the most notable things of this house is that it has a simple structure and yet a very special charm. You can see that the glass walls give the house a very nice, modern look. The open concept of the ground floor has a kitchen that does up to spread the two-story living and dining areas. This solution makes the atmosphere very inviting and spacious. The entertaining area is surrounded by glazed doors. The interior is made of wood, which has a natural glow when the rooms are spoiled by the sun. The sliding glass walls open to the pool deck. You can see how beautiful the view of the city of Austin is. As a complement to the interior of the house – the decor is very modern and stylish. The house is naturally surrounded by trees, the architecture offers a very interesting “city oasis” view.

Pool in passive solar house

Passive Solar House in Texas - Modern Home Design Pool

One of the best features of this architecture is that it is also eco-sustainable. It has 3 kW solar panels, instanter water heater, bio foam insulation, rainwater collector and efficient mechanical systems. You can see that this beautiful solar house not only incredibly beautiful, comfortable, cozy and stylish, but also very environmentally friendly. Dick Clark architecture have my respect with this eco-efficient houses won. Luxury does not mean to abuse and pollute natural resources, you can actually see that it is just the opposite.

Passive solar house – nice lighting at night

Passive Solar House in Texas - Modern House Design
This is one of the best looking houses, with the best interior design and exterior environment, built by the architects for the future of nature. That deserves gratitude …

Interior design of solar house in Texas

Passive Solar House in Texas - Modern Home Design - Terrace

Passive Solar House in Texas - Modern Home Design - Bedroom

Passive Solar House in Texas - Modern Home Design - Kitchen

Passive Solar House in Texas - Modern Home Design - Living Room

Passive Solar House in Texas - modern interior