Star Wars as inspiration for modern interior design – apartment in Taiwan

star-wars-modern-interior design-young-family-children

For a successful design of the apartment, interior decorators and interior designers are advised to opt for a style, for two to four shades and a theme that unites everything in one, so that all rooms look uniform and harmonious. In this sense, the architects of White Interior Design conceived the modern flat of young family according to the motto of their favorite film – Starwars.

Star Wars as an inspiration for modern interior design – the home of a young family

Star Wars-modern-room-design-living-room-dining-table-chairs-concrete

Ideal basis for fancy color combinations, accents and designs are indisputably the neutral gray nuances. Variations of it predominate in every room of the modern apartment in order to better accentuate the decorative and really special design elements. Active colors, like red and mustard yellow, provide an individual touch and a cheerful note.

Star Wars decoration and modern interior design

Star Wars-modern-design-living-room-gray-yellow-lightsaber

In each room different statues of the main characters from the movie Star Wars, as well as whole collection of them on a wall shelf beautifully presented. The fancy lights that are actually lightsabers are also impressive. As a pendant lamp over the dining table, floor or wall lamp are replicas of the traditional Star Wars weapon.

Star Wars inspired accents and details in a modern home

Star Wars-modern-design-living-room-lights-lightsaber-figures-movie

Not only playful looks the living room, but there is also wonderful play. The wall behind the sliding door houses all the video game equipment, including a Biemer playing an HD image on the opposite wall.

Gray as background, color and deco accent

star-wars-modern-interior design-living room-couch-yellow-pad

Perhaps inspired by the two little boys, the theme for the attractive, playful interior design is also very well received by the parents. Masks by Darth Vader and stormtroopers are not only to be seen in the nursery, but also in the otherwise romantically decorated bedroom wakes up the figure of a white galactic warrior.

Doors incorporated in the walls

star-wars-modern-interior design-living-gray color-concrete

Star Wars figures as decoration and playful elements of interior design

star-wars-modern-interior design-living-dining-light-deign

Modern living room with large TV wall

star-wars-modern-interior design-living room-dining table-tv-gray

Thematically fitting to the motto of the interior design and dining table in the Star Wars style

star-wars-modern-interior design-dining table-schwraz-steel-light

Important design element – the lightsaber

star-wars-modern-interior design-blue-sliding door lightsaber

Sliding doors save space and look very neutral

star-wars-modern-interior design-floor-sliding-wood-laminatt

Star Wars as a theme for the nursery

star-wars-modern-interior design - nursery-gray-concrete-mirror

Stylish sliding doors decorated like a spaceship

star-wars-modern-interior design-nursery-gray-tueren-design

Playful room design especially for children’s room of boys – theme Star Wars

star-wars-modern-interior design-nursery-young-double

Modern bedroom with a quiet atmosphere – pastel colors and a Sturmtruppler figure

star-wars-modern-interior design-bedroom-white-romantic figure

* a project of White interior design

Design »Organic Organic Bar at the RAW Restaurant in Taiwan

wooden bar with organic shape bench table chairs plastic blue

In Taipei, Taiwan, there is a restaurant that impresses with its special interior design. It’s called RAW and not only has an effective one Wood bar with organic shape but two, which serve as decoration at the same time. But the bars are not the only sculptural structures in this one restaurant , The area above the bars is also decorated with interesting sculptures. Furthermore, the area with the tables at one corner is highlighted by a similar structure. These and an extension of the bar serve as a deco also as a bench.

Wooden bar with organic shape – bench with blue chairs

wooden bar with organic shape seating area chef restraurant

The organic-wood bar was designed by architecture firm Weijenberg, which was commissioned by chef André Chiang to help design a new restaurant bar to help. That’s how the original restaurant in Taiwan came to be. The design should be named RAW and reflect this property.

Wood bar with organic shape and cobblestone pattern

wood bar organic shape restaurant design parquet

Each wooden bar with organic shape is also designed so that guests can watch the chef preparing. This is done by one of the custom-made and dissimilar wooden tables, which have an equally unique design and are each lit by their own lamp. If you wish, take a look at more photos of the restaurant with a wooden bar with an organic shape.

Organically shaped floor in the area with the tables

wood bar organic shape tables restaurant taiwan raw design

Tables custom made between wooden bars

wooden bar organic shape custom made tables lighting chairs furnishings

Sitting area in the organic wooden bar

wood bar organic shape furnishing restaurant gray wall lamps

Wood bar with organic shape – The entrance of the restaurant

wooden bar with organic shape taiwan entrance glass

Design of Weijenberg For André Chiang ,

Set up small rooms – 22sqm one bedroom apartment in Taiwan

Setting up small rooms -one-room-work-desk-wood-desk

In confined spaces, clever planning is the key to success. However, the task is really difficult if the room is only one and since all the usual activities, such as sleeping, cooking, bathing, etc., must be fulfilled. The only way to optimize the small space is room design to measure, according to the individual needs of the resident. If you set up small rooms The following example will serve as the correct source of inspiration for you.

Setting up small rooms – space-creating interior design

Small rooms furnish-einzimmerwohnung-couch-window-walled

The architects and designers of ‘A Little Design’ occupy small spaces that they optimize to bring everything useful under one roof. This apartment in Taipei, Taiwan has only 22 square meters of living space and is a typical metropolitan Studio , The simple but very sustainable construction uses the whole room height and does not cramp the room.

Set up small rooms – all in one

Set up small rooms - one-room-apartment-room-height-staircase-construction

An important style element is the simple design, which is limited to two materials – light wood look and a matt white surface. All the cabinets and doors lack the handles, which makes the individual modules work as part of a whole. There is room to study or work, even for books and others, which can be reached through a ladder, as in the large library.

Setting up small rooms – white predominantly

Setting up small rooms - one-room-apartment-wood-library-wall-staircase-ladder

The window recess is designed as a seat and right next to a narrow table with room for two, where you could tables or even work. As forms the living area. Opposite him are the kitchenette and then the bathroom. About this, in the room height, is the bed with a small side table as a storage area. The sleeping area can be reached by stairs, which also serves as a partition between bathroom and kitchen.

Set up small rooms – wooden construction made to measure

Setting up small rooms - one-room-apartment-bedside-table-wood-lamp

In each area there is the same harmonious atmosphere, which is achieved by the simple shapes and soft light tones. This clever spatial planning proves only that even in the small space the living comfort does not have to be sacrificed, only redesigned.

Set up small rooms – use the entire room height

small-raeume-set-studio-sleeping bed-construction-night lamps

Clever room planning – set up small rooms

small-raeume-set-studio-sleeping bed-room hoehe-construction

Studio apartment with kitchenette and bathroom with bathtub


Modern handleless kitchen in white

small-raeume-set-studio-kitchen-kitchen cabinets-handle-and-white

Small bathroom completely in white frame

small-raeume-set-studio-bad-and-white tiles

Small bathroom does not seem crowded – white color and light


* a project by Design Studio A little design

Beige color for modern interior design – apartment in Taiwan

Beige color-livingroom-corner-tile-wood-look-modern-room-design

The selected color palette when renovating or completely redesigning the home is an important issue, but you should first think about it. Neutral colors are a good choice in any area, recommend designers, and blend in well with contemporary design. The beige colour lets modern design elements with clear, straight lines and minimalist form, which more or less the nature looks alienated, looks milder and achieves a cozy atmosphere without compromise with the latest trends in the interior.

Beige color for modern interior design – dream apartment in Taiwan

Beige color living room wallcovering travertine tv wood tile modern room design

Modern interior design in neutral earth tones , achieved through the use of natural materials such as wood, travertine and their diverse optics, designed PMD design for a spacious apartment in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Restrained nuance and practical, simple furnishings create a relaxed atmosphere and high living comfort.

Beige color for modern interior design in the living room

Beige color -wallcovering-travertine-flooring-brown-wood-tile-modern-room-design

The rooms are kept open, but also functionally determined and separated by transparent room dividers. A real highlight is the study with fine interior in dark brown tones, which is located behind the wall made of smoked glass with a direct view to the entrance area.

Beige color in living room – travertine wall covering

beige-color-living room-corner sofa leather-travertine wall covering modern-interior design

Living room in brown nuances – tiled floor in wood look

beige-color-living room-tiles-wood-optics travertine wall covering modern-interior design

Open plan – living room and kitchen

beige-color-living room-dining area-wood tiles brown modern-raumgestaltung

Living room, dining area and kitchen with tiles in wood look laid

beige-color-wood tiles-living room-kitchen-room dividers-modern-interior design

Built-in wardrobe with handle-free sliding doors in wood look

beige-color-Wohnkueche-wood tiles-room dividers-fitted wardrobe-modern-interior design

Modern, open kitchen with dining area

beige-color-open-kitchen-wood tiles-ecksfa leather-modern-interior design

Surfaces in different wood looks successfully and modern combine

beige-color-curtains Blinds-living kitchen-modern-interior design-living room

Dining area – wooden chairs and dining table

beige-color-color wall-white-dining-wood-moebel-tiles-modern-interior design

Modern, open kitchen in white high gloss

beige-color-wood tiles-living kitchen-white-cooker-modern-interior design

The right lighting for every area is an important point in the design

beige-color-living room-kitchen-cabinet-to-install wood-room dividers-pendant lights-modern-interior design

Wooden dining table next to the kitchen worktop in white high gloss

beige-color-wood-essbereichtisch chairs-modern-interior design

Beige color in the room design achieved by

beige-color-dining area-wood-table-fitted wardrobe-open-kitchen-modern-interior design

Elegant room divider made of smoked glass separates living space from the hallway

beige-color-Wohnkueche-open room divider-wood tiles-modern-interior design

Study behind the glass wall in the hallway

beige-color-corridor-glass wall-room dividers-smoked glass-lighting-wood tiles-modern-interior design

A real highlight in modern interior design – workplace behind wall made of smoked glass

beige-color-workplace-smoked glass-wall-wood tiles-lighting-modern-interior design

Chic home office with black granite worktop

beige-color-arbeitszimmer-brown smoked glass-swivel chair-lighting-modern-interior design

Pleated Jalosien in brown suitable for decor and remaining design

beige-color-brown-arbeitszimmer-tiles-wood Optic-modern-interior design

Almost invisible, handleless wardrobes in the bedroom

beige-color-white-wall-mirror wall-brown-wood tiles-modern-interior design

Beige color for accents in the bedroom

beige-color-bedroom bed-headboard leather-based-modern-interior design

Design bedroom in shades of brown

beige-color-bedroom-brown-schalosien-modern-interior design

Bed headboard upholstered in beige leather

beige-color-shclafzimmer-headboard-bedded-leather-upholstered-modern-interior design

Beige color for bed in modern bedroom

beige-color-bedroom bed-bettwaesche-gray neutral-modern-interior design

* a project of PMD design

Dreamhouses »Interior design in Taiwan with a modern ambience

interior design bedroom fitted wardrobe shelf white tiles

In this article we would like to introduce you to a house located in Taiwan. For the Interior design it was necessary to find practical solutions. This was also achieved, whereby a simple design was created, which the modern style wonderfully reflects and gives the rooms a neat look. The house has an oblong and partly narrow shape. For this reason, a high ceiling was created in the living room, which allows the natural light better to penetrate far into the room.

Interior Design – View from the bedroom towards the kitchen and living room

interior design entrance area glossy black

It is particularly interesting that the individual rooms for interior design are not formed by walls as they are used to. Instead, they differ in different ways Flooring and through the different levels on which they are located. For example, the floors of the public spaces are tiles, while the private areas have a wooden floor. This gives the running a relaxing and diverse feeling on the feet.

Interior design of the modern kitchen

kitchen entrance shelf door white black wood

Interestingly, the partition dividing the living room from the bathroom was slanted. The aim of this interior design was to make the living room more spacious with the television area. At the same time, the dividing wall extends to the ceiling of the bathroom, which makes it visually larger. On the second floor there is again a work area and an extra living area. It again represents a private space with a unique interior design, where the couple living in the house can be alone and enjoy togetherness.

Design of the kitchen in white high gloss

kitchen design modern barstool stairs wooden wall paneling

Tiles for the interior of the kitchen

modern kitchen idea hanging lamps barstool door bedroom

View of the interior design in the living room

high gloss white kitchen interior design pendant light hood

Practical kitchen design in an oblong space

kitchen hood idea room interior furnishing design

Interior Design – The bedroom closes

locker bedroom kitchen white high gloss design interior idea

Living room design with tiles and wall covering

living area floor living room kitchen sideboard wood wall sofa

Interior design idea – living room and stairs area in a room

partition wall frosted glass white gray design stair living room

lowboard interior design living room bathroom side table television

Living room lowboard television staircase wood partition wall idea

floor two stairs window gray interior design gelaender

workspace white desk shelf bedroom modern interior

Top floor design wall covering wood desks lamps

floor gray modern interior design idea desk

office area interior black desk dresser white

staircase office desk gray interior design

living room area interior design staircase black modern sofa

bathroom design interior bathtub toilet sink console

bedroom vanity spacious interior design window lighting ceiling

wardrobe bedroom interior idea partition wall vanity unit

dark wood parquet interior design bedroom steps black high gloss

bed bedroom tv wood floor mirror ceiling design

washstand bedroom idea interior design mirror red chair

entrance door accent high gloss black wall paneling bedroom kitchen

A design of LGCA design ,