Set up ideas of Big Bang Theory colors, furniture and home accessories

Big Bang Theory Furnishing Ideas Furnishing fabrics Home accessories TV series

We show you some Set up ideas from the Tv series Big Bang Theory and take you on a virtual journey through the film decors. From color combinations, to cozy furniture, to funny home accessories – the television show has many interesting ideas to offer!

Set up ideas from the television series Big Bang Theory

Students Woohnzimmer furnishing ideas Junggessellenwohnung

The first of the Facility ideas is the living room of Sheldon and Lenard – the decor is practical and comfortable. The neutral brown scheme, the interesting wooden chair and the cozy sofa provide a seating area with friends. The wooden corner of the kitchen is in harmony with the rest of the furniture. Space-saving idea for a one-room apartment – including home office. The laminate visually connects the different areas in the living room. Numerous posters, small characters of comedic heroes and even a Star Wars theme toaster are just some of the creative decoration ideas.

Decorating ideas with sweet decorations – the room of Penny

Penny bedroom deco ideas color scheme lantern bedspread

In the Penny Room, the connector is definitely the beige color. Large parts of the room are decided in the neutral color, giving room for colorful decoration leaves. Green is used as an accent color throughout the room – from the carpet, over the chairs, to the numerous home accessories. The turquoise color compliments and underlines the design – in the living room of Penny Apartment, the sofa is upholstered in turquoise, and in the bedroom, the bedding is in turquoise color. The orange color adds warmth and vitality to the interior, and subtle purple color remains in the background, successfully replacing the classic black color. These Set up ideas can be easily used in any youth room and the color combination is just perfect for open and sunny girls. Check out the rest of the TV series too!

The bedroom of Penny – decorated with colorful curtains and lanterns

Girl room lantern wall decoration ideas

Penny apartment living room in bright and cheerful colors

Penny apartment colors living room chairs cooking island

Howard’s bedroom

Howard Bedroom Decor Youth Room Boys Bed Poster

The laboratory – leather furniture and home office area

Laboratory TV broadcast Big Bang Theory

The Komikladen – deco idea with posters

Komikladen furnishing ideas film series

The luxurious restaurant – romantic atmosphere with subtle lighting

Luxurious restaurant dining room decor ideas modern wall design

The Indian restaurant decoration with elephant figurines

exotic decor orange purple big bang theory

Furniture from the bachelor apartment of Sheldon and Lenard

Leather sofa chairs exotic carpet interior design ideas

Decoration ideas for youth rooms for boys from the film series

Decoration ideas Nursery boy posters Dart game

Wall tattoo with the cat song from the series

Wall Decal Warm Kitty Big bang Theory song

Star Wars inspired toaster in the home of Sheldon and Lenard

Toster Dart Vader bread bake theme cool cake accessory