Autumn »22 charming, fragrant and colorful table top ideas for fall

Table top ideas Autumn glass vase wheat branches-mount pumpkins-hanging

Prepare for the fall! The table, where we spend our best hours and meet important people, should be provided with an appropriate seasonal decoration. Use the following Table top ideas if you want to build a happy autumnal atmosphere in your own home.

Original table decoration ideas with leaves

Idea Rustic dining table solid wood Decorative placemat Flower vase glass dry autumn leaves

Autumn nature is peaceful and enchanting. An autumnal bouquet of flowers can be made from straw, leaves, twigs, autumn fruits and vegetables that are abundant. Roses and dahlias delight in the autumn with velvety texture and are great idea for a seemingly and beautiful decor , You can arrange mini-tomatoes with flowers and put the bouquet in the middle of the table.

Appetizing table top ideas with pumpkins

White table runner placemat with pumpkins-Autumn decorate ideas

In order to spend long and unforgettable hours together with friends at your table, create a unique autumn decoration that captivates and delights the eye. The most beloved Craft paraphernalia In the fall ornamental pumpkins are in former forms and colors. These are very tempting and come in the candlelight very well.

Stylish autumnal table decoration – classic candle holders with mini pumpkins grace

Ornamental Gourd Candlestick Classic Table Decoration Ideas Autumn

Decorate pumpkins with metal wire

Pumpkins with wire adorn ideas-self-make-autumn decoration

Rustic table decoration with candles

Rustic Table Decoration with Autumnal Utensils Tinker Flowers Candle Wooden Heart Holder

Eclectic bowl adorns the table in autumn – fashionable colors and pictures

Fruit bowl of modern autumn deco pine cones arrange ideas

This impressive table centerpiece presents the splendor of lush autumn nature

Bouquet seasonal autumn mini tomato table decoration idea

Arrange a bouquet of branches in a glass vase

Autumnal table decoration-branches Ostrich-fruit bowl fill with water

Make autumn flowers in purple, orange, sun yellow in vases of hollowed-out pumpkins

Flower vases make pumpkin hollow-fall halloween-decoration ideas

Neutral pumpkins – idea for a discreet decorative element, which inconspicuously complements the table decoration

Hollowed Out Pumpkins Vase Design Ideas Fall Halloween

Moody table runner for autumn in leaf shape

Table runner autumn motifs leaf-shaped dark red decorate

Graduated table sets of roses and porcelain dishes

Tiered decoration-with rose porcelain tableware-autumn table jewelry

Autumnally carved pumpkins

Pumpkins Carve Leaves-deck Outdoor Deco Autumn Balcony Table

Peppers filled with flowers – table decoration Ideas for making your own

Crafting ideas mini-paprika species flower vase make your own-autumn decoration

Indian corn as happy candlestick

Native American Corn Candlestick DIY Charming Deco Autumn Table Center

Wheat ear and corn as the centerpiece of the table

Centerpiece table deco set Corn wheat ear frame

High grasses and feathers are perfect as a table decoration for autumn

Bird feather Bonsai ornamental grass Deco vase ideas Autumn

Decorate decorative pumpkins with bows

Ornamental gourds loop-decorate in the autumn table Ornamental craft utensils

Table set with mini pumpkins of different colors

Mini pumpkins red yellow different-colors decoration-table set-tinker

Decorate fruit and vegetable bowls or baskets with flowers

Braided basket fruit Vegetables Making the fall decoration for the table

Make garland with dry leaves

Flowers garland decoration-autumn-tinkering-buff bites Arrange

Extraordinary table design by Zaha Hadid – furniture in ice optics

table design by zaha hadid two parts

This spectacular Table design will be the perfect piece of furniture for your modern living room. If you’re a fan of creative designer ideas, this cool coffee table is a truly innovative way to make interior design more interesting. The piece of furniture was designed by the designer Zaha Hadid created and is called Liquid Glasial Table.

The table design by Zaha Hadid – Liquid Glasial Table with dynamic shape

designer table by zaha hadid ice optics

This extraordinary Table design looks like it was made of ice. The liquid structure resembles running water or melting ice. The design looks extremely dynamic, as if the liquid is moving. The creator managed to catch the water in two states – liquid and frozen.

The table design is the perfect addition to a modern interior

designer table by zaha hadid interior coffee table

The Table design is transparent with gentle lines and round shapes. This piece of furniture has a relatively long design and can be separated in two parts. In this way, the long one transforms coffee table in two small coffee tables. This unique model suits a modern interior where glossy surfaces and artificial materials dominate.

table design by zaha hadid transparent model

table design by zaha hadid drops of water detail

table design by zaha hadid round lines

designer table by zaha hadid modern furniture design designer table by zaha hadid liquid optics

designer table by zaha hadid flowing forms designer table by zaha hadid dynamic form

Unique table design in wood with built-in birdcage

Contemporary dining table design by Cattelan Italia – steel base and solid wood

modern dining table design cattelan italy crystal chandelier

The Spyder table is one modern dining table design , designed by Philip Jackson for Cattelan Italia , The dining table is only with one foot, which has an interesting sculptural shape. This shape serves as an accent and is made of chromed steel, available in the following variants – matt white, matt graphite or Canaletto walnut wood. The designer was inspired by the shape of the spider for this modern Dining table design inspired, that’s why he bears this name.

Modern dining table design by Cattelan Italia

dining table cattelan italia solid walnut plate

The table top is another element that has a fascinating feature – its irregular edges. At first glance, these shapes give the dining table a rustic look, but then meets the modern, cool look of the steel base. The overall impression speaks of a contemporary design that the warm solid wood look and the cool metal construction combined together.

Modern dining table design with a sculptural character

modern dining table cattelan wood top foot steel black

The table top made of solid walnut wood is available in Canaletto or in a darker wood tone. It comes in three sizes, from which the 100 x 200 cm and the 120 x 240 cm are suitable for a standard room. The 120 x 300 cm size gives a feeling of an exceptional dining table with a long table top that looks like a giant board of freshly cut wood. The thickness of the table top will lose its weight against the length, so despite the actual weight of the table, it will look light and smooth. The Spyder dining table would look great in any interior design style and the choice of chairs will put the finishing touches.

Table base with sculptural shape

modern dining table spyder cattelan solid wood table top

is suitable for every style of decor

modern dining table design spyder cattelan italy black foot

Solid wood tabletop with irregular edges

modern dining table design cattelan walnut wood top steel base

available in three different sizes

dining table design cattelan italia black foot steel

with beautiful brass accents

modern dining table design rectangular large pendant lights

solid walnut wood

modern table design cattelan italia irregular edge table top

Pendant lights over the dining table

modern dining table spyder cattelan chromed base solid wood plate

spyder table cattelan italia solid wood plate modern dining table design spyder table steel foot solid walnut wood dining table design solid wood plate irregular edges cattelan

Autumn »55 autumn table decoration ideas with candles and lanterns

autumn-tischdeko ideas Candles-naturally-orange-Wooden sticks-loop-bound

The autumnal table decoration is in the next few months especially hip. And you do not need much for the implementation. Most of the materials can be found on the ground in the park in the fall, on a trip or even in your own garden. Branches, chestnuts, acorns , not too big branches and of course a lot of beautiful autumn leaves are wonderful for a natural, autumn table decoration.

Autumn table decoration ideas with scented candles


Interesting accents in the autumnal decoration set you with some spices from the kitchen and nuts. The warm, natural-looking look of these little things with imaginative shape will bring an authentic touch to any autumn decoration. You can just put some acorns and small cones in a bowl and center one candle place and already creates a beautiful nature-friendly and autumn table decoration. One simply decorates large candles when using a hair dryer to heat the outermost wax surface a bit until it softens and gives way easily. Interesting little items serve as stamps and leave fanciful imprints, while cut-out napkin motifs can be used for decoupage.

Autumn table decoration ideas with candles and natural materials


For a slightly larger autumnal table decoration, use a wooden box with a rustic look. Arrange in it straw, moss, some thin branches, autumn leaves, small cones and acorns and put a big beautiful candle in the middle. Alternatively, you can decorate glass jars with dry leaves and wooden sticks and tie a string or orange ribbon around them. With few resources and a lot of imagination you can make beautiful decorations yourself. Let yourself be inspired by our 55 great ideas and choose some suitable for copying!

Beautiful autumn table decoration to make ideas with candles and autumn leaves

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-diy-windlicht Wreath-artificial-Herbstblaetter

Autumn table decorations are easily made by yourself. You can choose between artificial or natural autumn leaves and materials. Consider how long this decoration should last and in which area it will be placed afterwards. Plastic decorative elements barely change over time, but sometimes they only fade a bit. The material is also wonderful for outdoor use, as they are relatively weatherproof. Combine several materials and decorate a lantern in autumn colors. You can put wooden sticks, acorns, cones and leaves, so that a natural looking decoration is guaranteed.

Wreath of natural branches

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-diy-windlicht Wreath-Herbstblaetter

Useful materials and tools for making your own

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-diy-Herbstblaetter Wreath-branches-windlicht

Varied decoration with mini pumpkins and wood

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-glass boxes-wooden-mini pumpkins orange peel

Candlestick made of real wood branch


Fill transparent glass vase with autumn leaves

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-vase-Herbstblaetter-mini pumpkins

Stylish table decoration in pastel colors

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-stylish-pumpkin-white-eroded tableware-cutlery

Candlesticks and accessories in copper look


Golden splendor – candles and candlesticks for autumnal mood


Tastefully arranged ensemble with mini pumpkins and elongated candles

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-mini pumpkins Candles decorative-plant-holzkiste

Decorative pumpkins and candles in a wooden box

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-pumpkins wooden box Decorative-artificial-plant

Beautiful candle lanterns full of autumn leaves and big candles

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-candles, lantern-vintage-Herbstblaetter-cord-old-books

Simmungsvolle autumn decoration in the country house style

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-white-house-style rustic-flowers-dry

Candles and mini pumpkins in a wooden box

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-holzkiste-tap-mini pumpkins and dry-branches

Magnificently decorated table in red with accents in gold

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles, red and gold-magnificently pumpkins tableware

Decorate candlestick with red glass stones

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-red glass stones-candlestick-wood

Large handmade scented candles


Candles in the glass

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-mini pumpkins-glass-tray-candlestick

Candles in jars full of corn


Beautifully decorated table with several accents and accessories

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-as-plaster figure-tap-tray-orange-dry-blaetter


autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-lights-glossy-silver-gold candelabra pumpkins

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-country style-wood disc-linen fabric-coarse tableware





autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-glass-herbstblaettern-red-orange-rose hips

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-glass dose-tap-moss-sand-tablecloth


autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-braid-pumpkins zuckeraepfel-artificially-deco

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-ast-candlestick-drilled mini-pumpkins Herbstblaetter-journal

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-decorative-lantern-glass-journal-wind lights


autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-lights wind-eroded pumpkin-vase-Floral I

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-fresh-green-blaetter-orange peel-cinnamon



autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-dekroative-mini pumpkins-eroded

autumn-tischdeko ideas Candle decorate-reel sand-outside-tray

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-Herbstblaetter-big-brown-scented candle

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas decorating Candles-big-brown-stamp-


autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-flowerpot-ton-terracotta color-mini pumpkins

autumnal-tischdeko-ideas-candles-lights wind-decorate-fern-leaf


fantastic-fall-home-decor-idea-orange-pumpkin-large-glass-candle-holder-orange-leaves-brown-wooden-table-decorating-with-fall-colors-interior-graceful-home-decorating-ideas-  with-fall-colors

autumnal table deco dessert idea moss wreath berries oranges

autumnal tablecloth bowl cranberries red candle diy idea

autumnal table decoration rustic pretty bluete white acorns bough candle

autumn table decoration moss tray wooden wind lights candy halloween

autumn table decoration artichoke candlestick honeycomb candle natural materials

Christmas Decorations Ideas »Christmas table decoration in silver and green – 29 ideas

Table decoration for Christmas -silver-greens-dishes-dishes-wineglass-vase-table runners

Often we leave that Table decoration for Christmas for the last minute and then we need really quick-to-use ideas and inspirations. Here are some simple examples of decoration in silver and green, but still look very stylish. You can find the necessary materials either in the craft shop or you use old existing parts and use them differently. Read on and learn how.

Stylish table decoration for Christmas in silver and green

Table decoration for Christmas -silver-green-dishes-cutlery-wineglass-tablecloth-candles-lights

In principle, we use fir branches or others for our color scheme branches that are suitable for the purpose. Small decorative plants such as boxwood and the like can be cut with scissors into the shape of a Christmas tree. They look like little fir-trees and can be decorated like that. This creates a wonderful, sweet table decoration for Christmas. Spikes and other natural materials are dyed in silver using a silver spray that can be found at the hardware store. However, you can sprinkle anything that serves as a decoration.

Present stylish table decoration for Christmas

Table decoration for Christmas -silver-green-tree-thong-baubles-stars-glitter-beads

It can even be made even easier by simply constructing a cone on a tray using several glass beads in silver and green. The whole thing then becomes a shiny Christmas tree. You can also get a nice Christmas table decoration if you put it in a glass vase or bowl and put it together with pine branches, cones, pearls and Christmas tree baubles in silver and green or other small decorative elements and maybe place a big white candle in the middle. Combine with grand crockery and perhaps with silver cutlery from the grandma and make your own unique table decoration for Christmas.

Combine silver and green with natural materials and candles

Table decoration for Christmas -silver-green-candles-cones-pinecone-candlesticks-glassbeads

Simple table decoration in silver and green

Table decoration for Christmas -silver-green-grapes-peg-beads-glass-balls-small-plant

Beautiful table decoration in the last moment make yourself

Table decoration for Christmas -silver-green-fir-branches-flowers-wind-lights-idea-interesting

Simple ideas for table decoration in silver and green

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-tap-spray tableware-silverware-windlicht

Table decoration with glass balls in silver and green

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-glass balls-christbaumkugeln-glossy-tower-glittery

Table decoration with the reindeer as favorite motive

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-deer-tannenzweige-glass balls-bowl-christbaumkugeln

Table decoration with fir branches in a silvered bowl

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-bowl-deer-glass balls-sheen-wind lights-christbaumkugeln

Table decoration in silver and green with many candles and antique candle holder

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-candles-candlestick-loop-glass balls-tray-tablecloth

Table decoration in silver and green with beautiful, antique silver cutlery

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-silver cutlery tableware-cloth napkin-wind lights-tannenzweige-christbaumkugeln

Simple table decoration in silver and green

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-glass vase-glass balls-cloth napkin-tannenzweige-cutlery-wineglass

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-white-tablecloth tableware-cutlery-cloth napkin-glass balls

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-glass balls-tray-crystal chandelier-lush-tablecloth

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-wood table-wine-sheen candles-tischlaeufer

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-vintage-esstisch-antique-crystal chandelier curtain patterned white-Turquoise

tischdekoration-christmas-recipient hood-tannenbaume Silver CONTAINERS

tischdekoration-christmas-depended to-adventskranz-silver-glass balls



tischdekoration-christmas-turquoise-green-branches vase



tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-bowl-metal-gift-glass bell-tannenzweige-candles-journal

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-coffee table-candlestick-fir-carpet-living room-deer

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-tannenzweige-glass balls-saegestoff-loop-maritime-shells

tischdeko-christmas-silver-green-tannenzweige-mantel-course-tap-wind lights


Build a wine box table – 12 practical DIY ideas and building instructions

Table made of wine boxes diy-living-room-table-bin

You find the ordinary furniture from the furniture store too boring and do not want to spend a lot of money on designer furniture, then you can simply build unique pieces of furniture yourself. That’s what often happens pallets or various wooden boxes, such as fruit or wine crates used. On Table made of wine boxes can give any room charm and can be built in a few steps. Here are a few DIY projects for different tables that you can build yourself from wine boxes. Be inspired and furnish your apartment individually and elegantly.

Table made of wine boxes as a unique piece of furniture

Table of wine boxes side table metal legs shelf diy

Do you want to build furniture from wine boxes yourself, then you can use both new and used wooden boxes. The used wine boxes have some signs of use, such as cracks and dents, but look really charming and elegant. If the box also has a stamp or imprint, then the self-made furniture also get a unique vintage look. With new wine boxes, on the other hand, you can design modern furnishings for your living room or bedroom yourself.

Practical table made of wine crates – side table with storage space

Wine box table side table-bin-bookcase

The wine crate furniture is a practical piece of furniture especially for the small apartment, as it provides additional storage space for storing various items. Two wine boxes, whose bottoms are screwed together, create an elegant side table, which also serves as a shelf. This makes a nice and practical idea for the hallway or the bedroom.

Build a coffee table from wine boxes yourself

Table of wine boxes roll-build-bin-plants

From old wooden boxes you can also build beautiful coffee tables for the living room. You can use either four or six fruit or wine boxes. Four square boxes of wine can be used to build a square coffee table that offers plenty of storage space. The table of wine boxes can be colored as desired and built on wheels as desired.

Required materials for a table made of wine boxes

Table made of wine crates build-materials-wooden-box-plywood-plate

A coffee table made of wine boxes is a good furnishing idea for large or small living rooms. The materials you need for this DIY project are four wine boxes, a wooden plate, wood screws and a cordless screwdriver. If desired, you can still get furniture rolls to build the table on wheels. With sandpaper and wood stain you can also treat the wine boxes beforehand, so they fit better with your interior.

Correctly arrange wine crates for a coffee table

table-wine crate-built wooden crates-right-rank

To build a table made of wine boxes, you should arrange the boxes properly. All four boxes are placed to the side with the floor inside. If you have arranged the boxes correctly, there will be a gap in the middle. Depending on the size of the boxes, the resulting gap will also vary in size.

Dye and varnish wine boxes

table-wine crate-own-build-wine crate-paint

If you have decided to stain or dye the wine crates, you should do so before assembling. First, the boxes should be cleaned of dust and dirt. Then they can be dyed or treated with wood stain. To seal the paint and protect the surface from moisture and mildew, treat the boxes with paint, wax or wood oil.

Assemble table from wine boxes

build-bauanleitung wooden crates-screw table-wine crate-

If the wine boxes have dried well after processing, you can start with the assembly. The boxes are first screwed together and then bolted to the wooden plate. Use so much screws that the wooden boxes are firmly against each other and do not wobble.

Wine crates table on wheels

table-wine crate-roll-plywood sheet-wheel screw

If you want to build the table from wine boxes with castors, then they should first be screwed to the plywood board. You need a total of four rollers that are to be screwed tightly to the four corners. It’s best to use furniture casters with brakes. Finally, screw the wine boxes and the plywood board together. Use at least two screws per side for each.

Table of wine boxes with shelf

table-wine crate face-install-center-measure-regal-

You can either leave the gap in the center of the coffee table made of wine crates and fill it with decoration of your choice or make it as a shelf. To use the surface, you should first measure it and cut a suitable wooden plate for it. The plate can then be installed using four mounting brackets in the gap.

Coffee table made of wine crates with storage space

table-wine crate-build-living room table-bin-orchid

The storage space in the middle of the coffee table is perfect for indoor plants, candles or for storing various items, such as the remote control for the TV. You can still store books, newspapers and magazines in the wine boxes.

Table made of wine boxes in line with the decor

table-wine crate-build-blue-paint-living room-design

If the look or color of the old wine crates simply does not match your decor, you do not have to give up the idea for a table made of wine boxes. Just find a color that suits the interior and color the table accordingly. It should not always be wood look.

Vintage table from wine boxes

table-wine crate-build-vintage deco Candles

The wine boxes with stamps from the appropriate winery have a beautiful vintage look and are perfect for a nostalgic interior. The inscriptions in elegant fonts give a retro flair and are perfect for a romantic ambience in your own home.

Wine box table with glass top for easier cleaning

table-wine crate-coffee table-glass top-living room

If you want a coffee table with a smooth surface, which is easy to clean, then you can put a matching glass plate on the table of wine boxes. First measure the table and order a glass plate with rounded edges. To balance the level, you can place small cork tiles between the wood and the glass.

Who wants to give the living room a new, fresh look, can build a table of wine boxes and spice it up with a personal motif. For a very individual and unique look you need an aluminum dibond plate with a desired motif of your choice. You will also need four wine boxes, a carrier plate, four rolls, screws, drill and cordless screwdriver. In the first step you bring the rollers on the underside of the carrier plate. Mount the rollers just near the edge of the plate so that the table is stable enough. Turn the plate over and place the boxes symmetrically with the open side facing outwards. The support plate should be so large that the wine crates are not leaning against each other. In this way you get an extra stauram. The gaps between the wine boxes are particularly well suited for magazines and books. Screw the boxes to the carrier plate and fasten the aluminum dibond plate.

Living room table with six wine crates build

table-wine crate-coffee table-white-paint-living room table

Apart from a square table, wine boxes can also be used to build an elongated coffee table. This requires six instead of four wine crates, with the additional crates installed on two opposite sides. Apart from the different order of wooden boxes, the construction manual for this wine box table is the same as explained above.

Practical table made of wine boxes for the living room

table-wine crate-living room table-practical-idea-bin

With a longer wine crate coffee table you get even more storage space in the living room. To fix several items, you can also buy matching storage boxes for the wine boxes. This is how the room looks tidy and you always have your items at hand.

Build table from wine crates – bedside table

table-wine crate-bedside-wood-table lamp Flowers

From old wine boxes you can build not only practical coffee tables for the living room, but also elegant bedside tables. They are perfect for the area next to the bed and provide enough space for the table lamp, book and personal items. The table of wine boxes can be built arbitrarily large so that it fits the height of the bed.

Materials for the nightstand made of wine boxes

table-wine crate-bedside-own-build-paint

For this simple DIY project for bedside table you only need wine boxes with lids and possibly even wood stain. Cheap wine boxes can be found for example at wine shops or on the Internet. In order for the boxes to fit into your interior, you can also paint them in this case. The painted wine crates should dry well before assembly, which works best outdoors, for example on the balcony.

Assemble painted wine boxes

table-wine crate-build-bedside wooden crates-paint

To build the bedside table, you can simply stack the wine boxes with lids on top of each other. Since the construction is not stable in this way, it would be better to attach the individual boxes together with a few wood screws.

Bedside table made of wine boxes for the bedroom

table-wine crate-bedroom-nightstand-practical

The nightstand made of wine boxes is a practical and inexpensive idea for the bedroom, which does not take too much time and still looks really stylish. The resulting surface is perfect for your personal items such as jewelery and mobile phone, and there is still room for the table lamp and or for decoration.

Build bedside table with shelf yourself

table-wine crate-bedside-own-build-creative-idea

Even from just one wine box, you can conjure up roomy wonder for the apartment. For this bedside table you need a single wine box with lid, four small table legs made of steel, a cordless screwdriver, screws and mounting brackets.

Polish table from wine boxes

table-wine crate-own-build-wooden box-paint

First, the wine box is polished with a matching wax, so that the wood gets the popular aged look. If desired, the inner back can be decorated with fabric or wrapping paper of any pattern. The exact design you choose yourself.

Install shelf

table-wine crate-bedside-regal-own-build-guide

From the lid of the wine box then a shelf and a lower table top are built for more storage space. To fix the shelf in the box, you can either use screws or the mounting brackets. So you get a bedside table, which has two tabletops and two shelves – enough space for books, the tablet and everything you want to have at hand.

Tighten table legs

table-wine crate-bedside-build-legs-screw

The last step is to fasten the legs of the bedside table. It is best to use table legs with screws, as they are easily mounted. If you want to give the room a natural flair, you can also attach wooden legs and create a uniform look in this way. A wine box you can also put on stilt tents and use as a practical chest of drawers. When you have all four table legs screwed in, the bedside table is finished from a wine box.

Build a side table with legs

table-wine crate-build-guide-side table-legs

In a similar way, a side table made of wine box can be built. The box can also be individually and creatively decorated to bring it into harmony with the decor. For wine boxes with handles, you can, for example, use some yarn in a suitable color and wrap the handles with it. The color selection is of course up to you. A great design comes when you paint the Handmade Side Table only from the outside in a color of your choice. A white coat gives your creation a modern and elegant touch, while the unprocessed inside of the wine box exudes a natural charm. Great color pattern is also created by stroking the table legs and the wine box in contrasting colors. Let your creativity run wild!

DIY furniture from wine boxes for a nice interior

table-wine crate-wood crate-side table-bin-legs

The finished wine box table can be used as a shelf and side table and is perfect for stowing various items. For example, you can use the inside of the box as a small bookshelf and decorate the table top with beautiful indoor plants and decorations.

DIY table made of wine boxes – side table

table-wine crate-build-storage space-frame-tube-weinkiste

As another creative and affordable idea for a side table made of wooden boxes, we present the following DIY project. For this purpose, again, only a single wooden box is used, from which one can build the side table with storage space itself. However, in this case, the table legs are also built themselves and that of copper tubes.

Side table made of wine boxes and tubes

table-wine crate-side table-own-build-tube

From copper tubes of various sizes, a frame for the side table is built. For a pipe cutter, pipe angle, T-tube angle and screws are still necessary. To harmonize with the wood type of the wine box, the tubes can be dyed with a suitable spray paint. The finished wine box table is perfect for a rustic interior and becomes a real eye-catcher in every room.

From fruit or wine boxes, you can design a practical and very stylish desk. So you will save money and have a unique eye-catcher in the room. For the timeless design you need a total of eight boxes. The legs of the original desk are made from two wine boxes each. They just have to be screwed together. The boxes are a convenient storage space where you can store books, important documents and various office supplies. Plus, you have everything you need within reach. Then attach a wooden board and finally place two boxes on each side of the table top. Her wine box table turns into a multifunctional piece of furniture. The fruit boxes on your self-made desk can be used as practical shelves that provide sufficient space for office supplies, documents and, of course, unanimous decoration.

Such a table is suitable for both the interior and the exterior. For example, if you are a passionate gardener you can use this attractive and comfortable table as a practical planting table. For hobby gardeners, this table is a great helper. There is storage space for garden utensils, tools, work gloves and rubber boots. The potting of your plants, as well as the pruning or watering can also be done comfortably on the wide table top. Let your creativity run free and decorate the gardening table according to your own imagination. For example, put flowering and fragrant plants on the table and turn it into a unique flower exhibition. A new coat of paint gives your plant table a fresh touch and sets colorful accents in the garden. Small decorative ceramic towers or lanterns will also find their place there.

Make a table in concrete look – ideas with effect color

Table in concrete look itself-make-dining-table-rectangular-wood-frame

Beton celebrates an impressive comeback in furniture design. And although some think that concrete looks cold and uncomfortable, the gray material is very much in vogue. Concrete furniture is becoming an eye-catcher not only in the living room, but also in the garden. Furniture made of real concrete But they can be very difficult and are anything but moving. How can you actually transport a large concrete dining table? Or push a concrete coffee table in the living room or on the terrace back and forth? There is something in the trade that can solve the weight problem: effect color. On Table in concrete look can be produced quickly at home – in the typical color and with the appropriate effects. Take a look at the great examples below and see for yourself!

Table in concrete look for the dining area

Table in concrete look self-made-tabletop-spatula-white-chairs

Get the urban charm of concrete home without worrying about the weight of the material. With an effect color you can get pretty close to the original. The concrete look is created by means of special Basic and effect spatulaing or effect colors in concrete look. So you can completely transform all your old furniture.

Table in concrete look – before-after pictures

Make yourself a table in concrete look before-after

Roughen the existing paint with sandpaper first to keep the new paint better. Apply the base putty as a base with a trowel. Then smooth it all over to create a textured effect. Allow the base putty to dry for about six hours, after which you can start with the effect putty and repeat the smoothing process. For a really cool look, you can paint the table legs and frame in white. Cozy concrete when combined with warm wood material.

Side table for the living room

Table in concrete look-make-over-square-tabletop-white-frame

The trendy industrial look can also be achieved with concrete effect paint or paste. Regardless of which material the table is made of, you can achieve great results with the effect color in concrete look. If you want to give your old wooden table a new, elegant look, you need the concrete effect color as well as light and dark glaze. The remainder of the materials you will need in this remodeling project are sandpaper, paint brush, spatula, and small sponges.

To improve the effect, small cracks do

Table in concrete look self-make-square-tabletop-spatula

Before applying the paint, the surface to be treated must be dust-free and clean. Stir the paint with the spatula or with a piece of wood and first apply the effect color thinly. Then let it dry well. With the second coat you can apply the paint thickly. You get a stronger concrete effect, the more color you apply with the brush. When distributing the paint you can use the spatula or a sponge depending on the desired result. Spreading the concrete effect paint with a sponge gives you a smooth surface, as you can work on smaller surfaces. With a spatula, on the other hand, you can intentionally design a rustic concrete look.

Table top in concrete look and mirrored table legs

Table in concrete look self-make-coffee-table-living-room-metal-frame

Before smoothing the table surface, the first layer must be dried. Finally, smooth the table with the sanding paper. If you want to keep your table completely smooth, you can use a sander. Then you can apply the dark glaze. Observe the instructions for use on the packaging of the paint. At the very end, the bright glaze is applied and the living room table shines in chic concrete look.

Table with urban charm

table-concrete Optic-yourself-make-rectangular-metal legs

The finished table in concrete look gives the room a discreet but modern appearance. The benefits of the wood furniture are maintained while the table scores with its new, noble concrete design. Such a table is best used when it is free in the room. The design options with furniture pieces in concrete look are very diverse. If you want to give the room an industrial charm, glass and steel are suitable material partners. With this mix of materials, there is a risk that the room may quickly become overcooled. In combination with wood in the room your table looks more natural in concrete look and reminds a bit of natural stone.

table-concrete Optic-yourself-make-rectangular-dining table-wood-legs

Very light and pleasant wood looks. The color contrast between the concrete effect color and the wood is also impressive. Beautiful combination also results with transparent and discreet plastic chairs. This variant is particularly suitable for smaller rooms. The concrete color can also be wonderfully combined with many other colors, which opens up many possibilities for interior design according to your own taste. The warm tones, for example, make the light gray stand out. A combination of yellow, orange or bright reds is a great eye-catcher in any interior. Color swatches in rosé or turquoise give the concrete look an extra oomph.

table-concrete Optic-yourself-make-square-desktop-wood legs

In a Scandinavian style of furnishing a table in concrete look would also fit very well. The clear, minimalist lines of the Nordic look, the light wood, as well as the metal and plastic elements harmonize with the concrete. Furniture in concrete look also fit for cozy shabby chic.

table-concrete Optic-yourself-make-dining table-rectangular-wood legs

The color of the concrete captivates in a sense by its unique character and restraint. The pleasant gray brings the material and the surface of the piece of furniture in the foreground, giving the room a very special charm.

table-concrete Optic-yourself-make-desktop-filling-wood-frame

If you are a gifted craftsman, you can also build the wooden construction for the table yourself and then cover the table with concrete spatula. The wooden structure can be assembled from an MDF board and wooden slats. Stir the putty according to the instructions and apply two coats. The mass is quite easy spreadable and can always be compensated.

table-concrete Optic-yourself-making effect spatula-wood-frame

So do not worry if the results are not perfect. Once the mass is dry, you can work the tabletop and create a smooth or rough structure. Finally, the sealer is applied with a paint roller and after a week, your unique masterpiece is ready to use.

table-concrete Optic-yourself-make-desktop-rectangular

table-concrete Optic-yourself-go-round-desktop-wood-base

table-concrete Optic-yourself-making Products Designer tabletop

table-concrete Optic-yourself-make-wood-frame-rectangular-table top

coffee table-concrete Optic-yourself-make-square-roll coffee table-concrete Optic-yourself-make-rectangular-wood-frame

worktops-kitchen-concrete Optic-yourself-machen-

Make-work panels-kitchen-concrete Optic-yourself

Table in concrete look worktop-wood-table frame-square

table-concrete Optic-dining table-wood-frame-metal chairs

table-concrete Optic-side table-dice-succulent-plant-pots

table-concrete Optic-desktop-wood-table-legs-metal chairs-large-scale-gray-floor tiles

table-Optic-concrete coffee table-round-living room-maritime-flair

Wedding »Table decoration for the spring wedding – 16 fantastic ideas

wedding decorating garden table roses bouquets spring flowers

Are you planning a spring wedding? Have you already selected the theme and the colors? Have you decided how yours Table decoration for the wedding in spring should be arranged and what the centerpiece is on it? Today we have a number of Spring wedding ideas for decorating your festive table. All spring table top wedding ideas are so fresh and special, and can do a lot to make your wedding party truly spring-like and memorable!

Table decoration for spring wedding – Dreamlike floral arrangement in yellow and purple

romantic floral arrangement table decoration for wedding in spring

Below you will find out that the color scheme for the table decoration is important for the spring wedding, and the hottest colors in the spring are mint, lavender, orchid and bright yellow. All you have to do is choose these colors correctly and combine them together! And you do not want to forget green, right? Because that’s the right spring color, and if you combine them well, your table decoration will look fabulous and fresh for the spring wedding. For me, spring is a glorious season, everything is blooming, nature is awakening to a new life!

Table decoration for the wedding in spring – Arrangement with driftwood

decoration wedding table spring teibholz table number green white

I think wedding tables decorated with flowers are amazing this season. Succulents are still at the top because they do not wither and are easy to combine. Yes, here you can be flexible and creative and add a stylish touch to the theme you have chosen. That’s probably the final touch – a linen table runner , some candles, even tree stumps or tin cans as vases. Would you like to draw further inspiration for the table decoration for the spring wedding below from our picture gallery?

Simple table decoration for the wedding in white and natural green

romantic table decoration for wedding in spring white lilac

Spring table decoration with purple accents

garden wedding spring vase glass purple flowers white

Spring flowers for the wedding table decoration

spring flowers table decoration wedding elegant dish glass guests

Table top idea for the wedding – Meadow flower in combination with linen fabric

spring decoration wedding table plate flower linen tulip

Table decoration in gold and pink with a beautiful bouquet of roses

elegant table decoration for wedding in spring gold pink roses

Meadow flowers and cupcake as a table decoration for the spring wedding

cupcake table deco plate noble tableware spring flowers vintage

Colorful bouquet as a table decoration for the wedding in spring

colorful flowers spring arrange wedding table decoration idea

table decoration for wedding in spring roses crockery cutlery

table decoration for wedding in spring mint white plain

table decoration for wedding in spring gold pink roses

simple deco meadow flower spring wedding white silver

round table floral arrangements spring branches silver

wedding table decorate spring lanterns pink flowers

Wedding »Flowers Table Decoration – 30 ideas for spring wedding

Flower table decoration-white-pink-Rose Lace Tablerunner

Spring is the time when everything is flourishing and it is the best season to fall in love. If yours Wedding in the spring You can expect a perfect atmosphere and just add a few details to underline the look.

Flowers table decoration of pretty roses and anemones

Flower table decoration and romantic Rose pink and white moss

An important part is among other things the table decoration for every table and the best idea for spring is one Floral table decoration , After all, what is more typical of spring than flowers? Choose flowers that match the color scheme of your wedding decor to suit your tastes and add a few accessories, such as feathers, jewelry, ribbons or even fruit , Take a look at the following examples for the Floral table decoration in photos and find something suitable for your own big day.

Flowers table decoration from meadow flowers

Flower table decoration Rose Meadow Flower Wedding-Fruehling

Meadow flowers make the wedding table twice as charming. The beautiful floral arrangements loosen strictly formal table decoration and make the restaurant look comfortable in no time. The flowers are also very suitable for weddings in the countryside and will give the final touch of the vintage wedding decoration.

Vintage wedding plan – matching table decoration with beautiful floral arrangements

Flower table decoration tree trunk vase-romantic

Vintage table decoration with apples and white hyacinths

Flower table decoration apple and white flowers Hyacinths

bouquet lilac roses peonies purple romantic

Lilac, peonies and roses in beautiful purple shades

green vases dots roses pink white flowers

Floral table decoration in pink with green vases

spring decoration tulips red pink spring wedding

Tulips are typical for spring

spring flowers pink wedding decoration chalkboard orange ideas

A great effect is the lily in the glass

spring decoration table flowers red branches white

Branches as a table decoration for the wedding

spring flowers decorating wedding reception guests table

Bouquet with combination of the colors blue and yellow

floral table decoration wedding spring long blackboard

Floral table decoration for a long wedding table

floral table decoration spring pink nuances wedding

A lush bouquet of flowers as a table decoration in pink nuances

flowers table decoration spring wedding yellow freshness

A simple, yet pretty table decoration made of flowers

flowers bouquet dream wedding white roses

This delicate table decoration consists of roses and tulips

flowers purple moss vase birch trunk

An effective vase for the purple birchwood flowers

white table decoration marry reception pretty

An effective table decoration

vases flowers spring table decoration wedding romantic

Several vases with different flowers form the table decoration here

table decoration flowers spring marry romantic florets

Also a high bowl is suitable for the spring table decoration

table decoration apples spring marry green

table decoration wedding spring blooming branches pink

table decoration wedding spring apple grapes purple green

simple table decoration wedding spring tulips white

romantic table decoration pink white roses candles

peonies white pink small bouquet pretty

peonies flowers wedding decoration table florets

wedding decoration branches buds leaves green

large table decoration roses colorful round table wedding

flowers table decoration colorful romantic anemone spring

meadow flowers table decorate white yellow

Wedding »Wedding in spring – 57 ideas for a fantastic table decoration

wedding in spring white flowers driftwood flowerpot table number

It is spring , Flowering for nature outside, time for great events, for romantic, radiantly beautiful wedding celebrations! A Wedding in the spring should be special, green and fresh. For this reason, we have looked at the growing grass as a decorative element, on green apples and napkins. Green is the most natural spring color and brings with it the refreshing touch of this season.

Table decoration for the wedding in spring

wedding in spring lush flowers arrangement tulips roses purple glaeser

If you like more traditional Table decoration You may want to have some flowers like daffodils, roses, anemones, gerberas, lilies of the valley or other flowers of any color that you prefer, put them in colorful bottles, so you will definitely refresh the look of your table. Take a look at some ideas and color schemes below and choose what you like best!

Wedding in spring – splendid flowering time

wedding in spring gray tablecloth elegant roses bouquet vase

Meadow flowers for the wedding

wedding in spring yellow meadow flowers mason jar linen vintage rustic

Simple wedding table decoration in pink

wedding in spring plain pink tablecloth flower pot

Metal lanterns with vintage flair

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-vintage-flair-metal candle lantern-white-flowers

Idea for the table number

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-vintage-chic table number-book

a different cake stand

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-rustic wooden disc-tortenstaender-flowers-imitating

Floral arrangements with rustic flair

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko rustic-flair-purple hydrangea

Mirror under the lantern


pink and purple tulips

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-pink-purple-tulip-shrouded vase

pink tones


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-pink flowers tableware and gold-table runner


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-mint-green-yellow-Vassen-Gerbera flowers

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-metal vases-and-white hydrangeas

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-blue-roses-pearl candlestick

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-table number-picture frame-pearl vase


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko Long-table golden-white-floral akzente

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko Long-table individual vases and blue glasses

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko Long-table floral arrangement candleholder

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-kirschenblueten-branches-high vases-rose flower arrangements

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-hydrangea-roses Candles


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-fuchsia-white-blumenkraenze-vogelkaefig blunt candle

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-single vase-roses-peonies




wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-vogelkaefig Rose perlenkette-wrapped


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-vintage-voegelkaefig-veil herb-filled


garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-vintage-flair-white-flowers-candles-books-wood box

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko vases and gold-nuanced-white-flowers

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko wooden box-table number-idea-Nail

wedding in spring table decoration-vintage-flair-books-flower-table-number

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-table number-wood disc-grazing flower vases

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-table runner-from-flowers-candles

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko chairs-wood-signs-heart shape

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-black-white-family photos Flowers

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-rustic wooden table-floral arrangement

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-pink-peach-colored-lumen arrangements

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-peach-color, white and mint green

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-jam sheen-cut flowers

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-purple floral arrangements

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-wood-candle lanterns and white-flowers

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-green-yellow-long tables

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-gruenes-leaf-place card

garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko decorative-tree-crystal chain-clove-gesteck


garden-wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-floral arrangement-hydrangea-roses-aqua-white

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-white-grzen-yellow zigzag pattern-tablecloth

wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-white-green-branches-Blum sink plug


wedding-fruhling-tischdeko-white-dull candles-roses-floral arrangements