Timeless living room living ideas – cool realistic 3d visualizations

Visualized by: Visual Studio

Luxury Apartment Interior Design Ceiling Design Visual Studio 3d Project Realistic Visualization

Since a living room is used for a wide variety of activities, it leaves a huge space for creative experimentation and creativity. Depending on the room situation, comfortable seating areas, cozy reading corners, a home office area or playground for children and adults can be set up. Not infrequently, the living room reflects the character of its inhabitants. Here’s how you can get an overview of the great ones 3d visualizations of timeless Living room living ideas, Created by experienced visualizers from all over the world.

3d-visualized living room living ideas

visualized by: Anole Arc

Furnishing apartment French-style 3d visualization-Anhle Arc

With the help of graphic ideas designers can be from classic to futuristic Living room living ideas realize. Visual Studio (on the first picture) offers a classic open-plan space concept. The furniture is reminiscent of the design of the 80s, but the entire ambience is particularly chic and fully in the spirit of the times. The modern outfit is completed by skilful lighting design and ceiling panel design. The design by Anhle Arc Design (in the second picture) deals with the topic of effective use of space.

Classic living room concept

3d realistic visualization design loft studio glass wall leather sofa Paolo Longoni visualized by: Paolo Longoni

Gray walls, room-high glazing, low coffee table in neutral color, soft textiles and carpets on hardwood floor are the perfect conditions for a cozy interior.

Facebook inspired interior design

Facebook Logo Room Interior Design theme Andrej Šenveter visualized by: Andrej Šenveter

Here is a furnishing concept offered, so the family can gather. The family was supposed to be a big Facebook fan.

Modern loft apartment reflects the sunlight

City apartment 3d furniture design pouf wall decoration Angelo Fernandes

visualized by: Angelo Fernandes

Classic corner sofa and wall design with graphics

Chic and cozy living room-living ideas 3d NW interior design studio

visualized by: NW-interior

Clear lines

Small Apartment Room Decorator Relief Wall Decoration Ideas Maria-Yangolenko 3d visualized by: Maria Yangolenko

Relaxed atmosphere in the Scandinavian style

Loft apartment White design 3d visualization-Realistic rendering jay3design

visualized by: jay3design

Cozy settlement decorated with works of art

Home design-Asian-style floor-to-ceiling coffee table Andrey Sokruta-Interior floor lamp visualized by: Andrey Sokruta Interior Design

A place for entertaining in front of the indoor fireplace

Penthouse flat minimalism interior design modern indoor fireplace glazing-3d ando-studio visualized by: Ando Studio

Swarz-White games

Majid Kiyanfar Ultra Modern Interior Design 3d Pendant Lamp Chair Design visualized by: Majid Kiyanfar

The chandelier – a noble note in the interior

3d living room classic beige sofa set chandelier Roma Romanov visualized by: Roma Romanov

Living room ideas for men

Male decorating living room furniture design 3d creation Vic Nguyen visualized by: Vic Nguyen

Light flooded apartment with cozy accents

Cozy living room furniture cowhide rug Arcasso pendant light wood floor visualized by: Arcasso

Interior design in pop art style

Yury Rybak-Interior Design Bauhaus Furniture Retro Chic Beam Wall Shelves visualized by: Yury Rybak

Wellness & Spa »Whirlpool bathtubs by BluBleu show elegance and timeless design

whirlpool bathtubs timeless design top view

Look at this stunning Whirlpool tubs Collection from Italian manufacturer BluBleu and get inspired to decorate your modern bathroom. The Italian Companies is known for its innovative design and love for details. These are the main elements of the corporate philosophy.

Whirlpool bathtubs create comfort and relaxation in the bathroom

whirlpool bathtubs with timeless design rectangular

The success of this Whirlpool tubs is based on the classic timeless design, where old-fashioned elegance and modern technology meet to create a stylish collection that suits everyone bathroom fits. The bathtubs by BluBleu convey a sense of luxury and relaxation. Let yourself be pampered with this modern design and recover from the long workday.

Whirlpool bathtubs by BluBleu transform the bathroom into an oasis of calm

modern bathtubs with timeless design headrests

These Whirlpool tubs transform the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and bring timeless elegance to your bathroom interior. If you are looking for stylish bathtub designs in white, this adorable collection is just what you are looking for.

Rectangular bathtub with a simple design

whirlpool bathtubs with timeless design quadrangular

Modern bathtub with irregular shape

whirlpool bathtubs with timeless design around

Comfortable whirlpool bath with headrests

modern bathtubs with timeless design mahri collection

White bathtub design in the corner

modern bathtubs with timeless design wooden floor

Bathtub with elegant design and clean lines

modern bathtubs with timeless design holder

Square bath with whirlpool function

modern bathtubs with timeless design freestanding

Set up spa area at home

modern bathtubs timeless design elegant

Built-in bathtub design for the modern bathroom

modern bathtubs timeless design built-in

Square bathtub saves space and ensures comfort

modern bathtubs timeless design corner model

Neo Traditional Tattoo as a modern interpretation of timeless style

neo traditional tattoo wiking-back-man-colorful

Tattoos are not just a fad, for some they are a very special confession on some skin. There are almost infinitely many templates and motifs that become more and more beautiful, more detailed, more elaborate and extravagant over time. Even the tattoo artist unfolds your imagination more and more, creating new ones again and again Tattoo directions and style arise. Below we will introduce you to the modern style Neo Traditional Tattoo make known and present great motives for inspiration.

What is Neo Traditional Tattoo?

poor-woman-gray-black-blue butterflies

Neo Traditional Tattoo is a style of tattooing that represents a modern and successful blend of other tattoo styles. Neo Traditional is a kind of realistic with clear influences from the Old and New School. To give you an idea of ​​what the new style of tattooing is, we will briefly introduce you to the other three styles that make up the Neo Traditional Tattoo.

Fascinating intertwining of styles – the old school tattoo style

black-gray-yellow-woman-moon-neo-traditional tattoo

The tattoo style Oldschool, also known as Traditional, is one of the ten main directions that includes the 1920 to 1960 modern sailor tattoo motifs. The typical motifs are anchors, sailing ships, cannon and sailors. Among the sailors, the maori and tribal motifs that brought with them from the Asian countries were very topical. The motifs, which were initially influenced by the passage of the equator, lighthouse and sailing ships, were increasingly geared to the wishes and desires of the sailors.

one-upper arm tattoo neo-elefante

Motifs such as Palm Island, a heart with flame or dagger, or cross came to enrich the style. From this time are also the motives Schwalbe with a love letter, roses, hands, tiger and panterhead, as well as the pin-up girls. All of these motifs are rather minimalist in simple structures. The old school tattoo style is characterized by thick, striking, black outline lines and strong filling colors such as blue, red or green. Characteristic of the traditional are also rough color transitions

Newschool tattoo style

woman-lion head-striking-upper arm-neo

The style Newschool is a continuation of the Oldschool and is seen as a modern Oldschool. The difference between the two styles of tattoo is the way in which the tattoo motifs are depicted. They look modern, detailed and expressive. This style uses the same tattooing method as the old school tattoos. The pictures are even more colorful and new color gradients and shades are introduced.

Realistic tattoos


Of all styles, Realistic is certainly the supreme discipline. Realistic tattoos look and feel similar to reality and impress with their richness of detail. Portraits, nature motifs and many other subjects are often tattooed in this style. The pictures can either be displayed monochrome in black and gray or presented as lifelike and colorful pictures.

neo-hand grenade-modern-zitronenscheibe Leaves

Through the intertwining of these tattoo directions, the Neo Traditional Tattoo is a modern adaptation of the classic and timeless style. Virtually all motifs can be used and presented in a “traditional” modern way thanks to the unique imagery. The neo traditional tattoo is constantly evolving as more and more tattoo silences affect the art scene. Even if the motifs remain the same, they will look differently interpreted due to the ways they are developed.

The motifs in the Neo Traditional and their meaning

neo-traditional tattoo-woman-smoking-upper arm

As far as the symbolism of the pictures is concerned, it is no longer so important to know the meaning of the selected motif. The symbolic meaning of course remains more essential to its wearer, but the accent is nowadays on the execution of which colors and patterns. You can have any image and symbol as a Neo Traditional Tattoo, provided you can make friends with the distinctive outlines and detailed images achieved through color and space. The tattoos in this style have a strong texture and shades. The images are anything but blurry and the message they convey is clear.

The compass motif

compass-rose-red lettering Rope

One of the most famous motifs in the Neo Traditional Tattoo is the compass. Originally, this tattoo motif is a classic old school tattoo, which can be expanded in various ways and qualified as Neo Traditional. One way to do this is to paint a detailed and colorful flower in the background. The compass tattoo symbolizes purposeful action and the right way, or the right direction. On the other hand, the compass can stand for hope and protection. The compass should always remind its wearer where he actually came from and where his path leads.

The portrait in neo traditional tattoo style

upper arm-woman-butterfly-colorful

In the Neo Traditional culture, the portrait of the latest trend , The portrait tattoos are difficult to implement and are certainly among the most difficult tattoos ever. For this reason it is important to choose a qualified and really talented artist, so that you also get a perfect result. If you want to immortalize a person you love on your skin, the Portrait Tattoo is a good choice.

Varied floral motifs


Although people are increasingly embellishing their bodies with flower motifs, a single colored rose is a popular neo traditional tattoo. It simply stands out among the countless varieties of flowers and is presented in this style much larger, more detailed and colorful. The rose is the most engraved tattoo flower motif and is absolutely timeless and full of meaning, which is actually no stranger. as a sign of love, affection and worship, the rose is a recurrent motif of the lovers. The beautiful flower not only stands for love and beauty, the thorns of the rose symbolize the dark side of life.

The motif mermaid

back tattoo-smoke-animals-man-neo-traditional

The mermaids have always been fascinated by their whole being. They are a great tattoo motif, drawn by artist hands, looks very beautiful. If you want to give the mermaid Neo Traditional Touch, make the mythical creature look like a modern woman and use a lot of color in tattooing. The Mermaid Tattoo is a vintage marime symbol that was originally considered a male tattoo. Over time, it also represents femininity and can be seen more in women. The mermaid is happy to be linked to other symbols. This motif symbolizes emotion, intuition, freedom and independence.

The hourglass

tiger head-upper-arm-man-color-texture

Another popular motif in neo traditional tattoos is the hourglass. It has a deeply symbolic value and its meaning may vary depending on the personality and the wearer of the perception. In general, the hourglass stands for balance, time and transience of life. This motif can be a source of inspiration so that we can get the most out of every day and appreciate the time.

Indian symbols

neo-traditional tattoo-motive-indian-upper arm-color

The Indians symbol are an important part of the culture. The Native American motifs are often used in the Neo Traditional Tattoo and made into a fabulous neo symbol by adding more details. In order for the many details of an Indian tattoo to really come into its own, the tattoo should not support a certain size. The Indian portraits are among the most impressive tattoos that can be stung on the skin. As a motif, Indians symbolize the urge for freedom, inner strength, valor and attachment to nature.

Body parts for Neo Traditional Tattoos – arms

modern fairy-house-girl-fox-natural

The tattoos in this style need enough space to make them look attractive and even the smallest detail can unfold its splendor. One of the best places on the body where the Neo Traditional Tattoo really works is the arms. They have always been one of the preferred places to tattoo. The arms offer enough space for medium and large pictures. Even the shape of the arms allows the detailed presentation of the motifs.



If you would like to have a colorful and large tattoo sting or you have opted for a lavish neo traditional motif, the back offers more than enough space for body art. In addition, the back is one of the least painful places when tattooing.


man-breast tattoo neo mandala Leaves

The breast tattoos also look very attractive and are the right place to sting if you want to see your neo traditional tattoo panting in the mirror. Whether you only want to have the pictures on one side of the chest or on the collarbone, the tattoos just look great there.

Full body tattoo

neo-colored-man Full body dragon-eye

The whole body tattoos are now a widespread phenomenon. Neo Traditional Tattoos on the whole body are a new trend and look very stylish. Of course, more time is needed for such large body ornaments, but the final result is all the more fascinating.


leg tattoo thigh-abstract-colorful-neo-traditional

Getting a tattoo on your leg is painful, but if you put up with the pain, you’ll be rewarded with excellent neo-drawings. Whether you get a thigh, lower leg or ankle joint depends on your personal preference.

What makes the Neo Traditional Tattoo unique?

teapot-flower-woman-upper arm-bunt

The Neo Traditional Tattoo is undoubtedly a very attractive type of body jewelry. But what makes it unique is the fact that tattoos in this style are absolutely trendy. The bold outlines, rich colors and the fact that only a few tattoo styles match this perfect detailing makes these tattoos unique and enchanting. So, if you are looking for something modern that still has the traditional characteristics of American tattoos, this is probably the style for you.

Accessories »The Fedora Hat – A timeless must-have accessory

Fedora hat -bordo-vogue-streetstyle-coat-gray-wool-chanel-bag

Of the Fedora hat is a timeless fashion accessory and has been known since the late 19th century. At that time it was worn by the upper classes of society, usually men. At first, they were hats of soft felt that had been pinched in front and on both sides. Later, many similar hats made of straw or fabric were included under this name.

Fedora Hat – A timeless accessory

Fedora hat-brown-beige-skirt-long-cardigan-vintage-20s

Today, the Fedora hat is a must have accessory! The celebrities, whether women or men, wear it at every opportunity. It is a matter of taste, if you put on a hat and also a little courage belongs to it. Fedora just looks classy and not without reason. The name of the hat comes from a play in which the leading actress Fedorá has worn such a hat.
The classic models are made of felt in black, beige, brown or gray and sometimes have one Leo Print and are equipped with a narrow loop around the hat crown around. The accessory can be worn in autumn or spring, but also in the summer days.

Classic Fedora hat can be combined with different garments

Fedora hat-beige-coat-wool-pattern-blouse-bag-city-beautiful-woman

Our tip: It’s not easy to find a model that fits your face shape and head size. It’s probably just as hard to find the right pair of sunglasses. When you finally decide to wear a fedora hat, it is best to wear your hair open. If you do not want to give up tied hair, then knot at the neck quite loose. Match all your clothing to your hat, both colorful and stylish. Fedora goes well with straight-silhouette dresses, smart suits, classic shirts and wide-leg pants, or plain boho-style garments.

Fedora in black with a very large border

Fedora hat -black-lace-cropped-top-blonde-slim-pink-wall

Check out our top styling inspiration with Fedora hat and get some ideas to follow!

Colored variant

Fedora hat-berry-autumn-fall-leather jacket-jeans-leotasche

Fedora made of straw is a nice accessory for the boho look

Fedora hat-beige-street-style-summer-second-pieces-pattern-crop-free

Fedora is a favorite accessory of many celebrities

Fedora hat-flower-boho-air-shirt-short-pants-smile-beautiful-babymiranda-kerr

Fedora in Bordeaux is a classic version and becomes the center of the outfit

Fedora hat -bordo-tasty-ballerinas-poncho-olivia-palermo

Fedora hat -bordo-streetstyle-jeans-pumps-shawl-shirt-white

When traveling, Rosie Huntington Whiteley always has her fedora with her

Fedora hat-brown-casuyl-leoprint-pocket-leather-jacket-jewelery-rosie-huntington-whiteley

Romantic look for fall and spring with a brown hat and a casual sweater

Fedora hat-brown-autumn-red-boots-black-trousers-brown-top

Sarah Jessica Parker has tailored the hat and the sneakers for a perfect street style

Fedora hat-brown-sunglasses-mirrored-sneakers-jenas-white-pull-on-writing-Sarah-Jessica-Parker

Nice casual with denim jacket, jumper, jeans

Fedora hat-brown-streetstyle-denim jacket-jumpsuit-boho-denim-jeans

Fedora can also be worn in the summer

Fedora hat - dark brown-zara-white-dress-summer-basket-city

An elegant, black and white outfit

Fedora hat -elegant-skirt-striped-black-white-coat-sunglasses-pumps-

Fedora hat-gray-felt-sweater-trousers-white-sneaker-bag-blue

fedora-hat-green-assos-street style red highheels leather pants-fray

fedora-hat-street style coat-blue-gray-puli-hair-open

fedora-hat-green-jacket-black-blond-beautiful-street style




fedora-hat-boho-coat-striped brown-sand color black

fedora-hat-autumn-winter-gray leather-anaconda-coat-boots

fedora-hat-black outfit leather jacket-coat-elegant

fedora-hat-and-white all-leather-boots-elegant minimalist stylishly

fedora-hat-maenner suit-blue-black-tie-floral

fedora-hat-maenner-don draper-suit-20-newyork-vintage-

fedora-hat-maenner-shirt-bleu-striped pants-and-white sunglasses Matthew McConaughey

fedora-hat-maenner-black casual leather jacket-tshirt-Justin Theroux


fedora-hat-maenner-black-leather-jacket-pants-plaster-city-street style

fedora-hat-maenner-street style jeans sunglasses jacket polo shirt

fedora-hat-petrol-green fuchsia-color-coat-midriff-fringe-bag


fedora-hat and black-boho-chic-flower-coat-city-eyeliner-highheels

fedora-hat and black-colorful-pattern-rock-lang-fuchsia color-Upper partly-round-sunglasses-Beyoncé

fedora-hat and black-quite-short-shorts-sunglasses-pullover

fedora-hat-black highheels-gray-top pink glittery mini skirt

fedora-hat-black-dress-short-kind plaster-kristin-cavallari

fedora-hat-black leather pants-shirt-fluent-material-Nicole richie

fedora-hat-black coat and beige-elegent-timeless-street style autumn

fedora-hat-black outfit-casual-comfortable-jeans-sarah-jessica-parker

fedora-hat-black sweatshirt-gray casual jeans sunglasses katie holmes-

fedora-hat-black pullover Knitting-beige-hose-brown-big-bag-city-rosie-huntington-whiteley

fedora-hat and black-romantic-beige-dress-long-airy-kristin-cavallari

fedora hat and black sunglasses-street style-newyork-dress-colorful-flowers-floral-paving

fedora-hat-black street style leather jacket-paint shoes-leather bag-bicycle

fedora-hat-street style-black-dress-short coat-ombre

fedora-hat-street style-summer-2015-boho-pattern-overall-bunt

fedora-hat-straw-jean blazer and beige-shirt-around sunglasses-Jessica-Alba

fedora-hat-straw-loop-beige outfit cream-casual.jessica-alba



fedora-hat-white-black-street style chanel bag-rock-alinie-blouse-white

fedora-hat zara black-summer-beautiful-laessig-white-fence

The white leather sofa with timeless elegance – WINDSOR by SMDIVANI

luxurious leather sofa-WINDSOR SMDivani

The white leather sofa WINDSOR with timeless elegance


A timeless elegance is the element that characterizes this white leather sofa. Windsor can be perfectly adapted to any context, thanks to its precious chrome insert under the armrests, which gives it a modern look. The structure is made of solid wood filled with polyurethane foam in different densities. The backrest is created using the traditional technique Capitonné. Stylish feather pillows with polyurethane coating are shrink-free.

The modern white leather sofa by SMDivani

weißses leather sofa-WINDSOR SMDivani

The timeless appeal of the stylish white kitchen cabinets

white kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets Add a fresh vivid touch to any kitchen design scheme. The beauty of white paint is that you can change the color of your walls, countertops, tiles, etc., but yours beautiful white kitchen cabinets stay good looking and in harmony with the environment. White is a clean and practical color for kitchen cabinets because it’s always easy to see where dirt accumulates, and is equally easy to remove stains and dirty fingerprints so your kitchen stays spotless at all times.

Immaculate design with white kitchen cabinets

stylish white kitchen cabinets

Of course the use of white kitchen cabinets Inside a very white interior looks absolutely stunning. This is a great way to increase the feeling of light and space in your kitchen interior. The dynamic atmosphere of a white room is unmistakable. White kitchen cabinets They also offer an exciting contrast with dark to black kitchen counters and walls. The extreme difference looks dramatic and totally in fashion.

Contrast ideas – black kitchen counters and white kitchen cabinets

white-black kitchen cabinets - contrast ideas

Kitchen design in black and white

It is likely that your white kitchen cabinets will include units where you can show off your attractive cooking and favorite ceramic pieces. Rich colored or patterned items will be against the simple white kitchen cabinets look fabulous. White kitchen cabinets are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. You are bound to find your style and preferences and create the perfect design statement in your kitchen. From rustic chic to minimalism, white is still the preferred choice of most kitchen cabinet designers and manufacturers.

White kitchen design with red accent

white kitchen cabinets - red accent

Radiant white kitchen cabinets will look fabulous at all times of the day and under all lighting conditions. You will always be smart, adding a clear definition and structure to your beautiful kitchen. The chic elegant charm of white kitchen cabinets is timeless and its versatile design makes it a fantastic choice in your home.

from Jaz

elegant kitchen design in white

white kitchen design

current kitchen Deisgn in white

Vintage design in the white kitchen

Vintage design with white kitchen cabinets

white kitchen cabinets – clean appearance

trendy white kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets in combination with wood

Wooden and white kitchen cabinets

white and dark wood in the kitchen

The timeless charisma of modern apartment design

Andrews Apartment by Carter Williamson Architects from Australia

modern apartment design

The stylish interior of the Andrew’s apartment is totally modern, but at the same time classically timeless. Designed by Carter Williamson Architects It introduces a style that simply works elegantly and comfortably. Although relatively compact, the living area seems to be in this modern apartment design much larger. Clever planning by the architects has achieved this effect.

blurred border between inside and outside

big window in modern apartment design

Light and airy describe this immaculate modern apartment design , A predominantly white decorative background ensures that space and light in the open living room are maximized. Large windows make a strong connection with outdoor areas and allow natural light to flow into the interior. Sliding glass windows can be fully opened to remove barriers between exterior and interior spaces during mild seasons. The modern apartment design is planned with a clearly ergonomic design, to make life easier.

Feeling of freedom in the modern apartment design

spacious apartment design

High quality materials are introduced into the interior design to add vibrancy to the home. The bookshelves and cabinets in the kitchen are also white, plain and simply styled for continuation of the smooth polished scheme. Wooden floors add a welcoming charm to the cool interior. The incorporation of traditional decor -the bentwood dining chairs, upholstered window seat and comfortable armchair-create a cozy atmosphere in the home modern apartment design on.

cozy atmosphere in the apartment

black dining table in the modern apartment

A special feature of the modern apartment design is that the kitchen area provides easy access to the BBQ area deck. This increases the feeling of space in the apartment and provides a splendid area for relaxation and entertainment in the open air.

Thus a pleasant contrast within of modern apartment design can be added, a number of black pendant lights suspended over a long black dining table. The black color is echoed in the outdoor patio, creating a visual continuity of harmonious shapes and shapes in the white interior.

The architects faced some particular limitations during the renovation of this 1900 year old building. Despite the challenges, the Andrews apartment turned into a comfortable modern home.

from Jaz

modern apartment with garden

Large sliding glass windows in the apartment

modern design apartment white kitchen design in modern apartment

white kitchen cabinets and bookcase

Garden easily accessible

comfortable reading area in the modern apartment

View from afar - modern apartment design

Solid wood furniture by Scholtissek – The timeless beauty of natural wood

Solid wood furniture by Scholtissek tread grain white chairs

The furniture made of solid wood combines longevity, beauty and sustainability in one. They are suitable for any style of furnishing, as the natural wood has a timeless elegance and is today combined with metal and glass. The Solid wood furniture from Scholtissek use the organic look of the wood and dress it in a modern design.

The solid wood furniture by Scholtissek with a modern design

cosmos sideboard modern grain black steel

Also this year the new designs and collections of the German company are captivating. The Solid wood furniture by Scholtissek Bringing naturalness and purism into our homes. The materials have visually different “temperatures” – the warm solid wood is combined with glass and stainless steel to form a harmonious unit. New technologies and innovations offer the possibility to transform desks into dining tables or to look like asymmetrically designed carcasses like sculptures. These beautiful furniture are characterized by fabulous wood grain , minimalist appearance, finely rounded edges, flexibility and perfect craftsmanship.

The solid wood furniture by Scholtissek offers plenty of storage space

cabinet wood Scholtissek furniture collection dining room

Solid wood furniture by Scholtissek cabinet shelving drawers

Particularly fascinating are the Opal and Kosmos collections, which emphasize the beauty of the wood with the help of matt black plates. The contrast is very expressive and this combination uses the best of the modern and the rustic style. The cabinet fronts and sliding panels are usually handleless, so that the perfect appearance of the surfaces is not disturbed.

Black fronts and solid wood

cosmos cupboard black cabinet fronts scholtissek

The solid wood is “in focus”

cosmos cabinet solid wood organic beauty black scholtissek

Storage wall with shelves and TV space

opal tv wall solid wood black plates shelves

opal tv wall solid wood sliding panel black

The company specializes in dining tables

trias dining table stainless steel element large Scholtissek

Solid wood table for the modern dining room

solid wood dining table white upholstered chairs sr1

Extending table – steel and light wood

Kadero Ausstisch table natural wood steel legs modern dining room

fuchs dining table natural wood stainless steel grain Scholtissek

dining table solid wood scholtissek slightly modern sr4

chair chair design steel upholstery cantilever

roman table solid wood bench light wood scholtissek

opal desk solid wood small drawers scholtissek

Solid wood furniture by Scholtissek stainless steel legs design sr5

cosmos sideboard white light solid wood front

cosmos sideboard scholtissek solid wood white handleless

opal tv stand solid wood sliding door shelves

opal decorative solid wood shcoltissek abstract

opal table solid wood scholtissek sustainable long-lasting

unicat solid wood cabinet small drawers asymmetric design Solid wood furniture wall unit tv black wood Scholtissek Baumkante Corpusisch solid wood Schortissek dining table

antique wood dining table solid wood furniture Scholtissek stainless steel fitted

fern dining table solid wood plate stainless steel feet

Modern fitted kitchens with timeless aesthetics – “First” collection by Snaidero

Modern fitted kitchens Italian kitchen manufacturer kitchen island

The Italian Kitchen maker Snaidero has designed a new kitchen project designed for the taste of the young audience. “First” are modern-style fitted kitchens that embody a high-quality lifestyle while offering a low-cost alternative to designer kitchens. More about the new project for modern fitted kitchens Snaidero is below.

Modern fitted kitchens with timeless design and affordable quality

Modern fitted kitchens white-kitchen-kitchens-shiny-fronts

The modern fitted kitchens are designed with smooth kitchen fronts, which are provided with a groove instead of a handle. This creates a minimalist design that presents a stylish solution to the modern interior. The collection offers an extensive selection of materials for a stylish finish and elegant design that does not contain superfluous elements. “First” is part of the “Everyone” collection, which offers a solution for individually made kitchens at affordable prices.

Modern fitted kitchens by Snaidero – The features of the “First” collection

Modern fitted kitchens Italian design kitchen island counter

“First” is a kitchen-less-kitchen project with a timeless, minimalist design, designed specifically for the modern home. The kitchen project includes open shelves, bespoke countertops, kitchen fronts and counters, as well as elegant space solutions for the open plan living area. The living room furniture extension is designed for a seamless passage between the various areas in the open plan living space and has the goal of creating a continuous, harmonious interior.

Fitted kitchen with shiny kitchen fronts

Modern fitted kitchens with handle-less gleaming fronts

Modern and stylish kitchenette

Modern fitted kitchens kitchen pen-open-kitchen-modern

Modern fitted kitchens with counter by Snaidero

modern-einbauküchen-light-shades, beige and elegant design

Open shelves for the kitchen

modern-einbauküchen-Italian-designer kitchen-shelf-wood

Living room furniture for the open living area

modern-einbauküchen-collection-living-room furniture-Enhancements

Designer kitchens with a large selection of materials and finishes


Handleless kitchen for a modern home

modern-einbauküchen peninsula-counter-white-wood-combination

Minimalist fitted kitchen with breakfast bar


Handle-free kitchen cabinets combine with open shelves

modern-einbauküchen-selection-materials-handle-free kitchen cabinets-

Modern fitted kitchens with minimalist design

modern-einbauküchen-open-living room-dining area-living room

Elegant fitted kitchen without handles

modern-einbauküchen-handle-black-white-kitchen fronts

High quality kitchen design with smooth surfaces


“First” collection for fitted kitchens with living room furniture extension

modern-einbauküchen-establishment-open-space living-hanging cabinet

Wall cabinet without handles for the living area

modern-einbauküchen-collection-expansion-living-in closets

Stylish ideas for the modern kitchenette


Dark interior with bright kitchenette by Snaidero

modern-einbauküchen-open-living room-smooth-surface-handleless

Practical and modern solutions for the fitted kitchen


* Find out more about Snaidero kitchens here ,

Artemide Design Leuchten – timeless classics of design history

modern Artemide Design Lamps issey miyake-Tatsuno-Otoshigo hanging and floor lamp

The internationally renowned luminaire manufacturer Artemide is regarded in the industry worldwide as a synonym for high-quality lighting design with high technical standards. Founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza, the company is headquartered in Pregnana, near Milan, and has been dedicated to meeting people’s individual needs and illuminating their areas of life with spectacular and functional lighting. Discover here a piece of the diverse world of Artemide Design lights.

Artemide lights – unique in design

Led hanging lamp Pirce Mini

Italian design artemide light hanging lamp Pirce Mini-Soffitto LED technology

The world’s leading manufacturer of designer lights offers a variety of attractive designs that are suitable for different premises. Artemide are not ordinary lamps, but rather works of art. This is evidenced by the numerous lights that have already been awarded internationally renowned awards such as the Red Dot Design Award – including Mercury, Logivo, Pirce pendant light, etc. Their creativity has a new perspective luminaire design opened and thereby initiated technical innovations.

Artemide luminaires enhance your living space

artemide design classic lamp design Tolomeo Decentrato modern restaurant interior design Tolomeo – a classic of light design

The Artemide Design luminaires impress with their first-class materials and represent a synthesis of flexibility and functionality. Models such as Tizio (1970) by the German designer Richard Sapper and Tolomeo Tavolo (1987), designed by Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, are among the icons of the Industrial designs and are a part of the interior design and art museums from around the world. The Artemide design meets the zeitgeist and sets the trends again and again. Enjoy the tasteful Italian lifestyle in your own home.

Functional luminaires with contemporary LED technology

artemide floor lamp modern design hoshigame-tavolo

The lamps of the collection Hoshigame promise first quality and a stylish appearance.

Combination of innovative LED technology and timeless design

design light artemide floor lamp cadmo white indirect light

The Cadmo floor lamp looks very elegant and futuristic

modern floor lamp artemide-cadmo futuristic design