Technology »Samsung Galaxy S5 in the test – the new model in the spotlight

Galaxy S5 new model mobile phone test display

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the new top product from Samsung, it should be the Smartphone Market dominate. There is already some criticism; It is considered to be little innovative and supposedly does not provide a sensation, at least not compared to its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S4. How good it really is and whether the purchase is worthwhile, read in our extensive review.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – The first impression: pleasant feel, familiar design

Galaxy S5 colors white black front

In design, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not fundamentally different from most other Samsung smartphones. The frame is made of plastic, the removable back of polycarbonate. The glass front is the Scratch-Resistant Gorilla Glass 3. In terms of surface design, the model differs at least slightly from its predecessor, the S4. The cover has a ribbed surface (golf ball optics) and can be purchased in the colors black, white, bronze or blue. As with the Galaxy S4, the removable battery is located under the cover. The removable battery has been positively evaluated, because with many newer smartphones, the battery can not be replaced by the customer these days.
The surface of the smartphone feels soft and non-slip, it has a good grip so to speak. Basically it is, as always with Samsung products, a solid processed device, which unfortunately does not look so noble with its plastic surface, as the purchase price would suggest. But even that is already known from Samsung. Nevertheless, the model is a little more than just splashing water That temporary immersion in water would survive it.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 – The display quality is very good

Samsung S4 display quality beautiful colors

Of course, the quality of the display plays a decisive role for a smartphone in the luxury class. The 5.1-inch display dissolves in Full HD and convinces in the test by a brilliant color representation. Brightness and white appearance are very good. On the other hand, users have to cut back on readability in direct sunlight. However, if you compare the S5 with its predecessor S4, the display will not fare as well. Because the display is just a little bit larger (5.1 instead of 5 inches), but the whole device is much more voluminous and heavier. The question is whether this small size advantage of the display in everyday life even noticeable.

Galaxy S5 camera quality

Samsung Galaxy S5 model camera back

Experience has shown that camera quality is one of the most important criteria for the purchase decision of most users. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with a 16-megapixel camera. Like the Galaxy S4, the S5 delivers very good photographic results. The picture is a bit noisy in dark conditions, but other digital cameras have the same problem. The camera delivers images with a resolution of 12 megapixels in 4: 3 format.

Technical values

Galaxy 2014 S5 model rear camera

In Germany, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes under the name SM-G900F on the market. It is equipped with the latest Qualcomm platform MSM8974AC, a 2.5 GHz quad-core CPU and 2 GB of RAM. It supports all wireless and mobile standards such as UMTS, LTE or ac-WLAN.
In addition, the S5 offers a fingerprint reader, which can also be used for various payment services such as PayPal.
Last but not least, it even has a heart rate monitor, which can be combined with various fitness apps, an additional feature that could interest especially sports users.

Usability of the smartphone in the test

Samsung S5 Galaxy port thin scratch-resistant surface

The new user interface TouchWiz can certainly convince in the test. Samsung has completely overhauled the splash screen, menu navigation and icons, giving them a new look. Another new feature is the “My Magazine” start screen function, which can be used to link various information topics. Overall, the usability in the test scores very well, it is even a bit simpler than its predecessor S4. There is criticism only for the settings menu, which is a bit confusing.
Conclusion Samsung Galaxy S5: Purchase recommendation with restrictions
Overall, there is a clear buy recommendation for the Samsung Galaxy S5. However, the differences to the predecessor Galaxy S4 are not so serious. That’s why the S4 is still an interesting purchase option, especially because it is lighter and smaller with almost the same screen size. If you want to buy the phone without a contract, perhaps more likely to S4, especially since it is cheaper. On the other hand, many mobile service providers currently offer very favorable terms for contracts with the Galaxy S5.
Here you will find all current offers for the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Allnet Flat: Price

Design »High Tech Design in luxury aviation – technology and interior in one

High Tech Design-Mercedes-interior-white-wood-seating-table-lighting

At EBACE, the largest business aviation event, the innovative collaboration between two giants was presented this year. Mercedes Benz and Lufthansa designed a Vip cabin for small aircraft. High tech design flows with organic forms in the concept of supply through floor and ceiling and convinces first and foremost private customers.

High tech design in luxury aviation for discerning customers

High Tech Design Mercedes-Lufthansa Innovative Design Engineering Interior Contrasts

Lufthansa has been developing high-quality equipment with uncompromising safety systems for aircraft for more than 50 years and a project like this will transfer all the experience gained to smaller aircraft in a smaller version. Mercedes Benz inspired the interior design with overlapping floors and ceilings as for the last model of the S-Class. It resulted in a result of intelligent high tech and luxury features.

High Tech Design in the Airplane – Cooperation between Lufthansa and Mercedes Benz

High Tech Design-mercedes-lufhansa-kabine-vip-flieger-lounge-flowing-design-white-wood

From a technical point of view, as always, the faultless operation of hundreds of security systems is taken into account. The technical support and development lies with Lufthansa and the company guarantees the passengers optimum safety even in extreme climatic conditions.

Technology and interior

High Tech Design-Mercedes-Lufthansa-Interior-Organization-Floor-Ceiling-Flowing-Seats

In the interior the classic separation of ceiling, wall and floor is missing and different room zones are determined. The classic arrangement is absent, novel seats and walls only vaguely recall it. This impression is enhanced by the contrasting combination of materials, colors and lighting. An innovative design combined with technical competence is available for demanding customers.

Pure luxury with optimal security

High Tech Design - mercedes-lufhansa-project-interior-seats-luxury-comfort-safe-driving

The entire room is newly zoned

High Tech Design - mercedes-lufhansa-raumzonen-design-flowing-luxury-white-wood

Lounge area with comfortable seating


Plan the luxury cabin

high-tech-design-mercedes-Lufhansa-view-up-breakdown-seated burst-space zone-white-wood

Technology »Innovative textiles assist us in everyday life – intelligent clothing

Innovative textiles -intelligent-clothing-top-darkblue-black-plain

If Hitech and high-fashion approach each other innovative textiles. These are sometimes produced by 3D printing or laser cutting and modeled on the computer. There are hardly any limits to technical progress and this is reflected in the fashion industry. Sports brands such as Adidas, Nike Puma, and others. have long been working with substances that regulate body temperature and are extremely permeable at the same time. Working with apps in running shoes or socks will measure the steps and pass on the data to the smartphone.

Innovative textiles for smart clothing

Innovative textiles -intelligent-clothing-top-pose-body-position

Innovative textiles react to body temperature and external influences as they change color. Accessories for winter sports are becoming increasingly heatable and the solar cells can now build so narrow and thin that they can be integrated into the clothing and you can charge your mobile phone while traveling. A top can even correct the wrong posture. FysioPal designed the Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen and worked with Elitac, a company that develops and produces tactile sensors.

Innovative textiles and technologies are entering our lives quickly

Innovative textiles -intelligent-clothing-top-color-dark blue

The top can be worn under clothing and has sensors on the shoulders, along the back. These analyze the posture and give the smartphone the detailed data. The app returns a signal vibration if the right body position is disturbed. The sensors do not matter if you sit or stand still. Upon request, anyone can learn about Fotness programs or exercises to improve their posture.

Innovative textiles used in the design of clothing

innovative-textiles-smart-clothing-top design-cut-material

Elastic materials were used to make the top, which are very sustainable, to provide comfort and at the same time to keep the electronic connections. The cut line is very simple and guided to the body, designed to be invisible under everyday clothing. The innovative textiles have been produced by the Swiss company ‘Schoeller’ especially for the project.

Innovative textiles that think with us

Innovative textiles -intelligent-clothing-top-under-blouse-white

For the designer Pauline von Dongen, this is not the first project in which she uses innovative textiles for the sake of humanity. She has developed another concept for an outdoor jacket with solar cells integrated in the front side. Thus, devices such as GPS or smartphone, hiking and recreational activities can be charged.

Innovative textiles react to the posture – Smart Top, FysioPal ‘by Pauline van Dongen

innovative-textiles-smart-clothing-top-invisible under clothes

Innovative textiles report via app about wrong posture

innovative-textiles-smart-clothing-top technology app

Innovative textiles bring technology closer to our bodies

innovative-textile-clothing-smart-windbreaker-solar cell-gray

Innovative textiles for outdoor equipment

innovative-textile-clothing-smart-windbreaker-solar cell design-outdoor

Windbreaker with integrated solar cells powered by electricity on the way

innovative-textile-clothing-smart-windbreaker-solar cell design-fashion

Solar cells integrated in the windbreaker supply with eco-friendly electricity

innovative-textile-clothing-smart-windbreaker-solar cell-women

Smart outdoor jacket designed for men and women


Technology supports us with the outdoor experiences

innovative-textile-clothing-smart-windbreaker-solar cell-women-men

* inform yourself about all projects of the designer here

Technology »Buy Mobile Phone Case for your new iPhone 7 – 20 exclusive cases

Mobile phone case for your new iPhone 7 silver-silicone-silver-glitter particles

The smartphone has long been no longer a means of communication, but a faithful companion for everyday life. And since the cell phone has become so important to us, we also want to protect it or something aufhübschen. Nothing is better than a nice and useful phone case. You can choose beautiful motifs, special patterns or even enjoy additional functions. Of course that is new iPhone 7 even sophisticated in terms of design, but the covers also offer plenty of customization that can express our taste or mood. If you are already a proud owner of the new model from Apple, then you can browse our small collection and an exclusive Mobile phone case for your new iPhone 7 to buy. They are characterized by perfect appearance, good protection and reasonable prices!

Shockproof phone case for your new iPhone 7

Mobile phone case for your new iPhone 7 protection alu black man

Who wants to protect his new iPhone 7 from damage, is properly served with the phone cases of Defense, because with this design, the protection in the foreground. The X-Doria Defense Case is made of four protective materials – DropShield, hard polycarbonate, TPU and anodized metal. It has been scientifically proven that the DripShield edge coating cures on impact. X-Doria Defense Case for the iPhone 7

Case tested cell phone case for your new iPhone 7

Mobile phone case for your new iPhone 7 shockproof-ground-damage-avoid

The X-Doria Defense phone case exceeds the expectations of a protective cover, because it can withstand falls on concrete floor from 2 meters height. The outer frame is made of durable aluminum, while the soft rubber lining is reinforced by a polycarbonate shell. X-Doria Defense Case for the iPhone 7 with carbon fiber

Protective cover for iPhone 7 Plus

Mobile phone case for your new iPhone 7 shock-proof scratch-resistant dark blue gold pattern

The X-Doria Defense Case is also compatible with iPhone Plus. Even with the protective case, the phone continues to look thin and light. The luxurious back is available in different patterns so you can dress the phone with your personal style. X-Doria Defense case in blue and gold for the iPhone 7 Plus

Transparent back shell

Mobile Phone Case for your new iPhone 7 Gold Shockproof Frame

If you do not want to hide your beautiful iPhone, then this model is perfect for you. The back shell made of clear polycarbonate protects and demonstrates the natural beauty of the device at the same time. The aluminum bumper protects the perimeter of the device, while a soft rubber inside ensures that the metal and mobile phone do not touch each other. iPhone 7 protective case with transparent back shell

Scratch-resistant outer shell with rubberized inner core


This super-slim matte protective case convinces with its dual-layer design. The impact- and scratch-resistant outer shell is combined with a soft rubberized interior and absorbs shocks and bumps. The new Impactum material also guarantees color fastness and will not yellow or fade over time. The rubberized finger pads additionally ensure a secure hold. Order CandyShell wrap from bacon

Waterproof case and bike holder

handyhuelle-new-iphone7-water-repellent-bicycle holder

This set consists of two parts – a waterproof case and a handlebar attachment. The case is made of sturdy plastic and can easily be attached to the handlebar with the 3-prong system from Ultimateaddons. On a rainy day, for example, you can follow the navigation instructions on the screen. Bicycle mount + waterproof protective cover order here

Protective cover for your new iPhone 7 made of real bamboo wood

handyhuelle-new-iphone7 Genuine bamboo-wood-stand function

Wood gives a warm and natural feel to the touch, but its use for protective covers is still quite rare. Maybe that’s why this protective cover made of real bamboo is immediately noticeable. The sturdy, shock-absorbing polycarbonate protects all corners and edges and the natural grain of the wood veneer makes each case unique! WOLA: iPhone 7 flip case “FORREST”

The beautiful combination of wood and mother of pearl


In another design by Wola, walnut is combined with genuine mother of pearl, which looks super classy and interesting. As the mother-of-pearl is made of shell shells, it shines in beautiful colors. There is also a choice of walnut and white mother-of-pearl. Case “Aqua” order here

Protective cover in wood look


Since wood is a natural product, it also needs regular care. If you want to save this effort, then you can only choose a cell phone case in wood look. It still conveys nature and wood feel, but is made of soft plastic. ROCK “Origin” iPhone 7 Case

appealing look by Ted Baker London

handyhuelle-new-iphone7-case-spieglein-flower motif-gold frame

The Knowane Case from Ted Baker’s Fall-Winter Collection 2016 combines the effective protection of your iPhone 7 with vivid flower motifs and luxurious design. The sturdy polycarbonate inner shell in rose gold is dressed with black leatherette with porcelain roses motif. In the protective case in case size is also a practical make-up mirror hidden. Knowane Case by Ted Baker London order here

Variant only as a hard shell


If flip-back covers are not your thing, then you can opt for a sturdy hard-shell with an elegant print. The Oriental-inspired designs “Flowers of the Orient” and “Shadow Flora” from the Fall Collection 2015 impress with their beauty, while the non-slip soft-feel material of the outer shell provides a pleasant feel and more comfort. Soft Feel Hard Case for iPhone 7 order here

Adidas Protective Case for Apple iPhone 7

handyhuelle-new-iphone7-material-red adidas Flowers

In addition to leather, silicone, metal and plastic, fabric is also used in the manufacture of smartphone cases. This colorful cell phone case is covered in fabric and the flower pattern gives it a seasonal look. The trefoil logo is visible on the inside and the front. Order Adidas Protective Case here

Smartphone case made of genuine leather

handyhuelle-new-iphone7 Genuine leather-pierre-cardin

Genuine leather is the classic material for bags, wallets and protective covers. It feels very soft and gives a luxurious vintage flair. A perfect example of phone case made of high-quality genuine leather is this case of the world-famous brand Pierre Cardin. iPhone 7 case, Pierre Cardin Premium

Leather phone case in crocodile look

handyhuelle-new-iphone7 leather crocodile-skin-Optic-red-black

This elegant leather case can stylishly replace your wallet in some situations, because it can be used to attach EC cards, business cards and cash well. The first-class processed genuine leather is like a second skin for the smartphone and protects it against many damages and dirt. Order VRS mobile phone case with integrated wallet here

For bling-bling fans

handyhuelle-new-iphone7-gold-silicon-transparent gold-leaf-particle

If you do not want to completely hide your new iPhone 7 with a case sleeve, then you can put on a thin silicone phone case. These come in a variety of designs of the back and let the natural beauty of the device shine through. In this case, for example, real gold leaf luster pieces are incorporated in the transparent surface and fit perfectly with the golden iPhone 7. Order here

Chic chrome look on the lower part of the case


The Incipio Edge Protective Cover is a 2-piece design. The lower part can be removed so that the device can be plugged into docks, stands or hi-fi systems. The upper part is made of soft material and the lower part shines in chic chrome finish. The perfect combination of high quality protection and stylish design. Order Incipio Edge Chrome here

iPhone 7 Plus battery case with integrated stand


Instead of buying a simple protective case with a beautiful look, you can also enjoy other useful functions with some multi-functional designs. This battery case, for example, doubles the capacity and runtime of your new iPhone 7 while protecting it from bumps and scratches. The case also has an integrated stand for watching videos. iPhone 7 Plus battery case in rose gold

The right light for perfect selfies


With this phone case, you can bring light into the darkness and make perfect selfies in the disco, because it has small LED lights that will illuminate your face optimally. Charging is done by a supplied USB cable. LED Light Up Protection Case for iPhone7

2-in-1 phone case with integrated selfie stick


Protect your iPhone and shoot perfect selfies with this precisely designed 2 in 1 phone case by VRS. The selfie stick can be extended to a length of 30 centimeters and makes selfies and group photos super easy. Order cue stick from VRS Design here

Design »Women’s Shoes Atossa – made to measure with 3D technology

lingerie-Atossa 3d modern-design-forward-black-plastic

Women’s shoes Atossa are new generation shoes ergonomically developed by the 3d printing technology. The designer Behrad Ghodsi designed a new style high heels that not only look attractive, elegant and extremely comfortable. These are planned exactly to the foot and assist him in running at the most important points where the pressure is applied.

Women’s Shoes Atossa – High Heels by 3D Printing

lingerie-Atossa 3d modern-structure-design-urban

With the help of an application you can pick up your foot with your mobile phone and send it when ordering in the attachment. The shoe is made in hindsight and optimally adapted to the foot. Atossa are also made of ecological material. Called PLA, it’s a plastic which can be mined in nature. Ergonomically and ecologically, these shoes embody everything a woman can desire from contemporary design.

Women’s shoes Atossa – ergonomic and ecological

lingerie-Atossa 3d black sandal-strap-variant-combinations

High heels Atossa in black with different variants of straps

lingerie-Atossa 3d variant black-sandlaen-belt-high-heels

Shoes Atossa with heel – high heels new generation

Women's Shoes Atossa -3d-combination-belt-extravagant-minimalist-design

Modern design and technological progress – women’s shoes made to measure

Women's shoes Atossa -3d-black-woman-city-stage-funny-smile

High Heels Atossa designed exactly for your feet

Women's Shoes Atossa -3d-black-sandals-high-heels-pavement-city

* more information about the extravagant women’s shoes and the designer can be found here

Technology »Professional websites with artificial intelligence: easy and fast to your destination

Programming websites with artificial intelligence

Today, every business can only compete with its competitors through digital advertising and its own Internet calls. However, designing your own website is not always that easy. This is exactly what professional websites with artificial intelligence offer a solution. These pages allow you to easily and quickly design your own website. No matter if for your company, for your product, for your service or your project – artificial intelligence in the form of a website brings you to your destination.

What are professional websites with artificial intelligence and what advantages do they bring to me as a company?


No company today can exist without its own website. Digital marketing has become indispensable. Nowadays, a homepage can already be the figurehead and business card for a business. Websites increase the turnover of a company, if the homepage is designed professionally and customer-friendly. However, many companies are not sure who to entrust the trusting task of creating a website for your business. Designing and publishing homepages is no longer an art nowadays – certainly not magic! Nevertheless, it is often difficult without know-how to bring one’s own ideas into the right shape and visualize them as a homepage. That’s why there are professional websites with artificial intelligence. These advice pages take you almost all the effort – so you have enough time and Energy for ideas and creativity , You can think about what you want to achieve with your homepage and the supporting support pages for creating the homepage fit for you the desired functions and give your homepage professional design.


The required functions of the website and also the purpose, which should be fulfilled with the homepage, should be well considered. Creating web pages can take some time and should end up being efficient at the same time. Therefore, it is important that the goal for the site creator is clearly defined and includes the features that are to be made available on the site. Regular updates are also very important – no customer wants to see an outdated homepage!

Website creation by artificial intelligence


A Create a website through artificial intelligence faces all challenges. Full web page creations, regular SEO optimizations and secure encryption of sensitive data are among the strengths of the providers. Latest technologies are used for the creation of web pages and the optimally developed software, which is based on artificial intelligence, misses your homepage the finishing touch. The software of Websitebutler is called “James” and enables flawless process automation. The website, which is created with the help of this software, can therefore be adapted to new requirements at any time and therefore further developed cost-effectively. The programming is carried out taking into account established concepts and guidelines. These policies and concepts were previously developed in collaboration with customers.


In addition, the software offers the integration of sounds when opening the homepage including integrated switch-off surfaces. If desired, videos may also be included which serve to describe the service or the product. Innovative functions thus meet all requirements! Of course, the use of smartphones is also up-to-date. Suppliers who use artificial intelligence to create the homepage also make it possible to satisfy this customer need and additionally pack the homepage into a modern and elegant design. This results in easy handling for perfect use with the smartphone. With this type of Internet use, the crucial factor is that the homepage is optimally displayed on all display formats and contents are flexibly adapted to the respective end devices by a so-called responsive design, regardless of whether a smartphone or a tablet is used. Software like “James” creates exactly these prerequisites, so that all target groups can be addressed with the own homepage. These functions for smartphones, for example, also have a positive effect on the search engine results, which in turn benefits your homepage.

Creative focus on intuitive navigation and ease of use


When creating the website by providers who use artificial intelligence, great value is placed on intuitive navigation and ease of use. Services and products should be made immediately accessible to the customers with a click. Core messages should attract attention and sell and attract your product or service for profit. The homepage must fascinate and convince the customer. Embedded texts are written legibly and comprehensibly, the design is adapted to your wishes and functions and elements are used as you wish.

Technology »Brunton’s new GoPro All day camera battery for outdoor use

brunton-all-day-gopro-Accessories-camera-battery-waterproof housings

the latest Camera Battery from Brunton – GoPro All day ensures a long recording time with its high charging current. Specially designed for the latest action camera GoPro Hero3 +, the alternative lithium-polymer battery is particularly grippy and insignificantly larger and heavier than the original. GoPro All Day Camera Battery takes care of the power supply during your next shoot. Are you ready for new adventures?

Camera battery charges your smartphone or tablet

go-per-battery-for-camera-hero-3 + Battery Charger tablet-smartphone-usb port

Robust, scratch and impact resistant, waterproof, the GoPro All Day Camera Battery fits the waterproof case as well as the original battery. With a capacity of 4000 mAh it extends the recording time of the camera fourfold! Instead of one to a maximum of two hours, the GoPro holds out an entire outdoor day – in the air and on the water. The battery is also equipped with a practical feature – thanks to an additional sealed USB port, even energy for your smartphone or tablet, GPS, iPod, DSLR or other devices can be refueled in movie breaks. The 2.1A USB output port is protected from water and dirt with an Aqualoq ™ cover. And that’s not all – thanks to its compliance with the IPX5 standard, GoPro can be easily used for surfing, wakeboarding, sailing, kiting and more.

Alternative Battery – GoPro Hero Accessories

brunton-all-day-gopro-power-pack-alternative battery pack for outdoor use

GOPRO ALL DAY battery for outdoor use

camera battery brunton-all-day-gopro-with-more-power-than-original battery

Camera battery for a long recording time

camera battery-brunton-all-day-gopro-power-pack-for-action Camera GoPro Hero ®-3 + ™

GoPro All day with high charging current

Camera Battery for outdoor use-more-power brunton-all-day-gopro-2014

GoPro All Day charges smartphones

Camera battery USB port smartphone charger-brunton-all-day-gopro

Camera lithium polymer battery brunton-all-day-gopro-outdoor use

Camera gadgets – battery pack for outdoor use

Camera outdoor gadgets waterproof-durable-shockproof-battery-gopro

Technology »The first genetically modified plant that glows in the dark

genetically modified plant lights up bioglow starlight avatar

US researchers from the biotechnology company Bioglow based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA have the world’s first genetically modified plant that donates light developed. Molecular research was carried out by Dr. med. Alexander Krichevsky, who has researched the biolgy of plants and the bioluminescence of water bacteria. The exploration of these sciences has stimulated his desire to create a clean and sustainable source of light. He has crossed genes of bacteria with bioluminescence with those of the houseplant Nicotiana alata. This created the luminous plant “Stalight Avatar”.

A genetically modified plant that donates light

genetically modified plant producing light bioglow usa

The unusual plant provides a soft light in the dark without them UV light or chemical additives needed. Therefore, it is described as the first light-producing plant in the world. The luminosity of the Starlight Avatar can be compared to the glow of the stars, but in the future it might be able to replace lamps. The light of the plant is still blue-green, but frogs announce that they want to develop reddish and yellowish light shades.

The genetically modified plant “Starlight Avatar”

Genetically modified plants light up producing light

The idea of ​​the researchers is to reduce electricity costs in the home. Why not with such a solution? Until conventional energy sources are replaced, it is still a long way to go. Currently, the first 20 copies are auctioned and the starting bid is one dollar. The genetically modified plant needs special care, an increased oxygen supply and can live for two to three months. Starlight Avatar will glow throughout its lifetime. Just imagine how great it would be if plants in your home were programmed to change their color. And what would you say about vegetable street lighting? The future looks so romantic and scary at the same time …

blue-green light tones

Genetically modified plant glows dark tones

genetically modified plant producing light nicotiana alata

Technology »3D projection mapping on body and face: 2 effective videos

3D Projection Mapping body tattoo back mandala flowers

Have you ever imagined what an animated tattoo would look like? What if the motifs in black ink on your skin suddenly materialize into moving images? That is already with 3D projection mapping on body and face possible! Videomapping is a novel technique for taking pictures, graphics and videos three-dimensional objects can project. You may have already seen video mapping on buildings. Now, visual artists go further and make the video projection on people. And it looks pretty stunning!

3D Projection Mapping on Tattoos – Ink Mapping

3D Projection Mapping Body Tattoo Breast Devil

3D Projection Mapping and Stage Design are the specialties of visual artists Oskar and Gaspar from Portugal. Only 2 years ago they did the video mapping on human face and since then they also wanted to experiment on body as they are big tattoo fans.

It took about a year to find funding for the project. The design of the animations themselves took about a month. For this, the tattoos of previously selected persons were used. The idea finally came together and was presented at a live tattoo mapping event in Lisbon.

3D Projection Mapping by Oskar + Gaspar

3D Projection Mapping-Tattoo-Man-Maori-Tattoos

The visual impact of the 3D projection mapping technique on body is really amazing and looks very realistic! As if a demon really comes from the breast of a woman!

Tell whole stories

3d projection-mapping-woman-tattoo-leg-light

In the video you can also see more stunning effects: a black snake glides up to the upper body of the model, while a manta ray floats over his thigh.

Mandala Tattoo

3D Projection Mapping -mandala-tattoo-back-red-light

Mandala tattoos on backs of women are also brought to life and transformed into moving graphics. They shine and turn very effectively.

People are the canvas

3d projection-mapping-body-tattoo-back-light

In the future, the artists hope to be able to tell whole stories in their tattoo-mapping videos and integrate that technology into music videos and commercials. That’s how tattoos interact with each other.

As if the ink flowed out of the skin

3d projection-mapping-tattoo-leg-maori pattern

In the short video, the black ink flows from one leg tattoo and into another. Imagine if a butterfly tattoo on his arm could fly on a flower tattoo on his leg.

3D projection mapping on face

3d projection-mapping-face-virtuale-reality

Videomapping on the face is nothing new, but we also discovered this cool video from Project Otome. It shows the scanning of a model’s face and then a live projection of various make-up designs as well as strange CGI renderings (Computer Generated Imagery). Great technical performance is the ability to customize the video to the face as it moves in real time.

Project Otome

Otome is the result of a collaboration between Japanese media artist Nobumichi Asai, makeup artist Hiroto Kuwahara and French digital image engineer Paul Lacroix.

Face is scanned in advance

skanieren 3D projection-mapping-face-

We do not expect that in the future we will run around with projectors to have the perfect cat’s eyes on our eyelids. But make-up projection mapping can be very helpful for different artists, actors and performers. Their faces can transform in real time right in front of our eyes.

everything happens in real time

3d projection-mapping Face-faceted

When this technology is developed, it could actually change the world of stage make-up. In fact, it can even make certain types of 3D computer graphics obsolete in movies. Instead of being edited in post-production, the faces of young actors can “outdated” in real-time using projection mapping. In just a few clicks, a robot can emerge for new sci-fi film. Then why the troubles for special effect make-up?

Special effect make-up in just a few clicks

3D projection mapping face software innovation

Technology »According to sources, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is dust and waterproof

Samsung Galaxy S5 currently improves protected Korea manufacturer

The standard version of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 is dustproof and waterproof. The claimed before sources of ZDNet Korea. What else the new model of the popular brand has to offer can be found in this article.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – new and improved

Samsung Galaxy S5 improves smartphone's modern technology

At the Galaxy S4 offered the manufacturer a special Active version, which also had a more stable shell, to be more resistant to external influences. The magazine also confirmed that the smartphone is now also equipped with a sensor for fingerprints. This is located in the central button, similar to the iPhone S5 and offers special security when it comes to access to your data.

Samsung Galaxy S5 with 5.2 “display

Samsung Galaxy S5 design beautiful design functional

Special chips are used by the American company Validity and instead of a Safir coating, the button gets an ultraviolet. The company Bloomberg confirmed that the phone has a 5.2 “large display with a resolution of 2560 х 1440 pixels. This guarantees a high image quality on the display with strong and lifelike colors.

S5 special chips sensor fingerprints Korea manufacturer

With a weight of only 156 g, it is easy to carry and the perfect companion in everyday life. Add to that its ultra-thin design (142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm), which makes it easy to fit in any pocket. Its RAM of 2 GB of RAM leaves nothing to be desired and guarantees in combination with the fast processor a pleasant work, be it in the form of apps and games or for business. In terms of memory can be selected between 16, 32 and 64 GB, of course, the price of the new model depends.

black version dust water tight zdnet korea

So, if you’re looking for a reliable smartphone that’s not only fun to work with, do not think twice, but trust the new Galaxy with the well-known Android, which has proven its worth over the years and constantly improved to adapt to the ever-changing market and customer needs.

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